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by Van ©2012 
jane & kate

Chapter 3



Jane stumbled down the hallway.  She was still naked and her cuffs were still locked around her wrists; but Mistress—her beautiful, wonderful Mistress—had unlocked the cuffs, pulled Jane's hands behind her back, and locked her wrists together again.  Jane's panties were still stuffed in her mouth and her lips sealed by multiple, taut strips of duct-tape.  Her hair was a tousled, slightly damp mess, and her skin was shining like she'd spent an hour sparring with the martial arts dummy back in her apartment.  She was exhausted and exhilarated at the same time, like she always felt after hard exercise—or good sex.  The explanation was the later, of course.

Jane's pussy throbbed from what Mistress had done to her.  Shudders rippled through her crotch and up her spine at the very memory.  It had been remarkable—and confusing.  Mistress had only used her hand, but the effect had been electric—not an actual shock, but shockingly good.

Mistress—Jane's beautiful, wonderful Mistress—was two steps ahead, leading the way.  All but one of the coils of nylon rope she'd used to lash Jane to the kitchen table were in her left hand, and one end of the remaining coil was knotted around Jane's throat with the remainder in Mistress' right hand.  Why the leash was necessary was beyond Jane.  Mistress had told her to follow, so, of course, she was following.  In any case, whatever Mistress wanted was more than okay with Jane.

They climbed the stairs and made their way down the upstairs hallway.  Finally, Mistress opened a door and led Jane across the threshold.

Jane found herself in a bedroom.  It was furnished with a queen-sized bed, chest of drawers, and bedside tables, but none of the nicknacks, art, or other personal items that signaled occupancy—but the bedroom was occupied..

Slowly squirming and rolling on the bed's bare mattress was a naked woman.  Jane could see that she had a svelte, athletic body with excellent muscle tone.  Her wrists were cuffed behind her back (like Jane) and her fingers, thumbs and hands mummified in duct-tape (also like Jane).  In addition, her ankles were crossed and lashed together with more rope and her head covered by a pillowcase loosely tied around her neck by a folded scarf.

Mistress led Jane to the bed, leaned down, untied the scarf, and pulled off the pillowcase.

Tousled waves of long, brown hair spilled free.  The captive blinked at Jane with brown eyes.  Multiple strips of duct-tape covered her lower face (again, like Jane) but the gag couldn't conceal the thirty-something woman's high-cheeked, good looks.

"On the bed, slave," Mistress ordered.

Jane sat, then lifted her legs and reclined on her side, facing her fellow captive.  Jane looked down her body and watched as Mistress crossed her ankles and lashed them together.  She also watched as Mistress teased back the edge of the bound stranger's tape-gag, then slowly, carefully pulled it away.  She then reached into the woman's mouth and pulled out a sodden pair of panties.

"How's my warrior?" Rupandra asked.

The woman licked her lips and smiled.  "My Mistress," she sighed, then pursed her lips.

Jane felt a twinge of jealousy as Mistress leaned even closer and kissed the interloper's lips!  Hey, I'm your warrior! Jane fumed.  The kiss continued and continued... with tongue.

Finally, Rupandra ended the kiss, turned to Jane and smiled.  "Don't be that way, slave," she chuckled, then straightened Jane's raven locks, gently combing several errant strands behind her ear with her fingers—her long, strong, talented fingers.

Another shiver rippled through Jane's pussy.

"Is that a hint of green I see in those pretty brown eyes?" Mistress teased, then leaned close and kissed Jane's forehead.  "Silly slave.  No jealousy.  I forbid it."  She then focused on the other nude, bound captive on the bed.  "Kate, this is Jane.  Say hello."

Kate smiled at Jane, then licked her lips.  "Hello, Jane," she said.

Mistress smiled and teased back a corner of Jane's tape-gag, then peeled away the silver-gray strips from her mouth.  Jane's lips and skin stretched as the adhesive surrendered its grip.  Next, Mistress plucked the panties from Jane's mouth.  "Jane, this is Kate."

Jane licked her lips as she focused on Kate.  "Hello," she said without prompting.

