Seaglass House A Few Days at Seaglass
by Van ©2010

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Chapter 4
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Our Story Continues

0:01:07...  0:01:06...  0:01:05...  0:01:04...

Delfina tugged on the duct tape binding her to the chair, but everything was as tight and inescapable as ever.  There was no sign of Christina or Polly.  Through the windows she'd seen them bobbing in the water a few times in the last hour, but not for some time.  If they were basking in the teak chairs next to the fire pit, which was probable, from Delfina's rather restricted vantage point they would be behind one of the dunes.  In any case, if they didn't come back to the house soon...  Her eyes darted back to the countdown on the monitor of Christina's computer.

0:00:50...  0:00:49...  0:00:48...  0:00:47...

Less than a minute!  Less than a minute until the huge vibrator taped to the chair-seat and nudging her crotch would buzz to life!

0:00:27...  0:00:26...  0:00:25...  0:00:24...

The windows of Christina's office were partially open, and the ocean breeze was providing what should be cool, pleasant cross-ventilation.  Nonetheless, Delfina's skin was flushed and shining with sweat.  She'd been struggling that hard.

0:00:10...  0:00:09...  0:00:08...  0:00:07...

Oh god!  It's gonna happen!

0:00:03...  0:00:02...  0:00:01...  0:00:00...

The screen flashed to black—a red LED on the control box winked on—and the vibrator began to BUZZZZZZZZZ...


The chair seat was throbbing, just as Polly had promised, and waves of vibration were coursing through her cunt!  It was horrible!  Okay, it was mostly embarrassing, very embarrassing.  Delfina shivered and pulled against her tape bonds.  Actually, the vibrator felt good... horribly good.

This wasn't Delfina's first experience with such a device.  She'd had a brief, experimental fling with one of her female classmates in college.  They'd both been well aware that their "affair" wasn't anything serious, just a little mutual, naughty fun.  Before drifting apart, they'd made love perhaps a half-dozen times, and during one session, Julianne—beautiful, rosy-cheeked Julianne, with that magnificent mane of copper-red curls and the gazillion freckles dappling her smooth, pale body—Julianne had produced a wand-style vibrator very much like this one, and had proceeded to demonstrate that the thing could work magic!


The current wand was working magic, as well, and there was nothing Delfina could do about it!


"M'rrrmpfh!"  Delfina began squirming her pussy against the vibrator's head... trying to escape.  At least, that was her story and she was sticking to it... much the way her pussy was beginning to stick to her panties, which were beginning to stick to the seat of her shorts.


She was going to cum!  There was no stopping it!  She was going to cum!  "Mrmf!"  Her breasts were heaving and she was panting through flaring nostrils.  Sweat was beading on her flushed face.  She was going to cum... soon... very soon!

Suddenly, Delfina saw movement through the windows.  Christina and Polly were strolling down the path from the beach, approaching the house.  Bikini clad, their towels draped over their shoulders, they paused as Christina pointed to a small plant near the trail.  Polly leaned close and smiled—BUZZZZZZZZZ...—and apparently—BUZZZZZZZZZ...—Delfina's hostess and her grinning protege began a detailed discussion of the plant's botanical and horticultural virtues and/or attributes.

"Mrrrrmpfh!"  They weren't coming to rescue her!  Of course, Christina was the one who had taped her to the chair, and Polly was the one who had taped the vibrator to the chair's seat, between her legs...  So "rescue" wasn't the right word.  "Mfff!"  In any case, they weren't coming, not fast enough...  But Delfina was cumming!  She was about to cum like crazy!


Delfina squirmed in her seat, but now she didn't even try and pretend escape was her goal.  "Mrrrfh!"  She panted and struggled and tossed her gagged head—and she came!

Time... stood... still...

"So Del," Christina said, breezing into the office from the kitchen, "are you ready for me to—What the hell?"

Delfina turned her head and gazed at her kidnapper/hostess.  "Nrmfh?"

