The Wager
The Wager

by Van ©2015

Chapter 8

Dramatis Personæ


Alicia's sense of time began to drift almost immediately.  Either that, or she maintained a solid lock on all aspects of reality for hours and hours.  After it was all over, she was never sure which.

Total darkness.  There was either no light, or none was able to penetrate the glass of the chamber's cover and/or the gag-gasmask's faceplate.

Total silence.  That is, total silence not counting the pathetic noises she made herself.  The rubber plug more-or-less filling her mouth rendered speech impossible and turned all attempts into weak, feeble moans.

Total helplessness.  The myriad of straps pinning her in place allowed only feeble, squirming motions.

Supposedly, the padding supporting her naked body was the same density and temperature as her body.  She did seem to be floating in her bonds, but couldn't decide if she was too hot or too cold.  Was the temperature in her close, sarcophagus-like prison cycling between temperatures?  Or was it all in her mind?

Sensory Deprivation Chamber, Alicia mused.  She'd been "promised" electrical and vibratory stimulation, but so far... nothing.  However long it had been since the cover closed, her senses had been... deprived.

With so little to keep it grounded, Alicia's mind began to drift.  She could almost sense her own body as a separate entity, as if all this was something happening to someone else, as if she was a disembodied spirit drifting above poor, helpless, abandoned Alicia... watching her pathetic wiggling and squirming movements... listening to her sad, pointless, gagged pleas.  But she knew it wasn't someone else.  She was Alicia, and—

What was that?

Something had happened between her legs.  The dildo filling her pussy had pulsed... briefly... or had it?  Alicia thought she might have imagined it.  She was ready to imagine something, anything.  Maybe hallucinations would help pass the—"Mrrrrrf!"

There was no question whatsoever that an electric shock had just jolted both of her nipples and it was not a hallucination!  And it had hurt!

Alicia struggled for all she was worth, but the result was the same as her former weaker efforts to escape.

More time passed.

And then... the vibration between her legs returned.  And slowly... every so slowly... it increased in intensity... and began to pulse with a regular rhythm.

Alicia floated above the poor, pathetic prisoner strapped to the padding and sealed under thick glass lid of the chamber and watched her futile struggles.  Clearly, the helpless captive was enjoying what was being done to her.  It was very sad, but at the same time, Alicia found herself wishing it was her, that she was the slave suffering for Mistress Lynda's pleasure.  It would be wonderful!  It would be... her destiny!

The phallus continued pulsing, but now the nipple-clamps and contact disks had joined the effort to force an orgasm from the prisoner's helpless body, and so had the disks on her thighs!  Low intensity shocks below the pain threshold were pulsing in concert with the buzzing phallus.  As the intensity of the vibrations slowly increased, the intensity of the tingling clips and pads increased as well.

Suddenly, as if a switch had been thrown, Alicia realized it was her!  She wasn't watching a helpless damsel be teased and titillated towards orgasm, it was her!

And then, voices started whispering in her ears!

"I love being Mistress Lynda's slave."

"She's so cruel to me.  I love her so."

"When she ties me up, I feel so safe and warm and happy."

"And when she makes me cum, I'm in heaven!"

"I'm so glad she made me her slave."

"I never knew happiness before Mistress Lynda enslaved me."

"I wish she'd keep me tied up tight and thoroughly gagged all the time!"

Sometimes the voice was Gabby's, sometimes Kimberly's, and sometimes it was female voices Alicia didn't recognize.  They spoke very softly.  Alicia could barely hear them, especially with the distraction of what was happening between her legs and to her breasts and thighs, but they were real.  She was sure.

The voices continued, and the stimulation continued to build.  And then, the voices began sighing and moaning.  The only words Alicia could make out were the occasional "Mistress!" or "Lynda!"

The vibrations and teasing, pulsing shocks plateaued... and continued... then began to build in intensity, again!  Alicia could feel a massive orgasm building.  Mistress Lynda—the chamber's computer, she corrected herself—was playing her with consummate skill, prolonging the process of forcing her to ecstasy, and threading an element of cruel frustration into the orgasmic concerto.

Finally, Alicia was trembling on the brink, and orgasm could not and would not be denied!  Any second now, the phallus and the electrical teasing would push her over the top, and then—

The vibration and shocks stopped, the platform's glass cover opened, and light and cool air flooded Alicia's helpless, squirming, sweaty form!  "Mrrpfh!"

