HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
by Van ©2012

Chapter 7



After Cassie's first orgasm her students decided to gag her, just on general principles.  Sarand-ip was isolated and there really was no one to hear her scream, but it seemed like the "proper" thing to do.  First, they used the natural rubber ball-gag with the closed loop strap that Tiffany had endured the night before.  Then, they added three seven-inch strips from the roll of matte-black tape Cassie kept in the bottom drawer of her nightstand.

Two more orgasm's followed, with the girls allowing reasonable rest intervals between sessions.  At least, Tiffany and Ashley thought the intervals were reasonable.  Cassie seemed to be of the opinion that they were too brief.  Anyway...

Orgasm number two happened with Cassie reclined on her back with Tiffany sitting on her waist and Ashley wielding the magic wand.  Tiffany's weight, what there was of it, held the desperate captive down, and Tiffany used her feet to help Ashley keep Cassie's thighs splayed apart, ensuring the vibrator had easy access to the required anatomy.  And while Ashley slid the buzzing head of the wand across Cassie's pussy, Tiffany played squeeze-the-boob with their teacher's breasts.  She also licked Cassie's erect nipples and nuzzled her neck.  After several long, pleasurable minutes... Cassie screamed through her gag, thrashed and squirmed, struggled against her bonds, and bucked against Tiffany's weight.

"Ride 'em cowgirl," Ashley chuckled as Cassie continued to shudder, moan, and writhe.

"Yee-hah," Tiffany agreed.

For orgasm number three the students reversed roles.  It was Tiffany's turn to wield the vibrator and Ashley's turn to sit on Cassie's tummy, squeeze her magnificent breasts and tease her engorged nipples with her fingers, lips, and tongue.  By this time, Cassie's smooth, tan skin glistened with sweat and her struggles were decidedly less forceful.  Obviously, Cassie was getting tired, but the orgasm Tiffany eventually coaxed from Mistress' body appeared to be quite adequate, nonetheless.

Afterwards, the girls cuddled with Cassie and continued sliding their hands over her sweat-slick and weakly squirming form.

"Should we remove her gag?" Ashley asked.

"She's done panting," Tiffany observed.  "I think she'll be okay if we leave it in, and it looks pretty."

"Hello?  Face sucking?"

Tiffany giggled.  "Oh, that."  She reached out and slowly, carefully peeled the tape from Cassie's mouth, then watched as Ashley plucked the ball from Cassie's mouth and left it hanging by its strap around her throat.

Cassie licked her lips and worked her jaw.  "Water," she gasped.

Ashley bounced off the bed, padded into the master bath, and returned with a glass of water.  Tiffany supported Cassie's upper body and cradled her head as Ashley held the glass to her lips.  Mistress took several swallows, then managed a weak smile.  "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Mistress," Tiffany giggled as she set the half-empty glass on the nightstand.

"Anything else we can do for you, Mistress?" Ashley grinned.

"You're both in a great deal of trouble," Cassie purred.  The seriousness of her statement was nullified by the unmistakable smile threatening to curl her lips and dimple her cheeks.

Tiffany used her fingers to comb Cassie's tousled hair from her shining face, then smiled at Ashley.  "I suppose there isn't anything we could do to her to make things any worse."

"Probably not," Ashley agreed, then leaned close and planted a kiss on Cassie's right nipple.  "We're academic toast, no matter what.  Isn't that right, Mistress?"

"I'm going to have to punish you both quite severely," Cassie stated.

"Well then..."  Tiffany kissed Cassie's left breast, then flicked her tongue across the erect nipple.  "There isn't any incentive to untie you, is there?"

"Wicked, wicked girls," Cassie purred, writhing in her bonds as her students continued kissing and licking her breasts.  "Severe punishment."

Much cuddling, caressing, kissing and tongue-gliding ensued, but the vibrator was done for the evening.  It was some time before the teacher and her students drifted off to sleep.