Christina's shock turned to anger.  "Polly Nestor!" she shouted over her shoulder.  "Get your little ass in here!"

"Just a minute!" Polly called back from the kitchen.  "I'm mixing some drinks."

"Now, Polly!" Christina yelled.  "Drinks can wait!"

Delfina panted and squirmed.  She had finished cumming—BUZZZZZZZZZ...  But the vibrator was still buzzing away on high!

Polly entered the office and stood at Christina's side.  "What's up?"

"What do you think is up?" Christina demanded, pointing at Delfina.

"Hi, Del!" Polly said.  "Did you enjoy getting blown up by my 'bomb'?"

"Mrrrmpfh!"  The vibrator's pleasure was beginning to become throbbing torment for her wet, flushed pussy.  "Nrfh!"  She begged for relief.  Anger would come later—but for now—she begged for relief.

"Turn that damn thing off!" Christina ordered.

"You sure?" Polly giggled.  "It looks like she's enjoying herself, and—"

"Polly!"  Christina delivered a businesslike thump to the side of her protege's head.  "Now, Polly."

Still giggling, Polly rushed to the desk and began tapping the computer keyboard.

BUZZZZ-zt.  The vibrator finally stopped.

Delfina sighed through her gag, slumped in her bonds, and uncurled her toes.

Christina stomped to her desk, jerked open a drawer, and began rummaging in its contents.  "Get into the kitchen and make Del a sandwich," she ordered.

"Sure," Polly said.  "But why are you so—"

"Just do it!" Christina snapped.

"Okay."  Polly shrugged, spun on her bare feet, and padded out the door.

Christina found what she'd been looking for, a pair of utility shears.  One tip was blunt and rounded into a probe, like a pair of nurse's bandage scissors.  She slipped the shears through the front of her bikini top, point down and handles nestled against her breasts, and walked in Delfina's direction.  "Please don't be mad."  She stepped behind the chair, parted Delfina's hair, and began untying her gag.  The blue, cleaving bandanna fell away, then she pulled the red bandanna stuffing from Del's mouth.

Delfina worked her jaw and licked her lips.  "I... I'm not mad," she croaked.

"You should be," Christina huffed, and used the shears to sever the band of tape binding Delfina's upper arms and torso to the chair-back, and then the band binding her waist.  "Polly's a trickster and a scamp, but she's not a bad person.  Please don't call the sheriff."

Delfina found the strength to smile.  "I'm not gonna call the sheriff," she muttered.

She's just so... immature at times," Christina continued, "playing her little pranks.  Please don't be mad."  While she talked she used the shears to carefully cut the tape binding Del's lower legs to the chair-legs, slipping the probe between the wooden edge and the captive's flesh and snipping her way down the overlapping silver bands.

"I told you," Delfina said, "I'm not mad.  Her 'time bomb' was... inspirational."

"Really?" Christina asked.


Christina smiled, kissed Delfina's sweaty forehead, and began freeing her right arm.  "Uh... Del?"

Delfina smiled.  "Yes?"

"We're done for the day, of course."

"Of course," Delfina grinned.

"But tomorrow... would you help me research one of my scenarios?"

Delfina's eyes widened.  "You want me to tie you up?"

"What?"  Christina seemed genuinely surprised.  "No, no, don't be silly.  You'll still be the damsel-in-distress.  Not like this," she added, nodding at the vibrator still nestled against the seat of Delfina's shorts.  "I need to test out the mechanics of a capture scene for my next book, to see if what I have in mind will work."

"What do you have in mind?" Delfina asked, watching Christina work the shears down her her left arm.

"If you don't mind," Christina purred, "I'd like for it to be a surprise... as part of the test."

Delfina smiled.  "Am I going to regret this?"

"Possibly," Christina admitted, "but I think not."  She was still smiling.

Delfina sighed.  "Okay...  but this time keep an eye on Polly, would you?"

