Live-in Maid


by Van ©2017

Chapter 6

Dramatis Personæ


Kelly awoke with a smile on her face.

She was naked and badly in need of a shower... which she could hear running through the half-open door leading to the bedroom's attached bathroom.  Her muscles were sore (just a little) and her wrists and ankles red (just a little), but neither condition was a result of any lack of skill as a rigger on Lin's part, but rather a testament to Kelly's enthusiasm for the previous night's activities.  She'd rubbed herself raw.  Lin was off the hook as far as Kelly was concerned.  She gazed at her right wrist and sighed.  The redness was there, but probably wouldn't be noticed back at Castle York... she hoped.  Oh well, couldn't be helped, Kelly thought.

Kelly wasn't tied up at the moment.  Obviously, Lin had untied her sometime during the night.  Kelly wasn't sure exactly when.  She'd probably been in a post-orgasmic coma at the time.

The shower stopped.  Lin's clean, Kelly reasoned, and now she's naked... and wet... with water dripping down her perfect body... and clean.  Kelly sighed.

A glance at the light leaking around the bedroom's drawn curtains and the digital clock on the bedside table confirmed that it was a tad early, but still more-or-less the time Kelly usually climbed out of bed.  Apparently Lin was also an early riser.  Kelly stretched amid the rumpled sheets, climbed from Lin's bed, then, careful not to trip on the jumble of hemp rope cluttering the floor, stretched again.  This time she reached for the ceiling and arched her back.  She then padded into the bathroom.

Lin was primping at the mirror, her back to Kelly—which meant her strong back, firm, dimpled rump, and strong legs were facing Kelly.  The gorgeous Asian beauty was running a comb through her long, straight, ebony hair.

If any part of Kelly's body had a right to be tired, it was her pussy, but the damn thing was purring again.  Down, girl!  Kelly focused her smile on the reflection of Lin's gorgeous face, which at the moment was smiling back at her.

"Morning!" Lin said brightly.

"Morning!" Kelly gushed, padded forward, and embraced Lin from behind.

"Stop!" Lin giggled, extricated herself from Kelly's arms, spun until they were face to face, then pulled her back into an embrace and kissed Kelly's smiling lips.

Kelly returned the kiss... then registered a whining complaint when Lin pushed her away again.  "Lin!"

"Shower," Lin ordered, pointing at the empty stall.

Kelly glanced at the wet, tiled cubicle, then back at her hostess.  "I've made you all funky again, haven't I?  Guess we better both get in the shower."

"Cheeky monkey," Lin chuckled.  "I'm fine, and you need to hurry up and get clean, then meet me in the kitchen for breakfast, then scamper off to work before Wendy punishes you for being late."

Kelly affected her best worried frown.  "What do you think she'd do?" she sighed, blinking her eyes.

Lin laughed and returned to combing her hair.  "Go," she ordered.

Kelly heaved a theatrical sigh, then turned on the shower and stepped under the stream.  The hot water felt glorious.  She thought about everything that had happened last night in Lin's bed (what she could remember), and a delicate thrill rippled down her spine and took a quick spin around her pussy.   Down girl, she admonished her most intimate anatomy.  Bad pussy, bad!  Behave yourself

Kelly's lips were still curled in a smile, a decidedly goofy smile, and she couldn't help it.

 Chapter 6

One hot shower, breakfast of sticky-buns and coffee, cinnamon-flavored goodbye kiss from her hostess, and quick cab ride later, Kelly was back at Castle York.  She let herself in, hurried up to her room, and changed from her blue sundress to a black and white maid's uniform.  Then, feeling insufficiently caffeinated, she scampered down to the kitchen for another cup of joe before starting work.

Emily was present, as expected, and the smiling blond Brit was arranging several small bowls of dry and wet ingredients to either side of a large bowl.  Obviously baking of some sort was afoot.

"Good morning!" Emily gushed.  "You look chipper this morning."

Kelly blushed and made a beeline for the single-cup coffeemaker the York sisters and their staff used when single cups were required, as opposed to coffee by the carafe.  There was a big machine for that.

