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Chapter 6

Dramatis Personæ

When the last of the pastries, mini-quiches, and mini-bagels were consumed, Dr. B plastered a strip of Elastoplast over Charlie's mouth and smoothed it with her fingers.  "I'll be back later," the smiling kidnapper purred.  "Suki and I have to attend to your costar."

Charlie watched Dr. B depart, taking the breakfast cart with her.  The door was closed, locked, and bolted, and Charlie was alone and helpless... again... still.

'Attend to your costar,' Charlie thought.  What are they gonna do to Adele?  She tugged on her bonds in frustration.  She wasn't going anywhere, and could do nothing to help her friend—and Adele was her friend.  Charlie resolved to spend more time with her costar outside of rehearsals, after their promised release.

It was an hour before Dr. B returned.  Charlie didn't know the exact interval, of course, but it felt like an hour.  In any case, the door opened and both of her kidnappers appeared.  Dr. B and Suki had changed into exercise clothes, specifically, sneakers, tights, and sleeveless leotards.

Suki's skintight costume was all black, and the Lycra or cotton-blend fabric hugged her fit body and showcased her smooth, pale skin and black hair (with blue highlights).  Dangling on a strap from her right wrist was—"Mrrf!"—a riding crop!  It was also black, of course.

Dr. B's outfit was considerably lighter in hue.  Her sneakers were white, her tights heather-gray, and her leotard a dusky shade of rose.  Her hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail secured with a white scrunchie and a cloth shopping bag was in her right hand.  Even from the framework, Charlie could see the ends of several neatly coiled bundles of hemp rope protruding from the bag.

"I'm going to release all those nasty straps," Dr. B announced, "then tie you up.  I strongly suggest you don't resist."

Grinning her wicked grin, Suki waved the fluttering, tapered end of her riding crop in Charlie's tape-gagged face.  "See the tiny little copper and silver wires woven into the flappy thing at the tip?" she asked.  "This isn't just a damsel-whacker, although it is a damsel-whacker, and a good one at that.  It's also damsel-zapper.  The handle holds a rechargeable battery, and it's been plugged in all night."

"Let's hope it won't be necessary to punish Miss Simms, repeatedly, until she passes out," Dr. B purred.  She set the shopping bag on the floor, then began unbuckling the straps binding Charlie to the framework/table.

Soon, Charlie was free, except for the strip of tape sealing her mouth, and was on all fours on the concrete floor, naked, afraid, and a little ashamed of her cowardice—although she knew lack of courage and not wanting to endure excruciating pain weren't necessarily the same thing.  In any case, she wasn't happy about her submission, but had decided to surrender to the inevitable.

Dr. B pulled a long coil of conditioned hemp rope from the bag, released and shook it out, doubled it, then found the center and set to work.

In a surprisingly short time, Charlie's upper arms were bound to her torso with neat, multiple strands passing above and below her breasts, yoking her shoulders, and lashing her crossed wrists against her spine, behind her back and just below her shoulder blades.

"Really?"  Suki muttered, shaking her head.  "Another box-tie?"

"There's nothing like the classics, Suki darling," Dr. B said as she readied another coil of rope.  "And it's only day one, after all."

"I just thought you'd be a little more... creative," Suki muttered.

"Remember the purpose of this element of the exercise," Dr. B said as she anchored the center of the doubled rope to the back of Charlie's chest-harness, below her crossed wrists, then took a turn around her prisoner's waist and tied a hitch to maintain the tension.  "We want Miss Simms to be comfortable, so she can watch the coming entertainment.  And being bound in a hideously contorted pose would be a distraction."

Charlie shook the hair from her face and looked from Suki to Dr. B, and back.  What 'coming entertainment?'

