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Chapter 8

Dramatis Personæ


Once again, Mikki was languishing, and once again it was an enhanced and extra-special version of the "normal" languishing she'd experienced (enjoyed) when indulging in self-bondage and/or Elke-expedited bondage in the good old days.

Mikki was zipped, buckled, and padlocked in a tight, aesthetically pleasing, single-sleeve armbinder and body-harness ensemble of tawny-brown leather with bronze-tone metal hardware.  Also, her ankles were crossed and locked in a jumbo cage-cuff of chrome steel secured by a brass padlock.  A chrome-steel cable-collar with a flush-mounted brass padlock was locked around her neck and a long steel chain attached to a steel ring embedded in the concrete wall tethered her in place.  A large Nerf ball was crammed in her mouth and held there by a genuine/authentic Gwen-hood that encased her head and incorporated two tightly buckled straps, one that cupped her chin and a second that pressed against her closed lips and crammed mouth.  The hood left only her nose, eyes, and forehead exposed (which was what made it a "Gwen-hood," of course), and the leather and hardware matched her armbinder/body-harness ensemble.  Very chic... in a naked and totally helpless sort of way... hence the enhanced and extra-special nature of her situation.

Mikki's languishing locale was a cozy, snug, subterranean, concrete cell whose only furnishings were a mattress resting on the floor (covered with a blue-gray top-sheet and a pile of pillows she was unable to arrange for her optimal languishing comfort), and a big-screen HDTV mounted on the wall.  At the moment the TV was displaying real time video of a black cat in a coal mine at midnight (meaning it was turned off) so it had little impact on her situation. 

And making things worse, Mikki was waiting to be punished for the heinous crime of tickling Lilly's feet with a feather, as well as squeezing Lilly's boobs with rubber bands and pinching them with clothespins (including her nipples).  Mikki had to admit it was a fair cop, so she didn't really mind being punished, as long as it wasn't an extreme punishment (she kept telling herself).  After all, being punished might be... fun?  Sort of.

One thing was for sure: Abby and Donna (and Lilly) were expanding Mikki's horizons.  She hoped Elke was finding whatever was happening to her to be equally instructive and expansive.

So...  Languishing...

Just then, the bolt securing the chamber door was thrown back—Thud!—the lock unlocked—Click!—the door opened, and all the negative aspects of Mikki's situation came surging to the fore!  Mikki's wait for punishment was over!

Lilly (!!!) entered the chamber, closed the door behind her, then strode to the mattress.  She was carrying a small gear bag of black ballistic nylon, which she dropped on the mattress.  Hands on hips, she loomed over Mikki and smiled... the way a cat smiles at a cornered, yummy, terrified mouse.

Oh-by-the-way, Lilly was no longer naked.  She was wearing a pair of very cool knee-boots, skintight pants, and sexy bra-like top, all in black leather!  Her above-the-shoulder brown hair had been brushed straight and glistened as if it had been lightly oiled.  The resulting longish pageboy framed her beautiful, sinister face in a beautiful, sinister manner.  The smile curling her lips was downright disturbing, and her blue eyes flashed as she gazed down at Mikki with gloating, leering interest.  Lilly had transformed into a dominatrix!  ...a sexy, hot dominatrix!

Mikki was impressed.  Mikki was terrified.  Mikki was aroused.  The pretty leather strap cleaving her crotch vibrated against her pussy... or maybe her pussy was the one doing the vibrating... meaning was throbbing and/or quivering with arousal.  That was more logical, of course, but she couldn't be sure.  Things were complicated.

"Well, look at you," Lilly purred.  "Donna was right.  The pretty outfit she bought for Abby does fit you perfectly.  You're a pretty ginger package, Mikki.  Are you ready for your punishment?"

Mikki was still busy soaking in the vision of Lilly-the-Dominatrix, but now that Lilly brought it up, no, she was absolutely sure she was not ready for her punishment, thank-you-very-much!  Not at the moment, anyway.  Sadly, Mikki knew her opinion was moot.  Also, she was gagged.  In any case, Lilly's question had been rhetorical.  That was obvious.