The girls untied Cassie in the morning, then knelt on the carpet in the same pose they'd been in the night before, before they decided to disrupt Cassie's lesson.

Still naked, her hair a rumpled disgrace and her hands on her hips, Cassie stared at her equally naked and tousled wayward students.

"We're very sorry, Mistress," Tiffany sighed, her pouting face the very image of contrition.

Ashley wasn't even trying.  She grinned and nodded towards her BFF.  "She made me do it."

"Oh, you snake!"  Tiffany punched Ashley's arm, but not too hard.  "As if that's gonna work."

Ashley rubbed her offended bicep.  "Ow."

"It's not gonna work," Cassie chuckled.  "Get cleaned up and prepare breakfast, both of you.  I'm going to take a long, hot shower.  Go."

"Yes, Mistress," the girls said sweetly, more-or-less in unison, then scampered from the bedroom.

Cassie smiled and listened to their fading giggles echo from the hallway, then stretched and began coiling the ropes still scattered on her bed.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 7

Punishment happened the very next night.

After they closed the shop, Cassie ordered the girls to prepare dinner for one and then sit in their chairs, and there would be no talking.  Cassie made sure such would be the case by plastering single strips of matte-black tape over her students' mouths.

Hands in their laps and mouths sealed, Tiffany and Ashley watched Cassie consume her evening meal.  Obviously, they were being put to bed without any supper.  Or, to be more precise, they were going to suffer their imminent punishment without any supper.

Cassie finished eating and lounged in her chair, sipping the last of her wine and watching the girls tidy up the kitchen.  Finally, the pots, pans, utensils, plate, salad bowl, and tableware were clean, dried, and put away, and the stove and counter tops had been wiped down.  Tiffany and Ashley stood before their teacher.

"All right then..." Cassie purred.  "Hands atop your heads with fingers interlaced."  The girls complied.  "Tiptoe to your rooms and put away your clothes, then tiptoe to my bedroom.  And I mean that quite literally.  Up on your toes."  Again, the girls complied.  "Go."

The students minced to their bedroom, disrobed, and stowed their dirty clothes, then tiptoed down the hall to Cassie's bedroom.

"Kneel!" Cassie's voice called from the walk-in closet.

The naked girls exchanged a gagged look, then tiptoed to the center of the room and dropped to their knees.  Not having received orders to do anything else with their hands, they decided to keep them atop their heads.  Cassie entered the room, and Ashley and Tiffany's eyes popped wide.

Cassie had changed into a pair of black spandex running shorts.  The tight garment hugged her waist, hips, and thighs down to a few inches above her knees, and in this case "tight" meant skin-tight with no pantie-lines (as a consequence of no panties) and a visible camel toe.  And her "Terrific Ta-Tas," a Tiffanyism for Cassie's breasts, were supported by a matching sports bra, and the stretched fabric of the cups was thin enough to allow for a pair of very sexy pokies.  Her hair was combed back in a tight ponytail, like her students'.  The ensemble was sexy and a little ominous.  Spandex shorts and a sports bra were exercise togs, not sleepwear, and exercise togs suggested... exercise.

Cassie was carrying a largish cardboard box and the girls watched as she stepped behind them and placed it on the floor.  "Eyes front!" she barked when her students swiveled at the hips and tried to gaze into the box.  She reached in and produced four items, then moved around to the girl's front.

Tiffany and Ashley found themselves gazing at what appeared to be four pairs of rolled socks, two large and two small.  All were heather gray.

Cassie tossed a small sock-ball to each of her students.  "Release the balls, loosely roll the socks, and clutch them in your hands," she ordered.

The socks were plain, ankle-length tube socks.  The girls followed instructions and soon their fingers and hands were closed around spongy masses of gray cotton.  Cassie then opened the remaining sock-balls and pulled a sock over each of her student's hands and arms.  These were knee socks, and at full stretch encased Tiffany and Ashley's closed hands and arms all the way up to their armpits, like fingerless opera gloves.

