HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
by Van ©2012

Chapter 2



The eatery Cassie took Ashley and Tiffany to their first night as her employees was decidedly casual, a local crab shack that was anything but fancy.  The staff greeted Cassie with cheerful familiarity and were equally friendly to the newcomers, especially after they learned the girls had been hired to work at Sarand-ip.   They shared a bucket of steamed crabs, shrimp, clams, mussels, and corn on the cob—a pile of french fries—and a pitcher of beer (Lite beer).  Cassie assured them there were a variety of other restaurants up and down the coast, but she had a fondness for crab.

"There's a truly excellent steakhouse I'll take you to some time," she told the girls, "but I'm afraid they have a strict dress code."  She indicated her own blouse and with a graceful gesture.  "This is far too casual."

"Uh, that may be a problem," Ashley muttered.  "I've only got one skirt and a couple of sundresses."

"Same here," Tiffany chimed in with a shrug, "more-or-less.  Didn't know we'd be, uh, dressing up."
Cassie's smile was mildly disapproving.  "Ladies, you should always have a little-black-dress, just in case."

"In case James Bond wants to fly me to Monte Carlo?" Tiffany asked.

Ashley rolled her eyes.

"One never knows," Cassie chuckled.  "Not to worry.  You can borrow something appropriate from the racks.  We'll make it a Victorian girls-night-out—evening gowns, corsets, opera gloves, and hair up.  The proprietor and customers at the steakhouse will love it."

The girls exchanged a grin, then smiled at their new boss.

"Speaking of things from the racks," Cassie continued, "every now and then l want us to dress up for work.  One day we'll be medieval damsels.  Another day, Victorian maidens."

Ashley and Tiffany exchanged a slightly dubious glance.

"Nothing elaborate," Cassie reassured them.  "We'll choose a few simple costume items you can mix and match and launder."

The girls nodded (somewhat relieved).

"That could be fun," Tiffany said.

"And as long as we're talking shop," Cassie continued.  "I told you I handle special orders for select customers, sometimes with customization.  It's important that all such items be evaluated and tested before final delivery.  So, I'll need your help."

"What kind of items?" Ashley inquired as she slammed a wooden mallet down on a crab claw.

"Bwdrge gurr?" Tiffany suggested (through a mouthful of shrimp).  Cassie gave her a disapproving smile and she swallowed.  "Ur, sorry.  Bondage gear?"

"Not exclusively," she told the redhead, then shifted her smile to Ashley.  "Mostly it's leather clothing and accessories.  I must make sure they're comfortable and durable and meet the customer's expectations."

"Shouldn't be a problem," Ashley said as she used a tiny fork to tease a chunk of meat from the broken claw.

Tiffany nodded, peeling more shrimp.

Cassie smiled.  "Excellent.  I'm expecting an item late in the week and I'll need your help putting it on."

"Oh!" Tiffany gasped, "you mean you test the stuff."

Cassie smiled as she reached for a mallet and the remaining crab.  "In this case, yes.  The item is sized for a specific customer and I'm afraid you have neither the height nor the figure required."

Ashley nodded at her friend.  "You mean she's a munchkin and her ta-ta's are too tiny?  I guess that means I'm also off the hook."

Cassie smiled and shook her head.  "You girls are such fun."  She held up the nearly empty pitcher.  "More beer?"

Tiffany was staring daggers at her smiling BFF.  "Yeah, sure," she muttered.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 2

The first week seemed to fly by for Ashley and Tiffany.

The large bedroom Cassie was letting the girls use was on the second floor and was roughly circular, since it occupied one of Sarand-ip's turrets.  It was also fully furnished in the Victorian manner with a pair of canopy beds, two wardrobes and chest of drawers, a dressing table and mirror, and even a pair of comfortable overstuffed chairs with ottomans and a shared side-table they used for reading.  A bank of windows provided a scenic view of the southern coast.  It was very nice digs.  Even with all the Victorian furniture it wasn't what you would call cramped, and it was much better than the crappy apartment they'd shared in Eugene.

