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Chapter 4

Dramatis Personæ

Suki led the way down the metal stairs, this time keeping close to Charlie and making sure she didn't slip and fall.  After locking the door to the basement behind them, Dr. Bondage did the same for Adele, keeping a firm grip on the ropes pinning her arms to her sides as they descended the steps.

It turned out the treads were a little treacherous, as Dr. B had warned.  There was some sort of slime on the expanded metal, perhaps a layer of bacteria or fungus or something.  There was a handrail, but it was no good to rope-bound kidnap victims and neither kidnapper availed themselves of its filthy, slime-covered, and highly questionable support.

Charlie and Adele looked around, or tried to, anyway.  The only light was from Suki's flashlight; however, far in the distance and to the left of the stairs, they could see an amber glow.  They were in a tunnel of some sort, with pipes and conduits running in brackets along the concrete ceiling and walls and stretching down the tunnel towards the dim light.  They assumed the pipes also stretched to the right, but in that direction the darkness was total.  Underfoot was more of the slime, as well as a sparse scattering of garbage and debris.

The parade continued as before, with Suki and her flashlight in the lead, Charlie and Adele shuffling behind, and Dr. B as rearguard.  They went in the direction of the light for something like a city block, then the tunnel branched to the left and right.  Suki took the right turn without hesitation and the journey continued, only now the flashlight was their sole source of light.

Charlie tried to think of something she could do to mark their trail for the police, assuming the cops figured out they'd been taken underground, of course.  Her problem was two fold.  One, she was fresh out of breadcrumbs or anything else she could drop in their wake.  And two, Dr. B was right behind them.  If she noticed Charlie or Adele trying something funny, who knew what she might do?

The tunnel seemed straight, but it was difficult to be sure.  It may have been gently curving in either direction.  The pipes and conduits continued running on either side and overhead.  On occasion they had to duck to keep from bumping their heads as large, low-hanging pipes branched and led off in different directions.

"There are miles of tunnels under the city," Suki lectured, apparently for the benefit of the captives.  "Closed off freight tunnels, utility runs, like this one, even entire subway lines that have been abandoned and sealed off... supposedly."

"Suki, darling,"

"Yes, Dr. B?"

"Would you like a gag?  Or perhaps that fourth shock-collar I had the foresight to pack?  I've told you before, sound carries down here, especially voices.  So, silence, please."

"Yes, Dr. B," Suki sighed.  "Sorry, Dr. B."

They trudged through the close, dark, filthy space for several minutes, then came to another set of metal stairs.  Suki led the way up to another steel door and the captives waited while Dr. B stepped to the front to unlock and open the door.

Beyond was another dark basement.  By the light of Suki's flashlight they could see more support columns, but this time they were large, square, and of poured concrete, as opposed to the thick steel columns in the basement of Gail's building.  There was also a clutter of stacked furniture and boxes, but too distant for the captives to make out any detail.  They crossed the basement to another set of stairs, shuffled up and through another door, and found themselves in a small parking garage.

There was one vehicle present, a dark gray or possibly blue luxury SUV with tinted passenger windows.  Soon, Charlie and Adele found themselves in the back seats.  Their kidnappers secured their lap and shoulder-belts, then untied their collar ropes and used them to bind their ankles together with a single cinched loop, then tether their feet to steel brackets set in the base of the seat.

Suki closed Adele's door, then opened the driver's door, tossed the duffel on the front passenger seat, and climbed behind the wheel.

Meanwhile, Dr. B climbed over Charlie and sat between the two captives.  She leaned across Charlie and pulled the door closed, then fastened her own lap-belt and put an arm behind each prisoner's shoulders.  "Now, ladies, we're going for a little road trip.  Either it's quite a way to our destination, or we'll simply be driving around in circles so you won't have any idea where we're going.  You'll have to guess which."

Suki had buckled her seat-belt and settled a black chauffeur's cap atop her head.  She turned her head, grinned at the captives, then tossed something to Dr. B.

The "something" turned out to be a pair of black stocking-caps—only they were stocking-caps without eye or mouth openings.  In other words, they were knit hoods.  Adele squirmed in her bonds as Dr. B pulled the hood over her head.

And then, it was Charlie's turn.

"Oh, look at those sad brown eyes," Suki chuckled from the front seat.  "It's heartbreaking, ain't it?"

