The League of
The League of LIGATION   

   by Van ©2015

 Chapter 6



Having pulled weekend duty at the library, Hayden had Monday off.  She rose at her usual time, showered and dressed, then joined Sharon, the Hobbits, and Chloe in the kitchen.  The denizens of Tauton House didn't always have a chance to eat breakfast together, but today it happened.  The meal over, Hayden sipped her coffee as Chloe and Dorothy prepared to leave for work.  Hayden had noticed the Hobbits traded smug and self-satisfied smiles as they ate, while Chloe had been uncharacteristically grim.  There was no teasing or open hostility—the exchanges were more of an impression than anything else—but Hayden could tell something was up.  Sharon had been and was her usual smiling, maternal self.

Chloe grimaced as she donned her leather jacket, causing Salt & Pepper to exchange another smile.

Hayden frowned.  "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Chloe answered, rolling her shoulders and arching her back in a careful stretch.  "I overdid it a little with the yoga, yesterday afternoon."

"Yeah," Dorothy said as she pulled on her jacket, "the yoga."

"Yoga," Andrea agreed, and the Hobbits shared a subdued version of their trademark giggling fit.

"What?" Hayden asked.

"Nothing dear," Sharon said with a reassuring smile.  "I'm sure Chloe will be fine.  Nothing a nice sauna won't fix.  It's not the first time a yoga session has gotten a little out of hand around here, and I'm sure it won't be the last."

"I can almost guarantee it," Chloe said, favoring the still giggling Hobbits with a grim stare.  This served to dampen the girls' amusement, but only a little.  Chloe shifted her focus to Hayden and smiled.  "I'm fine."

"I'll make sure the sauna's ready when you get home," Hayden promised, then carried the dirty plates and tableware to the dishwasher.

Sharon and her tenants exchanged their final goodbyes with the departing Chloe and Dorothy, Hayden and Andrea continued cleaning up after the meal, and Sharon refilled her coffee mug and strolled towards the back door.

"I'll be on the porch," Sharon announced.  "Also, I'll be going out later to meet some friends for lunch, then do a little shopping."

"Shopping?" Hayden responded.  "Do you need any help?"

"No, dear," Sharon smiled.  "Enjoy your day off."  And with that, the Mistress of Tauton left the kitchen.  Hayden and Andrea could see her through the window, sipping her coffee and enjoying the garden.

Hayden finished with her share of the cleanup, rinsed her hands, then smiled at Andrea.  "Uh, Sharon said I should ask you about the advanced version of the game."

Andrea was also finished.  "AD&D?" she inquired as she rinsed her hands.

Hayden nodded.  "Apparently, the deck of cards and the rest of the die are used to generate 'scenarios' of some kind?"

"They are," Andrea confirmed.  "Tell ya what, I'm gonna write for a couple of hours, but after Sharon leaves, meet me in the backyard for some sunbathing and I'll fill you in."

Hayden blinked in surprise.  "Sunbathing?"

"Yeah," Andrea giggled, "sunbathing.  Lounging around naked and working on your tan?  Sunbathing."  She looked Hayden up and down from head to toe.  "I think we have a bottle of 'SPF-why-bother' around here someplace."

Hayden's smile returned.  "In the first place, I freckle, I don't tan.  In the second place, my skin isn't that sensitive.  And in the third place—"

"You should use sunscreen, nonetheless," Andrea interrupted.

"Of course," Hayden agreed.  "I have a bottle of Bullfrog
in my toiletries bag... I think."

"It's settled, then," Andrea said with a grin as she headed for the door to the parlor.  "See you at ten o'clock or after Sharon leaves, whichever comes first."

"Uh, okay," Hayden sighed as Andrea departed.  Only then did she realize that she'd been railroaded.  Her lips curled in a chagrined smile.  "Little scamp," she muttered under her breath, then turned on the dishwasher.

