The League of
The League of LIGATION   

   by Van ©2015

 Chapter 7



"Mrrrk!"  Hayden was dumped off Andrea's lap and landed on the floor with a thud.  Ow!  She was too shocked and distracted by Sharon's sudden arrival to care about such a minor discomfort, but given her stringently bound, gagged, and blindfolded condition, the transition hadn't exactly been pleasant.

"I-I-I, uh..."  Andrea was at a loss for words.  She audibly swallowed—"Gulp"—then tried again.  "I'm helping Hayden play the game, the advanced game."

"Enough!" Sharon barked.  "Strip!"

"Sharon," Andrea whined.

"Now, young lady!" Sharon ordered.

Seconds later, Hayden felt strong but gentle hands roll her onto her stomach, then begin untying her bonds.  "Urrrk?"

"There, there, dear," Sharon purred.  "Let me help you."

Hayden sighed through her gag as Sharon untied the ropes binding her feet and big toes, followed by the frog-tie ropes, then the hogtie ropes.  Hayden sighed, again, as the crotch rope slackened.  Next, her ankle bonds melted away.  Sharon helped her sit up and Hayden folded her legs to one side, then she felt Sharon untying her blindfold.  The folded scarf slithered aside and she blinked in the sudden light.

Andrea was a few feet away, facing Hayden and Sharon.  The Pink Hobbit was naked, as Sharon had ordered, standing with her bare feet about a foot apart, her hands atop her head with her fingers interlaced, and a chastened and possibly slightly frightened pout on her pixie face.  Despite the situation—despite Hayden's nakedness, reduced but continuing bondage, and Sharon's stern, maternal presence—a thrill of affection rippled through Hayden' now loosely rope-cleaved crotch at the sight of the wayward Hobbit.  The petite, contrite, blond youngster's pursed lips were trembling, just a little, and it was adorable.  Go figure, Hayden thought in amazement, continuing to stare.  I ought to be mad at her... but I'm not.

"I'm disappointed in you, young lady," Sharon stated evenly.  Obviously, she was speaking to Andrea (Hayden hoped).  "Your clothing privileges are revoked until further notice."

Andrea's eyes widened.  "Mistress?" she squealed.

"You heard me," Sharon muttered as she climbed to her feet.  She then stepped to Andrea's side and whispered in the tiny blonde's right ear.

Hayden couldn't hear more than a few angry syllables of whatever Sharon was saying.  She watched as Andrea, who quite obviously could hear every syllable, gave a shiver of distress.

"Yes, Mistress," Andrea said quietly when Sharon finished, then padded out the bedroom door.

Hayden watched the pixie depart, then turned her head back to face her rescuer.  She squirmed in her box-tie bonds, remembering that her rescue wasn't quite complete.

Sharon's smile was warm, as always, but did nothing to explain why Hayden was still bound and gagged.

Andrea returned almost immediately, and in her hands Hayden could see a black leather bag of some sort.  She handed it to Sharon, then began gathering her blond hair atop her head and holding it there.

Sharon turned and stepped into Hayden's line of sight, blocking her view of Andrea... seconds passed... then Sharon stepped aside and tossed a roll of white medical tape onto Andrea's bed, followed by a pair of bandage scissors.  She still had the leather bag in one hand.  As for Andrea—Hayden's eyes widened, again—the Pink Hobbit's lips, as well as most of her lower face, had disappeared under a single wide, well-adhered strip of tape, and the shape of the lips in question stood out in three dimensional detail.

Hayden's eyes popped even wider as Sharon stepped behind Andrea and pulled the bag over the tape-gagged Hobbit's head.  She realized what she'd taken to be a bag was actually a hood!  It had an oval opening in the front and laced up the back.  It took a minute or more for Sharon to thread the laces through the lower grommets on either side of the hood's back gusset, then tug the laces and pull the hood ever more tightly around Andrea's head.  She tied a final doubled bow in the back, at the nape of Andrea's neck, then closed a wide, rather stiff-looking collar around the Hobbit's neck and secured it with a tiny padlock.  The opening in the hood left Andrea's nose, the bulging tops of her pink cheeks, her sad, blue eyes, and tan forehead exposed.  As for the rest, it enveloped her cranium like a second skin.  Not a wisp of her long hair was visible, not counting her dark-blond eyebrows and pubic bush.

