HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
by Van ©2012

Chapter 6



Tiffany was behind the counter next to the cash register in the main shop.  She was beginning to think of it as her "sulking station."  Butt on the stool, elbows on the glass top, chin resting in her hands, blue-green eyes staring out at the empty parking lot... she sulked.

It was the morning after what Tiffany had decided to mentally catalog as "The Shibari Wallflower Hot Tub Party."  Cassie had tied Ashley hand and foot, without gag, then turned Tiffany into living macramé, with gag.  Next, all three had simmered in the hot tub on the deck off Cassie's bedroom.  And while Tiffany did her trussed lobster imitation, Cassie and her BFF made out... and Tiffany got to watch.  Cassie groped and caressed her BFF's anatomy, and while Ashley's bondage made it a more or less one-way affair, it was clear she had enjoyed swapping spit with their "Mistress."  Cassie's body blocked her view most of the time, but Tiffany could tell that Ashley was having herself a good time, thanks to Cassie's apparently very talented right hand.  A VERY good time.  Possibly several very good times.

And all the while, Tiffany had watched and struggled, totally helpless in Cassie's expertly applied ropes... and tried to think cool thoughts... and watched.

Finally, Cassie lifted her students from the tub, first Ashley and then Tiffany, demonstrating once again the surprising strength of her exquisite body.  She then toweled all three of them dry and carried them to her bed.  Still bound, and in Tiffany's case gagged, they'd cuddled close under the covers with Cassie the filling in a Tiffany and Ashley sandwich, so to speak.  In truth, neither student was in a position to do much snuggling.  Struggling, yes.  Snuggling, no.  Anyway, there was no more making out, much to Tiffany's relief.

Yes, Tiffany decided, she was relieved—and certainly not jealous that she'd been a helpless, rope-wrapped mannikin while Ashley was diddled by Cassie.  She wasn't jealous... not at all.

Eventually, she'd drifted off to sleep.... and then it was morning.

The ball-gag had been pulled from her mouth at some point during the night.  She was pretty sure it hadn't just happened because her mouth and jaw felt normal, meaning not sore.  The sun was just beginning to rise and Cassie was untying Ashley.  Mistress whispered something in Ashley's ear, her BFF giggled in response, then Ashley slid off the bed and padded to the bedroom door.  She picked up the cardboard box containing their folded clothes and was gone.

Cassie turned her smile to her other student.  "Good morning."

Tiffany yawned before answering.  "Morning."

Cassie pulled the covers from Tiffany's body and began untying her bonds.  This took a while as Tiffany's bondage was—understatement alert!—complicated.  Cassie rolled her body as required, untying knots and loosening the many hitches and cinches.

Tiffany lay on the soft, warm, rumpled sheets as rope slithered from her body and her bonds melted away.  Finally, she was free but for the cord binding her big toes.  She sat up, placed her back against the headboard, hugged her legs with her arms, and watched as Cassie teased the key knot of her toe-bondage apart, then loosened and removed the cord.

"There," Cassie sighed.

"I'm sorry I did what I did," Tiffany said.

"I know," Cassie smiled.  "You're a good girl, Tiffany, but you need to learn a little more self control."

"Okay," Tiffany sighed.  "I'll try and—Eeek!"

Cassie had slid off the bed, stood, and pulled Tiffany to her feet, all in one fluid motion.  And now she had her arms around Tiffany in a fierce hug.  "We'll say no more about it."

Tiffany shivered in Cassie's embrace, very much aware of her teacher's tall, warm, strong body—especially the perfect pair of firm breasts squashed against her chest.  "Okay," she whispered.  "Mrrmfh."

Cassie had lifted Tiffany's chin and they were kissing—and it was the kind of kiss she had watched between Cassie and Ashley last night, with tongue, lots of tongue.  The kiss continued, as did her shivering response, then Cassie released her and took a step back.  "I don't see any marks that won't fade in an hour or two," Cassie purred, placing her hands on Tiffany's shoulders, slowly turning her in a full circle, and examining her student's naked body.

