The Wager
The Wager

by Van ©2015

Chapter 2

Dramatis Personæ


Truth be told, Alicia was a little nervous.  The spa was beautiful, lunch had been delicious, she was still getting a relaxed buzz from the massage and herbal wrap, Lynda was nice—a little bossy, but nice—and the room she was sharing with Gabby was luxurious comfort personified.  Also, Gabby was sending off a decidedly warm vibe.  She wasn't exactly flirting, but it was clear she was interested.

And then there was the bed... singular.  It was huge, at least king-size, with high thread-count satin sheets in The Willows' ubiquitous pastel earth-tones.  It was a four-poster, with tall, elegantly turned posts and head- and foot-boards of cleverly joined oak slats that, Alicia idly noted, made for many convenient lashing points, as if the corner posts weren't convenient enough.

Alicia liked fantasizing about such things.  It was fun.  But would tonight be the night she finally got to tie someone up?  She'd packed a couple of long hair ribbons, and the spa robes came with nice long terrycloth belts, so it was doable.  She would have liked to have brought some rope along, but that would have been a little... blatant.  Yes, she was nervous.

Dressed in a black slip, bra, and panties, Alicia was sitting on the bench before the suite's dressing table and brushing her hair.  Just then, Gabby appeared in the mirror, standing behind her.  She was wearing a pair of nearly transparent, nude-colored bikini panties, and nothing else.  Smiling her patented slightly quirky, knowing smile, she took the brush from Alicia's hand and began brushing her roommate's raven-black hair.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Gabby purred.

"Of course," Alicia answered.  "As you said, what's not to like?"

"I suppose I'll have to leave it loose," Gabby stated.  Obviously, she was referring to Alicia's hair.  "I don't think I'll have time to put it up."

Alicia smiled at Gabby's automatic assumption that she would be the one dressing her hair.  "Loose is fine."

"I think I'll leave mine like this, too."  Gabby's long, blond mane framed her face and was loose about her shoulders.  Like Alicia's, her hair was fully recovered from her recent post mud bath shower and shampoo.  "Enough?"

"Enough," Alicia agreed, "thank you."  She stood, walked to the closet, and pulled her little-black-dress from its hanger.  It was a classic LBD, suitable for anything but the most or least formal occasions.  It was sleeveless, with a yoke collar, a provocative cutout that provided a peek of cleavage, and came to mid-calf.  She carefully stepped into the dress, slid her arms through the openings, and settled it on her shoulders.

Meanwhile, Gabby seemed to be in no hurry to get dressed.  She strolled to the chest of drawers where she'd placed her unpacked clothing, opened the top drawer, and produced a folded silk scarf.  "I noticed you didn't pack much," she said as Alicia stepped into a pair of black high-heeled pumps.

"I like to travel light."  Alicia stepped to her chest of drawers, pulled open a drawer, opened a small case, and began donning a pair of earrings.  They were clusters of small, white diamonds and, like the dress, less than formal but more than casual.

Gabby shook out the scarf.  It was long and narrow, and became even narrower when she folded it twice, lengthwise.  "I didn't see you unpack any scarves," she said as she looped the scarf around her right wrist and tightened it with a cinch.  She then sauntered to the bed, placed her back against the lower left bedpost, and placed her hands behind her back and the post.  "I always travel with at least a half-dozen scarves.  One never knows when they might come in handy."

Okay, now that's flirting, Alicia thought.  She wants me to tie her up.  Unfortunately, there isn't time.  I guess this is one occasion when the 'top' will have to be the one playing hard to get.  She smiled and made a show of glancing at her watch.  "Stop fooling around and get dressed."  Scarves, she thought.  I can tie Gabby up with her own scarves... maybe.

"Okay," Gabby sighed, then tugged the scarf from her wrist and tossed it on the bed, strolled to the closet, and pulled a salmon-pink gown from a hanger.  It was slightly more formal than Alicia's LBD, but only because its full-length crossed the line from dress to gown.  It hugged her body like the proverbial glove, and its spaghetti straps left her arms and shoulders bare.  She was already wearing a pair of white gold and pearl earrings, as well as a simple gold-chain necklace with a matching pearl charm.

"Allow me," Gabby purred, stepped behind Alicia, and zipped up her dress.

Alicia returned the favor.  Gabby stepped into a pair of white, open-toed sandals with high-heels, and just then, they heard the sound of a knock.

