What a nice place!

by Van © 2016

Chapter 9

Dramatis Personæ


THE LIGHT of early dawn streamed through the window of Lady Caerwyn's bedchamber, illuminating the rumpled bed and its two occupants: the naked Lady Caerwyn, herself, and the almost naked Cat Sinclair.  Cat was still wearing the beige opera gloves, hence her status as almost naked, but the ribbons formerly binding Cat's wrists and feet were a part of the tangle.  She'd been untied at some point during the night, but her memory of the event was somewhat fuzzy.  She'd been... preoccupied.

Cat eased herself onto one elbow, being careful not to rouse her hostess, bed-mate, and now... lover.  The stiff rubber linings of the gloves rendered her fingers semi-useless, but they did allow her to grasp one of the brown ribbons and slowly, carefully pull it free of the tangled linen.  A sly smile curled her lips.  Jocelyn's left wrist and the elegantly curled fingers of her left hand were free of the sheets.  Her right hand and wrist were hidden, but the naked aristocrat was sprawled on her stomach and Cat was sure she'd be able to stradle Jocelyn's butt, pin her to the bed, then wrest her hands behind her back and use the ribbon to—

"Don't even think about it, you wicked girl," Jocelyn chuckled.  Her eyes were still closed, but obviously she was awake.

"Ha," Cat huffed.  "I can't do anything wearing these stupid gloves, anyway."

"Exactly," Jocelyn purred.  "Also, one tug on the bell-sash and Nora will be here in an instant.  You were curious about my torture chamber.  I'm sure she'd be more than happy to give you a complete tour."

"A complete, interactive tour, no doubt," Cat intoned.

Jocelyn smiled, rolled onto her back, used one hand to comb her tousled blond locks (with gray highlights) from her angelic face, and locked eyes with her guest, bed-mate, and lover.  "Good morning," she purred.

Cat couldn't help but smile back.  Petulant Tomboy pouts be damned.  "Mornin'."

A good morning kiss followed, and it was not a polite peck on the lips.  It was long and deep, with tongue, a continuation of the snogging/face-sucking that had occupied several hours of the previous night.

The kiss ended, Jocelyn sat up in bed, and began helping Cat remove the opera gloves—and thanks to the gloves' stiff fingers, Cat
needed help.  Finally, hostess and guest were equally nude.

"Go use the facilities, darling," Jocelyn said as she reached for the old fashioned telephone on the bedside table.  "I'll order us some breakfast."

Cat climbed from the bed, padded to the bathroom, and completed her morning toilette.  She still needed a shower, but decided to wait until after breakfast.  She was joined by Jocelyn, who began seeing to her own ablutions.

Cat returned to the bedroom, padded to the window and gazed out at the Irish Sea.  Beautiful.  Suddenly, Jocelyn embraced her from behind.  Preoccupied admiring the sun glinting off the waves, Cat hadn't heard Her Ladyship's barefooted approach.  A shiver of pure delight rippled through Cat's body.  Jocelyn's head was on her shoulder, her breasts against her back, and her arms pinning Cat's arms to her sides and her hands sliding against her tummy and gently squeezing her left breast.

"You're sure there won't be any trouble getting me a green card?" Cat asked, then frowned and bit her lower lip.  "Uh... do you guys call them 'green cards' in the UK?"

"I have no idea," Jocelyn chuckled, "but I know my solicitors will have no difficulty handling all the required paperwork."  She kissed the side of Cat's neck.  "After all... your sponsor is not without influence."

Cat returned her focus to the Irish Sea.  During a break in the previous night's festivities Jocelyn had offered Cat a job, the job of her dreams.  The temporary job of my dreams, Cat corrected herself, not a career... probably... and what about the pipsqueak?

"You aren't having second thoughts, are you darling?" Jocelyn purred.  "I can see your reflection in the window.  You look... reflective."