Tiffany's heart was pounding.  She locked eyes with Cassie and forced a smile.  "When's our next lesson?"

Cassie smiled.  "I'll let you know," she answered, then nodded towards the open door.  "Go take a shower and get ready for breakfast."  Then she cocked her head to the side.  "You know, you look very pretty with your hair up."  All three residents of Sarand-ip had had their hair coiled and pinned into tight buns by Cassie to keep it all dry in the hot tub.  "I think we'll play dress up today."

"Dress up?"  Cassie had mentioned wearing costumes earlier, but this would be the first time they actually did it.

"Yes, I think so," Cassie chuckled.  "Go."

Tiffany scampered to the bedroom door, then paused in the threshold.  Cassie was making her bed.  The early morning light glinted from her tall, tan, smooth body as she bent at the waist to smooth the sheets.  Her breasts hung and wobbled in a most distracting manner as she arranged the pillows.  "Beautiful," Tiffany sighed.

Cassie paused in her labors and smiled at Tiffany.  "Excuse me?"

Tiffany blushed.  "Uh, I was thinking you also look good with your hair up."

Cassie's smile broadened.  "Why thank you, Tiffany.  You're a sweet girl."

Tiffany blushed... again.  "Uh... you're welcome."  She turned and left the bedroom.  "Idiot, idiot, idiot," she chided herself as she padded down the hallway.

A shower and breakfast followed.

Tiffany and Ashley didn't discuss recent events, which was just as well, as Tiffany had no idea what to say to her BFF, nor what she wanted to hear.

Meal complete, Ashley cleaned the kitchen and Cassie took Tiffany to the Victorian clothing room and dressed her in white stockings, a pair of high button shoes, a long, dark brown skirt, and a long sleeved, ivory blouse with a high button collar, puffed shoulders, and a narrow waist.

"I look like the schoolmarm in a 50's Western," Tiffany muttered as she "admired" herself in a full-length mirror.

Meanwhile, Cassie was arranging Tiffany's hair in a simple period coif.  "This is called the Gibson Tuck," she explained.

"Now I look even more like a schoolmarm," Tiffany huffed.

"Actually," Cassie purred, "you look like a shop girl.  A corset would be nice, but this will do."  She spun Tiffany around, planted a quick kiss on her forehead, then headed for the door.  "Mind the store while I get dressed."

"What about Ashley?" Tiffany asked.

"She's doing chores this morning," Cassie answered, then was gone.

Schoolmarm/Shop Girl Tiffany made her way to the front room of the shop, settled into her sulking station, and waited for customers to appear... and waited... and thought about the night before... and waited... and she wasn't jealous that Cassie had diddled Ashley and not her... not even a little bit.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 6

An hour passed, an hour without customers, then Ashley breezed into the shop.  She was in sandals, jeans, and a tank-top.  Her hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail.  "Look at you," she chuckled, smiling at her BFF.

"Yeah, look at me," Tiffany muttered.  "I'm waiting for Snidely Whiplash to drag me away and tie me to the train tracks."

"What train tracks?"

"Wise ass," Tiffany muttered.

"You okay?" Ashley asked.

Tiffany knew she was talking about yesterday and the therapeutic spa chair and last night and the hot tub.  And the fact that Ashley was asking Tiffany, the villainess of the chair incident, how she felt was telling.  "I'm fine.  How 'bout you?"

Ashley's smile widened.  "Oh, I'm super."

"I bet," Tiffany muttered.

Just then, Cassie entered the shop.  "Wow!" the girls gasped in unison.

Like Tiffany, Cassie was dressed in Victorian costume, but her skirt was a deep blue and her blouse sparkling white, and the blouse was a linen and lace mix.  The wasp-thin waist, pleated shoulders, and long sleeves were opaque, but from the generous scoop front to the high neck it was semi-transparent lace.  Also, there were frilly lace decorations at the cuffs, around the top of the collar, and among the shoulder pleats.  A cameo brooch graced her throat and her hair was up.  The coif was similar to Tiffany's, but more complex.  If Tiffany was a shop girl (which she was), Cassie was the Lady Owner (which she was).  Oh-by-the-way, Cassie was gorgeous!  And the way her cleavage peeked through the lace was... gorgeous!