The League of LIGATION
Chapter 6

Hayden and Andrea were lying on their backs in the backyard, side by side on beach towels.  They were naked, except for sunglasses and the layer of sunscreen glistening on their skins.  Andrea was already well-tanned, of course, but Hayden was decidedly pale.  Both sunbathers lacked discernible tan lines.  This was not only a matter of the difference in their natural skin tones, but also thanks to Andreas experience with sun-worship and Hayden's lack thereof.  Hayden's red hair was pulled back in a ponytail enforced by a fabric-covered elastic and Andrea's blond locks were treated in a similar fashion, only she'd used a narrow, sky-blue hair ribbon.

Actually, Hayden did have tan lines, or more accurately, freckle lines.  Her arms, face, chest, and feet were somewhat dappled, but her torso and most of her thighs were a fair, pinkish-white.  It wasn't that Hayden never went outdoors, she ran regularly, and had been known to go birdwatching at the nearest wildlife refuge, but she was always careful to wear a hat and generally protect herself from the sun—but not today.

"So," Hayden sighed, as she considered Andrea's lecture on the basics of Advanced Dungeons and Damsels, "the cards are used to randomly select a page in the 'Great Book of Scenarios,' and rolls of the dice, as specified on each particular page, fill in the details.  High rolls generally mean more rope, more extreme positions, longer languishing time, etc."

"Exactly."  Andrea sat up and crossed her legs, then reached for her can of Diet Cherry 7 Up® and took a drink.  Her gaze hidden behind her dark sunglasses, she savored the view of Hayden's pale breasts and pink nipples.  She'd already seen them in the sauna, but they were a pleasant sight glistening in the sun, as now.  The same went for the redhead's flat, sculpted tummy, firm thighs, and auburn pubic bush.  Chloe might have the edge in the athleticism department, but Hayden was no slouch, not by a long shot.  The librarian was in quite good shape, and was very easy on the eyes.  Andrea took another sip as Hayden rolled over onto her stomach and rested her head on her crossed arms, allowing Andrea to enjoy the sight of her strong back, dimpled buttocks, and smooth, firm thighs.

"Tell me again about the suits," Hayden said.

"The card suits?" Andrea asked, then set the half-empty can aside.

"Yeah," Hayden answered.  "Tell me more about the categories."

Andrea stretched, then lay back down and rolled onto her stomach, mirroring Hayden's pose.  "To review... spades means a 'Horror' scenario, clubs means 'Crime Drama,' diamonds means 'Fantasy or Sci-Fi,' and hearts means, "Fun."

"Fun," Hayden muttered.  "That's the one I don't understand."

"Ever read any of the Sweet Gwendoline stories by John Willie?" Andrea inquired.

"Uh... I don't think so," Hayden answered.

"You're in for a treat," Andrea giggled.  "I'll loan you my copy, also my Franco Saudelli comics.  Anyhoo... 'Fun' means, uh, bondage romp."

"Bondage romp?"

"Bondage for fun," Andrea explained.  "Pure, unadulterated, girls-just-wanna-have-fun, fun."

Hayden was dubious.  "Uh..."

Andrea giggled.  "Okay, I admit there was a lot of argument about that one when we set things up, but we had to do something with the hearts, and no one could think of a solid fourth category.  That's probably why the 'hearts' section of the book has the fewest number of pages.  You'll understand better after we decide to let you look through the book.  Versions of a lot of the scenarios could probably be sorted into more than one of the categories, but—"

"Wait, wait, wait," Hayden objected, then lifted herself off her towel, swiveled and folded her legs, and sat cross-legged.  She removed her sunglasses and frowned at Andrea.  "What do you mean after you decide to let me look through the book?  Who is 'we,' and why shouldn't I be allowed to look?"

Andrea rolled over onto her back and smiled up at Hayden.  "We, as in us, as in all of us that aren't you," she giggled.  "We're not sure you're ready for rolls of five and six on a d-6, much less eighteen to twenty on a d-20 with parts of some of the scenarios.  Sharon especially has her doubts."

