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Chapter 5

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Lord Carleton, Earl of Gort,
Acquires a Thrall-Maiden

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{ & }~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What the hell??  Ashley was beyond flabbergasted, and had totally fallen out of character.  Of course, under the circumstances—naked, gagged, in chains, and strung up and on display on the Common Room stage—whether she chose to be in or out of character was quite irrelevant.  Her ability to influence the scenario was severely restrained—quite literally.

The figure seated next to Jillian Foxwood—no, comfortably lounging next to Jillian, with a self-satisfied, smug, and infuriating smile on his oh-so-handsome face was...

Mitch—Ashley's husband!

Mitch was wearing his "Earl of Gort" costume from last December's Foxwood Yule Festival, the popular, family-oriented, very green-banner week of feasts and concerts that paid a healthy chunk of the B&B's annual operating costs.  At least, Ashley assumed he was wearing the costume.  All she could actually see was the fur-trimmed cape thrown over the back of his chair, the doublet of rich brocade, and the heavy, gold medallion and chain-of-office around his neck.  Presumably, the thigh-length riding boots, tights, sword belt, and longsword that completed the outfit were out of sight under the table—but what the hell else would he be wearing?

With his tall, lanky, athletic frame, handsome features, and rakish goatee, she had to admit "The Earl" was a striking figure—but this was not something Ashley had expected or agreed to!  Mitch knew all about her orange-banner escapades at Foxwood, and always enjoyed the telling of her after-action reports.  In fact, he would hang on her every word with leering appreciation.  However, he had resisted her suggestions that he come along on one of what, until now, had been her girls-only getaway weekends.

Ashley turned her head and focused on Pilar.  Her fellow captive was grinning, as well... with her eyes, anyway.  Ashley emitted a gagged growl that was clearly an interrogatory demand—which only served to increase Pilar's mirth.  Ohyou're gonna pay for this, Pillie! Ashley promised, then turned her attention back to Jillian and Mitch.

Lady Foxwood favored her noble, male guest with a coy smile.  "My Lord," she purred, "if you've finished dining, perhaps you'd like to make your selection?"

Lord Carleton picked up a half-eaten chicken leg from his plate, gave it a bored look, and let it drop.  "Yes, I suppose," her drawled, taking a swig of wine from his goblet and climbing to his feet.

Ashley tugged on her manacles and watched "The Earl of Gort" and Lady Foxwood approach the stage.  Mitch was wearing his full costume, although, from the pattern of tooling on his sword belt and sheath and the details of the hilt, he seemed to have bought himself a new sword.  A matching dagger was sheathed on his right hip.  I'm gonna kill him! Ashley fumed.  If he thinks he's gonna drag me back to a guest room and...  What?  Where are you going?  Mitch and Jillian were heading for the far end of the stage—towards the naked beach bunny with braids!  Hey!  I'm over here!  Don't you dare!

The noble duo climbed the steps and stood before the captive blonde.  The Suffering Maiden lifted her chin and stared at Lady Jillian and the Earl with tired, frightened eyes.

"Saxon or Dane?" Lord Carleton inquired.

"Saxon," Lady Jillian answered, "in fact, an edhilingui of high rank."

"Let me guess," Lord Carleton chuckled.  "Court intrigue?"  He reached out, grabbed the blonde's chin, and turned her head from side to side, examining her gagged face.  "Perhaps a noble hostage whose status was been rendered moot by a turn of fortune?"

"If Your Lordship is truly curious," Lady Jillian said, "I can provide further details."

"Not necessary," Lord Carleton answered, "not for my purposes, at least."  His hand cupped the Saxon's left breast and gave it a squeeze.  "She's a fine wench, fit and strong, and pleasant enough to look upon."  His hand slid lower, and the Saxon Maiden yelped through her gag as his fingers caressed her sex.  She locked eyes with her would-be buyer, and glared in defiance.  "Not completely broken, I see," His Lordship continued, "and somewhat quick."

"Have you ever met a Saxon maiden who was not quick to flow?" Lady Jillian inquired.

"No," Lord Carleton laughed, "I have not.  Even the ones who aren't anxious to please start juicing like a ripe peach after only a few thrusts."

