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Chapter 9

Dramatis Personæ


Naked and two paces behind, Elke followed Abby through the Magnificent Modern Mountainside Mansion.  Her thoughts were divided between Donna, who was back in the Yoga Studio—languishing, naked, stringently hogtied (in Elke's opinion), and ball-gagged—and Mikki, her ginger-haired dweeb of a BFF, who was off somewhere being punished by Lilly (in some unspecified manner).  The situation was confusing and Elke was conflicted.  Also, she had to admit, she found herself somewhat fascinated by everything that was happening.

And then, as Elke was somewhat preoccupied—"Oh!"—she very nearly ran into Abby when her smiling hostess/rigging-instructor stopped and turned to face her.

Abby placed her hands on Elke's shoulders to prevent the collision.  "Easy, Clever Girl," Abby chuckled, then pointed down a nearby hallway.  "Go get dressed, darling," she suggested (ordered), "then meet me in the kitchen.  You can help me with supper."

Elke's stomach growled.  She'd missed lunch (being otherwise occupied), so supper sounded good, and she was more than willing to serve as Anny's assistant cook.  "Okay," she answered, gravely, then padded away, heading for her assigned guest bedroom.  She paused and turned, finding Abby smiling and (apparently) watching her departure (including her young, blond guest's naked back, butt, and legs).  This caused Elke to blush (of course).  "Uh... casual?"

Abby's smile never wavered.  "Yes, dear.  We'll be having a barbecue on the main deck, so by all means, casual.  However, bikinis are only required at poolside, so wear something else."

Elke nodded (still blushing), then spun on her bare heels and resumed padding away.  She could almost feel Abby's leering gaze on her nude body.Come to the Math Side

The guest bedroom was exactly the same as she remembered it, which was hardly a surprise.  She quickly changed into panties, bra, faded jeans, and one of her favorite t-shirts.  Is was black, French-cut with a scoop neckline, and printed on the front and back was the message:
Elke had other "math nerd t-shirts," as Mikki scathingly called them, but the "Math Side" shirt was her favorite because everybody got it, STAR WARS fans were especially appreciative, and she didn't have to explain anything to non-math majors that they should be able to remember from their basic educations, like irrational numbers, the Pythagorean theorem, quadratic equations, the Fibonacci sequence, etc., etc.

She considered donning anklets and sneakers, but she'd been running around the mansion in her bare feet all day (like everyone else, as far as her frazzled brain could remember), and her feet were doing just fine without protection, so why bother?  She used the brush and comb set atop the chest of drawers to straighten her hair, then used a handkerchief to clean her glasses.  She returned them to their proper position perched on her nose and tucked behind her ears, took a few seconds to gaze at her reflection... and heaved a sigh.  She then turned and exited the bedroom to report to the kitchen.

Halfway to her destination, Elke paused... thought long and hard (meaning about a dozen heartbeats)... then decided it was time for her to show a little spine!  Lips pursed in a determined pout, she padded to the Yoga Studio.

Upon arrival at said studio, Elke was in no way surprised to find Donna still resting on her tummy on the floor, naked, hogtied, and ball-gagged.  As Elke approached, she noted the twinkle in Donna's pretty blue eyes and realized Donna's piteous, ball-gagged grimace was actually a glad-to-see-you, ball-gagged smile.

Without saying a word, Elke knelt at Donna's side and attacked the key knot of the cross-legged-box-tie-hogtie Abby had so carefully and expertly crafted for her educational benefit.

"Mrrrf?" Donna inquired as Elke shifted her derigging efforts into high gear.

Elke deliberately ignored Donna's ball-gagged inquiry and continued untying, unwrapping, and unhitching the intricate, orderly arrangement of rope.  Elke wasn't at all sure Donna was on board with being freed by anyone other than her "sadistic" red-haired spouse, but she didn't care.  Elke would rather take the heat for being a interloper in Abby and Donna's side-game than stand by and watch Donna suffer (assuming she was suffering).  It was her duty to do something.  Besides, if they didn't want her to make illegal moves, they could explain the damn rules of the damn game!  So there!

So... it was Elke's cunning plan to remove Donna's ball-gag last.  That way she wouldn't have to argue with her about the rescue.  It was all perfectly logical.

Eventually, the last of Donna's bonds melted away... and Donna was free.  The naked, ex-prisoner climbed to her bare feet (gracefully, Elke noted), executed a back-arching, reach-for-the-sky, full-body stretch (also gracefully, Elke noted), then unbuckled and removed the ball-gag herself.