"Mop the kitchen and vacuum the floors," Sharon ordered, speaking to Andrea, "all the floors, except the bedrooms."

Her blue eyes glistening with unwept tears, Andrea bowed respectfully to the Mistress of Tauton House, then padded out the door, once again.

Andrea watched the Pink Hobbit's dimpled buttocks disappear, then flinched as Sharon helped her to her feet.

"Let me help you upstairs so you can take a nice nap," Sharon suggested.

"Urrk?"  As Sharon led her out the bedroom door, Hayden noticed that Sharon had the ropes of her former leg bonds coiled in her free hand.  She let Sharon lead her to the stairs and up to her attic bedroom—not that she had all that much choice, still being box-tied and ball-gagged.  She could have made a fuss, of course, but decided not to... for now.  Hayden was flustered, and naked, and more than a little confused... and she never did get to cum.  Sharon's arrival had put an abrupt stop to that.

They arrived at Hayden's bedroom, and—"Mrrrk!"—Sharon hitched the crotch-rope tight and tied it off to the box-tie bonds below Hayden's wrists!  It wasn't all that tight, not as tight as it'd been when she was hogtied on Andrea's bedroom floor, but it was tight, and Sharon had done the deed!  And Hayden had stood there, passively, while Sharon did it!

"Down you go, dear," Sharon purred, and helped Hayden flop down onto the neatly made bed.  The Mistress of Tauton House proceeded to pull Hayden's ankles together and bind them with one of Andrea's ropes.  She then took a step back, continuing to smile.  "I'll leave your bathroom door open so you can hop in there if you feel the need."

Hayden watched as Sharon turned and strolled to the door in question, opened it, and made sure it would stay open by dropping the remaining rope coils on the tiled floor at its base.  What the hell? Hayden wondered.

Sharon continued on to the bedroom door.  "We'll discuss letting you play the advanced game after Chloe and Dorothy get home."  Her smile broadened.  "We'll also discuss Andrea's punishment."

The door closed and Sharon heard the key turn in the lock.  She squirmed in her remaining bonds and kicked her feet.  The ropes were more than enough to keep her helpless.  She was "free" to hop around her bedroom and into the bathroom, if required, but she was still a prisoner—Sharon's prisoner!  Obviously, Mistress Tauton is more than an umpire, she realized.  Hayden tested her bonds, again, remembering Sharon's final words.  Discuss playing the advanced game?  I am playing the advanced game... or some game, anyway... and I guess I want to.

Hayden resolved to sort out her feelings about Tauton House, the Mistress of Tauton House, her fellow residents at Tauton House, and taut ropes in general.  She squirmed to escape from Andrea's box-tie ropes... and Sharon's ankle ropes... and refrained from drooling through Andrea's ventilated ball-gag and onto her pillow—failing miserably with respect to both escaping and not drooling—and decided to close her eyes... just for an instant.

The League of LIGATION
Chapter 7

Hayden opened her eyes.  It's later, she realized, late afternoon.  The angle of the sunlight filtering through the curtains of the attic windows had shifted.  Obviously, I fell asleep.  Go figure.  Her shoulders were a little sore, but it wasn't bad.  She squirmed, weakly.  Not too bad.  The ball-gag was her worst problem, that and the saliva soaking her pillow.  'Soaking' is a bit extreme, she conceded, but she did roll onto her other side and away from the damp spot.  The ball wasn't all that big, but having anything crammed in your mouth for such an extended period of time, whatever that period might actually be, was uncomfortable and—

Hayden's eyes popped wide and she screamed through the gag in question!  "Mrrrrpfh!"