Work hours those first days were mostly occupied with learning the layout of the shop—not a trivial task—and absorbing Cassie's instruction on ringing up sales, shop cleanliness, and above all—customer service.  Cassie's standards were high, but she was a patient boss.

And speaking of customers, there was a somewhat steady stream in and out of the shop during the day.  Most visits were casual stops by tourists.  They'd browse the merchandise and usually leave with an impulse buy of a nicknack, candle, vial of scented oil, postcard, etc.

There were also a few of what the girls decided to call "pre-spa" customers.  A luxury car or SUV would pull into the parking lot and disgorge one or two men and women in unusual clothing that fell into two distinct categories: "Renfair" (for Renaissance Fair) and "My Fair Lady."  Not surprisingly, the medieval or Victorian/Edwardian costumes were highly compatible with the racks of clothing, outerwear, and accessories in Cassie's inventory.

Cassie always waited on the costumed customers herself, but as the girls began to gain experience and confidence she let one of them assist while the other watched the main shop.  Ashley helped a medieval gentleman in boots, tights, and jerkin select a pair of leather wrist-bracers.  Another time, Tiffany helped a Victorian lady in a sky-blue tea gown select a compatible reticule (a drawstring handbag).

Meals were taken family-style, and whichever "lowly clerk" (as Ashley and Tiffany dubbed themselves) wasn't on duty in the shop did the cooking and other household chores.  In an egalitarian manner, that included Cassie, once she'd sufficiently trained her new staff.  The girls had started out calling her "boss" (which she was), but Cassie quickly put a stop to it.  Cassie was Cassie.

At night, after dinner, they'd watch TV, read, or play games in the upstairs parlor that passed as a common room.  Cassie had a collection of unusual and sometimes antique board games and they were fun.  Cassie was fun.  Ashley and Tiffany were quickly coming to think of her as an older sister more than their employer.

Friday rolled around and late in the day a UPS truck delivered a large, flat cardboard box, about dress size.  Cassie signed for the delivery while Ashley carried it into the kitchen—the main kitchen where they prepared their meals, not the small kitchenette that served the café room off the shop.

"We'll open it after we close," Cassie explained as the UPS van pulled away.  She glanced at her wristwatch.  "Fifteen minutes."

"It's that thing you want to try on?" Tiffany asked.

"Yes," Cassie confirmed.  "Now, why don't you start dusting."  She smiled at Ashley.  "And I believe it's your turn to run the vacuum.  I'll keep an eye on the parking lot for late customers."

Ashley and Tiffany hurried about their assigned tasks.  Both were very curious about what was in the mysterious box.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 2

The front door was locked, the alarm system set, the floor was clean, and the dusting complete.  From a commercial point-of-view, Sarand-ip was put to bed for the night.

Back in the kitchen, Cassie had the box on the kitchen island and was slitting the sealing tape with a small knife.  Ashley and Tiffany watched eagerly, not even trying to hide their interest.  The flaps opened and Cassie lifted a plastic-wrapped object from a mass of crumpled newsprint.  Ashley moved the now empty box to the side and Cassie slit and opened the plastic.

"A corset!" Tiffany gasped, then focused on Cassie.  "Isn't it?"

"It is," Cassie confirmed.

"It's beautiful," Ashley whispered.

The corset was black leather, chamois soft on the inside and smooth and shining on the outside.  It would cover a hypothetical wearer's torso from just under her breasts to just above her hips.  It zipped closed in the front and laced in the back.  Stiff panels would close over the zipper and the laces and a waist strap would buckle in front.  The buckle was lockable, like most of the items already in Sarand-ip's bondage inventory.  Finally, there was a crotch piece, a curved, triangular panel connected to the bottom of the corset by a strap in back and secured by two buckles in front.

