HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
by Van ©2012

Chapter 3



Cassie opened her eyes.

The windows were closed but the drapes were open and indirect light flooded the bedroom.  Truth be told, it wasn't exactly a flood, but to dark-adapted eyes the early morning light was more than adequate.  She knew instantly where she was and why she was zipped, laced, and padlocked in a tight leather corset, why she was spreadeagled on her bed with her wrists and ankles in padded cuffs, and why a strip of tape was plastered over her lips.  Years ago, Cassie had learned to integrate such occurrences, however infrequent, into her psyche.  What she didn't understand was why a summer-weight blanket was covering her otherwise naked body from her feet to just above her breasts.  Only her outstretched arms, shoulders, and tape-gagged head were exposed to the early morning air.  She lifted her head and looked around... and the mystery was resolved.

Tiffany was curled up in the easy chair Cassie used to read in her room and gaze out at the ocean.  The adorable little redhead was fast asleep and a second light blanket covered her body from the neck down.  Obviously, Cassie's "dominatrix" had crept back into the bedroom after she was asleep, covered her with the blanket, then decided to watch over her for the rest of the night.  Adorable.

Cassie lay in her bonds and examined Tiffany's tousled red hair, the delicate lashes of her closed eyes, her button nose, lightly freckled cheeks, and ever-so-slightly open lips.  She's a treasure, Cassie thought.  Several seconds passed... and turned into a minute... then two.

Finally, it happened.

Tiffany opened her eyes, blinked, then opened her mouth in a very cat-like yawn.  She turned her head towards Cassie—who instantly shut her eyes and lay completely still.  Cassie heard the sound of Tiffany rising from the chair, opened her eyes to peek, and watched Tiffany fold her blanket... then tiptoe to the walk-in closet.  Tiffany was wearing a light cotton robe over a tank-top and (probably) panties.  Tiffany returned without the blanket—Cassie quickly closed her eyes, again—and Tiffany slowly, carefully lifted the blanket from Cassie's body.  The helpless captive heard a quiet sigh (and surmised her dominatrix/employee was staring at her captive/employer's naked arms, shoulders, boobs, her wasp-thin, corseted waist, her bare, splayed legs—or all-of-the-above).  Cassie suppressed a smile, waited a few seconds, then opened her eyes.

Tiffany's gaze was on Cassie's bare feet and was traveling up her body to the crotch-panel buckled and padlocked between Cassie's legs... up the tightly laced and padlocked corset... to her perfect boobs... to her tape-gagged lips and beautiful brown eyes—"Oh!"  Tiffany blushed, furiously.  "You're awake."

Cassie nodded.  Her eyes were smiling—and her lips also, to the extent allowed by the tape-gag.

Tiffany sat on the bed, leaned close, and carefully teased back a corner of the tape.  Her brow knit in concentration, she slowly peeled the matte-black strip from Cassie's lips.  The skin of her lips and face stretched, ever-so-slightly, as the tape surrendered its adhesive grip.

The tape gone, Cassie licked her lips and smiled up at her rescuer.  "Thank you," she said.  "And thank you for the blanket."

"Uh, you're welcome," Tiffany replied.  She was still blushing, but only a little.  "I know you said you didn't need one, but... you know."

Cassie chuckled.  "Tiffany, you're in charge, remember?"  She nodded towards the cat charm necklace and keys dangling between Tiffany's breasts, just visible through the slightly gaping robe.  "You make the final decisions about such things.  Now, undo me so I can visit the little girl's room."

"Yeah, sure."  Tiffany ignored the inconsistency of being reminded she was in charge and being ordered to release her prisoner.  She fumbled with the plastic snap-buckle securing the padded cuff around Cassie's left wrist.  Try as she might, she couldn't get the thing to release.  "Uh, this is... stuck."

"See the tiny stud in the middle?" Cassie said, nodding towards the snap-buckle.

"The little bump?"

"The same," Cassie confirmed.  "Hold it down and then squeeze the recessed flanges on either side."

