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Chapter 11

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A Subversively Sinister Collusive Conspiracy!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{ & }~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hannah and Sydney opened their eyes... sometime later.  They lay in drowsy contentment, side-by-side and face-to-face... and, after they realized they were both awake... smiling and gazing into each others eyes.  The angle of the light shining through the windows suggested late afternoon, possibly very late afternoon, close to the time they should be thinking about preparing for the coming feast.  Not that the naked trio on the bed could do anything to prepare, being collared and chained to the wall.  And Pilar was even more helpless, as her ankles, crossed wrists, and upper body had been bound with rope by her fellow prisoners.  All they could do was wait for their elven-handlers to return.

"So... tell me what's gotten into you," Hannah whispered.

"Nothing," Sydney whispered back.

Hannah's smile took a dubious twist.  "You said you were gonna tell me later.  It's later."

"Okay," Sydney chuckled, softly.  They were both trying to let Pilar sleep.  "Jillian and Cody had me bound and gagged inside the Maiden," she whispered.

Hannah's eyes widened.  "While... while Pilar and I were on the horse?"

"No, last Tuesday," Sydney huffed.  "Of course while you two were on the horse."

"And... you heard us talking?"

Sydney nodded, her eyes glistening.  "Uh... it isn't exactly news that you love me, Hannah," she purred. "but it was nice to hear you say it like that."

Hannah blushed.  "Lucky I didn't say how I really feel," she grumbled.

"Stop it," Sydney chided.  "Don't be a cold bitch.  That's my job."

Hannah's smile returned.  "It used to be, anyway."  She leaned close and planted a gentle kiss on Sydney's lips.  "You're freakin' me out, Syd."

A tear formed, rolled from the corner of Sydney's eye, and disappeared into the soft pillow cushioning her head.  "It was fun hearin' you brag to Brown Eyes about your hot girlfriend," she teased.

Hannah's blush returned.  "Shuddup.  Jillian was a bitch to do that to you."

"No, ya think?" Sydney drawled.  "I'm gonna get her for it.  You in?"

Hannah nodded.  "As long as you're not talking about anything drastic.  I like this job.  Property management gigs with this good a fringe benefits package are few and far between."

"Not to worry.  I'm not contemplating anything terribly drastic," Sydney said grimly, "just... medieval."

Pilar rolled onto her side and smiled at the blonde and redhead.  "'Revenge is a dish best served cold'," the Latina quoted.  Obviously, she was awake. 

"Who asked you, Nomad?" Sydney growled.

"Time will give you a chance to cool down," Pilar suggested, "and to do some proper planning."

"I don't want to be cool," Sydney huffed.

"And yet, you can't help it," Hannah cooed, and kissed her girlfriend's cheek.

"Stop," Sydney huffed, and she glared at Pilar.  "If you warn her..."

Pilar's smile widened.  "Warn her?  I want to help.  It sounds like fun."

"You only have two days left in your visit," Sydney noted.  "I'm not gonna be 'cool' 'til sometime next week."

"Wicked cool," Hannah cooed, and kissed Sydney, again.

"I said stop," Sydney growled, then sighed and returned the kiss... and it became a Kayley-Kiss, with the lovers in a tight embrace, their bodies pressed tightly together and their hands gliding over each others tan and freckled skin.

Pilar smiled as she watched her fellow captives writhe and kiss... then she cleared her throat.  "Ahem.  I was thinking of some future visit."

"Mo-kay," Sydney mumbled (through Hannah's tongue), and the kiss resumed.

"Sounds like a plan," Hannah agreed, when she came up for air.

"It's not a plan yet," Sydney noted.  "We need to enlist Connie as a co-conspirator."

"Risky," Hannah said.

"Have her plan something you can adapt," Pilar suggested.

"Brilliant!" Hannah gushed, then smiled at her girlfriend.  "We're being rude," she purred.

Sydney smiled back.  "By neglecting our guest?"