Lilly knelt and arranged the pillows, then sat on the mattress and reclined against the resulting pile.  Next, she arranged Mikki's collar chain out of the way, spread her legs, and pulled Mikki between her leather-clad thighs and against her smokin' hot, body.

"Mrrrf?"  Boots on the bed?  Mikki was scandalized.  She made a mental note to report the faux pas to Abby at her first opportunity.  Maybe Abby would be equally outraged and let Mikki punish Lilly.

Anyway, Mikki's tawny-brown-leather-with-bronze-tone-hardware-bound back and arms rested against Lilly's black-leather-bra-clad-but-otherwise-bare torso.  Mikki squirmed and shivered in... distress?  Yes, Lilly's-black-leather-bra-clad-but-otherwise-bare torso were definitely pressed against Mikki's tawny-brown-leather-with-bronze-tone-hardware-bound back and arms and causing her distress.  Also, Lilly was hugging her tight with her strong arms, and now her leather-pants-clad legs and shiny boots were scissored around her waist, resting atop her bent legs, and unnecessarily reinforcing her oh-so-vulnerable crossed ankles and cage-cuffed situation.  Her pussy purred in protest... and now she was sure it was definitely her pussy and not the strap.

Lilly cupped Mikki's breasts in her two hands and gently squeezed.  "Are you sorry you were mean to my tits?" Lilly inquired.

Yes and no, Mikki thought.  She regretted getting caught in the act, of course, but did not regret having been presented with an opportunity to decorate Lilly's pretty tits and taking it.

Lilly leaned to the side to retrieve her gear bag, taking Mikki with her—"Mrrrk!"—then straightened back into position.Colver-clamps!

Mikki watched as Lilly unzipped one of the bag's side pockets, reached inside, and pulled out—a pair of spring-loaded clover-clamps joined by a thin chain of nested links!!  Mikki's eyes popped wide and her body shivered in Lilly's embrace.

"I see you know what these are for," Lilly whispered in Mikki's right ear.  She dangled the clamps before Mikki'e horrified eyes and gave them a shake.  The clamps rattled together, making dull, metallic, menacing music.  "Have your pretty little nipples ever been clamped, Mikki?"

Still staring at the shining clamps, Mikki shook her Gwen-hooded head, rather frantically.

"Oh, I see," Lilly cooed.  She dropped one of the clamps, which fell against Mikki's harnessed lower torso—causing her to flinch—then held the other clamp by its spring-loaded side-handles and slowly... menacingly... opened and closed the jaws of the shining steel device.

Mikki found the clamp... fascinating.  "Mrrr!" she whined.  It was truly terrifying... and thrilling... in a horrific sort of way.

"Oh, look," Lilly purred.  "Your little nipples are all stiff and pokey."  She used the business-end of the clamp to tease Mikki's right nipple.  It was, in fact, erect.  "Obviously," Lilly continued.  "The little dears are curious."

Traitors! Mikki groused, angrily staring at the throbbing little pillars of pink flesh in question.  Usually, her brain enjoyed at least some degree of veto power over such things, but not in this case.  Truth be told, Mikki was conflicted.  The clamps were scary... but they were also intriguing.  Maybe that was the problem.  On at least some level, her brain was just as much of a traitor as her nipples.

And then it happened.

Lilly shifted the clamp to her left hand, gripped Mikki's right nipple between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand, and stretched Mikki's right breast... slightly... about three-quarters of an inch.

"Mrrrm!" Mikki whimpered.

And then, Lilly used her left hand to position the open jaws of the clamp... and let the jaws close, pinching Mikki's right nipple!

"MRRR!"  It hurts!  It hurts!  It... stings a little.  Mikki blinked in surprise.  The clamp did hurt, a little... but the sting was settling into a sort of subtle, persistent burn.  The clamp was definitely there, but Mikki couldn't really call it serious pain and—"MRRR!"  Mikki glared at Lilly, who had clamped her left nipple while she was busy dealing with her feelings about her right nipple.