"Oh."  It took a couple of tries, but Tiffany mastered the trick.  The buckle released, she ripped open the Velcro securing the cuff—Vrrrrrip!—and Cassie's left wrist was free.  "Kinda hard to do that with one hand," she noted as she worked her way around the bed, releasing the remaining cuffs.  Click, vrrrrrip—click, vrrrrrip—click, vrrrrrip.

"That's something of the point," Cassie explained, "an added security precaution.  However, it is possible to release the clip single-handed, with practice."

"If you say so."

Cassie stretched, then climbed off the bed.

Tiffany lifted one of the keys dangling from the necklace, leaned close, and unlocked and removed the padlocks securing the buckles of the crotch-panel.  "Uh, those cuffs didn't hurt you, did they?"

Cassie flexed her fingers, then held her wrist out for inspection.  "As you can see, I'm unmarked.  The cuffs are quite comfortable, actually."

Tiffany was staring at the unmarked, tan, strong-but-feminine wrist in question, then shifted her gaze to the nearest open cuff.  "Really?"

"Try it, if you like," Cassie offered.  "Here, I'll help."

Tiffany sat on the bed and watched as Cassie lifted the cuff, guided her left wrist into its padding, and wrapped it tight.  "It is soft," she noted.  Click.  Cassie had secured the buckle.  "And tight."  Tiffany tugged on the cuff and the attached nylon webbing strap snapped taut.  Then, she blinked in surprise as Cassie lifted her from the bed, spun her around, took hold of her right hand, and pulled it behind her back.  "Hey!  What are you—Oh!"

Cassie had loosened the narrow cotton belt of Tiffany's robe, looped it around her right wrist, and cinched it tight.

"H-how did you—?"

"You don't know how to tie a clove-hitch using the folded loops method?" Cassie purred.

"No," Tiffany admitted, then watched as Cassie spun her back around, took the slack out of the belt in front, cinched it tight around her waist, then tied a doubled bow.  She lifted her amazed gaze to Cassie's smiling face.

"I can teach you," Cassie offered.  "I can teach you many useful knots and hitches, many interesting things one can do with rope."  She planted Tiffany 's rump on the bed, leaned close, lifted Tiffany's chin with her right hand, and kissed her lips.  "And I think you want to learn.  Don't you?"

Tiffany was blinking and blushing.  "Uh...  I guess."

Cassie laughed as she turned and strolled towards the master bath.  "Stay where you are 'til I get back," she ordered.

Tiffany stared at Cassie's tall, tan, strong, feminine body as she entered the bath and closed the door.  "Uh... okay," she muttered.  She doubted if Cassie had heard through the door.

Tiffany's options were:  (1) squirm around until she could release the doubled bow securing the robe's belt with her cuffed left hand, free her right wrist from the clove hitch tied with the "folded loop" method, then attempt to master the one-handed snap-buckle release method Cassie had said was possible; (2) scream bloody murder 'til Ashley rushed in and rescued her; or (3) follow Cassie's order and... wait.

She twisted her wrists, testing the loops of cotton belt and the padded, buckled cuff.  Both were individually inescapable, if she ignored option (1).  Option (2) would be rather rude, and might lead to termination of their employment—or, more probably (and far worse), a profound change in her (their, counting Ashley) relationship with Cassie.  That left option (3).

What it came down to was Tiffany was a voluntary "prisoner."  She was sitting (fidgeting) on the edge of Cassie's bed by choice.  She sighed and settled in to wait for her "captor's" return, then glanced down at the keys dangling from the necklace and visible through the still gaping robe.  "Good thing I'm in charge," she muttered under her breath.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 3
Tiffany listened to the water being repeatedly turned on and off in the sink in the master bath.  With the corset still locked and the keys around the neck of her "dominatrix," Cassie couldn't take a shower, but nothing prevented her from giving herself a sponge bath—except for where the corset squeezed and covered her torso, of course.  Finally, the toilet flushed and Cassie reentered the bedroom.  She was smiling, as always, and brushing her hair.

"Still here, I see," Cassie chuckled.

"Still here," Tiffany confirmed.  A hint of a blush colored her freckled cheeks.  Her green eyes popped wide.  "Oh!"

Cassie had sat next to her on the bed, lifted her left leg around Tiffany's body, and was now straddling her, front to back.  She began brushing Tiffany's hair, using both hands and gently sliding the brush through her ginger locks.  "You really are a curious little thing, aren't you?"