"Okay," Christina chuckled, helped her former prisoner stand, and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  "Why don't you take a quick shower," she suggested, helping Delfina strip the remaining tape and plastic from her arms, legs, and tank-top.

"Good idea," Delfina chuckled.  She knew she needed a shower. 

"A late lunch will be waiting when you're ready."  She pulled Delfina into a second embrace, and kissed her cheek, again.  "Thank you for being so understanding," she said.

Delfina returned the embrace, and the kiss.  "No problem.  I'll be quick."

Christina smiled as she watched her guest saunter through the door.  She then went to her computer and tapped the keys.  Video of Delfina's "vibro-bomb" ordeal, including her orgasm and rescue, had been captured by the webcam clipped to the top of the monitor.  Christina opened the file... and her smile broadened.  "Perfect," she muttered under her breath.  She'd burn it to DVD later, when there was no chance Delfina would wander in and see what she was doing.

A FEW DAYS @ Seaglass
 Chapter 4


Delfina was in bed, naked, as usual, lying on her back with the top sheet and overlying light blanket pulled up to cover her breasts.  The windows were open, like last night, and the gauzy drapes stirred in the breeze.  The soothing sound of the surf rumbled up from the beach.

What a day, she mused.  Letting Christina tape her to the chair had been... educational... instructional... a definite help in her quest to understand the kidnap victim's mindset.  Polly's contribution to the exercise had been... nothing short of fun... terrifying, horrible fun!  (Not that she'd ever admit it, of course, and certainly not to Polly.)

She wasn't mad at the cute little blond devil, and certainly not at Christina.  She couldn't even try and pretend she was mad.  She knew she'd never be able to pull it off.  Christina would see right through her, and Polly as well... possibly.  She'd just bide her time and wait for a chance to get even... with Polly, of course, not Christina.

As if possessing a will of its own, Delfina's right hand slid under the covers and found its way to her crotch.  She closed her eyes as her fingers slid against her labia.  She's been so helpless in that chair... so vulnerable.  Her left hand gathered a wad of the top sheet and stuffed it in her mouth, then joined her right to pleasure her increasingly wet slit.

"Mrrrrmpfh!" she moaned through her "gag".  She was tied to the bed, bound hand and foot, as the saying goes, and Polly was running her hands over her body.  She twisted in her imaginary bonds as her imaginary kidnapper had her wicked way with her naked, defenseless body.

A FEW DAYS @ Seaglass
 Chapter 4

The bolt was thrown, locking Christina's bedroom door from the inside.  The Mistress of Seaglass was on her back on her bed, naked, her head and shoulders comfortably cushioned by the pillows piled against the headboard.  The mosquito curtain at the foot of the bed was parted and tied back, making the 42-inch, flat-screen TV mounted on the wall across the bedroom clearly visible.

On the screen, Delfina Shaw was duct-taped to the kitchen chair, which, in turn, was lashed to the support column in Christina's office.  The beautiful, helpless brunette tugged on her bonds, twisted in the chair, and mewled through her tight gag.  Her tan skin glistened with sweat, and her eyes were wide and desperate.  She would struggle and strain against the tape, then stare at the camera—unknowingly stare at the camera, of course.  Her eyes were actually focused on the countdown on the computer's screen, but from Christina's point of view, Delfina was staring at her, desperately begging for mercy, to be released before the "bomb" between her legs "exploded".  The volume was turned down, but Christina could still hear the damsel-in-distress' urgent, gagged whimpers and mewling whines.

Polly was also in the bedroom, but her eyes were not watching the screen.  In fact, her eyes weren't watching anything.  Christina had laced and buckled an isolation hood around the little blonde's head.  It incorporated a padded blindfold.  In addition, foam plugs were in Polly's ears, and leather padding and a wide leather strap threaded through tabs in the hood rendered her totally deaf.  Another set of tabs could have anchored a gag and mouth-sealing panel over Polly's mouth, but they were absent.  Christina had work for her protege's lips and tongue.