Meanwhile, Dr. B continued demonstrating her rope artistry.  The waist rope coalesced into a crotch-harness, a cat's-cradle web of single and doubled strands that passed between her legs and around her upper thighs.  The hemp cleaved her butt-cheeks, but not her labia, then continued down to bind her thighs together.  More rope followed, binding her legs above and below her knees and lashing her ankles together, as well as the insteps of her bare feet and her big toes.  All of Charlie's bindings were interconnected, from her rope-yoked shoulders to her tied toes, and the hemp bands and strands were tight enough to dimple her flesh, at least a little, but not enough to impair her circulation... for now.

Charlie squirmed on the cool concrete floor, testing her new bonds.  Her fluttering fingers could brush against a few of the hemp strands, but nothing even resembling a knot was within reach, and if she tried bending her legs, her bonds tightened.  She felt like a fish out of water, a newly landed trout thrashing on the stream bank... helpless.

"Okay, that is a nice 'classic' treatment," Suki conceded, then stooped, and with surprising strength lifted Charlie off the floor and sat her butt on the padded stool.

Charlie watched the smiling Goth stroll to a steel cabinet, open the door and produce—a brush and comb set.

Charlie heaved a relieved sigh.  She's been afraid Suki would return with some diabolically wicked device designed to torment a helpless damsel, like herself.  She sat perfectly still with her rope-cleaved butt on the stool and her hemp-bound feet on the floor while Suki first brushed her hair, then combed it back into a ponytail, like Dr. B's, and used something, perhaps a length of cord, to bind the base together, close to the back of her skull.

"Excellent," Dr. B purred as Suki returned the brush and comb to the cabinet, then lifted Charlie onto her right shoulder in a fireman's carry.

"Mrrk?" Charlie mewled.  She couldn't help herself.

"She is a cutie," Suki chuckled.  "Ain't she?"

"She is indeed," Dr. B agreed.  Her left arm across Charlie's thighs and her right hand on the captive's butt, Dr. B waited for Suki to open the door, then led the way out into the hall.

Feet to the front and head to the rear, Charlie lay perfectly still.  There was no point in struggling, as she'd just as soon not roll off Dr. B's shoulder and land on the floor with what would no doubt be a very painful thud.

Chapter 6

The corridor was surprisingly long.  They passed steel door after steel door, on both sides, and it occurred to Charlie that they might be retracing their steps and she was seeing the same steel doors she'd seen last night, after Adele was "put to bed" and before her encounter with Dr. B's framework/table.  Again, Charlie noted the abandoned prison or insane asylum ambiance, but there was still no sign of horny teenagers awaiting their turns to die.  If this was a bad horror movie, Charlie and Adele were the stars, and that thought was not reassuring.

Charlie realized her mind was in turmoil, which was not surprising, considering the circumstances.  She was a bundle of nerves, a naked, bound and gagged bundle of nerves, but she resolved to get herself together and hang tough... as best she could.

Dr. B paused and Suki stepped forward to unlock and unbolt one of the doors.  The heavy gray portal swung open, and Dr. B carried Charlie across the threshold.

Charlie couldn't see much of anything from her position, but she could tell the chamber they were entering was more of the same, sealed concrete walls and floor.  Then, Dr. B heaved her off her shoulder and onto what was either an oversize easy-chair or an unusually cozy loveseat.  Anyway, it was upholstered in a brown fabric that was either suede or microfiber.  The room was square, about twenty feet on a side, with a high ceiling, and in the very center―

Charlie screamed through her tape-gag.  "Nrrrrf!"

Adele was naked, her wrists and ankles in black leather cuffs, and she was up on her toes with her arms raised and with her wrists together and tethered to a vertical steel cable!  Her pale, firm, dancer's body was in full stretch and glistened with sweat―the room was a little overheated―and Adele's brown eyes stared daggers at Dr. B.  Her dark hair was coiled in a tight bun and a rather large ball-gag was strapped in her mouth.

