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Hannah removed her tool-belt, locked it in the carrier in the back of her pickup, then went looking for her temporary employer.  "Phase One" of the wine cellar renovation project was finished and she had to report.  Also, Sydney had sent her a rather mysterious text message and she had to see if Ashley could shed any light on the situation.

She noticed a Lexus parked nearby.  Apparently, someone had arrived while she was working below.  She didn't think it belonged to the Carletons.  Ashley and Mitch would have parked in the garage, and as all the garage doors were closed, she couldn't tell which other vehicles might be present or absent.

So... was Ashley home?  And who owned the Lexus?  The thing to do was look for Loretta, the Carleton's housekeeper.  She'd know what was what.  Loretta was a pleasant, middle-aged woman, and if the four days of meals Hannah had enjoyed were any indicator, she was nearly as good a cook as Kayley Barbano.  The kitchen seemed like a good place to start looking for answers... and possibly a pre-dinner snack.

HannahHannah stretched and gazed at the distant mountains and neighboring vineyards, then turned to admire the house.  The Carleton's estate was a magnificent example of the sprawling, Mission-meets-Arts-and-Crafts architecture common in Napa Valley and it fit into the landscape perfectly.  She took the path around the side of the garage... and skidded to a halt.  The Carleton's had a pool—not a huge pool, but it was adequate for a nice swim, and was perfect for lounging beside to soak up some rays.

And speaking of perfect... Sigh.  Pilar de la Calva was the apparent owner of the Lexus.

The Latina was reclined on a lounge chair, clad in a skimpy bikini, and was reading a book.  Hannah smiled, drinking in the gorgeous spectacle of her friend's smooth, toned, deeply tanned form.  She was familiar with that beautiful body in intimate detail, of course, but it was still a feast for the eyes.

I love Sydney, Hannah thought, but Pillie is sooo hot!  She ran her fingers through her tousled blond locks in an attempt to enforce some degree of order.  Even after most of a week of not having her hair parted down the middle and plaited in Saxon braids it felt... strange.  She lifted her arms, one at a time, and gave each armpit a delicate sniff.  It hadn't been a particularly strenuous workday, but she still needed to get cleaned up... and to get out of her work-boots, dirty jeans, and chambray shirt.  I wish I'd brought a bathing suit on this trip, she sighed, trying to remember if she still owned one.  Note to self: find a J. Crew catalog.Pilar by the pool

Hannah continued gazing at Pilar... and sighed, again.  This is ridiculous, she chided herself.  I'm like a schoolgirl with a damn crush, and I already have a girlfriend.  And besides, when Sydney gets here, we can both jump her bones, again.  Still... might as well look my best.  She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt, pulled out the tails, and tied them together across the front, baring her midriff.

Pilar readingHannah started forward again, this time angling her steps towards the pool.  "Hello, Pilar," she said as she drew near.

Pilar looked back over her shoulder and smiled.  "Hello, Hannah."

Hannah sat in a nearby chair.  "How long have you been here?"

"About an hour," Pilar answered.  "You have been working down below?"

"Yeah," Hannah confirmed.  "It's all finished... for this trip, anyway.  Alice is still working on the plans for the next phase, and Cody can't start fabricating the custom hardware 'til Ashley approves everything.  And speaking of Ashley, have you seen her?  Or Mitch?"

Pilar amusedPilar sighed and shook her head.  "Ashley invites me for dinner and then, as she so often does, decides to work late without telling me she has changed her plans.  Mitch is even worse.  I am used to it."  Her smile turned a little coy.  "We shall have to entertain ourselves for a while."

Hannah felt a blush warm her cheeks.  Flirt!  "No problem."  She glanced at the pool.  "How's the water?"

"Heated," Pilar chuckled.  "Haven't you tried it?  You've been here... how long?"

"Four days," Hannah answered.  "I didn't bring a suit."

"A suit?" Pilar laughed.  "Since when does a Foxwood maiden need a suit?"

"I wouldn't want to scandalize Loretta," Hannah explained.

