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Chapter 3

Dramatis Personæ

Suki made short work of the ropes lashing Gail's conscious but paralyzed body to her throne-like office chair.  Then, with the help of Dr. B, Gail's still bound, gagged, and shock-collared form was lifted onto her desk.  Suki then began the process of untying Gail's remaining bonds, starting with her ankles and working her way up to her rope-yoked shoulders.

Dr. B stood back and watched, her arms crossed under her breasts.

Charlie and Adele also watched.  As they were bound, gagged, shock-collared, and lashed to their chairs, they had little choice.  They certainly weren't in any position to help Gail or to protest her treatment, or, for that matter, their treatment.

Suki made equally short work of the rest of the ropes.  Obviously, she was as practiced and professional in the art of bondage as her taller companion.  Finally, not counting her shock-collar and gag, Gail was "free."

"Excellent.  I'll handle it from here," Dr. B purred.

"You mean you'll handle her from here," Suki huffed, then began coiling the tangled lengths of rope cluttering the desk and floor.  She dropped the resulting neat hanks on the seat of Gail's now empty chair, one by one.

"Don't pout, darling," Dr. B chuckled.  "You'll also get to play."

The happy (evil) smile returned to Suki's pixie face.

Gail was on her back in a limp sprawl, dressed in one of her expensive, designer power-suits, with skirt.  She'd removed her shoes and jacket prior to her capture, and at some point during the application of her bondage the top buttons of her blouse had come undone; but otherwise, she was fully clothed—but not for long.

Dr. B unbuttoned the remaining buttons of Gail's blouse, pulled the tails out from under the skirt's waistband, unbuttoned the cuffs of the long sleeves, then removed the blouse completely, lifting and rolling Gail's slack, lifeless body as required.  Next, she unbuttoned Gail's skirt and slid it from under her butt and down her nylon-clad legs.

"She's in okay shape for an old lady," Suki stated.

It was true.  In fact, it was an understatement.  Gail had a healthy tan, and it was obvious she ran, swam, made regular visits to a gym, or kept fit by other means, perhaps yoga.  Actually, Dr. B had accumulated a dossier on Gail Tarkington and knew it was all of the above.  Anyway, Gail had a slender waist, her tummy was flat and firm, and she had excellent muscle tone.  Lying on the desk in nothing but her bra, panties, and pantyhose, she was quite an enticing sight.

"Okay shape for an old lady," Dr. B chuckled, shaking her head as she repeated Suki's words.  "If you take care of yourself like Ms. Tarkington, fifty-something is not old."  She pointed at the duffel-bag.  "Eye-drops."

Charlie and Adele watched as Suki unzipped a side-pocket of the duffel and produced a small vial with an applicator-cap.  Dr. B held Gail's head steady while Suki opened the vial, gently pulling back Gail's eyelids, and applied three small drops of a clear liquid to Gail's staring blue eyes, first the left... then the right.

Dr. B smiled at Charlie and Adele.  "That will keep those pretty blue peepers nice and moist," she explained, then began removing Gail's satiny, champagne-colored bra.  The briefs clearly visible under her pantyhose were the same color.

Charlie and Adele exchanged a look of mutual distress and horror, then returned their attention to the unfolding drama of the undressing of their producer.  Dr. B pulled down Gail's pantyhose and stripped them from her legs... and then her briefs, leaving Gail completely naked.

"Oh, mamma like," Suki sighed.

The promise of Gail Tarkington in her underwear was fulfilled by the vision of Gail Tarkington in the nude.  Her previously noted healthy tan was of the all-over variety.  Apparently, her gym had tanning beds.  Either that or she was a regular visitor to a "naturalist spa."  Her brown, curly pubic bush was lush but well-trimmed, with the rest of her crotch and upper thighs smoothly shaved or waxed.

"Remove her jewelry and give her a light oiling," Dr. B ordered.

Suki grinned, then affected a tragic pout.  "If I have to," she sighed.  It was her turn to play again, and she feigned petulance wasn't fooling anyone, least of all Beebe.

