Nosey Nerds!
Nosy Nerds!

by Van © 2015

Chapter 8



Stately Grau Manor
(Kimberly Grau's cottage on the edge of town)

The Nancy Drew Book Club's Annual Picnic was in full swing at Kim's place.  Actually, it was the Nancy Drew Book Club Annual Picnic—Part 1.  Since so many of the club's membership worked at Bibliophile Books, they'd decided to hold the picnic in two halves, a week apart.  Otherwise, Finley would have to close the store.  Ever the gracious bosses, Finley and Edwina had volunteered to man the store by themselves for Part 1.  Chibi and Kimberly would return the favor next week.  Finley trusted the clerks to run the store, and Kimberly trusted her fellow club members not to trash her cottage.

That meant Catherine, Karli, and Agatha would get to attend both picnics, The Goddess and The Shieldmaiden because they didn't work at the store, and The Munchkin because her attendance was mandatory.  The current club president, Finley, had decreed that the picnic was the perfect opportunity for the initiation of their newest member.  The membership as a whole agreed.  They'd already decided to hold two picnics, so there would be two initiations, as well.

Agatha's reaction upon hearing the news had been both epic and adorable.  Did she pout and sulk?  Hell yes!  Chibi pointed out that Agatha would be the center of attention at two consecutive weekend parties, but that was hardly reassuring.  Anyway, everyone promised Agatha she'd have a good time, so Agatha agreed to go along.  Also, Chibi pointed out that the alternative would involve being grabbed, bound and gagged, tossed in the trunk of Finley's BMW or Catherine's Lexus, and spirited away to the picnic(s) anyway, so Agatha decided she might as well cooperate.  Agatha knew her BFF (reinstated on a probational basis) had been joking, of course.  Maybe.  Anyway... here they were!

Kimberly's cottage was a treasure.  It was a small place with only two bedrooms and had been the Grau family vacation home for more than two decades.  At the moment, Kimberly was a full-time resident.  Members and/or groups of her family did visit, but no Grau clan getaways were scheduled for the next several weeks.  Style-wise, the structure was somewhere between Country Cottage and Rustic Cabin, but it was its location that made it truly special.

The city was situated on a broad glacial valley at the meeting of two rivers, and a restaurant had been built atop steel beams straddling a stream that fed one of the rivers.  It was a famous local burger joint and was surrounded by mature cedars.  A semi-improved road ran around the restaurant and along the stream for about half a mile, then dead-ended at Kimberly's cottage.  The cottage itself was set back on a forested slope and on the far side of the stream was an ancient beaver meadow and a small pond.  In the event of flooding, and it had been known to happen, the cottage was sufficiently elevated to remain dry, especially with the meadow accepting most of the excess water.

Anyway "Stately Grau Manor" was a private rural oasis tucked right up against the city, and Kimberly (and her guests) had complete privacy!

Picnic Part 1 was in full swing.  The beaver pond was suitable for swimming and the meadow for basking in the sun.  For that reason, all present—Kimberly, Catherine, Karli, Chibi, and Agatha, were wearing string bikinis.  Kim's was hot-pink, Catherine's jet-black, Karli's blood-red, Chibi's periwinkle-blue, and Agatha's steel-blue.  Actually, Agatha's bikini was borrowed from Chibi.  She'd intended to wear her black-with-royal-blue-trim one-piece Speedo training suit, but Chibi had declared it an eyesore and a crime against fashion and "forced" her to borrow the bikini.  It was more or less a moot issue, anyway, because soon after her arrival at the picnic it was decreed that Agatha should change into one of Kimberly's leather creations.  In fact, it was Kimberly's masterpiece, the harness that had so impressed Finley and Edwina and gained her admittance to the book club, also it was less a matter of Agatha changing than her being changed.

Poor, much-put-upon Agatha had been at the party less than an hour when her fellow club-members pounced.  They dragged Agatha's kicking, screaming, and very wet body from the pond, Catherine and Karli held her by the arms, and Chibi and Kimberly fitted her with the harness.