"Steel stays and hand stitching," Cassie purred as she ran a finger over a gleaming leather seam.

"It's beautiful," Tiffany echoed her BFF, then her eyes popped wide.  "Oh!"

Cassie had taken a step back and was pulling her blouse over her head.  "I'll need to wear it for at least twenty-four hours," she announced.

"S-starting now?"  Tiffany stuttered.  She was blushing (just a little) as Cassie unzipped and unbuttoned her jeans, then pulled them down and stepped out.  "Uh, I guess so," Tiffany muttered, answering her own question.

Now wearing only bra and panties, Cassie sat in a kitchen chair and removed her sandals.

Meanwhile, Ashley had collected Cassie's discarded outerwear.  She neatly folded the blouse and jeans and placed them on a side counter.

"Thank you," Cassie said with a smile as she handed Ashley the sandals.

"Uh, you're welcome," Ashley muttered in return.  She was a little nervous, but...  "It's just-us-girls, as the saying goes."

"Just so," Cassie agreed.

Tiffany was also nervous.  She picked up the corset and turned to face Cassie.  "You want me to—Oh!"

Cassie had just removed her bra.  It was white and trimmed with lace and was very pretty.  And now she was pulling down her panties, which were also white, trimmed with lace, and pretty.  Cassie's skin was smooth and tan (an allover tan) and firm.  "Oh, thank you, Tiffany," she purred, then lifted her arms.

Now Tiffany was blushing furiously.  She couldn't help it.

Ashley rolled her eyes.  "You can be such a geek," she scolded her BFF, then stepped behind Cassie.  "I'll help."

"Shut up," Tiffany muttered.  The remark was directed at Ashley, of course.

"No need to be embarrassed, Tiffany," Cassie chuckled as the girls fit the corset around her torso.  "Think of yourself as a lady's maid in training.  It's a skilled position requiring gentle hands, nimble fingers, and a tolerance for intimate contact."

"Huh?  Oh, sure."  Tiffany zipped the corset closed in front—Ziiiiip—then closed the narrow vertical panel that covered the zipper.  It clipped at the bottom, sealed by means of long Velcro strips, then the fob of the zipper snapped over a steel hasp at the very top, between Cassie's breasts.

Cassie lowered her arms and grasped the top seam of the corset, to either side of said breasts.  She then nodded at the open box.  "Ashley, be a dear and check in the bottom for another small package."

"Yeah, sure." Ashley responded, released the corset and walked to the box.  She rummaged through newspaper packing, then held up a clear plastic zip-lock bag.  Inside were several small cylindrical padlocks and a pair of keys.  They were similar, if not identical, to the padlocks already in the bondage display case in Sarand-ip's leather room.

Tiffany's gaze was on Cassie's perfect breasts... and her nipples... and her dusky areolas.  She lifted her eyes and found Cassie smiling at her.  Tiffany's blush—which had finally begun to fade—returned in spades.

"Geek," Ashley accused as she carried over the bag of padlocks.

"Be nice," Cassie chuckled.  "Please open one of the padlocks and secure the zipper."

Ashley opened the bag and pulled out a padlock and a pair of keys joined by a small split-ring.  She unlocked the padlock and handed it to Tiffany.

"Uh, through here?"  She was pointing at the hasp protruding through the slot in the zipper's fob.

"Where else is it gonna go?" Ashley huffed and rolled her eyes, yet again.

"I told you, dear," Cassie said to Tiffany with a reassuring smile, "there's no need to be embarrassed."  She shifted her amused gaze to Ashley.  "And if you don't stop, you're testing the next special order."

"She is anyway," Tiffany stated, smiling at her BFF.  "I tested the Gorean Slave-binder, remember?"  She threaded the padlock through the hasp and clicked it closed.

"That was hardly a test," Cassie chortled.  "My slave-binders are already very well-tested, but I accept your logic."  Before Ashley could respond she did a half-turn, presenting her back to Tiffany.  "Make sure the floating panel is centered before you tighten the laces."