"Remarkable sensation, isn't it?" Lilly chuckled.  "I'm sure you know the drill.  They hurt when they go on... you get used to them... and then they really hurt when they come off."  She hooked her right thumb around the chain and gave the clamps' a gentle tug, causing the clamps to tighten (fractionally), and Mikki's nipples to stretch (fractionally).

"Mrrr!" Mikki complained.  She also winced.  The gentle tug had shifted the burn back towards sting territory and had been more than enough to focus her attention... which was unnecessary as she was already fully focused on her nipple-clamp situation.

Lilly continued tugging on the chain... then releasing the pressure... then tugging again.  Mikki's nipples stung... then burned... then stung again... just a little.

"Mrrrrm," Mikki whimpered.

"Poor wicked baby," Lilly cooed.  "It's horrible being naked and helpless and having someone play with your boobies, isn't it, Mikki?"

"Mrrrrrr," Mikki whined.  It was another rhetorical question, and a clear reference to Lilly's recent rubberbands-and-clothespins experience.  Yesss.  Horrible.  And then—Mikki flinched and her eyes popped wide.  "Mrrr?"

Lilly had reached between their bodies with her left hand and was deftly unbuckling the crotch-strap of Mikki's pretty harness.  She then pulled the strap from between Mikki's butt-crack and pussy—"Mrrrf!—and tucked it out of the way.  And now she was fiddling with Mikki's pussy!  "MRRRF!"  And there was nothing she could do about it!  Other than shiver and squirm, which she did.

Mikki was impressed by the ease with which Lilly had accomplished her unbuckling feat using only one hand—the other hand being busy rhythmically tugging on Mikki's nipple-clamp-chain—but at the moment she had bigger fish to fry.

"You're wet, Mikki," Lilly announced as her left hand continued gliding over Mikki's labia.

That's a lie! Mikki silently retorted, except objectively.  Mikki's pussy was also skeptical... and let its opinion be known with irate quivering and throbbing.  Moist irate quivering and throbbing.

"I think you're ready for your punishment," Lilly chuckled.

Having my nipples clamped isn't my punishment?  Mikki continued squirming and mewling (and whining) through her gag/hood.  Lilly's right thumb was still hooked around the nipple-clamp-chain,and she was still tugging on in chain... in rhythm with her left hand's continuing exploration of her labia.  Nipple tugging and pussy stroking isn't punishment enough?

Much to Mikki's relief (and with only the slightest twinge of disappointment), Lilly's left hand left Mikki's pussy.  But her eyes popped wide, again, as she watched the left hand in question unzip the main compartment of the gear bag, reach inside, and pull out... a wand-style vibrator!!

Wicked wand!"Mrrk?"

The silver-gray device was identical to the wand that had been resting in its recharging stand on the table back in the X-frame Chamber, the scene of Mikki's crime.  Lilly, who was no longer naked and spreadeagled on said X-frame, brandished the wand before Lilly's horrified eyes.

"Mrrrk!"  Inarticulate?  Yes, but Mikki was sure her urgent message had been understood.

"Silly girl," Lilly chuckled.  "You may be scared, but you're more than ready for this sort of discipline.  You certainly need it."  She clicked the vibrator on.  Bzzzzz...  "I have experience with this sort of thing.  I can tell when someone wants to play, and you want to play.  Admit it."

Well, yeah, but...  "Mrrrrr!"

And then, without further preamble, Lilly began teasing Mikki's upper-thighs, lower-tummy, and labia with the rubber-clad business end of the buzzing wand.  And while this was happening, she also continued tugging and releasing Mikki's nipple-clamp-chain.  Tugging and releasing.

Mikki squirmed and wiggled and shivered.  There was no longer any doubt that her pussy was wet... flushed and wet and purring in harmony with the vibrator's quiet buzz.

"You wicked, wicked girl," Lilly whispered in Mikki's right ear.  "You punishment will take a very... long... time.  And you deserve... every... single... orgasm."

