Kitty Wynter

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  Chapter 5



Six orgasms.  Three each.  Three for Kitty, extracted by Dr. B with her blue rocket—and three for Bertie, with Suki doing the honors with her pink Frisky Finger.

And there was nothing either of the prisoners could do about it.  Their bondage saw to that, and their captors knew their stuff—meaning Kitty and Bertie's stuff.  They knew exactly how to use their vibrating mini-tools.

By this time, sunset was fast approaching.  Helena's apartment was high enough in the tower that the streetlights weren't an issue, especially through the closed blinds.  Later on, the lights of the other building would probably provide some illumination, but it was getting decidedly gloomy in the apartment.

"Make a final sweep while I deal with Ms. Wynter," Dr. B said to Suki.

The Smiling Goth had just finished delivering the third and final orgasm to Bertie and was using the tip of the Finger to tease her left nipple.  Bertie was panting through flaring nostrils and staring into space.  Her tan, lightly freckled skin was flushed and shining with sweat, where it wasn't bound under tight bands of duct-tape and tape-covered cable-ties.

"Do we have to?" Suki whined, batting her pale blue eyes at Dr. B.  "I could do this all night."  Dr. B gave her an even stare.  "Okay, okay," she chuckled, climbed to her feet, and pocketed the pink mini-buzzer.  "I think it needs new batteries, anyway."  She smiled at Bertie, then released the rope loosely binding the post-orgasmic little blond to Helena's couch and tossed it towards Kitty and Dr. B.

Meanwhile, Dr. B had eased Kitty off her lap and onto her stomach, breasts, and splayed thighs on the plush carpet.  Kitty was in a like state to her partner—tired, sore, shining skin; but minus the freckles and plus tousled hair.  Also, she'd had time to rest while Suki gave Bertie her final orgasm, so she wasn't panting.  She turned her head, watched Dr. B retrieve the coil of hemp rope and double it to find the center.   Kitty sighed through her gag.  What now?

"What" was a hogtie, and it was a hogtie worthy of the elaborate box-tie and frog-tie already binding Kitty's contorted body.  A cat's cradle of hemp strands tightened through Kitty's thigh, foot, wrist, and arm-pinning rope bonds, the slack was removed until she was pulled into a back-arching bow, then additional hitches and knots tied to expend the remaining rope.  Kitty glared at her smiling captor.  An experienced rigger herself, Kitty could appreciate Dr. B's artistry, even if she wasn't in a position to visually examine every nuanced detail of her bonds.  She very much looked forward to demonstrating her expertise for Dr. B, with the good doctor as her subject, of course.

Kitty glanced towards the couch.  Suki was whispering in Bertie's ear, and Bertie's reaction to whatever she was saying was difficult to read, even for Kitty.  Suki then eased Bertie down until she was lying on her back, full-length on the soft leather.  She rolled Bertie onto her stomach and did something to Bertie's hands, but Kitty couldn't see what.  The Goth's body was blocking her view.  Suki then rolled Bertie back onto her bound arms, planted a kiss on her forehead, and walked away into the interior of the apartment.  Bertie locked eyes with Kitty and sighed through her gag.  Something had happened, but Kitty still didn't know what.

Meanwhile, Dr. B had returned the vibrator to the duffel, zipped it closed, and carried it to the apartment's entry door.

Kitty squirmed in her bonds.  No matter what she tried, she was stuck.  She doubted she'd be able to roll onto her side, much less inchworm away from her current location.  She wasn't tied to anything other than herself, meaning she wasn't tethered to a piece of furniture, but she wasn't going anywhere.  Kitty had done things like this to Bertie.  Hell, she'd even done something like this to the Shyster on one memorable occasion, but this was the first time someone had done it to her.

Dr. B returned to Kitty's side, knelt, and took her gagged head in her hands.  Still smiling her beautiful and supremely irritating smile, she leaned close and planted a long kiss on the top of Kitty's head, atop her tousled brown locks.  "You're very beautiful, detective," she purred.  "Strong, physically and mentally.  A beautiful, athletic body, and helpless in my ropes.  Totally helpless, which makes you even more beautiful.  Angry.  Helpless.  Beautiful."  She kissed Kitty's hair, again.

