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Chapter 10

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A Bonding Experience
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{ & }~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hannah and Pilar's smalltalk lasted about a half-hour, during which the "Demon Eggs" between their legs (and inside their vaginas) engendered one more orgasm, each.  Astride the Foxwood Horse, helpless in matching box-tie and ankle bonds of conditioned hemp, linked nipple-to-nipple by steel clamps separated by two-inch chains, their skins glistening with sweat, their conversation became more and more forced.  It's not that they were running out of things to discuss.  They were... distracted.

Silence stretched for more than a minute, during which Pilar watched a bead of sweat form on Hannah's brow... then drip down the side of the blonde's tan, beautiful face.  Hannah, in turn, was fascinated by Pilar's widow's peak, the V-shaped point in the Latina's raven hair at the top-center of her smooth, shining forehead... as well as her gorgeous brown eyes... her perfect nose... her smiling lips.


"May I kiss you?" Pilar whispered, a shy blush (or, perhaps, a flush of arousal) coloring her cheeks.

Hannah answered with her lips and tongue but not with words.  She leaned forward and planted a savage kiss on Pilar's mouth—a kiss that was instantly returned.  The captive's nipple clamps clicked together as the chains went slack.  The vertical ropes linking them to the pulleys in the joist overhead went taut and pulled back as they strained to stay together—but they managed.  The kiss went on and on.  Their lips smacked and sucked and their tongues rolled and probed.  Hannah's blond braids swayed and shook, and Pilar's tousled black tresses half-obscured both their sweat-slick faces.  One of the eggs pulsed—and was ignored.  A few seconds later, the other egg pulsed—and was also ignored.

And the kiss went on and on.

Inside the Foxwood Maiden, Sydney gazed through the mask's glass eyes at her "Saxon" lover and their "Desert Nomad" guest.  She was not in the least bit jealous.  In fact, she was amazed that Hannah had lasted as long as she had.  If she'd been the one sharing the horse with Pilar—she'd have been sucking that incredible face in five minutes flat!

Sydney shivered in her tight bonds and whined through her gag.  She couldn't help it.  Her crotch rope slid against her sex, one of its knots nudging against her clit.  Damn you, Jillian! she fumed.  It wasn't enough.  Even with the erotic spectacle of Hannah and Pilar swapping spit and tugging against their bonds—their thigh muscles clenching and their skin shining with sweat—it wasn't enough.  Damn you, Jillian!

The Pleasure-Slave-on-Pleasure-Slave lip-lock action continued—or rather, became a kiss punctuated by bouts of earlobe nibbling and face licking—but mostly, it was a marathon Kayley-Kiss.

Suddenly, the door to the chamber opened and the Dynamic Wood-Elf Duo (Cody and Cricket) entered.

Hannah and Pilar didn't seem to notice.  They were still busily mapping each others faces with their tongues.

"Wow!" Cricket gasped, staring at the erotic tableau in amazement.

"Yeah!" Cody chuckled, an appreciative (evil) smile curling her lips.

No kidding, Sydney agreed.  Drowish Magic (the chamber's hidden microphones and the Maiden's mini-speakers) was letting her eavesdrop on the elven-handlers as well as the Prisoners of the Horse.

The captives did stop kissing when the elves untied Hannah's pulley-rope.

Hannah didn't complain (other than to grimace and gasp) when they released her nipples from the clamps and she was lifted from the horse; nor did she offer resistance as a knotted cleave-gag was tied in her mouth.  Then, all three, Hannah and her fey handlers, froze in place and stared at Pilar.

The Drowish Enchantment giving marching orders to the Evil Imp imprisoned in the egg tucked in Pilar's sex (Connie's computer program) chose this moment to initiate a full-intensity, long-duration session of vibratory pulses.  Pilar writhed in her bonds, oblivious to the discomfort of her perch and the swaying clips still dangling from her nipples.  She panted through her open mouth and her breasts heaved, and a wild, defiant smile curled her lips as she stared back at Hannah and the Wood-Elves.  "What are you looking at?" she demanded.  She lifted her chin and shook her head.  Her long, raven curls rippled and flowed in a tousled wave, but several damp strands were still adhered to her shining face.  She continued to gaze at the others as the Demon Egg continued to buzz, and buzz, and she climaxed—yet again.