"I want you both to be the best of friends," Rupandra said.  "I know both of you love Mistress and want to make her happy.  It will make me very happy if you love each other as you love me."

Kate nodded, and a shy smile curled her lips.

Jane nodded, as well.  Kate was remarkably beautiful, and it would be no trouble at all following Mistress' command.  In fact, it was already a done deal.

"Kiss," Rupandra ordered.

Jane and Kate squirmed close until they could comply, then their lips met.  They both knew that when Mistress said kiss she did not mean a polite peck on the cheek.  Lips sucked, tongues swirled, and the kiss continued.

"Keep that up," Rupandra chuckled.  "I'll be right back."

Jane and Kate's heads turned and their eyes rolled as they watched their Mistress exit the bedroom, then they concentrated on the task at hand.

Seconds later, Rupandra returned with a glass of water.  "Enough, slaves," she purred as she sat on the edge of the bed.  The kiss ended and Rupandra held Kate's head and helped her drink half the contents of the glass.  She then switched to Jane and helped her drink what remained.

"Thank you, Mistress," Kate sighed.

"You're welcome," Rupandra responded, then smiled at Jane.

"Thank you, Mistress," Jane purred.

"Jane has a beautiful voice, doesn't she Kate?"  Rupandra said.

"Yes, Mistress," Kate agreed.  She was smiling at Jane, and a blush colored her cheeks.

"Husky and low," Rupandra mused, straightening Jane's curls, again.  "Very sexy."

Jane blushed as she gazed up at Rupandra's gorgeous face.  I love her so, she thought.

Rupandra smiled at Kate.  "Your voice is also beautiful, Kate," she said.  "In fact, everything about both of you is beautiful.  I love you both very much, and thank the gods that you are mine."

Another thrill shivered through Jane's body, and from Kate's expression, the feeling was mutual.

"Jane has just had herself a nice orgasm," Rupandra said to Kate, "but I haven't been able to play with you for a while.  I know you're more than ready for some fun."  She reached out and straightened Kate's tousled hair.  "Jane is going to fix that for you, but first I want you to get to know her body."  She moved her hand to Jane's left breast and teased her nipple.  It was already stiff and prominent.  The nipples of both slaves were stiff and prominent.  "Lick Jane's nipples, Kate," Rupandra purred. "Tease them with your lips and tongue."

Kate locked eyes with Jane and her smile widened.  She then squirmed close and followed her Mistress' order—their Mistress' order.

Jane closed her eyes and bit her lower lip.  "Ohhh," she sighed.

"Shh, quiet Jane," Rupandra chuckled.  "Let Kate get to know you."

Kate continued sucking and licking Jane's breasts, and Rupandra continued to smile and watch.  "Stop," she said, after about a minute, and Kate obeyed.  "Now," she said.  "Jane, I want you to use your lips and tongue to bring Kate to orgasm, and I don't want you to stop until you're very sure she has been satisfied.  Do you understand?"

Jane nodded, then shifted her gaze to Kate.  "Yes, Mistress."

"After that," Rupandra continued, "I want you to rest."  She smiled at Kate.  "And when you feel up to it, I want you to return the favor."  She stood and walked to the bedroom door.  "Mistress is going to be gone for a while, but I want you to be good slaves.  You may talk, but no shouting.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," the captives on the bed responded in unison.

"Rest, talk, and take turns making love until Mistress returns," Rupandra ordered.  "And remember, Mistress loves you, and when you pleasure each other, you are pleasuring Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress," the prisoners chorused.

Rupandra stepped into the hallway and pulled the door closed, then walked down the hall to another closed door.

rizzoli & beckett
Chapter 3

Special Agent Olivia Dunham weaved her way through the maze of desks of the FBI's New York City Field Office, heading for her assigned "Visiting Agent" office in the back.  She opened the door—and flinched in surprise.

Scully"Come in, Agent," Executive Assistant Director Dana Scully intoned.  She was sitting behind Olivia's temporary desk.  "You can explain why you aren't in Boston."