Cassie smiled and curtsied.  "Thank you, ladies."

Tiffany composed herself and made her report.  "No customers," she sighed.  Then, as if on cue, a luxury SUV pulled into the parking lot.  "Until now."

They watched a man and woman in Victorian bush costumes emerge from the vehicle.  The man's outfit was, in essence, a khaki-tan military uniform: riding boots, jodhpurs, a high-collared jacket with epaulets, and a Sam Browne belt with a flap-covered holster and ammunition pouches.  The woman's clothing was similar, but with a riding skirt instead of jodhpurs.  Both were wearing pith helmets with goggles.  In addition, the woman's helmet was swathed in a gauze-thin veil.

Cassie smiled at Ashley.  "Laundry," she ordered, "and before you put away the towels please dust the bottom shelf of the linen closet."

Ashley was gazing at the approaching couple.  The man had a handlebar mustache.  "Okay."

"Shoo!" Cassie chuckled, then slapped Ashley's denim-clad rump.  "You're not in costume."

"I'm going," Ashley pouted, rubbing her offended posterior as she made her exit.

"And as for you, shop girl," Cassie grinned, "perk up!"

"Yes ma'am."  Tiffany climbed off the stool and curtsied.  "Right away, ma'am."

"Scamp," Cassie accused, then directed her smile to the front door.


Their customers had arrived.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 6

They did a modest business the rest of the day.

Dinner was pasta and a salad and the evening entertainment was TV and a few games of Parcheesi.

And now, Cassie had retired to her bedroom and the girls were in their beds.  Both were wearing their usual pajamas: panties and a tank-top.



"Wanna talk about it?"

"No," Tiffany responded.  "Uh, I mean, talk about what?"

"Nice try," Ashley chuckled.

"I'm okay," Tiffany huffed.

"I can tell," Ashley said.  "You've been a walking rain cloud all day.  Are you pissed that teacher likes me best?"


There was a pause before Ashley continued.  "Cassie will get around to you at some point."

"Hey!" Tiffany complained, "I'm the one that got tied up like a... a..."


"That'll work," Tiffany sighed.  "Anyway, she tied me up.  I mean, tied me up the most."

"I know what you mean," Ashley purred, "and you know what I mean."

Tiffany didn't respond.

"You know it's all in fun, right?" Ashley said.

"Yeah," Tiffany sighed.

"Anyhow, I can't have you moping around like this."  Ashley threw back the covers of her bed and stood.  "I wanna show you something."

The overhead and reading lights were off, but a nightlight allowed Tiffany to watch Ashley lift her robe from her bed, pull the long, narrow cloth belt from its waist loops, then approach her bed.  "Show me what?  Hey!"

Ashley had pulled back the covers and rolled Tiffany onto her stomach.  "Leave me alone!" she demanded in a hoarse whisper as Ashley pulled her hands behind her back and began binding her wrists with the belt.

"Pipe down, geek," Ashley chuckled as she tied a final knot.  Then, she returned to her own bed.

Tiffany sat up and tugged on her bound wrists.  She thought she could probably wiggle free, eventually, but for now she was her BFF's prisoner.  "You're a real twerp," she muttered.

"I'm a loving and generous friend," Ashley countered, then pulled something from under her bed.

"You're a twerp," Tiffany huffed, "and—Oh!"

A broad smile dimpling her cheeks, Ashley was returning to Tiffany's bed with a wand-style vibrator.  It was ten or twelve inches in length with a triangular, wedge-shaped rubber head and a long power cord.  "Remember how Cassie told me to dust the bottom shelf of the linen closet?  Lookie what I found."

"Don't you dare!" Tiffany whispered.

