CROWN Affair

by Van © 2003
Chapter 7
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Naked and helpless, wrists flexicuffed to their waist bands of vinyl-clad cable ties, their ankles tightly (albeit comfortably) flexicuffed, Katherine and Sally lay on the floor of their, small, padded cell and talked.

"And then she carried me down here and tossed me in," Sally said, finishing her part of the narrative.  The petite blonde stared sadly at her bound ankles, wiggling her toes.  "I'm sorry, Katherine," she sighed.  "I screwed up."

Katherine smiled, unable to even feign anger.  "You didn't screw up, Krippendorf," she said.   "I'm the screwup."

Sally blinked and pursed her lips, suppressing a smile.  "'Screwup' is harsh.  Brash, bungling, overconfident twit who waltzed into a trap and got us both caught?  Well, yeah, but 'screwup' is harsh."

Katherine laughed and lunged at her partner.  Soon, despite her bound condition, she was on top of Sally, pinning the giggling, squirming, complaining little blonde on her back and pressing her into the floor padding.  "I'll show you brash," Katherine purred, and rained kisses on Sally's laughing face.  As she did so, she whispered in her fellow captive's left ear.  "Surveillance."

Sally responded, whispering between giggles.   "I know.  Camera and sound, probably."

"Probably," Katherine agreed, continuing to kiss her partner's smiling face.

"What now?" Sally whispered.

"We wait for our chance," Katherine whispered back, then continued in her normal voice.  "That brash enough for you, Krippendorf?"  She rolled off the still giggling blonde and against the far wall.  "Now shut up and go to sleep."  As if on cue, the overhead light slowly faded from harsh white to a soft, ruby glow.

Sally snuggled in the padding and smiled at Katherine.  "Nightie-nite, Kath!"

Katherine rolled her eyes, then rolled her body to face the wall.  Seconds passed... and then she answered, softly.  "Goodnight, Krippendorf."
Chapter 7
Katherine was instantly awake at the sound of the cell door being unlocked.  Sally was a second or two behind, but by the time the portal opened, both prisoners were alert.   Andrea entered the cell.  The overhead light was still glowing a feeble red, but it provided more than enough light for the captives to recognize the redhead's petite form and heartbreakingly beautiful face.  She was wearing a short silk robe and was carrying what appeared to be some sort of... motorcycle helmet?

"What...?" Sally started to ask, but was silenced by a gesture from the smiling redhead.  She set down the helmet, reached inside, and produced a roll of silver tape.  She snapped off a six inch strip and plastered it over Sally's puzzled lips.  She then took a second strip of tape and moved towards Katherine.

"Look, you," the squirming brunette growled, but went silent when the Andrea placed a single pale finger to her lips.

"Lips together, please," Andrea purred.  Katherine glared but complied, and Andrea smoothed the sticky rectangle in place.  She then retrieved the helmet, reached inside, produced a tangle of black nylon straps, and dropped them on the floor.  She then began unlatching various flaps and visors on the obviously solid, substantial and well-padded helmet.

The helmet incorporated a rigid cervical collar, ear flaps, a wide plate over the mouth region, and a visor over the eyes.  Katherine mewed, squirmed, and did her best to resist, but Andrea was strong for her size, and apparently experienced in the handling of reluctant captives.  Sally watched (her blue eyes wide above her tape-gag) as the collar and cranial were fitted and clamped on, over, and around Katherine's head; foam earplugs were compressed and forced into her ears; the thickly padded ear flaps were locked shut; and the tape was ripped from Katherine's lips.

"Hey!  You don't have to—m'mmpfh!"

A padded ring had been forced in Katherine's mouth and Andrea was deftly snapping its short rubber retaining straps into sockets on either side of the helmet.  She then closed and latched the helmet's heavily padded mouth and chin plate, then lowered and locked first a mirrored visor, then a solid one, blinding her already deaf and mute captive.  The result was a tightly and totally encased head for poor Katherine.  Stylish, to be sure (vaguely Art Deco), but she was totally robbed of her two most important senses and her ability to complain about it.

Next, Andrea straightened out the black nylon straps.  One strap was used to bind Katherine's knees first together, then to the front of the helmet's collar.  Another was used to link her bound ankles to the back of the collar.  Several transverse straps followed, all were stringently tightened, and the squirming captive found herself in a ball-tie, sitting on her rump, and wedged in a corner of the padded cell.

