CROWN Affair

by Van © 2003
Chapter 10
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Katherine glared at her captor, nude and defiant in her heavy chains, the Mediterranean breeze stirring her brown locks, the sun hot on her tan back, buttocks, and strong legs.  "I'm done playing your inane games," she growled.  "Torture me, starve me, do whatever you're going to do; but stop being coy about it."  Thomasina frowned and opened her mouth to speak.  "And don't bother threatening Sally to get me to 'cooperate' with you," Katherine continued, preempting whatever Thomasina was trying to say.  "I know you're just going to turn us over to Helena anyway.  Whatever your sick plan is, include me out!"

Thomasina's frown deepened.  "Katherine, wha—?"

"Oh, you can break me," Katherine continued.  "You can try anyway... and you'll probably do it... if you're determined enough and evil enough, but—"

"Katherine!" Thomasina barked.


"Would you please stop ranting and join me for lunch?"  But Katherine would have none of it.  She stared at her captor and scowled.  Thomasina slowly shook her head.  "I don't understand why—"

"I do," a familiar voice interrupted, and Kimber climbed over the balcony's low wall and hopped lightly onto the sun-warmed marble.  The blonde was dressed in a loose, thigh-length chiton of sheer, unbleached linen, little more than a tunic.  Her full, firm breasts were clearly visible, the top third exposed by the chiton's generous neckline and the bottom two thirds (and her nipples, of course) through the gauze-like fabric.  The linen strip girding her loins was also visible.  A thin, narrow belt of saddle-brown leather encircled her waist and supported a small pouch.  Her feet were bare, her short blond hair a tousled mass blowing in the ocean breeze, and her tan face smiling.

Katherine sighed.  Despite her anger, a thrill of pleasure at the sight of the blonde, athletic goddess coursed through her loins.   She's beautiful.

"I wish you'd use a safety rope when you practice your climbing," Thomasina muttered.

"And I wish you'd listen to me when I try to tell you what goes on in your absence," Kimber responded, her blue eyes twinkling.  She walked to Katherine and gave her a kiss, then stood and faced Thomasina.  She draped her left arm over Katherine's shoulders, and her left hand patted the chained prisoner's lower tummy, just below her steel belt.  "Helena followed your orders to the letter, but not the spirit, I'm afraid."

Thomasina's gaze settled on Kimber and her expression became... tired.  "I sometimes think I'm headmistress of a school for delinquent brats.  What did the 'Dark Priestess' do this time?"

"She laid the fear-of-torture on a little thick, then actually carried through with an hour's worth," Kimber sighed.

Thomasina turned to Katherine.  "Is that true?"

"Go to hell!" the prisoner muttered.

Kimber smiled and led Katherine up onto the dais and helped her recline on the second couch.  Katherine stared at the food arrayed on the table between Thomasina and herself, but defiantly ignored the gourmet feast (despite her empty, grumbling stomach).  "I think you have your answer," Kimber told Thomasina, then popped a grape in Katherine's pouting mouth.  "Eat," she whispered in the captive's ear.  "Be brave and defiant on a full stomach."  She gave Katherine a quick kiss.

Katherine returned the kiss without thinking.  "Okay," she sighed, and reached for a tightly rolled sandwich wrap.

"I suppose I'll have to punish her again," Thomasina said, "Helena, I mean," she added quickly when she saw Katherine's eyes widen slightly."

"Only if you want to make things worse," Kimber said.

Thomasina turned to Kimber and favored her with a sardonic grin.  "Okay... I'm no longer distracted by business concerns.  Please gift me with the benefit of your legendary people skills."

"Helena is jealous," Kimber explained.  "If you keep punishing her, she'll still be jealous; she'll keep, shall we say, exceeding her mandate; and you'll keep having to punish her."

"I suppose I could clap her in irons and lock her in the cell next to Katherine's," Thomasina mused, staring at the horizon, "...or maybe in one of her own terror cells on the lowest level."

Chewing a mouthful of smoked turkey, olives, and roasted peppers; Katherine followed the discussion with great interest.   'Terror cells?'  She swallowed and reached for a slice of melon wrapped in prosciutto.