"I'm not going to let you drag yourself around feeling sorry for yourself."  Ashley plugged the vibrator into a wall socket, then piled Tiffany's pillows against her headboard and climbed onto the bed.

"Ash-ley," Tiffany whined.  "Eeek!"  Ashley had pulled her close.  Her bound arms were against her BFF's body and Ashley's legs were loosely scissored around her waist.  "Mrrrf!"  And now her right hand was clamped over her mouth!

"This thing vibrates at three different speeds and has three heat settings," Ashley whispered in Tiffany's right ear, "but we won't use the heat feature... by which I mean the electric heat feature.  No you don't!"  Tiffany had tried to squirm away and Ashley had countered by tightening her thighs around Tiffany's waist.  Then, she used her bare feet to pry apart Tiffany's thighs.

Tiffany was resisting her BFF's "assault," but her efforts were curiously ineffective.

Ashley clicked on the vibrator—Buzzz—and pressed the rounded point of the head against the seat of Tiffany's panties.


"That's the 'low' setting," Ashley whispered.  "Let's try it for a while, then dial it up to medium."

Tiffany continued squirming and shivering and Ashley continued holding her close.  Low gave way to medium... and eventually to high.  Tiffany could tell she could definitely free her wrists from their cloth bonds.  All it would require was a little concentrated effort... but concentration on anything was becoming increasingly difficult.  Ashley's hand-gag gave way to a prolonged wet kiss... and the vibrator continued working its magic.

And eventually... inevitably... Tiffany quivered and quaked and a crashing orgasm rocked her petite frame.  "Ahhh—Mrrpfh!"  Ashley's hand was back over her mouth, and the vibrator was still buzzing!

"Quiet," Ashley whispered.  "You want to wake up Cassie?"

Finally, Ashley clicked off the vibrator, laid it aside, and released her hand-gag.

Tiffany went limp in Ashley's arms.  "Twerp," she accused in an exhausted sigh.

"Geek," Ashley whispered back, and they kissed.

When Tiffany woke in the morning she was no longer bound by the belt, but was still sharing the bed with her BFF.

Things were getting... complicated.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 6

The next day at breakfast, Cassie announced there would be another bondage lesson that very night.  The girls were curious about the lesson plan, of course, but the only answer they received to their questions was Cassie's enigmatic smile.

"Not even a hint?" Tiffany whined.

"It's your turn to do the morning chores," Cassie told the pouting redhead, then turned to Ashley, "and you come with me."

Tiffany watched Cassie and Ashley depart, then cleaned up the kitchen.  Next, she ran the vacuum through both bedrooms, Cassie's and the Lowly Clerks'.  She was extra-thorough with Cassie's quarters as she knew she might spend at least part of the coming evening naked and tied up on the carpet.  She put away the vacuum and made her way to the shop to see what else Cassie wanted done, then skidded to a stop in the doorway and laughed.

"What?" Ashley demanded.  She was wearing a long blue skirt, a black bodice that laced up the front, and a short-sleeve, lace-trimmed, off-the-shoulders, linen blouse.  She was showing significant cleavage and her hair was parted down the middle and plaited into two long braids secured at the tips with blue ribbons that matched the skirt.

"Fetch me a flagon of ale, wench!" Tiffany chuckled.

Ashley placed her hands on her hips and sighed.  "I do look like the St. Pauli girl," she admitted.

"On the dark beer bottle," Tiffany agreed, then extended her right index finger and spun it in a circle.  "Turn."

Ashley sighed again, then lifted her skirt and executed a pirouette.

"You look good," Tiffany said.  "Really."

Ashley managed a smile.  "Really?"

"Really."  Tiffany noticed movement from the corner of one eye and turned towards the door leading to the clothing rooms in the back.  "Oh, my!"

It was Cassie and she was also in costume, a full-length gown of purple velvet with white lace and ribbon trim, and a linen apron.  It had long, drooping sleeves and a generous décolletage that showcased her bosom to great effect.  Her hair was in a French braid intertwined with white ribbons and trailed down her back.

"I know," Ashley chuckled, "wow."

