CROWN Affair

by Van © 2003
Chapter 13
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Sally stared at Katherine in surprise.  "You... you're not tied up!" she stammered.

Katherine smiled and carried Andrea's unconscious form to the bed.  "Very good, Krippendorf," she chuckled as she untied the ribbon-like sash binding the little redhead's chiton close to her body, then pulled the the tunic-length garment itself over Andrea's head.  "Your powers of observation never cease to amaze me."

Sally watched as Katherine gathered Andrea's hands behind her back and bound her wrists with a pair of padded flexi-cuffs.  Andrea's ankles were flexi-cuffed as well, then Katherine jerked off the redhead's loincloth, tied an overhand knot in the center, and gave her a tight cleave-gag.  Katherine then turned to Sally.  "C'mere."

Sally stepped forward and turned.  Katherine began untying Sally's bonds, and the little blonde looked over her shoulder at her now naked, bound, and gagged lover.  "Uh... don't be mean to her, okay?"

"Little Red?" Katherine asked, deftly attacking the final knot.  "I wouldn't think of it."  Sally shrugged out of the last of her bonds and turned back around.  Katherine took the medallion dangling from the diminutive blonde's collar in her hand and gave it a critical examination.  "Very pretty," she said.  "Did it come with a rabies shot?"

Sally blushed and peered around her partner and rescuer's body, her attention on Andrea's still, helpless form.  "What did you give her?"

"Oh thank you, Katherine!" the grinning brunette responded.  "I'd given up all hope of ever being rescued.  You're so brave and wonderful and—"

"Okay, okay!" Sally muttered as she pushed past Katherine and pattered to the bed.  "Thanks for the rescue... now what did you use on her?"

Katherine smiled, shook her head and joined Sally.  They both peered down at the naked, freckled, red-haired captive.  "Soma."


"The same stuff they used on us at the party... remember?"

"The party..." Sally mumbled.  "Oh... in New York?"

"No, the formal dinner at the White House," Katherine answered sarcastically.  "Yes, the party in New York.  Princess Leia, Peter Pan, U-89, Jungle Girl... Little Red as Tinkerbelle."  She gave Andrea's left bun a slap for emphasis, then pointed towards the walk-in closet.  "Go find something to wear," she ordered, "a swimsuit if you can find something in your size; something that can get wet, anyway.  We're outta here!"

Sally glanced at the closet, then back at Andrea, then the closet again.

Katherine smiled and gave her blond partner a warm hug.  "Oh... stop worrying.  She's fine.  Scoot!"  This time Sally's bun received a slap.

Sally yelped and started towards the closet, then skidded to a halt when she rounded the bed platform and Thomasina Crown's nude, hog-tied, gagged, blindfolded, collared, and chain tethered body came into view.  "Wow!"

Katherine smiled.  "There! Ya see?" she said.  "I used the same stuff on The Wicked Witch, and she's okay.  Little Red'll be awake and writhing in her bonds in a matter of minutes."

Thomasina lifted her blindfolded and tape-gagged head and turned in the direction of her captor's voice, then sighed and relaxed in her bonds.

"Wow," Sally said again, then turned to face Katherine.  "So... what's the plan?"

Katherine shook her head.  "The plan is secret, Krippendorf," she said, pointing at Thomasina, then did a quick pantomime of swimming and steering a boat.

Sally frowned, then nodded.  "Oh... 'Outta here'... We're escaping."

"As in regaining our freedom; as in getting while the getting's good; as in go find some clothes!"

Sally turned and took a step towards the closet then stopped, turned back to stare at Andrea, turned again... then faced the bed yet again, her eyes brimming.  "K-Katherine... I... I..."

Katherine frowned.  "What?"  Sally ran to Katherine's arms and they embraced, the little blonde sobbing on her partner's shoulder.  "Let's go out on one of the balconies," Katherine whispered, and led Sally towards the nearest marble archway.

A billion stars hung in the indigo sky and a light breeze stirred the gauzy drapes shielding the doorway.  Only a few lights shone on the islands.  Aircraft warning lights blinked on the antenna capping the opposite island and anchor lights shone on the yacht in the lagoon.

