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Chapter 10

Dramatis Personæ


Elke and Mikki slept like the proverbial logs.  Initially, Mikki had been concerned that the chains connecting her collar, manacles, and shackles might make noise as she rolled around on the comfy mattress and keep Elke awake; but as it turned out... not so much.  They'd both had a busy day (to say the least) and drifted off to sleep quickly and with no difficulty.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ z z z z z z z ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Up and at it, you two!"

The command had come from Lilly, who was standing in the open doorway of the guest bedroom.  Elke and Mikki opened their eyes, used their hands (free and chain-manacle-encumbered, respectively) to clear their tousled hair (blond and Ginger, respectively) from their sleepy, startled faces, blinked their eyes (blue and brown, respectively), stared at Lilly, yawned, and tried to make sense of the world.

Lilly was wearing jeans and a black tank-top (as opposed to the sexy-dominatrix outfit she'd worn late yesterday), and beaming at the young house guests.  And then, before they could say something like "Good morning" or "What the hell is happening?", Lilly turned and padded away.  The bedroom door remained open.

A quick glance at the narrow gap in the mostly drawn drapes confirmed that it was, in fact, dawn, also...

"Race you to the bathroom," Elke announced, then scrambled from bed and padded out the door.

"Not fair!" Mikki wailed as she rattled out of bed and did her best to follow.  Her serving chains kept it from being much of a contest.

By the time Mikki clattered into the bathroom, Elke was sitting on the throne in mid-tinkle.  Mikki affected a grumpy scowl, stuck out her tongue, then clattered to the washbasin to wet her face.

The BFFs completed their morning routines (and managed to stop yawning), then Mikki followed Elke back to her guest bedroom to watch her get dressed.  What with the full set of solidly locked chains around her neck, wrists, and ankles, Mikki going to her guest bedroom to get dressed was a nonstarter.  So, having nothing better to do, she watched as Elke removed and neatly folded her pajamas, then donned fresh panties and bra... followed by the same jeans and t-shirt as yesterday.  The jeans had only been worn a little, and as she'd managed not to spill mustard, brat-juice, or beer on her black "Come to the Math Side" nerd-shirt during dinner, both were wearable.  Elke decided to remain barefoot.

Fully dressed, Elke turned to frown at her BFF.  "What are you staring at?  Why aren't you in the kitchen already?"

Mikki executed a perfect smirking shrug, rattling her chains in the process.  "I'm a helpless, naked damsel in chains," she explained.  "You're supposed to drag me from place to place."

Elke rolled her eyes in disgust (and managed not to smile).  "Dweeb," she sighed, then padded from the bedroom.

Mikki followed as best she could, and despite her shining steel bonds managed to reach the kitchen only three paces behind her BFF.

Donna was busy at the stove, resplendent in tan shorts and another white blouse with the sleeves rolled up.  Abby and Lilly were seated at the kitchen table, sipping mugs of hot coffee.  Abby was wearing a pair of jeans and a white tank-top.  Lilly was still in her jeans and black tank-top.  The entire household, residents and guests, were barefoot.

"Good morning!" Donna and Abby chorused in unison, smiling brightly.  Lilly drank coffee and smiled.

"Morning," Elke responded, then padded to the coffeemaker.

"Morning," Mikki added as she made her chain-encumbered and slightly belated entry.

"Bacon, eggs, hash brown patties, and toast," Donna announced.  The aroma and sizzle of frying bacon confirmed at least that part of the menu.

"Donna has offered to show you one of our hiking trails," Abby said as Elke settled into a chair.

"Uh, thanks," Elke said, then took refuge in the dark, delicious contents of her mug.

By this time, Mikki had her cup of coffee and was settling into her chair.  "That sounds like fun," she muttered.

"Not you, Dweeb," Lilly chuckled.  "I promised you a tour of my workshop, remember."

"I thought I was 'Little Red,'" Mikki pouted, mildly peeved by Lilly's change of her nickname.  She then shifted her glare at Elke.  "This is your fault."

Elke smiled, her blue eyes sparkling behind her glasses.  "My work here is done," she said quietly.

Abby, Donna, and Lilly erupted in laughter.  Mikki continued pouting and glowering (and blushing).  Elke sipped her coffee in smug triumph.

Lilly smiled at Mikki.  "No hiking for you, today," she purred.  "You're not getting out of those chains that easily."