"Mornin'," Kelly responded with a sullen pout.  "And don't start with me, Emily," she huffed as she punched the coffeemaker's power button, then filled one of the machine's tiny reusable pods from a canister of ground coffee (Starbuck's® Cafe Verona).  "I don't need your judgmental attitude right now," she continued as she verified that the reservoir was filled to the proper level, inserted the pod, positioned an empty mug on the little platform under the spout, then hit the "Brew" button.  "If Mistress Lin wants me to spend the night and Mistress Wendy gives her permission, it's none of your beeswax... so don't say anything.  In fact, just... shut up."

Still smiling the same friendly, bubbly smile, Emily began combining the dry ingredients into the big bowl.

"Lin is gorgeous, as you well know," Kelly continued as the mug filled with rich, aromatic, steaming hot coffee, "and she's a really talented artist, and she's... gorgeous, so... if she likes me, that's okay.  You shouldn't be jealous, 'cause there's no reason."  She stole a glance at the smiling Brit.  "I'm sure she likes you too."

Emily nodded once as she used a large spoon to turn and combine the dry ingredients.

"And it's not like it's a thing," Kelly sighed.  "I mean, it is a thing, but it's not a thing thing.  It's just... Lin being gorgeous and hot."  She sipped her coffee.  "Hot," she repeated, meaning both Lin and the coffee.

Emily nodded again, her smile never wavering.  She began adding the wet ingredients, one by one, and continuing to stir.

"Will it happen again?" Kelly thought aloud, then heaved yet another sigh.  "Dear.  Lord.  I hope so," she said in a whisper.  A shiver traveled through her body, then she continued in her normal voice.  "Not the exact same thing, of course, but... something."  She sipped her coffee.  "Something wonderful."

Emily continued smiling and stirring the bowl with slow, even strokes, turning but not over-mixing the batter.

"Well," Kelly, said as she finished her coffee and rinsed the mug in the sink.  "I'm glad we had this talk, and sorry I snapped at you, but you were being a little... perky."  With that, Kelly turned and left the kitchen to begin her workday, but as the door swung closed she heard Emily giggle.

"Adorable," the Brit sighed.

Kelly blushed as the door finished closing.

 Chapter 6

According to the schedule Kelly was a half-day behind in her work, but the schedule in question wasn't particularly demanding to begin with, so all that was required was for her to pick up the pace a little.  If her cunning plan succeeded Kelly figured she'd be all caught up by sunset.

A flurry of dusting, vacuuming, and laundry gathering ensued, and as Kelly finished each job she went to the nearest touch-screen and checked it off the list.  Just after lunch (which gave her another opportunity to apologize for going off on Emily earlier and being such a prize jerk) Kelly checked the schedule and found that "Yoga" had superseded vacuuming the third floor hallways in the 2-4PM time-block.

"Great," she muttered under her breath, "now I'll never get caught up."  On the other hand...  Kelly smiled.  Lin!  Should she ask Emily or Mistress Wendy if Lin would be leading the class?  No, Kelly decided, better if I play it cool.

Close to the appointed time Kelly hurried to her room, removed her uniform and underwear, then shrugged into a short, half-sleeve robe of silk-like microfiber in a very pretty shade of sea-glass green.  It had magically appeared in her closet the day after her first yoga lesson.  The mystery was solved later, when Mistress Wendy asked her how she liked the robe, confirming that it was a gift.  Super-nice.  Both York sisters were super-nice.

Kelly entered the yoga studio to find Mistress Wendy in front of the open door of the "secret compartment" that served as a clothes closet and removing a jade-green robe otherwise identical to Kelly's.  Conspicuous in her absence was Lin, naked or otherwise.  Bummer, Kelly thought as she padded to her junior employer's side, removed her robe, and hung it in the closet.

"We'll run through the basic asanas again," Wendy announced as she began her stretching exercises.

"The same novice stuff?" Kelly asked as she stepped to the side and mirrored her mistress' moves, stretch-for-stretch.  She noted Wendy's ginger hair was pulled back in a ponytail and tightly tied with an emerald-green ribbon, but unfortunately there was no seriously cute flip at the end, like when Lin's hair was similarly restrained.

"I'll expand your horizons in future sessions," Wendy continued, "but today we'll reinforce the fundamentals."

"Appreciated," Kelly stated.

The session was as grueling as the first, and Mistress Wendy was just as demanding a yogi as Lin.  That is, smiling all the while, Wendy repeatedly paused to correct minor imperfections in Kelly's attempts to mimic her stunningly hot, naked, freckle-skinned and ginger-haired mistress.  Wendy also offered encouragement and praise.  Super-nice.  Wendy was super-nice... and her pubic bush was the same flaming red as her ponytail.