"What's wrong, Sally," Katherine whispered.

"I... I promised," Sally sobbed.

"Every prisoner has a right to escape," Katherine said.

"No... I... It's not the parole, and it's not the job," Sally whispered.


"Thomasina offered me a job... as a hacker," Sally explained.  "As... as her hacker."

"But we're partners," Katherine whispered.

Sally hugged her close and sobbed.  "I... I... I love her."

Katherine held her partner, her ex-partner, closer.  "Andrea?"

Sally nodded.  "I'm sorry, Katherine."

"That's okay, Little One," Katherine mumbled, her own eyes welling.  "You sure about this?"  Sally nodded again.  "I understand," Katherine said, staring out into the dark, Mediterranean night.  "I guess this means... I escape alone."

"I... I love you too, Katherine," Sally sobbed, "but... but I..."

"Hush," Katherine purred.  "I know you do, Sally... just like I love you; but Andrea's different."  They hugged again, then kissed.  "You absolutely sure you want to stay?"

"Yeah," Sally sighed.  "I've thought about it and—M'mmpfh!"

Katherine had spun Sally around and was clutching the little blonde's elbows behind her back with her left arm, and her right hand was clamped over Sally's mouth.  "The friend of my enemy is my enemy," Katherine whispered.  "In this case, that means Andrea's lover, who is also Thomasina's new hacker, can't be allowed to spoil my escape."  Katherine released her hand-gag.  "Understand?"

"Idiot!" Sally muttered, squirming in Katherine's unrelenting hold.  "I love Andy but I'm not a damn traitor.  I won't ruin things for you."

Katherine chuckled and kissed the side of Sally's face.  "I can't let you get in trouble with your new boss.  What kind of a friend would I be then?"

Sally sighed.  "Well... I guess we can call it Escapology Practice."

Katherine laughed and kissed Sally again.  "For old times sake."

"For old times sake," Sally agreed.  "Ya gotta tie me up real good, ya know, 'cause if I do escape, I gotta help 'em catch ya."

"I know," Katherine purred, and led her ex-partner, prisoner, and life-long friend back into the apartment.
Chapter 13
Thomasina was trying to follow what was happening, but being hog-tied and blindfolded was putting a serious crimp in her style.  She writhed in her bonds in helpless frustration.

Katherine noticed Thomasina's struggles, and smiled.  Her hands pinning Sally's elbows behind her back, Katherine marched the squirming little blonde back to the bed.  Andrea was still unconscious.  "I want you to hug Little Red tit-to-tit, with your left arm over her right shoulder and your right arm under her left armpit.  Understand?"

Sally nodded.  "I think so."  Katherine released her hold and Sally lifted her bound and gagged lover off the bed and embraced her as directed.  "Oh..."  Flexi-cuffs tightened around her wrists.  "...I get it.  Clever."

Katherine sliced the flexicuffs binding Andrea's wrists behind her back and arranged the redhead's limp arms in a complementary manner to Sally's embrace.  She then tightened a fresh set of flexi-cuffs around Andrea's wrists.  "Step through her legs," she ordered, and Sally complied.  Katherine knelt and flexi-cuffed Sally's ankles together.  She then stood and helped Sally (and Andrea) ease down onto the bed.  "Comfortable?"

"Hearty har har," Sally muttered (but the twinkle in her eyes was unmistakable).  Andrea was still unconscious, but Sally was squirming and wriggling, exploring her new condition.  Andrea's fair, freckled skin slid against Sally's tan skin.  The lovers' breasts were pressed together and as Sally tried moving her legs, her blond bush brushed against her fellow captive's auburn bush.

