by Van © 2020

Chapter 6

Dramatis Personæ


When last we left our heroines, Elke and Mikki were locked in a subterranean 20' x 20' chamber with concrete floor, walls, and ceiling and a gray-painted steel door.

Elke was naked, box-tied with hemp rope, and rather peeved that Mikki was still refusing to untie her.  Dweeb!  Very funny.

Mikki was also naked, but she wasn't tied up in any way and at the moment was busy smiling at an enticing array of body-care products and/or potential entertainment (torture) devices arrayed before her on a wooden worktable.

Why 'enticing" you ask?  Because, when last we left our villainess, Lilly, she was naked, bound, gagged, and locked in the same chamber as our heroines.  Actually, Lilly might or might not have deserved the label "villainess," but our heroines agreed she was no longer worthy of the label "nice."  Lilly was spreadeagled on an X-shaped wooden frame that was actually a human-stick-figure-shaped wooden frame, and whatever she might have wished to say about either the "villainess" label or her current situation was stifled by the highly effective muzzle-head-harness-gag caging her head.

And oh-by-the-way, everything—Lilly's gag, the suspension-cuffs binding her wrists and ankles, and the various mechanisms of the X-frame that enforced the stringent spread-eagle—were all locked.  Even if Elke and/or Mikki felt inclined to affirm their heroine status by releasing any part of Lilly's bondage, they couldn't.

The situation was truly tragic.

Oddly, by all appearances, Lilly remained stoic and unfazed by her oh-so-vulnerable predicament; however, at least for the moment, it didn't matter how Lilly felt.  She'd lost her audience.  Both youngsters were busy examining the contents of the table burdened by the array of aforementioned body-care and/or potential entertainment (torture) devices.

Meanwhile, back at the table...

Mikki picked up the steel handle of the pinwheel and carefully gave its spur-like disc a spin.  It gave off a ringing, humming noise as the needle-sharp points flashed.  Mikki's already menacing smile turned even more menacing (in Elke's opinion).

"No," Elke ordered.  "Put it down."

Mikki continued smiling at the spinning disk of needle-sharp points.  "It looks like it would really hurt if you pressed down hard," she observed.

"Put it down," Elke reiterated.

Mikki shifted her smile to her blond BFF.  "You're awfully bossy for somebody who's all tied-up and naked." she purred.

Elke mustered her best more-disappointed-than-angry condemnatory stare.  "Mikki.  Put it down."

Mikki shrugged (in a smiling and naked manner) and returned the whatever-it-was-called pinwheel to the table, then turned and padded to Lilly and the X-frame.  Elke followed.

"I need to do a little preliminary reconnaissance," Mikki announced, then placed her right hand on Lilly's left thigh, smiled sweetly, slowly slid her palm up to Lilly's hip... then down to her knee.

Elke watched (ignoring the warmth of the blush coloring her cheeks).  What did it matter to her if the leg of a naked, bound, gagged, and stretched evildoer was subjected to a humiliating tactile examination by a naked, ginger-haired dweeb?

"Just as I thought," Mikki noted as her palm continued gliding down Lilly's lower leg... all the way to the suspension-cuff tightly encircling Lilly's ankle.  She focused her smile on Lilly's very gagged and still unconcerned face.  "You're something of a tomboy, aren't you Darling Lilly?"

Elke frowned.  "Darling Lilly."  She focused on her BFF (as opposed to the stretched and naked alleged tomboy on the X-frame).  "Isn't that a movie?"

Mikki frowned.  "Uh... yeah.  Julie Andrews and Rock Hudson... I think.  Why?"

"I like Julie Andrews," Elke responded.  She was still mildly surprised that she was only mildly outraged by the spectacle of her BFF running her hand up and down Lilly's leg.

"What's not to like?" Mikki shrugged.  Her attention returned to the naked, stretched, and gagged alleged tomboy.  "Anyway... stubble."  Her smile brightened.  "Guess who needs a shave?"  She then reached for Lilly's outstretched left arm, crooked her right index finger, and gingerly scratched Lilly's left armpit with her nails.  "Here too."

"She's not hairy," Elke stated.  Lilly hadn't so much as flinched.  Elke was impressed.  Not even a gagged giggle.  Go figure.

