Live-in Maid


by Van ©2017

Chapter 5

Dramatis Personæ


Lin continued crafting her tableau.  Loop followed multicolored loop, rope tightened as it slithered through hitch after hitch, and more and more of Kelly's blue spandex-clad body became one with the clear acrylic post.  As had been the case with Mistress Wendy's shrimp-tie back in the York sisters' yoga studio, Kelly suspected Lin had the entire tableau/scenario/bondage-predicament entirely mapped out in her head before she touched the first coil of rope; however, things went quicker this time as she was working with multiple shorter coils of rope rather than a single colossally long coil.  Nonetheless, a significant chunk of an hour passed before Lin took a step back, crossed her arms over her chest, smiled, and appeared to be satisfied.

"Perfect," the gorgeous martial artist/sculptor sighed.  "Just perfect." 

I guess she is satiisfied, Kelly thought.

Lin strolled to the computer worktable and turned a large monitor until it directly faced Kelly and her pedestal and post.  She then tapped the computer's keyboard a few times and two things happened: (1) the monitor came to life; and (2) the armatures and vertical steel pole of the camera system began turning and the camera itself began slowly climbing the pole.
An image familiar to Kelly filled the right half of the monitor screen: a panel from the finale of John Willie's classic comic Gwendoline and 'The Missing Princess'.  It depicted one of the female villains of the story stringently bound to a square wooden post—and Kelly realized that at the moment she had a lot in common with Willie's villainess.

Meanwhile, from bottom to top, the left half of the screen was slowly filling with a rotating, three-dimensional image of Kelly, herself, in full-color.  Obviously, the system was scanning her post-bound body.  The camera continued traveling up and down the pole, and with every pass Kelly's image became clearer and clearer.

"As you can see," Lin purred, indicating the Willie illustration with a graceful gesture, "this particular Willie-tie was my inspiration."

'Willie-tie', Kelly thought.  That covers a lot of classic bondage positions.

Kelly's eyes focused on the fictional black-and-white villainess, then shifted to her own full-color, well-roped, and completely blue-clad image.  Lin's assertion was correct.  The villainess' body was wrapped in rope from head to foot and her bonds were elaborate and symmetrical; however while both sets of bonds were equally symmetrical, Kelly's were even more elaborate.

Kelly's head was caged and pinned against the post by a web of rope, but unlike the vilainess' single strands, a veritable cat's-cradle of interwoven rope tightly covered and pressed against Kelly's lower face and cupped her chin.  More rope passed across her crown and forehead, and the strands were all part of an interlaced, hitched web.  Kelly's darting eyes and flaring nostrils were the only things she could move from the neck up, and from the neck down she wasn't doing much better.

And speaking of Kelly's neck, she had a wide, multi-strand "collar" that passed around the post and was cinched between her neck and the post.  It in no way restricted her breathing, but did fractionally tighten and loosen with every deep breath, providing a constant reminder of its presence.

And speaking of deep breaths, Kelly's arguably modest breasts were bound in what amounted to interlaced, conical webs of rope.  And just as her over-the-mouth rope-gag and head-cage might be considered a subsystem of her overall predicament, the "rope-bra" was part of an upper-body-and-arms subsystem of shoulder-yoking, torso-encircling, and arm-pinning ropes that pinned her against the post, and it included a particularly restrictive rope-corset!

Was Kelly also contending with a crotch-rope?  Yes, but she considered "crotch-rope" to be an inadequate description.  Kelly's nether region was bound in a veritable crotch-cat's-cradle.  It wasn't quite as elaborate as her rope-web-gag, but did incorporate a single pair of labia and butt-crack cleaving strands.  Therefore, if pressed—and the pair firmly pressed against her most intimate female anatomy—Kelly was prepared to concede that that particular subsystem was, indeed, a crotch-rope.

Kelly didn't know the status of the villainess' hands, as they were behind her back in Willie's drawing, but loops of rope bound Kelly's thumbs and lashed her hands flat against the post.  Her spandex-covered fingertips just brushed her spandex-covered butt-cheeks.  Also, the wrist, hand, and thumb ropes were integrated into the crotch-rope subsystem.

And whereas the fictional villainess was wearing high-heeled boots of ridiculous height and Kelly's feet were spandex-covered but boot-less, both pairs of pedal extremities were thoroughly bound and incorporated into their respective post-ties.  Also, Lin had put the toe-sock feature of Kelly's spandex garment to the appropriate use.  Kelly's ankles, feet, and big-toes were tightly tied.