"Wow!" the elves gasped, both staring in awe.  Hannah also gasped and stared, but whatever she might have had to say was absorbed by her gag.  (The same could be said for Sydney, inside the Maiden.)

The Demon egg went still, and Pilar collapsed, like a deflating balloon... a very happy, panting, and tired balloon  She offered no resistance as the elves removed her from the horse, removed the nipple clamps, and restored her gag.

On her own for the moment, Hannah watched this process with resignation.  She glanced at the open door and the corridor beyond, but did not feel like initiating what she knew would be a short-lived and inevitably losing footrace with her handlers.

"I've got something to do for Her Ladyship," Cody said to Cricket, as she dropped a noose around Pilar's head and handed the free end to her fellow handler.  "Clean them up and put them to bed for me, would you?"

Cricket had just given Hannah a hemp leash of her own.  She took both ropes in her right glove and gave them a firm tug, reminding the captives (unnecessarily) that Cricket the Tiny but Terrible Elf-Warrior was in charge.  "No prob.  You need any help?"

Cody smiled and shook her head.  "Nah, I'll only be a few minutes.  I'll catch up with you later, before the feast."

"Uh, okay," Cricket responded, then grinned at the captives.  "You don't know the Elven word for 'mush', do you?" she asked Cody.

"The porridge... or the sled-dog command?" her fellow handler responded, perfectly deadpan.

Cricket flashed a dimpled smile.  "I'll ask Connie next time I see her."  She turned and started for the door.  The leash ropes snapped taut, and the naked, bound, gagged, and semi-exhausted captives followed her across the threshold.

Cody waited a few seconds... then walked to the door and pushed it closed.  She then went to the horse and knelt behind its rear base.

She's turning off the laptop, Sydney surmised.  There was a click, and the Maiden's mini-speakers went silent.  This was confirmed as she watched Cody walk to a wooden trunk against the far wall and open its lid, but could hear nothing.  The Wood-Elf then left Sydney's field of vision; but, a few seconds later, she heard the padlocks securing the front of the Maiden being unlocked—the first, the second, and then the third.

There was a brief pause... and the front panels of the Maiden opened.  Sydney took a deep breath, as deep a breath as the tight ropes of her bondage and her stringent gag would allow.  The Foxwood Maiden was adequately ventilated, technically, but it was more than a little stifling inside its close interior.  Sydney stared daggers at Cody, who, together with her Traitorous Big Sister, had placed her in her current predicament.

Cody smiled.  "Oh, you're still here," she chuckled.

Hilarious, Sydney fumed.  You should do stand-up.

Still smiling (evilly), Cody began running her hands over Sydney's breasts and stomach, tracing the margins of her hemp bonds, gently squeezing her bulging breasts, and teasing her pointing nipples.

Box-tied, her ankles and knees bound together, a Kikkou harness of rope embracing her body from shoulders to toes and binding her to the interior of the Maiden, her hair knotted in a topknot ponytail and also tied to the Maiden—all Sydney could do was shiver, squirm, and continue to glare.

Cody held up one of the nipple clamps she'd removed from the Prisoners of the Horse for Sydney's inspection... and her smile turned even more evil.

Just get on with it, Sydney fumed, as the clip approached her right nipple.  You pointy-eared bitc—"MRFH!"  Hurts-hurts-hurts!

"Oh, sorry," Cody purred, and removed the clip.  "I captured the very tip by mistake.  That must have really stung."  She reapplied the clip, this time capturing the base of the nipple.  "There.  I'm sure that feels much better."  She then applied the second clip to Sydney's left nipple.

Sydney glowered at her Elven Tormentor.  Yeah, feels wonderful—bitch!

"Did you enjoy the floor-show?" Cody asked.  "I imagine watching those two humping and getting humped by those eggs, like a pair of crazed bunnies, has left you feeling a little... neglected."  She reached behind her back and pulled a cylindrical object from her belt.  "Let me help you with that."

Sydney's eyes popped wide.  Cody was holding a Drowish Torture Wand, a vibrator decorated with Dark Elf engraving and detailing.