Elke watched (a tad nervously) as Donna worked her jaw, licked her lips, smiled—"Oh!"—and pulled Elke into a warm embrace.  Elke blushed and returned the hug.  At least she isn't angry.

"Kind and clever girl," Donna purred, continuing her warm (and embarrassingly naked) hug.

Elke endured the fleshy ordeal with stoic tolerance.  She even returned the embrace.

Finally, Donna released her hug and took a step back, her hands on Elke's arms and smiling at her savior's blushing face.  "Thank you."

"Uh, you're welcome," Elke muttered.  "Supper.  Abby says it's gonna be a barbecue on the main deck."

Donna nodded, continuing to smile.

"Dress will be casual," Elke added.

Donna leaned in and planted a kiss on Elke's semi-startled lips, then turned and padded away.  "See you there," she said... and was gone... strong back, firm butt, shapely legs, graceful feet and all.

Elke heaved another sigh, then turned and stared down at the two jumbled coils of rope and the ventilated ball-gag that had been Donna's bonds.  She supposed she ought to coil them up... or something... but she wasn't at all sure she'd be able to meet Abby's no doubt exacting standards of proper rope storage.  Best to wait, she decided, then padded towards the kitchen to help her hostess with the barbecue... and possibly face the music.

Legacy   Chapter 9

Naked, her hands atop her head, and her ginger curls fluttering behind her back, Mikki padded down the subterranean corridor in Lilly's wake.  Resistance was... futile?  Okay, she could sprint away and make Lilly chase her down, but...
●  Mikki was tired.  It had been a long, trying day, with Mikki being both the top and the bottom (like now).  There was also the issue of the three crashing orgasms Lilly had so recently extracted from her formerly bound and gagged body.  Mikki was tired.

●  Mikki was hungry.  A great deal of proverbial water had passed under the proverbial bridge since the excellent breakfast they'd all enjoyed at poolside.  Her tummy was grumbling.

●  Libby was hot.  Striding down the corridor and past steel door after steel door—dressed in her sexy boots, sexy leather pants, and sexy leather bra-top—her shining, straight, sexy pageboy swaying as she walked—Donna's little sister was smokin' hot!  Mikki had no choice but to continue ogling her in submissive terror.

●  Mikki was... curious?  Tired and hungry, yes, but she definitely wanted to see whatever Lilly was gonna do to her next.  She could always shriek and flee in horror if it was something bad.
Finally, they arrived at their intended destination, meaning Lilly's intended destination as Mikki had had no idea whatsoever where they'd been heading.  Also, you've seen one concrete, dimly lit, menacing, institutional, subterranean corridor of steel doors, you've seen them all.  Anyway, they'd arrived.  Mikki watched meekly (and nakedly) as Lilly unlocked a door and led her inside the chamber beyond.

Mikki looked around.  The space was similar to the "dressing-room" where Lilly had outfitted her with Abby's tawny-brown-leather-with-bronze-tone-hardware custom-made and very pretty ensemble.  The walls were lined with the same metal lockers and cabinets, but in addition, there was a small, waist-high worktable, a collection of hand tools hanging from a peg-board, cans of lubricant and metal polish, and a stack of neatly folded shop rags.

Click!  Mikki flinched.  While she'd been busy checking things out, Lilly had closed the door and locked them inside the chamber!  Mikki watched Lilly stroll to a cabinet, open its door, and lift something clattering and metallic off a large hook.  And from the way Lilly's biceps tensed, the something in question was at least a little heavy.  Lilly turned, the whatever-it-was in her hands and a sinister smile on her beautiful face.  And that was when Mikki realized what Lilly was carrying and her eyes popped wide!
serving chains!
The object in question was a full set of shiny steel "slave" or "serving" chains!  Collar!  Manacles!  Shackles!  Connecting chains!  A full set!

Instead of being an 'object,' maybe it's 'objects,' plural, she reasoned; however, it looks like everything is permanently joined, so... singular.  There were flush-mounted locks embedded in the walls of the collar, manacles, and shackles, and no dangling padlocks.  Another argument for singularity.  Also...

Mikki's empty tummy fluttered, a thrill quivered between her legs, and her throat was suddenly dry.  It looked like another of her deepest, darkest fantasies was about to come true!

