Nosey Nerds!
Nosy Nerds!

by Van © 2015

Chapter 7



Agatha trudged down the early morning street beside her BFF (alleged BFF, she amended her thoughts).  They were on their way to start work at Bibliophile Books.  Catherine and Karli had insisted they eat a big breakfast before leaving Sinister Stirling Mansion, and they had.  It turned out Catherine had, indeed, put both sets of guest underwear in to soak, Agatha's borrowed Hello Kitty® and Chibi's WW undies, so Chibi was going commando.  Karli had profusely apologized that Agatha would also be working another day sans lingerie, not that Agatha was fooled, of course.  Karli was enjoying Agatha's crushing embarrassment.  However, Agatha reminded her that she already had a set of undies somewhere in the mansion that still hadn't been returned.  Checkmate!  Karli produced the missing (and boringly plain) panties and bra, Agatha and Chibi dressed, enjoyed breakfast with their hostesses, were sent on their way with hugs and kisses, and that was that.

But not quite.  Agatha was excited and troubled.

It was a beautiful and momentous day.  When they got to the store they would be meeting the mysterious New Clerk!  But that paled to insignificance in the aftermath of last night.  Agatha was afraid her efforts to make love to Karli had been, well, pathetic, but the bound but not gagged Shieldmaiden had risen to the occasion.  After Agatha's initial efforts at finger fiddling, the captive had ordered her supposed captor to pile all the pillows against the headboard and recline on her back with her legs spread, then rolled and writhed and wiggled her box- and frog-tied body until she was between Agatha's legs and her face close to her pussy.  And then, her face was more than close and Agatha's experience with cunnilingus passed from the theoretical to the practical.  And it had been glorious!  And she'd even managed to return the favor, reversing positions and licking Karli's pussy until the prisoner tugged on her bonds, gasped, and shivered in orgasm.

"A penny for your thoughts," Chibi purred as they walked.

Agatha continued walking for several steps before answering.  "Are you my friend?" she asked, finally.

"What?" Chibi giggled.

"It's a simple question," Agatha muttered.  "Are you in any way, shape, or form my friend?"

Chibi skidded to a halt, so Agatha did too.  "How can you even think that?"

"Does a friend join a 'book club' and not tell her friend?" Agatha huffed.  "Does a friend lure her supposed friend into situations where she gets kidnapped and stripped naked and... and... stuff?"

"What did Karli do to you?" Chibi demanded with a grin.  "Wait 'til I tell you what Catherine did to me."

"Shut-up-and-answer-the-question!" Agatha demanded in a near shout.  Her hands were in tight fists at her sides and she was literally hopping mad!

Pedestrian traffic was light, but several heads turned towards the public spectacle—then immediately turned away and hurried about their pressing business.

"Finley and Edwina ordered me not to tell you about the club," Chibi said quietly.  For the first time in Agatha's memory, her BFF was blushing.  "I wanted to, but..."

"How long?" Agatha huffed.  "You said you've been in the club 'forever.'  How long is forever?"

"Two whole months," Chibi admitted, "almost."

"Two months," Agatha muttered.

"I suggested Finley order some Kinbaku books for the arts and crafts section," Chibi said.  "It was a joke, but she immediately called Edwina over and they grilled me on what I knew about Kinbaku-bi and stuff like that for... an hour?  Then, Edwina mentioned the club, Finley yelled at her for a while, seeing as how it's an actual 'Secret Society' and everything.  Anyway, I kept pestering them."  She nudged Agatha in the ribs with her elbow.  "You know how I love pestering people.  Eventually they caved, but said that if I was such an expert, and seeing as how the cat was already out of the bag, there should be a demonstration before my swearing in and initiation and everything.  So, I did one—a demonstration, I mean—and with that... I was in."

"Two months?" Agatha said evenly, then resumed walking.

Chibi scrambled to catch up.  "Anyway, they swore me to total secrecy."

"Total secrecy," Agatha huffed.  "Hah!"

"Please," Chibi begged, "forgive me?  Please?"