"I do not think it is possible to scandalize Loretta," Pilar purred, "bless her heart."  She looked past Hannah, towards the main house, and her smile broadened.  "Look who remembered to check her watch!" she shouted.Ashley

Hannah turned to find Ashley approaching.  Obviously, she was home, and had already changed from her usual office uniform of power-suit and heels and into at-home attire: a loose cotton blouse, designer jeans, and sandals.  She was carrying a large and apparently slightly heavy cardboard box.  "Sorry I'm late.  I had to make a few calls and crunch some numbers."

"What a surprise," Pilar chuckled.

"Glad to see you've made yourself at home, chica," Ashley purred.  She put the box down on a nearby patio table, then turned to Hannah.  "I got a text message from Sydney."

"Same here," Hannah responded, "something about how I should wait until she arrives; but she didn't say when that would be or even where the hell she is.  Frankly, I couldn't even tell if she 's gonna get here today.  I was hoping you'd know more."

"No such luck," Ashley chuckled.  "Is she always this mysterious?"

"You have no idea," Hannah sighed.

"Well," Ashley chuckled, "the invitation to spend the weekend was for both of you, but I suppose I can let you hang out 'til Sydney decides to get here."

Hannah grinned.  "Want to see what I've done?"

"Of course," Ashley answered, "but let's do it in style."  She opened the box.  "I placed an order for some 'presents' with a German company a while back.  My-steel.  Do you know them?"

Hannah shook her head.

"Well," Ashley continued, with a coy smile, "earlier this week the shipment arrived."

Hannah leaned over, looked inside the box, smiled, then favored her temporary employer with an inquisitive stare.

"Not for you, Hannah-bear," Ashley purred, and nodded towards Pilar.

Pilar had noticed the exchange, of course.  "What?"

"I do get to help, don't I?" Hannah whispered.

"Oh, yes," Ashley whispered back.  "Loretta's busy preparing dinner."

"What is it?" Pilar demanded.  "What is in the box?"

Hannah and Ashley exchanged a significant look—and pounced!
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF
Giving Pilar her new presents required several minutes.  This wasn't because of any actual resistance on the part of the bikini-clad beauty, but because neither Ashley nor Hannah felt any desire to rush the process.  In any case, Pilar was now a bikini-less beauty—naked, but for said presents.

Pilar's new
          collarPilar's neck was padlocked in a steel collar, her wrists behind her back and locked in closely linked steel shackle-cuffs, and her ankles in similar cuffs joined by a hobbling chain.  All were linked to a long, vertical chain running from the central ring of the hobble, through the wrist cuffs, and up to the back of the collar.

"Notice the wide, tight, close fit," Ashley purred.  "She won't be wiggling her way out of these things any time soon."

"I can see that," Hannah chuckled.

"As hostesses go," Pilar huffed, favoring Ashley with a wounded pout, "you are a cruel bitch."

wrist cuffs"Watch yourself, brat," Ashley cautioned, shaking a warning finger in Pilar's grinning face.

A steel chastity belt was locked around Pilar's waist and through her crotch.  It included thigh cuffs that were linked together and to the bottom of the belt's crotch-shield by more steel chain.

"The thigh-cuffs keep her from spreading her legs wide enough to work her fingers under the shield," Ashley explained, giving the belt's waist-band a tug.

"Which she can't do, anyway," Hannah observed, "with her hands behind her back."  She slid the tip of her index finger under the edge of the shield.  "The padding is leather?"

"A waterproof synthetic, actually," Ashley answered, "to allow long-term wear.  If she's a good girl—and wipes that smirk off her face—I might unlock her pretty new belt when I send her home on Monday.  Otherwise, she can wear it all of next week."ankle cuffs

Hannah raised a skeptical eyebrow.

"It's entirely possible," Ashley grinned.  "Reach up under there and feel the, uh, sanitary arrangements—and note the grille-work over her pussy."

