Kitty Wynter

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  Chapter 4



Kitty and Bertie watched from the couch as Suki straddled Helena and settled her weight on the struggling and mewling lawyer's body, grabbed a handful of her hair, and forced her gagged head to the side.  At the same time Dr. B knelt, ripped open a disposable alcohol pad, and used it to swab the side of Helena's neck.  She gave her the injection, then, both the doctor and her minion stood and smiled down at their victim.

Helena continued fighting her wrist and ankle bonds and moaning through her gag, but only for a matter of several seconds.  Soon, she stopped moving

"That was quick," Suki observed.

Dr. B nodded.  "Indeed.  We'll have a little more than an hour until the effects wear off."  She smiled at her captive audience, Kitty and Bertie.  "She's now completely paralyzed, but fully aware of everything that is happening to her."

"Your very own life-size Lawyer Barbie," Suki chuckled.

"Yes," Dr. B agreed, "and we're going to play dress-up.  I'll have to undress her first, of course."

"I know how much you enjoy that part," Suki purred, "so I'll clean up the mess while you get ready to play."

Dr. B gave Suki an absent nod.  Her smiling gaze was on Helena.

Suki gathered Kitty's boots, leather pants, thong, tank-top, knit top, and jacket, then stuffed them in the trash bag already holding Bertie's clothing.  She then went to the dining table and returned Bertie's gear to her briefcase.  There was just enough room for her to add Bertie's G26, both of Kitty's handguns, and both detectives' cellphones and other pocket contents.  She closed the lid, picked up the case and trash bag, and carried them away towards the bedroom.

Kitty and Bertie watched her go, then turned back to Dr. B and Helena.  The lawyer did appear to be paralyzed, but even from the couch they were close enough to see that she was still breathing and blinking her eyes.

Suki returned, sat on the couch between Kitty and Bertie, and draped her arms over their shoulders.  "You waited for me," she chuckled, addressing Dr. B.  "How nice."  She gave the captives a sideways hug.  "Don't worry, your stuff is tucked away in one of the lawyer's closets.  It won't be that hard to find."

Kitty rolled her eyes and turned her head to gaze at Bertie.  The little Brit gazed back.  Suki's words suggested there would be an after to their current predicament.  Kitty was pissed off, really pissed off, but not really all that worried.  Their captors hadn't been giving off a lethal vibe.  Anyway, Suki's words were reassuring.  Oh course, nothing was for certain and their bondage ordeal wouldn't be over 'til it was over.

Meanwhile, Dr. B had finally decided she was ready to play.  She retrieved the ratcheting clippers from the duffel side pocket, knelt, and snipped the Plasti-cuffs binding Helena's wrists and ankles.  Her lips bowed in a contented smile, she unbuttoned Helena's jacket and eased it from her limp body.  Helena's skirt was next, then her blouse, followed by her shoes, pantyhose, and bra.  Oddly—at least to Kitty and Bertie—the lawyer wasn't wearing panties.  Finally, Dr. B carefully removed a delicate gold chain from around Helena's neck, a pair of posts from her ears, the hideously expensive watch from her left wrist, and placed the watch and jewelry in a small Ziploc bag.  Helena was now completely nude, not counting the Microfoam tape still plastered over her lips and lower face and the glasses still perched on her button nose.

"Magnificent," Dr. B sighed.

Helena Barrett was indeed magnificent.  Her body was toned and fit and her voluptuous curves in perfect proportion to her height.  Her skin was smooth, flawless, and with a healthy tan.  Her breasts were firm and full without being overly large and her dark, curly pubic bush was thick but neatly trimmed.  Add her girlish, even features and she was quite a catch—and Dr. B had caught her.

Suki left the couch, gathered Helena's clothing, neatly folded everything and stacked it on an easy chair, then stood next to her boss.  "Are you going to stare at her 'til she starts moving again, or can we get started?"

Her eyes still on Helena, Dr. B waved in the direction of the couch.  "Go get them ready for the next phase," she ordered.

Suki smiled at Kitty and Bertie.  "Right away, Doc," she chuckled.