The bedroom door was open and Chloe was standing beside the bed, smiling down at Hayden's naked, bound, gagged, and mortified form.  The blonde was wearing the same clothes she'd worn to work that morning, only now they were slightly rumpled and sweat-stained.  As for her smile...  Hayden blushed and shivered in embarrassment.  She couldn't help it.  She was helpless.

"Sharon called and asked if we could quit work a little early," Chloe explained.  "Cody had no objections, so we did.  Dorothy is downstairs watching Andrea cook supper, and Sharon sent me up here to collect you."  She leaned close to the foot of the bed and began untying Hayden's ankles.  "You've never met our boss, have you?  Cody Archer?"

Gag aside, Hayden didn't try and answer.  She was still recovering from the shock of being awakened by Chloe.  The grinning blonde entering the bedroom must have been what ended her nap.

"I'll ask Sharon to invite Cody over for dinner sometime," Chloe continued as she finished untying Hayden's ankles.  She coiled and tossed the rope on the bed, then helped Hayden sit up, sat on the bed next to her, and began working on the box-tie.  "The little twerp did a good job," she muttered.  "This is gonna take a while."

Hayden knew Chloe was talking about the complexity of her bonds.  She supposed it was good to know she wasn't the only one impressed by the Pink Hobbit's rope skills.

"Your skin smells like sunscreen," Chloe said quietly as she loosened the knots and hitches.  "I take it Andrea talked you into joining her to bask like a lizard?"

Again, Hayden didn't try and answer.  The blush was still burning her cheeks.  Her wrists were now free, and the ropes pinning her upper-arms to her sides were loosening.  Rope continued slithering, the horizontal bands below her breasts sagged towards her lap, and then Chloe's hands were gone.  "Mrrk?"  Hayden turned just in time to watch Chloe stroll towards the bedroom door.

"Sharon says you should take a shower, get dressed, and meet us in the kitchen."  Chloe paused in the threshold to smile at Hayden, then continued down the stairs.  Her voice carried back into the bedroom.  "Around here, we do what Sharon says."

Hayden squirmed and was glad to feel increasing slack in her remaining bonds.  In a matter of seconds she pulled the last of the doubled loops of the box-tie ropes over her head, unbuckled and removed the ball-gag, then stood and removed the very last of her bonds, the now more-or-less slack crotch-rope.  She then went to the closet for her robe and toiletries kit.

Chloe's right, Hayden thought.  At Tauton House, the resident damsels always do what Mistress Sharon says.  How could we not?

The League of LIGATION
Chapter 7

Hayden took a long, hot, refreshing shower, which did a great deal to ease her sore muscles.  As she dried and brushed her hair, Hayden made a mental note to make a side trip to the basement to turn on the sauna.  Clean and more than ready to eat (having missed lunch) Hayden returned to the attic and changed from her slippers and robe into panties, bra, jeans, a French-cut t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers.  Ready to face the others—and in the process restore her standing as something other than a damsel-in-distress newbie player—Hayden made her way to the first floor, paused at the kitchen door, then made her Grand & Confident Entrance—which, unfortunately, quickly became yet another slack-jawed, wide-eyed stare from a petrified newbie.

Sharon was seated at the kitchen table, smiling her usual maternal smile.  Chloe was seated next to her, also smiling.  Dorothy was setting the table, arranging plates, glasses, and a clutter of tableware into place settings.  Andrea was at the stove, stirring a large pot with a wooden spoon.

Oh by the way, Andrea was buck naked, with a steel collar and steel shackles locked around her neck, wrists, and ankles.  Lengths of chain connected everything, but left her plenty of slack to accomplish culinary tasks.  The black leather hood with the oval opening still encased her head.  The others were in their usual jeans and blouses or t-shirts or tank-tops, but Andrea was a naked prisoner... in chains!

"Close your mouth, Titian," Chloe chuckled, patting the seat of the chair at her left, which also happened to be Hayden's usual place at the table.

"Titian?" Dorothy inquired, smiling at Hayden.

"She doesn't like being called Red," Chloe explained.