"Uh... yeah.  I suppose."

Cassie laughed and continued the task of taming Tiffany's long, red tresses.  "Have you much experience playing with rope?" she asked.

"No," Tiffany answered.  "A little when we were kids," she added.


"Ashley and I go way back," Tiffany explained.  "Xena rescuing Gabby, Buffy rescuing Willow... that sorta stuff."  The brush continued gliding through her hair.  "I was always Willow, of course... 'cause of the hair."

"Yes," Cassie agreed, "because of the hair.  And you were the one that always needed rescuing?"

"Not all the time," Tiffany objected, "but often... usually.  Okay, most of the time."

Cassie smiled, set the brush aside, then reached over and released Tiffany's left wrist from the cuff with a deft, one-handed twist and flex of her fingers.  She then placed both hands on Tiffany's waist, lifted her to her feet, and spun her around.  She had stood, as well, and they were now standing very close, with the 5' 10" Cassie towering over the 5' 2" Tiffany.

Her right wrist still lashed to the small of her back by the belt of her robe, she gazed up at Cassie, and Cassie smiled down at her.

"Do you think Ashley will want to play?" Cassie asked.

"No, I mean... I don't know."

Cassie laughed and kissed the top of Tiffany's head.  "In that case, for now we'll keep it our little secret, okay?"

"Okay," Tiffany whispered.  "Uh... keep what a secret?  I mean, what exactly am I agreeing to?"

"Curious but clever," Cassie chuckled.  "I'm your teacher and you're my student.  We don't have to keep Ashley totally in the dark, but when opportunities present themselves..."

Tiffany nodded, her chin raised and her green eyes locked with Cassie's.  "You'll teach me."

"Good girl," Cassie purred.  "Eventually, I'm sure we'll find a way to let Ashley join in the learning process."

Tiffany was dubious.

"Trust me," Cassie purred.  She intertwined the fingers of her right hand with Tiffany's left hand, pulled her into a gentle embrace, and they kissed.

A shiver quaked through Tiffany's body.  Cassie's full, firm breasts were squashed against her chest and her more modest and cotton-covered breasts brushed the top of Cassie's corset.  She twisted her right wrist against the tight bands of cotton belt holding it captive.  The buckles of Cassie's crotch-panel brushed her tummy.  Their lips sucked and tongues slid together as the kiss continued.  She squirmed and struggled (a little), but Cassie's grip on her left hand and the embrace of her right arm around her waist were inescapable— firm, warm, strong, and inescapable.  The fingers of Tiffany's bound hand fluttered and waved—then Cassie intertwined the fingers of her free hand and gripped them, as well.  Again, Tiffany shivered.

Cassie broke the kiss.  "Your little heart is tripping like a hammer," she whispered, smiling down at Tiffany.

"Uh huh," Tiffany whispered back, went up on her toes, and resumed the kiss.

A minute passed...  It felt like a minute, anyway...  Then, Cassie released her embrace and took a step back.  "Better start breakfast," she said as she released the doubled bow securing the belt of Cassie's robe.  "I believe it's your turn to cook, isn't it?"

"Uh huh," Tiffany responded.  She freed her right wrist, then tightened and cinched the belt and tied a bow.  She spun around and headed for the bedroom door, but skidded to a stop halfway there.  "Oh!"  She hurried to the bedside table and picked up the pair of open padlocks she'd remembered should be securing Cassie's crotch panel.  "Hands on top of your head," she ordered.

"Yes, Mistress," Cassie purred and followed her dominatrix' order.

Tiffany leaned close and clicked the padlocks through the hasps of the buckles.  Click.  Click.  Then stood erect and—"Ooof!  Mrrrf!"

Cassie had her in another embrace, and another kiss.  The kiss continued for several seconds... then Tiffany squirmed free.  (More precisely, Cassie let her go.)

"Stop that!" Tiffany huffed, wiping her lips with the back of her hand.  "Be good, or I'll make you beg for bathroom breaks all day."

"You little flirt," Cassie chuckled, then nodded towards the door.