Mikki spun on her bare heels and padded back to the table.  Next to the table with all the fun goodies was a stainless steel stand on wheels.  It had a steel basin resting in a circular cavity on its steel top.  Mikki moved the can of shave cream, feminine razor, hand towel, and bottle of spring water she'd already opened to the basin and wheeled the cart towards Lilly and her X-frame.

Elke watched in horror (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) as Mikki carefully arranged her supplies next to the basin, poured water into said basin, spritzed a dollop of shave cream onto her left palm, rubbed her hands together, and smiled (evilly).  She then began slowly, meticulously lathering Lilly's left leg.  She started just above the ankle-cuff and slowly worked her way all the way up to Lilly's crotch, replenishing the cream on her hands as required.  Eventually, Lilly's leg was slathered with a thin layer of white foam and the faint aroma of raspberries wafted through the chamber.

Mikki wet her hands and dried them with the towel, picked up the razor, twirled it between her fingers, smiled (evilly) down at her "victim," and set to work.

Elke continued watching in horror (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) as the razor glided through the foam, leaving rectangular, ever-lengthening, ever-widening, foam-free strips of Lilly's skin in its wake.  Mikki was methodical and thorough, periodically wetting the razor in the basin to clean its five blades of accumulated foam and stubble.  Truth be told, Lilly's legs hadn't really needed shaving, but it was good to see the evil bondage-enhancing Lilly receive her just desserts.  Of course, Lilly having her legs shaved was less a form of punishment than a form of pampering, and rich ladies paid for stuff like this to happen to them (only without the X-frame and gag, Elke assumed), but in Lilly's case it was completely involuntary... so there!

Lilly's armpits were next.  Mikki ruthlessly lathered and shaved Lilly's pits!  Both of them!  And still the prisoner-of-the-frame was stoic and nonchalant.  Elke was impressed (and a little disappointed).  The least she could do is squirm and make entertaining little gag-noises.

Depilating mission accomplished, Mikki wheeled the cart, basin, and shaving supplies back to the table, then emptied the basin in a convenient steel bucket resting on the floor.

Somebody thought of everything, Elke thought, meaning the presence of the convenient bucket, except for leaving something sharp lying around so I could free myself... or maybe they thought of that too and were careful not to leave something sharp lying around so I could free myself.  And trying to shave my way out of this box-tie would take forever.

"I'd like to give her a pretty Brazilian," Mikki stated, nodding back over her shoulder at Lilly, "but doin' that with just a razor would be a real pain."  Her smile turned mischievous.  "For both of us.  Anyway, if I had a pair of scissors I could clear-cut the margins to the proper shape, and then shave her, but I don't, so I can't."  She grinned at her BFF.  "I suppose I could use the smallest pair of forceps to pluck out her short-and-curlies, one at a time 'til she had a nice, narrow, vertical landing strip, but that would take forever.  Besides, there's a lot to be said for a nice bushy bush."  She returned the razor and can of shave cream to the table, placed the pump-bottle of moisturizing lotion on the shelf in their place, next to the damp hand towel draped over the empty basin, then smiled at Elke's pouting face while overtly leering at her BFF's dark-blond pubic thatch).  "Don't you agree?"

Elke couldn't help but blush (and did not stare at Mikki's ginger pubic thicket in retaliation).  "Mikki," she complained in a condemnatory whine.

Mikki chuckled and wheeled the cart and its ominous bottle of moisturizer back to the X-frame.  Her intent was clear.

Elke heaved a condemnatory sigh and padded in Mikki's wake.  Doesn't she know how much trouble she's making for herself? Elke wondered.  Doesn't she know that what goes around comes around?  I just hope I don't get roped into (pun intended) the aftermath of this debacle.

Arriving back at the scene of her depilating crime, Mikki gazed down at her naked, stretched, freshly shaved, and still nonchalant victim.  "How ya doin' there, Lil?" she inquired.  Her gloating smile was overtly saucy, enough so that Elke rolled her eyes in disgust.

Not waiting for an answer from Lilly (who, after all, was gagged) Mikki pumped a generous dollop of lotion onto her hands, rubbed them together, then began what might be called a moisturizing reconnaissance in force of Lilly's terrain.