Agatha's response was "grin-smirk #5," Agatha's Smirk of Power, the one she reserved for situations in which she was in complete control of the situation (or thought she was, anyway).  "I'm going to make you teach me how to tie people up, like you promised," she purred, "then I'm going to tie you up and... maybe then I'll forgive you."

Chibi grinned.  "I can live with that."  The bookstore was a block away.

Nosy Nerds
Chapter 7

They arrived at the store a few minutes before the scheduled opening.  As usual, the security screen over the front door was rolled up far enough for them to duck under and enter.  Finley and Edwina were at the front of the store, and with them was a petite blonde—emphasis on petite.

As Agatha and Chibi joined the group, it became quite clear that the newcomer was short, even shorter than Agatha!  Seriously.  She was like... 5' 1", while Agatha was a statuesque 5' 2".  Also, the blonde wasn't quite a newcomer.Kari Wahlgren as Kimberly

"Kimberly Grau!" Chibi gushed, then pulled the blonde into a friendly embrace and kissed her cheek.  Chibi then turned to her BFF.  "You know Kim, right?"

Agatha nodded.  She did remember Kimberly Grau, or her smiling, devastatingly pretty face, anyway.  She was a regular customer—regular-ish, anyway—but not much of a comics fan.  Anyway, she wasn't a complete unknown.  Agatha noted Kimberly had a very pretty braided leather lanyard around her neck with a Bibliophile Books photo ID and cash register access stripe dangling from its clip, so Agatha made the bold leap of logic that Kimberly was the new clerk.  "Hi!" Agatha said (shyly) and followed Chibi's example by planting a kiss on Kimberly's cheek (also shyly).

"Kim has experience in retail," Finley announced, smiling at her new employee, "but we'll start from zero.  Chibi, why don't you show Kimberly how the cash registers work."  She then turned to Agatha.  "When the mail comes, you can walk her through the in-processing procedure."

"Okay," Agatha nodded.  Chibi was already leading Kim to the closest cash register.  "Uh... I'll straighten the shelves."  Better to volunteer for something before Finley ordered her to scrub the floor with a toothbrush or something equally irksome.  Finley wasn't glowering and sending off the same you're-in-the-doghouse vibe as yesterday, but why take chances?  Agatha decided to start in the back and beat feet for the Children's section.  That was usually the area that needed the most attention, anyway.

Agatha noticed that Edwina was wearing the same blouse and skirt as yesterday, which was unusual.  Agatha was also wearing the same outfit as yesterday, of course, the borrowed schoolgirl uniform, and Chibi's clothes were also unchanged.  Agatha had no idea what it meant.  Surely Edwina hadn't attended a sleepover of her own?  Anyway, Agatha noticed.

The designated time arrived, the security screens were rolled all the way up, and Bibliophile Books was open for business.

Customers came and went with Chibi shadowing Kimberly as the smiling little blonde provided assistance and processed their purchases.  As far as Agatha could tell, everything was going smoothly.  Apparently, Kimberly did have retail experience and wasn't finding Bibliophile Book's procedures to be all that difficult to master.  Also, Agatha decided, she's cute... really cute.  Kim was also friendly and perky and had a trim little figure... with boobs.  Karli would eat her up, Agatha thought, then mentally kicked herself.  What was it to her if Karli wanted to kidnap Kimberly, peel off her clothes, tie her up, and...  Agatha shook her head and went back to work... which meant waiting for a customer to ask her for help... only none of the handful of shoppers were asking.

Time passed.

Finally, the mail arrived in the form of various letters, invoices, brochures from publishers, and two large cardboard boxes full of new titles.  Chibi relieved Kim at the cash register, Agatha carried one box to the work area in the back and Kim carried the other.

The inventory in-processing procedure was relatively simple, but in addition to scanning the books and verifying the shipping documents, customer special orders had to be diverted from stock and the books had to be organized by category for transfer to the shelves.  Finley wanted new titles to be available as quickly as possible.  This was the Internet Age, and customers could order anything they wanted online.  Bibliophile Books survived because it provided something extra: informed customer service, the authentic book store experience.  If a customer came in looking for a new book, they expected to find it on the shelves, not "somewhere in the back."