"It is indeed," Dr. B agreed, then pulled the hood over Charlie's head.

The inside of the hood was lined with a silk-like fabric over the eyes and Charlie could see nothing.  The thing stretched a little and hugged her head, but it wasn't too tight and she found she could breathe quite easily.  She'd never felt so helpless in her life.  Never.

The SUV purred to life and Charlie heard the parking brake being released.  Then, Dr. B put her arm back across her shoulders.  By the way she moved, Charlie suspected she'd done the same for Adele.

"Now, ladies," Dr. B said, "just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  No one can see you, sitting back here with me."  She gave the captive's shoulders a gentle squeeze.  "And my Suki is a very good driver.  We won't be stopped by the cops."

And with that, the SUV began to roll.

Chapter 4

Adele's heart was pounding, a feeling with which she was quite accustomed, only this time it was from fear, not exercise.  She was used to her body under the stress of training or rehearsal for some challenging dance routine.  She was not used to being kidnapped.  Being kidnapped was different.  Being kidnapped was very different.

Trapped in the close darkness of the black hood, helplessly bound, the shock-collar padlocked around her neck and ready to punish any attempt on her part to force any amount of noise past the gag stuffed in her mouth, all Adele could do was sit, and wait, and worry—worry about Charlie—and worry about herself.

As for Gail, what happened to Gail Tarkington had been horrible.  Worst of all, their kidnappers had quite obviously enjoyed what they did to her.  But at least it was over, in that "Dr. Bondage" and "Suki" had left her behind.  Without any doubt Gail would suffer before she was rescued, but she would be rescued, and then it would be over... for Gail.  As for Charlie and herself, Adele very much feared their ordeal was just starting.

The journey continued.  Dr. B seemed content to simply ride along with her left arm draped across Adele's shoulder.  At least there was plenty of room for the three of them in the back of the SUV, especially so as two of the passengers were bundled in rope and unable to do more than squirm.  Now that they were underway, their kidnappers didn't say anything, not to each other, and not to their captives.  The SUV hummed along, accelerating, slowing down, accelerating again, stopping now and then at traffic lights, Adele supposed, and making left and right turns.  The journey continued.

Under different circumstances, under less terrifying and adrenaline charged circumstances, Adele thought she probably would have tried to take a nap—but not tonight.  Certainly not tonight.

Finally, the SUV turned off the road and into what Adele surmised from the change in ambient noise was another enclosed space.  The engine stopped and she heard a rumbling, rattling noise, possibly a heavy garage door cycling closed.  The SUV's doors open, her ankles were untied, the rope was retied to the front of her collar, and she was helped out of the vehicle.

"Lair, sweet lair," Suki giggled.

Adele's handler was Suki.  She assumed Dr. B was doing the honors for Charlie.  Adele's bonds remained tightly in place, as did the hood, but with her ankles free, she could walk.  The collar rope snapped taut, and she did... walk, that is.  It was a precarious journey and she could hear shuffling steps behind her.

Suki took a firm grip on Adele's chest ropes.  "Stairs ahead, Big Mouth," she cautioned.  "Going down."

Another basement?  With careful steps, Adele descended the stairs.  There were quite a few.  She stopped counting at twenty.  They came to a landing, then turned and descended even more stairs.

"Last step," Suki said brightly, and they were on level ground.

Adele was sure the stairs were concrete, possibly with metal treads, and by the echoing of Suki's voice and their footfalls, the walls were concrete as well, or at least something very solid.  There was a brief pause while what sounded like a heavy door of some sort opened... they proceeded forward a few steps... and the door was closed behind them.

More walking.  More echoing footsteps.

There was another pause as another heavy door was opened, they passed through, it closed,and there was yet more walking.

"We'll put Miss Dazeem in number three," Dr. B announced, "as planned."

The parade stopped and Adele heard a key turn in a lock, a heavy bolt being pulled back, and a door opening.  Her leash snapped taut, again, and she shuffled forward in response.

"Cell, sweet cell," Suki chuckled, then jerked the hood from Adele's head.

Adele shook the tangled hair from her gagged, slightly sweaty face, blinked in the sudden light, and found Charlie standing about eight feet away, blinking back at her and still bound, gagged, and collared, and her hair equally tousled.  Dr. B was at her side and apparently had just removed Charlie's hood.  Adele felt something slice through the tape cleaving her mouth and keeping her gag in place, then Suki peeled away the narrow strip and plucked the wadded cloth from her mouth.  Adele's mouth was dry, but she managed to find enough saliva to wet her lips.

