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Chapter 7

Dramatis Personæ

The minutes of the "rest period" Dr. B had promised her prisoners crawled by.

Charlie squirmed and tested the ropes lashing her crossed wrists behind her back in a tight box-tie and binding her naked body from shoulders to big toes.  The conditioned hemp bands dimpled her slightly sweaty skin, but the ropes lashing her to the oversize easy chair allowed significant slack, letting her thrash, kick, and twist her helpless body, if she so desired, but not allowing her to leave the confines of the soft cushions.  In any case, her struggles were nervous comfort movements.  Charlie already knew that escape was impossible.

Adele also struggled, tugging on her wrist and ankle cuffs, but her bonds allowed almost no wiggle room.  Supported by the saddle of Dr. B's insidious machine, arms raised and legs straight and widely splayed to either side, the taut chains and cable swayed, ever so slightly, when she tried to move, but the suspension-style wrist cuffs and wide, well-padded ankle cuffs were as inescapable as Charlie's ropes.  At the moment, the phallus in the saddle was retracted, penetrating her pussy only by about an inch, and the knob and bristle-covered pads under her labia weren't vibrating... but for how long?

Charlie's lips were sealed by a strip of Elastoplast tape covering her lower face from just under her nose to the point of her chin and from ear to ear.  Adele could clearly see the three-dimensional outline on her costar's mouth.  Adele was gagged by a red rubber ball that filled her famously large mouth to capacity.  Its attached black leather strap was tight enough to make Adele's cheeks bulge, but the gag didn't plug her mouth tightly enough to prevent drool from escaping from the corners and dropping onto her upper chest.  There, the saliva commingled with the sweat shining on her smooth, pale skin.

In any case, comparing notes, formulating escape plans, or Charlie revealing to Adele that Dr. B had promised they would be released unharmed, wasn't going to happen.

And then, the wait ended.

The captives heard a metallic ping sound from somewhere under the saddle, followed by a slowly building whine... like a spinning shaft coming up to speed.  And then, the pads began to vibrate, ever so slightly, as did the tip of the phallus.  Charlie could see none of this, of course, but Adele could certainly feel it, and her wide-eyed reaction and renewed struggles telegraphed that something was happening.

Adele continued tugging on her bonds, and was now visibly shivering.  She began panting through her gag, her nostrils flaring and breasts heaving as much as her stretched condition would allow.  Her nipples were flushed and hard, and her thigh muscles quivered, what Charlie could see of them, anyway.  The pads were now throbbing, singly and in combination, and slowly building in intensity... and the phallus was now vibrating as well... and it began to oscillate and rotate, ever so slightly.

All Charlie could do was watch, of course.  She continued her own pointless struggles against her rope bonds, but noticed Adele's encumbered movements were becoming more rhythmical and less random... or maybe it was Charlie's imagination.

The stimulation continued.  At some point, the phallus began slowly thrusting in and out of Adele's pussy, never leaving it completely, and never stretching her enough to cause pain.  And the pads continued vibrating in a complex and semi-random manner.  And the phallus was thrusting, spinning, and oscillating—and gathering speed.  Everything was gathering speed.  And Adele's panting now had a well-muffled vocal component.


Charlie was horrified.  Granted, even Adele would agree that riding Dr. B's saddle was better than being flogged by Suki, but it was... horrible.  Yes, Charlie decided to go with horrible.  It certainly wasn't erotic.  Well, technically, it was erotic, but it was a violation—a horrible, involuntary violation!  And the sight of Adele's naked, quivering, squirming, panting, helplessly bound, naked body atop Dr. B's machine was an outrage!  And all Charlie could do was watch!  Horrible!

Slowly, inexorably, the machine's program built to its inevitable climax... and what a climax!

There was no way to be sure, but Charlie strongly suspected Adele was experiencing a multiple orgasm.  Despite her stringent bondage, she was putting on quite a show, and it was going on for quite some time.  Adele would know, of course, whether the orgasm had been multiple, and Charlie could ask her after they were released.  She was sure she'd remember.  She was very sure she'd remember, and so would Adele.

Anyway, the machine was once again quiet, and Adele was sweating and panting and recovering from her ordeal.  How long had it taken for Dr. B's evil device to bring her to orgasm?  Charlie wasn't sure of that, either, but it had to have been... several minutes?

Charlie gazed at her helpless, shining, drooling, and weakly struggling costar.  Another rest period, she realized, and then the program will continue.  Charlie relaxed in her bonds, or tried to relax.  All they could do was wait... and worry.