Kitty and Bertie watched as Suki unzipped the duffel and pulled out two more coils of hemp rope.  Over the next couple of minutes she dragged Kitty and Bertie's already inescapably bound and well-gagged naked bodies to opposite ends of the couch, as far apart as was possible, then lashed them in place.  Nooses tied with non-compacting knots went around their necks, then the ropes were passed under the couch to the front and tied to their bound ankles.  The excess rope was hitched around the broad, stubby legs of the couch in front and back, then the two ropes were tied together, behind the couch.  The captives had significant wiggle room, but wouldn't be getting off the couch or squirming any closer together—not that coming together would have done them any good.  Kitty's reverse-prayer box-tie made the untying of knots an iffy proposition under the best of circumstances, and as Bertie's bondage had no knots to untie, it was a moot point.  On the other hand—or pair of hands in this case—the tape wrapped around Bertie's fingers and cable-ties binding her thumbs together made the untying of Kitty's knots a flat-out impossibility.

"Ready," Suki announced.

During the interlude Dr. B had used a small camera to take numerous shots of Helena's naked form from several different angles, including several closeups of various body parts and her slack, staring face.  She'd then picked up the second duffel bag, the bag that heretofore hadn't been opened, placed it near Helena's naked, motionless form, and unzipped its main zipper.  "I'm also ready, darling," she purred.  "Let's play."
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 Chapter 4
Kitty's working hypothesis was that Dr. B was a professional Shibari Mistress for hire—not a dominatrix who specialized in rope bondage, but what you might call a bondage hit-woman.  She hired herself out to bind, gag, and humiliate her client's target of choice.  Granted, it was all guesswork and Kitty didn't have all that much to go on, but it made sense.

She'd compare notes with Bertie later—when the comparing of notes was a bit more feasible—but Kitty's impression was that Helena didn't know her kidnappers.  The Gaglish to English translation of "M'mmmmmpfh!" could just as well be "How dare you, complete stranger!" as "How dare you, person I know quite well!" but Kitty had learned to trust her instincts.  Helena didn't know either Dr. B or Suki, Kitty was sure of it.

Also, whoever Dr. B's hypothetical client might be, they had deep pockets.  Dr. B and Suki were pulling a small fortune of top-of-the-line, gleaming black leather bondage gear from the duffel, all of it hand-stitched, well-made, and with stainless steel locking buckles, lots and lots of stainless steel locking buckles.  Laying out the array of cuffs, straps, and harnesses took longer than it had taken for Suki to bind them to the couch.  Kitty glanced at Bertie.  Her partner seemed equally impressed.

Dr. B proceeded to "dress" Helena in leather restraints with Suki acting as her assistant.  The grinning Goth slapped items of leather gear in Dr. B's hands and lifted Helena's limbs or rolled her limp form as required, acting like the bondage version of a surgical nurse.  It was clear the blond villainess and her Goth minion were a practiced team.

Helena's fingers and hands disappeared inside tight bondage-mitts, then bracer-like cuffs closed around her wrists and forearms and were secured with four buckles each.  A harness of thick straps with numerous dangling D-rings yolked Helena's shoulders and hugged her torso above and below her breasts, passed through her crotch, and was buckled around her upper thighs.  Wide cuffs with three buckles each closed around her ankles, and they incorporated narrow straps that buckled around her insteps and continued down to capture her big toes.  Finally, wide cuffs with two buckles each closed around her upper arms and around her lower thighs, just above the knees.

Next came a posture collar.  It wasn't the most restrictive design Kitty had ever seen (or worn), but she could tell it would do a no-nonsense job of restricting the range of motion of Helena's neck and head, when she was once again able to attempt such motion, of course.

Once the collar was buckled tight, Dr. B leaned close, peeled the tape from Helena's lips, and plucked a pair of white panties from her mouth, thus solving The Mystery of the Pantiless Lawyer.  Kitty surmised either Helena had been forced to remove and stuff her own panties in her mouth, or it had been done for her.  Anyway, Kitty thought, it happened before I got here.  Maybe Bertie will know

The tape and panties were tossed aside and a head-harness was applied.  It caged the lawyer's cranium with straps that passed across her forehead, to either side of her nose, under her chin, and across her crown.  It incorporated a gag with a large rubber plug to fill her mouth and a muzzle-like padded flap with a cutout for her nose that would cup her chin and cover her lower face.  Dr. B seated the plug in Helena's mouth and buckled the various straps.  Suki arranged Helena's hair as needed for even distribution.