"We'll let Cricket get a head start on cleaning up the Saxon and the Dancer and tucking them into bed," Cody purred, "then I'll take you up to the Bath and tuck you in."  She thumbed the wand's stud and its egg-shaped head began to buzz and glow with tendrils of Fey Fire.  "In the meantime..."

"Mrf-MMM!"  Sydney clenched her eyes tightly closed and whined through her gag.  She flinched—and went perfectly rigid in her incredible bonds as Cody pressed the vibrating wand against her rope-cleaved sex.  Shit-list!  Shit-list!  You're on my shit-list, you Bitch-Elf!  "Mrmmf!"  Along with Jillie!  Cody eased off with the wand... then pressed it hard, again!  "MMMMM!"

"With you bound and gagged so tightly like that," Cody purred, "it's difficult to tell when you're cumming... so... I'll err on the side of excess."

Sydney was beyond rational thought.  Watching Hannah and Pilar on the horse had really primed her pump, and after only about a minute—"MMMMM!"  She came—and came again—and still Cody pressed the merrily buzzing wand against her flushed, hypersensitive labia.

Finally, Cody relented.

Sydney panted through her gag.  The clips dangling from her nipples swayed, slightly, as her rope-framed breasts heaved.  She opened her eyes, and... focused on Cody's grinning face, and glared.

Cody released the left nipple clip—which caused Sydney to flinch—and then the right.  "There," she cooed.  "Wasn't that nice?"

"Mrrfrmrff!" Sydney "cursed" through her gag, and continued to glare.  Seriously—you are SO on my shit-list!  Both you AND Jillie!

Cody clicked off the wand, then gave the business end a languid lick, her eyes locked with Sydney's.  "Yes, that was nice, but it's still too soon to untie you.  Cricket needs more time."  She clicked the wand back on.  "So..."

I'll have to recruit the Bookworm, Sydney decided.  If I promise not to torture her for a month or two, I'm sure she can come up with an Epic Revenge scenario... Maybe several.  "Mrmf!"  Cody was pressing the buzzing wand against her now super-sensitive sex—and was holding it there!  "Nrmmf!"

"They say there's a little Drow on my mother's side of the family," Cody the Wood-Elf purred, leaning close to Sydney's gagged, hair-bound, and grimacing face.  "I guess that's why I enjoy torturing you silly humans so much."
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF
Chapter 10
Cricket soaped, scrubbed, and rinsed Hannah and Pilar in the Roman Bath, finishing with a rough toweling.  The prisoners were now more-or-less clean, although their hair was still a little damp.  Hannah's blond locks remained in their Saxon Braids, of course, and Pilar's long, black tresses were still a tousled mess.

Cricket then led her charges to one of the guest rooms on the second floor.  It was a Common Suite, with simple, rustic furniture and no hanging tapestries or other decoration; however, its sole bed was unusually large.  Three long chains were attached to an iron ring embedded in the wall above the simple headboard.  The captives stood passively and watched their diminutive elf-handler lift one of the chains, fit the iron collar attached to its far end around Pilar's neck, and lock it closed.

A second collar was locked around Hannah's neck, then Cricket pointed to the bed.  "Nap time," she giggled.

The prisoners exchanged a tired glance, sighed, and climbed onto the mattress.  It was covered with coarse linen sheets, but the fabric was well-conditioned and was soft to the skin, almost like flannel.  In any case, at the moment, raw burlap would have felt good to the captives.  It was clear they both considered a nap to be a very good idea.  They climbed onto the bed, rolled onto their backs and box-tied arms, and stared up at Cricket.

The mischievous Wood-Elf smiled down at the captives.  "Hmm... eanie-meanie, or should I flip a coin?"  The prisoners gazed back, through half-closed eyes.  "No," she said, finally.  "Jillie-bean would want me to favor the guest."  She rolled Pilar onto her stomach and untied her thumbs, hands, and wrists, as well as the key knots anchoring the rest of her box-tie.  "There, Brown Eyes," she giggled, giving Pilar's right butt cheek a stinging slap.  "You can handle the rest, and then you can handle the Saxon... however you want.  I do suggest you try and get at least some sleep, however.  Milady expects you to dance at tonight's feast.  Ciao!"  She spun on her heel and literally skipped out the door; then turned, blew the prisoners on the bed a saucy kiss, giggled, and pulled the door closed.