Finally, Lin had incorporated an additional and arguably superfluous layer of rope in a head-to-toe crisscross pattern.  Redundant?  Hell yes, but Kelly realized the diamond-hitch web linked every element of her incredible bonds and further defined her overall shape.  That was probably its purpose, to refine the lines of Lin's eventual sculpture.  Either that or Lin found she had a very long coil of rope left over, so why the hell not?  Kelly was ready to accept either proposition.

Anyway... Kelly could barely squirm.  She could barely wiggle.  She could barely shiver.  It was... incredible.

Oh-by-the-way, Kelly's heart was still pounding, she was panting as much as Lin's ropes would allow, and her pussy was still purring, so to speak.  It was as if the crotch-cleaving pair of multicolored rope strands were tied to a very weak vibrator—only there was no vibrator and the crotch-rope buzz was in reverse.  Kelly's crotch was the one doing the buzzing, not the ropes.  It wasn't a constant buzz, of course, nor was it very strong, but it was there... now and then... at odd intervals as she shivered and panted.

As for Lin, while the Asian beauty gazed at her completed tableau, Kelly noted that she had worked up a bit of a sweat and might also be panting, just a little.  Either that, Kelly decided, or Lin was having just as much wicked fun as her incredibly helpless volunteer model.

Suddenly, a loud buzzer sounded, causing Kelly to flinch and blink her eyes.  Actually, her muscles tensed against Lin's ropes.  It barely qualified as a flinch.

Lin's response was to turn and stroll to the computer table and gaze at a small side screens.  The distance was great and the angle unfavorable, but Kelly could tell the screen was painting a head and shoulders video portrait of a dark-haired woman.

Lin pressed a button and spoke.  "Hello, Joan.  I'm in the studio."  She pressed another button, a much softer buzzer sounded, and the image on the side screen shifted to the right and disappeared.  Lin released the button and the screen went dark.  She strolled back to Kelly, crossed her arms under her breasts as before, and smiled.  "We have a visitor, Kelly," she announced.

"Mrrrpfh?"  Kelly blinked in alarm... or something.  She was anonymous inside Lin's blue body suit, so what difference did it make?  I suppose that depends on the identity of the visitor, she decided.

Something like a minute passed... with Lin smiling and admiring her handiwork and Kelly helpless and being admired... then Kelly heard the sound of the studio door opening, followed by the tap of heels on the hard floor... and then a shapely brunette entered Kelly's severely limited field of view.  She was thirty-something, probably, and undeniably beautiful.  Lin and the stranger shared the usual cursory embrace and air-kisses of good friends meeting, then both turned to smile at Kelly.Katie!

"Do I know her?" the stranger asked.

Joan, Kelly remembered.  Lin called her Joan.

"You do not," Lin answered.  "I'll introduce you should the occasion arise, but at the moment it wouldn't be fair."

Joan had striking blue eyes, fair skin, and Kelly might have decided to call her long, dark-brown, gleaming hair black if she wasn't standing next to Lin.  Joan was a looker, without a doubt, but Kelly was also picking up a slightly predatory vibe.  To be fair, it might have had something to do with Joan being completely free and Kelly lashed to her acrylic post with enough multicolored rope to rig a psychedelically painted sailboat.

Joan took a step closer and gazed up at Kelly's rope-caged head.  "Yes... I do have her at something of a disadvantage... all things considered."

Kelly blinked a couple of times.  It was just about the only movement Lin's tableau allowed.

"Such pretty green eyes," Joan sighed.

"I quite agree," Lin chuckled.  "I assume you've brought those papers I need to sign?"

"I dropped them on your desk on my way in," Joan confirmed.

Kelly surmised that Lin and Joan had some sort of business relationship, in addition to being friends.  Also, it would seem Joan knew her way around Lin's studio, gallery, and home.  Oh-by-the-way, Joan's predatory vibe was gaining in strength, in Kelly's helplessly bound opinion.  Joan was eyeing Kelly, her "pretty green eyes", and her intricately bound, blue-clad body like a lazy and only slightly peckish cat eyeing a particularly juicy mouse and trying to decide if a snack was worth the chase.

"I need to set things up for the scans," Lin said.  "Why don't you put on the kettle and I'll be along in a minute."