Hayden frowned.  She knew the "d" number referred to the number of sides of a particular polyhedral die, and the significance of the high rolls varied from scenario to scenario, but... "Sharon?  She thinks I'm a wimp?  That hurts."

Andrea surprised Hayden by not giggling.  The little blonde removed her sunglasses, sat up, crossed her legs, and placed a gentle hand on the glowering redhead's right knee.  "Sharon does not think you're a wimp.  None of us think you're a wimp.  Sharon just wants to go slow, let you get used to the basic game, and not try anything, uh, 'advanced' until she thinks you're ready."  She gave Hayden's knee a reassuring tap.  "I think you're ready, but I was out-voted."

"Out-voted," Hayden huffed.

Andrea smiled.  "The others agree you need to participate in a few, uh, watered down D&D sessions before you move on to watered down AD&D."

"So," Hayden huffed, "they do think I'm a wimp.  We'll see about that."

"Don't be angry, Hayden," Andrea said seriously.

"I'm not angry," Hayden stated (lied), "and I'm not a wimp.  I'm going to..."  She heaved a sigh.  "I don't know what I'm gonna do," she admitted.

Andrea took another sip from her Diet Cherry 7 Up®, then her smile returned.  "Ya know, if you presented them with a fiat accompli, they'd have no choice but to—"

"Fait accompli," Hayden interrupted.

Andrea frowned.  "Huh?"

"'Fay-ought' accompli," Hayden repeated, exaggerating the first word.  "A 'Fiat accompli' is an accomplished, Italian-made motorcar."  Her smile had returned.  "I thought you were a writer?"

Andrea's smile morphed to a wry smirk and a blush touched her tan cheeks.  "I am a writer, and you're right, it is, fait accompli, now that I think about it, and you can deal with the others yourself.  It'll probably be months before they let you play AD&D."

"Sorry," Hayden chuckled.  "What's your idea?"

Andrea took another sip of soda before answering.  "They can't argue that you aren't ready for a high-roll bind if you've already shown that you can take a high-roll bind."

Hayden gazed at Andrea's twinkling blue eyes and dimpled smile.  Obviously, Hayden realized, she was being manipulated, just as she'd been manipulated by the Pink Hobbit into the sunbathing session.  Also, while Hayden had only a vague understanding of what constituted a "high-roll bind," it didn't sound good.  But, she decided, how bad can it be?  And I can't argue I'm not a wimp, then wimp out on Andrea.  And it's a good idea... probably... maybe.

Andrea's smile turned rather coy.  "Well?"

Hayden reached for her can of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper®, popped the top, and took a sip.  "What do you have in mind?" she asked.

"That... my dear... would be telling," Andrea giggled, "said the Mysterious Countess to Sweet Gwendoline.  Get your stuff and let's go upstairs."

Hayden assumed the name references were from the book Andrea said she was going to lend her.  She took another sip of soda as the diminutive blonde rolled her towel and gathered her things.  "Upstairs?"

Andrea was already headed for the porch.  "Our destination is my bedroom."

Hayden watched Andrea depart.  She did it again, Hayden realized.  She railroaded me... and I let her.

The League of LIGATION
Chapter 6

Both residents had worn robes to get from from their bedrooms to the backyard, but Andrea didn't don hers for the return trip, so Hayden followed her lead.  After all, the Mistress of Tauton House was absent, so streakers would be undetected and therefore unpunished.

"Do you need to use the little damsel's room?" Andrea inquired as they climbed the steps to the second floor.

"Not really," Hayden answered.

"Do it anyway," Andrea advised.  "You might be glad you did."

Andrea was kidding, of course, but Hayden took her advice and made a side trip to the common bathroom.  After emptying her bladder, she took a couple of seconds to primp at the mirror.  A few wispy strands of her long, red hair had escaped her ponytail, so she removed the fabric-covered elastic, returned the errant strands to the fold, then restored the ponytail.  She continued down the hall to Andrea's room, then paused to knock on the open door.

"Come in, come in," Andrea giggled.  "In fact, come into my parlor..."