Mikki continued pouting.  Donna continued cooking.  Abby, Lilly, Elke, and Mikki continued sipping coffee and waiting patiently for breakfast.

Legacy   Chapter 10

Elke had been warned that hiking might happen, so she'd packed appropriately.  An hour after breakfast she emerged onto the main deck wearing Kletter-style hiking boots, thick wool socks, khaki cargo shorts, a long-sleeve, sun-protection shirt in a pretty shade of ocean-blue that more-or-less matched her eyes, a tan, floppy "booney hat" with a wide brim, and her REI day-pack (in "Frosted Meadow" green).  The boots were a little scuffed and her hat and day-pack showed visible wear.  Clearly, Elke was not a tenderfoot hiker.

The others were waiting.  Abby, Lilly, and Mikki's costumes were unchanged, but Donna had changed into hiking boots, coyote-brown cargo shorts, a very pretty, long-sleeve plaid shirt in a mix of greens and brown, and an oat-tan, wide-brim, cowboy-style hat.  Her nylon day-pack was also from REI and was two shades of gray.  The degree of wear suggested Donna was a veteran hiker.

"Water?" Donna inquired.

"Check," Elke grinned.





"Full charge on your phone?"


Abby pointed to a zip-lock bag with two sandwiches, several granola bars, a banana, and a red apple.  "Your half of the food."

"This is a lot," Elke noted as she loaded the food into her pack.

"Be prepared," Lilly quoted.  "If your guide—"  She nodded at Donna.  "—gets eaten by a bear, you might have to spent the night under the stars.  Always bring extra food."

"Point taken," Elke nodded.

Abby stepped forward and planted a kiss on Elke (who blushed in response).  "Have fun, Little Blue Eyes," she purred.

Lilly was next.  She also kissed Elke's lips.  "Don't do anything I wouldn't do," she said, smiling into Elke's blushing face.

"I think that's my line," Elke responded.  Her slightly worried gaze was focused on Mikki.

Abby, Donna, and Lilly laughed.  Mikki smiled at her BFF in gratitude.  Elke continued blushing.

Mikki stepped (clattered) forward and kissed Elke as well.  "I'll be fine," she promised.

How Mikki could say that, Elke had no idea.  "This is nuts," she muttered.  "You're nuts."

"I'll be fine," Mikki reiterated, then took a step back.

Abby kissed her spouse, Lilly smiled and waved at her big sister, and the hikers shouldered their packs and stepped off.

Those remaining behind watched and waved as the hikers descended the trail down into the valley.  Donna and Elke paused to wave one last time as they paused at a turn in the trail.  Abby, Lilly, and Mikki waved back, then the hikers continued forward and were lost from sight.

Abby kissed Mikki's cheek, then smiled at Lilly.  "Play nice, or I'll give both of you a spanking," she purred, then spun on her bare heels and padded back into the house.

Mikki gazed at Lilly (with the appropriate degree of apprehensive gravity).

Lilly gazed back for several seconds (with the required evil smile), then shook her head, grabbed hold of the vertical chain just below Mikki's collar, and led her away.  "Don't try and seduce me, Dweeb," she chuckled.

"It was worth a shot," Mikki whispered under her breath.  She wasn't at all happy her informal moniker was now "Dweeb," as opposed to "Little Red," which had been kinda cool, like she was a younger version of her cousin Abby.  When Elke got back from her hike, Mikki decided she'd beg her to try shifting the balance back in that direction.  Or, if by that time she was finally out of her chains, she'd tie up Elke and tickle her until she complied.  Going all villainess on her BFF was unlikely, of course, as Elke's Wounded Pout of Profound Disappointment was more or less Mikki's kryptonite, but she resolved to find some way to regain the Little Red pet name.

Legacy   Chapter 10

Lilly's Workshop was a standalone outbuilding on the same side of the mansion as the driveway and garage.  The Modern architecture and materials used matched the mansion and other buildings.

With Lilly's hand still clutching the vertical chain of her steel restraints, Mikki clattered across the threshold and found herself in a large... workshop.  Yes, Lilly's Workshop was a workshop.  Go figure.