Charlie followed the cable up from Adele's wrists, through a pulley set in the ceiling, across to a second pulley close to the wall opposite the door, and down to a hand-cranked winch set in the wall at waist height.  There was no slack in the arrangement.  Adele was not poised on her toes by choice.

"Those are suspension cuffs," Dr. B explained, apparently for Charlie's benefit.  "As you can see, they're well-padded, unusually wide, and designed to distribute the wearer's weight between her wrists and hands, and although it's difficult to see, Miss Dazeem's fingers are clutching padded handles built into the cuffs."  She pointed at Adele's feet.  "Her ankle-cuffs are also padded, and chained to the floor."

Charlie stared at her costar's almost hanging body in horror, then lifted her gaze to Dr. B's smiling face.  "Mrrpfh!"

"No, I'm not letting her down," Dr. B said, still smiling and slowly shaking her head.  "Although she was warned, Miss Dazeem was decidedly uncooperative this morning.  In fact, she fought like a wildcat while Suki and I prepared her for the morning's diversion."  Eyes locked with Charlie, she nodded towards Adele.  "This is punishment.  A lesson in obedience for both of you."

Charlie shifted her worried gaze to Adele, who stared back with stoic bravery.  The ball plugging her mouth really was quite large, filling Adele's generous mouth to capacity, and the strap was tight enough to make her cheeks bulge.  Thanks to her tape-gag, all Charlie could offer was silent support, but she could tell Adele appreciated the gesture.

Meanwhile, Suki had strolled to the winch and placed her hand on the handle.  Smiling her signature dimpled, evil smile, she slowly turned the crank.  The pawl securing the winch repeatedly lifted, dropped, and clicked as cable was drawn onto the drum.  Slowly, inexorably, Adele's toes left the floor and the chain securing her ankle-cuffs to a sunken ring-bolt tightened until it was as taut as the cable overhead.

Charlie turned to Dr. B, again.  "Mrrrrrf!"  It was a begging whine, Charlie's best effort to melt her head kidnapper's heart, but it did nothing to change Dr. B's expression.

"Nice try, kiddo," Dr. B chuckled, "but no."

"Big Mouth needs to take her medicine," Suki chuckled.  She strolled to a cabinet, another of the stainless steel cabinets that seemed to populate Dr. B's entire lair, and opened its double doors.

Both Charlie and Adele's eyes popped wide in horrified alarm.  Hanging from hooks inside the cabinet and on the back of both doors was an array of whips, canes, crops, floggers, and paddles!  Long and short, narrow and wide, stiff as a board or rod and as flexible as a snake, the black leather collection was the very definition of ominous.

Suki selected a multi-tailed flogger, hung the zapper-crop in its place, and slipped the flogger's retaining strap over her right wrist.  Flexing her arms in what was obviously a warmup exercise and still smiling her devilish smile, she strolled behind Adele's hanging form.

Meanwhile, Dr. B had settled into the chair next to Charlie and pulled the squirming, mewling prisoner onto her lap.  "Settle down, Twinkle-toes," she purred as Suki continued her warmup.

"Nrrrf!"  Angry tears glistened in Charlie's sad, brown eyes.

"She brought this on herself," Dr. B whispered, then planted a kiss on Charlie's taped mouth.

"Nrf!" Charlie huffed, then squirmed anew as Dr. B began sliding her hands over her bound body.  "Nrrrrr!"  Dr. B was squeezing her breasts, and stroking her thighs and tummy, and her shoulders, and neck, and...  "Mmpfh."  Still weeping, she rested her head against Dr. B's shoulder.

Smiling her evil smile, Dr. B nodded to Suki.

The Goth pixie drew back her hand, there was a pause as the flogger's many tails rattled and swayed―then she struck!


Adele screamed through her ball-gag as the tails landed on her right butt-cheek, and Charlie screamed in sympathy.

Grinning her wicked grin and pausing between strokes, Suki continued applying Adele's punishment.