The Saxon growled through her gag, then blushed and clenched her eyes tightly closed.  She growled again, but this time it was more of a moan.  She tugged on her bonds and shivered as Lord Carleton's strong fingers continued to stroke her sex.

"Yes... she has spirit," Lord Carleton purred, then dropped his hand and stepped in front of Pilar.  "And what of this one?"

Lady Foxwood was still at his side.  "A Desert Nomad commoner.  Supposedly, she's a dancer."

Lord Carleton grabbed the captive's chin and turned her head, as he had with the Saxon.  "Supposedly?"

"I've never seen her dance," Lady Jillian explained.  "She certainly has the body."

His Lordship's hands cupped Pilar's breasts.  "Yes," he agreed.  "Not exactly generous breasts, but large enough, and they won't flop around like a pair of full purses as she prances and spins.  An adequate handful."

Pilar stared back with amusement, almost as if she was the one deciding whether or not to purchase him.

"Cheeky," Lord Carleton chuckled, gazing into Pilar's big brown eyes—and suddenly the dancer's eyes popped wide when he leaned close, reached around her stretched body, and gripped her buttocks in both hands.  "Yes, cheeky."

"And a flirt," Lady Foxwood chuckled.  "Be careful.  She'll try and wiggle her way on top."

"A taste of the whip will cure her of that," Lord Carleton responded, smiling at the now slightly flustered prisoner.  "Hmm... I've never had a Desert Nomad."  Continuing to lock eyes with Pilar, he slid his right hand between the Captive Dancer's legs and pressed his palm against her labia.  "Hmm... everything seems to be in the right place."

"In my experience," Lady Jillian intoned, "everything is always in the right place, unless sorcery is involved.  Even Xin and Ashanti maidens have everything 'in the right place'.  And believe it or not, Hyborean females are also human, and can make good bed-slaves, once you clean them up and comb the vermin from their hair."

"Oh, I believe you," Lord Carleton chuckled.  "Your expertise in such matters is unsurpassed."

"My Lord," Lady Foxwood purred, curtsying to acknowledge the compliment.

Lord Carleton stepped in front of the third captive, and his smile broadened.  "Oh my, this one is the very image of my beloved wife.  Eyes, hair, skin, form... the very image."

Ashley stared daggers at her smug, gloating spouse, and tugged on her chains in frustration.

Lady Foxwood laughed.  "I'll wager Lady Carleton has never gazed at Your Lordship with such burning rage."

"Well... not often," Lord Carleton replied, with a sly smile.  "Her story?"

"A mercenary," Lady Foxwood explained, "a veteran of the Borderland Wars turned slaver, captured this very day."

"A slaver enslaved," Lord Carleton chuckled.  "How amusing."

"I must warn you," Lady Foxwood continued, "she's untrained as a slave.  In fact, she's completely unbroken.  However, she is a skilled warrior."

"A dangerous toy," Lord Carleton purred, as he reached out and gripped Ashley's breasts.

The "skilled warrior" forced an angry growl past her gag and tried to twist away, then screamed in frustration when her darling husband tightened his grip to prevent her "escape".

"I advise you keep her well-restrained and away from all weaponry," Her Ladyship advised, "should she be your choice.  I would hate for a noble customer, such as yourself, to meet an ignoble end in my Keep."

"Yes," Lord Carleton laughed.  "I imagine it would be quite bad for business."  He continued to clutch the breasts of his potential purchase, who continued to squirm and mewl complaints.

"You wound me, My Lord," Lady Foxwood cooed, batting her eyes.  "Your welfare is my only concern."

Lord Carleton laughed, again, then released Ashley's breasts and stepped from the stage.  He returned to his table, retrieved his cape, and donned it with an elegant flourish.  "I'll take the mercenary," he called back over his shoulder as he headed for the Common Room's main door.  "But first... I think I'll relax in your wonderful Bath.  There's no need to rush the arrangements."

Ashley screamed through her gag at "Lord Carleton's" back and rattled her chains.  Get back here, you A-hole!  ...but the "A-hole" in question was already gone.  It was infuriating... (but Ashley had to admit he was playing his part extremely well).

Lady Foxwood leaned close and whispered in Ashley's ear.  "I just knew you'd be surprised."