"Excellent," Joan purred, her blue eyes still on Kelly.  "Very pretty," she reiterated, then turned and left.  The sound of her heels tapping on the floor faded... then Kelly heard the door open and close.

Lin turned to the cart that had formerly held her ginormous pile of coiled rope—the same rope that was now melding Kelly to the acrylic post—and picked up a roll of blue tape the exact shade of Kelly's bodysuit.  "For the next hour the system will scan you from head to toe several times," Lin explained as she tore off a short strip.  "While it does, the lighting will change, making it easier for the software to process the individual colors.  I'm afraid my spotlights are quite bright and can be quite irritating, so..."  She held up the strip of tape.  "Close your 'pretty green eyes' for me, Kelly."

Kelly blinked in alarm.  "Mrrrf?"  She then sighed, or rather tried to sigh.  Lin's ropes were tight.  It's not like I can stop her, she reasoned, then closed the pretty green eyes in question, Lin pressed the strip of tape home, and Kelly found herself totally blindfolded.  The tape was opaque.  She found she couldn't even detect a blue glow through her closed and now taped eyelids.

"Please try not to move during the scans," Lin's disembodied voice requested.  "Although, with this particular composition, I don't suppose it will be all that much of an issue."

Hilarious, Kelly silently mused.  Her heart was hammering again.  Her pussy had gone quiet when Joan appeared, but now was back to purring... now and then.

"You might try taking a nap," Lin suggested.

Kelly heard the tap of Lin's heels, followed by the clatter of the keys as she typed on the computer's keyboard.  There was a pause... then Kelly heard the hum and felt the barely detectable vibration of the armature motors.  Apparently, the scans had begun.  A few seconds later, she heard Lin's heels as she tapped away.

"I'll be back, Kelly!" Lin called from... somewhere behind, probably near the door.  "I really appreciate this."

Kelly heard the door close... and she was alone... at the mercy of Lin's ropes... bound, gagged, and blindfolded.

You bloody well better appreciate this, Kelly thought, channeling her inner Emily.

Time passed... the motors hummed... and Kelly still couldn't see anything.  Maybe the lights were changing color, maybe not.  All she could "see" was a black cat in a coal mine... at midnight... and the damn thing was laughing at her.

Having nothing better to do, Kelly imagined Emily in her place, completely covered in blue spandex (which would complement her eyes) and lashed to the acrylic post.  No... something better.  She imagined Emily, Wendy, Alice, and herself.  All four were not covered in spandex, and bound with hemp rope.  We're in the basement of Castle York, tied to steel support columns, and Lin is putting the finishing touches on my bondage.  She stripped off my uniform, tied my hands behind my post, stuffed my panties in my mouth, taped my lips, then made me watch as she did a mega-Willie-post-tie on the others, capturing them one-by-one, dragging them to the basement, stripping them naked, then binding them to their posts.  And she made me watch!  And I could do nothing to help them!  And then, after she'd Willie-tied everybody else, she did the same thing to me!

Suddenly, much to her surprise, Kelly realized that at some point she'd taken Lin's advice and actually fallen asleep!  Incredible.  Anyway, she'd been dreaming about the entire York household being captured by Lin... which was hardly fair to Lin, of course.  Lin was nice... even if she did perpetrate elaborate rope-bondage on her super-nice, super-rich friends and their unsuspecting live-in maids.  It had all been a flight of fancy, meaning the imaginary post-tie extravaganza in Castle York's basement.

It was her pussy's fault, of course.  It was the one with a mind of its own conjuring up erotic fantasies.  And the greedy little rope-cleaved thing was still purring.  And the motors of Lin's scanning system were still humming.  And Lin's garish ropes still lashed Kelly to Lin's acrylic post so tight she couldn't move.

 Chapter 5

Time passed.

The motors hummed as the camera traveled up and down its rotating pole, completing scan after scan, and Kelly continued being totally helpless.  All of this went on and on, as well as the intermittent, low-level throbbing of her rope-cleaved pussy.  It was... frustrating... and shiveringly wicked.

Finally, the motors stopped, the motor overhead and the motor under her spandex-clad and multicolored rope-bound big-toes, feet, ankles, and everything else.

