What a nice place!

by Van © 2016

Chapter 10

Dramatis Personæ


CECELIA AND ELYSE bird-watched for something like two hours.  The blond American was impressed by the ginger Brit's familiarity with the flora and fauna of the Isle of Caer—not that Cecelia considered herself anything close to an expert—but Elyse did know a grass from a sedge and a butterfly from a moth.

And then, they took a break.  Specifically, they doffed their knapsacks, spread a light blanket on the floor of a picturesque forest clearing, opened a thermos of tea, and nibbled on an assortment of biscuits (cookies).

And when they'd finished their repast...

"W-what are you doing?" Cecelia sputtered.  Actually, she knew what Elyse was doing.  She knew exactly what Elyse was doing.  Not saying a word, the grinning ginger had unbuckled Cecelia's belt, unzipped her cargo shorts, and was pulling her shorts and her panties (knickers) down her legs!

Cecelia fought tooth and nail to preserve her modesty.  Actually, sitting on her rump on the blanket, she flailed her arms, fluttered her hands, and weakly kicked her legs as Elyse completed the task of baring Cecelia's body between her shirt-tails and boot tops.

"Now what are you doing?" Cecelia whined.  Again, the question was unnecessary.  Elyse had reached back into her knapsack and produced four modest coils of rope, four steel tent stakes, and a wooden mallet.  She was binding Cecelia's wrists and ankles, one at a time, pounding the stakes into the forest floor, and tying the ropes to the pegs.  In short, she was staking out Cecelia, binding her in a stringent spread-eagle!

Again, Cecelia fought her captor with all her strength... not!  There was more flailing and kicking, not to mention finger fluttering and whining.  Obviously, Elyse was expert in some previously unknown martial art that enabled her to easily bind a struggling damsel against her will.  Either that or Cecelia was only pretending to resist—but that was absurd.  Why would Cecelia allow herself to be taken prisoner by a grinning, giggling, devilishly cute little ginger?

Finally, mission accomplished, Elyse sat with her legs folded to one side, removed her boonie-hat and tossed it beside her knapsack, then smiled.

Now, Cecelia was struggling with all her strength and groping with her wiggling fingers for any available knots she might be able to tease apart.  No knots were within reach.  Elyse had done her job too well.  Also, the stakes seemed to be easily up to the task of keeping the unhappy blonde pinned on her back on the blanket-covered ground.

Harrumphing in frustration, Cecelia ceased struggling and stared daggers at her smiling captor.  "You're a big meanie," she accused.

"Oh, I most certainly am," Elyse giggled, "especially on my day off."  On her hands and knees, smiling a wicked smile, she repositioned herself between Cecelia's splayed legs, settled to the ground on her stomach, and placed her hands on Cecelia's upper thighs.

"Oh!" Cecelia complained.  She was doing her best to project the demeanor of the classic Tragic Martyr, but Elyse's smiling face was making it very difficult.  Despite her best efforts, Cecelia felt a smile curling her own lips.  And then... it began.

Eyes locked with her captive, Elyse leaned close, extended her tongue, and gave Cecelia's flushed, slightly moist labia a slow, kittenish lick.

Cecelia shivered in response.  "Meanie!" she whined.

Elyse proceeded to lick and suck Cecelia's pussy, nudging her towards orgasm with glacial slowness and demonstrating the same expertise in cunnilingus she'd already demonstrated the previous night down in the dungeon.

Minutes passed... with Elyse continuing her erotic ministrations and Cecelia continuing to writhe, tug on her bonds, bite her lower lip, moan, and whine.

And then, Cecelia's eyes popped wide.  "Eeek!"  The vocalization wasn't related to Elyse's continuing activities between her legs.  Lady Caerwyn and Cat had entered the clearing and were standing to her left, Elyse's right!

Her ladyship was dressed for bird-watching in boots and khaki-tan cargo shorts, blouse, and stylish sunhat, with a pair of Swarovski SLC HD 8 x 42 binoculars on a chest harness and a coy, beautiful smile curling her aristocratic lips.

Cat, on the other hand, and much to Cecelia's amazement, was naked, except for the boots and socks on her feet, the goblin-hat atop her head, the hemp rope binding her arms and torso in an elaborate, decorative box-tie, the strip of Elastoplast tape sealing her lips, and the knapsack strapped to her back over her folded and bound arms and hands.  Tape-gag aside, Cecelia could tell her godmother was not smiling.  Cat was embarrassed.  Cat was very embarrassed.

Cecelia knew the feeling.  "Ooooh!" she whined, her cheeks blushing bright crimson.

Elyse had finally noticed the new arrivals.  "Good day, Your Ladyship," she said with a broad smile, pausing in her erotic efforts.  "How may I be of service?"

"On your day off?" Jocelyn chuckled.  "Don't be silly.  I need to have a chat with Cecelia.  But please, carry on with what you're doing."