"Wow," Tiffany agreed.

Just then they heard gravel crunching under tires and turned to find a Lexus sedan pulling into the parking lot.  They watched as a pair of women in costumes similar to Cassie's emerged and strolled towards Sarand-ip's front door.

Tiffany took a step closer to Ashley, leaned close, and whispered in her ear.  "How does she know?  How did she know yesterday was Victorian day and today is Renfair day?"

Cassie had overheard.  "I told you the day we met," she said with a smile, "I'm a witch."

Tiffany blushed.  "Oh."

"I don't think she's kidding," Ashley whispered to her friend (knowing Cassie could hear every word).

Cassie's smile focused on Tiffany.  "Why don't you go for a run," she suggested.

"Oh yeah, no costume."  Tiffany turned and left the shop.  "Right away, Your Witchiness!" she called back over her shoulder.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 6

Night had fallen.

Ashley and Tiffany were kneeling on the carpet in the middle of Cassie's bedroom.  Their clothes were neatly folded and stacked next to the bedroom door.

Cassie was standing next to her bed and was wearing a powder-blue nightie and panties with a matching robe.  Several coils of the same synthetic hemp rope she'd used to bind Tiffany the night before were waiting on the bed.  "Before we start the actual lesson," she said, "I promised to explain the purpose of a belly rope."  She removed her robe and dropped it on the bed, then picked up one of the shorter lengths of rope, turned her back to her students, and crossed her wrists behind her back.  "Ashley, please bind my wrists."

Ashley stared at the rope dangling from Cassie's right hand, then scrambled to her feet.  "Uh, okay."

"You really are teacher's pet," Tiffany groused.  She was staring at the teacher in question and not the rope.  To be precise, she was staring at teacher's minimally clad, tall, tan, sexy body.

"Don't pout," Cassie chuckled, then addressed Ashley.  "Make it tight and make sure I can't reach the knot."

"Wait!" Tiffany objected.  She paused while Cassie and Ashley turned to face her.  "If you're going to be tied up, you have to be naked."

Cassie smiled.  "Tiffany, you really are quite the little trickster."

"Yeah, but what passes for logic in her geek brain is impeccable," Ashley stated gravely.

Tiffany started to say something decidedly rude in response to her BFF's jibe, then her eyes widened and her jaw snapped shut.

Cassie was doing it!  She'd handed the rope to Ashley, untied the ribbon between her breasts that secured the nightie, and pulled the garment over her head.  She tossed it on the bed, then pulled down her panties and threw them on the bed as well.  She then turned and crossed her wrists as before.  "Tight, with unreachable knots."

"Okay."  Ashley went to work.  She doubled the rope, cinched a loop around Cassie's wrists, took two more turns, then a couple of turns between her arms and hands, forming an "X."  She took a final turn between her wrists that tightened everything up, then threaded the remaining free ends through the rope between her forearms and away from Cassie's fingers and tied a triple square-knot.  "That isn't too tight, is it?"

"It's fine," Cassie answered, then turned and sat on the carpet near Tiffany.  "Bind my ankles."

Ashley grabbed another short length of rope and tossed it to Tiffany.

"If you insist," Tiffany purred.  "Crossed, so you can't hop away and escape, right?"

"Clever girl," Cassie chuckled, "you were paying attention."

Tiffany crossed her teacher's ankles and bound them with the rope, the way Cassie had tied her ankles the first night and the way she'd tied Ashley's ankles last night.  "There."

"Excellent," Cassie said, smiling at her student.  "Now, scoot back and give me some wiggle room."  Tiffany rose to her feet and padded over to stand next to Ashley.  "Now," Cassie lectured, "I would appear to be completely at your mercy.  You've both done a competent job of binding my wrists and ankles and the knots are unreachable; however, I'm not nearly as helpless as you might think.  Observe."

Cassie rolled onto her back and bound arms, folded her legs and planted one bound foot, then lifted her butt off the carpet, arched her back, and slid her wrists and forearms past her hips.  She then tucked her legs even tighter and passed her ankles through her arms.  Her wrists were now in front.  "You see?  Any reasonably flexible person can do that."