Pilar gasped and squirmed in her bonds as Hannah's finger nudged her anus through a smooth, wide opening in the shield.

"As I recall," Ashley continued, "Pillie has one of those pulse-jet shower-heads with a flexible hose.  She'll be able to keep herself clean."

Chastity belt,
          with thigh cuffsPilar bit her lower lip and affected a piteous pout.  "You are not fooling me," she huffed.

"No, I'm not fooling," Ashley purred.

"You are only playing," Pilar continued, "trying to scare me."

Ashley placed two fingertips against the side of Pilar's throat, above her collar.  "And from the way your heart is hammering," she noted, "it's working."

"I am not frightened," Pilar whispered.

Hannah grinned.  Pillie's expression was priceless.  Either she was a little frightened, or she was as gifted an actress as she was a dancer—but Hannah knew that Pilar knew that she was perfectly safe.  "This is what you mean by 'in style'?" she asked Ashley.

Ball-gagAshley nodded.  "I've told Pilar almost nothing about the work you've been doing for me, other than you're renovating the wine cellar.  I invited her over for a 'special tour'."  She reached back into the box and pulled out a plug-type ball-gag, one with a breathing hole piercing the ball and a leather panel to cover the mouth.  "Hold her hair for me, would you please?"

"Of course," Hannah answered, gathered Pilar's raven locks, and held them atop the pouting Latina's head.

"You are so very mean," Pilar muttered, but opened her mouth to accept the rubber sphere.  Her teeth closed around the rubber post connecting the ball to the panel, and her eyes popped wide as Ashley threaded the buckle and cinched the strap tight at the nape of her neck.  "Urf!" the captive complained.

"One of my favorite models of silencer," Ashley told Hannah.  "It fills the mouth, holds down the tongue, and seals the lips.  Yet, it allows the wearer to breath through the hole."  She slid the hasp of a small padlock through an opening in the tongue of the buckle and snapped it closed, locking the strap.

As Hannah released Pilar's hair, the chained and now gagged beauty lifted her chin and shook her head, straightening her hair.  Her gorgeous brown eyes were defiant (but that delicious hint of fear was still evident).

Ashley clipped a leather leash to the ring on the front of Pilar's collar, then slid her wrist through the loop at the far end.  "Now that we're ready... Hannah, please lead the way."

Hannah was still admiring Pilar's minimally clad and inescapably restrained form... her smooth breasts and rock-hard nipples... the way the belt followed the contours of her narrow waist... the way the thigh cuffs dimpled her firm, tan flesh...  the way—


"Huh?"  Hannah's blush returned.  "Oh, sorry.  Right this way."  She turned and started towards the main house.

Ashley followed, the leash snapped taut, and Pilar had no choice but to stumble in her wake.

The prisoner cast a sad look over her shoulder at her now abandoned bikini and book.  The former had been carelessly dropped on the ground and the later was open and face-down on the lounge chair.  She sighed and faced front.  It wouldn't do to trip on her hobble-chain.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF Epilogue
The interior of "Carleton Castle" matched the exterior, a mish-mash of the Mission and Arts and Crafts styles, but done with the taste to merit an Architectural Digest cover-story.  The parade of three made their way to a set of stairs and down to the basement level.  They passed through a pair of heavy double doors and into the wine cellar/cask room area—and Pilar was surprised to find a significant change.  Instead of the vast, dim, cobwebby expanse of rooms she remembered from the last time she'd been down here, she was in a single, much smaller room.  It was a tastefully decorated, cozy wine-cellar, but that was "cozy" on the scale of a luxury estate, of course.  The usual ceiling-to-floor wine-racks were in evidence, as well as stacks of barrels and several tall, built-in cabinets of distressed oak.  There was also a rustic table and a dozen chairs, centered under four naked, dangling light-bulbs.

"The new fixture for over the table?" Ashley asked, pointing at the bulbs.

"It'll arrive next week," Hannah replied, "but the upgrade to the electrical service is complete and all the other lighting is installed."