The key turned in the lock... and Pilar began dealing with the remaining ropes.  Her arms were still pinned to her sides and it took her a little time to discover which hitches and loops would provide slack, but eventually she sorted things out.

Hannah lay in her bonds and watched Pilar unwind the rope wound around her breasts, the last of her bonds, and then untie her gag.

Pilar stretched, gathered the rope and tossed it to the floor, then smiled at her bed-mate.  "Well, Hannah..."  She stretched again, and yawned.  "Eyah!  Excuse me.  It feels very good to be untied."  She straddled Hannah's body, settling a portion of her weight on the blond captive's waist, and began massaging Hannah's rope-bound breasts.  "Yesss... it feels very good."

Hannah shuddered and slowly writhed on the bed under Pilar's weight, sliding her feet and legs across the cool sheets.  I wish I wasn't so tired, she sighed, and moaned through her gag.

"Lucky for you, my Saxon Beauty," Pilar purred, "I am not a Cruel Villainess... like your girlfriend."  She lifted her right leg, flipped Hannah onto her stomach, then settled back down and began untying Hannah's bonds.

Thank god, Hannah thought, not that the prospect of Pilar de la Calva having her way with her helpless body was even remotely undesirable; but Hannah preferred to be awake and able to appreciate the experience when she was being ravished by ravishing Desert Nomad Dancers.

Pilar untied all the ropes she could, with Hannah on her stomach, then untied her fellow slave's gag and gently rolled her onto her back.

Hannah pulled the loose gag from her mouth, then smiled up at the grinning Latina as Pilar untied her breasts.  "You're incredibly beautiful," she sighed.

"Even with my hair a snarled mess and covered with rope-marks?" Pilar chuckled.

"Especially with your hair a snarled mess and covered with rope-marks," Hannah purred.

"You are also incredible, Hannah—" Pilar whispered, and leaned forward with her hands on either side of Hannah's shoulders.  "—with your hair in braids and covered with rope-marks."

They kissed, and while it was another Kayley-kiss, their enthusiasm was somewhat tempered by fatigue.

Finally, their lips parted, and after carefully arranging their neck chains to either side, they lay together.

"I hope you aren't offended if I take a nap?" Hannah asked, stifling a yawn.

"As opposed to...?"

Hannah smiled.  "As opposed to boinking you senseless, of course."

Pilar yawned and stretched, again.  "The senseless part sounds very good."

Still smiling, Hannah snuggled close, rested her head on Pilar's shoulder, and closed her eyes.  Pilar snuggled close, as well—then, both captives lifted their heads and focused on the door.  A key was rattling in the lock.

The door opened and Cody entered, with something balanced on her left shoulder.  Whatever it was—no, whoever it was—was wrapped in a linen sheet bound with rope.

"Feet out, ankles together, on your stomachs, and hands on your heads," the elf-handler ordered.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF Chapter 10
The captives on the bed complied, rolling onto their stomachs, pointing their feet, and interlacing their fingers atop their heads.  They lay side-by-side with their heads turned to face Cody, and watched, as best they could, as Cody deposited her wrapped, roped, and slightly squirming burden on the floor beside the bed.

"Eyes closed and faces flat on the bed!" Cody growled.

Hannah and Pilar faced each other, smiled, and followed the Terrible Elf's orders.  They heard rope slithering and a chain rattling, there was a click, and then the sound of boots tapping away.  The door closed and locked.

A few seconds passed... during which the captives on the bed could hear the chain continue to rattle.

"You think we can move now?" Pilar asked.

"What can they do?" Hannah responded.  "Enslave us?"

"Let's take the chance," Pilar chuckled.

The prisoners rolled to the side of the bed... and discovered the still wrapped and roped bundle writhing on the floor.  Cody had untied the head end of the bundle.  They could tell it was the head from the tangle of copper-red curls emerging from that portion of the now loosely wrapped sheet.

"What did Alice do to deserve all this?" Pilar asked.

"Damn if I know," Hannah answered, shaking her head (and rattling her chain).  "As far as I know, nobody's pissed off with her—not Jillian, not Syd, not anybody—no more than usual, anyway."

"Well... let's see what we can do," Pilar sighed.