Eventually, after running through the basic asanas three times, both the novice and experienced yogis glistened with sweat.

"I think that will be enough for today," Wendy announced.

"And how," Kelly agreed.  She was feeling the same muscle burn as last time.  Not quite as bad, but she could tell yoga was gonna take a while to get used to—  "Oh no!" she gasped.

"What is it, Kelly?" Wendy inquired.

"I forgot to turn on the sauna before we started" Kelly blurted.  "I'm sorry Mistress."

"Such a slovenly maid," Wendy chuckled.  "Don't worry.  I turned it on this time, but don't forget from now on or I'll have Cook place you in irons and we'll see how well you do the asanas loaded down with thirty pounds of steel."

"Very funny, Mistress," Kelly huffed.  She couldn't possibly do yoga in the "slave-chains" Emily had clamped her in last time.  But then, she thought, there's other stuff in that closet.  Maybe Emily has a set with longer chains.  "I won't forget," she promised.

"See that you don't." Wendy chuckled as she led the way to the sauna.

Several minutes of basking in the dry heat ensued, during which both redheads transitioned from glistening to dripping.

"Will Mistress Lin be joining us for more sessions?" Kelly asked, then mentally kicked herself.  She also blushed, but they were both so flushed from the heat that it went unnoticed (she hoped).

"Now and then," Wendy purred through closed eyes.  "Not very often, I'm afraid, but now and then."

"Good," Kelly sighed and closed her eyes as well.

Wendy smiled.  "She's really good in bed, isn't she?"

Now the heat was really making Kelly blush.  "Especially when you're tied up and she can do what she wants... Mistress."

Wendy laughed.  "Good point."  She paused to pour a ladle of water over her head.  "Lin's ropes are escape proof," she sighed.

"No kidding," Kelly chuckled, then decided a little more tact was in order.  "She's an expert.  That's for sure."

"Do you know much about escaping from ropes, Kelly?" Wendy inquired.

Kelly opened an eye to squint at her mistress.  "Uh... yeah, sure... by which I mean... no."

Wendy chuckled. "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm done."  She stood and stretched her flushed, glistening body.  "C'mon.  I'll show you some tricks."

Kelly sighed and followed Wendy from the sauna.  Then, her mistress' final words caught up with her overheated brain.  "Tricks?"

"You'll see," Wendy chuckled, then turned on the shower.

Soon, both women were wet and not-so-flushed.  Then, thanks to the services of a pair of fluffy towels, they were dry and not-so-flushed.  Kelly's hair was still damp and Wendy's hair wet.  She used the towel to dry the end of her ponytail.

"Back to the studio," Wendy suggested (ordered), and Kelly preceded her mistress back to the spartan, open space.

Kelly watched as Wendy opened the Hidden Rope Cabinet and extracted two small coils of quarter-inch hemp.

Oh great, Kelly thought as she watched Wendy drop one coil on the floor next to her bare feet.  She's gonna tie me up again.  A thrill was about to ripple through her pussy, then decided it was premature to celebrate.  Wendy had unexpectedly tossed the second to Kelly, then turned and crossed her wrists behind her back!

"Tie me up," the junior mistress ordered.

Kelly blinked in surprise.  "Tie you up?"

Wendy looked back over her right shoulder and grinned.  "I can't show you my escape tricks if I don't have something to escape from, can I?"

"Uh... good point."  Kelly released the coil's retaining hitch, then doubled the coil, found its center, and stepped forward.  Entirely on their own, her lips curled into a wicked smile.

"You do know how to tie my wrists, don't you?" Wendy purred.

"Yes, Mistress... I do."  Kelly set to work, tightening the first doubled loop around Wendy's wrists.

"Good," Wendy said.  "Make it good and tight."

"Like this, Mistress?" Kelly purred as she gave the rope a firm jerk, cinching the first several bands.

"Ah," Wendy gasped, then bit her lower lip.  "Silly Goose," she admonished.  "Yes, like that.  And make sure I can't reach the final knot."