Mikki was hot and bothered.  An orgasm was definitely coming... or cumming... and Mikki could do nothing to stop it!  (Not that she actually wanted to stop it.  Talk about your deepest, darkest fantasy coming true!  Naked?  Leather-armbinder-harness-bound?  Gwen-hooded?  Everything color coordinated with her beautiful peachy-pink skin and glorious ginger hair?  A stunningly gorgeous tomboy-villainess diddling her silly with a stylish wand?  Lilly could throw her into this particular briar patch anytime she wanted!

That said (meaning thought) it was the solemn duty of every damsel-in-distress to object when a gorgeous villainess involuntarily extracts orgasms from her helpless, virtuous body, so...


Legacy   Chapter 8

Meanwhile, upstairs in the Yoga Studio...

Elke was naked, sitting cross-legged in front of Donna, and trying not to blush.  Her expression could be described as either dazed or fascinated.  Maybe dazed and fascinated.

Donna was naked, sitting cross-legged in front of Elke, and was box-tied with conditioned hemp rope.  Oddly (in Elke's opinion), she didn't seem at all upset by her captivity.  In fact, she was smiling.

Abby was naked and returning from the Secret Cabinet with its treasure trove of conditioned hemp rope.  A fresh coil of said rope was in her left hand and, like Donna, she was smiling.

Elke watched as her red-haired rigging instructor released the coil's retaining hitch, let it fall open into a loose tangle, matched the two free ends, then found its center.  By this time, Elke realized the finding-the-center routine was the accepted method of preparing a length of rope for immediate use.

The center-loop of the doubled rope in her right hand, Abby knelt next to her spouse and training aid and focused her smile on her student.  "Now, in this position..."  She indicated Donna with a graceful flip of her left hand.  " option is the ebi or shrimp-tie."

Elke frowned.  "Ebi?"

"Japanese for 'shrimp,'" Abby explained.  She pointed at Donna's crossed ankles.  "The ankles are lashed together..."  She indicated Donna's neck (and gorgeous, smiling face).  "... rope is passed behind the neck..."  Another gesture.  "...then back down to the ankles.  And then, all the slack is removed, forcing the victim to lean forward into a severe crunch."  She placed her hand behind Donna's hand and gently pushed, causing Donna to lean forward into a mild crunch.  This caused Donna's generous, rope-framed breasts to hang, of course, just a little.

Donna's boobs were a bit of a distraction, but Elke got the point.  "V-victim?" she gasped.

Abby nodded.  "The ebi was used as a judicial punishment and torture technique in feudal Japan."

Elke blinked in distress.  "T-torture?"

Abby nodded, again.  "Tightly bound in a severe crunch for hours on end?  Yes, torture."  Abby's smile widened and she withdrew her hand from Donna's neck, allowing her to return to her original cross-legged position.  "I would only use a mild version of the ebi, of course, and only for a limited period of time."

Elke nodded.  "I see."  Donna's boobs were no longer hanging, but they were still distracting.  "T-that's why it's called the 'shrimp,' because leaning forward makes her looks like a shrimp."

Abby nodded.  "A jumbo-size, pink shrimp."  She cupped Donna's left breast and gave it a gentle squeeze.  "With hooters."

Elke blushed.  Apparently, her appreciation of Donna's rope-framed, hanging breasts hadn't been quite as surreptitious as she hoped.  And she noticed that Donna was also blushing, just a little.  Elke found this to be... odd?  The interpersonal undercurrents flowing through the Abby's Magnificent Modern Mountainside Mansion were stronger and more complicated than she'd thought... maybe.

"Stop," Donna scolded her spouse (and rigger).

"Anyway," Abby continued (ignoring the boobs and blushing issue), "I'm going to demonstrate a different tie."  She leaned close and whispered into Donna's ear (but Elke could easily hear her words).  "On your yummy tummy, Blue Eyes."

The smiling blue eyes in question rolled, then, with surprising grace, Donna flopped down onto the yummy tummy in question (and her rope-framed boobs).

Elke watched as Abby grabbed Donna's ankles and pulled then together and forward, bending her knees.  "A hogtie?" she suggested/inquired.