"You girls be nice," Sharon purred,

"What did I do?" Dorothy demanded.

Sharon ignored the question and smiled at Hayden.  "Have a seat, dear."

Hayden settled into the chair, but her eyes were still on Andrea, her petite, chained form in general and her dimpled buttocks in particular.

Meanwhile, Dorothy was carrying cold bottles of beer from the refrigerator and placing one next to each place setting.

For the first time, Hayden realized there were only four settings.  Andrea's normal place wasn't set.  She shifted her gaze from the empty place-mat to Sharon.

"Naughty girls get sent to bed without any supper," Sharon explained.  Obviously, she'd sensed Hayden's concern.

Andrea carried a large bowl of tossed salad to the table, followed by a covered ceramic dish designed to keep tortilla's warm, followed by the pot from the stove.  It was full of what appeared to be steaming hot black bean chili.  She added a large ladle to the pot, and finally, placed small bowls of toppings on the table: chopped cilantro, sour cream, and shredded cheese.  Finally, she settled into her chair, placed her manacled hands in her lap, and heaved a sad, gagged and hooded sigh of tragic proportions.

"The heart breaks," Chloe whispered under her breath.

Dorothy suppressed a giggle, which elicited a scathing gagged and hooded frown from her captive lover.

Hayden's questioning gaze returned to Sharon.

"We'll discuss the situation after we eat," Sharon explained.

Hayden's attention returned to the chili.  Dorothy was ladling a generous portion in Chloe's bowl, being careful not to spill any in the process.  That makes sense, Hayden decided.  Andrea can't do the serving.  Her chains would get in the way.  In any case, the chili smelled delicious, and she was starving.  Discussions could wait.

The League of LIGATION
Chapter 7

The last of the excellent chili and warm, fresh tortillas were consumed and Sharon and her tenants were sipping the last of their beers.  The exception was Andrea, of course, who continued her Innocent Martyr routine.  Hayden appeared to be the only one sympathetic to the captive Hobbit's plight, (not that she wasn't enjoying the show, of course).

Hayden shifted her focus from the Pink Hobbit to Sharon.  "You're really not going to let her eat?"

Andrea was the obvious subject, and Sharon smiled at the naked, chained, gagged, and hooded Hobbit before answering.  "Sometimes a mistress simply must put her foot down," she answered, "otherwise things rapidly get out of hand."

"And speaking of hands," Chloe chuckled, "you could just give her a spanking, instead."
"She really hates that," Dorothy added, gravely.

Andrea's reaction was another silent rebuke of her fellow Hobbit.

"Mistress has spoken," Sharon purred, then her smile broadened.  "Now, 'Titian,' I take it Andrea was attempting to initiate you into the ranks of qualified AD&D players?"

"Oh, that's what happened," Chloe said.  "I just assumed she'd had another of her psycho-bitch rabid poodle attacks."

Dorothy giggled.  Andrea silently fumed and tugged on her chains.

Hayden stared at the collar locked around Andrea neck.  It appeared to have taken the place of the leather collar that had formerly secured the oval-faced hood, and the workmanship was exquisite.  Somehow, the locking mechanism incorporated a brass padlock.  The collar was hinged in back (she assumed) and closed in the front with the padlock securing and becoming a rigid part of the collar.  The contrast of the silver-gray steel and the brass body of the padlock was... interesting.  And the way the design incorporated an offset steel flange that served as the mounting point for a steel ring directly over the padlock was also interesting.  The ring, in turn, was the attachment point of the chains linking Andrea's manacles and ankle-shackles.

Also, Hayden noted, Sharon had called her "Titian."  I guess I'm stuck with it.  She had to admit it was a better nickname that "Red."

The others were staring at her, and Hayden remembered that Sharon had asked her a question.  "Uh, I'm sorry?"

Sharon's smile was indulgent.  The others were simply amused, and by the twinkle in her eyes, that included Andrea.  Sharon cleared her voice.  "Ahem.  Andrea talked you into, shall we say, auditioning for the part of an AD&D player?"