Anyway, Mikki wasn't big on do-it-yourself culture, but even she was impressed.  There were worktables, machine-tool workstations, rolling tool cabinets, a welding rig, racks of metal stock (rods and sheet metal), similar racks of wood stock (plywood sheets and cut timbers).  And set back in a small office behind a glass wall Mikki could see a utilitarian desk with a comfy office chair and an impressive computer.  The very faint aromas of sawdust, hot metal, and lubricants hung in the air.  There was a little clutter on the work surfaces, but the floor was swept and there were no signs of sawdust or grime.  Lilly ran a taut ship, so to speak.

Also, scattered about were what Mikki suspected might be works-in-progress, most of them shrouded by dust-cloths—and prominent among the not shrouded objects was a tall, rectangular cage of steel bars.  Its base was about two-foot square and its height maybe... six-feet?  Six-and-a-half?

Lilly noticed Mikki's interest (meaning wide-eyed terror), strolled to the cage (taking Mikki with her), and swung open the door.  "As you can see," Lilly explained, "this thing isn't quite finished.  I need to grind and polish a few of the welds, move it into the sand-blasting chamber for a full polish, then into the spray-booth for its undercoats, color-coats, and final clear-coat.  The result will be black... or maybe dark gray.  I haven't decided."

Mikki gazed at the cage's decidedly cramped interior with naked horror (literally naked, not counting her chains).

"It's already fully functional, of course," Lilly added, spun Mikki around so they were face-to-face, then pushed her into the cage, closed the door with a clang, pulled out a key ring, selected and inserted a barrel-style key in the lock set in the door, and gave it a full turn.

"Lill-yyyyy!" Mikki whined.  The cage was just as cramped she thought it would be.  She was able to tuck her elbows against her ribs and raise her hands just enough to clutch the bars of the closed and locked door.  She had no choice but to stand upright with her bare feet on the cage's smooth steel base.  Mikki supposed she could slump against the sides, if she so desired, but would remain more-or-less fully erect, regardless.

Lilly pocketed her keys, then pointed to the office beyond the glass window.  "I have a 3-D printer in there I use to fabricate plastic prototypes of the more complicated parts so I can test them out and fine-tune the design."  She smiled brightly.  "Isn't that great?"

"Uh... yeah," Mikki muttered.  "Great."

"Such enthusiasm," Mikki chuckled, then strolled to one of her works-in-progress that was covered by a dust cloth.  She grabbed the cloth, turned to smile at Mikki, then whisked it away.

Mikki heart started pounding, her stomach fluttered, and her eyes popped wide.  She had an excellent view of the object revealed.  It was several seconds before she found her voice.

Lilly waited patiently, a broad (wicked/gloating) smile curling her lips.

"Lill-yyyyy!" Mikki finally whined.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Lilly sighed, shifting her amused gaze from Mikki to the object in question.
Willie stand!
Mikki knew exactly what she was looking at: a "John Willie Stand!"

Arguably, the stand was a variant of the classic medieval "Horse" torture device, and had been unleashed on the world's imagination in the pages of Sweet Gwendoline and The Missing Princess.

It was a vertical steel post with a pair of rigid ankle-cuffs, a "saddle" that was actually a thick strip of steel with a row of wicked saw-teeth on its top edge, and a curved steel plate studded with short spikes was welded to the back of the saddle.  A damsel unfortunate enough to find herself straddling said saddle with her ankles locked in the shackles would have no choice but to stand over the saw-teeth with the plate's spikes poised to punish her butt if she moved!  And depending on how the height of the saddle/plate had been adjusted, she'd be be trapped somewhere on a continuum from standing perfectly still so as not to prick her crotch and/or her heinie—all the way up to riding the saw-teeth in agony!

It was designed to be a cruel predicament, forcing the damsel to adopt the pose imposed by the stand and her bondage (whatever that might be), and require her to stand perfectly still.  It could be used for actual torture, of course, but Mikki was sure, in her heart of hearts, that while Lilly was definitely a Top, but not a true sadist.

Mikki stared at the Willie Stand for several long seconds... while Lilly smiled and assessed (savored) her naked prisoner's reaction.  Finally, Mikki licked her lips, tore her gaze away from the stand, and focused on Lilly.  "Uh... we need to talk about a safe word."

"Safe word?" Lilly purred.

Mikki swallowed.  "Yeah, I'm supposed to have one.  A safe word is—"

"I know what a safe word is, Dweeb," Lilly chuckled.  "What makes you think you need one?"

"Oh... gee... let me think," Mikki mumbled, then shifted her worried stare back to the Willie Stand.