"Exactly," Hannah agreed, and both turned to smile at Pilar.

Pilar smiled back, nervously.

Carefully lifting her chain so it wouldn't drag across Pilar's face, Sydney climbed over the Nomad Dancer's bound body and snuggled against her right side.  Hannah snuggled against Pilar's left side.

"So," Pilar said, as she looked from the grinning blonde to the grinning redhead, "are we forming a conspiracy?"

Sydney nodded.  "How does 'The Sisterhood of the Horse and Maiden' sound?" she purred, and began caressing Pilar's right breast.

Hannah chuckled.  "I'll work on a secret handshake."  She was sliding her hand over Pilar's flat stomach, lower arms, and hips.

Pilar squirmed and tugged on her bonds.  "Should I work on uniforms or something?"

"Don't be stupid," Sydney muttered, as she leaned close and kissed Pilar's right cheek.  "How can a secret conspiracy have uniforms?"

"We're outlaws," Hannah purred, and kissed Pilar's left cheek.  "The Resistance."  She nibbled Pilar's left nipple.

"Freedom Fighters," Sydney agreed, and thrust her tongue into Pilar's right ear.

"Wolfsheads," Hannah said, and licked Pilar's right nipple.

"'Wolfsheads'?" Sydney huffed.  "You really are hanging around the Scholar too much."  She reached out and lightly thumped the top of her girlfriend's head.  "Keep to your side," she growled.  "Don't be greedy."

Hannah affected a coy pout.  "I thought you loved me?" she whined.

"Shuddup," Sydney muttered, leaned over Pilar's body, and planted a kiss on Hannah's mouth... and again it turned into a Kayley-Kiss.

Pilar lay in her bonds and watched her co-conspirators suck face.  Hannah's braids and Sydney's red curls caressed her breasts as the kiss continued.  "I'm beginning to feel like a third wheel," she sighed.

Hannah broke free from Sydney's lips.  "The Triad!" she said.  "That's a much better name than The Sisterhood."

"You're a genius," Sydney said, sarcastically.

"I think it's a wonderful suggestion," Pilar said.  "Our symbol will be the triskelion!"

"Does Constance hold classes when I'm not around?" Sydney huffed, rolling her eyes.  "Obscure References One-Oh-One?"

"It's not obscure," Pilar responded.  "A triskelion is a—"

A key was rattling in the door lock.  The captives quickly composed themselves and faced the opening portal.

Cricket (the Terrible Wood-Elf Warrior) leaned across the threshold, grinned, and tossed something on the bed.  "The Roman Bath changing room," she announced, pulled the door closed, and was gone.

"Looks like we're expected to handle ourselves," Hannah said, and held up a small skeleton key.

"So to speak," Sydney chuckled, and held her hair to the side as Hannah unlocked her collar.  She then accepted the key and unlocked Hannah's collar.

The chains rattled as they tossed the collars aside, then Hannah and Sydney smiled down at the still collared and bound Pilar.

"I suppose we could be fashionably late," Sydney purred, caressing Pilar's right breast.  "It won't take long to boink this one a few more times."

Hannah kissed Sydney's cheek, then held her hand out for the key.  "She's our Triad Sister, remember?"

"So?" Sydney asked.  But she did hand over the key.

"Untie her ankles," Hannah said, as she unlocked Pilar's collar and tossed it aside.  She then began untying her wrists and upper-body bonds.

Soon, Pilar was free and the nude trio climbed off the bed.

"I've got it!" Hannah gasped, and held out her left hand in a fist with her thumb and little finger extended.  "Gimme," she said to Sydney.

"Huh?" Sydney responded.

"I see," Pilar chuckled, presented her left hand in the same manner, and hooked her thumb through Hannah's pinkie.

"Oh," Sydney huffed, "that secret handshake you were working on."  She presented her left hand and all three were now linked thumb to little finger.  "Down with the Tyrant!" Sydney growled.

"Justice!" Hannah added.