The jewelry in question consisted of a pair of diamond, post-style earrings, a thin gold necklace-chain with a small diamond pendant, and a navel piercing with a tiny diamond pendant-charm and an even tinier diamond post-cap.  Suki removed the earrings and necklace and dropped them in a small zip-lock bag, then unscrewed the navel piercing's post-cap and dropped it and the piercing into the bag as well.  Next, she parted Gail's thighs, leaned close, and began a detailed digital examination of Gail's labia.

"And this is an example of your legendary due diligence?" Dr. B purred.

Suki grinned at her boss.  "Gotta check for labial piercings, don't I?"

"It would appear the results of your examination are negative," Dr. B intoned.  "Don't forget to check for toe rings."

"I already did," Suki muttered.  "Don't be insulting."  She dropped the zip-lock bag into the desk drawer, then went to the duffel and returned with a small plastic bottle.  She lifted the folded applicator built into the cap, squirted a dollop of thick, clear fluid onto her left palm, set the bottle down on the desk, and rubbed her latex-gloved hands together.  She then smiled down at Gail's nude, limp body, gently gripped her breasts, and began rubbing the fluid—which apparently was some form of massage oil—onto the tan, firm globes.

Dr. B stepped between the visitor chairs and rested a hand on her other two captives' closest shoulders.  "She's beautiful, isn't she?"

"Why, thank you, Dr. B," Suki giggled.

"Cheeky monkey," Dr. B purred.  "I'm referring to Ms. Tarkington."

"Oh," Suki said, affecting another pout.  She enlarged the scope of her massage to include Gail's shoulders, replenishing the oil in her hands as required.  Soon, Gail's upper body glistened with a light coating of oil, and Suki was only getting started.  Eventually, Gail's neck (where it wasn't covered by the shock-collar), face (where it wasn't covered by her gag), arms, legs, and feet glistened as well.  Suki then gently rolled Gail onto her stomach and completed her task.

"Yes, she's beautiful," Dr. B said, giving Charlie and Gail's shoulders a gentle squeeze.  "And now, I'm going to transform her into a work of art."

Chapter 3

Dr. B began by tying Gail's wrists together behind her back, using more of the same brown cord she'd used to bind Charlie and Adele's wrists.  She placed Gail's hands palm-to-palm, also as she had with her captive audience, but this time she used more cord, wrapping and cinching until a neat, uniform band of interlaced cord at least three inches in width covered Gail's wrists.  Also, she included Gail's fingers and thumbs in her bondage.  The final knots were tied between Gail's forearms, and the short free ends were tucked under the wrist bindings to keep them out of the way.

Suki reached into the duffel and handed Dr. B a roll of clear, three inch wide tape.  As Charlie and Adele watched, Dr. B pulled several inches from the roll and began wrapping it around Gail's wrist bonds.  They could see that the tape was stretchy, almost like thin rubber or latex, and appeared to adhere to itself quite well.  Dr. B continued stretching and wrapping, overlapping each pass by at least half.  She worked her way down Gail's hands to her fingertips... then reversed direction and went back up to her wrists.  The final result was a flipper-like pair of hands pressed together as if in prayer, cord-bound and tape-mummified.  The formfitting, translucent sheath was uniform and smooth, and although the seams of the individual layers of tape were visible, it was almost as if Gail's hands had been dipped in hot wax.

Suki smiled at Charlie and Adele as she accepted the roll of tape from Dr. B and returned it to the duffel.  "This stuff is killer," she said.  "The adhesive is super-strong, and the layers fuse together and might as well be one piece.  Also, it's hypoallergenic."

"Suki darling," Dr. B purred, "please don't distract my audience while I'm creating a work of art."

Still smiling, Suki rolled her eyes.  "Yes, Dr. B.  Sorry, Dr. B."

The full creation of Beebe's "work of art" took more than half an hour, and consumed not only the rope on Gail's chair, but several more coils from the duffel.  The result fell squarely into the category of a hogtie, although aficionados would note several well-integrated aspects of a classic frog-tie.