The girls watched as Cassie went back to the box and returned with a large roll of silver-gray duct-tape and a pair of bandage scissors.  Working one limb at a time, Cassie stretched the socks taut over each closed hand, then took three turns of tape around each wrist.  Next, she wrapped tape around their closed fists and continued wrapping, working her way from fist to wrist to forearm to elbow.  She stopped just above their elbows.

Cassie then knelt behind Ashley, pulled her sock and tape-shrouded hands behind her back, folded her arms forearm to forearm, and taped them together from elbow to elbow.  The girls recognized the classic box-tie position, but this time executed with tape rather than synthetic hemp rope.  Cassie folded the parts of the knee socks covering Ashley's upper arms down over her taped hands, wrists, and forearms, then added another layer of tape, covering the gray cotton completely.  She then did the same for Tiffany.

Tiffany and Ashley gazed at each other.  From the waist up (and short of double amputation) they couldn't be more helpless.  Apparently, however, Cassie disagreed.  They watched her pull two large coils of synthetic hemp rope from the box.

Again, Ashley was first.  Cassie released a coil, doubled the rope and found the center, then dropped a doubled loop over Ashley's head and shoulders and pulled it tight around her upper arms and torso.  More loops followed, as well as various cinches and hitches.  When the last of the rope was neatly wrapped around itself and tied off in a tight, flat knot behind Ashley's back, her arms were pinned to her sides with neat horizontal bands above and below her breasts, cinched between her arms and torso, yoking her shoulders, and wrapped around her taped forearms.  Again, she did the same to Tiffany.

It was the Shibari box-tie technique Cassie had demonstrated on Tiffany the night of the hot tub party, Tiffany's second (and Ashley's first) bondage lesson, and it was inescapable even without the socks and duct-tape.  With rope, socks, and duct-tape combined, the girls would have to have superpowers to free themselves.

Cassie pulled out more rope, crossed Ashley's ankles and tied them, then eased her onto her stomach.  She then pulled Ashley's ankles close to her butt, looped the remaining rope through the upper body harness, and pulled out the slack.  Ashley was now in a stringent hogtie, which Cassie reinforced by binding her calves against her thighs with more rope.  "This is a combination frog-tie and hogtie," Cassie lectured, then focused on Tiffany.  "Go sit on the bed."

Tiffany scrambled to her feet and took a step towards the bed.

"Toes," Cassie warned.

Tiffany immediately went up on her toes and minced the rest of the way.  She turned and sat on the foot of the bed, then watched as Cassie gently lifted Ashley's hogtied form and cradled her in her lap.  Ashley's back and bound arms were now against Cassie's upper body and Cassie's legs were on either side of the triangle formed by Ashley's ankle-bound, splayed, and frog-tied legs.  Cassie gently peeled the strip of tape from Ashley's lips... and then they kissed.

Tiffany sighed through her still very much intact tape-gag and watched Cassie and her BFF suck face.  Okay, NOW I'm jealous, she thought.

The kiss ended and Cassie and Ashley locked eyes.  "Are you sorry you let the trickster over there lead you astray," Cassie purred.

"Oh, yes, Mistress," Ashley responded.  She was very earnest... too earnest.

"Mrrf," Tiffany huffed through her gag.  Of all the nerve!

Cassie chuckled, reached into the box, and produced a large wedge of soft foam.  She turned the object in her hand for Ashley's inspection.  "This is a medium density double mouthpiece embedded in low density foam and coated in latex, and it incorporates a one-inch steel breathing tube with a screw cap.  Open."

Ashley opened her mouth and Cassie eased the wedge past her lips.  It filled her mouth, but she thought she could probably force it out, if Mistress were to allow it.  "Bite down and hold," Cassie ordered and Ashley complied.  Her teeth, upper and lower, settled into spongy grooves, confirming the existence of the double-mouthpiece, and the outer layer of foam felt like it was filling every nook and cranny of her mouth.  The capped end of the breathing tube protruded from between her teeth and closed lips by something like an inch.

