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Chapter 8

Dramatis Personæ

The lights in the chamber winked on and Charlie flinched and shut her eyes, but quickly opened them, blinking as they became accustomed to the light.  She's been awakened in total darkness by the sound of the steel door being unlocked and unbolted.

Suki was striding into the chamber, smiling her usual wicked, cheek-dimpling smile.  The Evil Goth was dressed in boots, jeans with a wide, studded belt with a buckle in the shape of a smiling happy-face, and a net tank-top over a lacy chemise-top.  The leather was black, as were all the fabrics.  The metal elements were shining chrome-steel.

"Good morning, Sunshine!" Suki gushed.

Charlie could now visually verify that she was, indeed, strapped to the same table-frame as before.  It was unnecessary, but confirmation had been provided by the glaring light.  Equally expected, she was in the same chamber, with the same, concrete floor, ceiling, and walls and lined with the same stainless steel cabinets.  Charlie glared at Suki as she stepped past Charlie and her frame, opened a cabinet, and returned with a steel bedpan.

"Mrrrk?"  Charlie didn't know why she'd tried forcing an inquiry past the strip of Elastoplast tape plastered over her lips, but she had.  She also craned her neck and tried to follow what Suki was doing with the pan, but couldn't really see anything.  Her leather-bound body was in the way.  Her only clue that something was happening was a metallic snap somewhere under her lewdly splayed crotch.

Apparently, the table-frame came with the required clamps or slots to hold the bedpan in the appropriate position for use.  This was confirmed when a series of vibrations shuddered through the frame, gears turned, and the entire contraption canted forward until Charlie was in a sitting, or what might better be called a squatting, position.  At the same time, the leg-troughs spread even further apart until Charlie was in a near split!  It was the optimal pose for emptying her bladder without making a mess, but it was very humiliating to be so helpless and exposed, especially under the smiling, gloating gaze of her junior kidnapper.

"Well?" Suki said after several seconds.  "Would the sound of running water help?  I can open the tap in the sink over in the corner."  Her smile became even more evil.  "Or would you like me to fetch a rod-vibrator—I call it my 'Hermione Wand'—and nudge you in your 'P-spot?'  That's the anatomical point where just the right amount of stimulation will encourage your bladder-sphincter to relax."  She strolled back towards the cabinet, then paused at the sound of fluid tinkling into the bedpan.  Charlie was relieving herself.  "Good girl," Suki giggled as she returned.

Charlie blushed in embarrassment.  She didn't really know why, not in light of all that had happened in the last several hours, but she blushed, nonetheless.  I hate you, Charlie thought, staring at her gloating kidnapper's smiling pixie face.

Mission accomplished, Suki emptied and rinsed the bedpan in the sink, which was somewhere against the wall and behind Charlie's head, the reason she hadn't noticed it before.  Suki returned with a damp washcloth and gave Charlie's crotch a gentle but thorough cleansing.  This did nothing to ease Charlie's embarrassment and she continued staring and blushing.

Suki returned the washcloth to the sink and Charlie heard the water running.  Suki then strolled back with a small beaker in her right hand, peeled the tape from Charlie's lips, held the beaker so Charlie could drink—and she did.  It was about a cup of cool water, and she drank every drop.

"What's happening to Adele?" Charlie demanded as Suki carried the beaker to the sink.

"Not your concern, Twinkle-toes," Suki purred.  She was back at the frame and returning Charlie's frown with another smile.  The Evil Goth held up a ball-gag for Charlie's inspection, or perhaps the contraption might better be described as a plug-gag.  "This is Dr. B's very own design," Suki explained, slowly turning the gag's black rubber, mouth-filling plug so Charlie could examine every aspect.  "Note the slots at the top and bottom for the teeth.  Also, the hollow design and ovoid shape.  The little openings allow the damsel to breath through her mouth, even pant, if she so desires."

Charlie stared at the hollow, well-ventilated, egg-shaped rubber glob in wide-eyed horror.  It's too big, she thought, too big to fit in my mouth!

Suki pulled a pair of medical forceps from her hip pocket, fit the open tips into a pair of slots in the front of the gag, then ratcheted the forceps closed.  Somehow, this caused the plug to collapse to half its former diameter.  "It's designed to be used in conjunction with a dental retractor, so it can be inserted into the gaping mouth of a reluctant damsel.  But you aren't going to give Suki any trouble, are you?"

"Bite me," Charlie muttered through clenched teeth.