Cat chuckled and rolled her eyes.  "Hilarious.  I was thinkin' about Cecelia.  We still have to run all of this by Cecelia."

"We do, indeed," Jocelyn agreed, then kissed Cat's neck, again.  "Good news, darling.  I've decided how I want you to be tied up when I photograph you."

Cat heaved a sigh.  Her eyes were still focused out the window.  "Now?"  It was both a whine and a question.

"Of course not now," Jocelyn chuckled, giving Cat's naked body a squeeze.  "After breakfast," she purred.  "We'll practice after breakfast."
 Chapter 9
Cecelia and Elyse sat up in the straw of the dungeon and faced the opening door, having been awakened by the rattle of the turning lock and the snick of the sliding bolt.

To be more precise, Elyse sat up in the straw.  Cecelia tried to sit up, gave a little "Eeek!" of dismay, and flopped back down.  The still half-asleep blonde had failed to fully compensate for her box-tie bonds and the weight of the chain linking her collar to Elyse's collar, plus the heavier chain linking them both to the dungeon wall.  She smiled, sheepishly, gave it another try, and this time succeeded.

Meanwhile, Nora had stormed into the dungeon through the now open door, and she was unlocking the padlock securing the maids' neck chain to the wall chain.  "Up and at it!" she ordered, then stomped back through the straw to the dungeon door.

"Wait!" Cecelia called after the exiting Staff Mistress.  "What are we supposed to do?"

"Why should I care?" Nora called back over her shoulder.  "It's your day off."  And with that, she was gone.

Cecelia turned to Elyse.  "Huh?  Our day off?"

Elyse smiled as she began untying Cecelia's box-tie.  "Yes, darling.  It's our day off."

"She didn't unlock our collars," Cecelia observed as the conditioned hemp coils melted away.

"I know where the key is kept," Elyse explained.

"You know where the key is kept," Cecelia huffed.  "Of course you do."

"Yes, silly goose," Elyse giggled.  She finished untying her fellow maid, coiled the rope, and gestured towards the open door.  "Shall we?"

"Shall we what?" Cecelia pouted.

"Unlock these collars, shower, cook ourselves some breakfast, then find a way to enjoy our day off," Elyse explained as she led the way from the dungeon.

"I have a couple of ideas," Cecelia purred.

"So do I," Elyse giggled.
 Chapter 9
Cat put her foot down and Lady Caerwyn finally gave her permission to use the large, luxurious shower in the bedroom suite.  Cat's opening gambit had been to announce that she was going downstairs to use the bathroom down the hall from her guest bedroom and wouldn't take no for an answer.  Jocelyn smiled, gestured towards her bathroom, and Cat's fiendishly clever plan was successful.

When Cat returned from her shower, still using a towel to dry her short hair, she found that a serving cart had been delivered with covered dishes of scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, bangers (sausages), mashed potatoes (of all things), beans (yes, beans!), toast, tea, and coffee.  Jocelyn had already loaded a plate and was seated in one of the easy chairs facing the window.  Her Ladyship hadn't bothered to get dressed.  She hadn't even bothered to don a robe.

"Join me, darling," Jocelyn purred.

"Okay," Cat answered, tossed the towel towards the bathroom, then loaded a plate of her own, poured herself a cup of coffee, and settled her naked butt into the chair next to her naked hostess.

The nude pair enjoyed their breakfast in companionable silence.  At one point Cat used her fork to spear a banger and point to the serving cart.  "Nora?"

Jocelyn confirmed Cat's guess with a smile and a nod.  "It's the maids' day off," she said after swallowing.

"Oh," Cat responded.  "I just assumed the maids were still chained in the dungeon or being tortured in the torture chamber."  She chewed and swallowed a fork-load of eggs, then frowned.  "Wait, their day off?  I thought Cecelia was done pretending to be a maid."