"Said the spider to the fly," Hayden chuckled.  Andrea was wearing a pair of panties and was donning a matching bra.  "Uh, shouldn't I put something on?" Hayden suggested.  She pointed at the ceiling and her attic bedroom, beyond.  "It won't take a sec'."

"No, you most assuredly should not put something on," Andrea purred.  "High-roll bind means high-rolls across the board, including costume... or lack thereof."

"You mean... naked?"  Hayden felt a blush warm her cheeks (for some reason).

Andrea rolled her eyes, but she was still smiling.  She'd also finished dressing and was now wearing a pair of faded denim cutoffs and an aqua-green tank-top.  "So, you're a wimp and a prude," she teased as she untied and tossed away the ribbon enforcing her sunbathing ponytail.

Hayden's lips curled in a chagrined smile, she dropped her rolled beach towel, bottle of Bullfrog® sunscreen, and sunglasses on the seat of a chair near the bedroom door, then stood and favored the petite, smiling blonde with an even stare, hands on her hips... hands on her naked hips.  "You think you're clever, but I know what you're doing.  Stop manipulating me."

Andrea strolled to her closet and returned with a large canvas shopping bag bulging with bundles of white cotton rope.  "If I don't manipulate you," she responded, "it'll take you forever to overcome your wimp status."

Hayden's eyes were on the neat coils of rope Andrea was pulling from the bag and arranging on the floor in order of size.  "Uh... there is that... I suppose."

"Now," Andrea said as she selected one of the largest coils, released its retaining hitch, doubled the rope, and found its center, "I'm going to introduce you to the elevated box-tie."

Hayden's eyes widened.  "Elevated?"

Andrea pointed at the floor directly in front of her.  "Also known as the double-hammerlock box-tie.  Kneel with your back to me."  Still smiling, she waited expectantly with the long, doubled rope in her hands.  "And don't worry.  This time, 'elevated' doesn't mean all of you.  We'll do a full suspension some other time."

Suspension?  Hayden heaved a sigh and followed the Pink Hobbit's command by strolling to the area indicated, turning her back, dropping to her knees, and placing her hands behind her back.  She flinched, just a little, when Andrea dropped the first loop of rope over her head and shoulders, and snugged it tight around her upper arms and torso, above her breasts.

"Don't be nervous, Hayden," Andrea purred, then kissed the top of her head.  "It won't be that bad."  She continued tightening doubled rope around Hayden's upper body, passing above and below her breasts, making sure the strands were neat and flat, cinching the ropes between Hayden's arms and torso, and yoking her shoulders.  She looped the final free ends of the rope under the shoulder yoke at the nape of Hayden's neck, gave it a firm tug to tighten everything up, then knotted the end.  She then lifted Hayden's hands, crossed her wrists against her spine, and used a second coil of rope to lash them in place.

Hayden couldn't follow the full details of what Andrea was doing, of course, as it was all happening behind her back; but she could tell her wrist bonds had been threaded through the upper-body harness, and now rope was tightening across her palms, encircling her thumbs, and rendering her fingers and hands more-or-less useless.  It was all very involved and elaborate, and involved a great deal of rope slithering through rope, the tightening of hitches, and the regular tying of intermediary knots.  And speaking of tight, the flesh of her arms and shoulders bulged between the ropes, just a little, and her breasts were squeezed between the horizontal ropes in front, also just a little.  It wasn't exactly punishing, but it was certainly tight, and when Andrea tied a final knot and expressed her satisfaction, Hayden realized her upper body might as well be cast in plaster or fiberglass bandages that had long since dried and set.

Hayden's legs were next.  Andrea eased her down onto her stomach (and rope-framed breasts), crossed her ankles, and tied them together.  Next, she hitched a short length of rope through the ankle bonds, passed it up and through the ropes at the nape of Hayden's neck, pulled out all the slack, until the heels of Hayden's feet touched her buttocks, then tied it off.  This left Hayden in something like the hogtie she'd seen Chloe inflict on Andrea, herself, last Friday night, but the Pink Hobbit wasn't finished.