Suki's smile never wavered.  "I have dental retractors in a cabinet, and some of them are really nasty.  But I won't need one, because I'll punish Big Mouth if you resist, and you certainly don't want that, do you?  I'll let you guess how I'll make her suffer, but it won't be fun."

Charlie stared at her grinning kidnapper for several seconds.  She wasn't about to give Suki an excuse to punish Adele.  "Bitch," she said finally, then opened her mouth.

"There's my good girl," Suki giggled as she slid the plug into Charlie's gaping mouth, buckled the strap at the nape of her neck, then released the forceps.

"Mrrrk!"  Charlie's eyes popped wide as the plug returned to its full dimensions.  It filled her mouth completely, but she found she could, indeed, breathe through her mouth, as Suki had promised.  "Mrrpfh!"  It wasn't a very effective gag.  She found she could make a lot of noise, but anything resembling articulate speech was totally impossible.  And as for expelling the rubber intruder from her mouth?  Even without the strap, Charlie could tell that would be impossible.

"No breakfast for you, I'm afraid," Suki announced, then flipped a switch somewhere behind Charlie's head and the framework dropped back to its former position.  Once again, Charlie was semi-reclined.  Her legs weren't quite as widely spread, but her crotch was still lewdly exposed and she remained utterly helpless.

Charlie squirmed, giving her bonds a perfunctory test, then glared at Suki as the Goth sauntered to the door and crossed the threshold.

"Ta-ta for now!" Suki said brightly, wiggling the fingers of her right hand in a mocking wave, then closed the door with a clang.

Charlie heard the bolt slam and the lock turn, then heaved a gagged sigh.  What next? she wondered.

Chapter 8

Charlie waited patiently for one or both of her kidnappers to return.  She waited for something like an hour.  This gave Charlie plenty of time to worry about what they were going to do to her.  Would it be another flogging, this time with Charlie as the stretched and hanging recipient, followed by a ride on the saddle-machine?  Would it be a repeat of Adele's ordeal?

The interval also gave Charlie's lower jaw time to file a formal grievance with her brain.  It did not appreciate being held at something approaching full stretch for such an extended period.  Charlie had to admit that Dr. B's custom breather-plug-gag was a cunning design.  The fully extended plug filled her mouth and trapped her tongue, and she was sure her bulging cheeks were making her look like a chipmunk hoarding peanuts, but it was a flattened oval and not a sphere.  She suspected a sphere would probably have been much worse.  Her jaw, however, was in no way reassured and complained nonetheless.

Finally, the wait was over.

Charlie heard the door being unbolted and unlocked.  Then it opened, and Dr. B crossed the threshold, pushing a wheelchair with the usual pair of large, wire-spoke wheels and second pair of much smaller wheels in front.  Its frame was tubular steel, and the seat and back were canvas.  The chair was typical in most ways; however, it had no armrests and was narrow, barely wide enough to accommodate its occupant's hips.

And the occupant in question was Adele.  She was naked—still naked—and seated in the chair in the conventional manner.  Her legs were together and her arms raised, bent back over a padded bar behind her head, and her wrists lashed together and to the back of the frame.  Her bindings were the now ubiquitous conditioned hemp rope, and neat, multiple bands were looped, hitched, and cinched around the chair and her ankles, above and below her knees, around her thighs, waist, chest, above and below her breasts, and her upper arms, to either side of her head.  Her long, tousled hair was loose and framed her ball- and tape-gagged face.

As Dr. B pushed Adele and the chair to the far side of Charlie and the table-frame, it afforded Charlie a chance to see virtually all aspects of Adele's bondage.  In addition to the tight, symmetrical, and redundant hemp rope, her fingers and hands were encased in canvas mitts, and steel rings at the tip of each were lashed to the back of the chair, like her wrists.  Adele's hands were as helpless as the rest of her, not that her fingers would have been able to reach any knots, even without the tautly stretched canvas sheathes.

Dr. B positioned Adele slightly to the left of Charlie's splayed crotch and the captives locked eyes and shared a moment of mutual commiseration.  Charlie suspected Adele's ball-gag was the same large model she'd worn yesterday, and very much hoped her friend hadn't been wearing it all this time.  The tape over Adele's already gagged mouth was the same wide Elastoplast their kidnappers had twice used to gag Charlie.