Suki reentered the space and closed the drapes.  Now, only a small fixture above the main door was providing light.  Suki smiled at Kitty, then Dr. B.  "Aren't you going to tie her hair to her toes?"

Dr. B locked eyes with her prisoner.  Seconds passed... then she shook her head.  "No, enough is enough."

'Enough is enough,' Kitty fumed.  Her eyes were still locked with Dr. B.  NOW she decides enough is enough.

"Softie," Suki chuckled.

Dr. B stood and planted a kiss on Suki's lips.  "Just you wait," she purred, gazing into Suki's pale blue eyes.  "Just you wait 'til..."  She shifted her eyes down to Kitty, then to Bertie on the couch.  "Let's not pillow talk in front of the children."

Suki giggled, walked to the door, and picked up the duffel.

Dr. B joined her, then turned to smile at the naked, bound, and gagged detectives.  "Well, it's been a pleasure."

Suki giggled.  "And in other clichés, let's do this again, real soon."

Dr. B laughed.  The door opened, Suki switched off the light, the villainess and her minion made their exit, and the door closed behind them with a solid thud.

Kitty and Bertie were now in total darkness.  As Kitty's eyes adapted, she found she could just make out the glow where the window's closed drapes met, but it wasn't enough light for her to do anything but maintain her bearings.  She focused on the couch, but try as she might, she couldn't even see the glint of her helpless partner's eyes.

We are so screwed, Kitty thought.
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 Chapter 5
Bertie rolled her bound body on the couch, just a little, every now and then.  It was comfort motion, although use of the word "comfort" wasn't entirely appropriate.  It any case, she knew her squirming efforts were more than poor Kitty could do.  Dr. Bitch had put her partner in one hell of a hogtie.

Hours of total darkness had passed... were continuing to pass.
A gift from Suki.
Before their captors abandoned them to their fate, Suki had slit the tape binding Bertie's fingers and severed the cable-tie binding her thumbs.  She'd used a small folding knife, a Spyderco, if Bertie wasn't mistaken.  She'd also leaned close and whispered in Bertie's ear, promising to leave the knife somewhere in the apartment, somewhere Bertie would be able to find and get to it, even bound as she was.  The knife was a gift, a gift from Suki to Bertie.  Of course, Suki had explained, as the knife was flat black, she'd have to wait until morning to make the attempt.  The smiling Goth assured her that come the dawn, enough light would leak through the closed blinds and drapes for her to accomplish the task.

Bertie was grateful for the promised gift.  She was also angry, humiliated, exhausted, sore, a little afraid, and very worried about their client.  But she was grateful.  It would be a lot easier for her to sever Kitty's bonds with a sharp knife than to untie the myriad of complex knots.

All she had to do was wait for sunrise, then slide, slither, and squirm her way on a grand tour of Helena's apartment to locate her present.  Then, she would slide, slither, and squirm her way back to Kitty and cut and slice her bonds without cutting and slicing Kitty.  Piece of cake, she thought.  Stiff upper lip, Philberta.  Piece of cake.

But for now...  Darkness.  Helplessness.

Eventually Bertie managed to fall asleep.
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 Chapter 5
Kitty also managed to get some sleep.  More accurately, she dozed in a catnap of misery and failure.  Come the morning, Bertie might be able to roll off the couch, squirm to her position, and at least try and untie her bonds.  If she failed, and the little Brit very well might fail, eventually their client's colleagues would come looking for her.  The prisoners could only hope it would be sooner, rather than later.

If Helena's fellow lawyers and/or the building staff and/or the police did come barging into the apartment and rescued them, it would be bad.  Finally getting out of Dr. B's Über-hogtie would be good, of course, but the public and professional humiliation of being discovered like this, that would be bad, very bad.  Also, if they were rescued later rather than sooner, there would be the expense, inconvenience, and delay of at least some hospital recuperation before they could get to the task of finding and rescuing Helena.

At least the cops will help, Kitty thought, meaning there would be the added complication of whoever caught the case ordering them to butt out, then doing their best to frustrate Kitty and Bertie's investigative efforts.  Of course, from Helena's perspective, having the cops involved would be a good thing.