"Uh, okay."  Tiffany settled the rectangular panel under the laces against Cassie's spine.

Ashley stepped around to Cassie's front and helped hold the corset in place as Tiffany began tightening the laces.

"You do have nice boobs," Ashley said to Cassie.  She was teasing Tiffany as well as making the compliment.

"Shut.  Up." Tiffany huffed as she tugged on the laces.

"That does it," Cassie chortled.  "Ashley, you are testing the next delivery."

"Good," Tiffany muttered.  "I hope it's something really nasty."

Ashley shrugged, then released the corset.  Holding it up was no longer necessary.  "I'm sure I'll survive."

Cassie gave Ashley a reassuring wink, then addressed Tiffany.  "Make it meet," she instructed.

"Uh, I don't think I can," Tiffany answered.  "I think this thing is a size too small... maybe two."

"Nonsense," Cassie chuckled.  "Pull out the slack, tie a quick bow, then start again at the top and work your way down, pulling out more slack."

"Cassie!" Tiffany complained.  "I'll squeeze you in half!"

"Nonsense," Cassie chuckled, again.

"You want me to do it?" Ashley asked.

"I can do it," Tiffany huffed, "but I'm going on record.  If I crack your ribs you can't sue."

"Or prefer charges," Ashley added with a grin.

Cassie's only reply was her radiant smile.

Tiffany continued pulling in the laces.  She followed Cassie's suggestion, but it took three stages of bow-tying and tightening before the sides of the corset finally came together over the floating panel.  Cassie's already thin waist was now—as the saying goes—wasp-thin.

"Now, see the little elastic loops in the back panels?" Cassie asked.  "Coil the free ends and tuck them under, then close the flaps and be sure and secure the end clips."

The back flaps were a scaled up versions of the zipper flap in front.  The right flap closed over the laces and tiny steel clips at the top and bottom snapped into flush-mounted sockets.  Then, the left panel closed.  It was secured by broad strips of Velcro, as well as two more clips.  A narrow leather strap was sewn into the left panel and completely encircled the smallest part of Cassie's waist.  With the strap buckled in front, it would be impossible to reach, much less release, the back panel's clips.

Tiffany buckled the strap and without prompting Ashley unlocked another padlock and handed it to the redhead.

"Another hole tighter," Cassie instructed.

"Cassie," Tiffany whined.

"Please, another hole."  Cassie smiled.  "I'm okay, really."

"Okay," Tiffany sighed, and tightened the buckle as instructed.  She then clicked the padlock through the hasp.  Click.

"Goodness," Cassie sighed, taking as deep a breath as the corset allowed.  "That is tight."

"Told ya so," Tiffany muttered and fumbled with the keys to unlock the strap.

"No, no," Cassie chuckled, "I'm fine."  She reached between her legs, lifted the dangling crotch panel, and settled it against her most intimate anatomy.

Tiffany had noted but not really thought about the rounded ridge running up the inside of the crotch panel.  Now, she realized it would part and gently squeeze Cassie's labia when the two front straps were buckled to the bottom of the corset.

"Uh, Tiffany?" Cassie purred.

"Huh?  Oh, sorry."  She threaded the straps and secured the buckles.

Cassie smiled.  "Ahem."

"Really?" Tiffany sighed.  "Tighter?"

"One more hole," Cassie confirmed.

Tiffany followed her orders, then clicked two more padlocks through the buckles.

"There," Cassie sighed.  She put out her hand and Ashley handed her the keys.  She lifted the cat charm necklace still around her neck and clipped the split-ring through the cat's tail loop.  Then, she reached behind her neck and undid the clasp.  "Turn around," she told Tiffany.

Tiffany turned and Cassie dropped the open necklace over her head and secured the clasp.  "Now I can't remove this thing unless you let me," Cassie explained.

Tiffany turned back around,  The cat charm and keys were in her right hand, her eyes were locked with Cassie's, and a blush colored her cheeks.  "Uh... okay."