Pilar had overheard.  She threw her head back and laughed through her gag—either that or she was having some sort of fit.

Jillian favored the Captured Dancer with a wry stare.  "You're about to be sold into slavery, remember?  Knock it off."

Pilar composed herself, though her eyes were still smiling.

Jillian turned back to Ashley, and met her glare with a gentle smile.  "I don't know what you're upset about, Ashley.  Didn't you tell me, yourself, that you've been trying to get Mitch to sample the orange-banner side of Foxwood?"

Ashley huffed through her gag and turned her head away.

"Well, didn't you?" Jillian chuckled.

Ashley turned back and glared... and then sighed.

Jillian's smile was infuriatingly smug.  "We got'cha good, didn't we?" she purred.

This time Cricket and Pilar giggled, and Ashley sighed, again.

"Not to worry," Jillian smiled.  "In the morning, if you want one, I'll give you a full refund.  Of course, if you do ask for a refund, I'll have to charge Mitch double..."  Cricket giggled, again, and Her Ladyship favored the diminutive fey with a mildly disapproving stare.

Jillian then turned her attention to Hannah.  The Saxon Maiden had been watching the proceedings, and from the twinkle in her eyes, she was also amused.  Thus far, she had managed to remain in character, but, like the two paying customers in identical predicaments, she was quite literally stuck in her role... unless she chose to do something like hum a Beatles tune through her gag.

Her Ladyship stepped between Hannah and Pilar, then leaned close, pulled Hannah's left braid aside, and kissed her ear.  "You're doing very well, Hannah," she whispered, so softly that only her Resident Master Artisan could hear.  She reached between Hannah's legs and gave the prisoner's sex a single, gentle caress.

Hannah gasped, clenched her eyes closed, and whined through her gag.

"Yes, you're doing very well," Jillian continued.  "You didn't expect Lord Carleton to 'handle the merchandise' like that, did you?"  Hannah carefully ignored the question.  "The poor man is only human," Jillian said, still in a quiet whisper.  "How could he resist petting such a pretty blond pussy?"

Hannah opened her eyes and favored her employer with a tolerant stare—of the tightly gagged variety.  Brave Defiance might have been more in character, but it had been a long day, and it wasn't over yet.

Jillian kissed the front panel of Hannah's gag.  "Hang in there, Saxon," she whispered.  "If you don't find a buyer in the next round, I'm sure someone will get around to putting you back in your cell... eventually."

Hannah sighed through her gag.  'Hang in there', she thought.  This place is full of comedians.  Jillian was kidding about the "eventually" part, of course.  Once Pilar's fate was sealed, Hannah's role as "Captive Number Three" in Connie's little melodrama would finally be over and she'd be released... right?

Her Ladyship gave Hannah's crotch a final, affectionate pat, then strolled back towards Ashley.  However, as she passed Pilar, she noticed the Nomad Dancer's eyes were on Hannah, and she paused to lean close to whisper in her ear.  "Curiosity and the cat, Pilar," she purred, then gave Pilar's crotch a gentle, teasing pat as well.  "That applies to all kinds of pussies."  She let her hand drop, then continued down the line until she was in front of the Enslaved Mercenary.

Hannah and Pilar continued to gaze at one another.

She's so beautiful all naked and helpless like that, Hannah thought.  I wish I could be the one to buy her.  From the Courtesan Dancer's eyes, it was clear the feeling was mutual.

Jillian cleared her throat, and Hannah and Pilar's gazes shifted to Her Ladyship.  The Mistress of the Keep was now the center of attention, as was only right.  She gazed at Ashley's stretched, helpless form, and smiled.  "All right then," she said, and clapped her hands, twice.  "Let's get on with it."

Ashley favored her Noble Captor with a decidedly unamused stare.  Her Righteous Anger seemed to have downgraded itself to Mild Annoyance, but Ashley-the-Amazon was back.  She tugged on her chains and heaved a brave sigh.

Lady Foxwood motioned to Cody and Cricket and her Expert Slave-Handlers stepped forward.  "You know what to do with her," she told the elves.  "And don't take any chances."

"Don't you worry, M'Lady," Cody purred.  She grabbed Ashley's hair and pulled her head back.  "We'll strap her down so tight she won't be able to squirm."