"Or," Kimber said, a coy smile on her sun-kissed, angelic face, "you could give her something she's wanted for a very long time."

Katherine's smile froze.  "You mean..."

"I've been a very bad girl," Kimber said, still smiling.  "I've become entirely too impertinent.  Constantly questioning orders; subverting your plans when it suits me; gossiping about pure, virtuous Helena behind her back... I need to be taught a lesson."

"You'd do this for me?" Thomasina asked, her eyes shining.

"You know how I like testing myself," Kimber explained, still smiling.  "One full day should do it... more than enough to distract the Dark Priestess, slay her 'green monster', and give her a chance to get used to Katherine being a part of the family."

Katherine finished the melon and reached for a slice of cheese.   'Family?'

Thomasina noticed Katherine's interest.  "Let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we," she told Kimber.  "Fetch me some rope, would you please?"

"Get it yourself, Ugly Witch!" Kimber answered, still smiling.  She winked at Katherine, blew a kiss at her employer, and pattered away towards the door in the cliff side.  Seconds later, she returned with a generous, mottled coil of what appeared to be quarter inch cotton rope dyed to resemble hemp.  The grinning blonde tossed the coil to her employer and stood, hands on hips.  "You know how to use that stuff?" she asked with an insolent sneer, "or do you want me to unchain Katherine and let her show you?"

Thomasina smiled, poured wine from a carafe into a large goblet of green glass, and handed it to Katherine.  "There's water also.  Please limit your wine intake.  All the drugs might not be completely out of your system."

Katherine nodded, accepted the goblet with her chained hands, took a sip, then pointedly ignored her "hostess," redirecting her attention to a dish of marinated olives (but she kept an eye on what else was happening with carefully stolen glances).

Thomasina gracefully rose from her couch, adjusted the hang of her sheer, full-length chiton, then, coil of rope in her right hand, strolled forward and confronted her "wayward" employee.  "On your knees," she purred, and Kimber complied (still grinning).  The "Roman Lady" stepped behind her "Disobedient Servant,"  shook out the coil and found its center, then made a tight loop.  She gathered Kimber's hands behind her back, wound several tight doubled bands around her wrists, and tied a double square knot.  This left a small loop and a very long doubled free end of rope.  This was pulled across Kimber's right arm, under her breasts, across her left arm, and threaded through her wrist bonds.  Another knot was tied, and the process was repeated, this time with the doubled rope traveling left to right and above her breasts.  Yet another knot was tied, then single strands were used to hitch the lower doubled strand running under Kimber's breasts, snugging the ropes tight between her arms and torso.

Katherine munched some small fishes sautéed in olive oil and garlic and watched.  She recognized the form: Ushirote munenawa.  She'd used the same Japanese technique on Sally; and Thomasina was applying the rope with obvious experience.  The initial loops were relatively loose, but the subsequent hitches were making everything tight and inescapable.

Thomasina remained true to the form.  By the time she was finished, single strands passed to either side of Kimber's swan-like neck, were looped symmetrically through the rope strands above and below her breasts, compacted, and tied off.  Several feet of doubled free end remained, dangling from the knot between the blonde's perfect breasts.

"You're good," Katherine muttered (then blushed, surprised at allowing herself to be lulled out of her angry reserve).

"Thank you," Thomasina said as she used about half the still remaining rope to take a taut hitch around Kimber's waist.  She then tied a complex knot in the region of the grinning, squirming prisoner's navel.

"She gets a lot of practice," Kimber purred, smiling coyly at Katherine.

"Silence, you!" Thomasina barked, unbuckling Kimber's belt and pouch and tossing them towards the dais.  She reached under Kimber's chiton and jerked off her loincloth, then unfolded it and draped it around the rope-bound captive's neck like a long, narrow scarf.  She then locked eyes with Kimber, smiled coyly, slowly lifted the front of her own gown-length chiton, and began removing her own loincloth.