Alicia opened the door, and as expected it was their escort, Kimberly, and the little blonde was gorgeous.  Her hair was plaited in a single braid, then coiled into a complex bun.  Her full-length gown was a shade of antique gold that perfectly complemented her smooth, well-tanned skin.  The fabric was skintight, stretching across her breasts and torso before falling to almost reach the floor.  Her nipples were quite prominent, and if she was wearing anything underneath, it had to be flesh-colored body paint.  A stainless steel choker graced her throat and a heart-shaped padlock charm dangled from the front.  A ring in the back served as a convenient place to secure the ribbon-thin halter-straps of her gown with an elegant bow.  Her back was virtually bare, and the stretchy fabric highlighted the twin globes of her derriere.

"You look beautiful, Kimberly," Alicia sighed.

A delicate blush colored Kimberly's dimpled cheeks.  "Thank you, madam."  She glanced at Gabby, and almost cracked up.  Being behind Alicia, Gabby was free to stick out her tongue and make a funny face with impunity, and she'd done so.  Kimberly made a sweeping gesture.  "If madams will follow me?"

"Madams will," Gabby chuckled.

Kimberly turned and led the way down the sidewalk with Alicia and Gabby a few steps behind.

Gabby leaned close and whispered to Alicia.  "I heard she was Lynda's slave, and now I believe it."

Alicia frowned.  "Her slave?" she whispered back.

"Didn't you notice the collar?"

Alicia smiled.  "You mean the choker?"

Gabby rolled her eyes.  "Whatever."

Alicia's gaze was on Kimberly's dimpled buttocks and nearly naked back.  Now that Gabby mentioned it, the "choker" in question did look quite hefty.  And the padlock charm might be an actual padlock.   Hmm... Lynda's slave.  Alicia wouldn't mind in the least having cute little Kimberly as her slave.

Chapter 2

Lynda's "apartment" was actually more of an estate, a compound separated from the main spa by a short walkway.  The architecture and landscaping were a harmonious whole; but dense hedges, tall sections of iron fence, and equally tall walls of rough stone crawling with vines provided Lynda total privacy.  The place was almost a fortress, but was still pleasing to the eye.

Still led by Kimberly, Alicia and Gabby entered through what might be called a gatehouse, a small stone and timber structure in the Arts and Crafts style.  The gate in question was heavy timber and was both decorated and reinforced by a bias-relief, wrought iron sculpture of a weeping willow secured in place with heavy bolts.  Beyond was a small garden and a second entrance leading into the side of what was either a low hill or an earth-sheltered building.

Waiting in the entryway was Lynda Ramsey, herself, resplendent in a brown or dark-bronze strapless gown, and she was stunning.  Her dark hair was loose about her bare shoulders, like Alicia's and Gabby's, and the welcoming smile on her beautiful face sent a thrill shivering up Alicia's spine.

Alicia's reaction when encountering beautiful women tended towards thoughts of delicious domination, but Lynda was very much the exception—which Alicia found both unusual and a little off-putting.

"Your guests, Mistress," Kimberly announced.

"Thank you, Kim," Lynda purred.  A ritual of hugs and kisses ensued, then Lynda made a sweeping gesture.  "Welcome to my home.  Please, this way."

Alicia and Gabby followed their hostess.  Kimberly did as well, but peeled off and disappeared through a side door after only a few steps.

The decor was as welcoming as their hostess and, not surprisingly, in the same style as the spa.  They entered a very large lounge, or possibly a library.  Two walls were lined with built-in shelves laden with books, the third wall was a massive stone fireplace, and the fourth a bank of windows overlooking a garden venue.  Clusters of what looked to be comfortable sofas and easy chairs were arranged in conversation groups, and—

Alicia couldn't help but stare.  There were two very large sculptures, one at either end of the room.  Both were life-size, nude maidens, cast in bronze.

The first bronze beauty was semi-reclined with her back against a large boulder.  Her arms were raised and her wrists captured in manacles linked to a ring set in the rock.  Her right leg was straight, with her foot on pointe.  Her left leg was bent with her left foot flat on the rock.  She was beautiful...  as beautiful as Lynda, or Gabby, or Kimberly, for that matter, in her own way.

"My copy of Andromeda," Lynda said, "probably Maggie Kilborn's most famous sculpture."  She pointed to the second sculpture.  "And that's one of her newest works: Waiting."