"Yes, Mistress."  Prior to pinch-hitting for Bess as the York sister's live-in maid, Kelly's experience with bondage had been largely of the self variety, but she did know how to actually bind a pair of wrists—and she found the close proximity of Wendy's pale, firm, dimpled buttocks and freckled back and thighs to be only mildly distracting.  Soon, the final knot was tied and tightly compacted with minimal free ends and well away from Wendy's fluttering fingers.

"Excellent," Wendy sighed, then gracefully settled to the padded floor, extended her legs, nodded at the unused coil of rope, and wiggled her toes.  "Ankles."

That thrill was back, and this time it had decided it did want to quiver through Kelly's pussy.  Tying up super-nice, super-hot, super-naked boss-ladies was fun.  Who knew?  Kelly grabbed the coil, knelt at Wendy's feet, and set to work.  Soon, the freckled ankles before her were bound together by multiple neatly stacked doubled strands, cinched by two doubled passes, and a tight square knot tied in the front, where Kelly knew it would be difficult (possibly impossible) for Wendy's fingers to reach.

"There," Kelly said, smiling and crossing her arms under her breasts.  "Now I have you in my power."  Her smile broadened.  "Should I try for an evil laugh?  I'm afraid my evil laugh isn't all that evil."

"Very Silly Goose," Wendy chuckled.  "Now, step back and watch."

Kelly took the ordered step back and watched as Wendy kicked and rolled and fought and twisted and generally failed miserably to escape from her bonds.  Her fingers fluttered and groped, but came nowhere near the key knot of her wrist bonds.

"As you can see," Wendy said, "I'm helpless."

The thrill still causing her pussy to purr agreed.  "So far," Kelly said evenly, "I'm not seeing anything I could call a 'trick'."

Wendy giggled, then folded her legs until her heels touched her upper thighs, lifted her butt off the floor, rocked back on her shoulders and passed her bound wrists past her hips and butt, then passed her feet through her bound wrists as well, and sat up.

"That's cheating!" Kelly objected.

"No," Wendy chuckled, "it's a trick, as promised."  She then attacked the key knot of her wrist bonds with her teeth, and as her hands were now in front, it was trivially easy.  The knot defeated, the rest of the wrist bondage followed.  She then leaned forward and untied her ankles.

"I still say you're a dirty rotten cheater," Kelly huffed.  "Everybody knows the arms-past-the-butt trick.  It's a classic."

With her usual easy grace Wendy stood, bringing one of the coils of rope with her.  "Now," she said as she readied the rope for use, "let's reinforce the lesson, shall we?"

Based on the thrill pulsing between her legs, Kelly's pussy had realized what was happening a heartbeat ahead of her brain.  "Uh, actually," she said as Wendy spun her around and began binding her wrists in the same manner as she'd bound Wendy's wrist, "I think I've got it."

"You've done the—how did you put it—'arms-past-the-butt trick' before?" Wendy asked as she tied the key knot.

"Well, not per se," she admitted, "but—"

"You're sure you can do it?" Wendy interrupted.

"Yeah."  She twisted her wrists and watched Wendy prepare the second coil for use.  "I suppose you want me on the floor," she said with a tragic sigh.

"Not actually," Wendy chuckled as she turned Kelly around.  "Since you're unimpressed by my first trick, I thought we'd move on to countermeasures."

Kelly frowned.  "By which you mean what... exactly?" Wendy had looped the rope around her elbows and was pulling it tight.  "Oh, countermeasures."  She heaved a sigh as doubled loop followed doubled loop, followed by several cinching passes between her elbows, and now they were firmly bound about three inches apart.  It was enough to put a little pressure on her crossed wrists and pull her shoulders back, but wasn't bad, nothing a budding yogi couldn't handle.

"Okay, now you can sit," Wendy said with a smile, then turned and strolled to the rope cabinet.

Kelly settled to the floor and watched as her "escape trick instructor" selected several rope coils of various length, then returned and dropped them to the padded floor at her side.  Kelly flinched when the coils landed with a thump.  Outwardly sullen and resigned (but inwardly tingling with anticipation) Kelly continued watching (and shivering) as Wendy used various coils of the appropriate lengths to bind her legs together at the upper thighs, above and below her knees, as well as her mid lower legs, ankles, feet, and big toes.  The toes required the use of a length of stout cord, of course.

"You missed a spot," Kelly huffed as she halfheartedly squirmed and kicked her thoroughly bound legs and watched her mistress/escapology-instructor/captor prepare more rope.