First came a pair of mitten-cuffs.  They were really glove-mitten-cuffs in the form of tight-fitting, fingerless shells, but with a separate interior channel for each finger.  The shells alone were enough to render Agatha's fingers and hands pretty much useless, but the finger channels took Agatha's helplessness to a whole new level.  The cuff portions buckled around her wrists and each was secured with no fewer than three tiny buckles.

Next came a web of vertical and lateral straps that hugged Agatha's torso, yoked her shoulders, passed above and below her breasts, around her waist, and through her crotch, passing to either side of her labia and buckling around her upper thighs.  A row of bronze rings ran down Agatha's front, with the waist-strap ring perfectly positioned to showcase her bellybutton, and all the straps buckled in the back.

Once the mitts and harness were in place, Agatha's fellow party-goers folded her arms behind her back in the classic box-tie position, then Kimberly strapped what amounted to a bondage-muff of leather around her forearms, pinning her lower-arms to the back of the harness.  Finally, additional straps were tightened, pinning her upper-arms to her sides and to the harness.

At some point during the process, the ties of Agatha's borrowed bikini were untied and the skimpy patches of fabric jerked from her squirming, struggling body.  The final result was a naked Agatha—but for her glasses, of course—restrained by leather straps with her hands encased and her arms folded and trapped behind her back.  Agatha's experience with actual bondage gear was limited, to say the least, but even the Munchkin recognized a "Classic Body-harness" when she saw one (not to mention wore one).  That said, Kimberly's creation was remarkable.

First, there was the fit.  It did.  That is, Agatha's upper body was in what might be called a leather hug.  The straps were just tight enough to dimple her flesh, but even during the most vigorous portion of her required Courtesy Struggle, the twisting of her hips and rolling of her shoulders, their grip was uniform.  Nothing she did seemed to cause any slack, nor did the straps tighten any further, not as far as she could tell.

Second, there was the matter of style.  The straps were tooled with a Celtic, or possibly a Norse pattern that suggested intertwined ropes and/or vines and/or dragons and serpents.  The leather was dyed a very pretty shade of saddle-brown, and had a light, attractive, pebbled texture.  In addition, the bronze hardware was very pretty and complemented the overall design.

Third and finally, there was the matter of comfort.  Actually, a lack of being uncomfortable was probably a more accurate description.  The straps and buckles didn't pinch or abrade or poke or do anything other than render Agatha totally helpless.  If pressed, Agatha would give the designer, Kimberly, full marks in all categories—or rather, she would if she wasn't fully involved in a Category-5 pout.

"You guys are so mean to me," the diminutive prisoner complained—then paused in mid-rant to accept a sip of Bud Lite from Chibi-the-Traitor.  "You're supposed to be my friends," Agatha continued.  "Friends don't strip you naked and tie you up and—M'mmpfh!"

Grinning from ear to ear, Chibi shook her right index finger in Agatha's glowering face as Kimberly buckled a harness around the captive's head.  "Initiates desiring membership in the Nancy Drew Book Club do not whine and complain and accuse the veteran members of being 'Big Ol' Meanies' or make impolite comments."  She held Agatha's head steady as Kimberly buckled a narrow strap under Agatha's chin, further anchoring a ball of black rubber in her mouth.  The ball was hollow and ventilated by about a dozen round holes, making it easy for the wearer, Agatha, to breathe through her mouth.  The holes also reduced the ball's effectiveness as a mouth-plug.


"Hush," Chibi giggled.  "Does Nancy Drew struggle and moan when she's bound and gagged by the villains?"

"Well, now that you bring it up..." Catherine purred, exchanging a smile with Karli.

"Hush," Chibi scolded the bikini-clad Goddess.  "I'm trying to get her to accept her fate."

"And what's the fun in that?" Karli chuckled.

Meanwhile, Kim had finished adjusting the head-harness' many buckles.  Its thin straps and bronze hardware were similar in color and style to the body-harness, and caged Agatha's manifestly displeased head with an equally uniform and inescapable grip.  The cunning design also anchored Agatha's glasses in place without discomfort.

"All-rightie-then," Kimberly giggled.  "To the table!"