"Freedom!" Pilar intoned.

The Sisterhood of the Triad completed their Secret Ritual and headed for the changing room.

"You know," Hannah said to Sydney, as they padded down the hallway, "Jillian didn't know I was gonna say anything, uh, intimate.  She probably just thought you'd get a charge out of being a helpless voyeur."

"That is true," Pilar agreed.

"I'm still gonna torture her in some horrific manner," Sydney growled.

"Oh, of course," Hannah nodded.

"Wouldn't have it any other way," Pilar chuckled.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF
Chapter 11
A Foxwood Feast!
~~~~~~~~~~~~{ & }~~~~~~~~~~~~
In the entire history of Foxwood there had never been what could possibly be called a "bad feast".  Okay, there had been that Yule Festival two or three years back, when a goose (one goose of many) was "a tad dry".  Nothing a little extra gravy couldn't fix, but it was the closest thing to a black mark on Kayley's record.  In any case, all agreed that tonight's feast was an epicurean triumph of the first order.

All the attendees, both the guests and Her Ladyship's retainers and thralls, were in their finest costumes.

The Cymric and English nobles, Jillian, Sydney, Ashley, and Mitch, were at one table and had pulled out all the stops, to the point of ostentation.

The Ladies were in long and especially fine velvet gowns with low décolletage and drooping, double sleeves, and were wearing silk veils held in place by gold headbands appropriate to their ranks.

The Earl was in a new tunic of richly embroidered velvet, fine hose, and polished boots.  His chain of office was around his neck, and, as the guest of honor, his sword was on display to the right of the stage, hanging by its belt across a shield with the Gort coat-of-arms, a red "all-seeing eye" on a silver field.

All the others were at a second table.

Hannah was in the kingfisher-blue gown Jillian had bestowed on her when she first arrived at Foxwood, as well as the silk veil and headband engraved with Celtic knots.  In addition, a gold torque graced her throat.  After all, despite being Lady Foxwood's hostage, prisoner, and/or thrall, Hannah was a Saxon Princess.

Cricket and Cody were wearing garland-crowns of wildflowers and green leaves.  Their gowns were of silk panels in forest colors, with tight bodices and plunging necklines and backs.  The style was scandalous, by Human standards, but was normal formal attire for Wood-Elf Maidens.

The Scholar and Mistress Kayley were in festive clothing appropriate for their stations, clean, new linen skirts, blouses,and bodices.  Kayley began the feast with a full apron, to protect her finery, but removed it when all the food was on the tables and she could join the feast.  Connie was wearing her finest academic robe, as well as her medallion chain of academic honors.

Even Princess Alice was dressed to impress, in a thrallish manner.  The iron collar was still locked around her throat, but she was clean, and wildflowers were tucked in her neatly brushed, copper-red curls (courtesy of Cricket).  Her clothing was coarse linen, only slightly better than the faux-burlap of her every-day rags, but it was styled like Kayley or Connie's peasant garb and was dyed in a faded green that complemented her Celtic coloring. Simple slippers were on her feet.  She did most of the serving, of course, but was allowed to join the end of the second table and to eat her fill.

And as for Pilar, the Desert Nomad Dancer was in her best costume.  A headband of gold coins encircled her brow, but did nothing to restrict the flow of her long, raven locks.  Her outer garment was an open, sleeveless, red silk robe.  Underneath, she was wearing what amounted to little more than a tight bandeau and a narrow loincloth, both of thin, semi-transparent silk.  More silk, in the form of streamer-like scarves, draped from the coin-belt around her waist and gold armlets around her biceps.  She was also wearing pantaloons, but the baggy silk was gossamer-thin, almost to the point of being vapor, and did absolutely nothing to hide her firm, shapely legs.  Her feet were in silk slippers, and bangles and bracelets adorned her wrists and ankles.