"I really like your lanyard," Agatha said to Kim as they scanned copies of Nemesis Games, the latest novel in James S.A. Corey's Expanse series.  The lanyard in question was made from leather thongs dyed in three different colors and braided in an intricate pattern.  It was showy without being busy.

"Thanks," Kim said.  "Leather-working is my favorite hobby.  I've been doing it since I was a Scout.  Finley says I can have some space on the display next to register #1 for some of my bookmarks and book-weights."


"All of then," Kim nodded.  "Tooled, with beads."

"Cool," Agatha smiled.  "Uh, what's a book-weight?"

"Sort of a strap with two weights," Kim explained, "to hold a book open while you read."

"Oh, one of those."  Kim placed the Nemesis Games hardbacks on the "Science Fiction/Fantasy" shelf of the staging stacks behind the work table and turned to the second box of new arrivals.

"Anyway," Kim continued, "leather-work is how I got into the club."

Agatha froze.  "The club?"

"The Nancy Drew Book Club," Kim said with a grin.  "I mentioned to Chibi that I was working on a new design of body harness—new for me, anyway—and she suggested I show the design to Finley.  I did, and—"

"Excuse me," Agatha interrupted, then turned, grabbed her trench coat from the coat rack the staff used for their outerwear, and walked towards the front of the store.

"Uh, Agatha?" Kimberly called after her.

Edwina was helping a customer in the Biographies section, Chibi was still manning the cash register, and Finley was nearby as Agatha stomped by, headed for the front door.

"Agatha?" Finley inquired with a frown.

"I'm goin' home to check my mail," Agatha explained, then was out the door and gone.

Meanwhile, Kim had joined Finley and Chibi at the front of the store.

"What happened?" Finley demanded.

"I'm not sure," Kimberly shrugged.  "She said she liked my lanyard, I explained about my leather-working hobby and how it got me into the club, and—"

"The club," Finley huffed.  "You told her you're in the club."

Kimberly stared in surprise.  "Well... yeah.  Chibi told me Agatha just joined, and—"

Finley glowered at Chibi.  "You have a big mouth," she growled.

"Sorry," Kimberly said quietly.

"Not you," Finley sighed, taking Kimberly's right hand and giving it a reassuring pat.  "You," she continued, still staring at Chibi.  "You have a big mouth."

"Sorry," Chibi sighed.  "I better go after her."

"No," Finley huffed, then pulled her iPhone from her jacket pocket.  "I have a call to make, and then—"  Her glaring expression intensified, and it was still focused on Chibi.  "I have something to show you in the basement."  She shifted her gaze to Kimberly, and actually smiled.  "When Edwina's free, ask her to help you finish processing the new books."

Kimberly looked from Finley... to Chibi... and back.  "Uh.. okay."

Chibi bit her lower lip, nervously, as Kimberly walked away.  "Finley, I'm sorry.  I—"

"Shut it!" Finley huffed as she scrolled through her contacts, then tapped the screen to initiate a call.

Nosy Nerds
Chapter 7

The three day's of mail waiting in Agatha's mailbox was mainly advertising mailers and unsolicited offers for insurance.  Hidden in the mix were two bills, but neither was urgent.  Agatha kept ahead of her expenses and even managed to save a little.  She knew she was lucky to have a well-paying job she loved—which did not help her resolve her emotions about what had happened—was happening—at Bibliophile Books.

"Nancy Drew Book Club," Agatha muttered to herself as she entered her apartment.  Even now, after the devastating nature of her betrayal by everyone in the world she thought were her friends (by which she meant her coworkers, of course) was clear, she still thought the name of the club was cool.  But she wasn't in the mood to yuk it up.

And then there was Chibi, especially Chibi.  Some BFF, Agatha thought.  The very idea!  Being a member of a bondage and boinking club and not inviting me to join!  Or rather, inviting me last, after everyone else is already a member, after people who aren't yet working at the store are already members!  And she tricked me into joining... last!  The very idea!

Agatha kicked off her sneakers and jerked off Chibi's lace-trimmed anklets, then removed the schoolgirl uniform, but despite her anger, she folded the garment neatly.  She then donned a pair of jeans and a red Mary Marvel t-shirt.  The shirt's color matched her mood.  Agatha was furious!  Okay, she was really peeved.  Actually, she didn't know what she was.  Mad?  Yes.  But she had no intention of quitting work or burning any bridges.  She was just...  mad.  She had to think.  Decide what to do.  Or not do.  Or what to say to Chibi the next time she saw her.  Or not say to Chibi, ever.  She was... mad.