"I'm still calibrating your tolerance levels, Mikki," Lilly explained.  "But don't worry.  I'll grant you a safe word before we start playing on a regular basis."

Mikki nodded absently as she stared at the stand.  Truth be told, the saw-teeth of the saddle didn't look all that sharp.  They were more rounded and dull than anything else, probably unable to saw through their way through anything more substantial than a block of jello.  Also, the butt-plate spikes looked more uncomfortable than dangerous.  Would riding the damn thing with her full weight on the edge of the plate be painful?  Hell yes!  Given her druthers, Mikki would just as soon give the entire exercise a pass.

Suddenly, Lilly's last statement registered, her eyes widened, and her jaw dropped.  "R-regular basis?"

Lilly stepped close to the cage, reached between the bars and gently clutched Mikki's chin, then pulled her forward until they could kiss... and they did.

Mikki thought it was very sweet, or would have if she wasn't so terrified (and conflicted).  "B-b-basis?" she stuttered when Lilly released her chin and took a step back.

Lilly smiled.  "Big Red has something she'd like to discuss with you, Little Red."

Mikki blinked several times.  "Abby?"

"Yes," Lilly chuckled.  "Abby."  Her blue eyes focused on the workshop's main doorway.  "Speak of the devil."

Smiling her beautiful (quirky) smile, Abby padded into the workshop, still wearing the jeans and white tank-top she'd worn to breakfast.  (No bra, pokies, and panties status unknown.)  The Lady of the Mansion padded to Mikki's cage and mimicked Lilly's actions, meaning she cupped Mikki's chin, gently pulled her young cousin's face to the bars, leaned close, and planting a warm kiss on Mikki's lips.

"Oh, Mikki," Abby purred, "You look so beautiful in Lilly's new cage, all naked and in chains and helpless.  I believe if it had been possible for John Willie to see you like this, he would have made Sweet Gwendoline a redhead instead of a blonde."  She released Mikki's chin and padded towards Lilly and the stand.

Mikki licked her lips.  "Uh... thanks?"

"Laying it on a little thick," Lilly drawled, "don't ya think?"

"Not at all," Abby purred, then pulled her tank-top over her head and handed it to Lilly.  Next, she unzipped, pulled down, and stepped out of her jeans, then handed them to Lilly as well.  The panties question was now resolved.  Abby hadn't been wearing any, and now she was gloriously nude.

Lilly carried Abby's clothes to a nearby workbench, folded them neatly and made a stack, then returned.  "You sure you want to go through with this?" she inquired.

"Quite," Abby answered, then stepped onto the two-foot by two-foot square of boilerplate steel that was the stand's base, and gingerly (pun not intended) eased herself onto the saddle.  More precisely, she eased herself over the saddle and stood on tiptoe with her pussy hovering just above the saw-teeth.  Obviously, the stand had been adjusted to exactly the "correct" height.

"Okay, but just remember," Lilly purred as she knelt and locked Abby's ankles in the shackles, "I'm doing this under protest, and only because you're ordering me to do it."

"I'll keep that in mind," Abby chuckled, smiling at Mikki.

Mikki gazed through the bars at the spectacle of Abby straddling the Willie Stand.  Her older cousin was...  Glorious!  There was no other word for it!  Stunningly beautiful in only the way a redhead (like Mikki) could be stunningly beautiful, curvaceous, fit, with a peachy-pink complexion (like Mikki), and a glorious mane of ginger curls and pretty brown eyes (like Mikki)...  Glorious!  Mikki was impressed, as well as relieved that the victim of the stand was Big Red and not Little Red.  Also... What the hell is going on?

Meanwhile, Lilly had strolled to a cabinet, opened its door and reached inside, and was now returning to the stand with a generous coil of coyote-brown, 3/8", braided nylon rope!

Mikki swallowed nervously (on Abby's behalf) and watched as Lilly released the retaining hitch, found the center, and readied the rope for use.  It really was a generous coil, so this took a while.  A lot of delicious preliminary slithering, sliding, and flopping was involved.

Abby, still directing her dimpled, gorgeous smile and sparkling green eyes in Mikki's direction, folded her arms behind her back in the classic box-tie position and waited patiently.

Her preparations finally complete, Lilly set to work.