Abby nodded.  "Yes, clever girl, a hogtie."  She crossed Donna's ankles, causing her to splay her legs.  "Since my beloved's wrists are crossed, her ankles should also be crossed."

Elke nodded.  "Symmetry."

"Exactly," Abby confirmed, then set to work.

"She really is a clever girl," Donna purred, smiling up at Elke as Abby lashed her crossed ankles together.

Elke frowned.  "I thought you guys were gonna stop teasing me," she pouted.

"Sorry," Donna chuckled.  Abby delivered a resounding slap to her right butt-cheek.  "Eeep!" she complained.

"Behave," Abby purred, then completed binding Donna's ankles.  At least five feet of doubled rope dangled from the final knot.  "Note how the final knot is non-compacting," she lectured.  "The ankle-bindings won't over-tighten, no matter how much tension I put into the hogtie."

Elke nodded.  She also watched with rapt attention as Abby threaded the free ends of the ankle-bindings under the box-tie ropes at the nape of Donna's neck, then pulled out the slack.  Abby then passed the ropes back and around Donna's crossed ankles, back up to the nape-of-the-neck ropes, and pulled out even more slack.  This brought Donna's crossed ankles very close to her crossed wrists and required her to arch her back.

"T-that multiplies the force," Elke observed, "like a pulley."

"Clever girl," Abby purred.

"Indeed," Donna agreed.

Donna was now permanently balanced on her stomach, Elke noted, with her thighs and most of her boobs hovering above the carpet!  Oddly, "Blue Eyes" didn't seem at all upset by her situation.

Abby used up the remaining rope by taking hitches through other parts of Donna's box-tie, wrapping the free ends around the hogtie ropes leading down to her ankles, then tying a final, complicated knot on the far side of her crossed and bound ankles.  The fingers of Donna's crossed and raised hands couldn't come within ten inches of the final knot.  Elke could see that Donna was totally, helplessly, and inescapably hogtied.

"Now," Abby lectured, "various enhancements are possible, such as..."  She resumed using her hand as a pointer.  "The upper and lower legs can be lashed together, around the shins and thighs and cinched in between.  That's called a 'frog-tie,' by the way.  Alternatively, each bent leg can be lashed, periodically, in a ladder-tie, the way I ladder-tied your legs together by the pool.  Understand?"

Elke nodded.  "Frog-tie.  Another animal.  Shrimp, hog, and frog.  Are there any others?"

"There are many more recognized ties," Abby purred, "but none with animal names that I'm aware of."

"Not so!"  Donna chuckled.  "When you tie up a redhead, however you do it, it's called a fox-tie."

Abby retaliated by grabbing Donna's hair, gathering it into a ponytail, then pulling her head back and lifting her chin. 

"That hurts!" Donna whined, but the smile still curling her lips more or less defused the complaint.

"Hush," Abby purred.  "Nobody likes a smart-mouth teaching aid."  She refocused her smile on Elke.  "Now...  Another enhancement is to braid or bundle the hair and add it to the hogtie.  The same goes for the big toes, tied together if the ankles are side-by-side, or tied separately if the ankles are crossed, like now."

Eyes wide, Elke nodded again.  She couldn't think of a thing to say.

Abby smiled, stood, and strolled in the direction of the supposedly damp tangle of rope she'd used to box-tie Elke... then returned with the ball-gag dangling from her left hand.

Donna sighed, smiled, then winked at Elke.

Elke blinked and watched as Abby knelt, thrust the gag's ventilated, black rubber ball into her spouse's delectable mouth and buckled it tight under her tousled brown locks.

"You gagged her," Elke noted.  Her blue eyes were still blinking in... alarm?

"That's two strikes," Abby chuckled as she used her fingers to straighten Donna's hair.  "One more and I will start calling you Captain Obvious."

Elke's pout returned.  Donna smiled around her gag.  She might have been grimacing, but her eyes were sparkling so Elke decided it was a smile.

Meanwhile, Abby had strolled from the studio and back into the powder/sauna room.