As if reading Charlie's thoughts, Dr. B smiled and traced the outline of Adele's mouth with her right index finger.  "No, Twinkle-toes, Adele did not wear the ball-gag all night.  Her lips were taped, like yours."  She lowered her hand to squeeze Adele's left breast.  The chair-bound captive tried to squirm and dislodge her kidnapper's clutching hand, but her efforts didn't even come close to achieving that goal.  "I just wanted Big Mouth to be nice and quiet this morning, so we can all appreciate your extended aria," Dr. B added.

Charlie frowned in confusion.  'My extended aria?' What the hell does that mean?

Dr. B was wearing a white lab coat, and as far as Charlie could tell, nothing else.  The top three buttons were unfastened and the smiling kidnapper was showing a lot of cleavage, with no sign of a bra.

Suki's costume was unchanged, and the grinning Evil Pixie was wheeling a steel lab cart to Charlie's right side.

Charlie's eyes were still on Adele, but when she noticed her fellow captive gaze at the cart and her eyes widen in alarm, Charlie turned her head—and her own eyes popped wide in horror.  "Nrrk?"

On the the cart were an array of steel instruments, including forceps, tweezers, blunt probes of various size and shape, and what appeared to be a wheel of needle-sharp spurs that spun on a steel handle.  There were also several vibrators, with various attachments, and a neatly fanned array of feathers and quills!

Charlie's heart was now pounding and her leather strap-framed breasts heaving as she panted through her breathable gag.

Adele's gaze was now directed at Dr. B, and to say that she was staring daggers would be both a cliché and an understatement.

"Now, now, Adele," Dr. B chuckled.  "Don't be selfish.  You got to play yesterday.  Today it's Charlie's turn."

Charlie's desperate gaze darted from Adele, to Dr. B, to Suki, then back to Adele.  All the while she tugged on her bonds and twisted her helpless, naked, vulnerable body.  "Nrrr!"  Nooo!  It was unthinkable.  The vast majority of Charlie's skin was exposed and totally vulnerable.  The feathers!  Nooo!

Dr. B pulled a padded stool close to Charlie and next to the cart, smiled at Charlie's frantically shaking head, then selected a long, stiff quill from the cart.  "Tell me, Charlie," she purred as she slowly spun the quill between her fingers and thumb, "are you ticklish?"

Chapter 8

Charlie's skin was flushed and glistening with sweat.  She was panting through her gag and her breasts were heaving.  That is, she was still panting and her breasts were still heaving.

At the moment, Dr. B was granting her a respite from the titillating, teasing caresses of the feathers and probes.  This was the third such rest period in the last... hour?  Truth be told, Charlie had no idea how much time had elapsed since the first stroke of the first quill had caressed her right breast.  To the extent her gag would allow, Charlie had giggled and squealed as slowly, methodically, smiling her cruel, beautiful smile, Dr. B tickled both of Charlie's breasts, her armpits, her ribs on both sides, her tummy, thighs, and her feet.  The stiff quill was followed by a fluffy feather—which was particularly effective on her nipples and toes—followed by a blunt-tipped probe—which was just the thing for lightly tormenting the soles of her feet.

Suki had been kind during the rest periods, when the only sounds in the chamber were the creaking of the frame's straps as Charlie weakly squirmed in her bonds, and the gagged rebukes Adele directed at Dr B on her behalf.  That is, the grinning Goth eased the narrow tip of the plastic straw attached to the cap of a plastic bottle through gaps in Charlie's gag.  Then, being careful not to cause her to choke, gently squeezed spurts of cool water into Charlie's mouth.  It was kindness designed to fortify Charlie so the ordeal could continue, of course, but Charlie was grateful, nonetheless.

"All right then," Dr. B purred after Suki hydrated Charlie for the third time.  "Let's try something different, shall we?"

Charlie forced a pathetic moan past her gag.  She couldn't help herself.  Dr. B had lifted the spur-spinning-on-a-handle from the tray!

"This clever device is called the Wartenberg Wheel," Dr. B lectured.  She held the wheel before Charlie's wide, horrified eyes and gave the needle-edged spur a flick with her thumb.  "Its medical use is to examine a patient's neural sensitivity."  She spun the wheel a second time, and again the needles became a flashing blur.  "It's also a very fun toy."

Adele squirmed in her rope bonds and directed a muffled scream of outrage at Dr. B.

"She is so greedy," Suki giggled.

Dr. B smiled, handed the wheel to her assistant, and nodded towards Adele.

Suki's grin widened.  "Oh, may I?"

Dr. B nodded.