Katherine noted that Kimber's pouch had come loose from the belt when Thomasina tossed it near.  In fact, it had slid across the smooth marble and was immediately below Katherine's couch.  She took advantage of Thomasina and Kimber's mutual distraction to reach down and retrieve the pouch.  Still unobserved, she opened the pouch and discovered a ring of keys; a very small, folded cell phone; and a signet ring embossed with a raised crown, and the crown matched the engravings and insets on her chains!   A magnetic key... but is it the magnetic key, she wondered.  Katherine palmed the ring and dropped the pouch back to the ground, nearer the belt and away from her couch.

Meanwhile, her eyes still locked with Kimber, Thomasina had folded her loincloth into a loose pad, and was rubbing it between her legs and across her labia!  "Seeing Katherine arrive in her chains made me excited," she purred.  "Her bravery and spirit made me even more excited... and the thought of giving you to Helena has made me absolutely wet."  She held up her loincloth and a damp, glistening streak confirmed her words.  "Open your mouth... and stick out your tongue," she ordered.

The ring-key that would open her chains (she hoped) clutched in her right hand, Katherine watched the unfolding erotic scene (a blush coloring her cheeks and that pesky, recurring thrill shivering through her own loins).   Golly!

Her eyes smiling, Kimber opened her mouth and thrust out her tongue, as ordered.  Thomasina placed the stained cloth on her captive's tongue, ground it gently from side to side, then stuffed the folded wad (and Kimber's tongue, of course) back into her mouth.  Kimber's own loincloth was thrust between her teeth, looped twice around her head, cinched tight, and knotted at the nape of her neck.  Thomasina then knelt behind Kimber, took the remaining doubled loose end of rope, pulled it through her crotch, and tied it off above her wrist bonds.  "Can you taste me?" she asked her shivering captive (the one bound in rope, not the one in chains watching mesmerized from under the canopy).  Kimber nodded, her nostrils flaring as her bulging breasts heaved.  "While Helena is having her way with you... think of me."  She took Kimber's face in her hands and kissed her gagged lips, then locked eyes with the panting blonde.  "I won't forget this," she added, then stood and took a step back.  "Remain on your knees and keep your eyes on the ground," she growled, and returned to her couch.

Aware that her own loins had become somewhat lubricated, Katherine watched Kimber writhe in the sun.  Knees splayed, the tight rope of her bondage pressing the sheer fabric of her short chiton against her tan skin, her mouth stuffed and lips tightly cleaved, she fought her inescapable bonds.  Her eyes were lowered, as ordered, and her tan skin glistened with a light film of sweat.  (Katherine made sure Thomasina's eyes were on Kimber, then tucked the signet under her steel belt and against her abdomen, then took a generous drink of wine.)

Thomasina produced a tiny cell phone from somewhere, unfolded it, pressed a button, and held it to her ear.  "Helena?  Would you join me on the balcony, please?  ...Yes, the same balcony.  ...Oh, and bring some rope."  She broke the connection and the phone disappeared, tucked somewhere in her chiton's harness-like sash.  Kimber raised her chin and Katherine could just see her laughing blue eyes through her tousled blond bangs.  "You won't have long to wait, My Disobedient One," Thomasina told Kimber.  "Is the sun hot, darling?  It's quite pleasant under this canopy... isn't it Katherine?"

Katherine's head swiveled from Kimber to Thomasina.  She nodded; then took a sip of wine.
Chapter 10
Kimber knelt in the sun, bound, gagged, and helpless for nearly five minutes before Helena appeared.  The raven-haired "Dark Priestess" was still in her Xenaesque costume of sandal boots, short skirt of studded straps, strapless corset and breastplate, and wrist bracers, all in black leather.  A coil of rope was in her right hand.  She emerged from the door, stepped forward... and paused.  A flash of delight passed over her hard, beautiful, pale features, then she continued forward, her mask carefully restored.  She stopped before the dais, one pace in front of the still kneeling Kimber.  "You rang, madame?"

Thomasina finished taking a sip of wine, set down her goblet, smiled, and nodded towards Kimber.  "Helena, darling... do me a favor and teach this trollop some manners, would you please?"