Next came padlocks, lots and lots of padlocks, one for each and every buckle.  They were solid brass Master Locks, mostly small, three-quarter inch 120D's.  Kitty knew how to pick the entire series.  Of course it required either a set of lock picks or a couple of lengths of stiff wire—and not being trussed up with a mile of hemp rope—but she knew how to defeat the mechanism.  Click followed click until Helena's restraints were locked on her body from the top of her head to the tip of her toes.

More evidence that Dr. B's personal motto is 'Anything worth doing is worth overdoing,' Kitty fumed silently.

Oddly, none of Helena's restraints were attached to one another.  If she suddenly regained control of her muscles, she's be able to do almost anything, up to and including mincing away on her toe-harnessed and foot-strapped "shoes," dangling padlocks and all.  She was gagged and her neck more-or-less immobilized, but she was otherwise "free."

"Get Ms. Garrett's transportation," Dr. B ordered, and Suki left the apartment.  Dr. B retrieved her dress and slipped it on, stepped into her heels, then turned to smile at Kitty and Suki.  "I'm afraid you two are going to have to cool your heels for awhile.  But I promise... Suki and I will be back."  Her smile widened.  "And then you'll have our full attention."

Kitty and Bertie exchanged another glance.  This does not bode well, Kitty decided.

In about a minute Suki returned, wheeling a large, hard-walled suitcase with a folding handle.  She rolled the suitcase next to Helena, popped the latches, and opened the lid.  Then, with Dr. B's help, she lifted Helena into the case and arranged her limp form into a fetal tuck, folding her arms and legs and tucking her head.  Two straps tightened across her body, the lid was closed and latched, and they were ready to depart, almost.

"Zip me up," Dr. B said, turning her back to her minion.  Suki winked at the watching detectives, then zipped up Dr. B's dress.

Kitty and Bertie continued watching as the kidnappers wheeled their client out into the hallway.  Suki blew them a kiss, the apartment door closed with a solid thud, and they were alone.

The naked, bound and gagged duo squirmed in their inescapable bonds, twisting their captive bodies and trying to kick with their bound legs.  They knew their efforts were futile, but they were seriously trying to escape.  It was due diligence, the performance of their professional duty.  They might have failed Helena to this point, but they had to try and set things right, no matter how remote their chance of success.
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 Chapter 4
Something like an hour passed with nothing to show for Kitty and Bertie's continued wiggling and writhing, then the door opened and Dr. B and Suki returned.  Arms folded across their chests, the statuesque blond and gloating Goth smiled down at the captive detectives.

"And now you know why I asked you to pack those 'unnecessary' toys," Dr. B said to her minion.

Suki shrugged.  "Once you decided to snatch the sleuths as well as the lawyer, the need was obvious.  And you were right.  Nabbing the little Brit and her butch partner was prudent and worth the risk."

Dr. B nodded, her smile focused on Kitty.  "Yes.  Securing Ms. Finch was a given, but better to extend an invitation to Ms. Wynter to become our bound, gagged, and naked prisoner as well, rather than have her wandering around loose, putting together the pieces.  She might have popped in and said 'Hi' at some awkward moment."

Suki's eyes sparkled.  "And... we get to play."

"And we get to play," Dr. B confirmed with a nod.

Suki walked behind the couch and untied the knot linking the ropes lashing Kitty and Bertie in place, then completely released the rope binding Kitty.  Bertie remained loosely attached to her side of the couch.  Dr. B joined Suki and together they smiled down at Kitty.

"I have more of the drug I used on Ms. Garrett," Dr. B told Kitty.  "If you give me any trouble, I'll use it."

"And I'll take it out on the little Brit," Suki added, nodding at Bertie.

Kitty didn't answer.  That is, she neither sighed nor rolled her eyes nor nodded her gagged head.  She simply stared at their captors. Kitty hated not being the one in charge.  She also hated herself for waltzing into an ambush and getting herself captured.  But mostly, it was not being the one in charge.

"I'll take your seething anger as a yes," Dr. B chuckled.

This time Kitty did roll her eyes, but she offered no resistance when Dr. B and Suki half-lifted, half-dragged her off the couch and to the center of the room, to the same spot on the carpet where her present bonds had been
applied.  She rolled onto her side and watched Dr. B pull more coils of hemp rope from the duffel.  The legs, Kitty surmised.  She's finally gonna do my legs.