Chapter 7

Hours later, Charlie was exhausted.  Helpless in her rope bonds, squirming in the comfort of the oversize easy-chair, she'd been an involuntary witness to Adele being alternately teased and frustrated by the saddle-machine and brought to crashing orgasm after crashing orgasm.  Granted, towards the end, after several unpredictably spaced random bouts of "entertainment," Adele's reactions had been somewhat subdued, but she had reacted, right up to the very end... which was something like an hour ago.  Anyway, Charlie desperately hoped it was the end, that it wasn't just an unusually long rest period.

As for Adele... she appeared to be only semiconscious... or maybe she was dozing.  Charlie certainly couldn't blame her is she'd decided to take a nap.

Charlie could use a nap herself, but refused to "abandon" her friend by retreating into dreamland.  It was irrational, as Charlie could do nothing to help Adele.  She might as well try and get some sleep.  But Charlie hadn't been the one being erotically tortured for hours and hours.  That had been Adele!  Somehow, it felt selfish to Charlie to think of her own needs and not "keep watch" over her friend.

Suddenly, the sound of the door being unlocked and the bolt sliding back roused Charlie from her semiconscious stupor.  Adele remained in an uncaring daze.

The door opened and Dr. B and Suki entered the chamber.  They were still wearing their exercise clothes, but now the leotards and tights were sweat-stained and their skins glowed.  They weren't dripping with perspiration like Adele, but they appeared to have just come from vigorous workouts of some sort.

Charlie was ignored as the kidnappers lowered Adele's arms, released the suspension cuffs from the cable and locked her wrists behind her back, then unchained her ankles and lifted her off the saddle.  Suki clipped Adele's ankle cuffs together, then Dr. B lifted her onto her right shoulder in a fireman's carry, the same manner in which Charlie had been transported to the chamber.

"Mrrf?"  Charlie was ignored completely, and soon the door was closed, locked, and bolted, Dr. B, Suki, and Adele were gone, and Charlie was alone.  She heaved a sigh and stared at the now vacant saddle.  The phallus was in the retracted position, the way it had been when Suki wheeled the monstrous machine into the chamber.  It glistened with clear fluid, and Charlie doubted whether much, if any, of the glistening film was the lubricant Suki had painted on the shaft and pads.  The saddle was very much in need of a good cleaning.

Charlie closed her eyes.  Now she had no excuse not to try and sleep.  Adele was gone, no longer present and in need of her moral support.  Charlie was still anxious for her friend, and worried about what might be happening to her right now, but she wasn't here... and Charlie could rest... and she did.

Chapter 7

Charlie awoke to find Suki untying the rope lashing her to the easy-chair.  She hadn't awakened when her kidnappers entered the chamber, but she was awake now—and she really became awake when Suki grabbed hold of her ponytail to steady her head and Dr. B inserted a compacted foam plug into her left ear.  "Mrrrpfh!"  She kicked, squirmed, mewled through her tape-gag, and rolled her eyes, but couldn't prevent a second plug from being inserted into her right ear.  Nor could she prevent Dr. B from pulling a black leather hood over her head!

The hood laced up the back and incorporated an opening for Charlie's ponytail.  There were breathing holes over her nostrils and generous openings for her eyes and mouth, and when the hood was only partly laced and the lower half of the hood was still loose, Dr. B peeled the tape from Charlie's lips—"Ah!  Let me g—Mrrrpf!"—and stuffed a foam ball into her mouth.  Charlie continued squirming, kicking, and mewling as Suki resumed tightening the laces.  Dr. B had assumed the head control duty, gripping Charlie's ponytail with one hand clamping her mouth with the other.

Charlie locked eyes with Dr. B and stared daggers—sad, pathetic daggers.

The lacing complete, Suki began stretching and buckling various flaps and straps across and around Charlie's face and head.  When that process was complete, Charlie's already plugged ears were covered by the leather of the hood and a pair of padded earmuffs, her eyes were covered by a padded blindfold, a wide, rather stiff collar was buckled around her neck, and ancillary straps encircled her head in what seemed every direction, tying everything together.  In short, her entire head was covered in black leather and Charlie could neither see, hear, nor speak.

And then, she was lifted onto a shoulder—she assumed it was Dr. B's shoulder—and carried from the chamber.  Charlie continued struggling, but stopped after a stinging slap was delivered to her left butt-cheek.

Chapter 7

Over the course of the next several hours, Charlie's time-sense became increasingly unreliable.  She was placed on a flat, padded surface, possibly a mattress, and abandoned in her hooded isolation and inescapable bondage for long periods; however, there were interruptions, some welcome, and some not so much.


The hood's gag-strap was unbuckled, the foam ball plucked from Charlie's mouth, and a glass of cool water was held to her lips.  Charlie drank.  In fact, she drained the entire contents of the glass.  Then, before she could sputter yet another demand to be set free, the ball was back in her mouth and the gag-strap buckled tightly at the nape of her neck.