"Oh, we'll leave her a little wiggle room," Cricket giggled, "so Lord Carleton will get a good ride."

The elves laughed and Ashley sniffed in disgust (and managed to ignore the thrill of anticipation rippling through her sex).

Meanwhile, Her Ladyship stepped in front of Pilar and shook a finger in her face.  "And you behave yourself, young lady!  We've gone to a lot of trouble to abduct and enslave you, now stay in character!"

Pilar hung her head in abashed contrition (although her eyes were still laughing).

Cricket turned the crank and began lowering Ashley's manacled wrists, and Cody stepped forward with a coil of rope and a burlap hood.
Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF
Chapter 5
From Warrior... Plaything!

~~~~~~~~~~{ & }~~~~~~~~~~

Restrained in the same manner as when she was dragged into the Common Room, Ashley was dragged from the Common Room and into the interior of the Keep.  She had no idea where the elves were taking her, but so far they hadn't negotiated any stairs, so they were still on the same level.  There was a pause while a door was unlocked... then her shackle-hobbled feet stumbled onto a soft carpet.  Immediately, the elves forced her to her knees, then onto her stomach, and they began changing her bonds.  Ashley struggled for everything she was worth, but, as usual, her vigorous resistance was handily overcome by her Expert Handlers.

Something was used to link the center ring of Ashley's manacle chain to the hobbling chain of her ankle shackles.  This further restricted her ability to use her arms and hands, as well as limiting her ability to kick.  Cricket sat on her back and gave her naked rump a stinging slap, ordering her to settle down.  It was infuriating (and arousing) to be treated in such a manner.

The gag remained in her mouth and the burlap hood over her head.  She could see a little light through the rough-spun cloth, but the weave was tight enough to prevent her from forming a meaningful image of her surroundings.

Ashley's manacles were removed and replaced with finger-trapping leather mittens, one at a time.  Cricket lifted her weight and, with Cody's assistance, rolled Ashley from side to side as required, using more hand-spanks, as well as a few nipple-pinches, to gain the passive "cooperation" required for this part of the operation.  The mittens incorporated broad, metal cuffs which locked around Ashley's wrists.  Next, her elbows were untied and a pair of leather sleeves were laced around her biceps.  The sleeves also incorporated metal cuffs, and all the cuffs had attached rings.  The tip of Ashley's right mitten-cuff was secured to her left bicep-cuff, and vice versa, binding her in something like a reverse-prayer—but this was only a temporary arrangement.

Cricket climbed off her back and Ashley was hauled to her feet and was dragged over to—some sort of furniture?  It was a table, or a chair, or an oversize boot-rack—only it was none of those things.  The small of her back and her legs were slammed against some sort of padding, then straps were deployed across her stomach and each of her knees.  Her shackles were removed... and immediately replaced with more straps to bind her ankles.  Next, the reverse prayer was released, her arms were pulled to either side, and the rings in the wrist and bicep-cuffs were secured to... whatever the damn thing actually was.  A clanking vibration began... tack-tack-tack... and Ashley was pulled off her feet and her entire body tilted back.  A second clanking ensued, and her arms and legs slowly separated as she was relentlessly pulled into a full spread-eagle.

It's a rack of some sort, Ashley realized.  More mechanical adjustments were made... and something padded rose and touched the back of her head.  Her hood was loosened and pulled free, and she blinked in the sudden light.  The grinning faces of the elves loomed over her.  Ashley glared and frowned as Cricket gathered her hair and held it together at the crown of her head.  Then, Cody released the strap of her plug-gag—but rather than remove the bulbous plug from her mouth, the elf re-secured the gag's buckle and strap in some manner.  If anything, the flap over her gaping mouth was now even tighter, and her head was pressed back into the padding.  Ashley tried to struggle as the strap was adjusted, but Cricket's grip on her hair made this impossible.  Finally, Cody tightened a narrow strap across her forehead, further pinning her head.