"Lillyyyyy!" Mikki whined as Lilly used a small key to unlock the collar.  She then fit the steel torus around Mikki's neck.  Click!  Mikki's hands remained submissively atop her head.  Also, her eyes remained wide and she continued offering no resistance.

"Quiet," Lilly purred as she unlocked the manacles.  "Wicked, naughty girls who do wicked, naughty things have to be kept under strict control."  She lifted Mikki's left hand from atop her head and locked it in a manacle—Click!—did the same to her right hand—Click!—then knelt and locked her ankles in the shackles.  Click!  Click!

Mikki blinked and tugged on her new bracelets.  The chains clinked and rattled in response.  The manacles were hefty and close-fitting, and the same was true of the shackles.  Her pussy was still purring in protest (or something), and her gorgeous, full lips pursed in what she knew to be her devastatingly effective Pitiful Pout.  Her nipples were also outraged and pointing in solidarity.

Lilly stood, took a step back, crossed her arms under her breasts, and smiled her sinister, gorgeous smile.  "I think I'll ask Abby if I can keep you like this, naked and in chains.  That way we'll all be safe from your evil depredations."

It would seem Lilly was immune to Mikki's Pitiful Pout.  Bummer.  Also, if "evil depredations" was a fair description of her recent actions, everybody but Elke deserved to be naked and locked in chains.

Mikki tugged on her chains, again.  Everything was smooth and "comfortable."  All the edges of the collar, manacles, and shackles were rounded and fit her neck, wrists, and ankles with anatomical precision.  Nothing pinched or abraded her skin.  As for weight, yes, the chain set was heavy, but distributed between her neck and four limbs, it wasn't what she could call a burden... for now.

Mikki shuffled her fettered feet and tugged on her manacles, again.  In terms of Mikki's slave-girl fantasy, the chains were spot on.  Her body shivered in agreement, and despite the more-than-adequate heat in the chamber, gooseflesh was blossoming on her fair-skinned, naked, captive body.  In counterpoint, her cheeks were blushing bright pink.  "Lillyyyyyy," she whined in a near whisper.

Lilly continued smiling (leering) at her naked and chained captive.  "And now," she said finally, "we're going upstairs for supper, and if you know what's good for you, you'll speak when spoken to and be respectful of your elders.  Otherwise..."  She nodded towards the ominous cabinets.  "I have a scolds bridle that I know will fit you perfectly."

Mikki's eyes widened, again, and her pout became an "O" of amazement.  A scolds bridle??  Talk about the icing on the slave-girl fantasy cake!  On the other hand—Mikki's tummy grumbled again—you can't eat supper if your head is locked in a steel cage.  Mikki swallowed, nervously, and did her best to appear submissive.  (It wasn't much of a stretch.)  "I'll be good," she whispered.  "Eek!  Mrrrf!"  With lightning speed, Lilly had pulled her into a tight embrace and was kissing her... with tongue!

The kiss lasted a while... long enough for Mikki to remember her manners and start holding up her end of the lip-smacking and tongue-probing.

Finally (and taking the lead, of course), Lilly pulled back.  Her right hand had a firm grip on the slave/serving-chain-set's vertical chain, just below Mikki's collar.  "Don't be too good," Lilly purred.  "I like my slave-girls on the plucky side.  I like having an excuse to punish them."

Mikki felt her lips curl in a coy smile (just a little), but hoped she wasn't being too impertinent.

Apparently, with respect to attitude, the naked-ginger-in-chains was getting things right, because, still tightly gripping her chain, Lilly led Mikki to the door, unlocked the lock, then led her from the chamber and down the corridor.  Mikki had to contend with the shackles' hobbling chain, but she managed to adopt a clattering gait and kept up with Lilly's determined stride without tripping.

Legacy   Chapter 9

Elke entered the kitchen to find Abby loading a picnic-style wicker basket.

"There you are, darling," Abby said with a warm smile.  "Did you have trouble deciding what to wear?"

Elke blushed (for some reason).  "Uh, no, I...  I didn't.  Hi."  The proper thing would have been to explain that she'd been delayed by taking the time to untie Donna (and thereby ruining Abby's expertly crafted instructional box-tie-hogtie), but chickened out instead.  Elke didn't regret her merciful action, but delaying the consequences for as long as possible seemed prudent.  And while Elke might like to think she'd arrived at her entirely sensible silence-is-golden policy after well-reasoned internal debate, it was actually a knee jerk reaction to Abby's smiling question.  It just happened.