Elke watched as her BFF ruthlessly (but gently) moisturized every square inch of Lilly's smooth, tan, stretched skin, except for the wide bands under her wrist and ankle-cuffs, those parts of her anatomy resting on the X-frame, and from the neck up.  Eventually... as Mikki had taken her time and been very thorough... Lilly glistened like...  Elke didn't know exactly what Lilly glistened like, but she definitely glistened.  Also the faint raspberry scent lingering from Lilly's Dire Depilation Distress had been overpowered by the lavender aroma of Lilly's Malevolent Moisturized Misery.

Elke sighed and shook her head.  Distress?  Misery?  Lilly was still stoic and uncaring.  She hadn't even reacted when Mikki moisturized her between the legs!  Not even the act of Mikki moisturizing her toes and the soles of her feet disturbed her naked, spreadeagled, and gagged calm!  She didn't even react when Mikki moisturized her boobs and nipples!  It was... impressive... as well as a little disappointing.  What was the fun of being forced to watch a moisturizing spectacle if the moisturee just lay there like a shapely, stoic lump?

Obviously very pleased with herself, Mikki wiped her hands with the towel, then rolled the towel and bottle of lotion back to the Table of Fun Supplies.  Smiling, she gazed at the items on the table.  "Hmm... what next."

Elke turned her back on the glistening, well-moisturized Lilly, padded to Mikki's side, and made another appeal to reason.  "This is nuts." she muttered.  "Abby and Donna are gonna kill you."

"You don't really believe that," Mikki purred, "do you?"  Her eyes were still on the table and its goodies.

"No, I don't," Elke admitted, "but they sure as hell won't be happy... and neither will you, dweeb."

Still smiling, Mikki indicated the wicked wealth arrayed on the table.  "Why do you suppose all of this stuff is here?  Why do you suppose Lilly is here?"

Elke sighed.  "Obviously—"

"Obviously Abby and Donna are playing a game," Mikki interrupted.

Elke blinked at her BFF for a handful of heartbeats.  "Not as stupid as you look," she conceded.

"They want to see how far I'll go," Mikki continued (ignoring Elke's "stupid" remark).  She returned to gazing at the table.  "You'll notice that all of these things are essentially harmless."  She plucked the vibrator from its recharging stand and clicked it on.  Buzzzzzzz...  It worked.  "I'm not sure I'll go this far," Mikki chuckled, turned off the vibrator, and returned it to the stand.  "She doesn't deserve any."

Elke blinked in surprise (see also distress).  "Deserve any what?"

"Orgasms," Mikki explained.  "She deserves to be punished for being a meanie.  Orgasms aren't punishment."

Elke continued blinking.  "That's been my experience," she agreed in a whisper.

Mikki chuckled, gave her blond BFF a quick kiss on the lips, then transferred the bowl of clothespins and the bowl of rubber bands to the cart.  "Gotta start somewhere," she purred as she rolled the cart back to the X-frame.  "Might as well start with her tits."

"T-tits?" Elke demanded, padding in Mikki's wake.

"T-tits," Mikki confirmed.

Legacy   Chapter 6

When the metaphorical dust settled, multiple rubber bands had been stretched around each of Lilly's breasts, causing them to bulge like taut, dark-pink balloons.   The balloons in question were pink, rather than purple, but they were definitely being squeezed.  Also, Lilly's tits were pinched by nine clothespins each, one vertical pin on each nipple and eight pins evenly arrayed in a staggered octagonal pattern between the nipple and the rubber bands!

The perpetrator of this foul deed was Mikki, of course, being the only occupant of the chamber not stretched on an X-frame or box-tied with hemp rope.  Guilty hands resting on her hips, the ginger-haired perpetrator smiled and admired her handiwork.  Obviously, she was disgustingly pleased with herself.

And Elke had had no choice but to watch as Mikki meticulously executed her foul, despicable agenda.  Granted, Elke could have turned her back and/or padded into one of the corners, but she didn't.  In her defense, she had tried to convince Mikki to return to the straight and narrow path of righteousness by frowning and pouting and muttering disparaging comments under her breath like "I hope you're proud of yourself" and "I see bad things in your future," all of which had no effect on her vicious and bad BFF.