Meanwhile, Katherine released Thomasina from her hog-tie, hauled her to her feet, and dropped her on the bed beside her entwined and helpless employees.  She then went to the closet and returned with a coil of climbing rope and several long cable ties.  She threaded one end of the rope through the ankle bonds of all three captives, pulled the free end several feet away from the bed, and tied a bowline and several tight hitches.  The other free end of the rope was looped around the base of the statue of Aphrodite and carefully knotted.  Katherine then looped a cable tie through a link of Thomasina's chain, a couple of feet from the squirming millionaire's collar, then looped the same tie through the ring in Sally's collar and zipped it closed.  Next, she gathered most of the slack in Thomasina's chain and zipped a tie through two links.  The result was three captives lying side-by-side on the bed (with Sally and Andrea in an involuntary embrace, of course) and loosely pinned in place.  Lots of wiggle room, Katherine gloated, but no escaping.

Katherine's final embellishment of her captive's condition was to release Thomasina from the rope binding her upper arms and torso, and tighten a cable tie around her waist, pinning her wrists to the small of her back; then to tighten a tie around Sally's chest and through Andrea's wrist bonds; and around Andrea's chest and through Sally's wrist bonds.

"There," Katherine gloated.  "Plenty of squirming room and not a knot anywhere within reach."  She noticed Andrea's fingers slowly and carefully exploring the flexi-cuffs binding her wrists, but otherwise feigning unconsciousness.  Katherine winked at Sally, leaned forward, and gave Andrea's rump a sharp slap!

"M'rwmm!"  Andrea's eyes popped open and she glared at Katherine, then focused on Sally's grinning face and sighed through her gag.

"Wait here, everybody," Katherine said coyly, and returned to Thomasina's closet.  She rummaged through the bank of built-in drawers until she found one full of panties and another of scarves.  In the process she found a drawer full of small handbags, and scattered among them was a small fortune in coins and bills; mostly euros, but also US dollars and the currencies of a dozen other countries.  Katherine found a slim, waterproof sports wallet among the clutter, gathered a handful of bills and sealed them in the wallet, then snapped it into a small pocket sewn into the back of her neoprene suit.  She then gathered a double handful of panties and scarves and returned to the bedroom.

Sally was whispering in Andrea's ear as Katherine emerged from the closet.  "Betraying all my secrets already?" Katherine asked.

"Just tellin' Andy what's happenin'," Sally answered.

Katherine sat on the bed and began untying Andrea's cleave-gag.  "Let's make for easier conversation, shall we?"

"Thank you," Andrea mumbled as soon as the gag came free.  She then gazed into Katherine's gloating eyes, a sad pout on her freckled face.  "Please don't go, Katherine.  Please stay."

A thrill of affection for the beautiful little redhead passed through Katherine, and she felt her cheeks blush slightly.  "Sorry, Andrea, but I hate being tied up and do not appreciate being kidnapped."  Her words were softened by the smile on her face, and Andrea's pout turned to a smile as well.

"You wouldn't be tied up forever," Andrea whispered, "just until Tommy decided to—"

"M'mmpfh!"  Thomasina interrupted her employee with an imperious (albeit gagged) order.

Katherine grinned, reached over, and slapped Thomasina's flank.  "Quiet, you," she purred.  "I'm talkin' to Andy."  She turned back to Andrea and smiled.  "Sorry, Little One, but I can't."  Andrea's pout returned, and Katherine leaned close and gave her a quick kiss; then nodded towards Sally.  "Last chance to suck face for a while," she announced.  Andrea and Sally locked eyes, grinned, and kissed.  With a tolerant smile Katherine watched their lips suck and tongues roll for several seconds, then interrupted.  "Five... four... three... two... one.  That's it.  Gag time."

"Oh, you meany!" Sally groused, and kissed Andrea's grinning lips.  "Can't you take a nap..."  She kissed Andrea again.  "Or jog around the island..."  {Kiss}  "Or somethin'?"

Katherine laughed, picked up a pair of panties, and rolled them into a ball.  "Be good to my Sally," she whispered to Andrea, kissed her again, then crammed the panties between the redhead's full lips.  The first pair was followed by a second, then Katherine sorted through the remaining panties till she found a skimpy thong and stuffed it in as well.  A scarf cleave-gag made sure the stuffing was in to stay, then seven tight layers of gaffer's tape were used to cover Andrea's lower face, cleave-gag and all, from just below her flaring nostrils to just under her cleft chin.