Well... that's that, Kelly thought.  It was a relief to finally be able to fidget, twist, and at least try and stretch her body without worrying about ruining Lin's scans.  The problem, of course, was that she could neither fidget, twist, nor stretch.  Shudder?  Quiver?  After a fashion, but Lin's bondage remained tight and 99% effective in rendering her motionless.

More time passed.

And then, Kelly did flinch, twist, and stretch.  Without realizing it she'd fallen asleep, again.  Also, Lin had returned and was untying the ropes!  Kelly's was still helpless, as well as encased in blue spandex from head to toe with her eyes taped shut and her lips sealed under her hood, but the ropes were melting away!  It occurred to the progressively less-helpless prisoner/volunteer that she didn't actually know whether her rescuer was Lin, but it seemed like a safe bet.

Finally, only the rope binding Kelly's crossed wrists behind the pole remained.  Lin's fingers teased the knot apart, unwrapped Kelly's wrists... and she was free.  She was still encased in blue spandex, tape-gagged, tape-blindfolded, and her hands were still semi-useless in the suit's slippery spandex mittens, but she was free of the Acrylic Post of Evil.  Also, she was barely able to stand.  She felt strangely weak and her entire body tingled.  Kelly tried taking a cautious step away from the post—and nearly collapsed!

"Mrrrf!"  It was more a whimper than a cry of alarm.

"I've got you," Lin's voice announced.

And she did.  A pair of strong arms caught Kelly before she could fall—Lin's arms—then Lin lifted her up, into her arms, and carried her away.  I'm like a big blue baby, Kelly thought.  She sighed through her tape-gag and snuggled against Lin's body.  The tingling had stopped and maybe she could walk, but why make a fuss?  Also, Kelly might be encased in spandex from head to toe, but she could still breathe... and savor the scent of Lin's delicate, ephemeral perfume.  Kelly made a mental note to ask for the brand name... when she wasn't tape-gagged.

Kelly's bride-across-the-threshold journey continued.  Finally, they arrived at their apparent destination and Lin eased her onto the cushioned seat of a straight back chair.  She felt Lin unzip the suit's zipper... then ease the spandex off her left shoulder and peel it down her arm and off her hand.  Kelly cooperated, of course, lifting and twisting her arm as required.  Her right shoulder, arm, and hand were next.  Kelly assumed the hood would follow, but instead—"Mrrrf?"—Lin pulled her hands behind her back and began lashing her wrists together with stout cord!  "Mrrrk!"

"Settle down, Kelly," Lin purred.  "This is necessary.  You need to, shall we say, decompress.  Trust me.  I have a lot of experience with this sort of thing."

Decompress?  Kelly twisted her crossed and now tied wrists.  It felt like the same type of cord Lin had used for the Hojōjutsu demo in the York sisters' yoga studio.  Hayanawa, Kelly remembered.  It's called hayanawa.  Anyway, Kelly's resistance was too late—not that she would have stood a chance against her superbly skilled hostess anyway.  Lin finished binding her wrists and now grasped Kelly's chin, lifted her hooded head, and gently peeled away the blue tape blindfold.

Kelly only had time to blink a couple of times, then Lin removed the hood and the rest of the blue spandex bodysuit.  Again, Kelly cooperated, lifting her butt off the chair and her feet... first the left... and then the right, as required.  And the deed was done—but before Kelly could scramble to her feet and sprint for the front door (wherever it was) and escape, naked, tape-gagged, and wrist-bound into the busy Manhattan streets—Lin seized her ankles and used a second hayanawa to bind them together.


Kelly's complaint/inquiry was ignored.  "There," the smiling Hojōjutsu mistress said as she stood and straightened the front of her little-black-dress.  "I'll fix us some lunch, and then we can talk."

Kelly was naked, tape-gagged, and bound hand and foot, and only now had the leisure to look around and realize she was in a modern, impeccably clean, and well decorated kitchen.  She tugged on her wrist bonds, twisted her bound feet, and watched her hostess/captor stroll to a large refrigerator and open the door.  Kelly's skin was tingling, just a little, now that she was free of the bodysuit (but otherwise not free).  She gave her surroundings a more thorough examination.  Very nice, she decided.  Very high-end Ikea, with a light Asian touch.  As for Lin, she was as hot as ever—and Kelly still thought the flip at the end of her ponytail was really cute.  She considered complaining some more, maybe really giving Lin a tape-gagged piece of her mind, but why be a rude guest?  It was what it was... meaning her naked, bound and gagged captivity, and Lin did have a lot of experience with this sort of thing, as she'd explained.