Truth be told, Elke found some degree of satisfaction in watching Lilly get her just desserts, but propriety demanded she disapprove, so she did... or tried her best to disapprove.  She suspected Mikki knew her well enough that she wasn't fooled.  Also, how bad could it be having your tits squeezed and... clothespinned?  Is that a word?  Pinched, Elke decided.  'Pinched' is better.  'Clothespinned' is stupid.  Anyway, Lilly didn't seem to mind all that much.

Granted, Lilly had abandoned her nonchalance and was now staring daggers at Mikki, but she didn't seem to be in pain... much.  She had winced a little (if you looked closely) as Mikki perpetrated her dastardly, tit squeezing and flesh pinching atrocity; but for all the world she remained stoic... and angry.

Elke had to admit Lilly was quite a sight.  Stretched.  Glistening.  Gagged.  Angry.  Bulging and pinched pink tits.  Quite a sight.

"So... what should I do next?" Mikki pondered aloud.

"What you should do next is stop digging the hole deeper," Elke responded, "before you truly regret it."

Mikki regarded her BFF with disappointment.  "When did you become such a Debbie Downer," she demanded.

"Oh, gee, let me think," Elke muttered.  "When I developed a functioning brain?"

Mikki chuckled, then focused on the tube of Deep Heating Pain Relieving Rub resting on the table.  Her smile faded.  "How do you suppose it would feel if I used one of those paintbrushes to paint that goop on her tits and pussy?"

Elke's eyes widened.  "No!" she barked.

Mikki's smile returned.  "It would feel 'no?'  That's what you came up with with your functioning brain?"

Elke frowned at her BFF.  "No.  Don't do it.  Negatory.  No even a little.  No!"  She stamped her right bare foot for emphasis (even though repeated barefoot stomps hadn't worked so far).

Mikki lifted the tube of ointment and turned it in her hand.  "I bet it would be... interesting."

Elke rolled her eyes.  "Yeah," she muttered, "and it'll be really 'interesting' when Abby and Donna string you up by your thumbs."

Mikki's smile returned.  "Well then..."  She returned the tube of ointment to the table and plucked one of the white goose or swan feathers from its glass jar and twirled it between her thumb and forefinger.  "Guess I'll have to think of something else."

"Mikki!" Elke whined as Mikki turned and padded to the foot of the X-frame, still twirling the feather.  "Mikki!" Elke reiterated as Mikki locked eyes with Lilly and smiled, evilly.

"What?" Mikki demanded (still smiling).

"Stop," Elke huffed.  "Enough is enough."

"Enough?" Mikki purred.  "I don't think so.  Enough is never enough."  And with that, she began tickling the sole of Lilly's right foot!

Lilly's gagged expression instantly changed from smoldering anger to hysterical distress!  "Mrrrf!"  It was the first thing Lilly had "said" since the youngsters joined her in the chamber.

"Oh!" Mikki exclaimed, "look who's ticklish!"   She confirmed her diagnosis by sliding the feather between Lilly's wiggling toes.

Elke watched her BFF tickle-torture Lilly's right foot for a full minute before deciding to intervene.  (After all, the spreadeagled brunette was an evil villainess.)  "Stop!" she reiterated.

Surprisingly, Mikki did, in fact, stop.  "You're right," she chuckled, twirling the feather once again but not stroking Lilly's ticklish foot.  "By which I mean that's enough for her right foot."  She smiled sweetly, her brown eyes focused at her victim.  "Of course, there's still her left foot."  Twirl-twirl-twirl.  "As well as her left and right armpits, ribs, tummy, et cetera."  Her leering gaze shifted to Lilly's splayed crotch.  "Especially her et cetera."

Lilly had resumed glaring at her ginger-haired tormentor, but now Elke thought she also detected an element of fear in the villainess' gagged frown.  Also, her rubber-band-bulging and clothespin-decorated boobs heaved as she panted.  "You really shouldn't," Elke advised, continuing to stare at the rising and falling, bulging pink balloons and bobbing clothespins.

"Stop now?" Mikki demanded (with a smile), "when I've finally cracked the veneer of her evil resistance and can get down to serious vengeance taking?   Hah!"

And with that, Mikki and her Fearsome Feather of Titillating Torture went to work on Lilly's left foot!