Kitty ignored her discomfort, as well as her worries about the catastrophe of their eventual rescue, and thought about the case... if she could allow herself to call this debacle a case.

Whoever the hell Dr. Bondage and her Goth minion might be, they had gotten into the building without apparent difficulty.  Kitty and Bertie hadn't had a chance to conduct their security survey, but either there were holes big enough to drive the proverbial truck through the building's security, or...

'New neighbors,' Kitty thought.  The small fortune of high-end leather bondage gear they'd buckled and padlocked onto Helena's paralyzed, naked body suggested Dr. B and Suki had a client or clients with deep pockets, so maybe they had very deep pockets.  The kidnapping duo could actually be neighbors, or "guests" of a neighbor.  One simply didn't slap down a deposit and rent an apartment in a luxury building like this.  First, you had to pass extensive background checks; then, an interview with the Tentant Association; and finally, you signed a long-term lease or purchased an apartment outright.  Also, a corporation might claim a block of apartments for their exclusive use as part of the financing of the building.  Kitty and Bertie would have a lot of legwork to do, once they got free.

Another thing: Dr. B and Suki had left the apartment with their kidnapped target... then returned in something like an hour.  Simply wheeling the suitcase containing Helena through the lobby and out the front door would be entirely possible, but wheeling her out and then coming back?  Why do that?  And why did they decide to wait for the night shift to come on duty before making their final departure?

Kitty sighed through her gag.  Her gut was telling her Helena Garrett was still in the building, somewhere.  Of course, at the moment, there was exactly nothing Kitty could do about it.

Kitty closed her eyes.  She might as well sleep... or doze... or slip into an exhausted coma.
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 Chapter 5
Kitty awoke with a start—if you could call a blink of the eyes and a tensing of muscles held solidly in place by a web of tight ropes a start.  Bertie had rolled off the couch and landed on the carpet with a thud and a gagged groan.  Shaking off (metaphorically) the befuddlement of waking up naked, gagged, and tied up like a human pretzel, Kitty realized she could see her naked, tape-bound, and tape-gagged partner.  That is, it was morning, or almost morning.  It was still dark in the apartment, but enough light was sneaking past the closed blinds and drapes for Kitty to be able to see Bertie.

Kitty sighed through her gag and waited for Bertie to squirm in her direction and start attempting to untie her bonds—then she frowned in surprise.  "Mrrrf?"  Bertie was indeed squirming, rolling, writhing, and inching across the carpet, but not towards Kitty.  She was making decidedly laborious progress, but it was away from Kitty and deeper into the apartment.

What's she up to? Kitty wondered.  Looking for a phone?  That has to be it.  If Helena had a base station telephone somewhere, perhaps on her bedroom nightstand, Bertie could grab the power and/or telephone cords, pull it to the floor, then dial 911.  Kitty would rather she attempt to untie her partner first, but it was Bertie's call, so to speak.  Bertie was the one that was able to make a move... after a fashion.

And move Bertie did, with enthusiasm.  Still, it took her most of a minute to fade into the gloom.  Another minute passed.  Then another, followed by several more.

Finally, Bertie squirmed back into view and towards Kitty.  Apparently, her quest for the phone hadn't met with success.  I bet Big Bitch or Little Bitch disconnected and hid the cords, Kitty thought.  That would be just the sort of evil trick they'd play.  Kitty made a mental note to do something similarly cruel and sadistic to Bertie or the Shyster after all this was over.  Tie them up, leave an opening that would make them think they could escape, dash said hopes, then diddle their brains out.  It would be a fun evening.

Meanwhile, Bertie had worked her way to Kitty's side and was about to start attempting to untie the macrame project that was Kitty's hogtie.  Suddenly, Kitty heard a metallic click and Bertie leaned close.  Was it Kitty's imagination, or was her partner sawing at a strand of hemp with something sharp?  She felt the strand part, and now was certain a blade was involved.  Bravo Bertie! she thought.

Even with a blade it took quite some time for Bertie to make significant progress.  The angle was awkward with her wrists bound with her hands palm-to-palm, and her efforts were further encumbered by the slit band of duct-tape still partially adhered to her fumbling fingers.  Nonetheless, strand after strand of hemp surrendered to the blade and eventually Kitty's super-tight hogtie became a hogtie.  Then, a final strand surrendered with an audible twang, Kitty's bowed body relaxed, and Bertie was able to concentrate on freeing Kitty's wrists.