Maybe I do need to decompress, Kelly considered, then settled in to wait.  Besides, she thought as Lin started pulling things from the fridge, a little lunch sounds good.

 Chapter 5

Lin prepared some sort of vegetable wraps, more-or-less salad or coleslaw with a sweet and savory sauce and rolled up in thin, tortilla-like flat-breads.  She also brewed a pot of green tea.

All of this gave Kelly time to prepare herself for the removal of her tape-gag and the confrontation that would inevitably follow.  'Confrontation' is a bit harsh, Kelly decided.  I'll go with... 'conversation'?  As the aggrieved party (semi-aggrieved, anyway), she had three options:
  1. Pout and complain.  Release her inner brat and really ham it up.
  2. Bat her big green eyes and flirt.  Not overtly, of course, but turn up the charm and play things light and coy.
  3. Act nonchalant, as if being Willie-tied to a post was an everyday occurrence.
Arguably, options two and three were similar and all three could be combined; however, Kelly didn't like any of them.  Besides, Lin was so nice (and hot!) that Kelly was having difficulty even pretending she was actually aggrieved and seriously doubted she'd be able to keep to any agenda once "normal" discourse started.  She decided to just eat in sullen, flirtatious, nonchalant, and pretend-aggrieved silence and take her cues from her hostess.

There was one additional factor, one petty, niggling, but persistent factor complicating Kelly's situation.

Kelly was horny.

Yep, Kelly realized with a gagged sigh, I'm a horn-dog.  I suppose being Willie-tied to a post by a mega-hottie like Lin will do that to a person.  She tugged on her wrist bonds, just for something to do.  'Horn-dog' is a tad... extreme, she decided.  I'm not that hornyI'm more like a horn-puppy.  In any case, Kelly's pussy might not be purring anymore... but it was definitely there... and she was horny.  Her nipples were also there, and currently having a debate as to whether they wanted to point, tingle, or both.  Naked, bound hand and foot, tape-gagged, a little hungry, and in the presence of Luscious Lin... Kelly was horny.

Finally, the wraps were wrapped, the tea steeped, and the moment of truth had arrived.  Lin carried a tray with the tea service (Chinese-style and very pretty) and a plate with a half-dozen small wraps to the table, settled into a chair next to her prisoner/guest/volunteer/model, and gently removed Kelly's tape-gag.  The Elastoplast surrendered its hold reluctantly, stretching and distorting Kelly's face and lips as it peeled away.

"Here," Lin said as she filled a teacup—more of a tiny bowl than a cup, actually—and held it to Kelly's tingling lips.  She was smiling, of course, and was beautiful.

Kelly sipped the fragrant green tea, then licked her lips.  "Thanks."  She still hadn't decided how things should proceed... other than letting Lin feed her half of the wraps on the plate with more tea to wash them down.

"I want to thank you again for volunteering to be my model," Lin purred as she held a wrap so Kelly could take a bite.  "I've been wanting to do the data-capture for that tableau for quite some time, and I can already tell the resulting sculpture will be one of my best."

Kelly chewed and swallowed.  The wrap was mega-yummy, by the way.  "If you do say so yourself," Kelly quipped, then blushed.  The teasing barb had escaped her lips entirely on its own and she hoped Lin wasn't offended.

"Cheeky, adorable little monkey," Lin chuckled.

Phew!  Kelly accepted another bite of the wrap.  Obviously, Lin wasn't offended, but Kelly's blush persisted for some reason.

They continued sharing the tea and wraps.

"I confess that after executing this phase of one of my ideas, I often find myself a little horny," Lin purred, then took a sip of tea.

"You too?" Kelly blurted, then her blush intensified and she blinked in alarm.  "I... I don't know why I said that," she whispered.

Lin continued smiling, but now she was blushing as well, just a little, unless it was Kelly's imagination.  "Oh... I think I know," she purred.

Kelly didn't answer, but (still blushing) accepted the final bite of the final wrap and chewed, her green eyes locked with Lin's beautiful, almond-shaped, brown eyes.

"Well," Lin continued as she held the cup for Kelly, "wait here while I prepare dessert."

"Dessert?" Kelly asked after swallowing the tea.