Polly was naked and strapped in a stringent, cross-legged hogtie, with her head between Christina's splayed legs.  She was busy licking, gumming, nibbling, and probing her mentor's pussy, with Christina's hands clutching the hood and holding her close, not that force was actually required.  Polly was tackling the familiar task with her usual diligence and enthusiasm.

Christina knew a crashing orgasm was in her immediate future.  On the screen, Delfina's delicious ordeal continued.  She's so beautiful like that, Christina thought, and this is nothing compared to what lies ahead.

A FEW DAYS @ Seaglass
 Chapter 4


Breakfast was over.  At Christina's request, Delfina had returned to her room to change into her bikini.  She stripped to the skin, then gazed at herself in the full-length mirror on the back of the bedroom door.  She'd had a healthy tan when she came to Seaglass, thanks to the UV booths of her health club back in the city, but two days at Seaglass had deepened her color.  They had also given her tan-lines, or perhaps dark and light tan-zones.  There were small, barely noticeable, triangular areas over her pubic region, butt, and breasts, the parts of her anatomy protected by her bikini.  I'll have to find a way to raise the topic of nude sunbathing with Chris, she decided, posing and preening before the mirror.

She donned her bikini—tying the strings at either hip, behind her back, and at the nape of her neck.  She adjusted the final fit, looked at her reflection, again—and grinned.  "Lookin' good, Del," she whispered under her breath, then opened the door and headed for the kitchen.  Christina and Polly weren't there, but after a quick search she found them out on a side porch, standing next to a waist-high table draped with cotton bedsheets. 

"Ah, our victim—I mean guest has arrived," Christina chuckled.  She was wearing the same blouse and jeans she'd worn at breakfast, minor variations of which Del had come to realize was Christina's preferred at-home attire.

Polly was also present, but she'd changed into an all white combo of sports kilt and French cut T-shirt.  Her hair was combed back in a severe ponytail and and a plastic name tag reading "Polly" was pinned above her left breast.  "A souvenir of a waitressing gig I did in high school," she explained, indicating the name tag.  She then executed a graceful pirouette.  "Like my uniform?" she asked, with an impish grin.

"Uniform?" Delfina asked.

"It's my scenario, Little Bit," Christina chuckled.  "I'll do the exposition."  She turned to Delfina.  "You're a guest at an exclusive, luxurious resort, someplace in the Caribbean."

Delfina grinned.  "Am I a detective, deep undercover?  Secret agent?  Astronaut?  Brilliant scientist?"

Polly grinned, as well.  "Trophy wife?  Thousand-dollar-a-night hooker?  Spoiled, trust-fund brat with the brains of a pineapple?"

"Beloved daughter of a multi-billionaire," Christina explained, "on vacation."  She patted the table.  "Time for your massage."

"Uh... okay," Delfina agreed, hopped up onto the table, then reclined on her back.  The sheets were in soothing shades of pale blue and aqua, and were cool against her skin.  "So, Polly pretends she's going to give me a massage."

"Yeah," Polly chuckled, "I pretend."  She was lighting several candles arranged on a side table.  Also on the table was a stack of folded towels and a bottle of lotion.

Delfina's nostrils flared.  "Nice," she purred, "the candles, I mean."

"Lavender, lemon grass, grapefruit, and vanilla," Christina said.  "Now... just relax.  Polly has magic fingers, believe me."

"On your stomach, please, Miss," Polly requested, and picked up the lotion.

Delfina complied, the focused on Christina.  "So, what's the story?  I take it the rich daughter gets herself kidnapped?"

Christina pulled up a deck chair and sat.  "I told you, you get a massage.  Clear your mind and don't even think about kidnapping.  You're at a resort, surrounded by staff and guests, and you couldn't be safer.  This is just a massage."

"Oh, right," Delfina grinned.  "You want me to be surprised when—oh... ohhh!"  Polly had dabbed lotion on her hands, rubbed them together, and was now kneading Del's shoulders.  "Ahhh... you do have magic fingers," Delfina sighed.