"I think I've done an adequate job," Wendy purred as she knelt behind her servant/student/captive, then proceeded to bind Kelly's upper body, pinning her upper arms to her torso, framing her breasts, yoking her shoulders, and lashing her forearms to her waist.  Everything was well-cinched, of course, meaning at least two strands passed between Kelly's various limbs and/or her torso to compact the individual bindings.

Kelly executed a full-body test of her bonds.  As with her legs, it was rather perfunctory, but enthusiasm wasn't an issue.  Wendy was obviously a skilled rigger.  "Okay," Kelly sighed, "I'll grant you 'adequate'."

Wendy had one last coil of quarter-inch hemp.  "Hold that thought," she purred, then proceeded to tie a series of figure-eight knots near one end of the rope.

Kelly affected her best Tragic Pout of Profound Betrayal and Disappointment (and struggled to suppress the thrill intermittently quivering between her legs).  It was obvious what was coming.

"Mistress!" Kelly whined as Wendy rolled her onto her side and proceeded to tie a tight, single-strand crotch-rope that not only cleaved her labia and butt-crack, but linked the front of her waist rope to her crossed and bound wrists.  Needless to say, the knots sliding through her pussy added a new element to her pathetic struggles.  "This is... mean," she sighed.

Wendy's response was to kneel, gently lift Kelly's thoroughly bound body, and cradle her head and shoulders in her lap.

Kelly looked up into her Mistress' beautiful, smiling face, and noted that the coral nipples of her captor/instructor/mistress' milky-white breasts were at full point... as were Kelly's.

"You enjoy this kind of thing," Wendy noted as she combed her fingers through Kelly's short red hair.  "Don't you, darling?"

"Well..."  Kelly locked eyes with her beautiful mistress.  Wendy's eyes were sooo green, and her smile was sooo beautiful.  "I suppose somebody should enjoy being tied up and helpless, seeing as how it happens so often around here."

Wendy's smile broadened, then she leaned close and kissed Kelly's lips.  "Silly Goose," she sighed.  "Now," she continued, "I've always found that nudity enhances the experience of being thoroughly tied.  Don't you agree?"

"I suppose," Kelly conceded.  Actually, she couldn't agree more, but decided nonchalance was the order of the day.

Wendy continued finger-combing Kelly's pixie-cut.  "Only one thing is missing.  Can you tell me what that might be?"

Kelly squirmed against Wendy's thighs as a shiver rippled down her spine and into the knots of her crotch-rope.  A gag, of course, she thought.  "Uh, sorry.  No idea."

Wendy laughed as she gently eased Kelly off her lap, stood, and padded to the open rope cabinet.  She looked back at Kelly as she closed the cabinet door, then opened another.  "Let's see now," she purred.  "Elaborate... or simple?"

Kelly swallowed, nervously.  She recognized the second cabinet as the source of the head-harness gag Lovely Lin had used to gag Wonderful Wendy.  Who knows what's in those drawers?  Well, Kelly silently conceded, aside from Lin and Wendy.

Wendy's smile widened.  "Oh, I know," she said.  "It's just the thing."

Kelly watched as Wendy opened a drawer and pulled out—"Gulp!"—a black leather hood!  Still smiling (Evilly, given the context), she strolled back to Kelly's side and sat.  "Can we talk about this?" Kelly whined, tugging against her bonds and twisting her helpless body.

"In a word," Wendy chuckled, "no."
Sweet Gwendoline!
"Mrrrpfh!"  The hood was enveloping Kelly's head.  It laced up the back—which Wendy proceeded to do—and there were a pair of broad, dangling straps.  Kelly realized it was a "Gwen hood", very close to John Willie's original design, assuming the hood Fifi had placed on Gwendoline in the Missing Princess story was original.  Kelly thought so, but she was hardly a scholar of bondage arts & literature.  Lacing complete, Wendy tightened and secured the straps and buckles.  "Mrrrrrpfh!" Kelly reiterated.  As a gag, the hood might have been more effective with the addition of stuffing or some sort mouth-filling plug, but it was pretty damn effective without!  The first strap cupped her chin and buckled at the crown of her head, preventing her from dropping her lower jaw.  The second strap was horizontal and pressed against her closed lips.  Gagged?  You betcha!