After an hour of conversation and feasting, one by one, the members of the Foxwood Consort made their way to the stage, uncased their instruments, and began to play.  Eventually, only Lady Foxwood, Lord and Lady Carleton, Mistress Kayley, and Cody remained at table, sipping wine, nibbling tidbits, and sampling the many desserts.

Pilar had shed her robe and slippers and joined the musicians on the stage.  She didn't dance to every song, but only when the tune was appropriate.

As the evening wound down, the Consort began the number Pilar had rehearsed with Cricket.  The Nomad Dancer smiled at the diminutive Wood-Elf, and Cricket set down her dulcimer, kicked off her slippers, untied the ribbons laced up the sides of the skirts of her gown, and joined Pilar at center-stage.  It was a complex medley in a minor key and started slow, with the dancers circling and mirroring each others movements. Gradually, the tempo picked up, and soon Pilar and Cricket were whirling and spinning, with the Nomad's silk scarves fluttering and the Elf's skirts lifting as they danced.  Pilar's jewelry jingled and flashed, and as the tempo continued to build, the grinning dancers slapped their partner's hand at the end of every bar, and gave a shout!  "Hai!"  Their audience clapped and cheered as their moves became more and more athletic.

Finally, the song ended and the dancers struck a graceful pose—to a standing ovation.  The dancers and musicians bowed, then Cricket darted over to accept a congratulatory kiss from Alice—to more applause.

Lady Foxwood remained standing after the others had resumed their seats.  "Pilar, you truly are blessed by the Spirit of the Wind," she said.

Pilar bowed in acknowledgment, then indicated her fellow dancer.  "Dancing is easy in the company of such a talented elf."  She swept her arm to include the Consort.  "And such gifted musicians."

All on stage took a bow as their audience applauded, then Jillian turned to her fellow nobles.  "Lord and Lady Carleton, my friends and guests, it is the tradition of the hall to end the evening with Greensleeves... but tonight, we break with tradition."  She turned back to the stage and nodded to Sydney.

"Be Mine Tonight," Sydney whispered to her fellow musicians, and they began to play.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF Chapter 11
The melody was a haunting ballad, and Ashley smiled as it unfolded—then her eyes popped wide in astonishment!  Mitch was singing!

"Be mine tonight,
We'll travel through all our memories,
In our own little space in time,
You've always been mine..."

Mitch was a baritone, and Ashley knew he could sing
but what the hell was he doing?

"Through the years,
I feel your love beside me
Through the laughter and the tears,
You've conquered all my fears..."

Mitch took Ashley's hand and gently pulled her to her feet.  He led her to open space away from the table and they began to dance, hand-in-hand and arms at full length, turning in a simple pavan.

"So many stories,
So many treasures,
So much our lives have shared...
We've done it all and we've done it together,
You know I've always cared..."

There was more, and
by the time Mitch came to the final verse, Ashley's eyes were brimming.

"In my eyes,
Your face is always before me,
Our souls are now as one...
We've only just begun."

In point of fact, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Lord and Lady Carleton embraced.  "You bastard," Ashley whispered in Mitch's ear.  "How long did you practice that?"

"I called Sydney and asked her to suggest something from the Foxwood repertoire," he whispered back.  "She sent me a CD and I've been practicing for a month... singing to Mrs. Klingpeel with the office door closed."

"Bastard!" Ashley chuckled, and they kissed.

"Awww..." the Foxwood family cooed, even Sydney.

Jillian cleared her throat.  "Ahem...  The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve.  Lovers, to bed,  'Tis almost fairy time."

"Huh?" Hannah whispered to Sydney.

Constance had overheard.  "Midsummer Night's Dream," she whispered.

All eyes were on Mitch and Ashley.  The Earl had lifted his wife into his arms and was heading for the Common Room door.

Sydney began playing Be Mine Tonight on her Harp Guitar, very softly.  The others joined in, also quietly, and the Foxwood Consort played the lovers out.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF Chapter 11