Chapter 6

The flogging went on forever.  At least, that's how it seemed to Charlie, and she was sure it was that way for Adele, as well.  Truth be told, Suki punished Adele's butt, back, thighs, calves, and feet for only about five minutes, then spun her around and did the same for her breasts, stomach, and the front of her thighs.  Swivel-fittings on the ankle chain and at the wrist cable's attachment point made that possible without Suki changing her relative position.  Incidentally, the change allowed Charlie to examine the damage to Adele's backside as the Evil Goth Pixie worked over her front.

The thing was, once Charlie could actually see the damage in question, once Suki turned Adele's stretched and hanging body and began flogging her breasts and tummy, Charlie was surprised and relieved to see that there was no actual damage to speak of.  Adele's pale skin had taken on a rosy and flushed appearance in the areas affected, much like a sunburn, but there were no weals or bruises, and there was certainly no cuts or bleeding.

Charlie's eyes were still wet, but she wasn't crying, not anymore.  She was also doing her best to ignore Dr. B's hands, which continued gliding over her squirming, slowly writhing, bound and gagged body.  It was all so cruel, and unfair, and... Charlie wanted it to stop, she wanted it all to just stop!

"I believe we're ready for the next phase," Dr. B announced.

Suki's grin immediately turned into a petulant frown directed at her senior partner in crime.  She delivered a no doubt stinging whack to Adele's left breast, then paused.  "Really?"  She delivered another deliberate whack, this time to Adele's right breast.  "You sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure," Dr. B chuckled.

"Well..."  Suki delivered two more breast blows, first on the left and then on the right.  "As long as you're sure."  She strolled to the cabinet and returned the flogger to its hook, the one already occupied by the zapper-crop, then closed the cabinet doors and headed for the chamber door.

"Turn her around, again, before you fetch the you-know-what," Dr. B ordered.

Suki rolled her eyes, then took Adele's hanging body by the hips and turned her to face Dr. B and Charlie.  She then left the chamber, leaving the door open behind her.

Adele's eyes were as wet as Charlie's and tears-tracks stained her flushed and bulging cheeks—but hers were angry tears.  She stared red-hot daggers at Dr. B.

"Delicious," Dr. B sighed, then leaned close and whispered in Charlie's ear.  "She's so very strong of spirit.  Your friend is truly special, don't you agree?"

Charlie locked eyes with Adele, wishing she could tell her that everything would be all right, that they were going to be released... eventually.  She wanted to tell her something, but she couldn't.  She was bound and gagged and naked and literally in the clutches of their kidnapper.

Dr. B continued to whisper.  "I could break her, you know, and in less time than you might think."  She stroked Charlie's hair for a few seconds, then gave her left breast a gentle squeeze.  "Instead," she said, still in a whisper, "Suki and I will simply be extra careful whenever we change her bonds.  Don't worry, we're very experienced in such things.  No matter how angry she becomes, no matter how she struggles and fights, Miss Dazeem won't be harmed, and she won't escape."  She kissed the side of Charlie's neck.  "And neither will you, Twinkle-toes."

Charlie gazed at Adele's glistening, pale body.  Like the flogged areas now out of view, her flattened breasts, taut stomach, and firm thighs were flushed and pink, but also like her back and butt, there was no bruising and her skin was intact.

Just then, they heard the squeal of wheels in need of oil from the hallway.  Suki was returning, and she was bringing something with her, something big.

Chapter 6

Charlie had no idea what to call the thing Suki was wheeling into the room.  It had a pedestal base with four heavy casters and a vertical steel post supporting some sort of engine or machine and a... saddle?  Yes, it was a riding saddle, or it was shaped like one.  It was black leather and was English-style, if Charlie was correct.  She'd ridden a little as a girl, but mostly her youth had been one dance class after another.  In any case, the saddle had something sticking vertically out of its center, something only two or three inches in height, with a rounded tip and it reminded Charlie of—"Urk?"—a phallus??