Jocelyn shrugged (her bare, smooth shoulders).  "It's rather a moot point.  Today is Elyse's day off, Cecelia is her trainee, so either she's being trained to take a day off, or she's back to being my guest.  When we have our chat with your goddaughter and explain my proposal, that will sort things out."

Cat nodded as she continued consuming her delicious breakfast, including the dabs of potatoes and beans she'd added to her plate for politeness sake.  Breakfast finally over, they returned their plates and cups to the serving cart, brushed their teeth in the bathroom—once again sharing Jocelyn's brush—then settled back into the easy chairs to sip final cups of coffee and tea.

They were still naked.  For Cat, this was unsettling; however, the discomfiture of her own "casual" nudity was more than compensated by the sight of Lady Jocelyn Caerwyn lounging in her chair... completely at ease... smiling... naked.

"Well, are you ready, darling?" Jocelyn asked as she finished her tea.

"Uh... ready?" Cat responded.

"Ready to practice, of course," Jocelyn purred.

"Practice?" Cat asked (whined).

"Practice," Jocelyn confirmed, then rose from her chair.  "Wait here while I get what I need."

"Uh... okay."  Cat watched Her Ladyship stroll to the walk-in closet.  I suppose I could make a break for my room, she thought.  Cat knew she wasn't going to do that, of course.  She was far too curious (and excited) about seeing what Her Ladyship had in mind.
 Chapter 9
"Bird-watching?  Seriously?  You want to go bird-watching?"  This was the third time Cecelia had asked Elyse some version of the same question since they'd left the dungeon, cleaned themselves up, enjoyed a hearty breakfast, and Elyse had announced her intentions.

"Do you really think Miss Cat and yourself are the only people on the Isle of Caer who appreciate wildlife?  Yes, I want to go bird-watching."  This was the third time Elyse had given some version of the same answer.

Cecelia was in one of her two now laundered and pressed bird-watching outfits: boots, cargo shorts, and blouse, all in shades of blue and gray.  Her robin's egg blue fairy cap was atop her head, her trusty Nikon Monarch Five 8 x 42 binoculars dangled from her elastic chest harness, and her blond hair was in a neat ponytail.  Cecelia was good to go—mildly surprised at Elyse's choice of potential recreational activities—but good to go.

Elyse was in a similar outfit, only it was in shades of olive and rust that complemented her peach-pink complexion and ginger hair.  She was also wearing a floppy "boonie" hat, in faded olive, with a small metal pin embossed with the Caerwyn coat of arms pinned to the front.

Cecelia eyed the Swarovski SLC HD 8 x 42 Binoculars dangling from the elastic harness yoking Elyse's shoulders.  They were top of the line and spectacularly, hideously expensive.

Elyse noticed Cecelia's gaze.  "Her Ladyship owns several pair.  And don't worry, I have standing permission to use them whenever I go bird-watching."

"Good," Cecelia huffed.  "Wouldn't want to get you thrown in the dungeon for 'grand theft optical' on your day off.  But seriously—"

"Yes," Elyse interrupted with a dimpled smile, "we're going bird-watching.  I have no intention of staying cooped up in the castle."

Cecelia shrugged.  "I was just thinkin' we could do... other stuff."

Elyse's smile turned coy.  "I didn't say we'd only go bird-watching," she purred.

"Oh."  Cecelia's lips curled in a smile of her own.  "In that case..."

Elyse gestured towards the pair of knapsacks next to the postern gate of the castle's land-side portal.  "Nora has packed us some lunch and tea."

"What a dear," Cecelia muttered sarcastically.

"Quiet, darling," Elyse giggled.  "We aren't yet out of the castle, and the walls have been known to have ears."

"Point taken," Cecelia whispered.

The maids shouldered the light knapsacks and made their exit, making sure the postern latched behind them.

Seconds passed... then Nora stepped from the shadows and faced the staircase leading up to the castle's living quarters.  "They're gone, Your Ladyship!" she shouted, then turned and strolled towards the kitchen.