Tiffany giggled and headed for the door.   "Tee-hee-hee—Ow!"  She hadn't been quick enough to avoid the teasing slap Cassie delivered to her rump.  She directed a heartbreaking pout at her grinning employer as she scampered out the door.

Cassie smiled at the empty doorway, then turned to the task of dressing for the day.  She decided sandals, a peasant skirt, and a loose blouse with a scoop front would do to disguise the underlying corset and present an appropriate appearance for her Saturday customers.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 3

Breakfast was over and Ashley and Tiffany were in the main shop.  Ashley was replenishing the selection of scented candles in a display case and Tiffany was straightening the book and DVD shelves.

"You tied her to the bed?" Ashley demanded.

"They were Velcro padded cuff thingies, actually," Tiffany explained, "with snap-buckles.  They click closed with no trouble, but to get them open you have to press this bump in the middle and—"

"You tied her to the bed!"

"Keep it down," Tiffany hissed.  "And I put a piece of tape over her mouth.  It was black."

"Over her mouth?"

Tiffany shrugged.  "She made me."

"Let me get this straight," Ashley muttered.  "After you had her tied to the bed... with 'padded cuff thingies'... she made you put a piece of tape over her mouth?"

"Uh, sorta.  It was black... the tape, I mean."  Tiffany shrugged, again.  "Cassie's gonna teach me about bondage.  But you're not supposed to know, so don't let her know I spilled the beans."

Ashley sighed and stared at her BFF.  "So why did you spill the beans?"

"I tell you everything," Tiffany muttered with an expression of mild confusion.  "You know that."

Ashley shook her head and arranged the last of the new candles in the display.  "You can be such a geek," she muttered under her breath, but a smile curled her lips.

Cassie was just outside the main shop, in the hallway that led from the private areas of the house.  The girls had no idea she was there and she'd heard everything.  She smiled and quietly returned to the kitchen.  She'd wait a minute or two and then return, this time making a little noise to announce her arrival.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 3

Saturday passed with the usual semi-sparse stream of customers.  Cassie only had to ask for two bathroom breaks from the keeper-of-the-keys.

Closing time rolled around and Cassie locked the front door, set the alarm system, then turned to find her two clerks staring at her with unmistakable expectation.  "What?" she asked.

"Don't ya wanna get it off?" Tiffany demanded.

Cassie smiled.  "Get what off?"

"The corset—the corset—the corset!"  Tiffany was literally hopping with enthusiasm.

"She wants to see you naked again," Ashley said to Cassie, perfectly deadpan.

Cassie laughed as Tiffany blushed and delivered a punch to her BFF's arm in retaliation.  "Shuddup," the redhead muttered, then turned to Cassie.  "I just wanna make sure you're okay."

Cassie stepped forward, took Tiffany's face between her hands, and delivered a kiss to her lips.  "You sweet girl," she purred.  "I'm fine.  Run the vacuum," she ordered, then turned to Ashley.

"Dusting," Ashley acknowledged.  "On it."

When their tasks were accomplished the girls entered the kitchen to find Cassie preparing a garden salad.  A pot roast had been simmering in the slow-cooker all day and should be ready.  Cassie nodded at a bottle of red wine.  "Somebody needs to open that," she said.

"No, it's time to open you," Tiffany insisted.

Cassie smiled, took a step back, and placed her hands atop her head.  "Yes, Mistress."

Ashley chuckled as she took Cassie's place at the counter and took over salad preparation duty.

Tiffany stepped forward and untied the string securing the decolletage of Cassie's white linen blouse.  The scoop front of the blouse was generous enough that Cassie could have easily pulled it over her head with the string intact, but Tiffany untied it anyway.  Cassie removed the blouse and tossed it on a chair, then returned her hands to the top of her head.

Tiffany did her best to ignore Cassie's breasts.  All day she'd been admiring the way they'd filled out the loose blouse.  She reached out and unbuttoned the waistband of Cassie's peasant skirt, unzipped the cleverly concealed side zipper, then tugged the skirt over Cassie's hips.

Cassie stepped out of the skirt and was nude, but for the corset and the sandals still laced on her feet.