Gabby and Kimberly were looming over the Prisoner of the Chamber.  Both was dressed as before: yoga pants and sports bra for Gabby and a spa uniform for Kim.  And both blondes were smiling.

"Do you think she managed to cum?" Gabby asked Kimberly.

Kimberly shrugged.  "I have no idea.  What difference does it make?"

"None whatsoever," Gabby purred.

"M'mpfh mrr nrf m'mmmp!"  Inarticulate noise was all than emerged from Alicia's gagged mouth, but her intent had been to suggest a creative but anatomically questionable contortion that Gabby and Kim might wish to perform.

Alicia's handlers ignored her gagged tirade as they released the nipple clips, peeled off the breast and thigh disks, began releasing the dozens of straps pinning her to the padding, and, when the relevant straps were loosened or removed, slid the phallus from her well-lubricated pussy.  At the same time, they threaded leather straps through the D-rings in Alicia's body harness to pin her upper-arms to her torso, bind her touching forearms behind her back and against her spine, and strap her mitt-encased fingers and hands against her waist.  This required some rolling and turning of Alicia's body, but her handlers persevered.

Finally, Alicia was lifted off the platform and onto her hobbled feet.  Gabby held her steady while Kimberly attacked the straps of the gag-mask-collar.  Eventually, the collar came free, followed by the mask and faceplate, and then Kim eased the plug from Alicia's mouth and tossed the monstrosity back on the platform.

Alicia licked her lips, worked her jaw, and shook the hair from her sweaty and glowering face.  "Goddammit!  Get me out of this thing."  She twisted her torso and fought her bonds with all her strength, nearly breaking free from Gabby's grip.  "I've had enough of this—Mrrrf!"  Kimberly had her in a tight hand-gag.

Still smiling, Gabby held up a ball-gag—a black rubber sphere with a black leather strap and stainless steel buckle—and shook it in Alicia's face.  "Are you going to be a good little slave, or do you want to bite rubber?  Your choice."

Kimberly removed her hand and Alicia stared daggers at Gabby's beautiful, smirking face.  "Just you wait," she muttered.  "You're going to wish you'd never begged me to be your mistress."

Gabby buckled the ball-gag around Alicia's neck, securing it by its first hole so it dangled below the glowering captive's chin like an ugly necklace.  "I have a quite different recollection of the beginning of our relationship," Gabby chuckled as she pulled Alicia's tousled hair free of the ball-gag and combed it from her angry face with her long, tan fingers.  "It was never overt, of course, but I think you were the one doing the begging."

"Just you wait," Alicia growled.  "How many hours was I in that thing?" she demanded as Gabby continued fiddling with her hair.  "What day is it?"

"Not quite two hours," Gabby purred.

Alicia's eyes popped wide.  "Only two hours?  No way!"

"If Mistress really intended to leave you in the chamber," Kimberly purred in Alicia's ear, "she would have ordered us to outfit you with an electrified butt-plug and a urinary catheter.  And we would have been happy to do it."

"Very happy," Gabby agreed, still smiling her irritating, quirky smile.  "It's no fun cleaning up after messy slaves."

"Just you wait," Alicia reiterated.

"Come," Kimberly said.  "Mistress is waiting."

Kimberly led the way from the chamber, Alicia followed, her steps hobbled by the strap connecting her ankle-cuffs, and Gabby brought up the rear.

Chapter 8

Alicia minced down the hallway, sandwiched between Kimberly and Gabby.  She was still angry... and horny.  Over the course of what she was still convinced was hours—more than two, anyway—the chamber had brought her to the brink of orgasm, and she was still dealing with the aftermath.

She owes me, Alicia fumed silently.  Lynda owes me.

The bizarre parade (bizarre thanks to Alicia's naked, harnessed, and hobbled condition) arrived at Lynda's home office.  Mistress was seated behind a small desk and typing on a laptop computer.  The garden venue visible through the wall of glass to one side was quite attractive, like all of Mistress' garden venues.  Mistress herself was also attractive, of course.  She was dressed for business in heels, skirt, silk blouse, and with a matching jacket hanging from a nearby clothes-tree.  Her hair was loose about her shoulders.  Yes, she was very attractive... and she owed Alicia an orgasm.

Lynda continued working at her laptop, Kimberly and Gabby stood patiently and waited to be acknowledged.

Okay, okay, Alicia thought, she's beautiful.  She's always beautiful.  The she in question was Mistress Lynda, of course, and Alicia had no idea why she was debating with herself like this.  Perhaps it was another aftereffect of her two hours (or more) in the dreaded Sensory Deprivation Chamber.