Olivia entered the office (which was supposed to be her office) and closed the door behind her.  She gathered her thoughts as she sat in a visitor's chair.  "Assistant Director," she said, "I was about to update the case summary and forward it to your office."
"I see," Dana responded, then replaced her no nonsense frown with a tired smile.  "Sorry, Olivia.  I hate predawn flights, but that's no excuse to take it out on you."

Olivia smiled in return.  "Yes, ma'am.  Uh, let's see..."  She rubbed her eyes before continuing.  "Technical Services continue updating CIPP, but it's obvious the program is cycling."  The FBI's Criminal Investigation Profiling Program (CIPP) was a powerful software package designed to mine all available data relevant to an ongoing investigation.  It was a useful tool and often greatly accelerated the process of routine police work. CIPP was a powerful asset, but all agreed it was no substitute for actual legwork.

Dana sighed.  "The program is only as good as the assumptions coded into the logic filters.  I've found it of limited value closing 'special' cases."

Olivia nodded.  "CIPP clears the clutter, but on Fringe cases it eventually locks up... like now.  Anyway, I noticed something in the statement of the last victim.  While she was being held prisoner, she remembered the kidnapper viewing a DVD from her collection: Naked Heat."

"I've seen it," Dana stated.

"The victim is something of a Natalie Rhodes fan," Olivia continued.  "She's collected all her DVDs and has signed posters from Demon Patrol, Mutilation High, and Hell's Crawlspace.  She said the kidnapper became very interested, in Natalie, I mean."


"Well, it was... something."  She smiled in apology.

Dana smiled back.  "Continue."

"I called the studio to contact Ms. Rhodes.  They said she was staying at a Manhattan hotel.  I called the hotel, and no one has seen her for several days."

Dana frowned.  "Several days."

Olivia nodded.  "I decided to drive to New York.  Nothing is happening in Boston, and I can monitor things from here."

"You followed a hunch," Dana noted.

"Yes, ma'am."  Olivia swallowed nervously before continuing.  "I interviewed the hotel staff.  Natalie was sharing the room with a guest and they ran up quite a room service bill.  The waiters remember a beautiful, red-haired woman opening the door, but after the first few days they don't recall seeing Natalie.  The assumption was the woman was either a personal assistant or friend.  In any case, the room is now empty and Natalie didn't check out.  They're sending over copies of the lobby and elevator surveillance videos and I've put out an all points bulletin for Natalie Rhodes."

Dana nodded.  "Very well.  I have additional information on our suspect, courtesy of the Sanctuary Network."

"So," Olivia said, "the redhead is an 'abnormal'."

"Yes," Dana confirmed.  "Helen confirms the pheromone hypothesis.  Some sort of chemical allows Rupandra to control her victims, and in some manner she... feeds upon their emotions."

Olivia frowned.  "None of the Boston victims were physically harmed.  They were all exhausted when rescued, but they weren't physically harmed."

"Which is consistent with Helen's information," Dana continued.  "The details of her 'feeding' are poorly understood.  But perhaps the most valuable new data is that there are limits to Rupandra's, uh, talent.  The more victims she attempts to control simultaneously, the weaker her influence.  Also, if she maintains control for an extended period, eventually the victim rejects her power."

"They develop immunity to the pheromone?" Olivia suggested.

"The quantitative details—how many victims she can control at once, and for how long..."  Dana shook her head.  "Unknown."

Just then, the desk phone rang.  Dana nodded and Olivia picked up the handset.

"Agent Dunham," she said, then listened for several seconds, nearly half a minute.  "Thank you," she said, finally, and hung up.  She focused on Dana.  "A Captain Gates of the NYPD responded to my bulletin.  Natalie Rhodes contacted one of her detectives two days ago and requested a meeting.  The detective in question didn't return to work the next day.  She's coming over with the details."

Dana sighed.  "And to pump us for information... which we can't give her."  She sighed again, then forced a smile.  "Apparently, Agent, your hunch was correct.  Rupandra has moved to New York."

Olivia shrugged.  "Perhaps."

rizzoli & beckett
Chapter 3

Natalie Rhodes was scared.  She was also tired, sore, hungry, thirsty, naked, bound, and gagged.