"Yes," Hayden nodded, "more or less.  It was to be a fiat—I mean fait accompli."

"I'm betting it took a lot of persuading," Chloe whispered sarcastically, causing the Brown Hobbit to giggle and cover her mouth.

Hayden had heard Chloe's "whisper," of course, and it sparked a relapse of her blushing problem.

"Ladies," Sharon said in a warning tone clearly meant for Chloe and Dorothy.  She shifted her attention to Hayden and her smile returned.  "Those desiring to join the ranks of the Advanced Damsels are required to undergo a series of trials.  Specifically, they must be rendered helpless in at least a category-five manner by each of the other players.  Do you agree to this condition?"

All eyes were on the slightly flustered, flush-cheeked Hayden.  She squirmed in her seat for a few seconds before answering.  "Uh, yes, I mean... trials?"

"You need to fully understand the upper boundaries of our game," Sharon explained.  "More to the point, as the all-powerful umpire and mistress of the house, I need to be convinced that you fully understand.  The 'trials' are the only way."  She let that sink in for a few seconds before continuing.  "Well?"

Hayden remembered what it was like being Andrea's naked, box-tied-hogtied-frog-tied, gagged, and blindfolded prisoner, and especially what it felt like as the Pink Hobbit held her close and slid the buzzing vibrator up and down against her rope-cleaved pussy.  I never did get to cum, she mused, then focused on Sharon.  "Yes.  I-I'm willing to try."

"There is no try," Chloe said, pitching her voice in a credible Yoda imitation, "there is only do."

Dorothy giggled, again, Sharon smiled, and Andrea rolled her eyes.  Hayden found a smile struggling to curl her lips, despite the intensity of her emotions.

"Now," Sharon continued, "I've decided to rule that Andrea's trial of Candidate Hayden was successful."

"Nrrrr!" Andrea objected, jumping up and down in her seat and tugging on her chains.  This imparted a slight wobble to her naked breasts, a clinking and clanking to her chains, and effectively communicated her negative opinion.

"The ruling of the umpire stands," Sharon responded.  "I know you were interrupted before the final phase was complete, but I see no reason I should let you bind and gag poor Hayden again."

This elicited a truly epic chained and hooded pout from the Pink Hobbit, which Hayden found to be especially adorable.

"Dorothy will go next," Sharon decreed.  "We'll wait until the Candidate's next day off from work."

"Yes, Mistress," Dorothy and Chloe intoned in unison.  Then, all eyes turned to Hayden... who was still blushing.

"Uh, yes, Mistress," Hayden answered.

"Good," Sharon chuckled.  "Now, while Andrea cleans up, why don't we adjourn to the parlor?"

With that suggestion (order), everyone rose from the table.  The sole exception was Hayden, who remained in her chair.

Chloe leaned close and whispered in Hayden's ear.  "C'mon, Titian.  Let Andrea enjoy her punishment."

Enjoy her punishment?  Hayden watched Andrea clink and clank from the table to the dishwasher, carefully arranging the dirty bowls and tableware in its racks.  Is this part of the game?  She rose from her chair and followed Chloe from the kitchen, but looked back over her shoulder to admire both the chains and the naked Hobbit wearing them.  What the hell have I gotten myself into? she thought, staring at Andrea's petite form, then followed the others into the parlor.

The League of LIGATION
Chapter 7

Andrea sighed through her tape-gagged lips and the Gwen-hood encasing her head.  It was all so colossally unfair... and deliciously evil.  Sharon had ordered her to talk Hayden into the first trial.  She'd even coached her in how to seduce Titian—and Andrea had to admit Chloe had scored a coup with that nickname.  It suited the sexy librarian perfectly.  Anyway, Sharon had coached her and suggested she use her rope rigging skills, as opposed to any of the other options.  And then... She makes a big show of Righteous Outrage for Hayden's benefit, and I get punished!  So.  Colossally.  Unfair.