The table in question was a traditional and typical picnic table with a built-in bench on either side; however, someone had been thoughtful enough to transfer the fabric-clad cushion of a lounge-style deck chair to its flat surface.  The club members lifted their squirming, kicking, and mewling newest member and deposited her on her back and leather-encased arms on the table and cushion.  Then, while Catherine and Karli held her in place, Chibi and Kimberly proceeded to bind Agatha in place, tightening multiple bands of conditioned hemp rope around Agatha's ankles and lower thighs, just above her knees.  The final result was something of a turtle-tie, with Agatha's knees bent and her legs splayed and lashed to either side.  As a final touch, additional strands of rope were threaded through D-rings incorporated in the body-harness, tightened, and also lashed to the table, rendering the distressed damsel even more helpless and immobile.

Smiling brightly, Catherine and Karli settled onto the benches on opposite sides of Agatha's pinioned body.  Chibi settled into a semi-lotus atop the table with Agatha's glowering and gagged head comfortably cradled in her lap.  Kimberly settled her bikini-clad bottom onto a small stool at the foot of the table.  Agatha's splayed crotch was close to that edge of the table, so it was obvious the blond pixie was up to something.

Kimberly cleared her throat.  "Ahem.  Now, before I begin, I'd like to remind you all one more time that I've never actually done this before, nor have I witnessed it being done; however, I know the procedures involved and I'm willing to give it a try."

"We all appreciate your sacrifice," Chibi said dryly.

"Mrrrk?"  Agatha locked eyes with her BFF (reinstated/probationary).  The question in her wide, nervous eyes was obvious.  What's she gonna do to me?

Chibi smiled and straightened Agatha's bangs with her fingers, the brown locks that weren't under the leather harness-strap crossing her forehead, anyway.

"If my initial efforts aren't successful," Kimberly continued, "I may have to call upon volunteers to stimulate the subject's nipples."

Catherine and Karli exchanged another dimpled smile.  "If we have to," Catherine purred.  Karli's response was a shrug of her shoulders.

"We won't hold it against you if you fail miserably," Chibi said to Kimberly.

Kimberly rolled her eyes.  "And on that note of encouragement..."  She reached under the table and produced a very pretty, hand-thrown stoneware mug and placed it on the table between Agatha's legs.

Agatha lifted her head, focused down her leather and rope restrained body, and noted the mug held a collection of—Feathers!  "Nrrrrrf!"  She squirmed and struggled and fought her bonds with all her strength.

Chibi smiled, leaned close, and planted a kiss on Agatha's ball-gagged mouth.  "Be brave, Munchkin," she said quietly.

Meanwhile, Kimberly had selected a rather large, stiff feather, probably the primary flight feather of a goose or similarly sized bird, and was twirling it between her fingers.  "Ladies of the Nancy Drew Book Club, this afternoon's demonstration is the proper technique for inducing a multiple orgasm in a bound, gagged, and naked damsel-in-distress using tickling and tickling alone."

Agatha's eyes popped about as wide as was humanly possible.  "NRRRRRK!"

"Don't worry," Chibi reassured her BFF.  "It's rarely fatal."

Nosy Nerds
Chapter 8

Chibi had stuck with Agatha during the entire ordeal.  That is, she continued cradling Agatha's mewling, thrashing head in her lap while Kimberly used her entire collection of feathers to tickle Agatha's crotch and upper thighs in general, and her flushed, glistening labia in particular.  Kimberly's efforts quickly set Agatha on the road to Frustrationville, so to speak, but the promised multiple orgasm proved elusive.  It was only after Catherine and Karli leaned close and started licking her breasts and toying with her nipples with their lips and tongues that Agatha's leather and rope restrained body went rigid and she eventually quaked in orgasm, but it wasn't a multi-O.