Sometime later, Charlie's legs were untied, she was helped to her feet, and bent over some sort of padded bar, stomach down.  A strap tightened across her waist to keep her there, then, a probe or plug was inserted into her anus!  It's an enema! she realized.  They're giving me an enema!  Cool liquid flooded into Charlie's body until she felt very full, then, she was left in the same bent-over position for several very long minutes.  Finally, the strap was released and she lifted off the bar and positioned over what felt like a commode.  The probe-plug was removed, and she was finally able to purge the liquid.  Wet washcloths cleaned her up, and she was returned to the mattress (if it was a mattress), and her ankles crossed and tied together.  The experience, the first enema of her life, had been distressing and humiliating, to say the least, and she was very glad when it was over.


More time passed...  Then, Charlie was lifted from the mattress and plunked into a well-padded chair.  It might have been another easy-chair, but it wasn't as big as the one in the chamber where Adele was flogged and "entertained" by the saddle-machine.  A strap tightened across her stomach to keep her in place, then the gag-strap was removed, again, and the foam ball was plucked from her mouth.

"Who's there?" Charlie demanded.  "Let me go.  Let Adele go.  Please."  She squirmed against the box-tie pinning her arms at her sides and her hands behind her back.  "Please."  Her voice echoed through her head.  If there was a reply, she couldn't hear it.  She could hear nothing.

She flinched when something nudged her lips.  It was a spoon, a spoon laden with some sort of soup, some sort of delicious soup.  Charlie hadn't realized how hungry she'd become.  The exact variety evaded her palate, but the soup was good, savory, salty, and an interesting mix of flavors.

Soup was followed by a mixed salad with vinaigrette, then some sort of meat, possibly pork, in a savory gravy, interspersed with roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli.  Also on the menu was a red wine. Finally, there was some sort of pudding or trifle for dessert.  Pleasantly full but not stuffed, Charlie felt a wet cloth clean her mouth.

"Please, can we talk?" Charlie asked her unknown handler.  She suspected it was Dr. B, but it could be Suki.  "What are you doing to Adele?  Please take care of her.  Please?  Mrrk!"  The foam ball was back in her mouth and the gag-strap tightening at the nape of her neck.  Then, she was released from the chair and returned to the mattress.


An hour passed... possibly two.

Charlie's time-sense was increasingly unreliable.  The helmet hugged her head like a glove.  Intellectually, she appreciated that it was the cause of her growing sense of isolation, but her mind began to alternately race and drift in fitful slumber.  She would flinch and snap to full attention—with nothing to occupy her attention, except her tight bonds, aching muscles, and the soft mattress under her naked body.

At times she thought she could hear distant sounds... or whispering voices... but decided they were in her head.  She also saw flashes of light, or rather remembered having just seen flashes of light, without actually seeing anything.  Again, she decided, it was in her head... her leather encased head.

Suddenly—"Mrrpfh!"—a hand cupped her right breast and gently squeezed.  And she was sure the hand was not in her head.  And neither was the hand gliding along her left hip, or the warm, naked body pressing against her side, or the lips and tongue toying with her left nipple!  "Mrrrf!"  Obviously, someone was in bed with her, and was doing her best to make love to her!  And it was a her.  She had breasts.  Was it Dr. B?  Was it Suki?  There was no way to know.  There was no clue, nothing tactile and no musk or perfume that couldn't belong to either kidnapper.

Or is it Adele? Charlie wondered, then chided herself for the very thought.  Why would Adele be the one caressing her helpless body, teasing her breasts, kissing her neck, nudging her crotch with her hand, or sliding a leg between her ankle-bound legs to prevent her from clamping her thighs together?  That was crazy!  The hood was messing with her mind.

In any case, Charlie's sight and hearing deprived consciousness was increasing occupied by what her anonymous lover was doing to her.  Her entire world was becoming the hands, skin, lips and tongue sliding against and over various parts of her helpless body.  Whoever she was, she was good, and experienced.  And she was playing Charlie's body like a musical instrument... a sweaty, writhing, mewling musical instrument.

Charlie's pussy was being frigged by her lover's strong fingers.  Dr. B! Charlie decided.  It's Dr. B!  It could have been Suki, but she decided it was Dr. B.  The frigging continued, and slowly, inexorably, Charlie felt an orgasm approach... but it was taking a very long time to arrive.  Her lover kept backing off... then increasing the tempo... then backing off, again.  But finally, Charlie was allowed to cum, and Charlie knew it was only because her lover wanted it so, and the orgasm was a humdinger!