Kitty was right.  First, Dr. B loosened Kitty's self-imposed ankle bonds.  Then, she folded Kitty's legs back and lashed each lower leg to its respective thigh in a tight, no nonsense frog-tie.  It complemented the complex artistry of the box-tie pinning her upper arms to her torso and lashing her crossed wrists against her spine.

Next, Kitty's feet were tied.  That is, the ankle rope was removed completely, her left foot was placed atop her right sole, and her feet were lashed together.  Dr. B included strands passing between each of her toes to anchor the arrangement, but Kitty knew they were for no practical reason other than aesthetic enhancement.  That, and as an outlet for the blond's general bitchiness.

Kitty could relate.  Not that she was enjoying herself, but she'd perpetrated similar bondage outrages on poor, long-suffering Bertie.  She could relate.

"This will do for now," Dr. B purred.

'Do for now?'  What more can she...?  Kitty knew there was a lot more she could do.  Never mind.  Good idea.  Enough is enough.

Dr. B Sat on the carpet, flipped Kitty onto her back, then lifted her head and shoulders onto her lap.  She smiled down at Kitty's glowering, Über-gagged face, then reached into a side-pocket of the duffel and produced an iPad-mini.  She tapped and swiped for a few seconds, then held the little tablet so Kitty could see the screen.  "As the expression goes," Dr. B said, "this is not my first rodeo."
Poor Madison!
Kitty's eyes widened, but she did her best to hide her full reaction.  Her gag made stifling her expression a trivial exercise.

On the screen was a redhead bound in nearly the same manner as Kitty, and it wasn't just any redhead.  Kitty recognized Madison Young, the writer, actress, and producer.  She'd met Madison at a local bondage convention... two years ago?  No, three years, Kitty decided, right after I met Bertie.  Anyway, their "hobby" interests overlapped considerably, although Madison was a pro and Kitty remained an enthusiastic amateur.

"A private session arranged through a mutual friend," Dr. B explained.  "And don't worry, she was handsomely rewarded, quite handsomely rewarded.  You see, our session went a little long.  She brought a friend to the appointment.  Always a wise precaution with a new client in a private setting, no matter how well recommended.  After securing the redhead, I dealt with her friend as well, and she got to watch— naked, bound, and gagged, of course—as the redhead and I had some fun.  Afterwards, I gagged the redhead and took my leave.  Hotel housekeeping found them the next morning, quite sore and no doubt very glad to be untied.  Anyway..."

Kitty watched as Dr. B returned the iPad to the duffel.  Then, she pulled out a "pocket-rocket" vibrator!

Here it comes, Kitty thought as she sighed through her gag.  The torpedo-style vibrator was clad in baby-blue rubber and was about six inches in length.  Kitty glared at the grinning blond.  I'm not in the mood, bitch.

Dr. B seemed to be reading Kitty's mind.  She leaned close, planted a kiss on Kitty's forehead, then whispered in her right ear.  "If you don't at least try and let me coax an orgasm out of your pretty little pussy, detective, Suki will take it out on your cute little partner."

Kitty shifted her gaze to the couch.  Bertie was watching the floor show with consternation, as expected.  Also as expected, Suki was sliding her hands over Bertie's tape-bound body and waiting for Kitty's imminent vibratory debasement with gloating anticipation.

Dr. B switched on the vibrator and began sliding its rubber tip along the length of Kitty's labia.  There was certainly nothing Kitty could do to stop her.  The frog-tie prevented her from closing her legs and there was no way she'd be able to squirm out of Dr. B's lap.  In any case, she wasn't going to give Suki an excuse to torture Bertie.  Also, Kitty knew she was a good enough actress to fake an orgasm.

That said (or thought), Dr. B had a skilled touch.  She knew exactly what to do with the buzzing blue rocket.  Full marks for pacing and placement, as Bertie might say, Kitty thought.  Her
acting talents might not be an issue.