The naked, chained, gagged, and hooded Hobbit was upstairs, in one of the unused second story rooms.  Actually, the room was used on a semi-regular basis.  Granted, it was totally bare, not counting Andrea, but it had been modified to serve a specific purpose: secure damsel storage.

The original door was replaced by a solid-core door of the same style.  An additional, redundant set of hinges was added, and the screws securing all the hinges in the jam were replaced with extra-extra-long screws.  Also, a deadbolt lock was installed, supplementing the already adequate skeleton key lock.  Finally, the screws of the locks' strike plates were also extra-extra-long.

The walls were clad with thick, wide planks, screwed directly into the underlying framing with more of the long screws, and that included the ceiling, floor, and the interior side of the door.  The lumber used was what Andrea believed was referred to as "barn wood."  It presented a rough, weathered, gray appearance, but was actually more or less smooth; smooth enough to allow an elaborately bound damsel to wiggle and squirm her way around the room without the danger of suffering from splinters, anyway.

There was one window, and it was the same style as all the others adorning Tauton House, at least from the outside.  From the inside, a wooden shutter with the same size slats as the Venetian blinds used in the house's other windows was permanently screwed into the window frame.  It was painted the same ivory color as the Venetian blinds, but only on the outside.  The interior surface presented the same weathered gray as the barn wood paneling.  Also—and it was a big also—a panel of heavy gauge wire mesh and the same semi-Celtic iron bars that comprised the house's front fence were solidly screwed into the frame on the interior side.  Bound or unbound, an interred damsel would be unable to touch, much less damage the underlying shutter.  During the day, the slats allowed a little indirect light to enter the room, but at night, nothing.

Finally, the heating and cooling register was covered by a metal grid, a scaled down version of the window bars.  Apparently, Dorothy had once joked, this was in case the imprisoned damsel was a witch and could transform herself into a small rodent.  The only lighting was a single recessed can set in the ceiling timbers and covered by yet another iron grill.  Finally, on the wall opposite the door, a heavy iron ring was solidly screwed into the paneling and the underlying framing.  At the moment, the ring in question was host to a five foot length of hefty steel chain and a padlock, and the other end of the chain was padlocked to the ring of Andrea's steel collar.

Chloe had done the deed.  As soon as Andrea had finished cleaning up the kitchen and clinked and clanked her way to the parlor, her fellow blonde had taken charge, leading her up the stairs.  Sharon, Dorothy, and a somewhat puzzled and concerned Hayden, bless her heart, remained behind.  After a necessary but humiliating stop in the bathroom, Chloe led Andrea to "The Empty Room," unlocked the door, dragged her inside, plunked her naked butt down on the floor, padlocked her to the wall-chain, and left—but not before imparting Sharon's final instructions.  Andrea was not to play with herself, and if caught doing so, would wear a pair of Chloe's "special steel panties" for a week.

Andrea heaved a sigh in the semi-dark room.  Once Chloe locked her in The Empty Room, she'd flicked a switch next to the door, on the hallway side, of course.  It turned on the dim nightlight built into the can, next to the somewhat brighter daytime bulb.  Then, Andrea assumed, the Evil Blonde returned to the parlor.  All the residents, except for Hayden, knew Sharon had hidden cameras in all the special rooms, like The Empty Room, and Andrea knew right where this one was located: the upper far right corner, from her point of view.  Neither the camera nor the glint of its lens were visible, but Andrea had seen images of other interred damsels and knew that was where the camera had to be, probably behind an empty "knot" in one of planks.

Andrea very much doubted the others were in the parlor watching her on the big screen.  That would probably be too much too soon for poor Hayden, but Sharon might have her iPad handy, and might be checking in on her from time to time.  Probably not, but the threat was there, like the Sword of Damocles... or in this case, the Chastity Belt of Chloe.

An hour passed, an hour in which Andrea ignored the camera that may or may not be allowing Mistress to monitor her captive damsel.  She didn't play with herself.  Orders aside, her growing thirst and empty, growling stomach were a distraction.  It wasn't that she was actually suffering, of course, but her needs were definitely lifting the experience from ho-hum helplessness to quality languishing.