Ashley's attention was directed at tearing apart leaves of lettuce, but she'd been watching the spectacle with quick glances (and a smile).  "Are her boobs still perfect?" she asked.  Obviously, the question was for Tiffany.

"Shuddup," Tiffany growled.

"And is the geek still blushing?" Ashley continued.  This time she was asking Cassie.

"I said.  Shut.  Up," Tiffany muttered.

Cassie smiled and said nothing.  She watched as Tiffany (who was blushing) unlocked and removed the two padlocks of the crotch panel—  Click.  Click.  —the padlock of the front panel that covered the zipper—  Click.  —the buckle of the waist strap—  Click.  —then unbuckled the strap, stepped behind Cassie, and released the clips securing the back flaps.

Tiffany deposited the padlocks on the counter, then turned to find Cassie still smiling at her with her hands atop her head.  "Uh, you want me to...  Uh...  Okay."

"Geek," Ashley chuckled.

Tiffany stepped forward and unsnapped the flap covering the zipper (and did not stare at Cassie's breasts).

"Better loosen the laces first," Cassie advised, then continued in a whisper.  "Don't let her get to you."

"I don't," Tiffany whispered back.  She stepped behind Cassie, again, and released the Velcro strips of the flaps covering the laces.  Vriiip.  Vriiip.  She then untied the bow and loosened the laces.  Cassie sighed as the grip of the corset visibly released.  Tiffany stepped back to the front and slowly pulled down the zipper.  Zi-i-i-i-ip.

Cassie reached down and peeled the corset from her torso.

Tiffany covered her mouth and stifled a shriek of alarm.  "Eeeek!"

"What?" Ashley demanded, then Tiffany stepped to the side and her eyes popped wide.  "Oh!"

Cassie's skin was uniformly flushed an angry pink where it had been covered by the corset.  She stretched her arms, inhaled and exhaled, and twisted her hips.

"D-does it hurt?" Tiffany gasped.

"I'm fine," Cassie chuckled.  She nodded towards the corset, now tossed on the counter near the padlocks.  "Exquisite design."  She indicated her torso with a gesture and executed a slow pirouette.  "See?  No marks matching the seams or stays.  I doubt if there will be any bruising at all.  A hot bath and I'll be good as new."

"It looks like it hurts," Tiffany muttered.  Her eyes were glistening.

"C'mere," Cassie chuckled, and pulled Tiffany into a warm embrace.  "I'm fine," she sighed.

Ashley watched the spectacle of a naked Cassie hugging a much shorter and very flustered Tiffany.  It was hilarious—and she wasn't the least bit jealous... not the least bit.

"Come to my room after Ashley goes to sleep," Cassie softly whispered in Tiffany's ear.

"Huh?" Tiffany whispered back.

Cassie planted a kiss on Tiffany's forehead.  "Come to my room," she whispered, then released her embrace.

"I'm preparing a vinaigrette," Ashley announced.

"Okay," Tiffany said.  Her eyes were on Cassie's smiling face.  "Okay," she said again, this time in a silent whisper.

Cassie nodded, ever so slightly, then reached for her skirt.  Tiffany grabbed the blouse from the chair and held it ready for Cassie to don.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 3

Tiffany lay in bed, waiting until she was sure Ashley was asleep.

Cassie had retired early to enjoy the long soak in the tub she's promised herself earlier.  Tiffany and Ashley had tried watching a shark movie on the SyFy channel, but it was too stupid to endure, even on the level of being so stupid it was funny.  They gave up and went to bed.

Ashley read for a while, then... finally... turned out her light.

Tiffany lay on her side and focused on the glowing display of her alarm clock.  One minute turned to two... then five... ten... fifteen.

As quietly as she could, Tiffany folded back the covers and eased herself out of bed.  Ashley was on her side with her back to Tiffany and the door.  Wearing her usual tank-top and panties pajama substitute, Tiffany grabbed her robe, tiptoed to the door... eased it open and tiptoed across the threshold... then eased it closed.

Tiffany shrugged into the robe as she padded down the hallway to Cassie's room.  She paused at the door.  Should I knock?  Instead, she decided to quietly open the door and peer around the edge.