Those remaining in the hall stared at the now closed door for several seconds.  Then, Connie broke the silence.  "That was so sweet," she sighed.

"Yeah," Sydney chuckled.  "Lucky none of us are diabetic."

Hannah smiled at her girlfriend.  "Ever the hopeless Romantic," she purred, and Sydney stuck out her tongue.

The Consort began casing and stowing their instruments.

Jillian nodded at Cody, and she smiled, curtsied, and climbed the steps to the stage.

Pilar had been watching the others pack up.  "What?" she gasped.  Cody had grabbed her hands, spun her around, and was binding her wrists behind her back with a leather thong.  "Why are you tying me?" she demanded, batting her eyes for effect.  "Was my dancing not pleasing?"

"Oh, it was pleasing," Cody drawled, as she bound Pilar's elbows together with another thong.  "In fact—"  She cinched the elbow bindings tight, and Pilar gasped.  "It was downright inspirational."

Jillian had joined the others on the stage and Kayley had begun carrying the remaining food back to the kitchen.  Her Ladyship focused on Alice, but the diminutive thrall was in a lip-lock with her equally diminutive lover and failed to notice.  "You two help Mistress Kayley clean up," she ordered... and was ignored.  Jillian smiled, indulgently.  "I said—"

Connie intervened, putting her arms around the Bobbsey Twins shoulders and shepherding them from the stage.  "I'll help," she announced.  "That way it'll go faster.  And then these two can get a room."

"Speaking of which," Sydney muttered, and grabbed one of Hannah's braids.  "Will you come quietly, or do I have to find some rope?"

Hannah sighed.  "If I do come quietly, will you let me get some sleep?"

"Maybe," Sydney growled, and led her girlfriend from the stage.

"Thank you," Jillian called after them.

"I'm not speaking to you!" Sydney shouted back over her shoulder, in a matter-of-fact and not particularly angry manner.  And with that, the redhead and blonde were gone.

Meanwhile, Pilar was watching Cody reach under her elven gown, remove her loincloth, and tie a loose knot in its center.  She frowned (carefully not revealing the shiver of anticipatory delight rippling through her crotch and up her spine) as the knot was thrust in her mouth and tied at the nape of her neck, under her hair.

"You have your orders," Her Ladyship told her Wood-Elf Retainer.  "You may indulge yourself, within reason, but allow the thrall to get some sleep, and don't rip her costume when you strip her.  Silk is expensive."

"As Milady commands," Cody purred.  She had produced a third thong, tied a noose in the end, and was snugging it around Pilar's throat.  "Come, Nomad," she said.  "If you please me, I may let you share my bed.  Otherwise, you'll sleep hogtied on the cold floor."  She strolled off the stage with her charge in tow.

Jillian smiled as she watched the Wood-Elf and Desert Nomad depart.  "Two for one," she whispered under her breath, pleased with the way she was rewarding Cody for her help and entertaining a paying guest in one stroke.  There would be more than enough opportunities to reward herself in the two days remaining in Ashley and Pilar's visit.  She hurried to help Kayley and the others complete the clean-up.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF Chapter 11
Cody led Pilar through the darkened Keep, up the guest wing staircase, and towards the suite Jillian had assigned her on the third floor.  It had a large bed, and Cody had already made the required preparations.  Hemp ropes were tied to the four bedposts, waiting to restrain Pilar's wrists and ankles, leaving her spreadeagled on her back for Cody's pleasure... for their pleasure.

But plans can change.


Pilar blinked in surprise, watching with stunned amazement as Sydney and Hannah lunged from the shadows, stuffed a huge rag in Cody's mouth, tied a narrow cleave gag to keep it in place, and proceeded to bind the struggling Wood-Elf.

"Don't rip her gown," Hannah cautioned.
Cody the captured

"Like I—"

"Give a rodent's rump," Hannah chuckled.  "Just be careful.  Her Ladyship might dock my wages to pay for any damages."

"In that case..." Sydney responded, her lips curled in a wry smile.

In short order, Cody's wrists were tied behind her back in a reverse-prayer box-tie, her knees were bound, and a hemp noose was around her throat.