Elke returned to examining Donna's predicament.  She looked really helpless... really, really helpless.  Continuing her gagged smile, Donna began squirming and testing her bonds.  Her fingers groped for something she could untie... but it was pointless.  She was helpless.

Is she doing that for me? Elke wondered.  Is she putting on a show?  She can barely move... and she sure is pretty... beautiful, in fact.  Elke continued watching... and Donna continued her futile struggles... and her gagged smile... and being beautiful.

Abby returned to the studio.  She'd changed back into her Daisy Dukes and white cotton blouse.  Elke assumed her hostess and rigging instructor was also wearing her panties, but had no objective evidence to support that conclusion.  There were no visible panty-lines marring the denim surface of Abby's skintight Daisy Duke cutoffs.

Abby smiled, took Elke's right hand, and lifted her to her feet.  "Come with me, Clever Girl," she purred, and led Elke towards the door leading to the rest of the mansion.

Elke strolled at Abby's side and looked back over her shoulder at Donna.  Abby's spouse remained naked, box-tied, hogtied, ball-gagged, and beautiful.

"You're going to leave her like that?" Elke muttered.

"She'll be fine, Elke," Abby chuckled, then leaned close and kissed Elke's nearest cheek.  "I promise."

Donna watched as her wonderful bitch of a lover and life-partner abandoned her to her naked, bound, and gagged fate, taking their blond and equally naked house guest with her.  Could Elke be more adorable? Donna mused.  And as for Abby, Red looks hot in those cutoffs... always.

The fully clothed redhead and naked blond crossed the studio threshold, disappeared down the hallway, and Donna was alone.  She closed her eyes and cleared her mind in preparation for meditation... and settling in to wait.

Legacy   Chapter 8

Three orgasms!  Lilly had used her fancy vibrator, wicked nipple clamps, and highly skilled fingers to extract three crashing orgasms from Mikki's bound and gagged but otherwise naked body!

Exhausted, sweaty, and panting through her nostrils, Mikki basked in the afterglow of Orgasm Number Three.  She wasn't at all sure she'd survive an Orgasm Number Four.  Actually, Mikki knew she'd live through further vibratory "punishment," but was very much afraid she'd lose consciousness before a fourth climax.  Helpless in her very pretty tawny-brown leather with bronze-tone hardware armbinder, body-harness, and Gwen-hooded ensemble—her knees bent and her ankles crossed and cage-cuffed together—and with Lilly still embracing her from behind with her booted and leather-clad legs scissored across her thighs—Mikki waited for the start of Round Four.

Soon, Mikki thought.  She'll start again soon.  The precise timing of inter-orgasmic recovery periods seemed to be another of Lilly's areas of expertise.  However, and much to Mikki's surprise/relief, instead of more wand-wielding and nipple-clamp-tugging, Lilly began fiddling with the buckles of the straps securing her Gwen-hood.  "Mrrrf?" Mikki inquired (weakly).

Lilly said nothing, but finished unbuckling the hood, unzipped the zipper, and slowly, carefully, pulled the hood from Mikki's head.  She tossed it aside, plucked the Nerf ball from Mikki's mouth, and tossed it aside as well.

Mikki swallowed, licked her lips, and watched as Lilly reached back into her unzipped gear bag and produced a clear, 12 oz. bottle of spring water.  Lilly cracked and removed the cap, then held the bottle to Mikki's mouth.  To Mikki, the room temperature water was the proverbial Nectar of the Gods, gloriously wet and most welcome.  She chugged half of the bottle's contents... and Lilly let her.

"Thank you," Mikki muttered as Lilly took a drink herself, then restored the bottle's cap.

"You're welcome," Lilly purred.

"I... I'm sorry I used rubber bands and clothespins your tits and nipples," Mikki said quietly.

"Liar," Lilly chuckled.  "Anyway... tell me something," she added as she returned the sloshing bottle to the gear bag.

Mikki heaved a deep sigh (causing the connecting chain of the clover-clamps still pinching her nipples to sway and her cable-collar's tethering chain to rattle.  "Why should I?" she pouted.  "Why should I tell you anything?  You'll probably just punish me some more if I do."