"Twenty-four hours," Cassie said.  "Promise."

Tiffany nodded.  "I promise."

"What about bathroom breaks?" Ashley inquired.

Cassie's smile shifted to the brunette.  "Ever the practical one," she laughed.

"I'm practical," Tiffany pouted.

Cassie laughed and kissed the still blushing redhead's forehead.  "You are.  In answer to Ashley's question, you may release the bottom flap only if I ask politely, and only if it's convenient... for you."

"Yes, ma'am," Tiffany muttered.

"Oh, you're a really good dominatrix," Ashley laughed.


"Never mind," Cassie chuckled.  "Ashley, come with me.  Tiffany, why don't you start cooking dinner?"

"Okay."  Tiffany watched Cassie and Ashley head for the front of the building, for the shop rooms.  Cassie's dimpled rump was as firm and perfect as her breasts, and her long, toned legs were equally perfect.  And then they were out the door.  "Geesh," Tiffany muttered under her breath.  "Get a grip, you geek," she chided herself.  She didn't know why she was so flustered.  "It's just us girls, like Ashley said."

Tiffany turned and headed for the refrigerator, shifting her mental gears from "dominatrix" to "chef."

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 2

Tiffany had a pot of salted water coming to a boil for the rigatoni and was browning some sweet Italian sausage in a pan.  An onion and a red pepper were sliced into strips and ready for their turn in the pan.  They would be joined, at the appropriate time, by fresh garlic, dried oregano, fresh basil, a small can of diced tomatoes, and a half-cup of Marsala wine.  She was starting to think about rounding up the ingredients for a green salad to go with the pasta when Cassie and Ashley returned to the kitchen.

And Tiffany was very glad she wasn't using the knife when they made their entrance.  She might have lopped off a finger in shock.  "Holy crap-on-a-cracker!" she gasped.

Cassie was still locked in the corset, of course.  After all, the keys to Cassie's freedom were between Tiffany's breasts, under her blouse.  However, as Cassie entered the kitchen and turned to round the island, Tiffany could see that her arms were now behind her back and bound together in some sort of leather sheath!

"That smells delicious," Cassie said with her usual smile.

Tiffany stared in amazement.  "Uh."

"Close your mouth, geek," Ashley chuckled.

Cassie turned so Tiffany could inspect her bondage.  "It's called a single-sleeve arm-binder," she explained.  The binder in question rolled Cassie's shoulders back and encased her fingers, hands, and arms, all the way up to just below her armpits.  It was laced tight and pressed her limbs together from fingertips to elbows.  Ancillary straps encircled her wrists and elbows, passed under her armpits, crisscrossed her chest above her breasts, then traveled back over her shoulders to buckle to the top of the binder.  "I need to see how this thing fits with my arms pulled back," Cassie explained.

"Not for twenty-four hours!" Tiffany objected.  "No way for twenty-four hours!"

"Just 'til bedtime," Cassie chuckled, stepped forward and kissed Tiffany's forehead.

"See how it makes her tits stick out even more?" Ashley inquired.

Tiffany curled her hands into fists.  "I am so gonna pound you to a pulp if you don't stop," she warned.

Cassie laughed as she settled into a chair.  "You girls are so much fun."

"Don't burn the sausage," Ashley told her blushing BFF.

"Shut up and make the salad and open the wine," Tiffany huffed, then spooned the sausage into a paper towel-lined bowl and added the peppers and onions to the pan.

Cassie smiled and watched her employees prepare the meal.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 2

Tiffany had to feed herself and Cassie, but she managed.  There was an awkward moment when a drop of salad dressing landed on Cassie's left breast and she had to use her napkin; but again, she managed.  Tiffany's cheeks felt like they might burst into flame as she dabbed the firm, shapely globe, but she soldiered on.  Cassie's reassuring smile helped—but Ashley's teasing smirk did not.