A few more seconds passed... then Lady Caerwyn appeared at the top of the stairs and started down.  She was dressed in boots, cargo-shorts, and blouse, much like the departed maids, but her costume was in shades of khaki-tan and included a stylish sun hat and a second pair of Swarovski SLC HD 8 x 42 Binoculars.

Behind her came a rather reluctant Cat Sinclair.  The pixie-haired American was wearing her own wool socks and boots and the goblin-hat she's purchased at Titania's Wardrobe.  And just to be clear, she was wearing only the socks, boots, and goblin-hat.  Cat was totally naked, not counting the conditioned hemp rope binding her hands, arms, and torso and the wide strip of Elastoplast tape sealing her lips.

Technically, Cat's bonds were a box-tie, but it was an elaborate and decidedly artistic box-tie that had taken Lady Caerwyn quite some time to craft.  There were the traditional horizontal bands of rope passing above and below Cat's breasts and pinning her upper-arms to her torso, as well as the expected ropes yoking her shoulders and cinching the other ropes; but in addition, numerous diagonal strands anchored the entire ensemble in a complex, symmetrical web of rosette hitches, cinches, and knots.  Finally, Cat's crossed wrists were bound against her spine and yet more rope crossed her palms and bound her fingers and thumbs.

Having perused her gift copies of Jocelyn's books—as well as having been marched into the walk-in closet and allowed to visually examine all aspects of her current bondage in the array of
full-length mirrors—Cat had to admit Her Ladyship had done an outstanding job of rendering her completely helpless in an aesthetically pleasing and more-or-less comfortable manner.  Nonetheless, she was decidedly unhappy.

Cat was resigned to (meaning excited by) the prospect of being one of Lady Jocelyn Caerwyn's models and possibly appearing (anonymously) in her next book.  She could even understand why Jocelyn might want to "practice," to try out a complex new bondage idea.  She did not understand, however, why Jocelyn wanted to go bird-watching, of all things, and was insisting on taking a bound and helpless Cat with her!

Jocelyn had taken the precaution of taping Cat's lips before announcing her intentions to enjoy a casual hike through the island's grasslands and forests with her captive guest in tow; however, Cat found ways to share her negative opinion.  Specifically, she mewled through her gag, more or less nonstop, tugged on her inescapable bonds, and made her feet moving targets, greatly complicating the process of Her Ladyship dressing her in her socks and boots.  Cat's struggles ceased, however, when Jocelyn threatened to summon Nora and have the Staff Mistress fetch a riding crop.

Jocelyn had made it clear she found Cat's gallant resistance to be quite entertaining.  She wasn't overtly gloating or cackling like a stereotypical villain, of course.  That would have been unseemly.  She had, however, smiled in a most infuriating manner the entire time, and she was still smiling.  Cat wasn't fooled.

As a final touch, Jocelyn took an additional coil of rope, looped one end around Cat's indignant neck, tied a non-compacting knot... and here they were, descending the stairs with Her Smug Ladyship in the lead and Furious Petulant Tomboy Cat mewling and struggling in her wake at the end of a hemp leash.

Nora met them at the bottom of the staircase with a rucksack.  "Tea and a snack, Your Ladyship," the Staff Mistress announced as she settled the shoulders straps over Cat's rope-yoked shoulders, snapped closed the pack's sternum strap and waist belt, then tightened all the straps.  The knapsack wasn't designed for a box-tied wearer, but it wasn't very full or heavy and even strapped over Cat's bound arms and hands wasn't too ungainly.  The pack did, however, magically transform Cat from a tied-up, naked damsel into a tied-up, naked pack-damsel.

"Mrrrrk!" Cat complained as the House Mistress made her final adjustments, cupping Cat's left breast with one right hand while she tightened the right shoulder-strap... then switching hands (and breasts) and completing the process.

"Elyse and Cecelia are off?" Jocelyn inquired as Nora opened the postern door.