"Yes, Your Ladyship," Elyse giggled, then went back to licking and sucking Cecelia's pussy.

"Ooooh!" Cecelia reiterated as Jocelyn knelt on the blanket with her knees spread to either side of Cecelia's crushingly embarrassed face.  Jocelyn's lips remained curled in the same beautiful smile.

Cat simply stood and stared.  Thanks to her bonds and tape-gag she was unable to intervene on her goddaughter's behalf, or even lodge a complaint.  Also, with the rope leash still knotted around her neck and the other end still clutched in Her Ladyship's hand, she couldn't wander away.

"I have news, darling," Jocelyn announced.  She was addressing Cecelia.  "Caitlyn has agreed to enter my employ as the ranger and administrator of a new wildlife trust that will encompass the Isle of Caer and the surrounding waters."

Cecelia shivered in her bonds, stared up at Jocelyn's smiling face, and frowned.  "Huh?"

Jocelyn pressed forward.  "I'd like you to remain as my maid and help Elyse perform her duties.  Also, when Elyse begins her higher education, you can begin yours, as well.  I know it's already your intention to attend University, but with my financial support you'll have many more options."

Cecelia blinked and continued shivering.  "Huh?"  She was finding it very difficult to concentrate on important matters like a new job for Cat, continuing domestic servitude, and her college plans while Elyse's tongue licked and probed her pussy.

"I can see that you're somewhat distracted," Jocelyn chuckled.  "We'll thoroughly discuss the details and required arrangements at a later time, and then you can give me your decision.  For now..."  She reached to the side where Elyse had tossed Cecelia's shorts and knockers, retrieved her knickers, and proceeded to cram them into Cecelia's amazed mouth!

"Mrrrpfh?"  Her eyes wide and her mouth stuffed to capacity, Cecelia watched as Lady Caerwyn reached into a cargo pocket and produced a long, inch-wide, blue ribbon.  The smiling aristocrat wrapped the ribbon completely around Cecelia's lower head three times, then cinched it tight, as a cleave-gag, anchoring the wadded knickers firmly in place.  She then tied a doubled bow between Cecelia's gaping lips... and smiled up at Cat.  "Now we can continue our nature hike without extraneous noise disturbing our avian friends."

Cat and Cecelia locked eyes in stunned amazement.

Jocelyn stood and smiled at her new ranger and her two maids.

Elyse continued licking and sucking Cecelia's pussy.

"Enjoy the rest of your day off, girls," Jocelyn chuckled, then gave Cat's leash a gentle tug and led her away.

Elyse stopped licking Cecelia's pussy and smiled at the departing Lady Caerwyn and the newly appointed Ranger Cat.  "Thank you, Your Ladyship!" she called out.  "Enjoy your bird-watching!"  She then directed her dimpled smile to her fellow maid and now gagged prisoner.  "You'll love working in the castle," she said, "and I'll teach you all the best ways to avoid giving Mistress Nora an actual excuse to torture you."

That's reassuring, Cecelia thought, but mostly her mind was struggling to process what had just happened.  Also, she continued struggling in general... as well as shivering, panting through her knickers-and-ribbon-gag, and sweating.

Still smiling, Elyse heaved a sad sigh.  "Oh dear, I seem to have lost my place."  She paused to lick her lips before continuing.  "I suppose the best thing is to simply begin again at the very beginning."  And with that, she returned to dragging her tongue across Cecelia's labia and probing her now well-lubricated pussy, but with the glacial slowness of her initial efforts.
 Chapter 10
Cecelia and Elyse returned to the castle near sundown, tired, somewhat sweaty, and slightly sunburned (or simply flushed).  Also, they had somewhat goofy smiles on their angelic faces.

"Please tell me you're going to say 'yes,' darling," Elyse badgered Cecelia for what had to be the hundredth time since Lady Caerwyn had made her offer of domestic employment (or incarceration, or whatever).

"I told you," Cecelia sighed, "the devil's in the details and Cat and I have to talk about it.  And after that, I'll have to hash things out with Her Ladyship.  You realize I am an American, right?  I can't just decide to stay."

"Oh, I see," Elyse said, gravely.  "I suppose Her Ladyship will have to arrange for you to simply disappear without a trace... and Miss Cat, as well."

Cecelia's response was a derisive snort and a roll of her blue eyes.

"Either that," Elyse added, "or she can instruct one of her solicitors to fill in all the paperwork to make you both legal residents."

"That might work," Cecelia chuckled.  "Anyhoo, my provisional answer is... yes."

"Oh, brilliant!" Elyse gushed, gave her fellow maid (provisionally) a warm hug, then planted a kiss on her lips.

"Oh, there you are," a new voice announced with an exasperated tone.

Cecelia and Elyse turned to find Kadence approaching from down one of the castle's side hallways.  She was dressed in a maid's uniform, of all things, and had a somewhat petulant frown on her beautiful face.