"Mitch is hosting a wine-tasting and dinner party for some clients next month," Ashley said.  "We were hoping to do it down here."

"Shouldn't be a problem," Hannah answered.

Ashley smiled and strolled towards one of the cabinets.  "Oh Pillie," she said.  "Come admire Hannah's handiwork."

Pilar followed her to the cabinet.  She had no choice.  The captive was mildly confused.  Hannah had built a partition, walling off the other rooms?  The woodwork and plastering perfectly matched what had been there before.  Very nice, but... why?  Why waste all that space?

Ashley opened the cabinet.  It was a large wardrobe, with a row of ornate, metal coat-hooks across the back.  A blue denim apron hung from one hook and a tan lab coat from another.  "Ever see one of those old movies where the smugglers have a hidden lair?" Ashley asked Pilar.  "You know... with a secret passage?"  She made a fist and rapped the back wall of the cabinet in several places, and the result was a series of uniformly solid thuds.  "Nothing behind here but wall, is there, Pillie?"  She pointed to the heads of several large bolts with wide, steel washers.  "And look at these lag-bolts, screwed right through the back and into the concrete, so it won't tip over in an earthquake."  She reached up and turned one of the empty hooks to the left, then turned another to the right.  She met resistance—and then there was a metallic click.

Hannah watched Pilar's eyes grow wide as the entire back panel swung inwards, revealing a dimly lit space beyond.  A shiver went through the helpless Latina's body.

"Yes, it's delicious, isn't it?" Ashley purred.  "The backing of the 'secret door' is in layers," she lectured.  "There's the oak panel of the cabinet itself, then two-by-four framing, and finally, thick plywood.  The, uh..."  She looked at Hannah.  "Stud-bays?"

Hannah nodded.  "The spaces between the framing."

"The stud-bays are filled with expanding foam," Ashley continued.  "That's why it sounds so solid.  It's mounted on bearing hinges, and there's fiberglass padding around the seams.  That way there's no air whistling through any cracks.  There's also a very clever counterweight system to help open and close the whole shebang.  Deceptively simple engineering, skilled execution, very clever."

"Thanks," Hannah bowed.  "Simple makes for low-maintenance and trouble-free operation.  I'll pass the compliment on to Alice."

"Please do."  Ashley smiled at Pilar.  "Just think, darling... once I take you across this threshold, no one will ever find you.  Even if someone came looking for you, even if they suspected you were hidden somewhere on the property, they'd never find you."  She shortened the leash until Pilar's gagged face was inches from her own, then reached out and cupped the captive's right breast with her free hand.  "But no one is looking for you... are they Pilar?  Only Hannah and Loretta and I know you're here."  She shifted her gaze to Hannah.  "And we won't tell—will we, Hannah-bear?"

Hannah grinned and embraced Pilar from behind, her left arm around the prisoner's steel-belted waist, and her right hand hand caressing her firm, steel-cleaved buttocks.  "Of course not," she whispered in Pilar's right ear.  "We can't play with our 'Pillie Doll' if nosy people come rescue her, can we?"

Pilar moaned through her gag and writhed under her captors' caressing hands.  It was all a game, of course... but like the best of such games, like all the games played at Foxwood, a game with a huge dose of reality.  She knew she was safe—completely helpless—but safe.

"Enough," Ashley chuckled.  "Watch your head," she cautioned, and stepped through the "secret door" with Pilar in tow.

The space beyond was long and narrow, a ten-foot corridor with walls of plain concrete block.  It was lit by a dim, recessed can-light in the ceiling.  At the far end was a metal door studded with bolts.

"This little passageway is new, of course," Ashley explained, running the fingertips of her free hand along the concrete blocks.  "Once the mortar cures, Hannah will plaster the wall to match everything else."  She smiled at Pilar as she led her forward and unlocked the metal door.  "The extra space and door provide additional soundproofing," she said, "but it's really just for drama.  After Hannah finished the secret door we put a boom-box on full volume in the main torture chamber, closed the door, and couldn't hear anything at all from out in the wine cellar."