When the proverbial dust settled, Abby was box-tied; however, it wasn't a "standard" box-tie with her forearms horizontal and her hands clutching their opposite elbows.  Nor was it a "sadistic" box-tie with her folded arms raised past the horizontal and her wrists crossed and lashed against her spine.   Abby was in a "reverse-prayer" box-tie!  Her hands were palm-to-palm with her fingertips at the level of the nape of her neck!

Mikki already knew Lilly was a competent rigger, but she was truly impressed by the grinning brunette's dexterity and speed.

A total of six horizontal, individual, brown strands of braided nylon were neatly stacked above Abby's shapely breasts, with six more neatly stacked horizontal strands below.  Also, eight horizontal strands encircled and constricted Abby's waist with corset-like tightness.  The waist-bands seemed to be there to act as a lower anchor for the tie, although, in Mikki's limited experience, waist-ropes were generally part of a crotch-tie and not a standard box-tie element.  Unfortunately, the majority of the hitching and cinching action was taking place behind Abby's back.  Fortunately, however (with respect to curiosity, anyway), Lilly was maintaining a running commentary.  The Prisoner of the Cage suspected Abby had ordered Lilly to further her education.

"It's important to maintain uniform tension," Lilly lectured.  "You do this with repeated use of the finger test..."  She slid her right forefinger under the ropes below Abby's breasts, her knuckle nudging and lifting the breasts in the process.

Mikki was sure Lilly nudging Abby's lower boobs was pure happenstance, of course.

"It's also fun," Lilly added.

Okay, maybe the boob-nudging was gratuitous, Mikki mentally conceded.

"But most important of all," Lilly lectured, "is to have the final composition firmly fixed in your mind, so you know when to allow temporary slack..."  She cinched the ropes yoking Abby's shoulders (causing her to flinch).  "And when to take it in... and by how much."

All the action was happening behind Abby's back and her body (and boobs) were blocking Mikki's view, but as far as Mikki could tell, Lilly was also binding Abby's hands, thumbs, and pressed-together forearms, making them a part of the box-tie.

"I'll try and make sure you get a good look at this from all angles when it's time to let Big Red off the stand," Lilly purred.  It would seem she'd noticed Mikki's craning neck and obvious interest.

Mikki was worried on Abby's behalf.  Reverse-prayer bondage might be photogenic, but she was sure it had to get very old, very fast, no matter how flexible and fit the bindee might be.  "Lilly," she whined quietly (but loud enough to be heard).  "Please don't hurt her.  Please?"

"Oh, such a sweet girl," Abby sighed as she beamed at Mikki.

Lilly rolled her eyes, strolled to a nearby workbench, and returned to the stand with a ball-gag.

Abby stopped smiling.  "Lilly!" she scolded.  "Don't you dare—Mrrrmpfh!"

Mikki blinked in horror.  The ball was apple-red, at least two inches in diameter, and Lilly had buckled its inch-wide black leather strap tight enough to make Abby's rosy cheeks bulge.  All things considered, it looked to be a quite effective gag.  Also, Lilly had made sure none of Abby's glorious ginger locks were trapped under the strap.  Mikki approved.  Aesthetics are important.

Abby might have agreed with Mikki about aesthetics, but she was not happy.  "Mrrrrr!" she complained, staring angry daggers at Lilly.

Smiling and not at all concerned by Big Red's obvious ire, Lilly strolled to Little Red's cage (her hips swinging in what Mikki considered to be a sexy and/or scary manner).

Mikki stared at Lilly with worried brown eyes, trying not to think of herself as a goat staked out as a Tyrannosaurus rex snack.

"Now," Lilly purred, "Abby has something she'd like to discuss with you.  If you want out of this cage before sundown, you'll be respectful and pay close attention."  She leaned close to the bars.

Mikki realized Lilly's intentions and leaned close as well, without thinking.  Lilly kissed her lips.  A thrill quivered between her legs.  Lilly's lips were soft.  The rest of her was not.

"Well, things to do," Lilly purred, then turned and strolled towards the workshop's side door.

Mikki stared at the departing Lilly in disbelief—shifted her gaze to the Abby, who (of course) was still up on her toes, straddling the Willie Stand, box-tied, ball-gagged, and naked—then back to Lilly.  "Wait!" she yelped.

Lilly paused and turned back.  "Yes?"

Mikki nodded at Abby.  "The gag?"

Lilly smiled.  "You want one too?"