Rolling and lifting Gail's body as required, Dr. B lashed her ankles together, then used additional rope to bind her already corded and tape-shrouded wrists.  Her legs were bent back until her heels rested atop her wrists.  Neat, cinched bands of rope were applied to dimple the flesh of her thighs and lower legs, her waist, upper arms, and torso, and to yoke her shoulders.  Her elbows were tied a few inches apart, and multiple strands of rope were passed around her waist and through her crotch, both cleaving her pussy and pressing her labia together against the knotted, cleaving strands.

Not only were Gail's limbs bound together, but additional rope was passed through her bonds and tightened to link everything into a lateral and diagonal web.  Clearly, Gail's bonds were totally inescapable and she was completely helpless, but Dr. B wasn't satisfied.

She used cord to bind Gail's toes together in a neat row.  Then, with Suki's assistance, Dr. B gathered Gail's hair into a ponytail, repeatedly wrapped a series of rope loops around the base to keep the long brown strands together, then folded the ponytail back over the rope and wrapped it with more rope to form a tight bundle.  Finally, the free end of the rope was passed back and through the cord linking Gail's big toes, down to the wrist/ankle/crotch-rope nexus, all slack was removed, and a series of knots were tied.

Yes, it was a hogtie, a very stringent hogtie.  Gail's body was pulled back into a taut, permanent bow, with her chin raised and off the desktop, as well as her thighs.  She was balanced almost exclusively on her tummy, with only the lower halves of her rope-framed breasts touching the hard surface.  If she wasn't paralyzed by Dr. B's insidious drug, Gail might have been able to rock back and forth a little, but Charlie and Adele seriously doubted she's be able to do much more.  Dr. B and Suki knew she wouldn't be able to do much more.

Suki grinned at Charlie and Adele.  "I like to call it Überbondage," she said, "but Dr. B just calls it a job well done."

"Yes, I do," Dr. B chuckled, then focused on her assistant.  "Be a dear and complete Ms. Tarkington's gag, would you please?"

Suki's smile broadened.  "Little ol' me?  Oh, Dr. B, you spoil me."

"You were spoiled a very long time ago," Dr. B purred, pulled the roll of clear tape from the duffel, and placed it on the desktop.

Meanwhile, Suki rummaged through the jumbled pile of Gail's clothing and retrieved the hogtied captive's panties.  She gave the crotch panel a delicate sniff, then smiled at Charlie and Adele.  "There's no scent in the whole wide world as yummy as the musk of a damsel-in-distress," she sighed, then nodded at Gail.  "While we waited for you two to arrive, Gail had plenty of opportunity to sweat."  She folded the silky, champagne-colored briefs into a rectangular pad.  Then, after stripping free a generous length of tape from the roll, she placed the silky pad against Gail's stuffed and tape-cleaved mouth, with the folded edge of the crotch panel nearly touching her nostrils.  A single tight band of tape would have sufficed to keep the pad in place, but Suki continued stretching and wrapping layer after tight, overlapping layer, passing completely around Gail's head and under the ponytail-to-toes rope, and she didn't stop until the hogtied captive's lower face was mummified from just under her nose to just past the point of her chin and the entire roll was expended.

Eye's wide with horror, Charlie and Adele stared at Gail's nude, glistening, stringently hogtied, and very well-gagged body.

Meanwhile, Dr. B had been busy preparing another injection.  She used an alcohol pad to sterilize a small patch of skin on the right side of Gail's neck, deftly slid the needle into the neck muscle, and slowly depressed the plunger.  "That's the antagonist to the paralyzing drug," she explained.  "It takes a couple of minutes to act, but you'll have an opportunity to tell her goodbye before the four of us depart."

Charlie and Adele turned their heads to share a gagged, worried look.  Obviously, their thoughts were the same.  The four of us?  We're leaving?  And leaving Gail behind?