Her skin flushed and glistening with sweat, where it wasn't covered by the leather straps of the harness or the rope lashing her in place, Agatha panted through her gag as her fellow club-members untied knots, rope slithered through the rings on her harness, and she was released from the table.  Next, the head harness was unbuckled and removed, the ball tugged from her mouth, and Chibi held an ice-cold bottle of Bud Lite to Agatha's lips.  She would have chugged the entire bottle (maybe) if her BFF had let her, but Chibi made sure she didn't get carried away.  Next, Agatha was carried to a blanket in a shady spot overlooking the pond.  Catherine and Karli congratulated Kimberly and Agatha on a successful demonstration, planted kisses on Agatha's exhausted lips, then carried the shrieking and wiggling Kimberly to the pond, tossed her in, and splashed in after her.

Chibi sat on the blanket with Agatha's naked and harnessed body in her arms, and they watched Catherine, Karli, and Kimberly cavort in the cool water—and they both solemnly agreed that the bikini-clad beauties were "cavorting."  They alternated sips of beer from the bottle as they watched the fun.

"You aren't accusing me of being a traitorous rat-fink and demanding I let you go," Chibi noted.

Agatha said nothing for several seconds, then lifted her chin and focused on her smiling BFF.  "How'd you know?" she inquired, "because even I didn't know."

"That was the real reason I had to take things into my own hands."  Chibi grinned, cupped Agatha's breasts, and gave them a gentle squeeze.  "So to speak."

"Stop that," Agatha huffed, squirming in Chibi's embrace, but it was a very pro forma complaint, more from habit than anything else.  Chibi said something clever and/or snarky or acted like a tease and Agatha complained.  It was the way of the world.

"Anyway," Chibi continued, "I kept telling Fin and Ed that you wanted to play, but they were chicken.  They were afraid you'd blow everything up."  She continued her gentle massage of Agatha's breasts and erect nipples.

"Being tied up and boinked by your friends is fun," Agatha sighed.  "Who knew?"

"Who, indeed," Chibi chuckled.  She whispered in Agatha's ear.  "There's a lot more to the Nancy Drew Book Club than you know, Munchkin."  She nodded towards the churning water.  "Those aren't the only members of the local chapter, and I don't mean the two slave-drivers back at the store."

Agatha blinked in surprise—classic Agatha—and stared at the cavorting beauties in the pond.  "There are others?  Wait!  Local chapter?  How big is all this?"

"I'm only beginning to figure it out," Chibi whispered, "but I think it's very big.  International!"

"Wow!"  Agatha stared into the distance... then frowned.  "You're pulling my leg, right?"

"Maybe," Chibi giggled, then kissed Agatha's pouting lips.  "But you're our newbie, remember?  Listen and learn.  We'll talk about all this later."

Agatha sighed.  Was Chibi being Chibi, or is there a vast international conspiracy devoted to female-on-female bondage and boinking?   The leather-bound, naked Girl Detective's lips curled and dimples puckered in grin-smirk #4: insatiable curiosity and dogged perseverance.  Now that was a mystery worth pursuing!

Meanwhile, Catherine and Karli were leaving the pond.  Kimberly was as well, but not by choice.  Karli had the petite pixie in a tight hold, with one hand clamped over her mewling mouth!  Kimberly was squirming her wet, bikini-clad body against her wet, bikini-clad captor's body and struggling for all she was worth—which sadly, wasn't nearly enough to let her escape.  The Shieldmaiden was in control.

"I'm going to light the charcoal and start carrying the food from the kitchen to the grill," Catherine announced.  "Chibi, why don't you demonstrate your rope skills on our hostess.  Karli will make sure she doesn't wiggle free and run away."

"I'd help with the carrying and cooking if a bunch of big ol' meanies hadn't strapped me into this cruel harness," Agatha huffed.  "I flip a mean burger."

"You're staying that way," Catherine decreed.

Agatha heaved a heartfelt sigh.  "It was worth a try."

"Mrrrpfh!" Kimberly complained, continuing to struggle in Karli's inescapable amazon grasp.

"One Überbondage hogtie, with toe and finger bondage on the side," Chibi announced as she dumped Agatha onto her side and stood.

"Hey!" Agatha complained.

"I know where she keeps the rest of her rope and cord," Chibi called back over her shoulder as she scampered towards the cottage.