Finally, Lynda tapped a final key, closed the laptop, and smiled at her slaves.  "Chair," she said, gracefully gesturing towards one of the two visitor chairs facing her desk.

Kimberly led Alicia to the chair and helped her sit.  The smiling blonde then knelt, removed the hobbling strap connecting Alicia's ankle-cuffs, then clipped the ankle-cuffs together.  She stood and smiled at Lynda, awaiting her mistress' next command.

Lynda focused on Gabby.  "I believe you're scheduled for a three mile run, followed by a massage."

"And a sauna," Gabby confirmed, then remembered to add, "Mistress."

"Off you go," Lynda purred.

Gabby strolled to Alicia's side, leaned close, and kissed her pouting lips.  "Later, Storm Cloud," she said quietly.

"Bite me," Alicia muttered in reply.

Gabby giggled and made her exit.

Lynda shifted her smiling gaze to Kimberly.  "I believe Slave Alicia is probably ready for lunch."

"Yes, Mistress."  Kimberly bowed and followed Gabby from the office.

Lynda smiled at Alicia.

Alicia glowered at Lynda.

Seconds ticked by.

"So," Lynda said, finally, "mistress, or slave?"

Alicia continued staring, then a ghost of a smile curled her lips.  "I suppose if you insist, I'll take you as my slave.  But I already have one slave, and Gabby can be a bit of a handful."

Still smiling, Lynda nodded in agreement.  "Gabby is a rascal, that's for sure," she purred, "but I was inquiring as to yourself."

Alicia cocked her head in mock surprise.  "Myself?  I'm a mistress, of course."

Lynda nodded, again.  "You have surprising strength, I'll grant you that.  As for your status... dom or sub, top or bottom, mistress or slave... I remain unconvinced.  You will grant that you lack experience, of course."

Alicia nodded.  "So stipulated."

Lynda smiled for several more seconds.  "I'm willing to continue your training... and your evaluation."

"That's big of you," Alicia muttered.

"We can discuss the details later, but for now—"  Lynda gestured towards the office door.

Alicia turned and watched Kimberly push a serving cart into the office.  Her stomach growled and her mouth watered.  Lunch sounded very good as she'd missed breakfast.  However, she watched as Kimberly spread a cloth on the floor, then deployed a pair of bowls, a pair of stainless steel pet bowls.  One was full to the rim with clear water.  The other was full of... ravioli?  She turned back to Lynda and glared.

"I'm afraid I have work to do," Lynda said, still smiling.  "Enjoy your lunch."

Meanwhile, without a word, Kimberly was wheeling the cart from the office.

Alicia stared at the bowls on the floor, then scowled at Lynda, hauled herself to her ankle-cuffed feet, and hopped towards the waiting meal.  Her breasts bounced in a most humiliating manner with every hop.  Lynda was back to tapping the keys of her laptop, but Alicia knew she was watching.

Alicia reached the cloth and bowls, settled to her knees, and stared at the water and food.  She briefly considered making a show of pride and refusing to eat and drink from the bowls like a common house pet, but her empty stomach vetoed the gesture.  She leaned down and managed to use her lips and tongue to ease a ravioli into her mouth.  There was a light sauce, but at least for now, she was managing to eat without making a mess of her face and hair.  That might change as she emptied the bowl.

The ravioli were delicious.  Some were stuffed with crab, some with sausage, some with mushrooms, and some with mixtures more difficult to identify.  All were delicious.

Alicia continued eating and Lynda continued tapping the laptop's keys... and smiling.

Chapter 8

After lunch—which was as humiliating as it was delicious—Kimberly returned and did four things:  (1) She bundled the now empty pet bowls in the tablecloth (correction, floor-cloth); (2) She used a wet washcloth to clean Alicia's pouting face; (3) She popped the ball-gag in Alicia's mouth and buckled it at the nape of her neck, under her hair and tight enough to dimple her already prominent cheeks; and (4) She left the office, taking the bundled bowls with her.

Naked, helpless in her body-harness, straps, and mitts, Alicia lay on her side and glared at Lynda.  She briefly considered climbing back to her ankle-cuffed feet and hopping back to the visitor chair, uninvited.  She stared at the chair, then at Lynda, then at the chair.  It was a nice chair, a comfortable chair, but she decided the carpet was better... for now.

Lynda continued working at her laptop.  After several minutes she stood, stretched, walked out into the garden, and made a phone call.  Alicia lay on her side and watched.  Lynda was beautiful.  It was infuriating.