"Especially if she's a Yoga expert," Ashley huffed.

"Especially if she's a naked Yoga expert," Tiffany added.

"It's possible even when fully clothed," Cassie said, "within reason, of course.  An overcoat or heavy jacket would make sliding your arms past your hips problematic."  She began picking apart the knot securing her wrist bonds with her teeth.

Tiffany suddenly had a supremely naughty idea, one that would no doubt land her and her BFF in a world of trouble.  She leaned close and whispered quietly in Ashley's ear, making very sure that Cassie would hear nothing.  "Follow my lead."

Ashley gave her BFF a puzzled nod, then they both resumed watching Cassie free her wrists.  Preoccupied with loosening the rope, Cassie had missed the exchange.

"You could only do that 'cause she didn't tie you right," Tiffany said.

"I tied her right," Ashley objected.

"No, I'll show you," Tiffany said, and knelt behind Cassie.  "Gimme the rope."

"Ashley did a quite competent job of binding my wrists," Cassie confirmed, but handed the rope to Tiffany as requested, then placed her hands behind her back and crossed her wrists.  "Tie me again and I'll repeat the maneuver."

Tiffany winked at Ashley, then began binding Cassie's wrists.  She used the same "X" and cinched-between-the-wrists technique; however, with two feet of free end remaining, she tied a square knot.  Then, she quickly stepped around Cassie's body, knelt with her knees straddling her teacher's thighs, pulled the rope from either side, and cinched it around her waist.

"Oh, that's your plan," Ashley chuckled, knelt behind Cassie, and held her arms.

Cassie watched as Tiffany tied a neat, carefully compacted square-knot over her navel, then smiled at her red-haired captor.  "You wicked girl," she purred.

"Now you're at our mercy," Tiffany said, beaming a smile of her own.

"Wicked, wicked girl." Cassie muttered.  She was still smiling.

"Now I see the reason for the belly rope," Ashley said in a matter-of-fact manner.  Her lips were inches from Cassie's left ear.  "Are there any other ways to prevent the sliding-past-the-hips trick?"  She nuzzled Cassie's neck.

"You're both wicked," Cassie hissed, squirming in Ashley's embrace and trying to pull her bound legs from under the weight of Tiffany's kneeling body.  She remained the girls' bound prisoner.

"Well, Mistress?" Tiffany purred.  "There must be other ways."

"Obviously, you bind the arms to the upper body," Cassie answered, "or tie the elbows together."

"Obviously," Tiffany said.

"Obviously," Ashley agreed, then stood, grabbed one of the long coils of rope from the bed, then knelt behind Cassie's back, again.  She released the coil, doubled the rope and found the center, formed a loop, then dropped it over Cassie's head and shoulders and cinched it tight around her upper arms and below her breasts.  A second doubled pass followed, and then a third.

"Do the over-the-shoulders thing," Tiffany said to Ashley, "like you used to do to me when we were little."

"Gimme a chance," Ashley huffed.  She took a turn of rope around Cassie's arms behind her back and cinched it tight.  This slid Cassie's arms closer together under the bands of rope, but her elbows were far from touching.  Ashley passed the still very long doubled rope between Cassie's left upper arm and her torso, from the back to the front.  She then passed the rope up and behind Cassie's neck, down over her right shoulder to the front, between her right upper arm and torso, then back between her elbows.  She took a hitch, pulled the rope taut, and took a turn around her crossed wrists.  She then slid the rope back up between her elbows and cinched another hitch.  There was just enough rope left for her to pass it under the doubled strands at the nape of Cassie's neck, pull out the slack, and tie a square-knot.

"I believe you know more about tying people up than you've been letting on," Cassie purred.

"Not really," Ashley admitted, "but I used to tie up the geek when we were kids, like she said.  It's like riding a bicycle.  Also, I watched you last night."