Maybe tea would help.  Agatha wasn't hungry, but tea should help.  Tea always helped.  She filled her kettle, put it on the stove, and turned on the burner.  Next, she gathered her Doctor Who teapot (it was in the shape of the Tardis), her favorite Batgirl mug, filled a stainless steel tea-ball with Lapsang soushong loose tea, and waited for the kettle to boil.

Suddenly, the front door buzzer sounded, meaning the front door of Agatha's apartment, not the buzzer on the intercom panel that meant someone wanted to enter the building.  Someone had already breached that defense.  Agatha padded to the door, went up on her toes, and peered through the peephole.

It was Catherine!

Agatha blinked in alarm and distress and her heart started hammering.  Then, Agatha frowned.  Wait a minute!  I'm mad at Catherine... sort of... maybe.

"Agatha," Catherine called from beyond the door.  "Let me in.  Please?"

As if on their own, Agatha's hands turned the deadbolt and opened the door.  Traitors! Agatha thought, meaning her hands, but most of her attention was on Catherine.  The Goddess was wearing a very pretty dress under a wool cardigan, and she was carrying a large tote bag.  She was... beautiful.  Duh!  When has Catherine Stirling ever not been beautiful?

"Thank you," Catherine said as she entered the apartment, strolled into the designated living room area, and dropped her tote bag next to Agatha's futon.

"How did you get in the building?" Agatha huffed.  She was still trying to be mad at Catherine, but knew it was a losing battle.

"Mrs. Gordon in 101 was returning from shopping," Catherine explained.  "I held the lobby door for her.  She says hello, by the way."

Agatha closed and locked her door.  Mrs. Gordon was a nice old ex-school teacher who had retired to become full time servant to a pair of really obnoxious Siamese cats, but she was nice.  The kettle on the stove was getting ready to whistle, so Agatha padded into the kitchen area.  She pulled a Xena Warrior Princess mug from the cabinet and placed it next to her Batgirl mug.  "Lapsang soushong," she announced.  "Is that okay?"

"That'll be fine," Catherine said with a smile.  She removed her sweater, sat on the futon, and crossed her legs.  The dress was sleeveless, with a scoop neckline.  It was almost a sundress, in Agatha's opinion, although she wasn't entirely sure what criteria had to be met for a dress to meet full sundress certification.  In any case—strong, tan arms, ditto with the legs, cleavage, and Catherine's divinely beautiful smile and sparkling blue eyes—the Goddess was gorgeous.  And with that, Agatha decided she wasn't mad, not at Catherine, anyway.

"Uh, all I've got is 2% milk," Agatha apologized.

"No milk for me," Catherine purred, "not with Lapsang souchong."

The kettle shrieked, Agatha filled the Tardis-pot, added the tea-ball so it could steep, carried the pot and mugs to the coffee table in front of the futon, and sat next to Catherine—not right next to Catherine, of course, but close.  It was a futon, after all, more of a love-seat than a sofa.

"Please don't be angry with Finley and the others," Catherine said, then took hold of Agatha's right hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.  "We all agreed that we wanted you in the club, but Finley and Edwina didn't want to scare you away.  We all agreed to take things slowly."

"It's Chibi I'm mad at," Agatha muttered, and realized it was true.  The being-chosen-last bit was nonsense, probably a residual from grade school gym class humiliations of the past, but Chibi...  Chibi had betrayed her!  Chibi had tricked her into following Finley to Sinister Stirling Mansion, then made her tell what happened, invoking the sacred bond of BFF-hood to make her spill the beans.  But did she spill the beans about the club before, when it was the biggest and juiciest secret ever, and she knew it and Agatha didn't?  No!  She didn't!  Traitor!

Catherine was still smiling.  "I have a book I'd like you to read," she said.