Cassie was in her bed, leaning back against a pile of pillows and reading a book.  She smiled at Tiffany.  "I was afraid you weren't coming," she said quietly, then slipped a bookmark between the pages, closed the book, and deposited it on the bedside table.

Tiffany entered the bedroom, carefully closing the door behind her, then padded to the foot of the bed.  Her eyes widened (slightly) as Cassie pulled back the covers, eased her long, tan legs to the side, sat on the edge of the bed, then stood.  She was wearing a babydoll nightie with matching panties in a very pretty shade of dusky-rose.  It had spaghetti straps, delicate lace decorated the top and bottom hems, and it barely came to her hips.  Both garments hugged her beautiful body and the whisper-thin fabric did little to hide her nipples, the curve of her breasts, her narrow waist and flat tummy, or her neatly trimmed pubic bush.

"Perfect," Tiffany whispered.

Cassie smiled.  "You little flirt," she chuckled, then opened her arms.  "Come."

Her heart pounding in her ears, Tiffany scampered into Cassie's arms—and they hugged.

"You aren't nervous, are you?" Cassie teased.

"Stop it," Tiffany muttered.  "Of course I'm nervous."

Cassie kissed the top of Tiffany's head.  "Of course."  She smiled down at Tiffany's upturned face.  "You know you're perfectly safe, don't you?"

Tiffany gazed up at her teacher's gorgeous features, and nodded.  "Uh-huh."

"Good girl," Cassie purred.  "Now... Lesson one: the student is always naked.  It adds to the experience."  She waited for Tiffany to digest this information.

"Uh... naked?"

"Without clothing," Cassie confirmed.  "Is that okay?"

"Uh, 'okay' isn't the word I would have chosen, but..."  Tiffany swallowed before continuing.  "Okay."

"Sweet girl," Cassie chuckled, released her embrace, and took a step back.

Tiffany released the belt and shrugged out of her robe.  Cassie extended her left hand and she handed it over.  She then pulled her tank-top over her head, handed it over as well, then tugged down her panties, stepped clear, surrendered them—and she was nude.

Cassie folded Tiffany's clothes and deposited them on the back of a chair.  "Oh, just look at you," she sighed.  "Turn for me."

Tiffany was blushing (which probably goes without saying).  She placed her hands on top of her head (it seemed the right thing to do) and shuffled in a full circle.  "I wish I had your body," she mumbled, gazing at Cassie's tan, bare feet.

"Maybe later," Cassie chuckled.

"I'm serious," Tiffany pouted.

Cassie stepped forward and lifted Tiffany's chin.  "You are a Celtic treasure, Tiffany McCoy, a beauty in your own right."

"I'm a ginger freak," she huffed.

Cassie laughed and planted a kiss on Tiffany's lips.  "I've never understood some people's aversion to flaming hair, peachy-pink skin, and freckles.  It's sad, really, a loss for those unfortunate souls taught by their elders to denigrate their red-haired classmates."  She walked to her chest of drawers and returned with a pair of long, thin ribbons fluttering in her hands.  They were bottle-green, about a half-inch wide, and something like two feet in length.  "Such people are to be pitied.  If they can't gaze upon a comely, ginger lass such as yourself with anything but pleasure, they're to be pitied."

Now Tiffany was really blushing.  "Stop it," she muttered.

Cassie draped one of the ribbons around her neck, then took hold of Tiffany's narrow waist and spun her around.  She gathered her student's wrists behind her back, crossed them, and began binding them with the ribbon.  "The thing to keep in mind when using straps or ribbons is to make sure they lie flat.  Creases and folds make for uneven pressure."  Ribbon was passing around, across, and between Tiffany's wrists.  "Also," Cassie continued as she cinched the ribbon one final time and tied a redundant knot, "everything should be uniformly tight, but not too tight."  She pressed Tiffany's right thumbnail between her thumb and forefinger, then released the gentle pinch.  "There, your hands are only slightly more pink than usual, and your nail goes white, then returns to normal as the blood returns.  Your circulation is unimpaired."