Next, Cassie reached into the box and pulled out a small plastic case.  She opened the case and selected a pair of plastic earplugs.  These were compacted and gently eased into Ashley's ears, then the case was returned to the box.

Next came a leather hood.  It was black, chamois-thin, and laced up the back.  There were grommet-lined breathing holes over the nose area, an opening for the gag's breathing pipe, and an opening in the back for Ashley's ponytail.

Tiffany watched as Ashley's head disappeared under the hood, Cassie carefully positioned the various breathing, gag, and ponytail openings, then began tightening the laces.  When Mistress was finished, the soft, gleaming black leather hugged Ashley's head like a second skin, but Cassie wasn't through.  She pulled a harness of thin, black leather straps and rattling steel buckles from the box.  It had a large steel ring in the back to accommodate Ashley's ponytail and anchored earmuff pads over her ears, a blindfold pad over her eyes, and a gag-panel that cupped her chin and pressed against her mouth.  Like the hood, the gag-panel also had an opening for the end of the breathing tube.

Cassie tightened the various straps and buckles until the harness caged Ashley's head and compressed the various pads against the hood.  It was more overkill, but Cassie still wasn't satisfied.  She pulled a wide collar of stiff black leather from the box and buckled it around Ashley's throat.  It covered the knot securing the hood's laces in the back and severely restricted Ashley's ability to move her head.  Cassie then eased Ashley from her lap and flipped her onto her stomach.  She removed the cap from the end of the gag's breathing tube and dropped it into the box, then carried the box to the bed and sat next to Tiffany.

They watched as Ashley squirmed and wiggled and explored her hogtied, helpless condition.

"This is detention and not class," Cassie whispered to Tiffany, "but there's no reason I can't include a little instruction."  She draped an arm over Tiffany's shoulders and hugged her from the side. 

"Safety is paramount," Cassie lectured.  "Normally, for novices such as Ashley and yourself, I would never use a collar or neck rope of any kind; however, in this case, the posture collar is a safety measure.  It virtually eliminates the risk of positional asphyxiation.  Ashley can roll around and struggle to her heart's content without compromising her airway."  She leaned close and kissed Tiffany's ear.  "Not that there's any real danger, of course, but the alternative explanation is that I've stolen everything but Ashley's senses of touch and smell because I'm a cruel, sadistic bitch.  And as you're both my naked, helpless prisoners, that would be most disturbing.  However, you know Mistress isn't a cruel, sadistic bitch, don't you?"

Tiffany's heart was pounding.  She knew Cassie was teasing, but it didn't really matter, did it?  They were her naked, helpless prisoners.  She turned her head and nodded gravely.

Cassie smiled and peeled the tape from Tiffany's lips.

Tiffany expected a kiss, and she got one.  Tongue.  Lips.  More tongue.  The little redhead shivered in Cassie's arms and returned the kiss.

Finally, her arm still resting on Tiffany's shoulders, Cassie ended the kiss and turned her smile to Ashley.  "She's beautiful like that, isn't she?"

Tiffany watched her supremely helpless and naked BFF roll on the carpet and fight her super-inescapable bondage.  "Uh huh," she agreed.  "And so are you."  She turned her face to Cassie.  "All the time.  You're beautiful."

"Thank you, little one," Cassie purred.  "You're beautiful as well."  She lifted her arm, turned her upper body, and reached down into the box on the floor.  "Now, let's get you ready for your punishment, shall we?"

Tiffany gazed at the two coils of rope that were now in Cassie hands, then heaved a truly heartbreaking sigh.  "Might as well get it over with."

Cassie nodded to the mattress behind them.  "On your back," she ordered.

Tiffany scooted back on the bed and settled on her back and bound arms.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 7

Cassie tightened four doubled loops of rope around Tiffany's folded right leg, lashing her upper thigh to her ankle, cinched the neat, flat bands of synthetic hemp between said thigh and ankle, then did the same to Tiffany's left leg.