She was spreadeagled on her back on the bare mattress of a bed in a second floor bedroom.  And that was all she really knew about her location.  She remembered leaving her hotel in the company of her Mistress—No!—her kidnapper, but that was it.  They'd walked the Manhattan streets, with Natalie in a daze, then entered a building...  A townhouse?  And here she was.

Natalie's hands were mummified in silver duct-tape—as they had been for days—and her wrists and ankles were bound to the four bedposts with white nylon rope, lots of white nylon rope.  Something was stuffed in her mouth and several strips of duct-tape were keeping it there.  Escape was impossible, and she was coming to believe that rescue was just as remote a possibility.

"Mistress" had repeatedly abused her, sexually—then Kate Beckett had appeared, and she'd done the same!  Okay, Natalie, herself, had made the phone call that invited Kate to the party, and Natalie had to admit that at first she'd actively participated in and enjoyed the abuse, especially back in her hotel room.  Then, they'd made the move, Kate had appeared, and she seemed to be as much a prisoner as Natalie, herself—a licking, purring, sucking prisoner, but a naked and handcuffed licking, purring, sucking prisoner.

Worry about her current situation aside, Natalie was confused by her earlier behavior.  She remembered spectacular orgasms, possibly the best sex of her life, and she'd been anything but frightened.  It was all a wonderful game that she was playing.

Later, it became less of a game.

And now—it wasn't a game at all.

Just then, the bedroom door opened and Rupandra appeared.  She smiled, walked to the bed, and sat.  "I'm sorry I haven't had much time for you, Natalie," she sighed, then reached out and placed a hand on Natalie's lower tummy, between her navel and pubic bush.

Natalie flinched and stared at her captor, her eyes wide with a terror she could not control.

Rupandra's smile turned sad.  "It's as I feared," she sighed.  "You've turned, my pretty thespian.  You no longer love your Mistress.  You're still my slave, of course, but only because of my ropes."

Natalie tugged on her inescapable bonds and squirmed as Rupandra's hand slid between her legs and began massaging her labia.

"It's entirely my fault," Rupandra continued.  "I've kept you far too long.  I should have left you in the hotel, but I simply couldn't bear to part with you.  I enjoy milking the strength of your delicious body too much, and Mistress needs your strength... now more than ever."

Not again!   "Nrrrf!"  Natalie continued squirming.  She was so tired, and her pussy was so sensitive.  Rupandra's hands were working their all too familiar magic, but now it was an evil magic.  "Mrmpfh!"

Rupandra leaned close and kissed Natalie's right nipple, then took it between her teeth, and gently tugged.


Rupandra released the right nipple, then slid her tongue across Natalie's left nipple.  "If I can't have your love," she purred, "I'll feed off your fear."  Her smile turned truly evil and she locked eyes with her writhing captive.  "I'm afraid I'm going to have to dispose of you, Natalie."  She kissed her prisoner's nipples before continuing.  "But don't worry, I have something in mind truly worthy of your career, something that I'm sure you will appreciate."  Her hand continued gliding across Natalie's pussy.  She extended her middle finger between the labia and used it to tease Natalie's clitoris.  "Well, perhaps 'appreciate' is a poor choice of words," Rupandra admitted.  "Let's just say your fate will be a fitting homage to one of your most successful films, and you'll have plenty of time to savor the irony."

Natalie's heart was hammering and her breasts heaving as she panted through flaring nostrils.  Her mind was filled with the obvious question: What is she going to do to me?

"Your love is sweet," Rupandra sighed, as she climbed onto the bed and settled on her stomach between Natalie's widely splayed legs, "but your fear is deliciously tart, and equally satisfying."  She then used her lips and tongue to continue the task begun by her fingers.

rizzoli & beckett
Chapter 3

Kate and Jane were very happy.

They were still on the mattress where they'd licked, sucked, and teased each other to orgasm after orgasm to the point of near exhaustion, and they were still nude and bound, with their ankles crossed and bound with rope, their fingers and hands mummified in duct-tape, and their wrists locked behind their backs with their own cuffs—but they were happy.