"There, that's a box-tie-hogtie," the grinning Hobbit purred, "but let's make it a box-tie-hogtie-frog-tie."  She proceeded to lash Hayden's lower legs to their respective thighs, looping multiple bands of rope around her shins and the front of her thighs, then cinching the bindings tight between her calves and the backs of her thighs.  Finally, she tied Hayden's feet and big toes, lashing them through both the ankle and frog-tie bonds.  "There," Andrea said.  "One more rope, but first, I want to add something else."  She then strolled to her nightstand and began rummaging through its drawers.

Hogtied on the carpet, Hayden squirmed and tested her bonds. Needless to say, she was helpless, really helpless.  Initially, the addition of the frog-tie ropes had compacted the folds in her splayed legs and slightly loosened the hogtie rope, but Andrea had corrected that "deficiency" by releasing the rope and pulling it taut, again, making the hogtie just as stringent as before.  As for the foot and big-toe bondage, it did nothing to enhance her helplessness, other than further reducing her already ineffectual efforts to escape to pathetic squirming and wiggling.

Like the hand and thumb ropes, Hayden suspected her foot bonds were mere embellishment, decorations on the icing of the proverbial cake that was helpless Hayden, the bound damsel.  She continued wiggling and trying to roll her shoulders and flex her hips, but all her efforts did was cause fractional loosening of her bonds here or there at the expense of fractional tightening elsewhere.  She knew she'd never escape from Andrea's ropes, not in a million years.

"This is a six?" Hayden huffed, continuing to squirm.

"No, that's a solid five," Andrea giggled.  She'd found whatever she'd been looking for and had returned.  "A six would require more rope," she added as she knelt at Hayden's side.  "You'd be just as helpless, but the overkill of a 'six' enhances the aesthetics and has a psychological impact on the victim—I mean damsel."  She rolled Hayden onto her back, then cradled her head and shoulders in her lap and smiled down at the redhead's slightly anxious face.  "Don't let Sharon hear you use the word 'victim.'  She insists we use 'damsel' when referring to our helplessly bound and gagged playmates."  She leaned close and planted a kiss on Hayden's lips.  "And speaking of gags..."

She reached behind her back and pulled something from the back pocket of her cutoffs.  It was a black rubber ball, about two inches in diameter, and was hollow and pierced by about a dozen quarter-inch holes, as well as a black leather strap with a jangling buckle.

Hayden opened her mouth to share her negative feelings about being ball-gagged (she thought the thing was called a "ball-gag") but—"Mrrrpfh!"—was preempted by Andrea thrusting the ball into her mouth and buckling the strap at the nape of her neck, under her flopping ponytail.  She glared at Andrea and tossed her head.  "Mrrrf!"

Andrea smiled down at her captive.  "That's not the most effective gag in our inventory, but it's safe, easy to breathe through."

Hayden stared into Andrea's—her captor's—smiling, pixie face.  Inventory?  She has more?  They have more?

"Now," Andrea purred, "let's discuss the attributes of a high-roll situation."  She reached down and placed the palm of her right hand on Hayden's flat tummy.  "A damsel never feels so helpless as when she's naked, don't you think?"  She let her hand glide up and down, from the margin of Hayden's reddish-brown pubic hair to well above her navel.

Hayden shivered in her bonds... her inescapable, elaborate bonds.  It's true, she thought, continuing to squirm as Andrea's hand slowly slid up and down.  Helpless.

"As for bondage," Andrea continued, "even a category one tie is inescapable—or is supposed to be, anyhow," she giggled.  "I did escape a category two, once, and Dorothy has escaped from category ones, twice!  All three times it was Chloe doing the binding.  I think that's why she usually pushes the bondage as far Mistress will let her."

Hayden nodded, gravely.  That makes senseIf anyone could escape, it would be a squirmy Hobbit.  She tugged on her wrist bonds.  But it certainly won't be me.