"Thank you, Miss," Polly responded.  "Just relax."  She continued massaging Delfina's shoulders, expanding the range of her efforts to include her upper spine and neck.  She paused to untie the neck string of Del's bikini, then continued kneading her neck and shoulders.  She worked her way down to her mid-back, and untied the top's remaining strings.

Delfina was unconcerned.  Polly did have magic fingers, and besides, if this was a real resort, she'd be totally nude, right?  I just wonder when she—whoever 'she' is—is gonna make her move.  Del was a little nervous—or, more precisely, a little expectant—but even this began to fade as Polly continued her massage, lifting and manipulating her arms, probing her muscles with deep, gentle pressure and skill.

"Where'd you learn this?" Delfina asked in a sleepy voice as Polly lifted her arms and arranged them so she could cross them and cradle her head.

"Christina taught me," Polly answered.

"I took a massage class, years ago," Christina explained.  "Now, relax.  You don't have a care in the world.  Listen to the surf."

"Okay," Delfina whispered, letting her eyes droop shut.  Those were orders she had no trouble following, no trouble whatsoever.  It was also getting increasingly easy to follow Christina's earlier instructions and divorce the very thought of a possible kidnapping from her mind.  "Ummm...  Feels goooood."

The massage continued, with Polly working her way down Delfina's body.  The bikini bottom was untied and the seat panel lowered and gently tucked between her thighs, to allow Polly to work on her gluts, but Delfina didn't even seem to notice.  By the time Polly was working her calves and feet, Delfina might as well have been asleep.

"Time to roll over," Polly whispered, and helped Del do just that.  She tried to cover her breasts with one arm, but Polly gently lifted it away and began massaging its muscles.  "Relax, Del," she whispered.  "It's just us girls."

Delfina focused on Christina's chair, but it was empty.  "Where's—?"

"Hush," Polly whispered.  "Chris has gone to get the towel for your herbal wrap."

"Herbal wrap?" Delfina sighed.

"If this was a real spa," Polly said, quietly, "I'd have a steam cabinet nearby."  She continued her massage.  "We make do with the oven.  We put a broiler pan full of eucalyptus water on the lower rack, a folded bath-sheet on the upper rack, and let it get nice and toasty warm.  Wait 'til you feel it.  It opens the pores and feels wonderful."

"Okay," Delfina whispered, letting her eyes close, again.  She opened them again, some time later, when Christina returned with the folded, terrycloth towel, as promised.  Chris smiled and handed it to Polly, then resumed her seat.

"This is the hard part," Polly whispered, "where I have to do this gently and professionally, like I was a real masseuse."

"Practice makes perfect, Little Bit," Christina chuckled.  "You're doing fine."

Polly grinned at her mentor, then smiled at Del.  "Roll onto your side for me, please, Miss," she requested, and Delfina complied.  She partially unfolded the towel and arranged it, full-length, under Del's body.  She then rolled the cooperative Spa Guest onto her other side, unfolded a panel of the towel, then rolled Del onto her back and arranged her arms at her sides and legs together.  She then stretched the towel over her body and tucked it under, between her body and the remainder of the towel, down her entire length.  "I have to make this tight and neat," she explained, "or it won't be comfortable."

"She also has to work fast, " Christina added, "so the towel doesn't lose too much heat."

"It feels gooood," Delfina whispered, her eyes closed, again.  "And it smells so niiiiice."

Meanwhile, Polly had unfolded the remaining towel, stretched it across Del's body, and tucked it between the towel and the sheets.  She folded the foot of the towel under, and Del was now a terry-cloth mummy, wrapped from the neck down.

"And now the sheets," Polly said, and began wrapping the top sheet over Delfina's body.  "They'll help keep the heat in."

"Nice and toasty," Delfina whispered.