The final wrist rope strand parted.  Kitty took the knife from Bertie's awkward grasp and began freeing herself.

Bertie rolled onto her side and closed her eyes.  At last, she thought.  They were going to be free of their bonds!  At long last.  She opened her eyes in time to watch Kitty climb to her feet and stagger away, towards the open kitchen.  Bertie heard the tap run, then Kitty returned, walking very stiffly.  Her tan skin was crisscrossed with rope-marks and her stuffed mouth was still sealed with tape.  A clear glass of water and Suki's knife were in her hands.

Kitty straddled Bertie's bound body, slowly, stiffly settled to her knees, then carefully placed the glass to the side, leaned close, and began slicing her way through Bertie's gag.  This took a little time, but eventually Kitty was able to peel the layers of tape from Bertie's lower face and pluck the pair of panties from her mouth.

Bertie worked her jaws and tried to lick her lips as Kitty sat on the carpet and eased Bertie's head and shoulders onto her lap.  Kitty held the glass to Bertie's lips and helped her drink, then Bertie licked her lips, again, and gazed up at Kitty.  "I'm fine," she sighed.  "See to yourself.  See to your own needs."

Kitty's eyes sparkled above her gag.  She leaned close and touched foreheads with her still stringently bound partner.

"Go," Bertie sighed.  "I'm fine."  She watched Kitty climb to her feet and stagger away, presumably towards the apartment's bathroom to make use of a mirror.

Bertie closed her eyes, again, and relaxed in her bonds.  She was stiff and sore... but soon she would be free... and they could set about making things right.
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 Chapter 5
Kitty returned to the main room in slightly under three minutes.  Her gag was gone, but the tight bands of tape had left their mark on her beautiful face.  I hope I don't look like that, Bertie thought, but I almost certainly do.  Kitty was moving much more easily.  She's amazing, Bertie sighed.  So resilient.

Kitty opened the drapes and cracked the blinds before returning to free Bertie.  In the veritable flood of morning light, Bertie could examine Kitty's rope-marks in detail.  There were a lot of them.  It would take them time to fade, and Bertie feared they'd leave behind at least some bruising.  Too late, she realized her face was a mask of concern, and Kitty hated being fussed over.

"I'm okay," Kitty huffed as she knelt and began using the knife to slice and saw her way through Bertie's bonds, starting with her big toes, feet, and ankles.

"I'm sorry," Bertie mumbled.  "I'm sorry I screwed up."

"Yesterday wasn't exactly my finest moment," Kitty shrugged, then continued working her way up Bertie's legs.  "Duct-tape, a cable-tie, then more duct tape.  I'll have to remember that."

"I let the client down," Bertie continued, "I let you down, and—"

"Do you want those panties back in your mouth?" Kitty interrupted.  "If you're gonna be my partner, you need to learn to take the good with the bad."

"But I should have been more on the alert," Bertie sighed.  "I shouldn't have—"  Her mouth snapped shut and she stared at Kitty with wide eyes.  "Partner?"

Kitty's emancipation efforts had reached Bertie's thighs.  "You've always been my partner.  We might as well make it official.  Besides, I'm tired of the old business cards."

Bertie's lips curled in a happy smile.  "Ooof!"  Kitty had rolled her onto her stomach and was attacking her wrist bonds.  As the blade did its work, Bertie's smile faded.  She could celebrate her promotion later.  They had a client to rescue.  "I've been thinking," she said.

"That Helena is still in the building?"  Now Kitty was slicing through Bertie's waist and forearm bonds.

"Yes," Bertie nodded.  "We need to—"

"You need to take a shower," Kitty interrupted, "then find our clothes.  If yours aren't a wrinkled mess, get dressed.  If they are, borrow something from Helena's closet."


"We can't skulk around the building looking like a couple of escaped galley slaves," Kitty explained.  "I'll cook a quick breakfast, then do the same—meaning shower and get dressed.  And then..."

"We find Helena," Bertie said with grim (and adorable) determination.

Kitty grinned at her newly acknowledged partner.  "We find Helena."
The End of...
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