"Get them ready to travel," Dr. B said to Suki, then zipped the duffel closed.

Chapter 3

Getting Charlie and Adele ready to travel involved nothing more than Suki untying the ropes lashing them to their chairs, untying their ankles, then using a four-foot length of rope to link the D-ring in the back of Charlie's shock-collar to the D-ring in the front of Adele's collar.  Suki tied a second four-foot length of rope to Charlie's front D-ring, then coiled the remaining loose rope and stowed it in the duffel.

Charlie and Adele watched as their bonds were changed, but their attention was also on Gail.  Their producer and friend was beginning to squirm and blink her eyes.  Obviously, the paralyzing drug was being counteracted by the second injection, as Dr. B had promised.

Not that it did Gail very much good, of course.

Gail rolled her shoulders, rocked back and forth on her stomach, and tested her helpless condition as best she could.  This accomplished little more than squashing and un-squashing her breasts against the desktop, and fractionally tightening and loosening various parts of her bonds.  None of the rope bands shifted, and she winced as the hair-rope tugged on her scalp.  She didn't try moaning or mewling through her improved gag.  The shock-collar was still around her neck and would punish any muffled, pathetic, and pointless attempt to speak on her part.

"Suki, darling," Dr. B said, "why don't you take the ladies down to the first floor.  I'd like to have a few private words with Ms. Tarkington."

"Sure thing, Dr. B," Suki answered.  She hefted the duffel-bag's long strap onto her shoulder, then gave the rope dangling from Charlie's collar a tug.  "Up you come, girls.  Time to dance on out of here."

Charlie and Adele's ankles might be free, but their knees were still lashed together.  Dancing was out of the question; however, they found they could walk, with severely limited strides.  After awkwardly climbing to their feet, they followed Suki from the office.  Tied together in a coffle and with Suki pulling on the leash, they had no choice.  They looked back over their shoulders at Gail's naked, hogtied, and gagged form for as long as they could, then were out the door and gone.

Gail watched her captive stars depart.  With the office door open, she could see down the entire length of the dark hallway, but soon, Suki and her shuffling prisoners were nothing but vague, dwindling shapes.

"I've taken back the burner phone I gave you for the planning phase," Beebe said to Gail once the others were well out of earshot, "but I left another to take its place.  It's in your desk drawer, in a manila envelope with a note instructing you to wait for the 'anonymous kidnappers' to call and warning you not to contact the police."  She walked around the desk, sat in the visitor chair recently occupied by Charlie, and smiled at her captive.

Gail blinked her blue eyes and stared back at her captor.  With her toes cord-bound, her fingers bound and mummified in tape, and her body hogtied and encased in a tight, unforgiving web of rope, blinking her eyes was the only truly normal motion she found possible.

"You will call the police, of course," Beebe continued, "as we previously agreed.  The insurance company will insist on it, in any case."  She crossed her legs and her smile broadened.  "You're probably wondering why I'm being so cruel, why you find yourself naked, gagged, and hogtied on your desk.  There are three reasons.  One, I very much enjoy doing nasty things involving rope and tape to attractive women, and you are quite attractive, Ms. Tarkington.  It's a personal foible I turned into a hobby, then a second career.  Two, once you're discovered in this state, neither the police, the FBI, nor the insurance investigators will entertain even the slightest suspicion that you might somehow be involved in the kidnapping."  Her smile turned especially evil.  "You're welcome."

Beebe stood, leaned over the desk, and whispered in Gail's right ear.  "And three, I don't like you very much, Gail.  I think you're an absolute bitch to cause something like this to happen to two delightful people like Charlie Simms and Adele Dazeem."  She stood upright, then turned and strolled to the office door.  "When that cute little redhead you underpay and abuse as your personal secretary arrives in the morning, I wonder how long it will be before she wonders why you haven't shown up for work and decides she ought to check your office."

Gail watched in horror as Beebe turned off the overhead lights.  With the hall lights already off, they were both plunged into near total darkness.