"Of course you do," Catherine chuckled, then one by one released the bows securing the strings of Kimberly's bikini, top and bottom.  The Goddess then planted a kiss on The Shieldmaiden's smiling lips, patted Kimberly on her wet, blond head, waved at Agatha, and followed Chibi to the cottage.

Agatha heaved another sigh, then focused on Kimberly's breasts and other attributes.  They were nice breasts, in perfect proportion to Kim's very feminine curves.  Not too big, not too small... just right... Goldilocks breasts.  And like the rest of her wiggling, struggling body, Kimberly's boobs were pale and smooth and firm, in contrast to her handler, meaning Kimberly's breasts versus Karli's breasts.  Only the shade of their respective skins were in contrast.  Kimberly was Snow White, with a bit of a sunburn.  Karli was The Shieldmaiden, with her gorgeous allover tan.  (Allover when she wasn't almost wearing a string bikini, that is.)

And then there was Kimberly's pubic hair.  It was dark.  Honey-blond?  Agatha decided to go with honey-blond.  Kim had that Germanic, naturally dark-roots thing going.  Her hair was definitely blond, but not Nordic blond.  For that reason, Agatha decided the honey-blond short-and-curlies made sense, but she acknowledged she was dealing with a sample size of one—but now that she thought about it, Karli's pubic hair was also darker than her head hair... a little.

Agatha noticed that Kimberly was noticing her noticing her naked, squirming body.  Karli's leering smile made it clear she was also aware of Agatha's interest in their hostess' exquisite, diminutive physique and feminine charms.

Agatha's response was... totally unexpected.  I'm not blushing, she realized.  Excited?  Yes.  Aroused?  Yes.  Embarrassed?  No.  Go figure.

Agatha caught motion from the corner of one eye, turned her head, and watched Chibi return from the cottage with several coils of hemp rope and hemp cord in her hands and a broad smile on her face.

Nosy Nerds
Chapter 8

She really is quite good, Agatha had to admit.  It was another box-tie and frog-tie, but in addition, multiple bands of cinched rope bundled Kimberly's body horizontally, vertically, and laterally.  A veritable web of rope bound the little blonde's naked body and limbs, seperately and together, from shoulders to feet.

There was some discussion between Chibi and Karli as to whether the tie qualified as a combination box-, frog-, hog-, and ball-tie.  Agatha would have piped in with her totally unqualified opinion, but that might have reminded the party-goers not buckled into an inescapable harness or bound by hemp rope and cord that she wasn't gagged, so Agatha contented herself by watching... and learning.

And as for Kimberly's opinion, that had been rendered moot, or at least unknowable, by a seven-inch by three-inch strip of Elastoplast tape.  The tape-gag wasn't necessary, but all agreed the added helplessness upped the entertainment factor.  Chibi demonstrated her skill as a rigger, Karli her skill as a handler, and Kimberly her "skill" as a very dissatisfied damsel-in-distress.  Chibi looped, cinched, and knotted rope and cord, Karli controlled Kimberly's thrashing limbs and body, and Kimberly squirmed, mewled through her tape-gag, and rolled her pretty blue eyes.

And speaking of cord, once Chibi had more-or-less rendered Kimberly helpless, she deployed the hemp cord in three ways: (1) she tied Kimberly's fingers and thumbs, rendering then utterly useless as escape tools; (2) she tied Kimberly's toes together, rendering them impossible to wiggle; and (3) she used even more cord to link Kimberly's finger and toe bonds and to integrate them into her rope bonds.  Make that four ways.  (4) Chibi looped cord around the base of each of Kimberly's breasts and tightened the cords until they bulged, ever so slightly, and took on what Agatha thought was a very pretty pink blush.

Meanwhile, Catherine's single-handed efforts to cook the meal was beginning to bear fruit—or rather, cheeseburgers and bratwursts—although there was fruit salad.  There was also potato salad, sauerkraut, chips, and all the usual fixings and condiments.  Karli relieved Catherine at the grill, Catherine and Chibi carried plates with multiple burgers and brats to the blanket, and began feeding the party-goers unable to feed themselves.  Specifically, Chibi fed Agatha a bratwurst while Catherine eased Kimberly's still tightly bound body into a reclined position against her bikini-clad form, peeled the tape from Kim's lips, and held a cheeseburger (with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise, and stone-ground mustard) to her mouth so she could take a generous, semi-messy bite.