Helena's expression remained neutral (and hard); however, a faint but unmistakable blush colored her pale cheeks.  She glanced at Kimber, then at Katherine, and finally at Thomasina.  "I assume you mean the blond trollop groveling at your feet?" she inquired.

Thomasina nodded, then glanced at Katherine.  "Yes... the blonde.  I'll take care of the brunette myself for a while... personally."

Katherine felt her own cheeks coloring (and yet another frisson of pleasure between her legs).  She covered her reaction by reaching for a tiny slice of toasted bread covered with oil and pesto.

"You may have the blonde," Thomasina continued," for... shall we say... a week?"  Kimber's head snapped up and she mewed through her gag.  "Yes... a week," she purred, clearly enjoying Kimber's distress.

"Just to be clear," Helena said, "five days, or seven?"

Thomasina and Kimber locked eyes for several seconds.  "Oh..." Thomasina said finally, "let's start with five... then see if she's learned anything."

Katherine watched Kimber struggle in her bonds and mew whining, begging noises past her gag.  The roped captive's distress seemed quite genuine (which excited Katherine even more).

"Any other instructions?" Helena asked, smiling over her shoulder at Kimber.

"Oh... Let me see," Thomasina purred.

Kimber's gagged, worried (exquisitely beautiful) face turned from Helena to Thomasina and back, following the discussion of her fate with her complete attention.

"No branding," Thomasina decided.  "No tattoos.  No scarification.  No whip marks that won't heal.  Other than that..."

"You haven't mentioned piercing," Helena noted.

Thomasina locked eyes with Kimber.  "No... I haven't."

Kimber's resumed struggling, planted one foot forward, and began climbing to her feet.  

Helena grabbed a handful of blond curls and took a tight grip.  "And where so you think you're going, slave?" she asked.  "Get back on your knees!"  Whining piteously, Kimber complied.  "Lean forward," Helena ordered, "and put that butt in the air."  Again, Kimber complied.  Helena knelt and pulled several bands of rope around the captive's tan thighs, just above her knees.  She cinched the rope between Kimber's legs, pulled it up and behind the prisoner's neck, back between her knees, and tugged it tight.  Kimber was forced into a punishing crunch, flattening her breasts against her thighs.  The first strand was followed by several more; then the remaining rope was threaded through the loop in Kimber's wrist bonds and around her arms, torso, and thighs, reinforcing and further anchoring the crunch.

Smiling evilly, Helena grabbed Kimber's crotch ropes with her left hand and the captive's hair with her right.  "Okay, now you can stand.  Up!" she ordered, and heaved on the crotch rope.  Kimber squealed and very awkwardly, with Helena's "assistance," scrambled to her feet.  

Katherine winced in sympathy, then popped a stuffed olive in her mouth.

Bent forward in a stringent, rope-enforced pike position, helpless in her tight rope bonds and unable to complain or plead for mercy, Kimber danced in place on her bare feet, forcing pathetic noises past her gag.

"Oh... the heart melts," Thomasina cooed.  "So strong, so beautiful, and so helpless.  Simply delicious.  Don't you agree, Katherine?"

Katherine nodded absently, watching the sun glint from Kimber's firm, tan buttocks... then remembered she was a Disgruntled Captive and reached for another olive.  "Too much garlic," she muttered with a proud stare.

Thomasina laughed (and again Katherine's sex shivered).  "Take her," Thomasina told Helena, nodding at Kimber.  "And I don't want to see her insolent face again until she's learned her place, understand?"

Helena rested her left hand on Kimber's right buttock.  "Yes, Mistress," she purred, and gave Kimber's butt cheek a resounding slap.  "We'll use the central stairs, rather than the elevators," she told her captive, then slapped her butt again.  "Go!  You know the way."  Kimber turned in a slow circle and started shuffling towards the door.  Helena walked to the dais and gave Thomasina a kiss.  "I won't forget this," she whispered.

Katherine sighed and munched on a small chunk of breaded and fried seafood of some sort.  Thomasina won't forget... Helena won't forget... There's a regular epidemic of not forgetting going on around here. 