It was a heavy, industrial-grade steel stool on wheels, with the saddle as a seat, and the machine thing underneath and—Charlie had a sneaking, horrifying suspicion what it was for.

Adele shared Charlie's suspicion, or at least her reaction.  Her stare had shifted from Dr. B to the "stool," and the anger in her eyes had been replaced by fear.

Dr. B eased Charlie off her lap and back onto the chair, then stood and strolled to Adele's hanging form.  "Now, Miss Dazeem, I hope you're in a more cooperative mood.  Not that it really matters, of course.  But if not, Suki will retrieve her flogger."

"Actually," Suki purred, "I was thinking of trying one of the whips."

Fear and anger warred in Adele's eyes as her gaze switched between the saddle and Dr. B.  She winced when the head kidnapper reached out, cupped her left breast, and began massaging her left nipple between her thumb and forefinger.  Even stretched and hanging, as Adele was, her breasts had sufficient volume to make this possible.

"And this time," Dr. B said quietly, her eyes locked with Adele, "I'll let my darling Suki entertain your costar, as well."

Adele's eyes widened, and shifted to Charlie's.

Squirming weakly in her rope bonds, Charlie gazed back at Adele.  Charlie would just as soon not be whipped, but it was Adele's decision to make.

Suki's grin became a broad smile.  "Oh, Dr. B, you're too good to me.  Two damsels to whip?"

"I probably am too good," Dr. B chuckled, still massaging Adele's left nipple.  "Now, you're going to be a good little damsel, aren't you Miss Dazeem?"

Anger had won the war with fear, at least for the moment, but Adele nodded in surrender.

Over the next few minutes several things happened.

(1) Adele's ankle cuffs were separated and additional chain deployed to attach them to a pair of sunken eye-bolts a few feet to either side of their former position.  Facing Charlie and her comfy chair, Adele was still completely suspended, but now her body formed an upside-down "Y."

(2) Suki took a jar from the cabinet and used a small brush to paint some sort of thick, clear oil or grease on the saddle's stubby phallus.  Adele could now see that the thing was, indeed, a phallus, about an inch and a half in diameter, more-or-less anatomically correct, and was surrounded by plastic or rubber pads covered with rounded knobs and clusters of short bristles.  Like the saddle, everything was black, and now glistened with lubricant in the chamber's bright light.

(3) The saddle and stand were positioned under Adele's body and she was lowered onto the saddle.  Her bonds were adjusted until her ankle chains were taut, but she had an inch or two of slack in her wrist bonds.  Her arms were still at full vertical stretch, of course, but her weight was now taken by the saddle.  Also, the phallus had achieved the degree of penetration made possible by its short length, and the knobby, bristling pads were pressing against her labia.

(4) Finally, Suki buckled a corset-belt around Adele's waist, then clipped a pair of taut chains to rings set in the front and back of both the saddle and the belt.  Adele found it was now impossible to lift herself off the saddle more that a tiny fraction of an inch.  The belt and chains were overkill, however.  The taut ankle chains, alone, were enough to keep her in place.

While Adele squirmed and explored the freedom allowed by Suki's saddle—which was virtually nonexistent—Dr. B used a long coil of rope to lash Charlie's already bound and tape-gagged body to the oversize easy-chair.  The process did not take very long, and Dr. B left significant slack in the web of single strands she deployed.  When the final knot was tied, somewhere behind the chair and near the floor, Charlie could kick her bound feet a few inches and squirm to either side, but ropes at her ankles, across her lap, and under the box-tie ropes at the nape of her neck checked her movements and kept her butt in the chair.

Meanwhile, Suki had placed what appeared to be a medical sensor of some sort just above Adele's left breast, first using an alcohol pad to clean the patch of skin, then peeling off a paper backing and pasting the sensor's adhesive surface in place.  She also looped and tightened a coiled wire around Adele's chest, just under her breasts, and plugged long, thin cables dangling from the sensor patch and coil into the side of the machine under the saddle.