"They are, Your Ladyship," Nora confirmed.

Nora's condescending smile and grabby hands only added to Cat's humiliation (and excitement).  And as for Jocelyn's superior smirk... that pesky thrill was rippling through Cat's naked pussy... again.

And then, they were off.

"Have fun, Your Ladyship," Nora wished Jocelyn as she and her pack-damsel left the castle.  "If you run into the maids, please tell them I said hello."

"Of course, Nora," Jocelyn chuckled.

Cat looked back over one rope-yoked and pack-strapped shoulder and glowered at Nora's smiling face.  If looks could kill, as the saying goes, Nora would have exploded in a thousand bloody gobbets of smug, condescending meat.

Nora chuckled as she closed the postern and threw the bolt.  For the moment, she had the entire castle to herself... and work to do.  "No rest for the wicked," she sighed, then turned and headed for the kitchen.
 Chapter 9
As they entered the grasslands in front of the castle, Lady Caerwyn and her pack-damsel could just make out the distant forms of the off-duty, bird-watching maids disappearing into the secondary growth at the margin of the central forest (much to Cat's consternation).  Fortunately (for Cat, anyway) Cecelia and Elyse appeared to be interested in whatever was in front of them and had failed to notice the bird-watching aristocrat and her naked pack-damsel back in the direction of Castle Caerwyn.

When Cat had taken her last bird-watching excursion, the one down to the rocky beach below the castle, she'd made the arbitrary choice of turning to the right, but this time Jocelyn turned to the left.  There appeared to be no great difference in the terrain of the two paths... not until they made a second left turn around a corner tower and approached the cliff overlooking the beach.

Once she reached the beach on her earlier trip, Cat had found the area below the castle blocked by a jumbled mass of gigantic boulders jutting perhaps thirty yards into the sea and perpendicular to the shoreline.  It would have been exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to clamor over the boulders, so she'd made an about-face and done her birding among the rocks and sand away from the castle.  Now, on the left side and looking down from the cliff's edge, Cat could see that the line of boulders formed a breakwater and sheltered the beginning of a stone pier.

Atop the cliff, and even more remarkable, a stone hut was tucked against the castle wall at the very edge of the precipice.  The modest structure reminded her of Hagrid's cottage in the Harry Potter movies, and, for some inexplicable reason, appeared to be Jocelyn's immediate destination.

As they approached the cottage, Cat noted its slate roof and deep windows that suggested walls as thick and solid as the castle itself.  The only visible woodwork was a gate piercing a low, semicircular stone wall that defined a tiny front yard, and an iron-banded timber door set deeply in the cottage wall.  As with the main castle, all the stones were flecked and dotted with various varieties of lichen.  By all appearances, the cottage had been weathering the seasons of the Isle of Caer for decades, probably many decades.

"The Hermitage," Her Ladyship announced as they approached the gate.

Cat vaguely remembered Jocelyn mentioning a Victorian-era abode for pretend hermits.  Apparently, this was it.  It was not at all clear why her hostess (lover and captor) was opening the gate, pulling a warded key from her pocket, and unlocking the cottage door.


"Patience, darling," Jocelyn chuckled as she crossed the threshold, gave the leash a gentle tug, and Cat had no choice but to follow.

The Hermitage was a cozy little place.  The stone walls were whitewashed, or had been at some point in the very distant past, the exposed beams were carved with Celtic-style vines and leaves, and the iron-framed windows were glazed with diamond-shaped panes of thick, wavy glass.  There was no furniture, none whatsoever, and quite obviously the space had been the exclusive realm of countless generations of web-weaving spiders.  Cobwebs were everywhere, some hanging in fluttering sheets.

Jocelyn led Cat to a generous alcove facing the Irish Sea with an arc of windows, more or less mirroring the arrangement up in the castle's Mainland Parlor.