Andrea then smiled, dragged Sally to the center of the ten-by-ten space, and ripped off her tape-gag.

"Ow!" the captive blonde complained.  "Did you have to... uh..."  (Still smiling, Andrea was removing her robe.)  Sally squirmed in her bonds and nodded towards Katherine's weakly struggling form.  "Uh... That's an awfully mean tie.  Can't you..."  (Andrea's robe fell away, revealing her short, perfect, freckled body, glowing redly in the cell's subdued lighting.) "Uh... Can you please... uh..."  Sally's complaints faded as Andrea straddled the petite prisoner and settled her weight atop the blonde's tiny waist.

"Privacy," Andrea purred, leaning forward to kiss Sally's lips.


"The helmet gives us privacy," Andrea whispered, her lips and tongue invading Sally's mouth, her red curls surrounding both their faces like a curtain of fire.

"It's cruel," Sally objected, returning her captor's affections nonetheless (as much as her bonds would allow).

"One of Helena's toys," Andrea explained, coming up for air.  "Not as bad as it seems.  I know."


Andrea pulled back slightly and her hands gently massaged Sally's pert breasts.  "Your heart's tripping like a hammer," the redhead observed.

"You have that affect on people... or haven't you noticed?" Sally gasped as her nipples were gently squeezed and released.

They kissed again and Andrea's right hand wandered between the captive's thighs.  "Wet weasel!" the smug redhead accused with a coy smirk.

"Vixen!" Sally accused in return, and the lovers kissed.

In the corner, oblivious to all but the growing discomfort of the tight straps, stifling helmet, and the pressure of the padding against her rump, arms, and shoulders, Katherine squirmed and struggled.   I hate being tied up!  
Chapter 7
Andrea released Katherine from the ball-tie and the helmet some time later (hours, possibly;  Katherine couldn't be sure).   The smug redhead departed without saying a word, taking the helmet, straps, and tape (used and unused) with her.  Katherine looked at the closing door, then at Sally.  The little blonde was glistening with sweat and the expression on her face was... happy (and tired).  Katherine was tired as well, and decided to give her partner grief about her interlude with Andrea... later... much later.  She yawned, shook her head, closed her eyes...

...and opened them immediately (or so it seemed to the still exhausted brunette).  The overhead light was back to its former daylight brilliance, the cell door was open, and Kimber and Helena had entered.  Kimber was dressed in white tights and a periwinkle blue leotard; Helena in black stretch pants and a sleeveless blouse of black silk.

"Rise and shine!" Kimber said, beaming a bright smile.  Katherine moaned and started to mutter a complaint, but was silenced by a ball-gag, a clear rubber sphere with a clear elastic rubber strap.  Kimber then cut the prisoner's ankle bonds and dragged her to her feet.  Meanwhile, Sally was getting similar treatment from Helena.  Soon both captives were in the corridor, their respective captors right hands on their left shoulders, and they were being guided down the hallway.

They went through the gate of iron bars, down another corridor, and into what was obviously a washroom.  Their faces were scrubbed with wet washcloths, patted dry, then both captives were allowed to use the facilities' stainless steel commodes (with their handler's assistance, of course).

Refreshed (and as awake as they were going to get), the captives were led to an elevator.  Helena turned a key, opened a small panel, and pressed a button.  Katherine was making mental notes for their eventual escape, but the results were discouraging.  She doubted if she could take Kimber, even if she was not bound.  Helena?  Maybe, but the subterranean part of the Crown townhouse was designed like a prison, with redundant gates and multiple keys required to move about freely... and it was a virtual labyrinth.  She still didn't have a clear mental image of the floor plan.

The elevator opened and they were on the roof, or rather, they were inside a large greenhouse that covered most of the roof.  Neighboring buildings loomed on all sides like artificial cliffs.  

Kimber leaned close and whispered in Katherine's ear.  "Don't worry.  The glass is all mirrored, so no one can see in.  Thomasina loves her privacy."

Sally and Katherine were led to a table near a railing that incorporated several planting boxes filled of vines that trailed into a large open space below.  Katherine looked down and realized they were above a large indoor garden with several trees, extensive beds of flowering plants and ferns, and a pond full of large goldfish. Wow! she thought. I knew Thomasina was rich, but this is just ostentatious... in an exquisitely tasteful sort of way.