"What?  No!"  Then, Mikki realized Lilly was messing with her (in oh-so-many ways) and affected a Neutral Pout (so as not to earn herself additional punishment).  "Abby can't tell me what she wants to tell me if she's gagged," she observed (desperately hoping Libby wouldn't reward her temerity with some horrific torture).

Her smile never wavering, Lilly strolled to Abby and the stand.  "I knew I was forgetting something," she chuckled as she parted Abby's tousled red locks, unbuckled the ball-gag, then re-buckled the strap on its first hole.  "Like I said," she chuckled as she spun on her bare feet and strolled back towards the door, "things to do."

And with that, she was gone.

Mikki stared at the closed door... then shifted her gaze back to Abby.  She was just in time to witness the conclusion of the epic battle between Abby's jaws, lips, and tongue and the oversize rubber ball plugging her mouth.  The glistening red ball dropped, bounced on Abby's chest once, then hung there by its strap, like some truly ugly fashion accessory.

"That girl!" Abby huffed as she worked her jaw and licked her lips.

"It was mean of her to gag you," Mikki said solemnly.  Lilly was gone, so she felt safe about expressing her opinion of the Evil Brunette's recent perfidy.

Abby smiled.  "Of course it was mean," she chuckled, "but when you're the Top, you're the Top.  You get to decide what's mean and what's nice.  Of course, a good Top has detailed knowledge of her Bottom's limits, and always acts accordingly.  Gagging me was a prank, mostly for your benefit."

"I thought you were the tip-top-Top around here," Mikki stated.

"Oh, I am," Abby, chuckled, "which is why whenever I allow myself to sample life as a Bottom, Lilly takes full advantage.  It's okay, she knows I'll punish her for it... at some point."

"Of course," Mikki said quietly.

"Anyway," Abby continued, I was wondering, Mikki..."

"Uh... yeah?"

"Do you like it here?" Abby inquired.

Was it Mikki's imagination, or was Abby a little nervous... and blushing, just a little.  "Oh yeah!" Mikki answered, and she meant it.  "Not in this cage, of course, or down in the basement, but in general?  Yeah!  The landscape is a little dry, but you've got a really nice place, Abby... upstairs, anyway.  So... yeah."

"Thank you," Abby smiled.

"Oh, and you're being very educational," Mikki added.  "I like education."  She rattled her cage, metaphorically.  Lilly's new cage was too solid and well constructed to rattle.  Mikki's chains, however, did rattle.  "Actually," she said in a near whisper.  "This cage is impressive, and I've only seen a little of what's downstairs... so... anyway... yeah."

"Well," Abby continued (and Mikki decided she was definitely blushing, just a little), "I'd like to suggest that your search for a place to live and write might be over.  Stay here, Mikki.  Stay with us."

Mikki blinked in surprise.  "What about a job?  I'll still need a job."

"Help with the chores and I'll give you a generous allowance," Abby smiled, "and Lilly keeps yapping about how much she needs an assistant to help in the workshop.  But don't worry, I told her I'd allow her to hire you only if she pays you on a salary commensurate with your contribution to her business."

"The workshop?"  Mikki started blinking again.  "This workshop?  I'm not all that... handy."

"You'll learn," Abby chuckled.  "And I'll make sure you have plenty of time for your writing."

Mikki nodded.

"Don't give me your final answer right now, Mikki," Abby said with a warm smile.  "Talk it over with Elke when she gets back from the hike.  Talk it over with Donna and Lilly, as well.  Take all the time you need to make up your mind."

Mikki nodded, again.

"And I have the perfect room you can move into," Abby added.  "It has a big desk for writing and one of our best views of the mountains.  I'll show you as soon as this is over."

Mikki nodded, yet again.  Obviously, "this" referred to her being naked, locked in serving-chains, and incarcerated in a tall, cramped, newly constructed steel cage, as well as Abby being naked, straddling the Willie Stand, box-tied, and with a ball-gag dangling around her neck.  "And when will that be?" Mikki inquired.  "When will this be over?"

Abby's dimpled smile widened.  "Whenever Lilly decides it's over.  She's the Top, remember?"

Mikki sighed, shook the bars of her cage (which were still rock solid and immovable), and rattled her chains.  "It's kinda hard to forget." she muttered.

"Delightful," Abby chuckled.

Legacy   Chapter 10


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