Cat still had no idea why they were there.  Needless to say, there were no birds to watch.  The cottage was weather tight, despite its age.  No doves or swallows or any other avian species were nesting in the rafters.

"I'll have the roof inspected and the plumbing and power modernized, of course—not to mention a thorough cleaning—and there's plenty of spare furniture up in the castle."


Jocelyn's smile widened as she reached out and carefully peeled the tape from her pack-damsel's pouting lips.  The Elastoplast did not want to surrender its adhesive grip.  Cat's lips and skin were stretched and distorted as the tape pulled away.

"You have a question, darling?" Jocelyn chuckled as she folded the tape and put it in her pocket.

"This is a dump," Cat huffed.  "You expect me to stay here?"

"Not immediately, silly," Jocelyn purred, "but after the renovations and cleaning are complete..."  She gestured towards the bank of windows.  "This area would make a nice office."  She then indicated a deep alcove off to one side.  "The bed can go there, along with a large wardrobe and chest of drawers."  She gestured towards a cozy fireplace.  "Sofa and easy chairs, for entertaining."  Finally, she waved to what was obviously a primitive kitchen with a deep-sink and wood stove.  "And that will all be replaced.  The kitchen will be rustic, of course, to match the general ambiance, but completely modern."

"How long will all that take?" Cat muttered.

"As long as required," Jocelyn chuckled.  "In the meantime, you'll stay in the castle."

"And Cecelia?"

Jocelyn smiled.  "As long as she's toiling under my Staff Mistress, all of her needs will be seen to, including uniforms, room and board, rope and chains... all the amenities."

Cat nodded.  "Until she decides about college."  She heaved a slight sigh.  "I still think it's a lot for you to help pay her tuition to the school of her choice.  And if she decides to follow Elyse to Oxford... my contribution will be a drop in the bucket."

"Think of it as her wages as a Castle Caerwyn maid," Jocelyn purred.

"And speaking of the Staff Mistress," Cat said, "I will not be reporting to Nora, correct?"

"No, darling," Jocelyn chuckled.  "The position of 'Ranger' is new, and you'll report directly to me."

"Okay, then," Cat huffed.  "Uh... you realize I have a biology degree, not a conservation biology degree.  And I know bupkis about 'Wildlife Trusts' in the UK, or how to manage one."

"We discussed that, darling," Jocelyn chuckled.  "My solicitors will handle the legal arrangements, and if we decide you need additional education, that will be part of the package."

"Okay," Cat huffed, "just so you know."

They became aware of the sound of a puttering engine from the direction of the open door.

"Ah, the boat is arriving," Jocelyn said with a smile, then started for the door.

"The boat?"  The leash went taut and Cat was compelled to follow.

They exited the Hermitage and beheld a small fishing boat approaching the castle dock.
♦TOURIST TRAP♦   Chapter 9
"Jocelyn!" Cat complained in a peevish whine.  "I'm naked."

"Yes, you are, Ranger Sinclair," Her Ladyship chuckled, "quite naked."  She was making her way down a trail leading along the cliff to the breakwater and dock.  Her petulant pack-damsel followed at the end of her leash.

As they reached the level of the beach, Cat could now see that the dock led into a large sea cave in the side of the cliff and under the castle.  The trail also entered the cave... and Cat found herself in a large, more-or less circular chamber with a stone ceiling far overhead.  The space was half natural and half man made, with pilasters and arches of dressed stone.  A stairway at the far end of the cave led up to a massive iron door that undoubtedly gave access to the lower levels of the castle.

The fishing boat was now quite close, paralleling the dock and about to enter the cave.  Cat noted that Mrs. Ingleby, the hotelier, was standing in the bow with the
forward mooring line in hand, and in the wheelhouse was Kadence Harrington, the shop clerk who had sold Cat and Cecelia their goblin-hat and fairy-cap, respectively, and dropped them off at the island in this same vessel.  The fishing boat's mast easily cleared the top of the cave entrance and the craft slowly motored to the dock.