Katherine balled another pair of panties and Sally knew what was coming.  "Meany!"  Katherine kissed Sally's pouting lips.  "I learned a lot from you, Kath," the little blonde whispered, then opened her mouth.

Katherine stuffed three pair of panties in Sally's mouth, then tied a cleave gag and wrapped her lower face in tape, just like Andrea.  "If you ever change your mind," Katherine said as she worked, "find a way to get word to me... and I'll get you out... no matter what it takes... no matter how long."  Sally nodded, her eyes brimming, and Katherine kissed her ex-partner's forehead.  (Her own eyes were brimming as well.)

Katherine wiped her eyes, stood, walked around the bed, and sat next to Thomasina.  "Your turn, Witch." she announced.
Chapter 13
Katherine ripped the tape from Thomasina's lips and reached for a wad of panties.

Thomasina licked her lips and turned her head towards her captor.  "Katherine, please remove my blindfold."

Katherine paused and glanced at Sally and Andrea.  The lovers were gazing back at her, their big green and blue eyes wide above their tight gags.  "Now why should I do that?" Katherine inquired, winking at her audience.

"I want to see you again... before you leave," Thomasina purred.

Katherine grinned.  "A blatant appeal to vanity," she muttered, and reached for the knot of Thomasina's blindfold.  

The pearl silk sash slithered free and Thomasina blinked as her eyes adjusted to the candlelit room.  She turned her gaze to Sally and Andrea and laughed.  "That may be too much of a good thing for our lovebirds, don't you think?"  She then gazed at her captor.  "Oh... lovely.  That suit looks wonderful on you.  And the added harness... very tactical chic."

Katherine laughed; stood; made a slow, graceful pirouette; and struck a coy pose.  "I'm sure you fill out this suit quite nicely."

"Actually, it's a little tight on me, especially across the chest, and I don't like the black neoprene against my fair skin.  Against your magnificent tan body it's perfect."

Katherine smiled.  "I do believe I've been simultaneously accused of having tiny tits and praised for not using sunblock."  She sat on the bed, picked up the first of three large pair of panties, and began folding the silky garment into a wad.

"Wait," Thomasina objected, eyeing the approaching stuffing.  "You should know that my speedboat, moored out in the lagoon next to the yacht, has an autopilot system that allows hands-off navigation to any destination; but be sure the 'remote' function is turned off.  Otherwise my people could steer you right back to Theraxos."

"I see," Katherine said quietly.  "And what makes you think I'm interested in your speedboat?"

"My float plane is disabled at the moment, last I heard, but your file says nothing about pilot training in any case.  The yacht can't be single-handled, even if you did manage to overpower the crew."

"I assume the speedboat is kept fully fueled at all times," Katherine purred.

Thomasina nodded, then turned her head as the wad of silk in Katherine's hand approached.  "Wait!"

Katherine relented.  "What now, a free trial subscription to Boating World?"

Thomasina laughed.  "No... I simply wanted to let you know that my job offer still stands.  I'd very much like to have you on my team, Katherine."

Andrea and Sally started nodding and mewing through their gags.

Katherine smiled at the involuntarily embracing pair and blushed, then turned back to Thomasina.  "I... I'll think about it.. after I get back to New York."

"That's all I ask," Thomasina whispered, and opened her mouth to accept the stuffing.

Instead, Katherine leaned down and kissed her prisoner full on the lips.  Sally and Andrea watched with full attention as Katherine and Thomasina's tongues rolled and their lips suckled.  The kiss lasted a very long time... and finally was over.

"Seriously, Katherine," Thomasina purred, "the offer remains open—n'mmpfh!"

"Used to having the last word, aren't you?" Katherine asked as she shoved the wadded panties into Thomasina's mouth.  "Well... not this time."  The first pair of panties was followed by a second... and then a third.  Katherine used her captive's former blindfold as a cleave-gag to enforce the stuffing.  Two full turns of the silky white band went around Thomasina's head, between her teeth, and were knotted at the nape of her neck.  The gaffer's tape followed; seven tight windings until Thomasina's lower face was mummified from nostrils to chin.