"So, whether or not the ropes are inescapable is moot" Andrea said.  "The higher the roll, the greater the complexity, the greater the immobility..."  Her hands stopped gliding.  "And the greater the degree of control exercised by the villainess."  Her smile turned a little coy.  "Sharon's okay with the title 'villainess,' by the way."

Hayden watched as her "villainess" picked up a coil of rope, released its retaining hitch, doubled it, and found its center.

"There's also an erotic dimension to the advanced game," Andrea purred.

And there isn't to the basic game? Hayden wondered, remembering her reaction to the semi-naked Dorothy bound to the chair, and to Andrea—her Villainess—naked and hogtied on the parlor floor.  Oh!  Andrea had looped the rope around her waist, twice, and was now tying a knot over her navel.  The blond Hobbit then passed the still substantial free ends between Hayden's splayed legs and between her labia!  "Mrrrf!"  The indignant (and somewhat excited) Hayden was then rolled off Andrea's lap and onto her stomach, the ends of what she thought was logically called a "crotch-rope" were threaded through her hogtie bonds, and—"Mrrrk?"—the slack removed.

Now, as Hayden squirmed and struggled, the crotch-rope sawed between her labia and butt cheeks.  Hmm, she thought, 'saw' may be a bit over the top.  Saw might imply something extreme... maybe.  She tugged on the rope in question, again, and it slid through her crotch, again.  But if 'saw' is extreme, Hayden decided, 'slide' is inadequate.  Anyway, the rope is definitely there.

Meanwhile, as Hayden explored the new addition to her total helplessness, Andrea had climbed to her feet, padded to her chest of drawers, then was returning with a patterned headscarf.  It was very pretty, in Hayden's opinion, with large, dusky-rose blossoms and emerald leaves against a black background.

Hayden watched as Andrea knelt at her side, again, folded the scarf into a narrow bandage, then—"Mrrk?"—tied it across her eyes as a blindfold!

"If this was a category six bind," Andrea whispered in Hayden's left ear, "I'd probably braid or fold your hair, bind it with rope, and add it to the hogtie, together with the back of the gag and the blindfold, pulling everything so tight that you'd be rocking on your stomach."  She kissed the top of Hayden's head before continuing.  "We haven't discussed the plot details of the various scenarios, but suffice it to say, high rolls lead to things like ticking time bombs, sadistic death-traps, hordes of snakes or spiders, feasting vampires, face-hugging aliens, etc.  I'm sure you understand—the sort of things that really put the distress in damsel-in-distress."

Hayden shivered in her bonds (and did her best to ignore the crotch-rope).  Where is she going with this?

"Enjoy your 'hour of testing,'" Andrea purred, "and be sure and take a little time to imagine what you'll do to me in the highly unlikely event that you succeed in turning the tables."

Turning the tables, Hayden thought.  Right.

When the hour is up," Andrea continued, I'll show you the sort of thing that might happen if you ever roll high numbers with the 'distress' portions of one of the scenarios.  Now..."

Hayden heard Andrea climb to her feet.

"I'm gonna make myself a cup of coffee," Andrea purred, "then come back and keep you company, maybe do a little writing at my desk.  Have fun."

Hayden heard Andrea climb to her feet, the feet in question thudded on the carpeted floor, then she heard the bedroom door close... and she was alone... bound and gagged and helpless... very bound and gagged and helpless... and naked!

What's she gonna do to me? Hayden wondered as she squirmed in her bonds.

The League of LIGATION
Chapter 6

The hour passed very slowly—not that Hayden felt she had a precise lock on the passage of time.

Andrea did return after several minutes, as she'd promised, but she said nothing.  Hayden could hear her moving, could feel the vibrations of her barefoot steps as she padded around on the carpeted floor of the bedroom.  She also heard the creak of the chair as her Hobbit-captor sat at her desk.  This was followed by the click and clatter of the keys of the laptop.  Apparently, Andrea was, indeed, writing.