Ashley tugged on her new bonds.  She could barely move, but she could shift her eyes enough to tell she was in one of the Keep's "Noble Guest" suites.  Off to one side was a very large, and no doubt very comfortable, bed.  The other furnishings included a wardrobe and a desk and chair.  A fire crackled in a stone hearth and several candles provided a warm glow.  There were also a pair of Elven sconces, their glass globes flickering with magical luminescence.

A very cozy chamber... if you didn't happen to be naked, spreadeagled, bound to some sort of adjustable framework, and gagged!

"Her Ladyship's artisans did a clever job with this new pleasure-rack," Cody remarked, her gloating eyes traveling over Ashley's helpless form.

"Yes," Cricket agreed.  She threw a wooden lever and turned a small crank, and Ashley's legs were spread a few inches further apart.  The prisoner bucked and strained, but the "pleasure-rack" didn't even shake, and the mechanical advantage of the device's "clever" mechanism easily defeated her efforts.

Cody stepped between Ashley's splayed legs, until her leather kilt pressed against the captive's sex.  "A little higher," she suggested, smiling down at Ashley's gagged, pinned, and glaring face.  Cricket threw another lever and turned a different crank, and Ashley's entire body was elevated.  "Back, just a little."  More cranking, and Ashley's body tilted a few degrees further back, until she was nearly horizontal.  Cody reached out and placed one hand on Ashley's flat, taut tummy, and used the other to stroke her glistening labia.  "Yes, this should serve the Earl's purpose quite nicely."

"The operation of the rack is quite simple," Cricket purred.  "I'm sure he'll have no difficulty making any adjustments he deems necessary."

Cody nodded.  "Yes, no difficulty at all."

Helplessly bound as she was, all Ashley could do was squirm and send well-muffled curses through her gag as the elves left the room, pulling the door closed behind them.  She heard the lock turn... and willed herself to relax.

She stared up at the rafters.  There were iron rings dangling from staples hammered into the heavy timbers, some over the bed, and some directly over the rack.  It didn't take much imagination to come up with different ways they might be used to further restrain or torment a bound prisoner.  Ashley realized her heart was pounding and her breasts heaving as she awaited the appearance of "The Earl of Gort".

Bastard!  Ashley fumed... but she knew she wasn't really angry.  Her pulse was racing for other reasons, at least in part... and her sex was flushed and wet.  Bastard!

The minutes crawled by.  Ashley filled the time by struggling against her bonds.  They passed her every test, with a grade of "Totally Inescapable".

More minutes passed.  I hope His Supreme A-holiness is enjoying his damn bath, she thought.  Ashley's breathing had returned to normal, as had her pulse, but her sex was still wet.  A thrill shivered through her captive body.  I am gonna start getting really pissed off if he leaves me like this much longer.

Suddenly, a key rattled in the lock—and the thrill returned—in spades!
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF Chapter 5
Lord Carleton, Earl of Gort, strolled through the door, paused to turn the lock from the inside, then removed his cape and draped it over the desk chair.  He unbuckled his sword and dropped the belt, sheath, sword and dagger over the chair, as well, then sat and removed his boots.  He stood and pulled down his tights, removed his chain-of-office and tossed it on the desk, and began unbuttoning his doublet.  He was wearing a white linen shirt underneath, of an appropriately medieval cut with long sleeves and tails.  Only when this was his only garment, and its laces and strings had been tugged loose, did he turn and "notice" the presence of his newly purchased Bed-Slave.

His Lordship strolled over to the pleasure-rack, his smiling gaze drinking in Ashley's nude, helpless, and struggling form.  "Yes," he sighed, "very nice."  He stepped between Ashley's splayed legs, reached out, and placed his right hand on her smooth, firm stomach, exactly as Cody had done.  "Yes, clearly a warrior, with strong muscles and a trim form."

Ashley's nipples were erect and throbbing, and her sex continued to tingle.  It was getting very hard to maintain the required façade of outrage and anger.  She was an Amazon Warrior about to be ravished by a Noble, uh, Ravisher (an incredibly handsome Noble Ravisher).  She wasn't supposed to want this!  It wouldn't be right for her character to want to be ravished!  Yes, it was hard—and staying in character wasn't the only thing in the room that was hard.  Something was nudging the tail of The Earl's shirt against her labia, and Ashley knew exactly what it was.