"No matter," Abby purred, then closed the basket's lid and grabbed one of its handles.  "Here," she said, nodding at the other handle.  "Give me a hand."

"Sure."  Elke scrambled forward, grabbed the indicated handle, and helped Abby lug the basket to the outside door.  They crossed the threshold and onto the spacious deck beyond.  It was about the same size as the pool-adjacent deck down below, and like the pool-deck, had a complete outdoor kitchen off to one side and a glass-top dining table with powder-coated metal chairs.

"Bratwurst with grilled peppers and onions, toasted buns, Caprese salad, and... Bush's Best Grillin' Beans!"  She reached into the basket and produced a 22 oz. can of the beans in question.  "I suppose I could cook beans from scratch, but why bother?  These are tasty."  She paused to preheat the grill by turning the appropriate knobs to 'high,' then resumed unloading the basket.  "I won't need your help for a few minutes, darling, so why don't you enjoy the scenery while I get everything ready."

"Uh, okay."  That made sense.  The grill had to heat up, so it was way too soon to start toasting buns, heating the beans, or grilling the peppers and onions.  Elke strolled to the deck railing and gazed up at the mountains and down at the valley below.  The sere, rocky, scenic vista was more or less the same as the view from the pool-deck below, just off to the side.  Thanks to the rocky terrain, the upper deck was protected by the same ten-foot iron fence that protected the pool.  Elke was safe from marauding bears, hungry coyotes, or browsing deer.  The watering hole and birdbath water feature beyond the fence was directly below, but at the moment none of the local wildlife were availing themselves of its amenities.

"Oh, Elke!" Abby called out, turning to smile at Elke and point at the door to the kitchen.  "One thing you could do for me is fetch the beer.  There's Boston Lager in the beverage cooler on the left side of the sink.  I think we can start with two six-packs."

Just then, the kitchen door opened and Donna emerged.  She was wearing a pair of khaki hiking shorts (just as abbreviated and sexy as Abby's Daisy Dukes) and a light blue cotton blouse with the sleeves rolled up and its top two buttons unbuttoned.  Apparently, Elke mused, cotton blouses are staples of Abby and Donna's summer wardrobes.

Also, Donna was carrying two six-packs of chilled bottles.  "Don't bother," she said as she carried the beer to the outdoor kitchen's refrigerator.  Obviously, she'd overheard Abby's request.

Elke watched as Donna lifted three bottles from one six-pack, put the rest in the fridge, then popped the caps of the three bottles.  She planted a quick kiss on Abby's cheek and handed her a bottle, then padded in Elke's direction with the remaining two.

"So," Abby called after her spouse, "you escaped?"  Her eyes were on Elke (who blushed in response).

"Yes, darling," Donna chuckled.  "Exactly."  Her back was to Abby, so her beloved couldn't see the amused wink she gave Elke.

Abby's gaze remained on Elke.  Clearly, she was skeptical.  "Did you now," she muttered, then returned to her meal preparations.

Phew! Elke thought as she accepted a beer from Donna.  Dodged the bullet... I think.  Elke wasn't much of a beer drinker, but she was thirsty.  She took a sip.  The ice cold lager really hit the spot.  Then, Elke remembered her manners.  "Thank you," she said quietly.

"You're welcome," Donna purred.

"And thank's for not outing me as your rescuer," Elke added in a whisper, not that she thought Abby was actually fooled.

"You're welcome for that too," Donna whispered back, then winked again.

Just then (before Elke could do more than blush), they heard the kitchen door open, accompanied by a metallic rattling noise.  Mikki and Lilly had joined the party.

Elke's blush deepened, her eyes widened and started blinking, and she took another chug of Boston Lager.

Mikki was naked, blushing, and locked in what even Elke recognized as classic slave-chains: collar, manacles, and shackles with connecting chains, all of gleaming, polished steel!

Lilly was dressed in knee-boots, skintight pants, and a bra-top, all in shining black leather!

Elke continued staring, blushing, and blinking.

"Hi, everybody," Mikki said as she shuffled, clinked, and clattered closer.  She was doing her best to affect an air of casual nonchalance, but wasn't carrying it off very well, not in Elke's opinion anyway.

"Oh, good, the wicked malefactor is here," Abby chuckled.

"And Mikki, too," Donna purred.