Wendy stood and smiled down at her naked, bound, and now gagged maid.

Kelly added the Gwen hood to her growing list of things to struggle against with no hope whatsoever of escape.  She heaved a gagged sigh, then stared daggers at her mistress as Wendy strolled to the clothes cabinet, opened the door, shrugged into her pretty jade-green robe, tightened and cinched the belt, then closed the door and strolled back.

"I've been meaning to ask," Wendy purred as she smiled down at Kelly, "how's your job hunt going?"

Kelly paused in her futile resistance and blinked up at her mistress.  Obviously, the question was rhetorical.

Wendy sighed and shook her head.  "Just as I thought.  Lucky for you, I've talked to a friend that runs a very successful bistro in the Theater District.  She has a waitress position opening, but unfortunately, not for six to eight weeks.  So..."  She knelt and straightened the fringe of red bangs emerging from the top of Kelly's hood.  "I guess when Bess returns from vacation we'll have to find ways to keep two maids busy."  Her smile broadened.  "I'm sure we'll think of something."

Kelly watched as her junior mistress gracefully stood, tightened the robe's sash, then turned and strolled away.  "Mrrrk?"

"Well," Wendy purred, smiling and looking back from the doorway that eventually lead to the sister's bedrooms, "things to do."

And with that, Mistress Wendy turned off the overhead lights and was gone, leaving Kelly alone in the studio.  Naked.  Bound.  Gagged.  She heaved a sad (and wickedly aroused) sigh, and settled in to wait.  Eight to ten additional weeks as a maid? she thought.  I guess I can live with that.

 Chapter 6

Being a self-bondagette—and entirely on her own Kelly had long since decided that as a practitioner of self-bondage she was, indeed, a "self-bondagette"—Kelly was no stranger to the art of languishing.  However, there was "normal" languishing that took the form of lounging around self-bound, self-gagged, and waiting for an ice-timer to allow her to free herself, and there was "real" languishing, being an actual bound and gagged prisoner totally at the mercy of an Evil Captor.  Granted, the captor in question was the super-hot and super-nice Mistress Wendy, but Kelly had zero control of her fate!

Kelly languished in her inescapable bonds, now and then rolling and/or fighting her bonds on the comfortably padded floor.  It was a matter of seeking some degree of comfort—not that Wendy's ropes were all that uncomfortable.  Inescapable?  Yes.  Elaborate?  Yes.  Uncomfortable?  Okay, but only a little.  As flesh-dimpling webs of cruel captivity, the ropes weren't bad.

The overhead lights might be off, but the yoga studio wasn't exactly dark.  Indirect light was finding its way down the hallways from the windows of adjacent rooms.  It was late afternoon, almost time for dinner preparations.  Kelly squirmed in her bonds... again.  It looked like she was gonna be a while.  If the York sisters decided they wanted a semi-formal dinner setup in the Family Dining Room, in addition to cooking everything, Emily might have to set the table and serve the meal.

Time passed.

Kelly squirmed.

Wendy's ropes failed to evaporate and the cunning hitches and knots the super-nice ginger tied failed to spontaneously slither apart.

More time passed and the light from the adjacent rooms began to fade.

Eventually, as was its habit, the sun set.  No one appeared to untie Kelly... or bring her a dinner plate... not that she could have eaten anything anyway, not unless the no one in question removed her Gwen hood first.

Sadly, Kelly's earlier restrained enthusiasm for her restrained situation had abated.  Her pussy had long since stopped purring and was now... sulking.

Early squirming efforts to exploit Wendy's handiwork for erotic purposes had caused the crotch-rope to traverse her nether region with abrasive consequences.  Her initial thought was that she might be able to ride the train of knots Wendy had so thoughtfully tied in the pussy-cleaving strand all the way to Orgasmville, or at least to the suburbs, and at the start her hoo-haw had been enthusiastic.  Now?  Not so much.  The sawing knots quickly decided to take on the attributes of an actual saw and Kelly had no choice but to limit her struggles to things that minimized her crotch situation.

So... languishing... relative darkness becoming true darkness... languishing... no supper... languishing.

As deepest fantasies coming true go, Kelly came to believe, this sucks.

Still no one came to Kelly's rescue.

Cleanup time passed.  No rescue.

Sucks-sucks-sucks! Kelly sighed.