"Hmm... Let me see now," Lord Carleton said, an oily smile curling his lips.  "I've had a fine feast, a relaxing float in Her Ladyship's Roman Bath.  What to do now? Hmm... Something else that begins with 'F'... but what?  I had a firm grasp on it, just a second ago.  Hmm..."

You bastard! Ashley fumed, straining against her bonds.  Don't make me laugh!  When I get free I'm gonna give you a 'firm grasp' you won't ever forget—"Mrmfh!!"

The Earl reached out and clutched the Amazon's breasts, and gave them a gentle squeeze.  He began kneading the firm, tan globes, letting them slip and slide under his hands.  He did the same to her flushed, hard nipples.  "Fondle... feel... flick?  No, none of those are the word," he muttered.

Bastard!  Ashley tugged on her bonds and quivered in her helplessness.  At the moment, processing Mitch's brand of wry humor was far too much of an intellectual task for her fevered mind.  It isn't fair!  He knows what it does to me when her does that to the twins!  How could even an Amazon Warrior... especially a sexually healthy and passionate Amazon Warrior... maintain the appropriate resistance and smoldering resentment... and...  and... Oh god, Mitch!

His Lordship seemed to have "remembered" the appropriate F-word—for he had released Ashley's breasts, taken hold of his cock, and was rubbing it against her flushed, moist labia!

Ashley moaned through her gag and her thigh muscles tightened.  Inside! Ashley silently begged.  Put it inside me, you bastard!

And His Lordship did just that.  He eased the tip between her wet lips, slid it through, and rubbed it against her throbbing clitoris.

Ashley gasped and her entire body went rigid.  Bastard!  "Mrmmphf!"

Then slowly, relentlessly, Lord Carleton thrust his full length into the Warrior's sex—slowly pulled it most of the way out—then slowly thrust it back in.

Oh god!  Of god!  Ashley was in a frenzy.  She pulled on her bonds with all her strength and thrashed her captive body from side to side—but she was as helpless as ever—and this only fueled the fire of her desire.

Lord Carleton continued thrusting, with slow, deep strokes.

The Amazon's entire body went rigid, again.  Then, she began rocking against her bonds, trying her best to match her Noble Ravisher's rhythm.  Oh god, Mitch!  Oh god!

His Lordship slowly picked up the pace, until he was pounding into the Captive Warrior's wet, tight tunnel with urgent, relentless ferocity.

For the second time in one evening, Ashley was totally out of character.  And it made no difference whatsoever, and for exactly the same reasons—and more!  She wasn't an Amazon Warrior.  She wasn't even a guest at Jillian Foxwood's B&B.  Ashley Carleton was a helpless, gagged, bound, and naked female animal!  Oh god, Mitch!

Time seemed to stand still, even as the thrusting strokes continued.  Their pleasure built, a wave rising to obliterate the world, and still His Lordship continued to pump his newly acquired Amazon Slave.

Oh god!  Oh god!  Ashley clenched her eyes tightly closed and screamed through her gag.

And finally, mercifully, gloriously—she came.  And His Lordship came.  And the evening had only just begun.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF Chapter 5
Several minutes later, the Earl strolled over to the desk and poured chilled wine from a carafe into a silver goblet.  He took a long, deep drink, then refilled the goblet and strolled back to the pleasure-rack.

Ashley's spread-eagled, helpless body was glistening with sweat.  Her full, firm breasts were heaving, and her nostrils flared as she panted for breath.  She gazed up at her husband with Righteous Outrage (and love).  She'd managed to reassert her identity as Ashley-the-Amazon, after a fashion, but her acting status was still pretty much irrelevant.

"That was incredible," Lord Carleton sighed, and took another sip.  He was also glistening with sweat.

Ashley growled through her double-gag.  It wasn't clear if Mitch was in or out of character, but it really didn't much matter for him, either.

"Well, Amazon," His Lordship muttered, "let's try something different, shall we?"

Okay, His A-holiness the Earl of Gortiness is back, Ashley realized and heaved a gagged sigh.  And you aren't going to give me any of that wine, are you, you bastard!  She reasserted her Amazon Warrior persona—her Helpless and Well-Ravished Amazon Warrior persona, which at the moment wasn't exactly an acting challenge—and glared at the Ravisher in question.  "Mrmfh!"