Jocelyn continued along a stone path circling the cave interior, passed the stairway, and approached the fishing boat.  They passed under a modern boat with an enclosed cabin suspended from a crane-like davit.  It was nearly as large as the fishing boat and Cat noted the Caerwyn coat-of-arms on the boat's bow.  It would appear the island residents weren't totally dependent on the village fishermen to get on and off the island.

By this time the fishing boat had docked, the engine was turned off, and Mrs. Ingleby and Kadence were ashore and had just about finished rigging the mooring lines.  Cat noted that the waters inside the cave were decidedly calm and the fenders protecting the boat's hull from the dock weren't really necessary... in Cat's expert opinion as a complete landlubber.

"Eunice," Jocelyn sighed as she embraced and exchanged kisses with Mrs. Ingleby.

"Your Ladyship," Mrs. Ingleby purred in response.

Kadence was next.  The smiling ginger also received an embrace and kiss from Lady Caerwyn.

Kadence turned her smile to Cat.  "So... do you like your new hat?"

Cat was blushing like crazy.  Jocelyn, Mrs. Ingleby, and Kadence were all enjoying her predicament.  It was obvious.  "Uh... yeah.  Thanks."

"Her Ladyship and her guest are going bird-watching?" Mrs. Ingleby inquired, nodding towards Jocelyn's binoculars.

"We are," Jocelyn confirmed, smiling at Cat.

"Very well," Mrs. Ingleby said with a broad smile.  "Enjoy yourselves.  I'll be upstairs, taking things firmly in hand."

"I'm sure you shall," Jocelyn chuckled.

All Cat could do was smile back at Her Ladyship, or try to smile, anyway.  She was still blushing.

Mrs. Ingleby turned to Kadence.  "Leave your clothing on the boat, dear, and gag yourself.  You know my preferred method under such circumstances."

Now Kadence was also blushing.  "Yes, Staff Mistress," she muttered as she curtsied.

Cat frowned.  'Staff Mistress?'  What about Nora?

Kadence was wearing sneakers, jeans, a cotton blouse, a light jacket, and had a narrowly folded scarf knotted around her neck—but not for long.  Soon, her entire costume was removed, folded, and placed in a small canvas duffel which she tossed on the fishing boat's deck.  That also included her bra, but not her panties or the scarf.  Kadence stuffed the panties into her mouth, then used the scarf to give herself a tight cleave-gag, knotted at the nape of her neck and under her long, straight, ginger hair.  The naked shop-girl then placed her hands atop her head, heaved a sad sigh, and waited for further instructions from 'Staff Mistress' Ingleby.

Cat stared at the ginger's naked body.  Kadence had several inches and a few years on her cousin Elyse, but her figure was just as fit, curvaceous, and attractive.  Also, she had breasts... firm, shapely breasts... like her younger cousin.

Kadence noticed Cat's appreciative gaze, and both quickly looked away, their cheeks blushing an even brighter shade of crimson.

"Enjoy your nature hike," Mrs. Ingleby chuckled, stepping forward to plant a kiss on Jocelyn's smiling lips.  She then directed her dimpled smile to Cat.  "And as for you, young lady..."  She kissed Cat's lips, and at the same time cupped the pack-damsel's naked crotch with her right hand.

"Eeek!" was Cat's startled response.

"Behave yourself," Mrs. Ingleby added.

Cat's leash snapped taut and she had no choice but to follow Jocelyn.  The clearly amused aristocrat was retracing their steps, leading Cat back around the sea cave's peripheral path and out to the beach beyond.

Cat looked back over her right shoulder.  Mrs. Ingleby was striding up the staircase to the castle with Kadence two steps behind, naked and gagged (of course), with her hands still atop her head.

Cat heaved a sigh as they emerged from the cave and began climbing the trail up from the beach.  Now she had even more to think about.
 Chapter 9
The End

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