Rupandra was also on the mattress and as nude as her loving slaves.  She was reclined on her back between them, with Jane snuggled against her left side and Kate against her right.  The several empty cartons of a veritable feast of Chinese take-out were on one of the bedside tables, as well as a pair of discarded chopsticks, an empty wine bottle, and an empty stemmed glass.

Rupandra had ordered the food with Jane's iPhone and paid for it with one of her credit cards.  Before eating, Mistress had stripped and pleasured each of her exhausted slaves, something that despite their tiredness they'd both greatly enjoyed—both the pleasuring of their own hypersensitive pussies and the voyeuristic delight of watching their beloved Mistress lick and suck their new fellow-slave and playmate.
Afterwards, as they ate, Mistress had ordered her slaves to talk about their lives and careers.  Jane went first.

Rupandra was intrigued by Jane's relationship with her best friend, Maura Isles, Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  She gazed at photos of the good doctor on Jane's iPhone as the Boston detective's narrative continued.  "Do you love her, Jane?" Rupandra asked at one point.

"What?"  Jane blinked in surprise.  "Uh, yeah," she admitted.  "Maura's like the sister I never had—the scary-smart, clueless, dorky sister I never had."

"Have you slept with her?" Rupandra inquired.

"What??"  This time it was astonishment, not surprise.  "No!"

"Tell the truth, slave," Rupandra ordered.

"W-we've shared a bed, more than once, but we didn't do anything but sleep."  Jane's expression was the very picture of sincerity.  "We're BFF's."

"BFF's," Rupandra purred.  "I see."

"Life Long BFF's," Jane added.  "We did a pinkie swear."

Kate watched the exchange, a smile curling her lips.  It was a curious coincidence that her female BFF was also a medical examiner, Lanie Parish.  That said, they'd shared many a bottle of wine, but never the same bed.

"We're just friends," Jane huffed, then her eyes popped wide.  "Ahh!"  Rupandra's hand was gliding against her pussy.

"Hush, Jane," Rupandra ordered, then smiled at her other slave.  "And as for you, Kate, I'm about to tell something very important to Jane, and I order you not to listen."

"Yes, Mistress," Kate whispered.  The smile was still on her lips and dancing in her eyes.

Jane remained silent, as ordered, but she couldn't help but squirm.

Rupandra smiled as her hand continued to slide against Jane's labia.  "Listen closely, slave," she said, then began whispering in Jane's ear.  This continued for more than a minute, then she kissed Jane's neck.  "Do you understand, Jane?"

"Y-yes," Jane gasped.

"And you'll follow Mistress' orders?"

"Of course, Mistress."  Jane shuddered and squirmed.  "As soon as I can."

"And as soon as it's safe to do so," Rupandra added.

"As soon as it's s-safe," Jane confirmed.

"You're a good slave," Rupandra purred, and kissed Jane's cheek.  "You may cum."

"Ahh—mrrrf!"  Jane was quaking in orgasm, but Rupandra's free hand was now clamped over her mouth, stifling her scream.  Finally, after a final frantic contortion, she went limp.

"Such a strong, obedient warrior-slave," Rupandra chuckled, and kissed Jane's lips.  "You are to forget your promise until the time is right.  Will you do that for me as well?"

"Yes, Mistress," Jane gasped, panting for breath.

Rupandra then turned to Kate.  "And now you can tell us your story, Kate; but first, since this is your city, I need you to start thinking about someplace where we can move.  It must be someplace safe where we can continue to play.  Your apartment is out of the question, of course.  Eventually, you'll be missed by your colleagues and that's the first place they'll look."

Kate nodded.  "Yes, Mistress."

"Now," Rupandra continued, "tell us your story, Kate."

Kate gathered her thoughts.  "Well, I was born on the East Side.  I attended Stuyvesant High, and then..."  Kate stared into space, and her smile broadened.

"Why did you stop?" Rupandra demanded.

"I thought of it, Mistress," Kate answered.  "I know a place where we'll be safe, and it's perfect."

rizzoli & beckett
Chapter 3


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