"Now," Cassie said as she tightened the final knot, "let's see if you were paying attention.  This is called a..."

"Frog-tie," Tiffany answered.

"Good girl," Cassie smiled.  "As you can see, the technique can be used with or without the ankles tied together."

"Duly noted," Tiffany sighed.

"Your spoiled schoolgirl act is very entertaining, Tiffany," Cassie chuckled, "but you might want to dial it back a little.  Your pout is adorably cute, but in excess it might become adorably cloying."

Tiffany's cheeks dimpled in a coy grin.  "Also duly noted, Mistress."

"Now..." Cassie continued.  She placed her hands on Tiffany's knees and gently pried her legs apart.  "As you can see, with your feet placed sole-to-sole and your knees spread... you are vulnerable."

Tiffany gazed down her bound body, past her breasts and flat tummy to her fiery red pubic hair.  "Yes, Mistress."

"A little cord around your toes," Cassie purred, "some rope around your feet, and more rope binding your knees to the bed-frame, and you'd be very vulnerable."  She placed the palm of her right hand on Tiffany's pussy.

Tiffany flinched, then bit her lower lip.  "Y-yes, Mistress," she whispered.

"I could bind you like that," Cassie said with a smile, "and I will if you make me.  Mistress wants you to keep your legs apart and the soles of your feet together, no matter what.  Do you understand?"

Tiffany's heart was pounding.  "Yes, Mistress."  Cassie's hand wasn't moving, but its smooth, warm presence was doing things to her, nonetheless.

"I call you 'trickster' for a reason, Tiffany," Cassie said.  "You delight in making mischief, but always gentle, goodhearted mischief, never real trouble."  Her hand began to slide.  "Ashley, on the other hand, is a bit of a tomboy, a very feminine tomboy, but a bit of a take-charge kinda gal.  Am I correct?"

"I suppose," Tiffany answered.  She shivered in her bonds.

"She's the top and you're the bottom," Cassie purred, "but again, in a gentle, goodhearted way."

"B-bottom?" Tiffany stuttered.

"It was obvious from the first day," Cassie stated.  "She's never bossy, but she does lead."

"I wouldn't say lead, exactly," Tiffany responded.

"You love her," Cassie said.  It was a statement, not a question.  Her hand stopped moving.

"L-love her?"  Tiffany locked eyes with her teacher.  "Uh, yeah, she's been my best friend since—"

"Have you made love to her?" Cassie interrupted.

"Huh?"  Now Tiffany's heart was really pounding.

"Has she made love to you?" Cassie added.  "Tell Mistress the truth."

"Uh..."  Tiffany swallowed before answering.  "The other night... with your vibrator."

Cassie's hand began moving again, slowly.  "I suspected you two had a little experience with that thing.  That's all?"

"Y-yes, Mistress," Tiffany gasped.

"Well then," Cassie smiled, "I have much to teach you."  She removed her hand from Tiffany's crotch, leaned to the side, and pulled something from the box.

Tiffany's eyes widened.  Cassie had produced a ball-gag.  The ball was two inches in diameter, hollow, and riddled with quarter-inch holes.  The main strap was an inch wide with a steel roller-buckle, and there was a much narrower chinstrap with its own buckle.  "I'll be quiet if you ask me," Tiffany whined.

"What did I just tell you about pouting?" Cassie chuckled.

"Sorry," Tiffany sighed, then opened her mouth.

Cassie eased the ball into Tiffany's mouth, then buckled the main strap at the nape of her neck, being careful not to trap any of her ginger hair.  She then buckled the narrow strap under her chin.

Flat on her back, nostrils flaring, breasts heaving, and folded legs still apart, as per Mistress' order, Tiffany locked eyes with Cassie.  The main strap dimpled her cheeks and the ball was the biggest thing she'd ever had in her mouth.  It was a very effective plug, even without the chinstrap forcing her to bite down on the firm rubber.