Lilly's response was as might be expected.  "Mrrrrrrrrrf!  Mmphfff!  Nrrrrrrrrr!"  Et cetera.  She also tugged on her inescapable bonds.

Elke found it to be very... uh...  entertaining.  She wasn't proud of it, but the sight of Lilly's nude, restrained, gagged, writhing, mewling, and glistening body was entertaining.  So there.

Thunk!  Click!

Elke recognized the sound of the chamber door being unbolted and unlocked; however, Mikki was concentrating on tormenting Lilly's her foot, leering at her victim's writhing body and heaving tits (with their flopping decorations), and listening to Lilly's gagged protestations.  She appeared to have missed the telltale sounds.

The door swung open on silent hinges and Abby and Donna entered the chamber.  Both were dressed as when the youngsters had last seen them: sneakers, jeans, and white blouse in the case of Donna, and bare feet, Daisy Duke cutoffs, and white blouse in the case of Abby.

"Uh... Mikki?" Elke said quietly.

Mikki continued concentrating on tickle-torturing Lilly.

Lilly continued being tickle-tortured.

Elke padded a step closer and nudged her BFF with her hip.  "Mikki."

Mikki heaved an irritated sigh, stopped tickling Lilly's foot, then rounded on her box-tied BFF.  "What?"

Elke nodded towards the door.

Mikki turned her head and found Abby and Donna standing there with their arms crossed under their breasts and frowns on their beautiful faces.  "Oh...  Hi."  She dropped the feather and it fluttered to the concrete floor.  "Uh..."  She nodded at Lilly.  "See?  I'm doing what you want me to do."  Her eyes still on their elders, she made an awkward gesture towards the table.  "With the stuff... but not the bad stuff.  I'm not quite finished, of course."

Elke rolled her eyes.  Dweeb.

Donna stepped forward, took a firm grip on Mikki's left ear, and led (meaning dragged) her from the chamber.

"Ow!  Ow!  Ow!  Ow!  Ow!"  The sound of Mikki's litany faded into the distance.

"And as for you, young lady..." Abby growled, glowering at Elke.

Elke stared at Abby for several long seconds.  "Uh... I'm tied up," she observed, squirming in her box-tie-bonds to illustrate her point.

Abby's angry facade cracked and a smile emerged.  "Come with me," she chuckled.

"Uh, okay."  Elke padded to Abby's side, then through the door.

Abby smiled at Lilly, then stepped across the threshold and closed and locked the door.

Thunk!  Click!

Alone in the chamber, Lilly heaved an exasperated sigh.  Her rubber-band-bulging tits and their clothespin decorations bounced and flopped in agreement.

No doubt about it, the naked, gagged, and helpless prisoner-of-the-X-frame thought, my part in this brilliant plan SUCKS!

Legacy   Chapter 6

Donna's destination was a 10' x 15' chamber with three of its walls lined with metal lockers and cabinets.  She locked the door behind them and pointed to the center of the chamber.  "Stay," she ordered.

The order was for Mikki, of course, and the nude, abashed, ginger-haired youngster padded to the indicated spot and watched anxiously as Donna opened one of the lockers.  Her eyes widened as its contents were revealed.

The contents in question were an abundance of leather straps and panels, all tawny-brown leather with a subtly textured finish.  There were also metal buckles, rivets, D-rings, and larger O-rings, all with a dark-bronze finish.

"I had this set made for Abby," Donna announced, "but you're only a couple of inches shorter, so..."  She lifted a single-sleeve armbinder from a hook, turned, and smiled at Mikki.  "I'm sure it will all fit."

"Abby?" Mikki inquired.  Her eyes were locked on the approaching armbinder.

"The color scheme was carefully chosen to complement the complexion of a gorgeous redhead," Donna explained.  "It was expensive, but worth every penny as far as I'm concerned.  I've only been able to talk my beloved into modeling the get-up a few times, but I know you'll look fabulous in its embrace."

"Abby?" Mikki reiterated.  The armbinder closed by means of a hefty bronze-tone zipper.  "Oh!" she gasped as Donna spun her around, gathered her arms behind her back, and slid the conical sleeve up her arms.  Mikki placed her hands palm-to-palm in cooperation.  It seemed like the courteous thing to do, and after all, how often did one get an opportunity to wear an expensive, custom made, color-coordinated leather outfit?