They were in a twenty by twenty foot room with concrete walls, ceiling and floor.  Charlie and Dr. B were standing near an open steel door studded with bolts.  Adele, herself, was more or less in the middle of the room, with Suki at her side.

"Your collar is still active," Dr. B reminded Adele, still smiling her beautiful, evil, infuriating smile, "so I strongly suggest you keep any brave, defiant remarks or pitiful whining to yourself.  Feel free to glower and glare, of course, as you are now."

Adele was glowering and glaring.  Charlie seemed more worried than angry, but at least she wasn't crying.  She's always been a trouper, Adele mused, then resumed her angry stare.  The smile Dr. B beamed in response did nothing to improve her mood.  Meanwhile, Suki was untying her rope bonds.  Her upper body was first, followed by her knees, and finally, her wrist cords.  Suki finished her task and stepped towards the door to stand at Charlie's unoccupied side. 

"Now, Miss Dazeem," Dr. B said as she tossed a plastic trash bag to Adele's feet.  "Your clothes go in the bag.  All of your clothes."

Her arms at her sides and hands balled into tight fists, still glaring in angry defiance, Adele made no move to comply with her kidnapper's order.

"She's a pistol," Suki said, her smile as broad and evil as Dr. B's.  "I like the feisty ones.  They're a lot more fun than the weepers and moaners."

Br. B handed the end of Charlie's rope leash to Suki, reached into her jacket pocket, and produced a small plastic remote with a prominent red button.  "Perhaps a shock will improve your attitude."  She poised her thumb over the red button.  "Perhaps a nice long shock?  A slow ten-count?"

Adele tried to maintain her defiance and thought she was succeeding, but she could feel the collar's pair of dull metal studs touching her throat.  Was it worth it?  Would it make any difference?

Dr. B chuckled and shook her head.  "Oh, I understand.  You think I mean your collar."  Her eyes still on Adele, she nodded at Charlie.

Adele shifted her gaze to her costar.  Charlie stared back, her eyes wide, but she was doing a credible job of controlling her fear.

Adele shifted her gaze back to Dr. B.—Bitch!—then pulled her T-shirt over her head and dropped it at her feet.  The underlying tank-top was next.  Then, she bent at the waist, unlaced and removed her shoes, then stood upright, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, pulled them down her legs, and stepped free.  Her costume was now reduced to a lacy, push-up bra and hip-hugger panties, both in black.

Adele moved to place her left hand over her crotch and her right arm across her breasts, but stopped herself in time.  Her kidnappers wanted to embarrass her, and they had succeeded; but she wasn't about to let it show.  Modesty had little place backstage and Adele was used to parading about the dressing room in her underwear, or less, but this was different.  Anyway, she managed to confine all outward signs of her humiliation to the involuntary blush burning her cheeks.  Her expression remained angry and defiant.

"All of it, Miss Dazeem," Dr. B purred.

Adele stared for a few more seconds, then unclasped and shrugged out of her bra, let it drop, then hooked her thumbs through the hips of the panties, peeled them down her legs, and completed the pile.  She then stuffed her shoes and clothes in the trash bag, as she'd been instructed, and stood defiantly erect.

Her long, dark curls a tousled mass, Adele was now nude, except for the thick leather shock-collar still padlocked around her neck.

"Very nice," Dr. B purred.

"I'll say," Suki agreed.

"Second position, Miss Dazeem," Dr. B ordered.

With a furious scowl, Adele complied.  She had no real choice.  She stood with her heels together and toes turned out, then held her arms in an oval in front of her body with her hands relaxed and fingertips a couple of inches apart.

"Excellent," Dr. B sighed.  "Now, a pirouette, and end in the third position."

Adele managed a smooth, fluid pirouette... and came to rest with her right foot in front of her left with her toes turned out even more.  Her left arm was to the side, held just below shoulder level, and her right arm raised overhead with the elbow slightly bent and her relaxed hand above her head.  Like all the basic elements of ballet, the poses and movements were deceptively simple, but to achieve the grace and precision Adele had just demonstrated required years of practice.

"I love dancers," Suki sighed.  "Athletes are nice, especially swimmers who aren't too beefy, and super-specially divers, but I like dancers."