"Or'r ar'r?" Pilar "asked", then flinched as the secret door thudded closed behind them.

"Yes," Ashley purred.  "'Torture chamber'.  I suppose I could call it my playroom... but why mince words?"

The metal door was opened and Pilar was led through.

Hannah and Ashley smiled as their prisoner looked around.  The room was large, about forty-by-forty, with a high wooden ceiling.  An archway on the far wall led to a long corridor with a row of metal doors.  Ashley knew Pilar would recognize the basic layout from before.  The only changes were the entry corridor wall, the new wall that separated the chamber from the wine cellar, recessed lighting in the ceiling, and several new cabinets.  There was also a hand-cranked hoist mounted on one wall.  They watched Pilar's gaze follow the chain wound on the hoist's drum up the wall to a pulley set in the ceiling, across to another pulley over the center of the room, and down to a weighted snap-hook.

"This is only 'Phase One'," Ashley lectured.  "Eventually, I'll add a rack, an 'X'-frame, a bondage table, and maybe one of those examining tables with stirrups, if I can find one I like.  You know... the usual amenities."  She led Pilar to the center of the room and snapped the dangling hook through the ring in her collar.  "Alice is still working on the designs," she continued, "so, for now... I'll have to content myself with perfecting my Nawa-Shibari skills."  She nodded towards the new cabinets.  "I have about a mile of four-strand, conditioned hemp in there, cut to various lengths.  There are also spreader-bars and this very clever sling system I found on-line, for 'comfortably' suspending a maiden in various contorted positions.  It has padded cuffs and straps at all strategic points, of course."

Pilar's bosom was heaving and her nostrils flared as she panted for breath.

"You're scaring her again," Hannah whispered to Ashley.  It was more an observation than an accusation.

"This isn't Pilar's first weekend visit to 'Carleton Castle'," Ashley chuckled, then took the captive's left nipple between her thumb and forefinger and gave it a playful tweak.  "You are such a little ham," she whispered, and kissed Pilar's cheek.

Pilar glared at Ashley's smiling face, then sighed.

Ashley unclipped the leash and snap-hook from Pilar's collar.  "Don't worry, sweetie," she purred.  "I'm not going to leave you standing out here for hours and hours."  She led Pilar through the archway, then unlocked and opened the first metal door in the corridor.

The chamber beyond was small and featureless, but for a row of tall, narrow, wooden cabinets across the back wall.  All had barred slits at eye-level and heavy steel hasps locked with high-security padlocks.

Pilar watched as Ashley pulled her keyring from her pocket, unlocked the center cabinet, and lifted the hasp.  There was an authoritative click, and the door swung open.  The interior was like a shallow gym locker—or an upright coffin.  Pilar took an involuntary step back—and immediately bumped against Hannah's body.

"I know you weren't a nerd in high school, Pillie," Ashley said, "but did you ever get stuffed in your locker by the mean girls?"

"Ya never know," Hannah chuckled, as she embraced the prisoner from behind.  "Maybe she was a late bloomer.  Maybe she was one of those gawky freaks with glasses and braces and her hair always in a frizzy mess.  Maybe she turned into a ravishing goddess only after high school."

Ashley shook her head.  "She showed me her photo collection once, including all her yearbooks.  Pilar has always been a beauty, from kindergarten on.  Anyway... put her in."

Pilar struggled in earnest and mewled through her gag as Hannah pushed her forwards, towards the open "locker".

"Don't fret," Ashley said.  "The interior is..."  She focused on Hannah.

"Thirty by twenty by seventy-five," Hannah said.  "Plenty of room."

"Plenty of room," Ashley agreed.

Apparently, Pilar did not agree.  She continued to fight as Hannah thrust her into the "locker", spun her around, then placed a knee against her tummy and her hands on her shoulders to keep her there.  Then, acting in concert and not giving Pilar time to react, Hannah released her hold and stepped back and Ashley closed the door.