"I was about to release the hounds to hunt you down," Kadence added.

"Her Ladyship doesn't keep hounds," Elyse giggled, then stepped forward, embraced her taller cousin and fellow ginger, and they exchanged a kiss.  "Welcome.  The Staff Mistress has recalled you to service?"

"Which Staff Mistress?" Kadence chuckled.  "I came with Mistress Ingleby."

"Oh, the Senior Staff Mistress," Elyse giggled.

Kadence smiled at Cecelia.  "Welcome to Her Ladyship's service," she said, pulled the American into an embrace, and kissed her somewhat startled lips.

"You heard?" Cecelia asked (unnecessarily).

"All the maids are abuzz with the news," Kadence chuckled.

"All one of you?" Elyse said with a sly grin.

"Just for that," Kadence, said, "I'm going to relay Staff Mistress' orders immediately.  You're both to strip, fold your clothing and stuff everything in those knapsacks, then follow me."

Cecelia watched as Elyse heaved a sad, tragic sigh, then began unbuttoning her blouse.  "Wait," the somewhat confused Cecelia objected.  "Strip?  Staff Mistress' orders?  Now?  Here?"

"Yes, to all four questions," Kadence chuckled, then clapped her hands.  "Chop, chop!  Castle Caerwyn maids carry out all orders with prompt immediacy."

Cecelia's lips curled in a sly smile.  "With prompt immediacy?  As opposed to tardy immediacy?"

Elyse giggled and winked at her cousin.  "She can't help herself," she explained.

"Not to worry," Kadence purred.  "Staff Mistress will whip her into shape."

Cecelia's smile faltered.  "W-whip?"

Kadence and Elyse exchanged amused looks, then Kadence clapped her hands, again.  "Chop, chop!  Don't make me tell Staff Mistress you've already earned a demerit."

Cecelia sighed and began unbuttoning her blouse.  "Wouldn't want that," she muttered under her breath.
 Chapter 10
Jocelyn and Cat arrived back at the castle about an hour after the maids, and in similar condition... except for the goofy smiles.  Lady Caerwyn's classically beautiful visage could never in any way be described as "goofy," and while Cat's face was easily up to the challenge, the wide strip of tape sealing her lips masked her expression.  Also, the aristocrat and her new employee had little actual excuse for silly (meaning satisfied) grins.

Jocelyn had led "Ranger Cat" on a tour of nearly the entire island, pausing now and then to lift her binoculars and examine the occasional flitting songbird or dabbling duck, but saying very little.  It would seem that Cat's role in the exercise truly was to be Her Ladyship's pack-damsel, and once Jocelyn had reached into a side-pocket of the knapsack, produced a roll of Elastoplast and a pair of bandage scissors, and restored the tape-gag she'd removed from Cat's pouting lips in the Hermitage, objections, complaints, or even spotting reports of birds Her Ladyship seemed to have missed were impossible.

Also, Jocelyn had kept her hands to herself.  She didn't stake Cat to the forest floor and ravage her naked body—as Elyse had with Cecelia—nor did she bind her to a sapling and ravage her naked body—suspend her from a massive lower branch of an ancient oak and ravage her naked body—stretch her across a boulder, lash her down, and ravage her naked body—or ravage Cat's naked body in any way whatsoever.  And for that, Cat was very grateful... and not at all frustrated and disappointed, really.  Not!  What was the point of Jocelyn tying her up and dragging her into the woods if she wasn't going to do stuff... other than watch birds?

Okay, there had been the encounter with the maids, but Cat's role had been entirely passive.  All she'd been allowed to do was stare as Elyse licked Cecelia's pussy and Jocelyn broke the news that they'd probably be staying in the UK in general and on the Isle of Caer in particular.  Entertaining?  Yes (sort of).  Embarrassing?  Hell yes!  But, on Cat's part, entirely passive.

Anyway, they returned to the castle and were met by Mrs. Ingleby.  There was no sign of Nora, Kadence, or the ginger and blond maids, and Cat noted that the smiling hotelier had changed into a gray skirt, white blouse, and gray sweater, a costume quite similar to the "uniforms" Nora seemed to favor.

"I hope Her Ladyship enjoyed her communion with nature," Mrs. Ingleby purred as she took Jocelyn's hat, helped her remove her harness and binoculars, placed them on a side table, then removed Cat's knapsack and goblin-hat.

"Yes, I did," Jocelyn replied, "thank you, and please take our new Ranger to her room and see to her needs."

Cat blinked in surprise.  My needs?  Mrs. Ingleby's smile was friendly and maternal, as always, but Cat thought she might be detecting a slightly predatory glint in the Senior Staff Mistress' eyes.  It may have been her imagination.

"Of course, Your Ladyship," Mrs. Ingleby replied.  "Dinner will be at the usual time."