"Yeah," Hannah agreed.

The captives climbed off the bed and began untying the rest of the ropes.  They then began unwinding the sheet, and found—

"Sydney!" Hannah gasped.

It was, indeed, Sydney, and not Alice.  She was nude, and was bound with hemp rope—a lot of hemp rope—and tightly gagged with soft linen, and the third collar and chain was locked around her throat.  Her blue-green eyes gazed up at Hannah through a veil of tears.

"Oh, Sydney," Hannah sighed, and began untying the gag.

Pilar busied herself by beginning what would be the long and involved process of untying Sydney's toes-to-shoulders Kikkou harness, ankle, knee, and box-tie bonds.

Meanwhile, Hannah had untied the over-the-mouth gag, the underlying cleave-gag, and was slowly pulling the quite substantial stuffing crammed in her girlfriend's mouth.

Tears streamed from Sydney's eyes, and she quietly sobbed as she worked her jaw, licked her lips, and stared up at Hannah as she gently wiped her wet, flushed cheeks.

"What did Cody do to you?" Hannah demanded.

"I love you," Sydney sobbed.

Hannah's eyes widened.  "Huh?  Uh... I love you too, Syd, but what—"

"No!" Sydney interrupted.  "I love you!"

Hannah blushed.  "Uh... okay, sweetie, but..."

Pilar rolled her eyes.  "Oh for heaven's sake!  Kiss her, you idiot."

Hannah smiled, sheepishly.  "Oh, yeah..." She locked eyes with Sydney, took her head in her hands, and followed Pilar's suggestion.

Pilar smiled and continued untying the multitude of ropes still looped and hitched around Sydney's nude, freckled body.  Eventually, she accomplished her task.  This did require the momentary interruption of Hannah and Sydney's Kayley-Kiss as she rolled Sydney onto her side and attacked the knots behind the redhead's back, but the lovers hardly seemed to notice.

Finally, the last of the ropes were tossed aside.  Pilar sat on the bed and watched Hannah and Sydney writhe on the floor, their bodies pressed together, their hands sliding over each others skin, and, of course, their faces together as they continued to kiss.  "Might I suggest that the bed would be a little more comfortable?" Pilar purred.

The embracing lovers turned and smiled at the grinning Latina, then exchanged a significant look.  "Get her!" Hannah shouted, and they scrambled to their feet and lunged at Pilar.