Agatha blinked in surprise.  That was just about the last thing she'd expected Catherine to say.  Then grin-smirk #2 curled her lips and dimpled her cheeks.  (Agatha Schmeling's Grin-smirk #2: I've thought of something clever.)  "Well," she purred,  "I suppose it is a book club."

Catherine's response was an appreciative grin-smirk of her own.  "The book is Trickster Makes This World, by Lewis Hyde.  It's an anthropological treatise on the 'trickster' figure in mythology and human culture in general.  It's a solid work of scholarship, but very readable.  I think it will help you understand Alice and why she does the things she does."

It took Agatha a millisecond to remember that Chibi's first name was actually Alice.  Obviously ("Obvi,' as Chibi would say), Catherine and Chibi were good friends, better than Agatha had realized.  Agatha might be angry with her fellow clerk... but Chibi was her friend.  However, today, all day today, Agatha was mad!  She frowned at Catherine.  "It's a book about rat finks?" she muttered.

Catherine smiled.  "No, it's about Coyote, Loki, the Monkey King, Eshu, Pablo Picasso, and others."  Her smile broadened.  "I'll loan you my copy.  And don't worry, you can forgive Alice before you finish reading it."

"I'm never forgiving Chibi," Agatha huffed, then blushed when Catherine leaned close and kissed her on the lips.  Catherine was still smiling, but she wasn't laughing, and she wasn't making light of Agatha's feelings.  Agatha could tell.  "Never," Agatha pouted, although she knew it wasn't true.

Catherine's comeback was unconventional and unexpected.  She stood, kicked off her heels, then reached behind her back, unfastened and unzipped her dress, and let it slither to the floor.  She wasn't wearing any underwear.

Needless to say, Agatha stared in wide-eyed amazement (meaning lust) at her guest's perfect body—Catherine's nude, athletic, very feminine, tan, absolutely perfect body.  Agatha's heart stopped... then started a drum solo.  Catherine was amazing!  The curve of her back... the way her well-toned muscles slid under her smooth, tan skin... the way her firm breasts hung as she stooped and extracted several coils of white nylon cord from her tote bag.  Agatha's heart skipped another beat.  Cord?  It was thin, what Agatha believed was referred to as parachute cord, because it was used for rigging parachutes.

"Finley sent me over here to make sure you're okay," Catherine said, sitting back down.  "I assume she thinks you'll be offering me tea and I'll be offering you sympathy, but I think we've pussyfooted enough.  You're a full-blown member of the Nancy Drew Book Club, not our mascot.  Screw Finley."

"S-screw Finley?" Agatha squealed.

"That's the spirit," Catherine chuckled, selected and released a coil of cord, shook it out and found the center, then looped it around her ankles—and to be crystal clear, her own ankles!  Catherine was tying herself up!

Agatha watched as paired strand after paired strand of cord tightened around Catherine's ankles.  She didn't count, but it had to be at least twenty individual strands, ten pairs of braided, solid core, nylon cord!  Then, Catherine cinched the remaining cord between her ankles.  "Notice how that tightens everything down," she lectured, "but you don't want it to be too tight.  You don't want to impair your subject's circulation or pinch any nerves that might be near the surface."

"Catherine," Agatha asked in a near whisper.  "What are you doing?"

"Adorable," Catherine chuckled as she reached for a second coil of cord.  "This is your first formal lesson in bondage, newbie."  She looped the cord around her legs, just below her knees.  "Pay attention."  She nodded towards the teapot.  "Tea."

"Huh?  Oh!"  With trembling hands, Agatha managed to pour tea into the mugs.  She waited until Catherine finished cinching and knotting her below-the-knees bonds, then handed her the Xena mug.

Catherine took a careful sip.  "Excellent.  Twinings?"

Agatha shook her head.  "Golden Moon."  She was staring at Catherine's knees.  They were tan, like her lower legs and thighs... and the rest of her.  Catherine had nice knees.

Catherine took another sip, then set her mug down on the coffee table, reached for a third coil of cord, and began binding her legs together yet again, this time just above her knees.  "Note the placement of the knot.  Positioned in the front, there's less chance I'll be able to reach it."

Agatha nodded.  "Not with your hands tied behind your back."  She focused on Catherine's smiling face.  "Uh, you are gonna tie them behind your back, right?"