Thomasina returned the kiss, then pulled her "Dark Priestess" close and whispered in her ear.

Helena pulled back and her features softened.  "Really, Tommy," she muttered, "I'm not a damn idiot or a drooling monster."

Thomasina chuckled.  "I know, dear, but I had to be sure, for Kim's sake, didn't I?"

By this time Kimber was nearly to the doorway.  Helena thumped her chest in a mocking salute and hurried to catch up.  Katherine watched as Kimber's behind received a third slap.

"Faster, slave," Helena hissed, and they were through the door.

'Bye, Kimber.  Katherine took a sip of wine, then turned to Thomasina and scowled.  
"You bitch!" she accused.

"Are you upset about the four days I added to Kimber's sentence?" Thomasina asked, and Katherine nodded.  "Most of us on this island have been together a very long time, and have been through quite a lot together. We're used to 'The Game.'  Kimber's quite an actress, better than Helena, anyway."  She paused to take a sip of wine.  "Kimber knows I'd never let her be tested for five days, and Helena wouldn't do it, in any case.  My final instructions were: one day of 'fun' followed by one day of rest.  Kimber's experience will be heightened by the uncertainty, and The Game never ends.  My turn will come... and she'll not forget."

Not forget... Not forget... I'm forgetting something.  And then she remembered: Krippendorf!  "What have you done to Sally?" she demanded.

Thomasina smiled.  "Nothing sinister.  When you're done eating, I'll show you."

Katherine wiped her mouth with a napkin and clattered to her feet (making sure the hidden ring was safely nestled between her tummy and the belt of her chains).  "Let's go," she growled.
Chapter 10
Thomasina led Katherine off the balcony and through the doorway.  As she'd been blindfolded during her arrival, this was Katherine's first look at the island's interior.  Not surprisingly, the theme was decidedly Classical; however, a mix of Ancient Mediterranean cultures were represented, and everything was elegant, sparse, and... timeless.

Equally elegant, Thomasina pattered on sandaled feet, her sheer chiton fluttering in the warm, light breeze, where it wasn't pressed against her body by its overlying harness-like sash.  Her loincloth missing (now busy stuffing Kimber's mouth), Thomasina's pubic bush was clearly visible through the thin cloth (as were her breasts).  Completely at ease (and in command) Thomasina led the way through a transverse corridor, down a marble staircase, and out onto another balcony, this one on the opposite side of the island.

Katherine followed, lugging her chains, trying not to stare at her surroundings like a hick visiting the Big City.  She was maintaining her gruff demeanor, but it was getting more difficult.  Despite her treatment, Katherine's attraction to her captor was growing, especially since she'd managed to nab Kimber's ring.  Just the possibility of escape was changing her attitude, turning her predicament into more of an Adventure.

As they approached the balcony's low marble wall, Katherine could hear the sound of cascading water.  Thomasina put a finger to her lips.  "Please try not to clank your chains," she whispered, a coy smile on her full lips.  "We don't want to disturb the lovebirds."  She crept to the edge and pointed down.

Katherine looked down, smiled, and slowly shook her head.  "Krippendorf!" she whispered.

A waterfall was pouring down the side of the cliff and into a small, naturalistic pool precariously perched on the side of the cliff, perhaps twenty yards below.  In the pool, Sally was floating on her back, a steel collar (lighter than Katherine's) around her neck and tethered to a long chain which snaked out of the water and to an iron ring sunk in the patio section between the pool and the cliff.  Other than the collar, the tan, short blonde was nude.

Equally nude, Andrea was floating atop Sally and running her hands over her captive's glistening body.  A short chiton and loincloth were discarded on the marble of the patio.

Katherine smiled, despite herself, then flinched when Thomasina embraced her from behind and held her close.  Her captor's hands wandered over her nude, chained body.  (Katherine placed her hands over and under her belt in front, to safeguard the stolen ring.)

"This was completely unexpected," Thomasina whispered, her chin on Katherine's right shoulder, watching Andrea and Sally make out; "Little Red and your Sally becoming such an item, I mean," she explained.  "A little innocent fun is to be expected," she purred, sliding her left hand between Katherine's nates and brushing across the captive's moist labia, "especially on Theraxos... but our pixies have actually fallen in love."