Lin didn't answer but stood, strolled to the island where she'd prepared the wraps, opened a pair of drawers, then produced two things and laid them on the counter.  They were: (1) a small tea towel of thin terrycloth in a very pretty shade of Nile-green; and (2) another neat coil of hayanawa-cord.

Kelly swallowed nervously (a little).  Dessert, she thought, watching as Lin refolded the tea towel into a long, narrow strip about six inches in width and laid it flat on the counter.  She then uncoiled the hayanawa, quickly, deftly tied a series of bights in the cord, then arranged the cords, crisscross-fashion, across one end of the tea towel.  Next, she tightly rolled the towel around the cords, forming a six-inch cylinder about two-inches in diameter.

Kelly swallowed again as Lin carried her handiwork back to the table, stepped behind her back, and without a word, eased the cloth cylinder into Kelly's strangely cooperative mouth.  "Mrrrk?"  Her complaint/inquiry was ignored as Lin began doing something with the still very long free ends of the hayanawa.  Kelly surmised she was passing the ends through the small loops and was weaving them together. 

Whatever Lin was doing, the cords tightened until Kelly's still blushing cheeks bulged and the cleaving-cloth was firmly between her teeth.  The cords were lying flat against either side of her face and neck, and tightening into a neat band of uniformly taut strands.  Not for the first time, Kelly realized that Lin's skills as a rope-expert were truly amazing.  How did she know exactly where to tie all those little loops? she wondered.

Next, still silent and unseen behind Kelly's back, Lin untied... then retied Kelly's wrist-bonds.  When she was finally finished and stepped around the chair and back into Kelly's field of vision, her wrists were crossed, raised, and tied just below her shoulder blades with a single strand of hayanawa encircling her torso under her armpits and above her breasts, another strand yoking her shoulders, and the free ends from the gag-cord bound to her thumbs.  Needless to say, Kelly was helpless.  All she could do was flap her folded arms like a pair of flippers and wiggle her fingers, not counting her thumbs.  Also, she couldn't lower her chin or turn her head more than a few degrees in any direction.  The gag-to-thumbs cords were constant reminders of her helplessness and did restrict her head movement, but they weren't tight enough to be punishing.

Effectively gagged?  Check!  Inescapably and semi-stringently bound?  Check!  Totally under Luscious Lin's control and completely at her tender mercy?  Double-check!

Kelly explored her condition, fluttering her useless fingers, twisting at the waist, fighting her upper body bonds, kicking her ankle-bound feet, and chewing on her soft, mouth-filling gag. 


"Hush," Lin purred.  She'd strolled to a wall-mounted telephone and speed-dialed a number, and now was smiling at her helpless guest as the call connected.

Kelly continued testing her hostess' handiwork, with the same non-result.  Her pussy was purring again, greedy thing, and now her nipples were definitely pointing.  She was also panting and her heart pounding.

"Alice," Lin said, speaking into the handset.  "Good afternoon to you, too.  I'm calling to let you know that you'll have to do without your maid this evening.  That's right, she's spending the night."

I am? Kelly wondered as Lin listened to Alice's reply.  I guess I am.  Of course "Alice" had to be Mistress Alice, her boss.

Lin laughed.  "Don't be insulting," she chuckled.  "Of course I'll return her in one piece."

It's good to know Mistress is concerned about the welfare of her employees, Kelly fumed silently.

Lin listened for a while, then her smile broadened.  "That sounds like a wonderful idea," she said.  "I'm looking forward to it.  Let me know when you have a firm date.  Goodbye."  She laughed, again.  "Yes, I'll tell her.  'Bye."  She returned the handset to its cradle, then strolled back to Kelly, still smiling.

"Your employer graciously gives her permission for you to be absent from your place of work for one night," Lin purred.

That's super-nice of her, Kelly thought.

"Also," Lin continued with a grin, "she says I should tell you not to do anything she wouldn't do."

Kelly blinked and watched as Lin strolled back to the counter.  Really funny... if somewhat cliche.

Apparently, Kelly was staying the night, whether she wanted to or not... which she did.

Kelly's hind-brain, pussy, and nipples had been of the enthusiastic opinion that she should definitely spend the night from the get-go, but in point of fact the motion had carried with the unanimous consent of all her body-parts.  Still... it would have been nice to have been asked... although not being asked does add a pinch of help-I've-been-kidnapped-by-a-horny-hottie spice to the recipeThat said, a polite discussion still should have happened... but what's to discuss?  I'm horny, she's horny, end of discussion.