Sydney grabbed the leash at its knot and pulled Cody's gagged face close.  "The next time Jillie asks you to help mess with her little sister," she hissed, "I strongly suggest you tell her you have a previous commitment, understand?"

"Be fair," Hannah chuckled.  "You know we'd all do anything Jillian asked."

"I'm not in a particularly 'fair' mood," Sydney growled, continuing to glare into Cody's pale blue eyes.  She let the hemp leash trail through her fingers, grabbed the end, and stepped away.

Cody yelped through her gag and stumbled after her captor, encumbered by the hobble of her bound knees.

Hannah smiled at Pilar, who smiled back over her gag.  The Saxon Princess made an elegant bow, which the Nomad Dancer returned, as gracefully as her bonds would allow, then padded after Sydney and Cody.  Hannah followed.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF Chapter 11
Revenge, Served Warm
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{ & }~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Cody was on her back and lashed in a stringent spread-eagle on Foxwood's "Bondage Table".  It was one of the least elaborate of the Stone Tower venues, a simple torture chamber with the waist-high table of heavy timbers as its only furnishing, not counting a wooden rack laden with coils of rope, a couple of large trunks, and the several sets of manacles and chains dangling from the walls.  Sydney and Hannah had stripped Cody to the skin, lifted her onto the table, and tied her down.  A dozen turns of hemp lashed each wrist and ankle, with the key knots tied to the iron rails running the circumference of the table, well away from the captive's groping fingers.

"The kitchen ought to be deserted by now," Sydney said to Hannah.  "Sneak up there and get what we need, and try not to be seen."  She nodded towards the table.  "This one isn't going anywhere, and neither is the Nomad."

"Yes, Your Worshipfulness," Hannah chuckled.  She smiled at Pilar, who was still bound and gagged.  The end of her leash was tied through a link of one of the manacle chains, tethering her to the wall, and she had an excellent view of the table.  The Desert Nomad sighed through her gag and winked at the grinning Saxon.  Hannah winked back and made her exit.

Meanwhile, Sydney was sorting through bundles of rope.  She selected a coil and smiled down at Cody.  "I was impressed by your rope-work this afternoon," she purred.  "You did a good job with that Kikkou harness.  Now, let's see if I can impress you."
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF Chapter 11
Hannah returned in about a half-hour, pushing a serving cart laden with a large hamper.  She opened the chamber door, pushed the cart through—and stared in amazement.

Sydney had been busy.

Cody was still spreadeagled to the table, but now a veritable spider's web of interlaced loops and hitches encircled, criss-crossed, and lashed down her tan flesh every few inches.  Bands of hemp were tied around her bulging breasts, and twine lashed her fingers and toes and was cinched around the base of each nipple.  Her gag had been reinforced with a tight, over-the-mouth panel of brown, chamois-thin leather.  Her hair was divided into about a dozen long lengths, each of which were doubled back on themselves and bound, then lashed to the table rails with taut twine.  Additional strands of rope were stretched across her forehead and through rings in the panel-gag.

"You took so long I decided to have a little fun," Sydney purred, smiling down at the helpless Wood-Elf.

"I had to wait several minutes for Jillian and Kayley to leave," Hannah explained, "and that service elevator is slow."  She smiled at her girlfriend.  "Connie was bound and gagged and over Kayley's shoulder like a sack of potatoes.  I shadowed them into the Resident's Wing and watched them enter Jillian's apartment.  I suspect the Bookworm's gonna be the filling in a Jillie-bean and Kay-bear sandwich."

"Lucky girl," Sydney chuckled.

Cody's eyes were darting from Sydney to Hannah as they gazed down at her with evil smiles.  Sydney she could understand, but Hannah as a Gloating Villainess was something new.