Mikki shivered with dread and alarm (and not arousal) as the zipper closed—Ziiiiiiiiiip!—pressing her arms together from her fingertips to just above her elbows.  Palm-to-palm was now her hands only option, and her elbows actually touched.  In fact, they were pressed together, which pulled her shoulders back and caused her boobs to thrust outward.  This caused her nipples to point, which was thanks to basic physics, of course.  (Okay, there was a little arousal involved.)

Donna draped straps over Mikki's shoulders, crossed them over her chest, above her thrusting boobs, then passed them under her armpits and back to the rear, where she threaded and buckled them tight to the top of the binder.  She then buckled similar straps around Mikki's wrists and her upper arms, just above her elbows.  The wrist and elbow straps were redundant, of course.  The armbinder alone encased Mikki's fingers, hands, and arms and rendered them completely useless to their owner.
Celtic Knot Padlock
Next, Mikki heard four metallic clicks from behind her back.  Click!  Click!  Click!  Click!  "W-what was that?" she demanded.

"Padlocks," Donna announced.  Her no doubt smiling lips were inches from Mikki's right ear.  She reached around Mikki's right shoulder and held up a tiny padlock for her inspection.  It was the same dark-bronze as the rest of the hardware, and was decorated by a Celtic knot cast on its surface.  "There's one of these little beauties for each and every buckle," Donna purred.

Mikki stared at the mini-padlock with fascination.  Granted, it was only a little padlock, more or less a luggage lock, but it was pretty, and while the armbinder was already completely inescapable, the five padlocks allegedly identical to the one Donna was holding now rendered the binder doubly inescapable.  "Pretty," she said in a quiet whisper.

"Pretty," Donna chuckled.  "You're adorable, Mikki.  Adorable for someone who just spent the last hour torturing my little sister, that is.  Anyway, this one is for the fob of the binder's zipper."

The padlock disappeared behind Mikki's back—Click!—and she assumed was locked through the aforementioned fob.  She then watched with dread and alarm (and a soupçon of arousal) as Donna returned to the open locker and lifted a mass of rattling straps and tinkling buckles off a hook.

Donna sorted out the straps, revealing the mass to be a body harness.  Mikki had no direct experience with such "garments," but she strongly suspected that was about to change.  "It was only about a half hour, actually."

Donna raised a skeptical eyebrow (and imperfectly suppressed a smile).  "A half hour?"

"I shaved her legs, moisturized her body, and tickled her feet," Mikki explained.  "But only the tickling was actual 'torture,' per se, and that was only for half an hour.  All the other stuff was... pampering?"

Donna stared evenly at Mikki.  "What you did to Lilly's breasts was pampering?"

Mikki had the good grace to blush and lower her gaze to the concrete floor.  "Uh, okay.  Ya got me there."

Donna shook her head and lost her battle not to smile.  She settled the harness over Mikki's shoulders and started arranging, tightening, and buckling its component straps.

The harness incorporated a bronze ring that now rested just above Mikki's breasts.  Two diagonal, shoulder-yoking straps converged on the ring, a pair of horizontal straps pinned her upper arms to her sides, and a fifth, short vertical strap connected the first ring to a second ring just below her breasts.  The second ring, in turn, had a vertical strap that connected it to a third ring centered directly over Mikki's bellybutton.  Like the first, the second and third rings had horizontal straps that further pinned her arms, and the third ring had a third, much longer vertical strap, the end of which, at the moment, dangled between Mikki's knees. 

None of the harness straps attached to the three rings were adjustable in the front.  All the adjusting and buckling was happening behind Mikki's back.  And whatever was happening back there, the armbinder was involved.  That is, Mikki surmised the armbinder was involved.  Apparently, there were slots or sleeves or something that secured the harness to the binder as the straps tightened around her upper body and trapped arms.  "Oh!  Hey!  Donna!" Mikki complained (whined).

"Hush, naughty girl," Donna chuckled.  Click!  Click!  Click!  Three more padlocks clicked closed, apparently locking the buckles of the harness' horizontal straps.