Panting and sweating, Charlie relaxed against her lover's firm, strong body, squirming weakly in her bonds as the hand continued slowly, lightly stroking her labia, prolonging the afterglow.  Charlie had almost passed out at the moment of climax.  She'd almost swooned as the wave of pure pleasure finally crested and broke, but she was still conscious... for the moment.  Seconds turned into a minute... and she drifted off... with the hand still gently caressing her pussy.


Charlie awakened, still bound and hooded, to find a pair of lips and a warm, wet tongue kissing and probing her pussy.  Charlie's crossed ankles were resting on her anonymous lover's back, with her thighs being held apart by her lover's forearms arms and fingers parting her labia.  "Mmmmmmf."  It was less a protest on Charlie's part than an involuntary gagged sigh.  She shivered and squirmed and tried her best to resist, both by attempting to close her legs and by trying to ignore what was happening to her pussy.  Both efforts were a miserable failure.  Her lover was too strong... and too skilled.

Again, it took a very long time for the orgasm to arrive.  Charlie became convinced her lover was torturing her with frustration, keeping her on the edge.  It was torture, the sweetest, most wonderful of tortures, and it went on and on and...  Finally, Charlie climaxed, again, and this time she did pass out.

Chapter 7

Charlie opened her eyes... but there was nothing to see.

The hood was gone from her head... but there was nothing to see.

Good news: her head was no longer encased in leather.  Bad news: she was in total darkness.

There was more good news tempered by bad.  The hated rope box-tie was gone, as were the ankle ropes; however, conditioned hemp had been replaced by tight leather straps and cuffs.  Also, the placement of the straps and the position of Charlie's body were very familiar.  She was back in the inescapable and humiliating embrace of Dr. B's minimalistic gynecological examining table!  Either that, or she was strapped to the table-framework's twin.

Charlie was still naked, of course, and once again a strip of tape sealed her mouth.  She fought the straps and and tried to flex her limbs and twist her body.  Flat on her back, arms raised with elbows bent and wrists to either side of her tape-gagged and frame-supported head—legs splayed, knees bent, and strapped in the framework's leg troughs—torso strapped at the waist and above and below her breasts—crotch lewdly exposed—it was definitely the same framework and the same pose.

Charlie heaved a gagged sigh and relaxed in her bonds.  What else could she do?  There was nothing for it but to try and get some more rest... so Charlie closed her eyes... and eventually returned to dreamland.

And dream Charlie did, and the dreams were both vivid and erotic.

In one dream, poor Adele was naked and suspended by her wrists, again, and she was being flogged.  However, this time it was Charlie wielding the multi-tailed whip!  She was dressed it what should have been Adele's Tattoine Nights costume: black, skintight Imperial officer's uniform, with knee-boots, and Dr. B and Suki were also present, and also in uniform.  They were laughing and encouraging Charlie to punish Adele's pale, sweaty, stretched and helpless body.  And Charlie was enjoying herself.  And Adele was not.  And Charlie continued lashing Adele.  And then she tossed the flogger away, embraced Adele from behind, and began running her gloved hands over her friend's distressed, squirming, utterly helpless body.  This too went on and on... until finally... Adele writhed in orgasm.  And Charlie was also cumming!  And Dr. B and Suki watched and laughed!

In another dream, Charlie was binding Adele's naked, writhing body with rope, the same conditioned hemp rope Dr. B had used to bind her.  Adele was already helpless to the point that her struggles were completely futile.  Something substantial was stuffed in Adele's mouth, and she was gagged with a narrowly-folded silk scarf, one of Charlie's favorites.  Adele stared daggers at Charlie as loop after doubled-loop of hemp slithered and tightened, making her more and more helpless.  Charlie had no idea how she's suddenly gained Dr. B's skill with ropes and gags, but she had!  She tied the final knot, then rolled Adele onto her back and bound arms and began frigging her captive's pussy.  Adele's legs were folded back with her thighs lashed to her ankles, and try as she might, the cunningly placed ropes prevented her from closing her thighs.  Charlie grinned wickedly as one hand entertained her costar's pussy and the other toyed with her nipples.  It was delicious being cruel and evil.  Charlie had turned to the Dark Side, and she didn't care!  Off to the side, Dr. B and Suki were naked, bound, and gagged, lashed into a pair of straight-back chairs from Charlie's dining set.  They watched Charlie pleasure Adele with gagged respect and approval, knowing they would be Charlie's next "victims."

In yet another dream, this time Adele was in charge, and she had Charlie tied to a bed, and was pleasuring her!  Then, Dr. B and Suki joined Adele, and all three ran their hands over Charlie's naked form, and squeezed her breasts, and teased her nipples, and kissed her lips, and neck, and thighs, and pussy, and it was wonderful!

Alone in the dark, alone and unseen, Charlie wiggled and squirmed in the leather restraints of Dr. B's table-framework... and dreamed.


Chapter 7

Chapter 6

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