Suddenly, Kelly heard the faint sound of... something.  She decided it was the quiet squeal of turning wheels with bearings in need of a drop or two of oil.  Maybe.  Possibly.

And then, Emily appeared, and she was pushing, of all things, a wheelchair.  "Mrrrk?"  Kelly wasn't all that surprised by the appearance of either the wheelchair or her fellow employee; however...

Cook's feet were bare and she had changed out of her usual "work uniform" of jeans and something from her extensive collection of cute cotton tops into a very sexy negligée and matching robe!  The white, whisper-thin, gauze-like fabric was trying its lacy, valiant best to hide Emily's curves and private anatomy, but was largely failing.  Emily flipped on the overhead lights and the negligée's status instantly changed from inadequate covering to woefully inadequate covering.
Kelly blinked until her eyes adjusted, then focused on the wheelchair.  It was an antique of wood and wicker with bicycle-type wheels with wire spokes.  Its back, seat, and footrests were unpadded.

"Oh, Kelly," Emily sighed as she pushed the wheelchair close to Kelly's right side, then stood before her with her arms crossed under her inadequately gauze-screened breasts.  She was still smiling.  Emily was always smiling.  "At breakfast you were already a half-day behind in your duties, and now it's early evening and you're even more behind.  You're as bad as Bess, Silly Goose."

Kelly glared at the grinning cook, then blinked in surprise.  Wait.  'As bad as Bess?'  Does that mean Bess also had a habit of getting, uh, sidetracked?  It wasn't exactly a startling revelation, but still...  I have to stop being shy about trolling for gossip, Kelly decided.

Despite her slender build, Emily managed to lift Kelly into a sitting position, then heave her to her bound feet and ease her into the wheelchair in one fluid motion.

"Mrrrf!" Kelly complained as her bottom bounced on the hardwood seat.  The landing also caused her rope-framed boobs to bounce.

Emily deployed a pair of leather belts and buckled one across Kelly's lap and the other across her chest, just under her no longer bouncing breasts.  "For safety's sake," she explained with a giggle as she double-checked the straps' buckles.  "Now..." she padded to the back of the chair and pushed off, directing Kelly and the chair towards the studio entrance leading to the back of the house.  "Off we go."

Kelly wiggled and tested her bonds, old and new.  The Gwen hood still made conversation a decidedly one sided exercise, Wendy's ropes still rendered her completely helpless, and the "safety straps" made sure she'd be staying in Emily's chair.  With her arms bound behind her back the conveyance was slightly uncomfortable, but she'd survive.  Kelly squirmed and kicked her bound feet, twisting at the waist.  Her efforts elicited a creak from the straps, no response from Emily, and was yet another futile exercise.

The wheels turned, still quietly squeaking their need of that drop or two of oil, Emily's bare feet silently padded on the floor, and the journey continued.  Their immediate destination was a service elevator used mainly and infrequently to move furniture, and their ultimate destination turned out to be the bedroom of Mistress Alice.  Emily opened the door without knocking, which was proper servant etiquette but something Kelly still kept having to remind herself was not impolite, pushed Kelly and the chair into the room, and—"Mrrrk?"—Kelly's eyes popped wide as she stared in shock and alarm!