"Donna!" complained, yet again.  "This is tight!"  And it was.  Mikki might as well not have arms!  Granted, what she could see of the harness was very stylish and did complement Mikki's fair, smooth, exquisite complexion, but it was tight!

Donna embraced Mikki from behind and whispered in her right ear.  "I told you to hush.  And stop being so adorable.  How can I punish you if you're going to be adorable?"

Despite everything that was happening, a smile curled Mikki's lips.  "I can't help it," she said quietly, squirming weakly in Donna's warm grip.  Her heart was pounding... and she knew Donna could probably tell.  Also, Donna's breasts were pressing against her leather encased arms and harnessed back, and they felt good.  Also, Donna smelled nice.

"It was Lilly's fault," Mikki said quietly.  Her heart was still pounding, and her breasts were heaving, just a little.

"Lilly's fault?" Mikki purred.

"Lilly was so damn cute all stretched out and sweaty and and cute like that," Mikki pouted.  "What was I supposed to do?"

Donna chuckled.  "What indeed, but earn yourself some serious punishment."

Mikki bit her lower lip.  "What kind of punishment?"

"I told you to hush," Donna chuckled, then reached between Mikki's legs, lifted the single remaining dangling strap, pulled it between Mikki's legs, and threaded it through a buckle somewhere behind her back.  And then—

"Eeep!" Mikki bleated

—Donna used one hand to insure the strap was properly positioned, pulled out all the slack, then secured the buckle.  The strap now cleaved Mikki's labia and butt cheeks, and to ensure the supple leather properly cleaved her pussy, Donna had been "required" her to intimately handle Mikki's labia!  The sensation had been remarkable.  A delicate shiver rippled through the anatomy in question while the leather found its new home.  Mikki supposed that was inevitable.  Also, she noted the absence of a click!  The crotch strap was not padlocked.

"That's tight," Mikki whined.

"You just will not be quiet, you naughty girl," Donna purred, then released her embrace, strolled to the open locker, and returned with a leather hood.  "I can help you with that."

Gwen hood! Mikki's eyes widened.  She recognized the model.  It was a "Gwen hood," invented (as far as she knew) by the late, great John Willie, whose real name was John Couttes.  The leather was the same color and texture as the rest of her costume, and the buckles were the same dark bronze, and it was a real Gwen hood, just like the one Fifi the maid had used to silence Sweet Gwendoline in Gwendoline and the Missing Princess.  [The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline.]

"Donna!" Mikki whined, but her expression was one of fascination, not horror.  This was the genuine article!  It not only had the oval-shaped opening in the front that would leave only her nose, eyes, and forehead exposed, but had the authentic chin-cupping strap that would cover her lower face and buckle at the crown of her head, and a second strap that would tighten across her mouth and buckle at the nape of her neck!

And then—"Mrrrf!"—Donna crammed a rather large ball of mint-green, medium density foam into Mikki's mouth.  It was more or less a Nerf ball, and was large enough to fill her oral cavity to capacity but soft enough for her to close her jaws and bite down until her lips met.

"If you spit that out," Donna warned, "you'll get a spanking.  Now, hold still."

Mikki didn't spit out the Nerf ball and she did hold still.  She didn't want a spanking.

Donna proceeded to pull the hood over Mikki's head, adjust her ginger ponytail so it draped down her back, adjusted the zipper's gusset to protect said hair, then zipped the hood closed.  It hugged Mikki's head like a latex swimming cap.  She tightened the chin-strap/mouth-panel and secured its buckle, then did the same for the across-the-mouth strap.  Mikki was now hooded and gagged, very effectively gagged.


Yes, very effectively gagged.

Donna closed the locker, strolled to the chamber door, swung it open, and smiled at her naked prisoner.  "Let's find you someplace comfortable where you can wait for your punishment, shall we?"

Uh... Mikki thought, if it's all the same to you...

Donna's smile turned rather sinister.  "There's a nipple-clamp-leash in another locker," she announced.  "Do you want me to fetch it?

Mikki's eyes popped wide and she shook her head, rather frantically.  "Nrrr!"

"Then come," Donna ordered, then stepped across the threshold and headed down the hallway.

Mikki padded in her wake.  All things considered, she had very little choice.

Legacy   Chapter 6


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