Lynda completed her call, returned to the office, pulled on her jacket, pocketed her phone, and left, ignoring Alicia completely.

Minutes turned into a half-hour.  Alicia squirmed and rolled on the floor.  She wasn't trying to escape.  She was trying for comfort.

And then, Lynda returned.  She removed her jacket and hung it on the clothes-tree, settled into her office chair, and returned to tapping the keys of the laptop.  She continued ignoring Alicia completely.

Alicia considered making some rude, articulate noise and forcing Lynda to notice her, but realized there was a high probability that was exactly what Mistress wanted to happen.  Also, it would make her look pathetic and needy.  So, Alicia did the only thing she could do, given the circumstances: she closed her eyes and took a nap.

Chapter 8

Alicia came awake to find Kimberly kneeling at her feet and restoring the hobble strap of her ankle-cuffs.  Lynda was nowhere to be seen, either in the office or out in the garden.  Kim was still wearing her spa uniform.

"Come," Kimberly said with a dimpled smile as she helped Alicia to her feet.  "Mistress awaits."

Alicia looked back out the window as she was led from the office.  From the angle and color of the light it was now very late in the afternoon, nearly early evening.  Kimberly led her through the house to the bedroom, opened the door, and led her across the threshold.

Gabby was already present.  She was also naked and hogtied on her stomach on the floor with a ball-gag strapped in her mouth and her lower face covered by a wide strip of Elastoplast, the medical tape that seemed to be Mistress Lynda's favorite.

Kimberly led Alicia to the bed, positioned her with her back against the lower right bedpost, then began loosening the straps pinning her arms to the harness.  She released the straps enforcing the box-tie configuration completely, pulled her mitt-encased hands behind the bedpost, and clipped the mitts together.  She then put the released arm straps to good use by buckling them around Alicia's waist, thighs, upper arms, and torso, and the bedpost.  Finally, she released the hobble strap, looped it around the base of the bedpost, and secured it to the ankle-cuffs once again.

When Kimberly stepped away, Alicia was effectively post-tied to the bed.  The straps not only pinned her to the bedpost, but as before, Kim had threaded them through various D-rings in the body-harness, thereby adding its authority to the arrangement.  Alicia watched as Kim opened a drawer in the nightstand, pulled out a three-inch roll of the same tape compounding Gabby's gag, pulled free a seven-inch length of the milky-white tape, and used a pair of bandage-scissors to snip it free.  Smiling her usual dimpled smirk, she returned the roll and scissors to the drawer, then strolled back to Alicia with the strip stretched between her hands.

Alicia glowered at her blond handler as she plastered and then smoothed the tape over her already ball-gagged mouth.  She didn't try tossing her head or otherwise impeding the process.  There wasn't much point.  She did stare daggers, however, letting the little bitch know that she was being a little bitch, even if she was following Lynda's orders... probably.

Kimberly turned and strolled to the Mistress-bathroom while Alicia squirmed and explored her new condition.  There were a few minor creaking sounds as the leather reacted to her pathetic efforts, but that was it.  The bedpost was rock solid.  She took the occasion to further examine Gabby's predicament.  Her fellow slave's blond hair... My slave! Alicia reminded herself.  My slave!  Anyway, Gabby's blond hair was parted down the middle and plaited in two tight braids with the ends of wrapped with white cord.  The pigtails, nudity, and bondage evoked the air of a captured Viking shield maiden.  Either that or a schoolgirl caught playing a very naughty version of Cowboys and Indians.

Gabby's legs were bent at the knees and splayed wide with her ankles crossed and bound with white rope.  Also, her fingers and hands were wrapped in tight sheaths of silver tape and her wrists bound with more of the white rope.  Yet more rope bound her upper arms to her sides and yoked her shoulders in a classic rope harness.  Finally, her heels rested atop her mummified hands and a neatly hitched and wrapped length of rope linked the body-harness to her ankle and wrist bonds.  It was a very stringent hogtie, stringent enough to arch Gabby's back and half-lift her breasts from the carpet.

Time passed... turning into a handful of minutes.

Finally, Kimberly emerged from the bathroom—and now, she too was nude.  Also, her hair was parted and braided, exactly like Gabby, a ball-gag was strapped in her mouth, and a strip of Elastoplast covered her lower face from ear to ear and nose to chin, also like Gabby... and Alicia, for that matter.  She was carrying coils of the same white rope that bound Gabby, as well as a roll of silver duct-tape and a pair of scissors.