The group strolled to the second sculpture.  The subject was sitting with her legs crossed, bent forward at the waist, and with her arms behind her back and her wrists crossed high on her back.  She was not holding this pose by choice.  Neat, symmetrical bands of bronze rope bound her bronze body, lots of symmetrical bands of bronze rope.  The figure looked like she could barely squirm, much less unfold her arms or legs or relieve the strain on her back.  Alicia recognized Shibari, Japanese bondage techniques, and was impressed.  Not just by the intricate details of the sculpted rope, but by the strain and suffering evident in the nude captive's athletic but very feminine body.  Her bronze face was downcast, with a fall of bronze hair half-obscuring her beautiful face.

"What do you suppose she's waiting for?" Gabby said quietly.

"Obviously, for her mistress to return," Alicia replied... then blushed.  "That's one interpretation, I suppose."

"Oh, I agree completely," Lynda said, smiling at Alicia.  "She's waiting for her mistress."

Just then, Kimberly reappeared.  "Excuse me, Mistress, but Chef would like to know if you're ready to eat?"

"So," Gabby drawled, "the cook is also waiting for mistress."

Alicia and Lynda smiled.

"Everybody waits for mistress," Lynda chuckled.  "That's one of the perks of the position."  With an elegant gesture she led her guests to the dining room.

Chapter 2

Dinner was delicious.  The main entree was Steak Diablo on rosemary flatbread, tender and with just enough heat.  The wine flowed freely and conversation was wide ranging.  The mysterious waiting chef never showed his or her face, not even to be thanked for his or her artistry.  Kimberly brought all the courses from the kitchen, but she also sat at the table and ate with the others.

Then, as they were finishing the last of their caramel chocolate tart desserts, Gabby smiled sweetly at their hostess, metaphorically pulled the pin on a social hand grenade, and tossed it to the middle of the table.  "Is it true Kimberly's your slave?"

Perhaps the wine had flowed a little too freely, Alicia decided.  "Gabby!" she hissed in a scolding whisper.

"It's all right," Lynda chuckled, her lips curled in amusement.  She shifted her serene gaze to the younger of the two blondes at the table.  "Kimberly?"

Kimberly smiled her dimpled smile, reached up, and gave the heart-shaped padlock charm dangling from the front of her choker a playful flick.  "I don't have the key."  She beamed at Lynda.  "Mistress has the key."

Lynda's blue eyes were locked with Kimberly's.  "My precious Kim," she sighed.

"Do you tie her up and lock her in chains and stuff?" Gabby inquired.

"You're cut off," Alicia huffed, glaring at her roommate for the week.

"Please," Lynda chuckled, "as I said, it's all right."  She smiled at Gabby.  "Yes, Ms. Hanson, I practice my Kinbaku skills with Kimberly's assistance.  As for the rest, we're entitled to some degree of privacy, aren't we?"

"I suppose," Gabby shrugged, then reached for her wineglass.

Alicia interceded, taking the glass from Gabby's hand.  "I said, you're cut off."

Gabby's smile never faltered.  "Yes, Mistress," she purred, batting her laughing blue eyes at Alicia.

Alicia blushed, slightly, then turned to Lynda.  "Kinbaku?  That's like Shibari, isn't it?"

"Shibari is a term used mainly in the West." Lynda explained.  "Kinbaku-bi, literally 'the beauty of tight binding,' is more widely used in Japan."

"Mistress studied under a Kinbaku Master," Kimberly added.

"Let's adjourn to the studio," Lynda suggested, and they stood.  Kimberly began clearing the table, but Lynda stopped her with a preemptive gesture.  "That can wait.  Follow."

"Yes, Mistress," Kimberly said quietly, standing demurely with her eyes downcast.

Lynda led the way, Alicia and Gabby were next, and Kimberly brought up the rear.

Gabby leaned close and whispered in Alicia's ear.  "I told ya.  She's a slave."

"You need a spanking," Alicia whispered back.

"Promises, promises," Gabby giggled.  If she wasn't drunk, she was at least tipsy.

Chapter 2

The "studio" was a large space, not as large as the library/lounge with the two Kilborn sculptures, but large.  It had blond oak paneling, wall-to-wall carpeting, and track lighting.  Several large, flat cushions were scattered near the door.  Lynda and Kimberly removed her shoes upon entering, so Alicia and Gabby followed suit.

"Please, make yourselves comfortable," Lynda said, indicating the cushions, then turned to Kimberly.  "Prepare."

Gabby settled onto one of the cushions, then patted the cushion next to her and smiled at Alicia.  "Sit," she suggested.  "I think there's gonna be a show."