"Eeek!" Pilar shrieked as she was pushed back onto the rumpled sheets.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF Chapter 10
Decisions, Decisions...
~~~~~~~~~~~~{ & }~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lady Foxwood was entertaining Lady Carleton on the top deck of the Paramount Tower.  The Earl was still on his hike, somewhere in the valley below, with Scholar Constance as his guide.  The elegantly gowned noblewomen watched a hawk riding the thermals rising off the slopes of Mount Foxwood, and sipped sherry from tiny, stemmed glasses.

"Ashley," Jillian said, "in case he hasn't told you, Mitch is returning to the 21st Century tomorrow.  As you've got two more days booked, you've got a decision to make."

Ashley smiled.  "Remain the Earl's wife, or become Ashley the Amazon?"

"Exactly," Jillian confirmed.  "Of course, variations are possible.  The Captive Mercenary could be dragged from the dungeons to entertain the Evil Earl of Gort after tonight's feast, and Lady Carleton could reappear in the morning.  Whatever you'd like."

Ashley nodded.  "Hmm...  I think Lady Carleton will continue to be your guest.  Since I know nothing about the captured Warrior Trollop my husband has purchased, she can remain chained in your oubliette, or wherever you've put her."

Jillian smiled.  "Had your fill of being a Bottom for this trip?"

Ashley smiled back.  "Yes, and probably for many trips to come, thank you."

Jillian sipped her sherry.  "Well, be advised the Earl also purchased my Nomad Dancer as a gift for Your Ladyship.  So, after you return to Carleton Castle you'll be able to play with her whenever you like."  She refilled their glasses from a glass decanter.  "However, Foxwood has other diversions available.  There's that Saxon you're considering purchasing to train as your personal thrall-servant.  You could continue your evaluation of her suitability.  My little red-haired drudge-thrall is also available.  In addition, last night I captured the notorious barbarian bandit known as Red Sonja."

Ashley frowned.  "Red—"  Her eyes popped wide.  Sydney?  She's offering me Sydney?  A thrill rippled up her spine.  Topping a fellow Top was a delicious prospect.  "Oh, I see."  She sipped her sherry and gazed at the horizon.

"More than enough diversion for two days and two nights," Jillian said.  "Don't you agree?"

Ashley nodded (and the thrill returned).  "I'll be busy with His Lordship, tonight," she purred, "but in the morning..."

Jillian nodded, then focused on the deck's stairwell.  Alice was trudging into view, burdened by a tray laden with various medieval hors d'oeurves and snacks.

Alice, the "little red-haired drudge-thrall" Jillian had just mentioned, was wearing a tattered, sleeveless frock of rough-spun burlap with a hemp belt knotted around her tiny waist.  Her iron thrall's collar was locked around her neck, of course, and her copper-red hair was plaited in a ponytail braid that trailed down her back.  Her feet were bare.  She padded to the table, set the tray on the table between the two noblewomen, then took a step back, crossed her wrists behind her back, and gazed submissively at the floor.

"Please," Jillian said, smiling at Ashley and indicating the tray with an elegant hand gesture.

Ashley selected a stuffed olive from a small tray and popped it in her mouth, but mainly, her eyes were on Alice.  Once again, the diminutive thrall was dirty.  She was cleaner than she'd been yesterday, but her freckled arms, legs, and pixie face were smudged with grime.

Jillian's smile turned evil and she nodded towards Alice.  "I've never told you about my Royal Cousin, have I?" she asked.

Ashley frowned.  "'Royal Cousin'?  I assumed she was just a common thrall."

"Oh no," Jillian chuckled.  "Strip!" she barked.  The order was for Alice, of course.

Alice untied her rope belt, then tossed it to Jillian when she held out her hand.  She then pulled her shift over her head, quickly and neatly folded it, and dropped it to the floor.  Her hands then fumbled with the narrow burlap cloth tied through her crotch and around her waist as a loincloth.

"Gag yourself, as you've been taught," Jillian purred.

Alice tied a loose overhand knot in the loincloth, took it in her mouth, cinched the ends behind her neck and under her ponytail, pulled it tight, and tied a flat square-knot.  Her bare feet about two feet apart, she interlaced her fingers and placed her hands atop her head.  Her green eyes still submissively gazed at the deck, and her smudged, freckled cheeks bulged above the tight gag.

Lady Foxwood rose from the table, stepped behind the thrall, and used the rope belt to bind her wrists behind her back.  She threaded the end of the rope through the staple in the back of her thrall's collar, pulled out the slack until Alice's crossed wrists were locked in a reverse-prayer hammerlock, and tied it off with an elegant knot.  She then grabbed the end of Alice's braid and dragged her to Ashley.

"Allow me," Jillian purred, and positioned Alice on her stomach across Ashley's velvet-covered lap.  She then lifted her fellow noblewoman's right hand, smiled and gave it a delicate kiss, then placed it, palm down, on the thrall's firm, smooth rump.  "She's been trained not to cum unless given explicit permission," she announced, and returned to her chair.

Ashley smiled and slowly slid her palm over both butt-cheeks.  "You were saying... about her story, I mean."