Katherine shivered in her chains.  "Would you mind?" she gasped.

Thomasina continued her gentle massage of Katherine's sex.  "Not at all.  Where does it itch?"

"Please..." Katherine whispered, biting her lower lip.  "Please."

Thomasina slowly slid her hand free, then gave Katherine a kiss on her right cheek.  "Poor baby.  You're still tired from the trip, aren't you?  I'll take you someplace you can take a nice nap.  We can continue our... discussion... later... later this evening."

Katherine took a last look at her short, tan, blond partner and her equally short, pale, freckled, red-haired lover, then Thomasina led her away.
Chapter 10
They reentered the interior of the island, took a cleverly camouflaged elevator up several stories, and emerged in the foyer of an elegant apartment.  Open window walls provided magnificent seascape views in all directions.  Obviously they were at the highest point on the island.  The decor was Classical, more marble.  Spaced equidistant around the periphery of the main room, three life-sized statues faced one another.  All were marble and were women... beautiful women.  The first was wearing a hoplite's helm pushed back on her head.  An owl was perched on her right wrist and she was dressed in a long chiton, similar to Thomasina's.  The second was dressed in a short chiton (or perhaps it was a tunic) and had a bow and a full quiver slung across her right shoulder.  The third was wearing an open robe (exposing all of her considerable feminine charms).  A garland of poppies graced her brow.

There was a large circular bed set in a raised marble ring in the center of the room.  Katherine clinked to the bed and turned in a slow circle, examining the statues.  Thomasina stood near the doorway and watched, an amused smile on her face.  "Athena, Artemis, and... Aphrodite?" Katherine said, pointing at each in turn.  Thomasina nodded.  "I'm surprised you don't have Dionysis," Katherine muttered, sitting on the bed.

"Dionysis is more cautionary than inspirational," she purred.  "These three are my personal totems, especially Athena," Thomasina explained, then strolled to the representation of the goddess of love and placed her hand on the figure's left breast.  "Poor Aphrodite... Mother of gods... so misunderstood by the modern world; her legacy tainted and all but destroyed by misogynist priests... such a pity."  She turned and walked towards the wall opposite the doorway.  "Which do you consider your patron, Katherine?" she asked.

Katherine watched as Thomasina thumbed a cleverly hidden switch set in a niche in the wall.  A steel ring attached to a chain lowered from the ceiling until it reached the floor, then more chain pooled around it.  Finally there was an audible click and the cascade stopped.  "Uh... If I have to choose one... Artemis, I suppose," Katherine said, facing the goddess with the bow.

Thomasina picked up the ring and dragged the chain towards Katherine.  "The huntress; protectress of wild animals, uncivilized Nature, and unmarried girls."  She produced a signet ring from somewhere in her chiton's sash and slipped it on her right ring finger.  It was identical in appearance to the one Katherine had stolen from Kimber's pouch.  She knelt before the chained captive.

Katherine felt the ring slide and click into a shallow inset in her collar.  It turned; the chain linking her collar, belt, and shackles fell away; and was instantly replaced by the chain linked to the far ceiling.  Next, her manacles, belt, and shackles were removed and left in a gleaming heap beside the bed.  (Katherine managed to palm Kimber's ring as her belt was removed.  She entertained the thought of attacking her captor as she was being freed, but her position was unfavorable.  She decided to bide her time.)

"Which aspect of the moon goddess do you find most attractive?" Thomasina asked.

"The Huntress!" Katherine responded immediately.   If this gets 'hands on', she thought, she'll find the ring.  Making sure her body shielded her actions, Katherine tucked Kimber's ring between the mattress and the bed's marble platform.

"The huntress," Thomasina noted, nodding as she walked towards a side door.  In seconds she returned with a mass of deep red silk in her right hand.  "I give the huntress and protectress aspects equal weight.  On your stomach, please."  