Kim padded to a position a few feet from Gabby's hogtied form, then gracefully settled to the carpet and assumed the lotus position.  She smiled at Alicia—with her eyes, anyway—arranged the coils of rope, roll of tape, and scissors to the side, and placed her hands in her lap.

More time passed.

Alicia rolled her eyes, heaved a gagged sigh, and squirmed against the bedpost, eliciting another chorus of leather creaks.  Obviously they were waiting for Lynda.  And waiting.  And waiting.

Finally, Mistress Lynda breezed into the bedroom.  She was wearing running clothes—black, bicycle-style running shorts and a black sports bra with lime-green accents—her feet were bare, and her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail.  Her smooth, tan, firm skin was flushed and shining with sweat.  Obviously, she had just come from a run or some other form of exercise.  Without a glance at her slaves, Lynda padded into the walk-in closet, there was a brief pause... and she emerged, entirely nude and with her hair loose.

Alicia only had a few seconds to admire Mistress' athletic, nude, sweaty body before she disappeared into the Mistress-bath.  She heard the shower start... and then it was back to waiting.

One minute turned into two... then five... then more.  At some point the shower stopped... more time passed... and a blow dryer started.

Finally, Mistress emerged from the bathroom.  She was still nude, but now she was squeaky clean and her hair dry and neatly brushed.  She was... beautiful.  Alicia couldn't help but stare in amazement (meaning lust).  She tried reasserting her hostile, resentful, wounded stare, but her heart wasn't in it.  She watched as Lynda knelt beside Kimberly, kissed the ball- and tape-gagged blonde's forehead, then picked up the roll of duct-tape and set to work mummifying Kimberly's hands.  When that task was accomplished, she selected a coil of rope and proceeded to hogtie Kimberly in identical fashion to Gabby.

She works fast, Alicia mused, and it was true.  In what seemed like no time, Kimberly was on her stomach with her heels resting on her wrapped hands, her knees splayed, and Lynda was neatly wrapping the remaining rope around the strands linking her wrist, ankle, and torso bonds.  Lynda tied the final knot, then stood and strolled towards Alicia.

Mistress smiled, reached up and cupped Alicia's breasts, then gently squeezed.  "I was going to tie the ends of their braids to their big toes with thin cord," she said quietly, "but that seems a little excessive as they're both going to be tied like that all night."  She leaned close and kissed Alicia's left nipple, and then her right.  "What do you think, mistress-in-training?  Should I tie their toes to their braids?"

Alicia stared into Lynda's gorgeous blue eyes, then shook her head.  It's a test, she realized.  Fun is fun, but being hogtied all night without cords taut as fiddle strings punishing your scalp and toes would be "fun" enough.

Lynda's smile broadened and she squeezed Alicia's breasts, again.  "Better to err on the side of tenderness than sour the experience with an excess of cruelty," she purred, then released Alicia's breasts and began releasing the straps enforcing the bedpost-tie.

In short order Alicia found herself on the bed, reclined on her back with her arms folded back in the box-tie position, and her ankle-cuffs strapped to her thighs in a stringent, knee-splaying frog-tie.  She was impressed, not just with Mistress' skill as a rigger, but the versatility of the mitt-harness-straps restraint system.  Lynda was also on the bed, against Alicia's body and embracing her from the left.  Her right arm was reaching around Alicia's upper body from behind and her right hand gently squeezing her right breast.  Her left hand was caressing Alicia's harness-restrained abdomen. Also, Mistress had removed Alicia's tape- and ball-gags.

"As an exercise for the student," Lynda whispered in Alicia's left ear, "what can you think of that would enhance our blond beauties' condition... for the short term, of course."

A smile curled Alicia's lips as she shivered in Lynda's embrace and Mistress' hands continued working their magic.  "I like the toes-to-pigtails idea," she said after a few seconds thought, "but I'd add a crotch-cord, a single strand around their waists that cleaved their labia and butt-cracks, and was then tied to the toe and hair cords."

"Tightening them even further," Lynda purred.

"And punishing their pussies if they tried to move," Alicia whispered, not wanting Gabby or Kimberly to hear her cruel fantasy.  "I wouldn't leave them like that for very long, of course.  Just for a few minutes.  Long enough for them to worry about being left like that all night."

Lynda chuckled, softly, and kissed the side of Alicia's neck.  "I reserve the right to usurp that idea and use it on someone who truly deserves it... like a certain slave I know who has pretensions of being a mistress."