"Suki, darling," Dr. B chuckled, "there aren't enough hours in the day to catalog all the categories of damsels you find worthy of your talents.  Also, 'super-specially' isn't a word."

"Yeah, like you're picky," Suki giggled.  "Anyway, she has a great bod, tight and curvy, all at once.  She could use a little sun, but she rocks that pale, dark-haired princess look."

"No argument," Dr. B agreed.  Then, her eyes on Adele, she pointed to the floor.  "Kneel, place your hands on top of your head with your fingers interlaced, then cross your ankles and shift your weight back over your heels."

Adele heaved a frustrated sigh... and complied.  Her only hope was to somehow gain control of the remote in Dr. B's hand, but with her center of gravity that far back, not even a trained dancer could try anything, not quickly enough to have a real chance of success, not at this distance, and not with two opponents.  And Charlie, her only assistance, was bound and gagged.

"On your butt, Twinkle-toes," Suki ordered, speaking to Charlie and pointing at the floor, and Adele's costar awkwardly did as she was told.  Suki passed Charlie's collar-leash through her knee-bonds, pulled out the slack until Charlie's denim-clad knees nearly touched her chin, then tied a quick-release knot.  She then picked up a small duffel-bag that had been on the floor just inside the cell door and carried it behind Adele.

Adele continued staring at Dr. B as Suki pulled her hands behind her back, first the left, and then the right, and buckled broad leather cuffs around her wrists.  Similar cuffs were buckled around her ankles.  Padlocks clicked, then Suki stood, dragged the end of a stout chain from the wall opposite the door to Adele, and padlocked its terminal link to the D-ring in the back of her collar.  She then gave the top of Adele's head an infuriating, condescending pat, and carried the duffel and trash bag stuffed with Adele's clothes to the door and tossed them into the hallway.

"Well, it's late and we still have to get Miss Simms settled," Dr. B said, "so please, avail yourself of the amenities."  She gestured to a bare and somewhat dirty mattress tucked in the cell's left corner, then to a stainless steel, one-piece commode in the right corner.  "The toilet operates via a foot pedal in the base, and the flush cycle includes an automatic bidet function.  Also, note the clever little drinking fountain built into the top of the reservoir tank.  It's motion sensitive."

Adele watched as Suki untied the slip-knot securing Charlie's leash to her knees, helped her to her feet, and led her from the cell.  Dr. B followed, but paused in the doorway.  "I'm afraid room service is unavailable at this hour, but if you need anything, just scream."

"The collar, Dr. B," Suki chuckled, nodding at the still glowering Adele.

"Oh, that's right," Dr. B said with a smile.  "Never mind."  She pulled the door closed.

Adele heard the bolt slide home, followed by the click of the lock.  She heaved a sigh, then examined her surroundings.  It was a cell, but a rather large cell.  The concrete was unpainted, except for some kind of clear sealant that had long since cured.  The door's hinges and all the other hardware were on the corridor side, of course.  Light came from a can-type fixture recessed in the center of the ceiling and protected by a grid of metal bars.  There were narrow slits set high in the left and right walls, possibly air vents, and they were also protected by bars, although nothing larger than a mouse could possibly have tried using them as a means of escape.

The air was warm, perhaps a little too warm, but Adele didn't mind.  Better to sweat a little than to shiver, she reasoned.

Her wrist and ankle cuffs were tight, meaning inescapable, but were more-or-less comfortable.  As best she could tell with her hands behind her back, all of her wrist and ankle bonds were similar to her collar, thick black leather with stainless steel hardware, only they were wider, about three inches in width.  All four buckles were padlocked, also like her collar.  Her ankle cuffs were joined by about eight inches of steel chain, so she was quite effectively hobbled.  Her wrists were joined cuff-to-cuff, and an eighteen-inch vertical chain linked the cuffs to the back of her collar.

Adele climbed to her feet as gracefully as her bonds would allow, and made a quick, shuffling inspection of the cell.  The drinking fountain worked as advertised, for which she was very grateful.  So did the toilet, although the rather enthusiastic bidet was mildly unsettling.  It automatically functioned when she pressed the foot pedal to flush the toilet, splashing her crotch with a stream of cold water for a few seconds.  There was no way to dry herself afterwards, but she'd survive.