"Ha-ha," Lilly stated, perfectly deadpan, then made a beeline for the refrigerator, frowned, then pulled out two beer bottles and removed their caps.  "We need way more beer," she announced.  She then handed one bottle to Mikki, took a chug from the other, and strolled back towards the kitchen.

Elke was still staring at her BFF.  She seriously doubted Mikki was wearing her current "attire" by choice.  "What happened to you, dweeb?" she demanded.

Abby and Donna watched, smiling and sipping their beers.

Mikki took a chug from her beer, then gave a chain-encumbered shrug (and blushed).  "Nothing much," she responded.  "I'll tell ya later."

Elke shook her head in disgust.  "Dweeb!" she accused.

"Delightful," Donna purred quietly.

"Adorable," Abby agreed, then returned to her meal prep duties.

Donna continued smiling at their delightful/adorable young house guests.

Elke and Mikki continued being totally nonchalant and blithely unconcerned about Mikki's unconventional party attire.   (They also continued blushing, of course).

Legacy   Chapter 9

The brats with peppers and onions had been delicious, as had the beans.  Elke and Mikki had downed two beers each, and were comfortably full (and a teeny-tiny bit tipsy).

Conversation before, during, and after the meal had been light and pleasant.  The topic of plans-for-the-future came up, and Mikki and Elke confirmed that they were, indeed, job hunting so they could write and save for grad school, respectively.  They all had a swell time, despite Mikki's naked and chained situation.  Actually, even Elke had to admit her BFF's nude captivity had contributed to her enjoyment of the evening.  Watching Mikki's casual acceptance of her situation (and imperfectly hidden embarrassment) had been a hoot.

Finally, after the sun had set (or almost set) and the deck-lights were burning, talk began to wane and it became clear Elke and Mikki were trying not to yawn.  It had been a very eventful day.

Abby took command of the situation.  "Blue Eyes," she addressed her spouse, "help me clean up."  She then turned to Lilly.  "As for you, put the youngsters to bed."

Elke was too tired to be offended by being called a "youngster."  Good night kisses were exchanged with Abby and Donna... then Lilly clutched Mikki's slave-chains just below her collar and dragged her away.  Elke padded in their wake.

They arrived at the guest bathroom they'd been using since arrival, which with something akin to wonder and awe Elke realized had only been yesterday evening!

Lilly supervised as they completed their evening toilettes, meaning brushing their teeth, scrubbing their faces, etc.  Elke was too tired to argue about the lack of privacy, and as for Mikki, given her role as naked prisoner, privacy wasn't much of an issue.

Missions accomplished, Lilly led them to Elke's guest bedroom.  Elke assumed it was so Mikki could say goodnight before being dragged away to her guest bedroom (the one with the unusual carved trunk/damsel-prison that had started all this nonsense), but she was wrong.

Elke crossed the threshold, then turned just in time to watch Lilly give Mikki a gentle shove into the bedroom.

Lilly smiled (evilly) at Elke, then pointed at Mikki.  "She's your responsibility 'til morning, Four Eyes," she stated.  "Don't let her escape.  Nighty-night."  Then, before Elke could do more that blink in alarm (or something), Lilly closed the door—Click!—and the BFFs were locked in, apparently for the night!

Elke turned and stared at her naked and chained best friend.

Mikki stared back.  "Sorry," she said quietly.

"For what?" Elke demanded.

Mikki shrugged (rattling her chains in the process).  "Everything."

Elke sighed and rolled her eyes (and almost managed not to smile).  "Dweeb," she huffed, then pointed to the bed.  "Keep to your side and don't hog the covers," she ordered, then padded away to the chest of drawers.

Mikki's lips curled in a coy smile, she padded (and rattled) to the bed, pulled back the covers, and slid between the cool sheets.  She then watched as Elke disrobed and changed into her pajamas. 

Their fun trip to visit Aunt Abby was not turning out the way she'd expected—to say the least.  And what was gonna happen tomorrow?  Mikki's favorite Oscar Wilde quote summed up her feelings: “The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.”

Costume change complete, Elke padded to the bed, removed and folded her glasses and placed them on the nightstand, climbed into bed, reached over and turned out the lights, then got comfortable.  Her back was to her naked and chained BFF.

"Goodnight," Mikki said quietly.

"Goodnight, Dweeb," Elke replied.  She knew Mikki wasn't offended by her use of the Dweeb nickname, not in general and certainly not in light of the events of the day.