Alicia continued smiling, and doing her best to ignore Mistress' wandering hands.

"I've decided to continue your lessons," Lynda said.  Her fingers parted Alicia's pubic thatch and gliding lower until her palm rested on Alicia's labia.  "I'm still undecided as to your final status, but your lessons can continue.  Let's say... one weekend a month?  Do you think your schedule will allow that?"

"Perhaps," Alicia whispered, a shudder shivering through her body.  "Probably."

"We'll try for one weekend a month and do the best we can," Lynda continued.  "Eventually, your status will become clear."

"My status is already clear," Alicia huffed.  "I'm a mistress, and someday you'll admit it and I'll get to tie you up."

"And perhaps the horse will learn to sing," Lynda chuckled.

Alicia smiled but didn't answer.  Lynda was referencing Herodotus' tale of the condemned thief who struck a bargain with his king.  If he could teach the king's favorite horse to sing within one year, he would go free.  If not, he would die.  When someone noted the futility of teaching a horse to sing, the thief explained that a year was a long time.  "The king might die," he'd said, "the horse might die, I might die, and perhaps the horse will learn to sing."  The story didn't exactly match Alicia's current situation, but she'd always admired the thief's spirit.

"Enough levity," Lynda purred, continuing to stroke Alicia's pussy.  "I expect you to report to the spa for training as often as your legal duties allow.  Further, I have no objection if you complete a little home instruction on your own."

"H-home instruction?" Alicia gasped, struggling to ignore Mistress' experienced and well-placed hand.

"Buy yourself some rope and practice tying up Gabby," Lynda explained.  "Conditioned cotton clothesline will do quite fine, but I can e-mail you a list of shops in the city that sell Kinbaku-grade jute and hemp if you like.  Would you like that?"

Alicia didn't answer.  She'd barely heard the question.  Lynda's hand was stoking the fires of arousal, reviving the frustration she'd felt upon being prematurely released from the Sensory Deprivation Chamber.  And then—"Mrrrpfh!"—Lynda's hand clamped shut on her mouth and Mistress began frigging her in earnest!  "Nrrrmfh!"

Alicia was on the edge, but Lynda managed to prolong the process of bringing her to orgasm for a full minute... then two!  Finally, inevitably, Alicia writhed in ecstasy!  She'd tried twisting away and closing her splayed legs, but her bonds and Lynda's left leg thrown across left knee made that impossible.

Alicia shivered and continued squirming as waves of pleasure washed over her helpless body.  It was the multiple orgasm to end all multiple orgasms!

And then it was over... and Alicia remembered to breathe.

Mistress was still holding her close, and continued slowly, gently stroking her flushed, glistening labia.  The hand-gag was released and Alicia gasped for air through her open mouth.  Her breasts heaved, her nipples stood at full attention, and her skin glistened with sweat.

"For the remaining days of your vacation, we'll play only with bandages and Velcro cuffs padded with fleece," Lynda whispered.  "I don't want to send you back to work with rope-burned wrists.  And the same goes for Gabby."

Alicia continued panting and wiggling in her bonds, and Lynda continued embrace.  "Yes, Mistress," Alicia sighed.

"And don't forget yoga classes," Lynda continued.  "Sign up as soon as you get back to the city."

Alicia smiled.  "Yes, Mistress."

"Now," Lynda continued, "flop onto your stomach, wiggle down between Mistress' legs, and lick her pussy."

Alicia smiled.  "If Mistress Lynda expects the sort of orgasm Mistress Alicia just experienced," she purred, "might I suggest you unbuckle this harness, we adjourn to the Sensory Deprivation Chamber, you climb inside so I can strap you down, and I prime your pump for about ten hours, like you did me?"

"Two hours," Lynda chuckled.

Alicia sighed and shook her head.  "I still don't believe it was two hours."

"Get to work," Lynda purred, "or you don't get any dinner."

Alicia rolled her eyes, squirmed out of Lynda's embrace, and started working her way down the bed.  Then, she paused and focused on Lynda's smiling face.  "What about them?" she asked.

"Them?" Lynda chuckled.

Alicia rolled her eyes, again.  "Gabby and Kim.  They also get dinner, right?"

Lynda smiled at Alicia for several seconds before answering.  "Gabby is looking a little skinny," she said, finally.

"And Kimberly's baby-fat is adorable," Alicia agreed with a grin.  "Wouldn't want her to get all... gaunt."

Lynda pointed at her crotch.  "Ahem."

Alicia grinned and resumed squirming down the bed.

Chapter 8


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