Their gags were pulled from their mouths (and allowed to dangle around their necks like bizarre necklaces).  Service for four was waiting on the table.  Kimber poured four cups of coffee.  (Katherine noted that she already knew that Katherine took her coffee black and Sally with two lumps and cream.   I wonder what else they know? she wondered.)  Kimber held Katherine's cup for her to drink (as did Helena for Sally), then the handlers sipped their own cups.  The brew was strong and delicious.

"Thomasina likes her morning sludge-shakes," Helena said, "but I believe in a real breakfast."

Kimber smiled and gestured to the side.  "And speaking of which..."

Katherine and Sally turned and looked over their shoulders... and gasped.  Andrea was approaching, pushing a serving cart with four covered plates, and she was naked (as naked as Katherine and Sally), and in chains!  Her head was caged in a tight brank with a broad shield covering her mouth.  A collar was locked around her throat.  Her wrists were in manacles and her ankles in shackles.  A chastity belt was locked around her narrow waist and through her loins.  All of the restraints were stainless steel and connected by strong chains.  The cuffs on her wrists and ankles were not the ratcheting type, like police handcuffs, but instead were wide, thick bands of steel.  They fitted so perfectly it was obvious they had been custom made, just for Andrea.  The ensemble was elegant in design, functional and modern.  Hands in front, linked, but with a reasonable range of motion; ankles together but with sufficient space for a hobbled shuffle; the pale, freckled redhead pushed the cart forward.  To add insult to injury (or to guild the lily, depending on one's attitude) her hair was pulled back and tied with a black ribbon, a lace cap was pinned atop her head (and the brank), and a tiny lace apron was tied around her waist.

The chained redhead clinked and clattered to the table and began setting covered plates on the table.  Katherine and Sally stared with openmouthed amazement; Kimber and Helena with coy amusement.

Sally swallowed and glanced from Helena to Kimber to Andrea, then back to Helena.  "Uh...?"

"Thomasina's explicit instructions were that you two should get a good night's sleep," Helena explained, eyeing the chained "serving girl's" dimpled buttocks as she returned to the cart for the last plate.  A certain... 'Vixen'... flaunted those instructions with abandon."  The raven-haired beauty's head swiveled to stare at Sally.  "...with wanton abandon."

Sally blushed and stared at her covered plate.  "I suppose I get punished too," she muttered, then lifted her sad blue eyes to gaze into Andrea's... amused (?) green eyes.

"Not at all, 'Weasel,'" Helena purred.  "You were a helpless prisoner, viciously attacked by an amorous Vixen.  What could you do?"

"What indeed?" Katherine muttered.

Sally's blush deepened, but she was a little put off by Andrea's casual acceptance of her nude captivity.  "Uh... how long does she have to do the maid-in-chains thing?"

Helena locked eyes with Andrea before answering.  "Oh... I don't know.  Thomasina left that to my discretion.  Little Red will either be clinking around for several days... or I'll end her penance with something drastic but brief."

Andrea's face paled and the amusement was gone from her green eyes.  She began collecting the covers, one-by-one, revealing steaming portions of eggs scrambled with red and green peppers, sausages, cottage fries, and fruit cups.  She then returned to her cart, gave Sally a sad glance over one pale, freckled shoulder, sighed through her brank, and wheeled the cart away.

Sally watched the chained redhead depart, then started when Helena shoved a fork full of eggs into her open mouth.

"Where is Thomasina, by the way," Katherine asked as Kimber fed her some eggs.

"On her way to London," Kimber answered, eating from her own plate.  "...for real this time."

Katherine chewed her food and gazed at Kimber, an inquisitive expression on her face.

"Okay," Kimber said finally.  "I see no reason you shouldn't be told what's going to happen."

"Spoilsport!" Helena purred.  "I so enjoy the terror in helpless captives' eyes as they suffer cruel tortures in ignorant suspense."  Her manner was mocking and coy (but neither Katherine nor Sally were reassured).

Kimber ignored her fellow handler.  "Tommy has business in London and Madrid, but when she's finished, we'll all be joining her on her island in the Aegean."

"Island?" Sally blurted.  "She owns an island?"

"Several together in a small cluster, actually," Helena said.  "All of them are rather small."