Dinner consumed and kitchen cleanup accomplished, Cassie and the girls adjourned to the upstairs parlor.

"Are you sure you don't want a robe?" Tiffany asked Cassie.

Cassie settled into an overstuffed chair and put her bare feet up on the matching hassock.  "I'm fine.  How 'bout some TV?"

"It's Fringe Friday," Ashley noted.

"Cool!" Tiffany responded, "but it's not gonna start for a while."

"It's already set to record," Cassie said.  "Why don't we watch last week's Lost Girl episode?  I missed it."

Ashley used the remote to turn on the TV and navigate the DVR menu.

They watched the episode, then Cassie yawned.  "I'm gonna turn in."  She smiled at Tiffany.  "With your permission, of course, Mistress."

Ashley giggled, drawing a scathing glare from her BFF.  "Permission granted.  I assume you want to tinkle."

"Maybe even do a boom-boom," Ashley teased.

"A tinkle is all that's required," Cassie laughed as she climbed from the chair.  "I'll need you to help me out of this binder, and afterwards you can tuck me in."  She turned and headed for her bedroom.

"No problem."  Tiffany jumped from her chair and followed Cassie.  She looked back over her shoulder and continued to glare at Ashley.  "I am sooo gonna torture you when it's your turn," she promised.

"I'm quaking," Ashley chuckled, then called up the on-screen schedule on the TV.  I wish Conan was on on Fridays, she thought as she navigated the menu, looking for something to watch.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 2

Tiffany released Cassie from the arm-binder and unlocked the corset's crotch panel, then waited by the four-poster bed while Cassie padded into the master bath and completed her evening routine.  Tiffany had been in Cassie's room before, but never for this long.  As always, she was struck by Cassie's good taste.  Like the rest of Sarand-ip, the bedroom's decor was old-fashioned without being overly quaint or trapped in the past.  Victorian?  Yes, but with a light hand.

Cassie strolled back into the bedroom.  She'd already re-buckled the crotch panel.  Hands atop her head, she stood and smiled at Tiffany.

Tiffany blinked in surprise.  "Uh, what do you want me to...  Uh, yeah, of course."  She leaned forward and locked the padlocks through the crotch-panel's buckles.  Click.  Click.  Tiffany then took a step back and managed a weak smile.  "Well... goodnight."

"Wait, wait," Cassie chuckled.  "We're not quite done."  She went to her bedside table, opened its lowest drawer, and pulled out a tangle of black nylon straps.

Tiffany watched as Cassie sorted out the mess.  The braided nylon turned out to be padded cuffs attached to looped straps.  Cassie then walked around her bed, pausing to pass a loop around each bedpost, pull the cuff and strap through the loop to form a lark's head, then pull it taut.  When she was finished, the bedposts were each outfitted with their very own strap and cuff.

Cassie sat on the bed, reclined on her back in the center, and spread her arms and legs.  "I have to see if this thing is comfortable with my arms raised," she explained.  "Would you please do me up?"


Cassie smiled.  "You are so cute when you're flustered, but you should stop saying 'Huh' or 'Uh' every time I ask you to do something for me."

"Oh-kay."  Tiffany was blushing... again.  She wrapped the upper left cuff around Cassie's left wrist.  It secured by means of broad bands of Velcro and a plastic snap-buckle.  Click.  Cassie's left ankle was next.  Click.  Then, her right ankle.  Click.  And finally, her right wrist.  Click.

Cassie was now in a full spread-eagle, albeit not a particularly stringent spread-eagle.  There was at least six inches of slack in all four straps.  That said, she was clearly helpless.  There was no way her fingers could reach any of the snap-buckles so she could free herself.

"You want me to come back in an hour and let you go?" Tiffany asked.

"No, silly," Cassie chuckled.  "You release me in the morning."

"All night?" Tiffany gasped.

Cassie smiled.  "I'll be fine, really."