Jocelyn handed Mrs. Ingleby the end of Cat's rope leash, then turned and headed for the main staircase... without a word or even a glance in Cat's direction.  "Thank You, Eunice!" she called back over her shoulder as she began climbing the stairs.

"You're most welcome, Your Ladyship!" Mrs. Ingleby replied... waited until Lady Caerwyn reached the first landing, made the turn and continued upwards, and was out of sight... then shifted her smile to Cat.

Cat's eye's widened, slightly... then abruptly popped very wide indeed!  "Mrrrk!"  Mrs. Ingleby had backed her against the stone wall, her left hand was squeezing Cat's right breast, her right hand cupping Cat's pussy, and there was nothing in any way subtle about the predatory nature of her smile.

"So, it would seem Her Ladyship has a new employee," Mrs. Ingleby purred, "' and the position of 'Ranger' will not be subject to the orders of the Staff Mistress."

"Mrrrpfh."  Mrs. Ingleby's hands were moving, squeezing and caressing Cat's breast and pussy, respectively.  Cat squirmed in her inescapable bonds, closed her eyes, and turned her head to the side until her cheek touched the cool stone.  Mrs. Ingleby's smiling (gloating) face was less than an inch away, and Cat could feel her hot breath on her neck.

"What that means between yourself and Nora is for the two of you to work out," Mrs. Ingleby continued, "but I was serving as a maid in Castle Caerwyn when the Honorable Jocelyn Caerwyn was a girl.  Both of us were girls, actually.  And now, years later, I'm the Senior Staff Mistress."  She thrust her middle finger between Cat's labia and her left hand tightened on Cat's breast to a firm grip.

"Mrrrpfh!"  Cat stiffened in her bonds.

"When the Senior Staff Mistress makes a suggestion to Her Ladyship's Ranger," Mrs. Ingleby continued, "Her Ladyship's Ranger will take it as an order.  Are we clear?"

Cat somewhat frantically nodded her tape-gagged head in agreement.  "Mrrrf!"

Mrs. Ingleby's left hand loosened its grip and her right hand moved away from her pussy to rest on the shivering, panting prisoner's left hip.  "Good.  I'm sure we'll get along famously."  Mrs. Ingleby planted a warm kiss on the side of Cat's neck, then took a step back and started for the stairs.

The leash snapped taut and Cat hurried in the Senior Staff Mistress' wake.

Wow! pretty much summed up Cat's thoughts.  It had been an eventful day... and it wasn't over yet.
 Chapter 10
Once the ginger and blond maids were naked, Kadence marched them down to the dungeons.

During the journey, thanks to Kadence's instructions, Cecelia learned the proper way for a naked maid in Lady Caerwyn's service to comport herself under such circumstances: back straight, hands on top of the head with her fingers interlaced, mincing on tiptoe with butt-cheeks clenched, and eyes submissively downcast.  Once again, iron gates and heavy timber doors were unlocked to allow the parade of maids to pass, then re-locked behind them.  Cecelia considered sharing with Kadence her opinion as to the gross inefficiency of the practice, but sensed that now was not the time for smart remarks.

Their destination was several levels down, a chamber approximately twenty-feet on a side and lit with flickering lanterns tucked into niches high in each of the four stone walls.  Its only furnishings were three hefty wooden chairs, a large, freestanding wooden rack festooned with neatly wrapped coils of conditioned hemp rope, and a small wooden cabinet mounted beside the rack on the wall.

"Seats," Kadence ordered as she lifted one of the chairs and repositioned it against the wall and opposite the open door, apparently to get it out of the way.

Cecelia and  Elyse stared at the two remaining chairs, then exchanged a sad look and heaved a pair of tragic sighs.  It was easy to do the math: two naked maids plus two chairs, divide by one fully clothed maid with orders from the Staff Mistress, then multiply by several coils of rope.  Their future was clear.

Elyse went first.  That is, Cecelia watched from one chair with her naked rump on the seat, her back snug against the back-slats, her hands still atop her head, her knees together, and her feet on pointe, while Kadence tied Elyse to the other chair.  In terms of technique, Cecelia was impressed.  Apparently, nobody served as a Castle Caerwyn for any length of time without learning a thing or two about rope and how to use it to render a damsel utterly helpless in an aesthetically pleasing manner.  Yes, Cecelia was impressed, also apprehensive and slightly aroused.

When Kadence tied the final knot and took a step back, Elyse was lashed to the chair with her armpits resting on the top of the chair-back and her arms and hands behind.  Her torso was bound to the chair by twin, horizontal strands snugged tight above and below her breasts and around her waist.  Also, Kadence had done something mildly complicated with Elyse's arms, probably binding the ginger's wrists, forearms, and upper arms just above the elbows together and/or to the chair.  Whatever the details, the process rolled back Elyse's shoulders and caused her peachy-pink breasts (and erect, coral nipples) to point.