Lord Carleton chuckled, drained the goblet and set it down, somewhere in the framework of the pleasure-rack.  "Still full of spirit," he purred, and stepped around the rack to Ashley's pinioned head.  He gazed down into the Amazon's angry (loving) eyes.  "Now... Let's see if I can figure out these controls."  He spun a small wheel, and the rack's headrest slowly lowered and folded itself back, taking Ashley's head with it, of course.

"M'mpfh!" Ashley complained.  She now had a more-or-less upside down view of the front tail of His Lordship's shirt, and from the bulge in the draping fabric, the Earl was ready for Round Two.  Ashley realized the significance of her new position.  You wouldn't!  You bastard, you wouldn't dare!  She mewled and struggled, but her efforts were as ineffective and pointless as ever.

Lord Carleton reached down and unbuckled the strap of Ashley's gag, then pulled the now thoroughly wet and slimy plug from her mouth.  The spider-gag remained in place, of course.

"Ar'ur nrfh ur arr!" Ashley muttered.  The volume of her gagged threats, curses, and complaints had increased, but her eloquence still left a great deal to be desired.

The Earl lifted his shirt tail and thrust his rigid penis into the Amazon's gaping mouth.  "Oh, yes," he sighed, as he settled into a slow, even rhythm of deep thrusts.  "Very good!"

This was hardly the first time Ashley and her husband had engaged in oral sex, but the position and circumstances were quite novel.  Ashley could breathe through her nose, but His Lordship had let his shirttail drop and it was now draped over her throat and chin, leaving her pinioned head trapped in what amounted to a thrashing, semi-dark, humid tent.  In addition, His Lordship's balls kept slapping against her nose and cheekbones!  Bastard!

"Oh, yes!" Lord Carleton repeated.  "Treasure well spent.  I think I'm going to keep you, Amazon."  He continued to thrust and pound.  "Yes, I'm definitely going to keep you."
-- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF Chapter 5
Out in the hallway, Alice was kneeling and peering through the keyhole.  She was still in the serving chains and padlocked bit-gag headstall she had worn while serving the evening meal.  Inside the suite, the spreadeagled Captive Mercenary was giving the Earl of Gort an involuntary blow job.  Alice's hands reached under her tattered, burlap dress and caressed the front panel of the chastity belt locked around her waist and through her crotch.

Damn! the pathetic little Princess sighed.  I can hardly feel anything.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed a fistful of Alice's hair and none-to-gently hauled her to her feet!

"Nrf!" Alice complained, but the thick, tight wooden bit filling her mouth swallowed most of the sound, and the guest suite's door probably swallowed the rest.  It was a virtual certainty the Earl and his newly purchased slave had heard nothing, especially when one considered the manner in which they were currently occupied.

Alice's captor was Lady Foxwood, herself.  "So, this is where you've been hiding yourself," she whispered, and dragged the Princess down the hall.  "There's a sink full of dirty dishes waiting in the kitchen, and here you are leering at my guests.  I have half a mind to keep you locked in that belt for the next week."

"Nrrrrrfh!"  It was Alice's saddest, most pitiful, most heartbreakingly pathetic whine, and its awesome power was undiminished, nay, augmented by her gag.

Jillian chuckled, released Alice's hair, draped her arm over the little captive's shoulders, and hugged her close.  "Sorry, Princess," she whispered, "but your Cricket's the one with the key.  She still has things to do, but come the dawn, I'm sure she'll make it her business to search you out and personally see to your needs."  She leaned down and kissed the top of Alice's head.  "Your little elf is getting to be quite adept as a Top, isn't she?  Maybe you two ought to make the role reversal permanent."

"Arr!" Alice huffed through her gag.  Cricket and I might switch, now and then, she thought, but I'm still the Princess.

Jillian led her captive cousin down a side corridor.  "We'll take the back way to the kitchen," she announced.  "Pilar has long since being dragged away to her hideous fate, but we won't take any chances."

They shuffled down the darkened corridor... well, Alice shuffled, anyway.  Her chains softly tinkled as she padded along.  Lady Foxwood's arm was still over her shoulders.

A Captive Princess-Thrall's work is never done, the little redhead sighed.
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