"The holes in the ball are so you can breathe," Cassie purred, "a tradeoff between safety and silence."  She reached down and placed her right index finger on Tiffany's gagged lips.  "But Mistress wants you to remain quiet."  She nodded towards Ashley, who was still weakly writhing in her bonds.  "She won't hear you anyway.  No one will hear you, but Mistress wants you to be quiet.  Understand?"

Tiffany nodded, then watched as Cassie stood and pulled her sports bra over her head.  Then, still smiling down at her helpless student, Cassie pulled down her shorts and peeled them from her legs.  She then climbed onto the bed and knelt between Tiffany's splayed legs.  "We'll cover vibrator designs and employment techniques in future lessons, but tonight, I want to teach you something you can do without a vibrator."

Tiffany flinched when Cassie leaned close and placed her hands on her thighs, then shuddered when Cassie leaned close and dragged her tongue across her labia.

"I can tell you're ready to learn," Cassie chuckled.  "Your little marmalade kitten is pink and moist."

Tiffany squirmed in her bonds and tried to close her legs, but Cassie's strong arms and firm hands held her open.

"Naughty girl," Cassie purred.  "Didn't teacher tell you not to do that?  I will lash you down if you make me.  Now, pay close attention."  She extended her tongue and gave the "marmalade kitten" in question another lick.

"Mrrrfh!"  Tiffany fought her bonds and moaned through her gag.  She couldn't help it.  However, she did manage to keep her legs splayed.

Meanwhile, Cassie was exploring her pussy in earnest with her tongue, nibbling her labia, and teasing her clitoris—and it went on and on without respite.  Cassie slowly picked up the pace.  Her head bobbed as she tongued and suckled her student's most intimate anatomy.

Tiffany struggled for all she was worth, trying with all her might to close her legs and squirm away, but Cassie controlled her writhing body and continued the lesson.

Eventually—inevitably—Tiffany went rigid in her bonds, whined through her gag, and her petite form shivered as she experienced the best orgasm of her young life.

She may have even passed out at some point, for the next thing she knew Cassie was no longer between her legs but was reclined against her left side, her upper body propped up on her right elbow and her smiling face resting on her right hand.

"You really do need to work on your self control, young lady," Cassie scolded.  "All that noise, and while I applaud your efforts to smash your pussy against teacher's face, didn't I tell you to keep your thighs apart?"  She was teasing, of course.  Her smile made that obvious.  "I think next time I will lash you down."

Tiffany was panting through her gag, her pert breasts heaved, and her erect nipples bobbed.  Her peachy-pink skin was flushed and shining with sweat.

Cassie waited until Tiffany's breathing had returned to normal, then turned the captive's head to the side, unbuckled the ball-gag, and eased the ball from her mouth.  Tiffany licked her lips and worked her jaw, then focused on her teacher.  "Wow," she sighed.

"I don't believe I've ever had a more sincere compliment," Cassie chuckled, then rolled off the bed and padded to the master bath.

Tiffany watched Cassie's tall, tan, beautiful body depart... then return with a glass of water.

Cassie held Tiffany's head and helped her drink, then set the empty glass on the nightstand and climbed back onto the bed.  She piled the pillows against the headboard, then reclined on her back with her upper body at a comfortable angle and her legs spread.  "Now," she said, "I'm a big believer in 'see one, do one, teach one,' so..." she pointed between her legs.  "Squirm on down there and show teacher you were paying attention in class."

Tiffany swallowed nervously and locked eyes with Cassie.  "Uh, you want me to, uh..."

Cassie sighed, but she was still smiling.  "I have a riding crop in the closet if you require motivation."

Tiffany considered the prospect of Cassie paddling her butt with a riding crop... as opposed to the alternative of her licking her beautiful teacher's pussy.  She swallowed, again, and a ghost of a smile curled her lips.  "Well... if I have to."  She rolled onto her side and started squirming her way into the required position.

Cassie smiled as she watched Tiffany wiggle until her upturned face was inches from her crotch.