Katherine sighed, favored her "hostess" with a resentful glare, and complied.  The silk was tossed beside her pouting face, and she could see it was two or more long, narrow sashes, identical in all but color to the sash binding Thomasina's chiton to her body.  She sighed again as her hands were gathered at the small of her back and silk tightened around her wrists.  A simplified but highly effective version of the same technique Thomasina had used on Kimber was employed, and soon Katherine's arms were pinned to her sides, her elbows locked, and her bound wrists lashed to the single bands framing her breasts.  She was rolled over, and the final knot was tied below and between her breasts, a complex and mockingly decorative bow.

Her knees straddling Katherine's hips and a portion of her weight resting on the prisoner's lower abdomen, Thomasina cupped Katherine's breasts, smiled, leaned forward, and kissed her lips.

Katherine's eyes went wide as her captor's tongue invaded her mouth.  Her sex pulsed and she shuddered with delight.  She slid one leg against against Thomasina's outer thigh and returned the kiss.  It lasted a very long time, and Thomasina continued her gentle massage of Katherine's breasts as their tongues rolled and lips sucked... and then it was over.  Her captor leaned back, and continued caressing her breasts, gently manipulating her erect nipples between thumbs and forefingers.  "I... I hate being tied up," Katherine whispered.

Thomasina's smile was at once feral and kind.  "Poor Huntress," she cooed.  "Captured and helpless.  You hate it so..."  She leaned forward and gave each nipple a slow, languid lick.  "...but it feels so good... doesn't it, Katherine?"

Katherine shuddered (and there was that hateful, wonderful thrill again).  "Stop it.  I... I hate you," she whispered (but they both knew it wasn't true).

"And I think I love you, Ms. Banning," Thomasina whispered back, and they kissed again.

"Kidnapping and rape." Katherine muttered.  "You have a funny way of showing it."

Thomasina's right hand slid between Katherine's thighs.  "Abduction may have fallen out of fashion as an element of romance," she whispered, "but that doesn't make it any less fun."  A smug, gloating smile on her face, she gently caressed Katherine's sex.  "Need I remind you again that you're guilty of burglary and your accomplice of kidnapping?  Instead of an all-expense-paid Aegean vacation, you could be facing some serious prison time... and in a prison much grimmer than beautiful Theraxos."

Katherine shuddered in her bonds (and blushed).  "Nobody here but us felons, huh?" she mumbled, pointing her toes and squirming as her captor's strong, pale fingers continued their intimate massage.  "All right, I guess we're even.  Now, please... please stop," she whispered, then yawned.

Thomasina smiled, lifted her weight and backed away; then used the remaining sash to bind Katherine's ankles together.  "You need that nap I promised you," she said, "and I need a swim in the sea."  Very much in charge (but with just a hint of a blush on her angelic face), Thomasina climbed off the bed and walked towards the main door.  "The washroom is through there," she said, gesturing towards an opening between Athena and Aphrodite.  "Your chain is long enough to allow you to hop in and do any required business."  She turned back and smiled at her prisoner.  "Your chain is not long enough to reach this doorway, of course.  I'll be back at sunset with our evening meal.  I've arranged that we not be disturbed, so we'll be able to pursue our discussion of love and hate, crime and punishment... until dawn."  She blew a kiss towards Katherine and turned.  "Pleasant dreams," she wished her captive, and was gone.

Katherine lay in her bonds and stared at the open doorway.  The Mediterranean breeze stirred the gossamer curtains of the chamber's many windows.  The blue sky and glinting sea was visible on all sides, as well as the upper peaks of the neighboring islands.  Sunlight bounced off the marble of the balconies beyond each window and lit the domed ceiling overhead with a bright, indirect glamour.

Katherine tested her bonds.  They were tight but relatively comfortable.  Her chain rattled as she rolled and strained to reach the decorative knot in the many bands of narrow silk binding her ankles... without success.  Defeated, for the moment, she lay back and gathered her thoughts.  With her wrists bound to the small of her back, she knew retrieving Kimber's ring and trying to unlock her collar was impossible.  She stifled another yawn.  Taking a nap was out of the question.  Katherine had one thing and one thing only on her mind: escape!
Chapter 10

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