It was horrible!  Cecelia loved it!

As for Elyse's legs, they were together, with neatly cinched bands of multiple strands at her ankles, calves and shins, just below her knees, just above her knees, and around her mid thighs.  Also, her pointing toes were off the stone floor with ropes linking her ankle bonds to her wrist bonds in what amounted to a sitting hogtie... probably.  Half the details were behind the chair and masked by Elyse's totally helpless and thoroughly bound body.  More ropes had been tightened across Elyse's thighs, further lashing her to the chair.

Next, Kadence went to the wooden cabinet and returned with a folded cloth and a wide bandage.  The cloth, more or less a shop towel of natural linen, was stuffed into Elyse's complacent but unenthusiastic mouth.  The bandage was then used to give Elyse a layered cleave-gag, tied under her loose ginger hair and at the nape of her neck.

And then... it was Elyse's turn to watch as Kadence did the exact same thing to Cecelia, rope-for-rope, cinch-for-cinch, knot-for-knot, cloth-for-cloth, and bandage-for-bandage.

And then, the Senior Staff Mistress' instructions faithfully followed, Kadence gave her fellow maids a saucy wink and departed, closing and locking the dungeon door behind her.

Cecelia heaved a tightly gagged sigh, squirmed in her bonds—her quite obviously inescapable bonds—then focused on her fellow chair-bound captive.  Multiple issues competed for the roped and gagged blonde's attention.  What would happen next?  And how long would they have to wait to find out?  Also, despite the only marginally adequate lighting, Elyse was an erotic vision!  Peachy-pink, rope-dimpled flesh—cheeks flushed and bulging above her over-stuffed and tightly cleave-gagged mouth—blue eyes shining with apprehension... or was it mischief?  Cecelia wasn't sure.  However, the ropes binding the both of them were inescapable.  Of that, Cecelia was sure.
 Chapter 10
Languishing happened.

Tied to their chairs, naked, their mouths stuffed and bandage cleave-gags keeping the cloying cloths in place, locked in a dungeon cell somewhere deep under Castle Caerwyn... Cecelia and Elyse languished.

Time passed... at least an hour... maybe as much as two.

And then—Finally! Cecelia thought—they heard the door being unlocked, the heavy wooden door swung open, and two Staff Mistresses entered the chamber: the Senior Staff Mistress Ingleby, and Staff Mistress Rigby.  Somehow, Cecelia knew it would be inappropriate to even think of Nora as a Junior Staff Mistress, something that was later confirmed by Elyse.  However, there was no doubt whatsoever that Senior Staff Mistress Ingleby was, indeed, Senior.

The Senior Staff Mistress was dressed in much the manner that Nora dressed during the performance of her supervisory duties.

Nora, on the other hand, was naked!  And tied up!  And gagged!  And naked!

Cecelia stared in wide-eyed amazement, turned to gauge her fellow maid's reaction, and found Elyse also staring in wonder.

Nora's bonds were a no-nonsense box-tie.  Four tight strands of conditioned hemp pinned her arms to her sides above her breasts and four more below.  Two strands yoked her shoulders and cinched the lower horizontal bands.  As the Senior Staff Mistress led Nora across the room, retrieved the third chair and positioned it in front of the bound and gagged maids, Cecelia noted that Nora's wrists were raised, crossed, and lashed to the other box-tie ropes in something close to a reverse-prayer.

Nora's gag appeared to be similar, if not identical, to the maids' silencers: cloth stuffing and bandage cleave-gag.

And speaking of Nora's breasts... in Cecelia's admittedly inexperienced opinion, they were very nice breasts—large, or at least largish, but certainly not huge—quite possibly the finest breasts in the castle.  Cecelia hadn't yet seen Her Ladyship's sweater puppies, nor had she seen Mrs. Ingleby's boobs, but Nora's hooters were very nice.

"Good evening, ladies," Mrs. Ingleby said with a warm smile, settled into the chair, then pulled Nora down onto her stomach and across her lap.  Nora's firm, dimpled butt was now on full display.

Nice breasts
and a nice butt, Cecelia mused.  Who would've thunk it?

Oh by the way, Nora was not happy.  She wasn't struggling or mewling through her gag, but she was staring daggers at the watching maids—sharp daggers—exotic, double-bladed, vaguely oriental daggers, curved back and forth like slithering snakes—lethal daggers.

Cecelia took the not so subtle hint.  Tread softly!  The metaphorical ice under her tightly bound feet was very thin.  Once whatever was happening was over, one mocking glance or smart remark and Nora would probably drag Cecelia down to the torture chamber and place her on the rack... or make her ride the horse... or whip her silly... or all three.  She glanced at Elyse and found the helpless ginger to be equally amazed and apprehensive.  This is a surprise for Elyse, as well?  Apparently.  Elyse was clearly amazed.