"But comfortable, I'm sure," Katherine muttered.

Helena's head swiveled and she locked eyes with Katherine.  "Comfortable on the upper levels.   I designed the accommodations down below."

Katherine managed to maintain her composure, but Sally's eyes were wide.  A minute passed in silence and more food was consumed.  Katherine swallowed and turned to Kimber.  "What do we do in the meanwhile."

Kimber smiled.  "I have a program of exercise and diet planned for both of you.  It should keep you entertained."

Katherine frowned.  "And if we refuse to play along?  I don't feel in the mood."

"Then you can keep me entertained," Helena purred, "or rather Sally can."

Sally's eyes were wide again, and she swallowed nervously.  "Huh?"

"Don't worry dear," Kimber said, smiling at the obviously very worried little blonde.  "Punishing one to ensure the cooperation of the other will almost certainly not be necessary..."  Her attention shifted to Katherine.  "...will it?"

Katherine glowered like a wet cat... and slowly shook her head.

"Wonderful," Kimber said brightly.  "Sally, after you've had a chance to digest your meal a little, you'll do an evaluation run for me."

Sally swallowed the final bite of her breakfast.  "Huh?"

"You'll love it," Katherine muttered.  "Hawaii's beautiful this time of year."

Sally was even more confused.  "Huh?"

"What about me?" Katherine asked, ignoring Sally's continuing inquisitive stare.

"You get your first session with the rowing simulator," Kimber answered.

"Super," Katherine muttered, and swallowed her final bite.
Chapter 7
Katherine was amazed.  She'd assumed the "rowing simulator" would be a commercial exercise machine, similar to what she would have found in a conventional gym or health club.  Instead, it was a narrow wooden box with a hard seat and an adjustable foot rest.  It was flanked by steel mechanisms covered by streamlined blisters, one on either side.  The walls and ceiling of the circular, domed room in which the device was centered were covered with white screens.

Kimber sat Katherine on the bench and fitted steel shackles to her ankles, then snipped the flexicuffs binding her wrists.  The padded cable tie remained around the captive's waist.  Katherine rubbed her wrists (savoring the ability to roll her shoulders and flex her arms), and watched Kimber snap a thick wooden pole into a socket set in the mechanism on her right.

"You're right-handed," Kimber explained, "so I'll start you in a starboard bench."  The pole swiveled across Katherine's lap.  Kimber turned a key and lifted a cover on the blister, pushed a series of buttons. A cylinder extended from the floor behind and to the left of Katherine, elevating until the leather strap attached to its surface was even with the center of her back.

"This is your motivation," Kimber explained. "If the computer decides you're being obstinate the cylinder will spin and deliver a whack across your back.  It has a double tongue so it sounds really nasty, but the blows won't even mark you.  The real punishment is delivered by tiny electrical contacts embedded in the strap.  The cylinder will be repositioned after each stroke so all of the blows don't strike in the same place, and it's been programmed to miss your kidneys. You won't be harmed, but 'Helena's Shock Whip' will be very unpleasant.  Now take the oar."

Katherine folded her arms across her chest.  "Why do we have to play these elaborate games?" she muttered.

Kimber ignored the question, pushed a button on the control panel, then closed and locked the cover.  The overhead lights faded slightly and the screens glowed to life.  They were surrounded by ocean, and a cloudless blue sky was overhead.  "The mechanism simulates a full length oar.  You not only have to keep the proper pace, you have to make sure the angle of your blade is correct as it cuts through the water."

Katherine would still have nothing to do with the oar.  "I'm tired of this crap," she muttered.  "Either start torturing me or... what are you doing?"

Kimber had stepped into the box behind the prisoner and was embracing her from behind.  Katherine squirmed on the bench as her trainer's hands began wandering over her torso, caressing her breasts and abdomen.  "Helena says you like being punished," Kimber whispered in Katherine's ear, "but I think you're simply strong and aggressive and used to being in control, and don't like it when that's taken away.  The 'Dark Priestess' would like to break that warrior spirit of yours..."  One arm was across Katherine's breasts, the other rubbing her stomach and thighs.  " make you meek and—No you don't!"

Katherine had tried to slam her right elbow into Kimber's side and grab the blonde's hair with her left, but both actions were parried with blinding speed and Katherine found both hands trapped behind her back in a double hammerlock, her wrists and thumbs twisted in painful holds.  The prisoner grimaced and kicked her chained feet.