"Uh—sorry for the 'uh'—you want me to pull the bedclothes out from under you and cover you up?"

"I'll be fine," Cassie reassured her.

"You'll be cold," Tiffany objected.

"I'll be fine," Cassie reiterated.

"Okay," Tiffany sighed.

"One last thing," Cassie said, nodding towards the still slightly open bottom drawer of the bedside table.  "In there you'll find a roll of tape and a pair of scissors.  Please snip off a six or seven-inch strip and place it over my mouth."

"You want me to gag you?"

"It's largely symbolic," Cassie responded.  "By itself, a single strip of tape isn't very effective."  Her smile broadened.  "But it's fun."

"Fun," Tiffany muttered.  "Okay."  She opened the drawer and pulled out a pair of nurse's bandage scissors and the roll of tape.  It was matte black in color, three inches wide, and had a slightly silky feel.

"Not as effective as top-of-the-line duct-tape," Cassie explained, "unless you were to wrap it completely around my head several times so it sealed to itself, but the adhesive is hypoallergenic and only holds for a few hours.  Eventually, with effort, you can work it loose with your lips and tongue.  However, it's very effective under a muzzle or hood."

Tiffany was staring at the glimmering tape in fascination.  Finally, she noticed Cassie's amused expression and cleared her throat.  "Ahem."  She peeled a strip from the roll and snipped it free.

"Make sure you center it directly over my mouth," Cassie instructed, "and stretch it a little as you press it home.  I'm in your hands, Tiffany."  She then pursed her lips and held her head still.

"Okay," Tiffany sighed, then leaned over the bed and followed Cassie's instructions.  She placed the strip with firm but gentle pressure, then smoothed the black rectangle with her fingers, making sure it had adhered to Cassie's skin.  Mission accomplished, she stood erect and gazed down at her prisoner.  My prisoner, she realized.  It was a little... astonishing.

Cassie tugged on her cuffs with enough strength to cord her muscles, confirming her helplessness.  The tape covered and sealed her mouth, but the outline of her lips was clearly visible, in three-dimensional contour.  Her eyes sparkled as she smiled up at her captor.  The corset hugged her strong, tan, athletic body, and her raven hair was a tousled mass against the pillow cushioning her head.  And her breasts were...

"Perfect," Tiffany whispered, then blushed.  Oh god!  I said that out loud!  "W-well," she stammered, "goodnight."  It came out almost as a squeak, which did not help her embarrassment.  She turned to leave, then stopped, turned back, leaned over the bed, and kissed Cassie's gagged lips.  "Goodnight," she repeated, then scampered out the door, turning out the lights and closing the door behind her.

Alone in her bedroom, spreadeagled on her bed, Cassie closed her eyes and composed herself for slumber.

The corset hugged her body like a steel glove... a leather-clad, giant steel glove... which it was.  She tugged on her bonds and sighed through her gag.  That wasn't quite true.  A glove would squeeze her more tightly where the giant's fingers wrapped around her waist.  The corset was exquisitely designed and shaped and the pressure was perfectly uniform.  And there was nothing she could do about it.

A thrill rippled through Cassie's mildly compressed pussy.  There was nothing she could do about that, either.  I can't wait to try this thing with one of my wireless eggs, she thought.  She had one such vibrator that could be set to buzz on and off for random intervals, and on full charge it could last more than twelve hours.  The egg was very nearly silent in operation, but its effect was anything but subtle.  It would be quite a challenge to wait on customers with that thing humming between her legs.

The next "special order" should be arriving next week, and she could hardly wait to see the girls' reactions.  It was a pity the UPS truck wasn't already on the way, but she knew she needed time to prepare the youngsters for the next step of their journey.  She tested her inescapable bonds, again.  Patience, she thought.  Like the dawn, the truck will come when it comes.  That ghostly thrill shivered through Cassie's pussy, again.

I only wish I could cum.

HELP WANTED (Desperately!)
Chapter 2


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