Alicia watched with interest as Kimberly strolled to a section of paneling next to the door and opened what was revealed to be a hidden door.  The alcove beyond was the size and shape of a typical gym locker.  Alicia examined the room's paneling more closely and noted several more "hidden" doors of varying size and shape.  She turned back to Kimberly—and her pulse quickened.

Kimberly's arms were raised and her hands behind her neck and she was untying the bow securing the halter straps of her gown.  That task accomplished, she let the straps drop and carefully turned around her choker until the heart-shaped padlock was to the back and the ring to the front.

Why keep thinking of it a 'choker?' Alicia mused.  It's a slave collar.

Kimberly's dress was tight, as previously noted.  The falling straps pulled down the bra-panels enough to expose her nipples, but the golden fabric continued hugging her torso.  Meanwhile, Kimberly was removing several hairpins and uncoiling her braid.  She deposited the hairpins on a shelf inside the locker, then tugged the gown down her tan, smooth body, stepped free, and hung the garment in the locker.  She then closed the locker door, strolled to the center of the studio with the grace of a dancer, knelt on the carpet, placed her hands atop her head, and lowered her gaze.

Alicia's heart was still tripping.  Kimberly was beautiful.  That issue had never been in doubt, but Slave Kimberly, kneeling subserviently, was beautiful!  Her skin was smooth and tan and her feminine physique the very picture of athletic health.  Her breasts were generous but not what one would call large.  "Beautiful," Alicia sighed.

"Not bad," Gabby huffed.

Alicia couldn't help but smile.  Gabby was jealous?  How sweet, she thought, gazing at her blond roommate.  I guess I'll have to do something to let her know I think she's also beautiful.

Lynda had opened a cabinet door across the room, revealing several neat bundles of hemp or jute rope, all hanging from wooden pegs.  She took down several bundles, closed the door, carried the bundles to Kimberly's side, and dropped them to the carpet.  She then crossed the room to stand before Alicia and Gabby.

Sitting on the cushions with their legs tucked to the side, both guests stared up at the beautiful amazon.

Lynda smiled at Alicia.  "I hope you enjoy this demonstration."  Her gaze swiveled to Gabby.  "As for you, strip in the presence of your mistress."

Alicia stared in surprise.  Lynda is Gabby's mistress?

Gabby was staring at Lynda like a songbird mesmerized by a snake.

"Not me, you silly slave," Lynda chuckled, then nodded at Alicia.  "Your mistress."

Alicia couldn't think of anything more profound to say than "Huh?" so she kept her mouth shut.

Lynda's smile was back on Alicia.  "I recognize a fellow mistress when I see one," she explained, then focused on Gabby.  "And I certainly recognize a half-drunk, ill-mannered slave.  Well?"

"Huh?" Gabby gasped.

Alicia smiled, relieved that she wasn't the only one at a loss for words.

Lynda heaved an exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes.  "Strip," she reiterated.

Gabby stared up at Lynda, then, at Alicia, then at Lynda, again.  Her hands reached behind her back, fumbled for the fob of the zipper securing her gown, and pulled it down.  She then stood (without most of her characteristic grace) pulled the spaghetti straps from her shoulders, and let the gown slither to the floor.  All that remained was her nude-colored bikini-panties.  She slid her thumbs through the hip strings and paused, her eyes still on Lynda.  "Uh... you want me to... uh..."

Lynda's response was her continued even stare.

Alicia's response was to carefully stifle the giggling fit threatening to erupt from her smiling lips.  It wouldn't do to laugh at poor Gabby's predicament.  It didn't seem like the sort of thing a proper mistress would do.

Gabby tugged her panties down her long, tan legs, stepped free, and sat back down.

"Fold your clothing, slave," Lynda ordered, "then cross your wrists behind your back."  She smiled at Alicia, "Unless your mistress has different orders?"

"Huh?  Oh, no, that's fine."  Alicia's heart was hammering, again, and a thrill was quivering between her folded legs.  She'd already seen Gabby ninety-something percent naked at the pool, totally naked at the massage pavilion, and wearing only panties back at the room, but this was... different.  She watched Gabby fold her gown and her panties, place them behind her cushion, then cross her wrists behind her back, as ordered.

Lynda turned and strolled towards Kimberly and the waiting rope.

Gabby was still blushing, but managed a teasing smile.  "Mistress," she whispered to Alicia, batting her eyes for effect.

Alicia's smile widened.  "I think you really do need a spanking, slave," she purred.