Kelly watched as Lin cleaned up after lunch.  It had been a yummy but not particularly complicated meal, so it looked like that wasn't going to take very long.

 Chapter 5

Kelly had entered Lin's kitchen like a blue-clad bride being carried across the threshold, but made her exit like a naked sack of potatoes with her tummy perched on Lin's right shoulder.  Her ankle-bound feet were to the front and her cloth-bit-gagged head to the rear, and with the gag-to-thumbs cord lifting her chin, she didn't even have the pleasure of watching the backs of Lin's striding legs or little-black-dress-clad heinie as they made the trip.

There destination was Lin's bedroom—Big surprise!—and a very tastefully decorated and comfortable bedroom it was.  More Modern with an Asian touch, like the rest of the place, Kelly decided before she was tossed onto the king-size bed and landed with a bounce.  "Mrrrk!" Kelly complained as she rolled onto her side and stared daggers at her hostess—daggers that melted in midair as Lin kicked off her heels, reached behind her back, deftly unzipped her LBD, then shrugged the skimpy black garment off her shoulders, tugged it down her body, and stepped free.  She then gracefully stooped and retrieved her shoes, a pair of black, high-heel, sling-back pumps, then turned and strolled away.  By the way, her only remaining clothing was a stunning black lace panties and bra combo.  Make that thong and bra combo, Kelly decided as Lin disappeared into a walk-in closet.

Ignoring her marginally labored breathing and slightly heaving breasts, as well as her thumping heart, tingling, pointing nipples, and contently purring pussy, Kelly took the occasion to further examine her surroundings.  It really was a pretty bedroom, matching the rest of what she'd seen during the rest of her limited tour of the rest of Lin's residence, with exotic wood paneling, straight lines, and understated, tasteful knickknacks and artwork, mostly of Chinese and Japanese origin if Kelly wasn't mistaken.

But then... there was the bed, the bed the naked, bound, and gagged Kelly was rolling around on at the moment.  The bedspread was a pretty shade of jade-green and the sham-covered decorative pillows at the head of the bed and under Kelly's semi-restricted head were complimentary shades, some darker and some lighter.  That was all very nice and normal (not counting her gagged and cord-restricted head); however, the headboard was not normal.  It was a semicircular construction of hefty, interlocking, semi-random straight and curved slats of hardwood stained a deep ebony.  Also, a series of bronze rings dangled from decorative mounts evenly spaced around the headboard's curved periphery.  Kelly decided the headboard was nice... but naughty.  The rings were obvious lashing points.  Kelly found it very easy to imagine a yoga-trained naked damsel (like Mistress Wendy) bound in some spectacularly erotic but contorted pose in her place, meaning on the bed, meaning in Kelly's exact place, meaning...  She isn't gonna do that to me, is she?

Just then, the "she" in question returned from the walk-in closet, and speculation about the many potential uses of the headboard's bronze rings gave way to leering inspection of Lin's smiling, naked form as she strolled towards her helpless guest.  Beautiful.  Hot.  Horny.  And she's all mine, Kelly sighed.  Or more correctly... I'm all hers.

Oh-by-the-way, several coils of neatly folded hemp rope dangled from Lin's left hand and swung back in forth in rhythm to her swinging hips.

"Mrrk?"  It was more of a pathetic whine than a question.  Fearing the worst, Kelly very much wished she could remind her hostess that to date she had only suffered through exactly one yoga session, but she couldn't.  Anyway...  "Mrrk?"

Lin dropped the coils to the floor beside the bed and smiled down at her squirming, struggling, blinking guest—meaning smiled and leered at her squirming, struggling, blinking guest.

"Don't worry, Kelly," Lin purred as she retrieved a single coil of rope, released its retaining hitches and prepared it for use.  "I know you're a novice yogi."

Oh, great, Kelly thought, watching the rope slide through Lin's strong, graceful hands.  She's hot, horny, and a mind reader.

"That said," Lin continued, "you are a remarkably fit and flexible young lady, and I'm both well versed in the limits of human anatomy and expert in the use of rope, so..."