"Now," Mrs. Ingleby continued, "if I may have your attention..."  She focused her smile on Cecelia.  "You are just beginning your training, darling, while Elyse is already a few month's into the program."  She rested her right palm on Nora's butt.  "Mistress Nora and I are quite pleased with Elyse's progress, but have decided to restart her training from the beginning.  That way the two of you can learn together, and since she's already familiar with the basics, I'm sure Elyse will help you make rapid progress."

Cecelia glanced at Elyse.  Her fellow maid and captive gave a resigned sigh and an adorable, rope-impeded shrug.  It didn't really matter what either of them thought of the Staff Mistress' decision.  They were only maids... naked, bound, and gagged maids.

"Tonight's lesson will be on the proper way to spank a helpless damsel," Mrs. Ingleby lectured.  "Pay close attention."

Cecelia's eyes popped wide, again.  Only one reaction was possible: Wow!
 Chapter 10
Some two hours before conducting maid training, Mrs. Ingleby had led Cat to her guest room, untied enough of Lady Caerwyn's box-tie masterpiece that Cat would be able to free herself on her own (with significant effort), then departed, suggesting that "Miss Sinclair" might want to avail herself of the bath before dressing for dinner.  And then, with a warm (sinister) smile, closed the bedroom door and was gone.

Once Cat finally managed to free herself, she removed her boots and socks, went to the wardrobe and pulled out a robe, then hurried down the hall.  She knew she didn't have a lot of time and would have to make it quick.  Luckily, under the robe she was already naked. 

About ten minutes later, her hair still slightly damp, Cat returned to her room and opened the wardrobe, once again.  Nobody had said anything about "dressing for dinner," but formal attire seemed to be the norm for the evening meal at Castle Caerwyn.  A single gown was available, the same crimson, borrowed, strapless sheath she'd worn her first night as Jocelyn's guest.  She managed to dress herself.  Cat might be a tomboy, but she wasn't a klutz.  She then stepped into the matching high-heeled pumps... and it was time.

The evening meal was served by Kadence.  There was no sign of Nora or Mrs. Ingleby.  Cat assumed they were busy in the kitchen.  There was also no sign of Cecelia or Elyse.  Cat assumed the maids were either busy behind the scenes, had sneaked off to some isolated part of the castle to make out, or were languishing in the dungeons.  Given everything that had happened so far, Cat's money was on the dungeons, but the issue of rescue never entered her thoughts.  Cecelia would never forgive her if she spoiled her fun.

Anyway, the meal was delicious, Lady Caerwyn was radiant (as always) and was dressed in yet another strapless designer gown, this time in pale gold with glimmering, lime-green highlights.

Conversation was light and pleasant, mainly a discussion of the various birds they'd seen during their nature hike.  Only Her Ladyship had been equipped with binoculars, and Cat had been busy being a naked, bound, and tape-gagged pack-damsel, but she'd seen enough to be able to contribute.  At one point, Jocelyn announced that tomorrow there would be a conference call with her solicitors in which they would get the ball rolling on establishing the Wildlife Trust, but mostly they chatted about the birds.  The topic of ginger maids ravishing staked out blond maids was carefully avoided.

And finally, dinner was over.  Jocelyn abruptly pushed back her chair and stood
, planted a warm kiss on Cat's lips, announced that she was going to bed early, and wished her a good night.

"Uh, you too!" Cat belatedly called after the departing aristocrat.  She was surprised she hadn't been ordered to do something... like strip naked so Jocelyn could practice her rope-work some more... or something.

Cat shrugged, then returned to her bedroom.  She'd noticed a laptop had appeared on the bedroom's writing desk and if occurred to her she could spend the evening Googling information on Wildlife Trusts, conservation in the UK, public/private conversation organizations, etc.  It didn't happen.

Cat undressed, shrugged into the robe, and went down the hall for her evening toilette.  When she returned to the bedroom to fire up the laptop, she found Kadence waiting.

"There you are, Ranger," Kadence purred.  "Her Ladyship has instructed me to help you prepare for bed."

Cat frowned.  "I'm not a toddler," she huffed, her gaze at the bed in question.  It hadn't been turned down, nor was a flimsy, sexy sleeping costume laid out and ready for her to don.

Kadence stepped forward, lifted the shoulders of Cat's robe, and pulled it off her body... and Cat let her.  "Underclothing won't be required," Kadence added, then pulled Cat's panties down her legs.  And again... Cat let her, even helped her by stepping free... and again, Cat had no idea why.  Kadence then took the now totally nude Ranger by the hand and led her to the bed.

Cat paused and stared at the taut bedspread.  "Well," she said after several seconds, "aren't you going to pull down the covers.  That's what maids are supposed to do, right?"

Kadence grinned and shook her head.  "Not tonight."

Cat shrugged and reclined on her back atop the covers, more curious than worried.  Okay, she was worried, or at least a little anxious, but she also wanted to see what would happen next.