"Oh, Mistress," Gabby sighed, then turned to watch Lynda walk a slow circle around Kimberly.

Alicia let her gaze linger on Gabby's pert, tan breasts, then also turned to their hostess and her slave.

"I know we talked about Kinbaku earlier," Lynda said as she stooped to pick up a bundle of rope, release the hitch securing the coil, and shake it out, "but I'm in a Western mood."

Chapter 2

Alicia was trying her very best not to stare like a country hick on her first trip to the big city, and a quick glance at Gabby suggested she was equally stunned and amazed.

So, what was the big deal?

Lynda was tying up her slave, and she was doing a very good job of it.

Alicia swallowed and willed her heart to stop hammering, with limited success.  It was one thing to fantasize about topping beautiful women, or to read and collect the usual comics and books, or to visit the usual web sites dedicated to such things, and Alicia did all of that... but it was something else to actually watch a beautiful amazon bind a beautiful submissive... expertly... sensuously.

Alicia stole another surreptitious glance at Gabby.  The svelte, naked, gorgeous blonde was the other thing.  What was going to happen later, when they got back to their room?  On a scale from spooning to sex, Alicia had always known something was going to happen, but now?  After watching this?  Pretending (hoping) Gabby was (would be) her slave was good.  And now, playing like Gabby was her slave was good.  But exactly how much was Gabby playing?  Was she even a little serious?

Later, Alicia decided.  She had at least an hour to think things through, maybe two.  In any case, this was one floor show she wasn't about to miss.

Lynda tied Kimberly's wrists behind her back, palm-to-palm.  She then tied Kimberly's elbows, using a lot of rope and leaving about two inches of rope-wrapped space between.  Next, she looped, cinched, and tightened a body harness of doubled rope.  Multiple neatly stacked strands pinned Kimberly's upper arms to her torso and passed above and below her breasts, yoked her shoulders, and were hitched through her elbow bonds in the back.  The little blonde's waist, lower arms, and crotch were next.  Finally, Lynda tied Kimberly's ankles, followed by her legs, lashing them together above and below her knees and around her thighs.

Lynda climbed to her feet and smiled down at her thoroughly trussed slave.  "I think that will be adequate for the evening," she purred.

"No, ya think?" Gabby whispered under her breath.

Alicia had given up trying to appear nonchalant.  She was maintaining a somewhat relaxed facade (she hoped), but the neat, symmetrical ropes dimpled Kimberly's exquisite body from her slowly rolling shoulders to her weakly twisting ankles were amazing... and real.  Alicia's heart was hammering, had never really stopped hammering since the first loop of rope tightened around Kimberly's wrists, her face was flushed, and there was a definite dampness between her legs.

Lynda, Alicia, and Gabby watched as Kimberly continued writhing and squirming, struggling and testing her bonds.  As she rolled her well-roped and helpless body on the carpet, they could see her fluttering fingers groping for knots to untie or bands of rope to manipulate and create slack she might somehow exploit to make her escape.  But clearly, Lynda was an expert.  There were no knots anywhere near Kimberly's hands, and all of her bonds were periodically hitched and knotted to make sure they would remain precisely where Lynda had placed them and with exactly the same degree of tension.

Lynda strolled back to her guests and gracefully sat on a cushion next to Alicia.

"No gag?" Gabby asked, her eyes never leaving Kimberly's helpless, writhing form.

Lynda shifted her gaze from the struggling slave to the naked slave on Alicia's far side.  "Did your mistress give you permission to speak?" she inquired coolly.

Gabby's mouth opened and her blue eyes blinked.  "Uh..." her eyes darted from Lynda... to Alicia... and back.

Alicia couldn't help but smile.  Gabby's flustered, slave-caught-being-naughty act was adorable.  "You may speak, slave," Alicia chuckled.

"T-thank you, Mistress," Gabby stammered, then focused on Lynda.  "Gag, Mistress?"

Lynda shifted her disapproving gaze to Alicia, and smiled.  "All of the rooms in my apartments are soundproof," she purred.  "Kimberly can scream herself hoarse, and no one will hear."  Her gaze shifted back to Gabby.  "I appreciate a good gag as much as the next mistress.  They make a slave feel deliciously helpless, and the pathetic slave's muffled whimpers can be most entertaining."

"Uh... yeah," Alicia whispered.  Profound, she silently chided herself, very profound.

Meanwhile, Kimberly was continuing her futile efforts to free herself.  It was very entertaining, in Alicia's opinion, and a quick glance at Gabby confirmed that her "slave" was equally mesmerized.