Suki leaned close to Adele's right side and held the wheel before the now rigidly frozen captive's staring face.  Anger had become fear.  "So," Suki purred, "you get to play after all."  Much to Adele and Charlie's horror and Dr. B and Suki's delight, the Goth pixie began running the wheel over Adele's breasts, slowly tracing the surface of the firm globes and their pointing nipples.

Adele mewled through her gag and squirmed in her bonds as Suki drew figure-eights and spirals across and between her breasts.

Dr. B leaned close to Charlie's right ear.  "I'm sure Adele knows what it feels like to be tickled," she whispered, "but it's a good bet she's never felt the caress of the Wartenberg Wheel.  This will enhance her ability to empathize... when I use it on you, Twinkle-toes."

Charlie whined through her gag.  The needle-sharp points visibly dimpled the skin of Adele's breasts, but left no trace of their passage as the wheel rolled on.

Finally, after something more than a minute, Suki handed the wheel back to Dr. B.

Now, Adele was the one panting and heaving.  Her compound gag only allowed her to breathe through her flaring nostrils and the ropes framing her breasts were tight, but the flushed, sweaty globes bobbed, nonetheless, as she forced air in and out of her lungs.

Charlie's breathing rate had returned to normal—or near normal—but her heart was still pounding.  Her eyes were fixed on the wheel in Dr. B's hand.

Dr. B gave the wheel a flick, and again the needles spun.  "Now, Charlie," Dr. B purred, "let's continue our examination of your neural sensitivity, shall we?"

Chapter 8

Dr. B used the Wartenberg Wheel to "examine" Charlie's nude, helpless body from top to bottom, running the device over virtually every square inch of her flushed and sweating skin.  Curiously, the only real exception was her crotch.  The slowly turning, flesh-dimpling wheel of needles rolled close to her pussy, both from the direction of her thighs and her tummy, and the skin underlying her pubic bush was explored, but not her labia.  Yes, only Charlie's pussy and the areas under the frame's straps and minimal pads were spared.

How long did this take?  Eternity.

In truth, Charlie had no idea how long it took.  It could have been less than an hour.  It could have been more.  Towards the end, Charlie's reality became the prick of the needles crawling over her skin, the glare of the lights, the pathetic, mewling drone of Adele's continuing protests, and her own increasingly weak gagged, giggling laughter and despairing moans.  Her eyes wet with bitter tears, Charlie squirmed... and panted... and endured.

And then, finally, it was over.

Without a word, Dr. B and Suki left the chamber, bolting and locking the door behind them, of course.

Slowly, Charlie's breathing returned to normal.  She opened her eyes and focused on Adele, and found her costar looked nearly as spent as Charlie felt.  If she wasn't so very tired, Charlie would have tried sending an encouraging smile Adele's way, at least with her eyes.  Her gag made a real smile difficult, if not impossible.  She tried, anyway, and she thought Adele was trying to smile back.

At that instant, Charlie felt nothing but love—not hatred of Dr. B or her Goth minion, and not fear—love.  Granted, Adele had little choice in what was happening.  Neither of them had any choice.  But Adele had stuck with her, had shared Charlie's ordeal and protested, as best she could, the entire time.  It made Charlie feel guilty about yesterday, when she'd shown fear and horror during Adele's flogging and mechanical ordeals—at least that was how Charlie remembered it.  But now...  Love.

Adele was so strong and beautiful, even after all she'd been through.  Charlie gazed at her bound, gagged, and naked costar... and relaxed... and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 8

Charlie's slumber was interrupted by a squealing sound.  It was a set of wheels in need of oil, and... Oh no!  Charlie's eyes popped open and her fear was confirmed.

The door was open, Dr. B was standing at her side, smiling her usual gloating, evil, beautiful smile, and Suki was wheeling the saddle-machine into the chamber—the same machine that had "entertained" Adele yesterday, after her flogging!  Its stand had been lowered, leaving the saddle closer to the ground, and some sort of clamp assembly was bolted to the post, but it was definitely the same machine, and its stubby, semi-retracted phallus had already been lubricated!

Charlie locked eyes with Dr. B.  "Nrrrrf!"  It was a sad, pathetically weak whine, a combination plea for mercy and sigh of surrender.

"Don't worry, darling," Dr. B purred as she gave Charlie's left breast a gentle squeeze.  "You're stronger than you think, and my machine is actually a lot of fun.  She shifted her infuriating smile to Adele.  "Isn't that right, Big Mouth?"

Adele glowered in response, her eyes angry and focused on their head kidnapper, above her ball-gagged and tape-gagged mouth.