Jillian had selected a toasted canapé from a plate and popped it in her mouth.  She held up an index finger, while she chewed and swallowed.  "Mistress Kayley is truly a maîtresse de cuisine."

"Indeed," Ashley agreed, sliding her middle finger between Alice's butt-cheeks and caressing her labia.

Alice shivered and moaned through her gag.

"A few months ago," Lady Foxwood said, "Princess Alice disappeared from the Royal Castle.  I understand Her Majesty's court is in quite a dither, even now.  Royal Agents and the Household Guard are scouring the countryside, looking for her."

Ashley's smile broadened.  "No!" she gasped.

Jillian nodded, then winked.  "I paid a pair of Drow Assassins to kidnap her right out of the Royal Gardens."


Jillian chuckled.  "The Green Witch of the Dell supplied the required charms and amulets.  The guards—the entire court—saw nothing and heard nothing.  The Princess wasn't even missed for two days."

Ashley shook her head.  "Amazing."

"You see," Jillian continued, "my Dear Cousin, the Queen, had been considering revising the provisions and obligations of various Royal Grants, Charters, and Warrants," Jillian explained, "including the Barony of Foxwood.  Now, Her Majesty and her Privy Council are somewhat... preoccupied."  She selected another canapé.  "But... you know... there's always the danger that Princess Alice might be rescued from my dungeons."

"Hmm..."  Ashley continued caressing Alice's sex.  "That would be quite an adventure."

"Yes," Jillian agreed, "but it would take an unusually brave and capable Amazon Warrior to attempt such a deed, don't you think?  Anything could happen.  The Princess' rescuer might be captured, herself.  And then, after being thoroughly interrogated, she might escape and complete her mission."

"In the best swashbuckling tradition," Ashley chuckled.

"Of course," Jillian agreed.  "Connie's still fleshing out various scenarios," she added.

"'Fleshing out scenarios'," Ashley purred, tickling Alice's clitoris with the tip of her finger.  Alice wiggled her butt and moaned through her gag—then yelped when Ashley withdrew her hand and gave her right butt-cheek a resounding slap.  "You don't have permission to cum, Princess," she said, then resumed caressing the little redhead's labia.

Jillian watched Ashley tease her young cousin.  She selected a stuffed grape leaf and took a delicate bite.  "My drudge-thrall must return to the kitchen in about an hour, to prepare for the feast; but in the meantime, please... indulge yourself."

Ashley smiled, gave Alice's butt another slap, then resumed caressing the Royal labia.  "You are a gracious hostess," she purred.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF Chapter 10
Back in the guest suite, on the bed...

Pilar giggled and writhed on the tangled sheets.  "Nooo!  Hee-hee-hee!  Pleeeeeze!"  Hannah and Sydney had her pinned on her back, with their arms and legs locked around her struggling limbs, and they were alternating between tickling her ribs, armpits, and thighs, and twiddling her sex.  More precisely, one would concentrate on tickling the helpless Latina while the other would tease and caress her pussy, and then they would trade tasks.

"Ahhh!  Stop!"

"We really should let her rest," Hannah said.  "If she's too tired to dance tonight, Jillian will be really ticked off."

"Like I give a rat's ass?" Sydney muttered.

"Pleeeze!" Pilar whined.

"Seriously," Hannah said, giving Sydney a significant look.

"Okay, okay," Sydney growled, "but get some of that rope.  Red Sonja doesn't trust these Desert Nomad tramps."

Pilar gasped in outrage.  "Who are you calling a tramp, you red-haired—Ahhh!  Stop!"

Sydney did stop tickling the pouting beauty, but she held Pilar's hands together in front as Hannah tied her crossed wrists together.  "Wrap a little rope around had her arms and upper body," Sydney ordered, "so she can't get at the knots with her teeth.

"Don't worry," Hannah whispered to the grinning Pilar, as she looped and cinched the rope.  "I won't make it too tight."

"Thank you, Hannah," Pilar purred.

Sydney was busy binding Pilar's ankles.  She made no reassuring remarks (but she didn't make the ropes especially tight, either).  The task of rendering Desert Nomad treachery a moot possibility complete, Sydney crawled up the bed and lay between Hannah and Pilar.  "Get some sleep," she ordered, glaring at the smiling Pilar, then turned to Hannah.  "And as for you, Saxon..."

Hannah sighed.  "I'll get some more rope," she huffed.

"No," Sydney said.  Her usually stern face had changed, had become... softer.  "I love you, Hannah," she whispered, and embraced her girlfriend.

"Sydney!" Hannah gasped.  This was a surprise.  Syd was being... nice.  "What's the matter?  What's with you?"

"Nothing," Sydney answered in a whisper.  "I'll tell you later, just... I love you."

Hannah was still a little confused.  "I love you too, Syd, but—w'mm!"

Pilar smiled.  Sydney was kissing her girlfriend, again.  She rolled onto her side, turning her back to the lip-locked lovers, and closed her eyes.  I just hope they don't roll around too much, she thought, and in less than a minute, she  was asleep.

Hannah and Sydney lasted for a few minutes more, then they too fell asleep, their bodies still snuggled together in a tight embrace.
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