Time passed.

Kimberly struggled.

More time passed.

"Well," Lynda sighed, "poor Kim put in a hard day's work, and a mistress must be considerate."  She smiled at Alicia.  "Why don't we call it an evening and let Kimberly get some sleep?"

"Like that?" Gabby gasped.  "You're gonna make her sleep like that?"  She tore her eyes from the floor show to Lynda's glowering face, and blushed.  "M-mistress.  You're gonna make her sleep like that, Mistress?"

Lynda continued gazing at Gabby's flustered face for several seconds, then smiled at Alicia, leaned close, and whispered in her ear.  "The element of uncertainty adds a certain spice to the slave's experience.  Don't you agree?"

Her eyes on Kimberly, Alicia nodded.  "Yes, Mistress," she whispered.

"Please," Lynda chuckled, "call me Lynda."  She kissed Alicia's closest cheek.  "After all, we're both mistresses."

Alicia nodded (and blushed).  She continued gazing at Kimberly's slow, deliberate, futile struggles.

Lynda stood, stepped around Alicia to Gabby's side, took a firm but gentle grip on her blond locks, and "helped" her to her feet.

"Oh!" Gabby gasped.  She watched as Lynda picked up her gown and stepped behind her back.  "Oh!" she gasped, again.  Lynda had arranged her arms so they were folded behind her back, forearm touching forearm, and now she was wrapping the gown around her arms and hands.

Alicia watched with a broad smile.  As bondage went, the wrapped gown was largely symbolic, but Gabby with her arms folded and "bound" behind her back was a delicious sight.  And the vision was enhanced as Lynda stooped and picked up Gabby's bikini-panties, then stuffed them in the naked, shivering blonde's mouth.

Lynda shook a warning finger in Gabby's blushing face.  "Spit that out or free your arms without permission from your mistress, and I'll punish you myself.  Understand?"

Gabby nodded, rather frantically.

Alicia smiled.  Adorable.  Then, Lynda offered her a hand and helped her to her feet.  "Thank you for a delicious meal and an entertaining demonstration," Alicia said.

"My pleasure," Lynda purred as she led her guests to the studio door.

Alicia stepped into her shoes and watched as Lynda did the same.  Then, their hostess picked up Gabby's open-toed heels, stepped behind the naked "captive," and placed the shoe's heel straps in Gabby's fingers, left and right, where they emerged from the wrapped gown.  Gabby curled her fingers and clutched her shoes.

"Next time," Lynda said as they crossed the studio threshold, "I'll show you my hogtie."  She flicked a switch, plunging the studio into darkness, then closed the door and led her guests down the hallway to the entryway.  Kimberly remained behind in the pitch black studio, of course.

Hogtie, Alicia thought as Lynda opened her massive front door.

"You shouldn't worry about anyone seeing your slave," Lynda said to Alicia, "not at this time of night."  She gazed at Gabby's naked, "helpless," embarrassed form.  "Besides, she's only a slave."  She kissed Alicia's lips.  "Until tomorrow, Alicia.  Goodnight."

"Tomorrow, Lynda," Alicia agreed with a shy smile, then returned the kiss.  "Goodnight."

Lynda closed the door (ignoring Gabby), and Alicia smiled at her "bound and gagged" Slave.  Gabby was beautiful, and her expression was priceless.  "You go first," Alicia purred.  "I know a Slave is supposed to walk behind her mistress, but I can't ogle your naked body unless you lead the way."

Her mouth stuffed with her own panties, Gabby's expression was difficult to read, but clearly she was embarrassed and amused, and possibly aroused.  The twinkle in her eyes was... ambiguous.  So, which was it?

All of the above, Alicia decided.  I'll settle for all of the above.  She pulled Gabby into a tight embrace and kissed her lips.

Gabby's eyes popped wide and she yelped through her voluntary gag.  "Mrrrk?"

A sly smile curling her lips, Alicia released Gabby's naked, shivering body, then gestured towards the sidewalk.  "Go."

Gabby stepped off and Alicia followed, still smiling and her gaze on Gabby's bare feet, long legs, dimpled buttocks, and strong back.  Alicia was glad she kept herself in good shape, because her heart was still hammering.

The journey back to their shared room continued.  Gabby's naked, "helpless" figure passed in and out of shadow as they passed light post after light post.

Lynda's prediction was correct.  They had the sidewalks to themselves.

Chapter 2


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