"No," Catherine purred, "you are."

Agatha's heart was hammering, again.  "Oh."  She took a sip from her Batgirl mug.  "I was wonderin' how that was gonna happen."

Over the next several minutes, Catherine used a fourth coil of cord to tie her thighs together, then used a fifth, very generous coil to bind her upper-arms to her torso.  Her initial efforts were somewhat awkward, but then Agatha remembered her manners (so to speak) and helped her guest tighten loop after horizontal loop of doubled cord around her upper-body, passing above and below her breasts.

"Normally, I'd anchor this sort of bondage by passing under the armpits and yoking the shoulders," Catherine lectured.  "It isn't difficult once you see it done, but it's nearly impossible to do to yourself."

"I think I know what you mean," Agatha said quietly.  "I'd like to try."  Boy howdy how I'd like to try!  "I'll keep it simple.  Just a single strand from either side.  I'm afraid there's not much cord left, anyway."

"Do your best, darling," Catherine purred.

Agatha tied off the remaining cord between Catherine's shoulder blades, separated the strands, passed the free ends to either side, between Catherine's upper-arms and torso and the horizontal bands passing above and below Catherine's breasts, then up to either side of her outer breasts, across her shoulders and behind her neck.  There was just enough cord for Agatha to knot the free ends together in a double square-knot.  This process required Agatha to repeatedly handle Catherine's breasts as she carefully positioned the cord strands and pulled them tight; but hey, what ya gonna do?

"Now..."  Catherine folded her lower-arms behind her back, then lifted her hands and crossed her wrists just below her shoulder blades.  "Bind my wrists, but make sure the final knot is nowhere near my fingers."

"Yes, ma'am," Agatha sighed, and set to work.  Binding Catherine's crossed wrists wasn't much of a technical challenge, but she was careful not to make the cords too tight, even after she cinched the bindings and tied a preliminary knot.  In a flash of inspiration, she looped the remaining free ends of the wrist ropes through the knotted cord at the nape of Catherine's neck, pulled out the slack, and tied another double square-knot.  "There," she sighed.  "Well out of the reach of your fingers, as instructed."

"Well done, Paduan learner," Catherine chuckled.  "Tea."  Agatha held the Xena mug so Catherine could take a drink.  "Thank you," Catherine said, then gracefully (despite her bonds) stood, hopped away from the futon and the coffee table, then hopped in a circle to face Agatha.  "At the conclusion of a formal bondage exercise," Catherine explained, "it's traditional for the subject to do what's called a 'courtesy struggle,' to attempt to escape her bonds as best she can, to verify the effectiveness of the rigger's efforts."

Agatha stared at her nude, helpless guest in wonder.  "Uh huh," she said gravely.

Catherine proceeded to wiggle and squirm and tug on her cord bonds.  This caused her muscles to bunch and slide under her smooth, tan skin and the tight bands of cord dimpling her flesh.  It also caused her breasts to sway and bob.  It was... mesmerizing.  Agatha decided to go with "mesmerizing."  She even whispered it aloud... maybe.  The floor show continued, and Agatha frowned.  "Be careful you don't fall over on the coffee table," she cautioned her teacher, then decided on a repeat of grin-smirk #2.  She didn't have anything clever to say, but she did have a clever suggestion.  "In fact, for safety's sake, why don't you hop on over to the bed."

Catherine smiled at the neatly made, full-sized bed across the studio apartment.  "That bed over there?"

"That's the one," Agatha nodded, then watched as Catherine hopped to the bed in question.  The frame was from Ikea, from the "Tarva" family of products.  Agatha had almost gone with the twin-size rather that the full-size option.  Now, she wished she'd gone with queen-size, even though she didn't have the room.  Anyway... Catherine's breasts were oscillating, in a very entertaining manner.  Before, when she'd been standing and exploring her mostly self-imposed bonds, the bobbling and quaking had been nice, but the journey to the bed was amazing... and squishy.  Agatha's pussy was definitely wet.

Eventually, Catherine reached her goal and flopped down onto the mattress.  She rolled onto her side and smiled at Agatha.  "After you untie me, we can try something else," she suggested.