The tethering collar-chain stretched from an eye-bolt in the center of the back wall, set at waist-level.  It allowed Adele to shuffle, with chain-hobbled steps, over almost the entire cell; however, she found she couldn't quite reach the door.  Not that there was much point.  Bound or unbound, chained or unchained, she could do nothing to the steel portal other than scratch at the gray paint with her fingernails.

Adele dragged her chain and herself to the mattress, sat, then stretched out and made herself as comfortable as her bonds would allow.  The logical thing would be to try and get some sleep, but she knew that wasn't gonna happen.

What are they doing to Charlie? Adele worried.  What are they gonna do to me?

Chapter 4

Charlie tried to prepare herself for what she thought was coming.  They're gonna make me strip! she thought.  Then, they're gonna lock me in chains, like Adele!

Her collar, gag, and rope and cord bonds were all intact, of course, but with her hood removed, Charlie was "free" to examine her surroundings, and what she saw wasn't exactly reassuring.  She was shuffling down a concrete corridor, and her surroundings could have served as the setting for a grade-C horror movie.  It was a genre Charlie considered without any redeeming qualities, not even as a so-bad-it's-good guilty pleasure.  Anyway, with a little set dressing Dr. B's "lair" could have been an abandoned asylum or prison.  All that was missing was a half-dozen dimwitted, horny teenagers and a masked maniac, vengeful ghost, or conjured demon to kill them off in a series of creative and progressively gorier manners, one-by-one.

Charlie passed gray steel door after gray steel door, on both sides of the corridor.  Overhead, the lighting fixtures were covered with heavy wire grills.  Numbers and letters were stenciled on the doors in a shade of gray only slightly darker then the door itself, and if there was any actual meaning to the jumbles of letters and numbers, it eluded Charlie.  In any case, she had far greater concerns.

They arrived at a steel door more-or-less identical to the rest, including Adele's.  Dr. B pulled out a key and did the honors, and Charlie was led across the threshold and into a cell that was, indeed, identical to Adele's.  Actually, its layout was the mirror image of Adele's accommodations, but that was the only apparent difference.

What happened next was both distressing and surprising.  Rather than being untied and ordered to strip, Suki led Charlie to the stainless steel commode, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, then pulled them down as far as her knee-bonds would allow.  Her panties were next.  Then, Suki grabbed the bottom hem of Charlie's tank-top, pulled it up, and tucked it under her lower chest ropes, just under her breasts.  From thighs to tummy, Charlie was now nude.  She was also mortified.  Cheeks blushing (on her face), she looked at Suki, then shifted her gaze to Dr. B's evilly smiling visage.

"Well," Suki said, shaking her head, "are ya gonna tinkle... or what?"

Charlie blinked in surprise.  Tinkle?  Okay, she did have to tinkle, a little.  But—with an audience?

"Did you know that a vibrating probe placed at just the right spot will eventually cause a patient to empty her bladder?" Dr. B purred.

"I call it the 'P-spot.'  Like G-spot, only with a P," Suki giggled.

Dr. B rolled her eyes, then pointed at the steel commode.  "Sit."

Still blushing, Charlie sat on the steel seat—the cold steel seat.  It took several seconds, but, with her kidnappers watching with gloating smiles, Charlie finally managed to empty her bladder.

"Brace yourself," Suki said, once the tinkling sound stopped, "and don't stand up."  With that, she tapped the commode's foot-pedal with the toe of her right boot.

Charlie's eyes widened as cold water splashed her crotch.  Then, her gaze hardened.  If Adele could find the courage to stare daggers at their captors, so could Charlie!  Finally, the water stopped.

"Up," Suki ordered.  "Potty time is over."  She took hold of Charlie's leash and gave it a tug.

Charlie stood and waited for Suki to restore her clothing.  Instead, Suki turned and led Charlie towards the door.  With her jeans and panties around her knees, Charlie was even more effectively hobbled than before, but only a little.  She stumbled back into the corridor with Dr. B close behind, continuing her angry glare.

Dr. B overtook her minion and unlocked and opened another door, then Suki placed her right palm against Charlie's upper back and gave her a gentle push forward.

Charlie stumbled forward and got her first good look at what was waiting in the chamber beyond—and froze in place.

"Silly girl," Suki chuckled.  "It's not like you have any choice."

Eyes wide and staring in horror, Charlie tried to resist, but with Suki pushing from behind and Dr. B tugging on her leash, she had no choice but to cross the threshold.


Chapter 4

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