Starting with untying Kelly's ankles, Lin set to work.  Several minutes later, when the metaphorical dust had settled, Kelly found herself on her back and bound wrists with her head and upper body comfortably reclined against a pile of soft pillows.  Her legs were at full stretch, splayed apart, and pulled up, more-or-less forming a giant "V"—and multiple taut ropes tied to her ankles and thighs and stretching to various bronze rings in the headboard and unseen lashing points on either side of the bed-frame made very sure she was going to stay that way!

Remarkably, Kelly found her predicament wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as she'd feared it would be while Lin was lashing her in place.  The pillows and shams had been cunningly arranged to provide firm support where needed but gently cushioned her bound body where required.  The back of her gag was still linked to her thumbs and restricting her head movement, but her field of vision extended up her legs to her wiggling toes, to the left and right sides of the bed, and down her pointing nipples to points south.  She could also see Lin's smiling face and the rest of her delectable body as she stood at the foot of the bed with her arms crossed under her breasts.

"If I'd done this to your Mistress Wendy," Lin purred, "I'd have noosed her nipples with heavy thread and bound them to her big toes."  She strolled to the right side of the bed... then reached up and gently gripped the heel of Kelly's right foot.  "I'd make sure the threads were as taut as a pair of harp strings, of course."

Kelly shivered in her bonds.  Of course.  Lin was gripping her heel but not tickling her foot.  Was that next?  Lin wouldn't really tickle my feet, not with my legs splayed and bound like this, would she?  A shiver rippled down Kelly's spine (and through her pussy) at the very thought.

"But I won't tie your nipples to your toes, Kelly," Lin reassured her helpless prisoner.  "You're not yet ready for that sort of play."

Kelly continued shivering.  No kidding, she silently agreed, locking eyes with her captor/hostess.  Wait!  What does she mean 'not yet'?  Kelly imagined taut, strong cords linking her toes and nipples.  That was certainly something she'd never want to happen... not to her, anyway... not for very long, anyway.  Watching it happen to Mistress Wendy was another matter, of course, but even then it would be... cruel.  And then...


Lin was sucking on her toes!  She'd turned Kelly's heel, taken Kelly's big and number-two right toes into her mouth, and was sucking on them!

Kelly's shivering went into overdrive, as did her squirming and attempts to roll her body and flex her legs, but none of it did anything to make Lin stop!


Lin had added tongue to the equation.  She continued sucking, working her way from one end of her foot to the other, with two or three toes receiving attention at any given time, but now her tongue was gliding between Kelly's toes, licking and generally wiggling like a wet, warm, fat worm, or slug, or snake, or... tongue!


Was it foreplay?  Torture?  Lin's tender ministrations neither tickled nor hurt, so Kelly decided to go with foreplay.  It wasn't a particularly difficult decision.

Lin paused in her efforts and smiled at Kelly.  "Pay close attention," she advised.  "Sometime before dawn, I'll expect you to do this for me, and I'll require enthusiasm and at least some degree of diligence."

How am I gonna do that? Kelly wondered.  I guess she'll have to untie me and remove the gag.  She closed her eyes as the sucking and licking continued.  She won't have to untie me completely, of course, but the gag will definitely have to go.

"Mrrf?"  Kelly paused in her pointless efforts to escape Lin's bonds and ignore Lin's lips, mouth, and tongue—and blinked in distress (and disappointment).

Lin had stopped sucking on her toes and was strolling back to the foot of the bed.  Smiling her gorgeous smile, once again, her gaze traveled between Kelly's splayed legs and down her helpless body.  Then, Lin climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees... and settled onto her stomach.

Kelly flinched and shivered in her bonds as Lin positioned her beautiful face inches from Kelly's pussy and placed her hands on Kelly's upper thighs.  The ropes prevented Kelly from closing her legs, of course.  In fact, she could barely move them at all.  Lin's cool, strong hands and her elbows on the bed gave her support as she leaned even closer, pursed her lips, and delicately blew across Kelly's flushed and glistening labia.  The auburn curls of Kelly's pubic bush, growing but still rather short after their last trim, did their best to stir in the gentle breeze.

"And here's something else that requires your careful attention," Lin purred, then extended her tongue and dragged its full length up Kelly's labia.  "You'll be doing this as well."

"Mrrrr!" Kelly squealed through her gag.  Does she mean the blowing part, the licking part, or both?

And then, Lin began licking Kelly's pussy and probing with her thrusting, flicking tongue in earnest—and for Kelly, coherent thought became increasingly difficult.

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