Agathe picked up both mugs and carried them to the bedside table.  "Untie you," she giggled.  "Like that's gonna happen."

Catherine was glad her efforts seemed to have lifted Agatha out of her funk.  "You've got to untie me eventually."

"You didn't bring me any panties to soak," Agatha pouted.

She was still smiling, but Catherine's eyebrows signaled her lack of understanding.  "Excuse me?"

"Isn't that what's supposed to happen?" Agatha inquired as she sat on the bed.  "I've been to your place twice, and each time Karli confiscated my underwear and put them in to soak.  I assumed it was a club thing."

Catherine wiggled in her bonds and smiled up at Agatha.  "I believe it's just a Karli thing.  She does have a bit of a laundry fetish."

"Laundry fetish," Agatha giggled, then stood, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, peeled them down her legs, and stepped free.  She then pulled her Mary Marvel t-shirt over her head and tossed it away.  Her bra and panties, veteran "victims" of Karli's laundry fetish, were next, and now Agatha was as naked as her guest.  She paused to reposition her glasses before joining Catherine on the bed.  "Anyway... I'm not in the mood for any more bondage lessons.  What ya say we suck face for a while?"

"I came here to start your club initiation," Catherine complained (with a smile).

"Okay, okay," Agatha giggled.  "We'll suck face for a while—no more than a couple of hours—then I'll untie your legs and retie them in a nice frog-tie.  That'll count as another lesson, so you can claim you did your duty.  Then, I'll show you a really fun trick Karli taught me to do with my tongue."  And with that, Agatha embraced Catherine's naked, bound body face-to-face.  Her arms tightened, their breasts pressed together, and the sucking of faces commenced.

Lips smacked, tongues twirled, and cheeks puckered.  Long, deep, wet kiss followed long, deep, wet kiss.  Finally, Agatha came up for air.

"It occurs to me that being club mascot might not be so bad," Agatha said with a sly smile.  "I assume that means everybody would spoil me rotten and I'd get the best tidbits at club parties."

"Actually," Catherine purred, "it would mean you'd be the default practice dummy at all bondage expositions and we'd make you wear Nancy Drew costumes all the time."

"Oh."  Agatha heaved a disappointed sigh and the face-sucking resumed.

Long, deep, wet kisses—lather, rinse repeat.  Catherine's breasts were squeezed and her nipples teased and licked.  Catherine returned the favor, except for the squeezing part.

There was another pause.  "Ya know," Agatha said quietly, "Chibi would make a good mascot."

Catherine smiled, then dragged her tongue across Agatha's right nipple, eliciting a delicate shudder from her hostess.  "Maybe, but you really do need to read Hyde's book.  Tricksters make dangerous playthings."

Agatha took Catherine's left nipple between her incisors (gently) and gave it a playful tug.  "How 'bout Kimberly?  She's short.  Mascots are supposed to be short, right?"

"We don't need a mascot, Munchkin," Catherine chuckled, then kissed Agatha's lips.

"Okay," Agatha sighed with Great Disappointment.

Long, deep, wet kisses.  Nipple tonguing.  Boob licking.  More long, deep, wet kisses.

Agatha paused, once again.  "Are you a screamer?" she inquired.

Catherine grinned.  "I have been known to yodel at the moment of ecstasy," she admitted.

Agatha nodded.  "Hmm...  Guess I'll have to start thinking about a nice gag.  I'm pretty sure I've got some dirty panties in the hamper and a bandana or two in the back of my sock drawer."  Her smile broadened.  "Oh, socks!  I know I've got some dirty sweat socks in the hamper."

Catherine favored her hostess with a We-are-not-amused stare.  Actually, it was a We-are-not-amused pout, and Agatha thought it was a very beautiful pout, just as naked, bound and helpless Catherine was beautiful.

"Okay," Agatha giggled, "no dirty socks."

"Good," Catherine sighed.

"Just dirty panties," Agatha added.

Catherine rolled her eyes, then kissed Agatha's lips.  "I knew you were club material," she purred.

Long, deep, wet kisses.  Many long, deep, wet kisses.

Nosy Nerds
Chapter 7

The End

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