Tiffany tested her bondage.  Her crossed wrists had very little freedom of motion, but the windings of ribbon tightened only when she struggled or tried to flex her arms.  Her fingers fluttered and curled, but she could reach nothing.  She wasn't even sure exactly where the final knot had been tied.  It was somewhere near her forearms, but wherever it was, it was hopelessly out of reach.  "Uh... I guess ya got me."

"Indeed," Cassie purred, then pointed at the bed.  "Sit."

Tiffany plunked herself down on the bed, then watched as Cassie crossed her ankles and tied them in more or less the same manner as she'd tied her wrists.  This time she had a clear view of the process, including the tying of the final knot.  It was in plain sight; but, and she hardly thought it was a coincidence, the knot would be exceedingly difficult for her to reach, no matter how far she arched her back, folded her legs, and groped for her ankles.

"Onto the bed," Cassie ordered.

Tiffany blinked in surprise.  "Huh?"

Cassie smiled.  "Stretch out and squirm under the covers."

Tiffany started to ask where Cassie was going to sleep, then thought better of it.  "Okay," she whispered, and carried out her instructions... in an exceedingly awkward and ribbon-encumbered manner.

Meanwhile, Cassie had opened the bottom drawer of her bedside table and pulled out three items: the roll of matte-black tape Tiffany had used to gag her lips the night before, the bandage scissors, and a three-inch ball of pink foam.

Tiffany watched as Cassie ripped and snipped four seven-inch strips of tape from the roll and tacked them to the bedpost, one by one.  "As I told you last night," she lectured, "a gag is largely symbolic under such circumstances."  She returned the scissors and roll to the drawer, then picked up the ball and smiled.  "After all, it's not like I'm actually kidnapping you and need to keep you quiet.  Open."

Tiffany's green eyes were on the ball.  "That looks awfully big."

Cassie gave the ball a squeeze and it compressed to a fraction of its former size.  "Too big to swallow, but it fills the mouth quite nicely.  Open."

Tiffany swallowed nervously, then opened her mouth.

Still smiling, Cassie stuffed the compressed ball into Tiffany's mouth.  "Now, bite down and keep your lips together."  Tiffany complied as Cassie lifted the first piece of tape from the bedpost, stretched it between her hands, and pressed it over Tiffany's lips.  "Perfect," she purred.  The next two strips went over the first in an "X" fashion, and the fourth in the same manner as the first.  Cassie took her time, smoothing the tape with her fingers and making sure the adhesive had a tight seal.  "Perfect," she said, again.  "Test that for me."


"No, silly," Cassie chuckled.  "Really test it.  I can tickle you if it'll help."

Tiffany's eyes popped wide and she screamed through the gag.  "MRRRF!"

"That's better," Cassie said.  She turned out the bedside lamp, then climbed into bed next to her student.  "Now, you're probably wondering how long this lesson will last.  I didn't say, and you were foolish enough not to ask."  She lifted her right arm, slid it under Tiffany's head and shoulders, and pulled her into a snuggling embrace.

Tiffany went perfectly still... not counting the shiver rippling through her naked, bound, and gagged body (and the thrill coursing between her legs).

"I've set my alarm an hour early," Cassie whispered in Tiffany's ear, "so I can release you and you can sneak back to your own bed.  She kissed Tiffany's ear.  "And don't worry about me taking liberties during the night.  You're my student, so I won't let things go past second base."

Tiffany blinked in surprise.  "Mrrr?"

"Second base," Cassie chuckled, then cupped Tiffany's right breast and gave it a gentle squeeze.  "Now, go to sleep."

Tiffany managed not to squeal when Cassie grabbed her boob, but she couldn't stop another shiver from traveling through her bound body.  Cassie has to be able to feel that, she thought.  She meant the shiver.  Of course Cassie could feel the boob.  Her hand was still gently cupped around the modest globe and she was still feeling it.  I wouldn't mind things going past second base, Tiffany decided, but was hardly in a position to share her thoughts.

Warm and safe and snuggled against her teacher's firm, smooth, strong body, Tiffany closed her eyes.  That damned thrill quivered between her legs, again, but she couldn't do anything about it.  She was tied up... and helpless... and gagged... and naked!

Ashley will never believe this! she thought.  ...assuming I can figure out a way to tell her without dying of embarrassment.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 3


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