And then, she heard the dreaded (but welcome) sound of the door being unlocked.  The door opened, Dorothy entered, and the door closed and locked behind her.  A thrill of pure joy rippled through Andrea's pussy and up her spine.  There were three reasons:
  1. Dorothy was naked (not counting her nipple rings).
  2. In her right hand was a large cup with a plastic lid and bearing the Five Guys® label.
  3. In her left hand was a brown paper bag with tell-tale grease blotches.
"You really didn't think Mistress would be that mean, did you?" Dorothy giggled as she sauntered forward, then gracefully settled to the hard floor directly in front of her chained and hooded lover. 

Dorothy leaned forward, Andrea also leaned forward and managed a half turn to give her access to the back of her head, and she felt her lover's strong fingers begin fiddling with the laces of her hood.  It took effort to tease the ends of the doubled bow free of the back of the steel collar, but Dorothy managed.  The laces loosened, the hood did as well, and finally, Dorothy managed to pull the horrible encasement over Andrea's head.

Andrea's tangled mop of blond curls flopped free, then she returned her face to the front so Dorothy could peel the strip of Elastoplast from her lips.  "Ah.  Thank you," she gasped as she licked her lips, yawned, and worked her lower jaw.  She didn't have enough saliva to do much actual licking, and while nothing had been stuffed in her mouth, the Gwen-hood had cupped her chin and pressed firmly against her lips.  It felt good to finally be able to open her mouth.

Meanwhile, Dorothy had pulled a plastic straw from the bag, removed its paper wrapper, and thrust it through the lid of the cup.

"On gimme!" Andrea sighed, took the cup in her manacled hands, and sucked on the straw.  "Ummm, cherry," she sighed.

"Is there any other milkshake suitable for a Pink Hobbit?" Dorothy purred.  She reached into the bag and pulled out a foil-wrapped bundle, a paper cup stuffed with French fries, and a stack of paper napkins.

"Pink Hobbit?" Andrea asked, then took another suck on the straw.

"Titian has retaliated for her new nickname by dubbing us the 'Brown' and 'Pink' Hobbits, respectively," Dorothy explained.

"Brown?" Andrea asked.  "Why not Chocolate, or Mocha, or..."  She sucked on the straw, again.  "No, those are stupid.  Brown is best.  Anyway... cute."

Dorothy nodded, then unwrapped the foil, revealing a Five Guys® cheeseburger "all the way," meaning with caramelized onions, mushrooms, pickles, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and mayo.  It was Andrea's favorite, like the cherry flavored milkshake.  "Give me back my shake," the Brown Hobbit teased, then nodded at the burger.  "Sorry I didn't bring you anything.  If I'd known you were hungry—"

"Shut up," Andrea growled, leaned forward over the foil wrapper, picked up the burger, and took a huge bite.  Ummm!" she murmured as she chewed, rolling her eyes in gustatory ecstasy.

"Sharon has agreed to let us spend the night together," Dorothy explained as Andrea continued to eat, "but she ordered me to punish you by extracting at least three orgasms from your helpless body, and requiring you to do the same to me."

Andrea swallowed, then took a sip from her shake.  "On the hard-hard floor?  Also, you're not helpless.  How can I pleasure your helpless body when you're not helpless."  She then took another bite of burger.

"Of course on the hard-hard floor," Dorothy giggled, then took a French fry from the cup.  "I'm eating half your fries," she announced, then popped the fry in her mouth and smiled.

Andrea shrugged.  "Five Guys always gives you waaay too many."  It was true.  Not only was the cup full to the top, but the overflow of deep-fried, greasy, potato goodness still in the bag probably constituted what the Burger King or Ronald McDonald would call a regular order.

Andrea continued eating while Dorothy continued munching the occasional fry and enjoying the sight of her naked, chained, and languishing lover enjoying her favorite artery-clogging meal.  The night was young.


The League of LIGATION
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