Lilly's answer was to tighten her embrace, once again hook her right thumb over the nipple-clamp-chain, and pull it taut(ish).

Mikki winced and took the hint.  "Okay.  What do ya wanna know?"

"What are your plans for the future, Mikki?" Lilly inquired.

Mikki blinked in surprise.  "You mean like... right now?"

"More long term," Lilly clarified.

"Well, I'm a writer," Mikki answered.  "I need to find a job to pay the bills so I can write.  Didn't I mention that before?  At breakfast."

"I must have been cooking at the time," Lilly purred.  "Anyway, a laudable goal.  What about Elke?"

"She needs a job too," Mikki answered, "to save money so she can afford grad school."

"Another laudable goal," Lilly stated.

Mikki wasn't sure whether Lilly was serious or not.  She might be teasing, teasing both of them, but Mikki decided not.  Lilly might be a smokin' hot dominatrix tomboy who liked to punish innocent redheads with nipple-clamps and orgasms, but she wasn't cruel... so to speak.  No, Mikki decided Lilly was genuinely interested.  "Ya know of any good-paying jobs around here?"

"I'll think about it," Lilly promised, then produced a pair of keys from somewhere, possibly from down the front of her black leather, bra-like top, Mikki wasn't sure.  One key was tiny and the other normal-size.  She unlocked and removed Mikki's cable-collar, then began unlocking the padlocks securing her body-harness and armbinder!  This was another good thing, like the water, a sentiment with which her shoulders emphatically agreed.  The armbinder had been pulling them back for a considerable amount of time... enough time for three orgasms and two inter-orgasmic rest periods!

"Uh, I wouldn't mind staying in this part of the state," Miki explained, "but Elke probably wants to live closer to her parents, down south."

"We'll have to ask her," Lilly chuckled as she continued unlocking padlocks and unbuckling buckles.  "You ever do farm work?"

"Very funny," Mikki pouted.  "I thought you were serious."

"I am," Lilly purred as she unzipped and removed the armbinder.

This made Mikki happy, and her shoulders were ecstatic!  She stretched and moaned with pleasure.  Her new freedom wasn't exactly another orgasm, but it sure felt good!  She watched as Lilly shifted her position to the foot of the bed, unlocked and removed the cage-cuff from around her ankles, then stood and helped Mikki to her bare feet.  Mikki was now nude and completely free, except for—Oh yeah, she remembered, the nipple-clamps.  She focused on her torturer/rescuer, mustered what she hoped was an adorable, brave, and sympathy-inducing smile, and indicated the clamps and their swaying chain with a graceful flip of the wrist.  "Uh, you don't mind if I..."

"Yes, I do mind," Lilly chuckled.  "Hands atop your head."


"Hands atop your head, Little Red," Lilly reiterated.

Mikki pursed her full, glorious lips in a full-volume pout as she carried out Lilly's order by interlacing her fingers and resting her palms atop her tousled red curls.  "Don't call me that," she huffed.

"Abby is Red," Lilly purred.  "So that makes you Little Red."  She then reached out and released Nikki's right nipple-clamp.

"OW!" Mikki complained.  "You could have warned me," she complained.

"I did warn you," Lilly, then released the left nipple clamp.

"OW!" Mikki reiterated, stamping her right foot.  It was true.  Lilly had warned her that the clamps would hurt more coming off than going on, but she wasn't about to give Lilly the satisfaction of admitting she was right.  Mikki glowered at Lilly's spectacularly beautiful and wickedly smiling face, doing her best to present the very picture of a brave, ginger-haired, and slightly annoyed righteous martyr.

"Come with me," Lilly ordered and started for the cell door.  "And keep your hands on top of your head like a good little damsel."

"Were are we going?" Mikki demanded as she padded in Lilly's wake.

"We need to get you dressed for dinner," Lilly purred.

Mikki's stomach grumbled in response.  Dinner would be most welcome.  She'd missed lunch, and what with all the orgasms and nipple-pinching, she'd grown rather peckish.

Legacy   Chapter 8


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