Legacy   Chapter 9

Smiling sweetly and reclined comfortably on the king-size bed she shared with her spouse, Abby lounged on her right side and gazed at the spouse in question.  She reached out and toyed with Donna's left breast... giving it a slow, gentle squeeze... then teased her left nipple.

"Well," Abby purred, "all things considered..."  She gave Donna's nipple a playful tug.  "...I'd say it was a quite successful first day.  Don't you agree?"
Donna did agree, but her beloved's question was rendered rhetorical by the two pairs of panties crammed in her mouth (Abby's and her own) and the strip of Elastoplast tape tightly plastered over most of her lower face.  Together with the panties, the tape made for a serious damper on conversation.  Also, Donna was naked and strapped to a rigid "rescue-stretcher" her darling little sister had crafted in her diabolical workshop.  Lilly had also fabricated the required straps of black nylon webbing with plastic snap-buckles required to secure a "patient" tightly, firmly, and safely in place, so Donna was helplessly bound and gagged.

The aforementioned straps bound Donna to the board at her ankles, thighs, wrists, waist, upper arms, across her chest (above and below her breasts), as well as across her throat (loosely) and her forehead (tightly), pinning her head to the board.  The forehead strap was lightly padded, so as not to leave unsightly marks, but the rest of the straps were not padded in any way and were both broad and tight.  Donna could barely squirm, despite having strong incentive to squirm.

A vibrator in the shape of an oversized capsule was lodged in Donna's pussy and a long, thin wire trailed from its base to a USB port on a small laptop computer on the nightstand on her side of the bed.

Abby's hobby-related holy grail (one of her many hobby-related holy grails) was a computer-controlled system that could sense a damsel's state of arousal and compensate by increasing or decreasing its level of stimulation accordingly.  The goal was Torture by Total Sexual Frustration, of course, a computer program that "knew" when and how to modulate the intensity of its vibrator(s) in order to keep its "victim" quivering just below the level of orgasm.

Lilly had promised to get right on the project as soon as she finished her PhD's in Neural Science and Computer Engineering.  In the meantime, she shopped around for the best home utility control software on the market and wrote a simple program that turned a vibrator on and off at semi-random intervals for semi-random periods and buzzed with randomly chosen modulated patterns that varied in intensity from "low" to "medium-low."

It was the best she could do, Lilly explained, unless Abby could provide her with a test subject on whom she could conduct an extensive series of clinical trials to fine tune the system's performance.  She'd been smiling at her big sister while she explained all this, and Donna had made it very clear that she was not going to volunteer for any such experimental program.  Abby had smiled and thanked Lilly for her efforts... than began a casual, informal series of clinical trials of her own, using Donna as her sexually frustrated guinea pig.

This evening Abby was conducting one such trial and Donna was her test subject, of course, (despite her pouting and not-at-all-believable show of great reluctance).  Donna was immobilized on the stretcher, the vibrating pill was safely lodged in her hoo-haw, and it was held there by a crotch-strap add-on to the rescue-stretcher's waist strap (another of Lilly's fabrications).  The vibrator in question was merrily (but rather weakly) buzzing away, and Donna's helplessly bound, gagged, and squirming body was flushed and shining with a patina of very unladylike sweat.

"I know you have a strenuous day planned for tomorrow," Abby purred as she continued toying with Donna's nipple, "so I'm only going to let you play with your little friend until... say... midnight?"  The friend in question was the pathetically pulsating pill lodged in her increasingly moist and exasperated pussy, of course.  "I know you'd like nothing better than for me to leave you like this all night... but I insist."  And with that, she leaned close and kissed her beloved "victim" on her tape-gagged lips, then turned off the bedside lamp.

All was dark and still in the master bedroom.  Abby could just barely hear the buzz of the pill quivering in her test subject's pussy.  She smiled, snuggled against her pillow, and closed her eyes.  She'd already set an alarm on her iPhone to wake her at midnight, so she wasn't worried about falling asleep and failing to release her beloved at the promised time.  Donna would be getting at least some beauty sleep this evening.  That said, however, Donna had a habit of being very insistent when she was released from testing her little sister's technological terror.  So, following her release, extended necking and non-frustrated sex would almost certainly ensue.  It was highly probable neither one of them would get to sleep before one or two am.

Legacy   Chapter 9


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