"Nrrrmf!" Pilar complained, and thrust her shoulder against the hard wooden portal.  It didn't even shake.  She heard the padlock click closed.  Thunk.  The interior of the locker was dark and close and featureless.  There was the slightest hint of fresh varnish, and the wood was hard and smooth against her skin.

Ashley and Hannah gazed at Pilar's gorgeous brown eyes through the bars of the eye-slit.

Hannah frowned.  "She isn't claustrophobic, is she?"

"No," Ashley chuckled.  "She's just a little ham, like I said."

Pilar continued to whine and mewl through her gag and slam her naked, chained, helpless body against the walls of her narrow, upright prison.

Ashley and Hannah continued to watch and listen.  After several seconds, Pilar accepted her fate, heaved a piteous sigh through her gag, and gazed sadly through the bars.

"C'mon," Ashley said, finally.  "I believe you still have something to show me."

"Uh... yeah," Hannah confirmed, and they made their exit.

Pilar screamed through her gag as the chamber's outer door thudded closed.  Kidnapped, chained, and now abandoned?  It was too much!  Her gagged voice was loud inside the confines of the locker, but she suspected her efforts to express her displeasure and distress wouldn't register at all out in the corridor.  She leaned her right side against the cool wood.  Cruel bitch! she thought, and a thrill rippled through her sex... her steel-encased, untouchable sex.  How long is she going to leave me in here?  She stamped a fettered foot, and sighed.  Cruel bitch!  I love her so.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF Epilogue ---
Hannah led the way to the door at the very end of the corridor.  She pulled out her keys, turned the lock, swung open the heavy portal, and stood aside.

The space beyond was about the size of the main "torture chamber", and centered under several lights was—a steel cage.

Ashley smiled.  "Oh, Hannah," she gushed.  "It's perfect!  Just what I wanted!  Let me borrow your keys!"

"Huh?" Hannah handed over her keyring as requested.  "I gave you the new key yesterday."

"It's still up in my desk drawer," Ashley explained, and crossed the threshold.

The cage was ten-feet by ten-feet, with a height of seven, and its vertical, round, one-inch bars were spaced six inches apart and were horizontally braced about every two feet.  A grid of similar bars enclosed the top.

"The bolts of the anchors extend eight inches into the floor," Hannah said, "and the side and top braces interlock in two dimensions, three in the case of the top corners.  It's super strong."

Ashley walked completely around the cage, her left hand trailing along the bars.  "I love the play of light through the bars, and the dark, powder-coat finish."  She stopped in front of the cage door, and frowned.  "What's that on the floor in the back?"

"What?" Hannah asked, stepping forward.

Ashley used a large barrel key on Hannah's keyring to open the door, swung it open, then pointed.  "There, that flaw in the concrete near the center anchor," she said.

Hannah stepped into the cage and knelt.  "I don't see any"—Clang!—"Hey!"

Ashley had closed the cage door and was turning the key.  "Just kidding," she purred.  "There's nothing wrong with the concrete."

"Ashley!" Hannah complained.  "What the hell?"

"Hold that thought," Ashley said, and strolled out the door.

"Ashley!  Ashley!"  Hannah grabbed the cage door and shook it with all her strength.  It didn't even rattle.  "Get back here!"

Ashley returned almost immediately, carrying a linen laundry bag.  She tossed it forward and it landed on the floor and against the cage door with a muffled clink."

"What's that?" Hannah huffed.

Ashley smiled.  "Inside, you'll find handcuffs attached to a belly-chain, ankle-cuffs, a locking ball-gag, and the required padlocks, all open.  Be careful with the padlocks because the key is not in the bag.  You'll only get one chance to lock the belly-chain and the gag, so make sure you get them right.  You'll have to do the gag by feel, and—"

"Let me out of here!" Hannah demanded, pulling on the door.

"Temper, temper," Ashley chuckled.  "Now,  I want your clothes—all your clothes—in the bag.  Then, I want you to toss it towards the door and as far away from the cage as you can.  Next, lock on all the hardware, nice and tight, with your hands behind your back, of course."