What happened next was surprising.  Kadence knelt, reached under the bed, and pulled out a length of stout steel chain with a steel cuff attached.  The smiling maid pulled Cat's left arm away from her body, closed the cuff around her wrist—?!?!?—then used a small key to turn the lock.

Cat tugged on the cuff.  The chain rattled and clinked as it snapped taut.  The manacle was heavy, thick, and wide, but its interior and edges were smooth and it comfortably fit the anatomy of her wrist.

Meanwhile, Kadence was working her way around the bed, pulling out additional cuffs and chains and capturing Cat's left ankle... right ankle... and finally, her right wrist.

Cat was now spreadeagled on the bed with only a couple of inches of slack in any direction for her splayed limbs.  And once again, and to her continuing amazement, she'd let it happen.

"This is how Lady Caerwyn expects me to sleep?" Cat demanded.

Kadence smiled down at the naked, spreadeagled American.  "Yes, Ranger Cat.  I believe Her Ladyship will be dropping by to wish you pleasant dreams... later."  And with that, the smiling maid left.

"Hey, wait!" Cat called out as the door closed.  "Aren't you going to turn off the lights?"  No answer, other than the sound of a key turning in the lock.  Cat tugged on her steel bonds, again, and a thrill rippled through her pussy.  Jocelyn was coming!

Time passed.  One minute turned into two... then five... then became something close to an hour.

Cat lay in her bonds on the soft bed.  At least somebody turned up the heat, she thought.  Either that or I'm all hot and bothered.  Actually, she decided, both propositions were true—and her steel shackles were inescapable—and Jocelyn was coming!

And finally... the wait was over!

Cat heard the key turn in the lock, the door opened, and Jocelyn entered the bedroom... dressed in a whisper-thin, virtually transparent nightie and matching robe, her long blond hair (with gray highlights) loose about her shoulders.  Needless to say, Lady Caerwyn was gorgeous!  Also, she was carrying a rosewood box carved with elaborate, intertwined knots in the Celtic manner.

Cat's found her heart was pounding, and that tingle between her legs was back in spades!  However, Cat was Cat.  She tugged on her chains, glowered at her new employer, and went on the offensive.

"So," she demanded, "are you going to be this much of a jerk all the time?"

Jocelyn was surprised and amused.  "Oh, darling," she chuckled, "like your delightful goddaughter, you are truly a breath of fresh air."

"Glad to be of service," Cat huffed.  She continued staring at Jocelyn, but was finding it difficult to maintain her gruff facade.  She is sooooo beautiful, the prisoner-of-the-bed thought, then nodded at the box.  "What's in that thing?" she growled.

"Oh, this?" Jocelyn purred, then sat on the bed with the box in her lap.  "This," she explained as she thumbed the catch and opened the lid, "is your ranger's uniform for tomorrow."  She reached inside, lifted a gleaming steel object, and held it for Cat's inspection.

Cat stared in amazement... or possibly horror.  "Is that what I think it is?" she asked in a near whisper.

"I don't know, darling," Jocelyn chuckled.  "What do you think it is?"

Cat tugged on her bonds and stared daggers at the smiling aristocrat, but didn't answer.

"Yes, darling," Jocelyn purred.  "It's a chastity belt."

The steel object was, indeed, a chastity belt.  There was a horizontal waist band, in two parts with a lock in the front, and a curved, vertical crotch-panel swinging from a hinge in the back.  It was in no way difficult for Cat to imagine the belt around her waist with the crotch-panel's star-shaped after-hole and the saw-tooth slot pressed against her anus and pussy, respectively.  The locking mechanism looked to be inescapable, and Cat's best estimate was that the diabolical "garment" was her size.

The belt was also a work of art.  All elements were smoothly polished, elegantly curved to follow the wearer's (Cat's) anatomy, and its chrome-bright surface was engraved with looping vines and delicate flowers.  It was beautiful.  It was also horrible.

"Over my dead body," Cat growled, once again glaring at Jocelyn's smiling face.

"No, darling," Jocelyn chuckled, "locked around your living body, specifically..."  She used her left index finger to trace a horizontal line across Cat's waist.  "From here..."  She traced a vertical line from Cat's bellybutton to the middle of her pubic bush.  "To here."

Cat bit her lower lip and shivered in her bonds.  "Ohhh," she whined in complaint.  "Just... get on with it!"

"Get on with what, darling?" Jocelyn chuckled.

To Cat's surprise, Jocelyn had reached back into the box to produce a coil of thin, light-pink cord, stood, gracefully padded to the foot of the bed, and was using the cord to suspend the belt in midair between the lower bedposts, about six feet off the floor.  When she was finished, the steel belt hung from the cord, affording Cat a perfect view of every detail as it made a slow, clockwise turn... then a slow, counterclockwise turn... then came to rest.