"Clever girl," Cassie purred, "wicked, and clever."  She twisted her upper body and rolled her shoulders.  "Adequate, but it could be neater."

"Lets get her on the bed," Tiffany suggested.

"Okay," Ashley agreed.

They lifted their teacher, Tiffany taking her legs and Ashley her upper body, carried her to the bed, and dropped her on the mattress.

"A shame to waste all this rope," Tiffany said, "but I think she's tied up enough, don't ya think?"

"This will do," Ashley nodded.

Cassie smiled at her students.  "If you untie me right now, we'll continue the class and there will be no punishment."

"Yeah, like that's gonna happen," Tiffany laughed.  She leaned close and whispered in Ashley's ear.  "Get the vibrator."

Ashley turned and grinned at her BFF.  "You're not gonna be happy 'til she really is mad at us."

Tiffany pointed at Cassie's smiling face.  "Does she look mad?"

Ashley shook her head and exited the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Tiffany gathered the remaining coils of rope from the bed, pulling them from under her bound teacher's naked body as required, and dropped them on the floor.  She then picked up Cassie's panties, nightie, and robe and carried them to the walk-in closet.

Cassie watched Tiffany return to the bed and pile her pillows against the headboard.  Her student then climbed on the bed, reclined against the pillows, and pulled her bound body into her arms.

"This is disrupting the class and gross insubordination," Cassie noted.  She was still smiling.  "Mistress is very angry."

"You ain't seen nothin' yet," Tiffany whispered, and kissed Cassie's lips.

Ashley returned with the wand vibrator to find the kiss still in progress.  She plugged the power cord into a wall socket and climbed onto the bed.

Cassie was now on her back and reclined against the pillows with Tiffany against her right side and Ashley against her left.  "You naughty girls," she gasped as her students each hooked a leg around her thighs, preventing her from closing her legs.  "You're both going to be very sorry."

Ashley thumbed the vibrator to low—Buzzz—then handed it to Tiffany.  "Should we gag her?"

Tiffany grinned and pressed the head of the vibrator against Cassie's tummy, between her navel and her dark pubic thatch.  "No, we can't suck on her face if she's gagged."

"Sure we can," Ashley chuckled.  "We just can't do any tongue wrestling."

"We'll gag her if she screams for help," Tiffany said, sliding the vibrator down to Cassie's pussy.  "Not that anyone would hear her, of course."

"Of course," Ashley agreed, then kissed Cassie's gasping lips.  She also cupped Cassie's left breast and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Tiffany was varying the pressure of the vibrator and sliding it up and down against Cassie's labia.  The fingers of her free hand were teasing Cassie's right nipple.

Cassie turned her head to the side, breaking Ashley's kiss.  "Mistress is...  v-very... disappointed."  She squirmed and shivered as the vibrator continued to glide.  Tiffany slid the switch to medium, and Cassie gasped!  "Ahhh—M'rrrf!"  Tiffany's tongue was in her mouth.

Ashley nuzzled Cassie's neck and continued kneading her breast.  "You realize this is going on our permanent student records," she said to Tiffany.

Tiffany broke the kiss.  "Yeah."  The kiss continued.

"Just so you know," Ashley purred.  She released Cassie's breast, slid her hand down their teacher's abdomen, and joined Tiffany's hand on the vibrator.  Together, they slid the buzzing head against Cassie's pussy and Cassie continued squirming and struggling.  "She's strong," Ashley chuckled.

Tiffany broke the kiss.  "Strong and beautiful."

"And she's all ours," Ashley sighed.

Cassie was shivering and panting.  "Wicked girls," she gasped, then put her head back and screamed!  "Mrrrpfh!"  Or rather, she would have screamed if Tiffany's free hand wasn't now clamped over her mouth.

"I guess we do need a gag," Ashley said.

"Later," Tiffany said, "after she cums... the first time."

Cassie continued writhing and fighting her bonds, Tiffany's hand continued gagging her mouth, and the girls continued pressing the vibrator against her pussy.

Then, Ashley slid the vibrator's switch to the high setting.


HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
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