Agatha watched her fellow captive chew her mouthful of burger as she chewed and swallowed her bite of sausage and bun (with stone-ground mustard, onions, and sauerkraut).  "Doesn't it hurt?" she whispered to Chibi.

Chibi smiled at Kimberly.  "Hey, Pipsqueak."

Kimberly swallowed her well-masticated bite of burger.  "What?"

"The Munchkin wants to know if it hurts?"

Kimberly smiled at Agatha.  "If what hurts?"

"Yeah, what?" Chibi giggled, giving Agatha a hug.  "The ropes?  The cords?  Her bulging boobies?"

Agatha felt an epic blush warm her cheeks.  "Stop it," she huffed.

"Yes, stop it," Catherine said, giving Chibi a warning stare, then smiled at Agatha.  "If you like, I'll get you into my yoga class," she said.

Still blushing, Agatha blinked in surprise.  "Yoga?"

"Better say yes," Chibi teased.  "Otherwise, she might have Karli take you into the woods and diddle you silly."

"I ought to tie you up and diddle you silly, Trickster," Catherine purred.

Chibi blinked her eyes (imitating Agatha) and gasped in mock alarm.  "Oh, no!  That would be terrible!"

Kimberly and Chibi shared a conspiratorial giggle while Catherine rolled her eyes.  Agatha managed a weak smile (mainly because the mental image of Catherine having her way with a thoroughly bound, squirming, and "reluctant" Chibi was more than a little hot).

"Yoga does help," Kimberly said to Agatha.  "We all do yoga."

Agatha knew Chibi attended a class, and now that she thought about it, she'd seen Finley and Edwina leave the store with gym bags and rolled exercise mats.  "Everybody?" she asked.

Kimberly nodded.  "Yoga is good for you, even if you don't need to be flexible so psychotic maniacs can tie you up like a pretzel without doing permanent harm."

"Hey," Chibi gasped.  "Who are you calling a psychotic maniac?"

Agatha affected grin-smirk #7.  "Yeah," she said, focusing on Kimberly.  "Chibi isn't a maniac."  Her gaze shifted to Kimberly's cord-bound, pink, bulging breasts.  "Seriously... does it hurt?"

Kimberly continued her gorgeous smile.  "Not when done right, and Chibi always does it right."

"Oh, that's so sweet," Chibi sighed.

"Let's eat," Catherine said with a chuckle, then held Kimberly's burger so she could take another bite.

Chibi held the beer bottle she was currently sharing with her BFF so Agatha could take a swig, then positioned the brat so the captive could take a big bite.

The Nancy Drew Book Club, Agatha thought as she chewed her mouthful of smoky sausage, tart kraut, sweet onions, and spicy mustard.  I've been right in the middle of it for... months?  And I never knew.  And now... I'm a member!  A thrill rippled through her pussy as she squirmed, gently, against her BFF's bikini-clad body... and watched Catherine give tiny little Kimberly a loving hug and a kiss on the top of her head... and watched bikini-clad Karli as she flipped burgers and turned brats at the grill.  I'm a member!

Questions remained.  Chibi had hinted about there being a larger organization of which the book club was only a part.  Was she serious, or was she kidding?  Likewise with there being other members of the book club.  Was she serious about that, as well, and who were they?  When would she meet these mysterious club-members, and under what circumstances?  When would Chibi start teaching her the art of Kinbaku?  What was gonna happen next weekend, at the second half of the club's annual picnic and her initiation?  For that matter... what was gonna happen after they finished eating?

There was one more question.  It was accepted wisdom that after eating, one should wait at least a half hour before taking a swim.  Did the same apply to bondage and boinking?  Agatha suppressed a smile.  Specifically, she suppressed another grin-smirk #7.  She also made a mental note to broach the subject with her fellow club-members once they all had their fill of burgers and brats.

Nosy Nerds
Chapter 8

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