Some lifting and rolling of Del's body were required, so the twin-size sheets could be wrapped and tucked, but Polly-the-masseuse had made careful preparations, staggering the sheets in layers and pre-folding the sides so only a minimal, gentle rocking of her client's form was required.  She alternated the tucked edges so each seam was immediately covered by the next layer.  The foot tucks were alternated, as well—up and over with the first sheet—and down and under with the second.

A third, larger sheet followed, but this time Polly folded the top corners diagonally down and over Del's shoulders from either side before making the main wraps and tucks.  This was followed by a fourth and final sheet, and Polly took great care to make it as smooth and tight as possible.

"Now... you just relax, Miss," Polly purred.  She was busy cinching tight, sash-like bands of cloth around Delfina's tightly wrapped body, at the ankles, knees, waist, and above the bulge of her breasts, securing each with a neat bow.  "There, all nice and snug."

Delfina squirmed her tightly wrapped body, reveling in the soothing warmth.  Polly did a good job, she realized, tucking me in nice and tight... making everything taut and smooth.  I can't feel any folds or separate layers.  I can barely feel the sashes.  Del was wrapped in a blanket of close, humid comfort.

Meanwhile, Polly had stepped to the head of the table, and was giving Delfina's temples a gentle massage.  "Just relax," she purred, continuing her massage.  "I have cucumber slices for your eyes, and ear-buds with soothing music.  Just... relax."

"Mmmm... 'kay," Delfina sighed and closed her eyes.  Cool, damp cucumber slices were placed over her eyes, followed by a sleep mask with an elastic strap, to keep them in place.

"Just relax," Polly's soothing voice whispered.  "Take a nap, if you like."

The promised ear-buds were placed in Del's ears, and her hair was arranged in a uniform fan of brown, sun-streaked strands.  A few seconds passed... then a soft, gentle music began to play.  It was New Age, instrumental, with crashing waves in the background—not something Del would choose as a steady diet, but under the current circumstances... it was very soothing.

Safe and secure in her warm cocoon, Delfina lay on the table... enjoyed the music... and... despite it still being somewhat early in the morning and having enjoyed a full night's rest... drifted off to sleep.

A FEW DAYS @ Seaglass
 Chapter 4

Delfina opened her eyes—or rather, she tried to open her eyes.  Something was covering them.  She squirmed in the tight, soft encasement wrapping her body from throat to toes.  Something, a strap of some sort, was tightening across her upper body, just below her breasts, pinning her down.  That was probably what had woken her up. 

She squirmed again, her mind cleared, and everything come back—Polly had given her a massage and an "herbal wrap"... and she'd dozed off.

"Hey!" she objected, "what—M'rmpfh!"  Fingers were pinching her nose, clamping her nostrils closed!  At the same time, something soft, silky, and distressingly large was being stuffed into her mouth!  "Nrfff!"  Her nostrils were released, but a fistful of her hair was grabbed and used to lift and control her head as another hand plastered some sort of tape over her mouth and began wrapping it around her head.  Layer after layer of sticky, clinging tape was stretched over her lower face.  Vrrrrrip!  Tape was ripped from the roll as needed—Vrrrrrip!—and the wrapping continued.

Delfina squirmed and struggled, but she knew there was no way she'd be able extract herself from the multiple tight layers of terrycloth and cotton sheet trapping her arms at her sides and her legs together.  "M'mpfh!"

The wrapping of her head continued, to include her already blindfolded eyes!  Then, additional layers of tape were passed under her chin and across the crown of her head.  Vrrrrrip!  Yet more tape was ripped free, and the areas already covered were reinforced with additional layers.

I'm a mummy! Delfina realized.  I'm wrapped head to toe!

Something—another strap—was tightening across her waist, pinning her down even more firmly.  Then, straps tightened across her thighs and ankles.  Next, she felt—just barely—hands fiddling with the cloth sashes securing the top, body-wrapping sheet.  One-by-one, the bands around her ankles, knees, waist, and above her breasts were loosened, cinched crushingly tight, and re-knotted.

And then...  the hands went away.