Thomasina's gag completed, Katherine tossed the remaining tape away and gazed into her prisoner's eyes.  Several seconds passed... then Katherine stood and took a step back.  "Take care of my Sally," Katherine muttered, and left the bedroom.  

Thomasina lifted her head and gazed at the TV screen next to the door.  Andrea and Sally lifted their heads as well.  The prisoners watched as Katherine pattered down the stairs... and was gone.  All three sighed and relaxed in their bonds
Chapter 13
One of Thomasina Crown's most trusted servants climbed the steps towards the summit apartment.  He was in his early 30's and weighed approximately 250 pounds.  Very little of his substantial bulk was fat.  His broad shoulders and bull neck gave him the profile of a professional wrestler, but he moved with the lightness and speed of a dancer or martial artist.  His head was shaven and a neatly trimmed mustache and beard graced his handsome face.  Dressed in boots, black jeans, and a black t-shirt, he was armed with an automatic pistol in a shoulder holster.

He entered the bedroom and gazed down at its trio of naked captives with unblinking blue eyes.  Sally recognized him as "Big Fella," the hulk who had opened the door of Thomasina's Manhattan townhouse for her the day she was captured (not counting the night of the party, the first time she was captured).  Thomasina and Andrea knew him as "George."

George sighed, untied the rope loosely linking the prisoners' bound ankles together, then drew a throwing knife from a sheath behind his neck.  He sliced the cable tie linking Sally's choker to Thomasina's chain, then the tie shortening the chain itself.  He then sat on the bed and began carefully slicing through the tape layers of Thomasina's gag.  "Ms. Banning swam out and appropriated the new Scarab, as you suspected she might, and is making her way towards Athens."

Thomasina's cleave gag was removed, and George helped her expel the now wet and slimy panties stuffed in her mouth.  "Uh—Thank you," Thomasina croaked, then coughed and licked her lips.  "You make me seem like a mind reader, George," Thomasina said with a chuckle.  "I never 'suspected' Katherine would even squirm out of her bonds.  Her use of the speedboat to escape was a straightforward contingency."

George stood.  "What are your orders, madam."

Thomasina smiled at Andrea and Sally.  "First, I'd like you to deliver these two snoops to Helena."  A pair of green and a pair of blue eyes popped wide and the "snoops" in question began struggling in their bonds and mewing through their gags.  "Tell her she may indulge herself for a week, but I expect Little Red and Pip back in the same condition they are now... not counting their bonds, of course."

"Of course, madam," George said.  "I'll deliver them to Ms. Quinn's dungeons immediately."  He then picked up the silk sash that was Thomasina's former cleave gag and began tying an overhand knot in its center.

"George... whatever are you doing?"

"Has madam forgotten her standing orders with respect to successful escapes?"

Thomasina squirmed in her bonds and laughed (a little nervously).  "That the party or parties who allow the escape, through their carelessness, are to forfeit their freedom for at least twenty four hours?  That hardly applies in this situation."

"Madam would be most disappointed if I were so negligent in my duties as to ignore her standing orders."

"George... you cad," Thomasina sighed.  "Next you'll be telling me it's your intention to come back later tonight and have your way with my helpless body."

George stuffed a single pair of panties back in his employer's smiling mouth, then seated the knot in the sash between her teeth, and tied a tight square knot at the nape of her neck.  He then picked up the squirming and squealing naked bundle of freckled and tan skin that was Andrea and Sally, and headed for the door.

He paused in the threshold to savor the sight of Thomasina Crown, naked, cleave-gagged, her wrists flexi-cuffed to the small of her back, her ankles flexi-cuffed together, and tethered by collar and chain to the ceiling of her bedroom.  The raven-haired beauty squirmed in her bonds and smiled at her employee (her eyes focused on the bulge in his jeans).  George turned and started down the stairs.  After several steps he smiled down at the blue and emerald eyes gazing up at him above tight gags and through tousled red and blond locks.  "You know," he mused aloud, "it's the fringe benefits that make this such a great gig."
Chapter 13

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