She's so strong, Charlie thought, gazing at Adele as she tried her best to ignore Dr. B's hand.  A quiet, metallic clang reverberated through the frame, and she shifted her attention to the area between her splayed legs.  Suki had wheeled the machine close and engaged the new clamps, linking the stand to Charlie's frame.  She then stooped and plugged in a set of cables.  Charlie couldn't really follow the details from her position, but that was what seemed to be happening.

Meanwhile, Dr. B was attaching breathing and pulse monitors to Charlie, first using alcohol pads to clean her skin, the same as she had with Adele, yesterday.

Charlie knew what was happening, of course, as did Adele.  I love you, Charlie thought, gazing at her costar.  It'll be okay.  We'll both be okay.  She promised she'd let us go.  Adele gazed back with sympathy.  Charlie could tell.

Suki pulled the tablet computer/remote control from the side of the machine, handed it to Dr. B, then stood and took a step back.  "Oakie-doakie, Doc," she said.  "All ready."

Dr. B tapped and stroked the tablet's screen and four things happened: (1) the saddle-machine and Charlie's frame began to hum; (2) the saddle canted at the base, towards Charlie; (3) the entire frame lifted into the air and canted forward, taking Charlie with it, of course, and placing her in a nearly sitting posture, rather than her former semi-recline; and (4) the saddle and frame moved together, which meant the saddle and Charlie's pussy moved closer together!

"Mrrrpfh!" Charlie whimper.  The gap narrowed... then disappeared as the saddle's glistening phallus parted her labia and slid inside.  The bristle and knob-covered vibrating pads nudged her crotch and the padding of the saddle pressed against her thighs... and the mechanism locked.

Charlie was panting, again.  The phallus was inside her!  It wasn't extended to its full length, but it was inside her!

Adele glared at Dr. B.  "Mrrpfh!"

"Don't have kittens," Dr. B purred, smiling at Adele.  "The program won't be quite the same as yesterday."  Her finger tapped the screen and—


The saddle's phallus and pads had begun to vibrate, ever so slightly, but Charlie could definitely feel them.

"My darling Suki has made a few fine adjustments to the biometric monitoring routines," Dr. B continued, still speaking to Adele.  "And if the new code is successful, Twinkle-toes won't cum at all."  Her beautiful, evil smile shifted to Charlie.  "Not even once."  Her head swiveled back to Adele.  "You had entirely too many orgasms yesterday, Big Mouth, many more than I intended."

"I try my best," Suki huffed with a wounded pout.  "You know we've been chasing the one-set-of-coefficients-frustrates-all mix of settings for months."

Dr. B stepped forward, embraced her minion, and planted a kiss on her now smiling lips.  "It wasn't a criticism, my diligent little code monkey, it was an observation."  She held the tablet between them both so they could read the screen.  "You may do the honors."

"You're too kind," Suki giggled, focused her smile on Charlie, and tapped the screen.

Charlie steeled herself for the phallus to start thrusting and the intensity of the vibrations to increase.  Instead, the vibrations stopped, completely.  She blinked in surprise.  "Mrrk?"

"The program will attempt to monitor your state of arousal," Dr. B lectured.  "When sensor readings suggest you're completely relaxed, the stimulation subroutines will kick in, and very slowly turn up the heat, so to speak."

"Very, very slowly," Suki added.

"Yes," Dr. B agreed.  "Then, juuust as you're about to cum."

"It will all stop," Suki said, "if my new settings are correct."

"The system is quite good at detecting actual orgasms," Dr. B continued, "so even if you do manage to cum, it will stop immediately.  In either case, the program will wait for you to cool down, then the stimulation will start from the beginning."

"By sundown you'll be horny as hell," Suki giggled, "assuming you don't pass out."

"I'm not entirely convinced the two states are mutually exclusive," Dr. B purred.  "Anyway..."  She handed the tablet to Suki, who returned it to its slot in the base of the saddle-machine.  "There will be a rest period, then the program will commence.  We'll dispense with a diagnostic test this time.  The machine demonstrated yesterday that it works flawlessly, while ravishing Miss Dazeem.  Until later, Twinkle-toes."  She shifted her smile to Adele.  "You too, Big Mouth."

Charlie and Adele watched as Dr. B and Suki exited the chamber.  Suki closed the door behind them and they heard the bolt slide and the lock turn.  Then, the captives locked eyes, and shared a sad, mutual sigh.


Chapter 8

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