The vibrator continued gliding across some of Kitty's favorite nerve-endings... and now Dr. B was caressing her rope-framed breasts... and toying with her nipples.  Bitch!  Despite herself—and rendering her thespian skills more or less irrelevant—Kitty felt her pussy responding, growing flushed, wet, and sensitive.  Bitch!
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 Chapter 4
Bertie watched as Dr. B diddled her partner.  The smiling blond was caressing Kitty's pussy with the blue mini-vibrator and Kitty was reacting as one might expect.  Bertie was sure that a goodly portion of Kitty's writhing and mewling reactions were playacting, but as Bertie was quite familiar with Kitty Wynter's body under such circumstances, she was sure that most of her partner's reactions were genuine.

Under other circumstances—such as not being naked, helplessly bound with duct-tape and cable-ties, and Über-gagged with two pairs of knickers stuffed in her mouth and Microfoam tape, a compression bandage of cotton gauze, and more duct-tape keeping them there—Bertie might have enjoyed the show.  However, their capture, watching their client being bound in leather and whisked away to some unknown location, where she might very well be undergoing some unknown, horrific ordeal at this very moment, rather put a damper on Bertie's ability to appreciate the unfolding spectacle.

Eventually, after several minutes, Kitty came, meaning she writhed in orgasm as Dr. B continued teasing her pink, glistening pussy-petals with the little blue rocket.  Kitty might have been hamming it up for effect, but Bertie recognized her partner's tell, the way her thigh muscles twitched and her wide, desperate eyes blinked at the moment of climax.

Her bound body shining with sweat, her rope-framed breasts heaving, and her nostrils flaring above her tight gag, Kitty stared daggers at her captor.

Dr. B smiled in return.  "Wasn't that nice?" she purred, switching off the vibrator.  "In case you're wondering, we're waiting until the day shift goes off duty down in the lobby.  Then, Suki and I will take our leave and you and your partner can get about the business of escaping from my ropes."

"And my duct-tape," Suki added, grinning and planting a kiss on Bertie's forehead.

Dr. B smiled at her minion, then shifted her gloating smirk back to Kitty.  "While we wait for the night watch to come on duty and the evening rush hour traffic to abate, we might as well have some fun, don't you agree?"

Frisky Finger!"I know I agree," Suki giggled, then reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out a vibrator even smaller than the mini-torpedo Dr. B had used to entertain (meaning humiliate) Kitty.  It was coated in translucent pink rubber with a curved tip and an attached ring.  "Isn't it precious?" Suki gushed as she slid the tip of her right index finger through the rubber ring.  "It's called a 'Frisky Finger,' suitable for G-spot and direct clit stimulation.  Three speeds.  Batteries not included."  She clicked the vibrator to its lowest setting, then used it to tease Bertie's left nipple.

Bertie sighed through her gag and gazed at her partner as the buzzing tip caressed her nipple.  Kitty was gazing back, still recovering from her own vibratory humiliation.  Dr. B was also watching, with the same gloating, predatory smile.

Suki had shifted the curved tip of the Frisky Finger to Bertie's right nipple, and both nubbins were now fully erect.  Bertie couldn't help the way her girls were responding.  That was a physiological reaction.  The smiling Goth continued toying with both nipples, taking her time and tracing slow, elaborate geometric patterns across Bertie's breasts and along the sides of the nipples in question.

Bertie's breathing rate was accelerating, and a frisson of delight was shivering between her legs.  It was almost as if her traitorous pussy was chanting "Me too!  Me too!"  However, Bertie's mind would just as soon skip to the promised "business of escaping" that Dr. B had promised.  She blinked and glanced at the nearest window.  The light-blocking curtains were open, but the Venetian blinds were down and closed.  Nonetheless, enough light was leaking through to confirm that some time remained until sunset.

Meanwhile, Suki's finger and the pink mini-vibrator had left Bertie's erect nipples and were tracing a leisurely path down Bertie's flat tummy and towards her pussy.

Kitty watched her partner wiggle and squirm in her tight tape bonds, the semi-loose rope tethering her to the couch, and Suki's "loving" embrace.  Bertie's legs might be taped together from thighs to feet, and her big toes cable-tied, but the fingertip vibrator would be able to do its job.  Even a wand-style vibrator could coax a genuine orgasm from a leg-bound Bertie.  Kitty knew this from experience.

Kitty watched Bertie, but her thoughts were with Helena Garrett.  Where did Dr. B and Suki take her? Kitty worried.  And what, if anything, did they do to her?
The End of...
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 Chapter 4

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