Kimber maintained the hold.  "We're much alike, you and I," she purred as Katherine gasped and blinked.  "Left hand on the oar," she said, and released the prisoner's left hand.  Katherine grabbed the pole across her lap.  "And now the right."  Her right hand was released and she followed Kimber's order.

Kimber stepped out of the box and stood before Katherine.  "Things will go much better if you simply follow my orders," she said, a friendly smile on her beautiful face.  "Glower and glare all you like... but follow my orders.  Now, the initial training session provides visual graphics to let you match your oar-handling to the required pace.  There will be a few changes in speed, and nothing fancy like braking or backwatering.  The 'Shock Whip' will give you 'gentle' reminders if your technique starts to slip."  Katherine walked to the door and opened it.  "Future sessions will teach you all the fancy stuff, and especially how to avoid fouling the oars of other rowers.  But for this session... you're all alone."  

The door closed and Katherine was alone.  The message "BEGIN ROWING" appeared on the screen.   'We're much alike,' Katherine mused, remembering Kimber's words.   Probably true, but I hate her! why do her hands on my body feel so good?  The message began flashing, and Katherine heard a quiet whirr from the cylinder, immediately followed by a smack as the strap hit her back.  It wasn't too painful; but, as promised, it was definitely unpleasant.  "Damn!" Katherine cursed, and began "rowing."  More graphics appeared on the screen.  One set showed a moving set of brackets, the surface of the virtual ocean, and the position and angle of her virtual oar.  Another showed a computer generated 3-D female figure (similar to Katherine in build and coloring) bending her own virtual oar.  Katherine watched the figure, noting how she arched her back and used the foot rest to put her whole body into the power stroke.  Katherine emulated her virtual twin's technique, used the brackets to guide her pace and the angle of her oar, and settled into the rhythm.

The pace slowly quickened and Katherine strained to keep up.  She repositioned her feet slightly, and her shackles clinked.  I hate— "ah" —being— "ah" —tied up!
Chapter 7
Things settled into something of a routine.  The prisoners received three gourmet meals each day, and were hand fed by Helena and Kimber, with the handlers alternating their attentions.  The intervals between meals were occupied by strenuous exercise: motivated runs on the treadmill, the rowing simulator, various other conventional exercise machines (all with added "motivational" and "security" accessories); or, they were occupied with tight bondage and mind-numbing boredom.  Katherine and Sally were only together at meals and at night, when they were locked in the same padded cell (always flexicuffed hand and foot), and had a chance to compare notes.  Their handlers were professional.  The captives never found themselves completely free of restraints, and no opportunities to attempt escape presented themselves.  They remained naked, of course.  In the Crown household, clothing was for non-prisoners.

There was one more element to their routine.  After every exercise session each captive received a full-body massage.  After a shower and a steam the captives would be led into a chamber with two well-padded tables.  The tables had stocks for their ankles and pillories for their wrists and necks, all cleverly designed so the prisoners could be flipped and rolled and their limbs individually repositioned without requiring their complete release.  Further, the mechanisms securing their wrists and ankles operated by a combination of latches and foot pedals, so the captives couldn't possibly free themselves, even if left unattended with one wrist and arm completely free.

Katherine had to admit the food was good, the exercise felt wonderful (especially after her massage), and by the end of the first week her already trim body was gaining additional tone (and so was Sally's).  She still hated being tied up, and she especially hated Helena's inventive and taxing "meditation sessions."  She'd been tied to a tree in the conservatory (with at least a hundred yards of tight rope), hog-tied atop a table in one of the townhouse's many sitting rooms, ball-tied and suspended in a net high above the conservatory's koi pond, spread-eagled on a billiard table, and simply marched into an empty bedroom and locked in a tiny dark closet, her mouth tape-gagged and her wrists flexicuffed to the small of her back, but otherwise "free."
Chapter 7
Day nine.  Katherine finished a particularly grueling session in the rowing simulator.  She had long since learned the rudiments of the more advanced rowing techniques required to maneuver a multi-oared vessel (braking, backwatering, coasting, etc.), and found herself shifting from maneuver to maneuver in response to verbal commands "shouted" by the computer, in Greek.  Today's session had been mostly high-speed rowing, including extended sprints in which her naked rump hardly touched the bench. By the time Kimber led her to the shower and steam room, Katherine's muscles were throbbing and heavy.  The massage on the table had been fabulous!  Kimber's skilled hands stroked and manipulated Katherine's oiled body until she drifted in a sensuous limbo of exhausted pleasure... and then fell asleep...
...only to wake some time later.  Her position was unchanged, still on the massage table, on her stomach, her ankles locked in padded stocks, her wrists comfortably strapped to the sides of the table, and her face resting in the table's oval, padded opening.  Her sleepy eyes stared at the massage room's luxurious carpet.  She was otherwise unrestrained; however, a wide piece of tape was plastered over her lips.  Odd I didn't wake up when that happened, Katherine thought, still half-asleep.   I must have really been out of it.  Then she lifted her head and realized what had disturbed her slumber.