Mistress Alice had retired early, and even though Kelly's services had been unavailable (seeing as the temporary maid was naked and had been tied up and Gwen-hooded by Alice's Little Sister), Alice was in expedited-self-bondage mode.  That is, she was lying on her back on her neatly made bed with her legs splayed a couple of feet apart, her arms at her sides with her hands a foot from their respective hips, and the designer, custom-made, medical-style leather restraints tightly buckled around her ankles and wrists.  However, there were a couple of additions/enhancements to her condition, differences from the first and only time (so far) Kelly had helped the senior York sister indulge her "hobby" and the causes of Kelly's surprise.
  1. Not counting the leather cuffs binding her to the bed at the wrists and ankles, Alice York was naked, as naked as Kelly herself, not counting her rope and hood.  The only one in the bedroom wearing anything was Emily, and her nightie barely qualified.
  2. A muzzle, panel-gag, head-harness, or all-of-the-above caged Alice's head, cupped her chin, and tightly covered her mouth and lower face.  Whether something had been stuffed in Alice's mouth prior to the thing's application, Kelly had no idea, but the leather device appeared to be at least as effective a gag as Kelly's Gwen hood.  There was an additional detail, worthy of designation as "2(A)" or possibly "3" status: a D-ring at the crown of the muzzle/harness/gag was clipped to a length of brown cord, possibly of the bungee variety, and disappeared under the center of the headboard.  Kelly couldn't see where the far end was attached, but the cord was doing a credible job of preventing Alice from lifting her head or doing more than turn it to the side far enough for her to stare at Emily, the wheelchair, and (Gulp!) Kelly.
Kelly was mortified... or something.  Oh-by-the-way, the sight of a bed-bound and naked Mistress Alice was mesmerizing.  No sixty-something old lady has a right to look that hot, she mused.  Alice was undeniably hot, as well as undeniably past middle age.  Kelly resolved to search the internet for everything she could find about the York sisters.  With all the society page articles in the papers, surely she'd be able to get a lock on their actual birthdays.  She also resolved to hunt for a secret oil painting hanging in the attic or basement, one that was busy aging on Alice's behalf.  Or maybe she bathes in the blood of virgins.  That was a ridiculous thought, of course.  Super-nice ladies like Alice don't bathe in blood, even if they are super-rich.

Meanwhile, Alice was smiling at Kelly from the bed.  The prisoner-of-the-wheelchair could tell by her senior employer's eyes... which were very pretty... like her full breasts... and flat tummy... and her surprisingly thick pubic bush.

Kelly noted that Emily had taken advantage of this interlude of her staring at Mistress Alice and Mistress Alice smiling at her with her eyes to stroll into the bathroom and return with a plastic pump-bottle of moisturizing lotion.  She sat on the bed, pumped lotion on her hands, then smiled at Kelly as she rubbed them together. Mistress Alice had shifted her muzzled gaze to Emily's glistening hands.

"Since you'll be staying with us an additional few weeks," she explained to Kelly, "you may be called upon to do this the next time Mistress orders what Bess refers to as 'the full bedtime treatment', so pay attention."  She turned back to the bed, smiled at her employer, then proceeded to massage the lotion into Mistress Alice's shoulders, necks, arms, breasts... especially her breasts... stomach, hips, thighs, legs, feet... crotch... running her hands back and forth across and through Alice's upper-thighs and labia... and her breasts again, just to be sure.  The serenely smiling Brit replenished the lotion on her hands several times during the process, and by the time she stood and returned the pump-bottle to the bathroom, Alice's super-hot, and now squirming and shivering naked body shone like she'd been dipped in oil.

Kelly's heart was hammering, and her bound body was shivering in sympathy.  She locked eyes with her employer, again.  The situation was... incredible.  It was objectifying, the way Emily had casually (but gently) manhandled their super-hot mistress, treating her like a chore, rather than their boss.  Yes, objectifying... in a fun way.  It was all part of the game, of course, but it was still something to see.

Kelly's pussy agreed.  It was purring again.

Kelly heard the water in the bathroom running briefly, then Emily returned and stepped behind Kelly's chair.

"Now," Emily said quietly (but loud enough to be heard by Alice), "I'll wait at least an hour—long enough for Mistress to relax and prepare herself—then come back and use the Hitachi wand in the bottom drawer of the nightstand to give her a minimum of three orgasms before allowing her to sleep."

Kelly's eyes widened as she watched Alice tug on her bonds.  "Mrrrk?"

"Yes, three," Emily confirmed, then spun the wheelchair and headed for the door.  "Unfortunately," the smiling Brit continued, "I'll have to demonstrate the accepted procedure on another occasion."

Kelly looked back around the side of the wheelchair's back for one last glimpse of Mistress Alice's naked, bound, gagged, and moisturized form as they left the bedroom... then Kelly closed the door behind them and pushed her down the hall and back towards the elevator.

"I'm afraid Mistress Wendy is displeased with your recent slovenly work habits," Emily stated, "so she's decided you're to spend the night in the Timeout Room."

Kelly blinked in surprise.  "Mrrrk?"

"Yes," Emily purred, "the Timeout Room."

Kelly tugged on her bonds.  The wheelchair wheels squealed and the straps creaked, admonishing her to settle down and accept the inevitable.

Timeout Room? the prisoner-of-the-wheelchair wondered.  I didn't know we had a Timeout Room.  Also... what the hell is a Timeout Room?

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