Cat stared at the belt, mesmerized, then shifted her gaze to Jocelyn.  "I... I thought you were going to... you know."

"Know what, dear?" Jocelyn asked.

"You know what," Cat huffed, tugging on her chains, again.

"No, Caitlyn, darling," Jocelyn chuckled.  "As I said earlier, it will be your uniform tomorrow.  Please pay attention."

Cat regarded her new employer (and captor) with a sullen stare.  "So... what does come next?"

"Next, darling?" Jocelyn purred.

"Don't be coy," Cat huffed, then added a somewhat belated "Your Ladyship."

Ignoring Cat's admonition, Jocelyn's smile was blatantly coy.  "What happens next, darling, is nothing."

Cat blinked in surprise.  "Huh?"

"I was afraid your breasts and bikini area might be sunburned from our nature hike," Jocelyn purred, "but I can see that the application of moisturizing creme won't really be necessary."

Cat's sullen stare resumed.  She had both a decent tan and somewhat distinct tan-lines, with discernibly paler boobs, "bikini area," and butt; but they'd spent half of their bird-watching expedition protected by forest shade, so she wasn't sunburned... much.  Still, a little moisturizing wouldn't be totally unwelcome, especially if Lady Caerwyn's hands did the deed... but apparently that wasn't going to happen.

Jocelyn gave her new ranger's tummy an affectionate pat, then stood.  "It's been an eventful and remarkable day, you need your beauty sleep, and ravishing your helpless body would be... anticlimactic."  And with that stunning and, in Cat's opinion, dubious insight, Her Ladyship executed a pirouette and gracefully padded towards the bedroom door.

Cat stared at the suspended chastity belt.  Anticlimactic?  That thing is anticlimactic... literally.

By this time, Jocelyn's hand was on the doorknob.  "Wait!" Cat objected.  "You had Kadence chain me to the bed... naked... and you're not going to do anything?"

"No, darling," Jocelyn chuckled, turning back to face the bed.  "Consider this a lesson.  I make all important decisions at Castle Caerwyn, including whether or not anyone will be allowed to ravish the new ranger, or whether or not said ranger will be allowed to play with herself."

"That's mean," Cat huffed.  "I'll scream," she added in warning, tugging on her chains for emphasis.

"Then I'll gag you, darling," Jocelyn purred.

Cat pouted.  "If you keep taping my lips, ripping it off, taping my lips, ripping it off... I'll get a rash."

"Good point," Jocelyn chuckled, "and you've already been tape-gagged twice today.  Luckily, there are dozens, if not hundreds of alternative gagging methods at my disposal."  She nodded at the suspended chastity belt.  "And that includes several branks and scold's bridles that would complement tomorrow's uniform."

Cat continued to pout, unable to think of a snappy comeback.

"In any case," Jocelyn purred, "this door is very thick and no one else will be sleeping in this wing of the castle tonight.  So, by all means... scream away, darling."

Cat couldn't think of a comeback to that, either.

Her hand still on the doorknob, Jocelyn gazed across the room at her naked, spreadeagled, pixie-haired, Petulant Tomboy of a ranger... and the ranger in question gazed back.

"Oh, who am I kidding?" Jocelyn sighed, padded back to the bed, sat, and rested her hand on Cat's tummy.

Cat shivered in her bonds, but couldn't help but smile.  "So... ya changed yer mind?"

Jocelyn's hand began to slowly move.  "The penalty for seducing the Lady of the Castle is an extended tour of the torture chamber," she announced in a grave voice.

Cat's eyes popped wide and she tugged on her inescapable bonds; but she quickly masked her reaction with another smile.  "You don't scare me," she huffed.

"My Petulant Tomboy," Jocelyn purred, and her hand continued moving... slowly gliding back and forth between Cat's navel and her pubic bush.  "Don't you dare cum until I give you permission."

Cat grinned.  "Yes, Your Ladyship."  Then, she gasped, clenched her eyes tightly closed, and tugged on her bonds, yet again.  Jocelyn's hand had slid lower to cup her moist pussy, and her index finger was between her labia and massaging her clitoris!  Cat opened her mouth to scream—"Mrrrf!"—and Jocelyn's free hand clamped tight over her mouth.

"I can tell you're going to require a great deal of training, Ranger Sinclair," Jocelyn sighed, and began frigging Cat's pussy in earnest.  "Remember... not without my permission."

Cat struggled, squirmed, and mewled through Her Ladyship's hand-gag, but she was helpless, totally helpless.  "M'mmpfh!"

"Not yet, darling," Jocelyn whispered.  "This is foreplay.  Not yet.  Not for quite some time."  The frigging continued, as did Cat's futile struggles.

And thus, Cat's tenure as Ranger of the Isle of Caer's Wildlife Trust began, while down in the dungeons, Cecelia began her formal training as a Castle Caerwyn maid.
 Chapter 10
The End

Chapter 9