Hannah had never seen anyone so helpless.  It looked like Cody's eyes were quite literally the only thing she could move, that and her flaring nostrils, and, to a very limited extent, her chest and bulging breasts as she breathed.  The ropes stretched across her upper body tightened, fractionally, as she inhaled... then went slack, fractionally, as she exhaled.  "Uh, ya think ya used enough rope there, Syd?" Hannah quipped.

Sydney grinned.  "If you can find something on her to tie up that I missed, be my guest.  But first, help me set up the entertainment."

Cody and Pilar watched as Sydney and Hannah stretched a set of interlinked chains across the ceiling.  They stretched from wall to wall and long hooks, dangling chains, and counterweights in each corner of the room made the deployment a quick and easy process.  Together, the chains formed a taut net, centered over the table.  Next, a dozen or more cones of thin-walled, hammered steel were deployed.  They dangled, point down, from light chains that hooked to the net.  Each had a capacity of two or three liters.  Their tips were positioned about eighteen inches above Cody's nipples, crotch, forehead, abdomen, thighs, upper arms, knees, hands, and feet.

Hannah opened the hamper on the cart.  It was one of Kayley's "medievalized" ice chests, and it was full to the top with small chunks of ice.  Using a metal scoop, she began filling the cones, one by one.

"Fill them to the very top," Sydney ordered, as she gazed down at Cody.  "See the tiny hole in the tip of each funnel?" she asked the captive.  "It took careful experimentation to find exactly the right array of sizes.  As the ice melts, each of the cones drip at a slightly different rate.  That way, things are delightfully... random."

"Connie said it was pseudo-random," Hannah said, as she filled the last cone, "something about the pattern not really being—"  She noticed Sydney's expression.  "I know, I know, rat's ass."  She began shaking the cones, one by one, then placing additional ice chunks on top, filling each cone beyond capacity.

Sydney leaned close to Cody's face.  "This works with candles, too," she whispered.  "We have several holders that secure the candles at various angles... so they drip as they burn.  Vary the lengths and diameters, and the rain of hot wax can last for quite a while.  Mess with me again, and you'll find out exactly how that feels, understand?"

Cody blinked, then flinched as the first of what she knew would be hundreds, if not thousands of stinging, cold drops landed on her left nipple.

"I'll take that as a yes," Sydney chuckled, then strolled over to Pilar.  Smiling sweetly, she reached up and grabbed one of the manacles dangling from the wall.  "Hmm... I think we should chain the Nomad to the wall and leave her here all night, to enjoy the show."

Hannah had closed the hamper and wheeled the cart against the wall.  "You said I could play with her tonight," she whined, affecting a coy pout.

"Oh... all right," Sydney chuckled.  "You've been a good sidekick and deserve a reward, but we'll both be playing with her."

"So, now Red Sonja does have a sidekick?" Hannah chuckled.

"Scarlet Sydney does, anyway," Sydney responded.  "We'll design a costume and torture Connie 'til she comes up with a suitable back-story."

"Sounds like a plan," Hannah beamed.  "Hmm... Hannah Blood-Ax!"

"Whatever," Sydney chuckled, untied Pilar's leash, and led her towards the door.

Hannah was gazing at the table.  "You think she'll get any sleep?"

"I seriously doubt it," Sydney said.  "C'mon."

Hannah, Sydney, and Pilar crossed the threshold.  Sydney paused as she closed the door.  "A pity nobody even knows she's down here, isn't it?" she purred.

"Yeah," Hannah agreed.  "Her Ladyship thinks she's up in her room boinking Brown Eyes."

Sydney chuckled,  "But that will be us, of course.  Poor Cody won't be missed 'til tomorrow morning... sometime after breakfast."

The door closed, the lock turned, and Cody was alone.  She flinched, again, as the second stinging drop arrived, an icy splash on her forehead, and was followed almost immediately by the third, directly on her sex.

I guess it's true, she mused, that what goes around does come around... especially at Foxwood.  I just hope that holds for more than one round. 

It was going to be a looong night.
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