Hayden continued her weak, ineffective struggles, and Andrea continued her writing, ignoring her helpless, naked captive, as far as the bound, gagged, and blindfolded Damsel in question could tell.  And the clock ticked.

Hayden contemplated the scenario question, the 800-pound gorilla in the room.  And speaking of gorillas...  Spades means 'Horror,' Hayden remembered, so in this case, Andrea would be a Mad Scientist, no the insane daughter of a mad scientist, and she's planning to transplant my brain into the body of a gorilla!  Hayden wiggled and squirmed.  Cheesy?  Yes, but horrible, horrific!  The tapping of the unseen keys continued, as did Hayden's pathetic struggles.

Clubs is 'Crime Drama,' Hayden thought, so... the intelligent gorilla from the DC comics—Brainiac?—no Gorilla Grodd.  Gorilla Grodd is going to use his mind control powers to...  No, wait.  Is that 'Crime Drama' or 'Fantasy & Sci-Fi,' the diamond category?  Hayden paused in her fruitless struggles.  I can see how this stuff can get... problematic.

Just then, Hayden heard the melodious chime of an iPhone ringtone—which abruptly stopped.  The desk chair creaked, feet thudded on the carpet (Andrea's feet, obviously), and Hayden heard a drawer slide open, probably a nightstand drawer.  Then, the feet thudded close.

"Time's up, helpless damsel," Andrea giggled.  "Time for your distress."  She then knelt at Hayden's side, rolled the hogtied, gagged, and blindfolded redhead onto her back, bound arms, naked butt, and folded and splayed legs, then eased Hayden's head and shoulders up onto her lap, as she had before.

Hayden heard a quiet buzzing sound, then—"Mrrrk!"—she flinched in her bonds as something, a vibrating something, touched her right nipple!  "Nrrrr!"  It was a vibrator, and it continued teasing her nipple... then began tracing a lazy, sinuous path around and across the entire breast!

"You know I'd never hurt you," Andrea cooed.  "You know none of us would ever hurt you."

"Mrrrrpfh!"  Hayden shivered in her bonds, and continued testing her inescapable bonds.

"In fact," Andrea continued in a husky whisper, "nothing would make me happier than to make you happy."

"Mrrrrr."  The tip of the humming missile—Hayden strongly suspected it was one of those missile-shaped vibrators—was now dividing its time between both breasts, and both nipples... then began gliding down Hayden's body and towards her exposed crotch!  "Nrrrrr!"

"Don't be like that, darling," Andrea giggled.  "This is much better than being blown up by a bomb, shot by a crossbow, or... stuff like that, isn't it?"  She nudged Hayden's lower tummy, directly over her pubic bush.  "Well, isn't it?"

Hayden continued shivering, squirming in her bonds, and mewling through her ventilated ball-gag.

"It's really something being truly helpless in a situation like this, don't you think?"  Andrea began teasing Hayden's flushed, rope-cleaved labia.  "I think you can see why we all like playing the advanced game."

"Mrrrrf!"  Hayden's rope-framed breasts were heaving and she was panting through her gag.  Air whistled, ever so quietly, through the hollow, ventilated sphere.

"Don't worry, darling," Andrea purred.  "I know just how to do this, how to prolong your 'distress' for a very long time."  The vibrator continued to glide, and Hayden continued shivering, squirming, and panting.  "I've had very good teachers... and a lot of experience with both ends of this kind of situation."

Hayden knew she was going to cum.  She was going to cum very soon!  And then, the pressure of the vibrator lessened.  Hayden bucked her hips, doing her best to press her pussy against the buzzing missile.  This elicited a quiet giggle from her villainess, but was largely unsuccessful.  The ropes were tight and cunningly tied, and Andrea easily exerted complete control of Hayden's struggling body.  It was... frustrating.

Suddenly, Hayden heard the thud of the bedroom door being thrown open, followed by the sound of a loud, angry, and very familiar voice.

"What do you think you're doing, young lady?"

It was Sharon!  The Mistress of Tauton House had returned!


The League of LIGATION
Chapter 6

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