A curtain had been pulled across the room, but she could hear a voice coming from the other side, Sally's voice, punctuated by the blonde's distinctive giggles and laughter.

"Andy, stop it!  Please!  No!  Not there!  Not the feet!  Not the feet!  Oooooh stop!  Andy, Andy, Andy stop!  Eeeeeeh!  St-o-o-o-p!  Andy!  Ple-e-e-ase!  Oh-oh-oh- Eeeeeeh!"

The silhouettes on the curtain confirmed what was happening.  Sally was writhing and struggling, restrained flat on her back on the other massage table, and Andrea was tickling the fool out of her feet!

Katherine sighed and settled her face back into the padded oval, wishing she could somehow free her hands and cover her ears.  Sally was very ticklish (which Katherine knew from personal experience) and she also had a lot of stamina.

Suddenly Katherine started in her bonds.  A hand was stroking her back!  She lifted her head, looked back over her shoulder, and found Kimber standing to the left.  The blonde amazon was dressed in her usual tights and leotard combination, the usual friendly smile on her angelic face as her strong hand slid over Katherine's smooth back.

Kimber leaned close and whispered in Katherine's ear.  "Happy to see me?"

Katherine shivered in her bonds, and a thrill of pleasure shuddered through her sex and up her spine.   A dream... it's a dream!  But Kimber's hand... now hands... were very real, her breath in Katherine's ear hot, her tongue wet and warm as it explored her aural cavity, her lips warm and moist and her teeth strong and hard as they gently nibbled her ear lobe.   This is real.  This is very real.  One of Kimber's hands wandered between her thighs and caressed the captive's swollen sex.   Oh God!

"You're very wet," Kimber whispered, "but you needn't feel guilty.  I know you hate being a prisoner."  Kimber's fingers penetrated Katherine's sex and began stroking her flushed and throbbing clitoris.  "You hate being helpless.  You hate not being in control."  The pace and depth of the massage quickened and the captive shuddered and bucked, then began writhing in rhythm to her handler's manipulations.  "You hate it," Kimber continued.  "You want it to stop... just like poor Sally wants Andrea to stop.  But it won't stop, and you can't do anything about it... can you?"

Katherine squirmed and bucked and writhed and pulled on her bonds, then finally screamed through her tape-gag... and came... and her lover/captor skillfully prolonged and accentuated the helpless prisoner's pleasure... and it went on and on... and finally it was over.

"Wh...what the hell was that?" Sally's voice demanded.  "Seriously, I heard something, over there; the other side of the curtain.  Didn't you?  Andy?  Oh- oh-no!  Not the ribs!  Noooo-o-o-o!"

Kimber gently lifted Katherine's head from the table and peeled off her gag.

To her infinite surprise... as she panted and stared at her captor's tan, smiling face... Katherine felt nothing but affection.  "Kiss me," she whispered, and Kimber did so.  The kiss lasted a very long time... and then Kimber pulled back and returned the tape to Katherine's lips.

"Rest until dinner," she whispered.  "Tomorrow we fly to Greece."  Then, with a final sensual slide of her right hand down Katherine's back, dimpled butt, and right leg... she was gone.

Katherine settled her head back into the table's padded oval and sighed.  Greece...  I hate being tied up... but I love Kimber.

On the other side of the curtain Sally's ordeal continued.  "Andy, you rat!  Stop it!  Pleeeeeese!  You're gonna make me pee!"
Chapter 7

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