"I'll do my best, Mistress," Tiffany said gravely, "but I was kinda distracted towards the end of the lesson."

"You little scamp," Cassie chuckled.  "Do your best.  That's all I can ask."

Tiffany licked her lips, gazed at Cassie's dark, neatly trimmed pubic bush, tan thighs, and the pink, crinkled folds of her labia... then set to work.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 7

Cassie was still reclined against the piled pillows, but now Tiffany was snuggled against her left side.  The little redhead was still a box-tied and frog-tied prisoner.  Both their bodies were shining with sweat—glowing, to put it delicately—but their breathing had returned to normal.  Tiffany's head was resting against Cassie's left breast.  "An adequate first effort, little one," Cassie purred.

"I'll get better with practice," Tiffany responded, then heaved a huge, slow yawn.

Cassie kissed the crown of Tiffany's head.  "You will," she agreed, "but don't go to sleep yet."

Tiffany stifled another yawn.  "I'm not.  We still have to rescue Ashley."

"Rescue her?"

Tiffany lifted her head and gazed at her hooded and hogtied BFF.  Ashley was no longer struggling or rolling on the carpet.  She was either resigned to her fate or asleep.  "She's been hogtied like that for an hour."

"More than an hour," Cassie purred, "sightless, deaf, gagged, and helpless... for more than an hour."  She kissed Tiffany's lips.  "Now, you seem to be rested, so..."

"What?" Tiffany asked.  "I mean, I am rested, but... you want me to do you again?"

Casssie's smile broadened.  "See one, do one, teach one, remember?"

Tiffany frowned in confusion.  "What do you mean by..."  The truth dawned.  Her eyes popped wide as she stared down the bed at her naked, helpless, box-tied, hogtied, and frog-tied BFF.  She turned her head to Cassie's smiling face.  "No!" she whispered.

"More disobedience?" Cassie chuckled.  "Don't you want to brighten Ashley's evening?  I'm going to leave her like that 'til morning, regardless."

"'Til morning?" Tiffany gasped, turning to stare at her BFF, again.

"Ashley will discover strength she doesn't know she has," Cassie purred, "as will you when I complete your detention."

Tiffany's head snapped back to Cassie.  "Huh?"

Cassie shook her head.  "Not tonight, trickster.  Tonight it's Ashley's turn to learn the true meaning of being a captive.  Your turn will come... later."

"I'm a captive now," Tiffany huffed, then pursed her lips and blew the loose ginger strands that had escaped her ponytail from her face.  "Sorry, I almost pouted."

Cassie laughed as she climbed off the bed.  In the process she dumped Tiffany onto her stomach.

"Hey!" Tiffany protested.

"You are a captive," Cassie agreed, "but tonight, you're also my teaching assistant."  In yet another display of upper-body strength, she lifted Tiffany from the bed and carried her towards Ashley.  With Tiffany still cradled in her arms, they gazed down at the helpless brunette.  "This really will make her night."

Tiffany sighed.  "It will."  She smiled at Cassie.  "And it's kinda mischievous, isn't it?  You did say that's my specialty, that I'm the trickster.  Guess it takes one to know one."

"Don't be disrespectful," Cassie chuckled, then lowered Tiffany to the floor and rolled her onto her stomach.  She then stepped behind Ashley's splayed legs, sat on the carpet, then pulled Ashley onto her back and cradled her against her lap and upper body.

Now Ashley was clearly awake.  She wiggled in Cassie's arms and moaned through her gag, and her struggles increased when Cassie scissored her legs around her waist and cupped her breasts.

"Well," Cassie said to Tiffany.  "What are you waiting for?"

Tiffany sighed and started wiggling towards Ashley's splayed legs.  "Can I sleep late in the morning?"

"You may not," Cassie laughed.  "Chop chop."

Tiffany inch-wormed her way to her goal, then licked her lips and prepared to teach her BFF what she herself had so recently learned.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 7


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