"Like I'm really gonna—"

"You'll do as you're told, Saxon," Ashley interrupted.  "We don't know when Sydney will be getting here, but you might as well get yourself ready for her.  In about an hour I'm going to stick my head back in here, and if you haven't been a good little girl and 'packaged' yourself... you'll spend the night in this cage, and without any supper.  Believe me, you do not want to miss out on Loretta's paella.  So... later."

"Ashley!"  It was too late.  Her temporary employer and hostess was already out the door, and it was closing.  Hannah heard the key turn in the lock... and she was alone.  "Dammit!" she muttered under her breath and sat on the floor.  When I get outta here I'm gonna...  Despite herself, Hannah's lips curled in a wry smile.  I'm probably gonna spend the night licking Sydney's and/or Ashley's and/or Pilar's pussy... pussies.  "Dammit!" she muttered, again, and attacked the laces of her right boot.  Where the hell are you, Sydney?  Hurry up and get here and 'rescue' me.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: ASAF Epilogue --

Tick... tock... tick... tock... Sydney had been waiting for more than an hour... naked... standing with her legs spread and her arms to either side... her wrists, arms, and torso lashed to a horizontal timber with what felt like conditioned hemp... her ankles lashed to iron rings set in a concrete floor... blindfolded... waiting.

A metronome was clicking away, somewhere in the distance.  Tick... tock... tick... tock... tick... tock...

It was unsettling to be totally helpless, with that irritating, insidious, monotonous sound the only thing to occupy her senses... other than the feel of the tight ropes, and the hard timber against her back, and the hard floor under her bare feet.

Tick... tock... tick... tock... tick... tock...

It was a lesson in power, of course, a lesson Sydney didn't need to learn, but that she was being taught, anyway.  Power... something of which, at the moment, she had none.

Tick... tock... tick... tock... tick... tock...

She'd been warned that if she made any noise—any noise whatsoever—she would be punished.  That wasn't important.  Sydney could take anything her hostess' minions could dish out.  She might not like it... but she could take it.  What she couldn't take would be the failure of her mission, to fail to get what she'd come here for.

So... she'd play this silly game... for however long it took.

Tick... tock... tick... tock... tick... tock...

Sydney reflected back on how she came to be in this situation.  (What the hell else did she have to do?)

She'd requested an interview, and it was granted.  As instructed, she'd arrived at her current location without telling anyone where she was going, or why.  She was placed in a leather blindfold—the one still buckled and padlocked across her eyes—then she was ordered to strip.  Next, her hands were cuffed behind her back, hobbling shackles were locked around her ankles, a ball-gag was strapped in her mouth, and a collar and leash was buckled around her throat.

And then she was taken for a walk... a long walk.  Echoing corridors, carpeted floors, hardwood floors, doors being unlocked in front of her and locked behind, distant voices, at least once the unmistakable sound of a whip striking human flesh (not her own) and the sound of a female voice mewling through a gag (also not her own)... a long walk.  She descended a seemingly endless flight of stairs, a final door was opened—a door with hinges in need of oil—and she was placed in her current bondage.

"Mistress is occupied," her handler had explained, "so you will wait."  Her gag and collar were removed.  "Speech is forbidden.  If you speak, you will be made less comfortable.  Do you understand?"

Sydney almost fell for it.  She almost opened her mouth to answer.  Instead, she nodded her head.

"Very good," her handler chuckled.  The metronome started, the door hinges squealed... and the waiting began.

Tick... tock... tick... tock... tick... tock...

Sydney had to admire her style—not her handler, she was just a minion—her style, her hostess.  Sydney wanted to negotiate?  Alright, but it would be on her terms.  I wonder what she'll look like? Sydney wondered, after all these years.

"Hello, Sydney."

Sydney flinched in surprise, then composed herself.  Apparently, there was another way into the room, other than through the dramatically squeaky door.  She recognized the husky, alto voice—her husky (sexy), alto voice.  Exactly the same, Sydney mused.  She sounds exactly the same.  "Hello, Mistress."