"Heart-rate and breathing monitors," Dr. B explained, for Charlie's benefit.  "They help regulate the entertainment program."

Charlie lifted her chin and gazed at Dr. B.  'Entertainment program?'

Suki uncoiled a long electrical power cord from the base of the machine and plugged it into a wall outlet, then pulled what appeared to be a small tablet computer, about the size of an iPad mini, from a slot in the side and handed it to Dr. B.

"We'll begin with the sequential diagnostic," Dr. B said as her finger tapped and slid across the small screen.  "There," she added, then smiled at Adele.

Adele's eyes widened and she shivered in her bonds.

Dr. B smiled at Charlie.  "The pussy pads are vibrating, one at a time," she explained, "front, back, left, and right.  And now..."

Adele's eyes popped even wider and she froze in place.  "Mrrrf!"

"The shaft is rising to its full length," Dr. B winked at Charlie, "and penetration.  It will do that three times," she added as Adele squirmed and shivered, "and then will..."  She paused to smile at Adele.  "Vibrate."


"And rotate," Dr. B added.


"And wobble a little," Suki said.

"Oscillate," Dr. B corrected her assistant.  "And now, a series of combinations will occur, the pads in various combinations and at different setting, the pads and the phallus, etc."

Adele continued tugging on her bonds and mewling through her gag.

"I like to think of it as technological foreplay," Suki giggled, then smiled at her boss.  "Any problems?"

Her eyes on Adele, Dr. B waved the tablet.  "Green lights across the board, and the medical sensors are also functioning perfectly."

The kidnappers watched with happy smiles, and Charlie in tape-gagged horror, as Adele shivered and quivered atop the saddle, tugging on her bonds and mewling weakly through her gag.

This went on for a full minute... then two, with Dr. B dividing her attention between Adele and the tablet's screen.  Suki's eyes remained on Adele, as did Charlie's.

"Test complete," Dr. B said finally, then tapped the screen and strolled to Adele's side to slide the tablet back into its slot in the machine.  She placed a hand on Adele's lower stomach, between the belt and her dark pubic bush, and smiled at Charlie.  "I've programmed a relaxing rest period, then Miss Dazeem will enjoy a nice, slow buildup to a nice orgasm, possibly even a multiple orgasm.  Rest intervals will alternate with periods designed to frustrate, rather then delight, but there will be additional orgasms." She smiled at Adele.  "That I can guarantee."

Adele stared back at Dr. B.  Once again, fear and anger warred in her eyes.  She was panting through flaring nostrils, and her slightly stretched breasts bobbed and heaved as she panted for breath.

"And you get to watch," Suki said to Charlie.

Charlie shifted her horrified gaze from Suki, to Adele, to Dr. B.  "Mrrrpfh!"

"No, Miss Simms," Dr. B chuckled.  "You only get to watch.  This is Miss Dazeem's playtime."

"Geesh, how greedy can you get?" Suki purred, still smiling at Charlie.

"Nrrrf!"  Charlie kicked her bound feet and rolled her bound shoulders in frustration.

"Now, Suki," Dr. B chuckled.  "I'm reasonably sure Miss Simms was hoping to convince us to go easy on her costar, not demanding an early start to her own playtime."

Charlie froze and blinked in horror.  MY playtime??

"My mistake," Suki giggled.

Charlie and Adele watched their kidnappers depart the chamber.  The door closed, the bolt was thrown, the lock turned... and they were alone.  Charlie squirmed in her bonds, and Adele tugged on her wrist cuffs.

Bound.  Gagged.  Helpless.

All they could do was wait.

Dr. B had said there would be a "rest period," but she didn't say how long it would last.  Neither captive had any doubt whatsoever that the saddle would perform exactly as Dr. B promised, and that Adele was in for an incredible ordeal.

And all they could do was wait.


Chapter 6

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