Delfina squirmed and struggled, but knew herself to be more helpless that ever before.  Talk about your fish in the barrel, she mused.  I was already helpless, even before... what just happened.  Most of her mind was in a Help-I've-been-kidnapped! dither, but she could still intellectually appreciate the "beauty" of it all.  I allowed myself to be pre-packaged, made helpless for my own kidnapping—Oooooh!  Brilliant!  It was brilliant!  I wonder whodunit!  Was it the 'spa employee', or some still unknown third party... like a sexy cat-burglar/kidnapper in a leather catsuit?

All the while, the same inane and irritating New Age music was droning in her tightly wrapped ears.  Needless to say, there was nothing she could do to make it stop.  The encased, gagged, blindfolded, and deaf "beloved daughter of a multi-billionaire", as Christina had characterized her role, struggled in her inescapable bondage, and wondered what was going to happen next.

A FEW DAYS @ Seaglass
 Chapter 4

Christina smiled at the writhing, sheet-wrapped mummy she'd just captured, then shifted her gaze to her first capture, the bound and gagged "spa employee" lying on the far side of the porch.

Polly, the employee in question, gazed back.  The intruder (Christina) had surprised her just as she completed her beautiful, fabulously wealthy guest's herbal wrap.  A hand was clamped over Polly's mouth and the business end of a pistol (a pretend pistol) was pressed to her ear.  The intruder then reached up under her kilt, ripped off her panties, and stuffed them in her mouth.  Next, her wrists were bound behind her back with Coban wrap—self-adhering, stretchable, medical bandage tape.  Then, more wrap was used, first to cleave and then to cover her mouth, trapping her panties inside, of course, and then to bind her ankles.

Helpless on the porch floor, she'd been "forced" to watch the Dastardly Kidnapper/Intruder pin Del's upper body to the table with a cargo-strap, then stuff a large silk scarf in her mouth and mummify her head with more Coban wrap.  Additional cargo straps were deployed and tightened, then the herbal wrap's cloth bindings were cinched and retied.  And all Polly could do was tug on her bonds and watch.

Still smiling (gloating) Christina strolled over to Polly... and stood over her, hands on hips.  "She can't hear me, of course," she purred, nodding back over her shoulder at the still struggling mummy on the table, "but I'll keep my voice down, just in case."

Polly forced a truly pathetic whine through her gag and batted her blue eyes.

"Oh, the heart melts," Christina chuckled.  "Now, if we were to remain true to the scenario, I'd find a nice closet, laundry hamper, or storage container to stash you in, and then make my getaway with my prize... but I have a better idea."  She stooped, lifted Polly, and hefted her over her shoulder in a fireman's carry.  "I think we'll adjourn to the bedroom... and leave Delfina to explore her situation in private."

With Polly perched on her shoulder—stomach down, feet to the front, and head behind her back—Christina strolled back to the table and turned down the volume of the iPod piping New Age music/noise into her Kidnap Victim's ears.  She then turned and headed for the bedroom.

Polly lifted her head and focused on Delfina's helpless form.  She's so beautiful like that, she thought, sighing through her gag and remembering the hours she'd once spent in similar circumstances.  Of course, she'd had her friend the wand vibrator strapped and wrapped between her legs to help her pass the time.  All poor Del had was her imagination... her writer's imagination.  "Mrfh?"  Polly's eyes popped wide and she shuddered in her bonds.  Christina had reached under her kilt and was sliding her fingers between Polly's legs and against her pussy.  The tiny blonde captive continued shivering and whining through her gag.

And then they were gone, and Delfina was alone on the porch, alone in her tight encasement, pinned on her back, helpless, gagged and blindfolded.  The New Age music still droning in her ears was now at a near subliminal level; but, together with the ear-buds and layers of bandage wrapped over her ears, she was effectively deaf.

Help me! she screamed mentally, reveling in the fantasy/reality of her situation.  Somebody help me!


A FEW DAYS @ Seaglass
 Chapter 4

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