"My goodness, Sydney," the voice chuckled, "you're even more beautiful than I remember.  When last we met, you were a coltish young thing; stunning, but very much the hoydenish tomboy.  But just look at you now.  You've grown into an intoxicating woman... a wisely respectful, intoxicating woman."

"May I speak, Mistress?" Sydney asked.

"You may."

Sydney swallowed.  "You said you would have an answer for me."

"I did... and I do... and that answer is... yes."

Sydney sighed in relief.

"However, there are two conditions."

"Conditions?—Ahh!"  Something, probably the tip of a riding crop, had delivered a stinging slap to Sydney's left nipple.  "Conditions, Mistress?"

"That's better.  It's difficult being a Bottom when you're very much a Top, isn't it Sydney?"

"Very difficult, Mistress," Sydney huffed.

"A lesson that we both agree would benefit your sister.  Now... my conditions.  I'm intrigued by this Hannah that Jillian thrust upon you.  I'll entertain Jillian, as you request, but only if your new girlfriend accompanies her as, shall we say, her chaperone."

Sydney paused before answering.  "Why, Mistress?"

"If Jillian is to receive a thrilling surprise, then so shall your pretty blond girlfriend.  I think I understand your motivation, Sydney, but I won't become involved if this is just a sisterly squabble.  If you trust me with Jillian, you will trust me with your lover.  You do trust me, don't you, Sydney?"

"If I didn't trust you, Mistress," Sydney answered, "I wouldn't be here."

A pair of soft, warm lips kissed Sydney's mouth.  "I promise you, Sydney, your Hannah will have a wonderful time, and I'll return her to you happy, whole, and maybe just a tad more... experienced.  And as for Jillian..."

"You'd never hurt Jillian," Sydney huffed, "and I don't want you to hurt her."

"Just take her down a notch.  In any case, it's time Jillie and I cleared the air—long past time, in fact.  However..."


"Ah!" Sydney gasped.  "Mistress!  I don't want Jillian hurt, Mistress."  This time it had been her right nipple.

"Now... as for my second condition... that would be you, Sydney."


"You are my second condition, Sydney.  I need to send you away in complete knowledge of what your sister and girlfriend will be facing.  You'll be spending the night."

"Uh, I told you, I have plans for the weekend, Mistress," Sydney responded.

"And those plans are now changed.  But don't worry, your weekend with Hannah and your friends will begin a little late, that's all.  You'll be on your way after breakfast.  Open."

"Mistress?—mrmfh!"  The ball-gag was back in Sydney's mouth and was being buckled under her hair.  At the same time, a pair of soft, delicate hands were caressing her breasts and nipples.  Obviously, "Mistress" and Sydney were not alone in the room.  "Rrrfh!"  Another pair of hands were caressing Sydney's labia!

"Nice and slow, ladies," Mistress purred "as you've been trained.  Bring Miss Foxwood to the edge... and keep her there... until I tell you she may cum."

Sydney mewled through her gag and tugged on her bonds.  A wet tongue was licking her sex.  It probed deep and slid against her clitoris.

"After supper," Mistress continued, "we'll acquaint Miss Foxwood with my new mechanical fucking machine, and Polly can demonstrate her skill with the breast flogger."

"Mmpfh!"  A third pair of hands were gripping Sydney's head by the hair, and a warm, wet mouth was tonguing her ear and licking her throat.

Her anonymous lovers were skilled.  They knew what they were doing.

"Are you fighting us, Sydney?" Mistress chuckled.  "Surely you realize my ladies and I will make you cum like a crazed bunny, whether you want to play or not.  But by all means... fight."

Sydney's lovers erupted in girlish giggles, which did not help her situation.  She pulled on her bonds with all her strength, then shuddered as her "ordeal" continued.

"A long night lies ahead, Sydney," Mistress purred.  "A very long night."
Tales of the Foxwood B&B:

Chapter 12
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