"I'll lock the door as I leave, of course," Beebe's voice sounded.  "And remember, your shock-collar is still on.  In fact, I've turned the sensitivity setting up a notch.  Whenever your lackeys start knocking on the office door, you'll have to decide if the possibility of letting them know you're in here and desperately need their help is outweighed by the pain.  Remember, this door is quite thick and your reinforced gag is quite effective, as such things go.  Well, I don't expect we'll meet again, Ms. Tarkington, so this is goodbye.  The pleasure has been all mine."

Gail heard the door close, followed by the click of the lock engaging.  She squirmed and wiggled, accomplishing nothing.  The darkness was total, as total as her helplessness.  Gail had an expensive antique clock on the credenza, behind her hogtied body, but it was mechanical, with a non-luminous dial.  She could hear its monotonous ticking, but even if it was right in front of her face, she wouldn't be able to read the position of the hands.

It was hours until dawn, and there would be additional hours until she could reasonably expect to be rescued.  Exactly how many hours, Gail had no idea.

Chapter 3

The trip down the stairs was mildly precarious, but no actual tripping was involved.  Charlie and Adele's knee bonds severely limited their steps, but both were talented dancers and managed a slow but safe descent.  Once on the first floor, Suki stopped and they waited... but it was only about a minute, possibly two, before Dr. Bondage bounced down the stairs to join them.

"I still think you should have left her a vibrator to play with," Suki said to her boss, "to help her pass the time."

"And as I told you before," Dr. B chuckled, "I don't want to help her pass the time.  Let's go."

The leash snapped taut and Charlie and Adele stumbled in Suki's wake.  Dr. B brought up the rear.

Charlie assumed they would be going out the front door.  Instead, Suki led them towards the back of the building, towards the back door to the alley.  Come to think of it, Charlie mentally chided herself, the alley makes more sense.  She resolved to get over the shock of her capture, Adele's capture, what was happening to poor Gail, and keep her wits about her.  Anything she noticed could be important, both to eventually help the police bring their kidnappers to justice, and especially to help them escape, should fortune smile and an opportunity presented itself.

Anyway, Charlie was surprised, yet again.  Instead of the door to the alley, they were led into the prop workshop.  They shuffled down the row of power tool stations, past racks of lumber, plywood, and rolls of canvas, and came to a nondescript door in the back wall.  Suki pulled it open, and they beheld a staircase leading down.  Another descent followed, their way lit by a small flashlight in Suki's free hand, and they found themselves in the basement.

There was a bulky, ancient furnace and other utility equipment off to one side, and stacked cardboard boxes and wooden crates formed a dusty, cobweb-strewn clutter.  A single, very dim light-bulb dangling from a ratty cord provided light.  It shed only a feeble glow, little more than a nightlight, but was more than enough for their dark-adapted eyes.

And speaking of rats.  They didn't see them, but the quiet scampering and squealing sounds echoing from the shadows very strongly suggested they were there.

Suki led the parade through the basement.  The clutter thinned out, dwindled to nothing, and the only features illuminated by Suki's flashlight were dusty, dirty emptiness and thick, regularly spaced, steel columns.

Charlie shivered in her bonds.  Please don't let them leave us down here, she prayed.  Please!

Thankfully—maybe—being abandoned bound and gagged in the dark, filthy basement was not to be their fate.  The far wall of the basement loomed, and set in the ancient bricks was a heavy steel door studded with bolts.  It was rusty, its gray or possibly brown paint flaked and peeling.

Dr. B stepped forward and inserted a large and rather peculiar key into the door's deadbolt lock, gave it two turns, then placed both hands on the staple-like handle and heaved.  Heavy-duty hinges desperately in need of oil squealed, the door swung open, and a wall of very humid air, even more dank-smelling than that of the basement, engulfed the kidnappers and their victims.

Beyond was a rusty set of metal stairs with expanded metal treads, leading downward.

Dr. B smiled at her captives.  "Be careful, ladies.  These steps can be treacherous."


Chapter 3

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