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Chapter 9

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The Return of the Damsels
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{ & }~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hannah sighed through her tape-gag as she watched the scenery pass.  She was in the back of the limousine, between Jillian and Caroline.  A seat-belt and two crisscrossing shoulder-belts kept her "safe", as did the belt binding her ankles together and against the base of the seat, down near the floorboard.  Lady Foxwood and Mistress Saunders made do with a seat-belt and a single shoulder-belt, each.  Otherwise, the elegantly dressed ladies were free.  Hannah, on the other hand, still had her arms folded behind her back and trapped in a tight sheath, a foam ball stuffed in her mouth, and her lips sealed by a wide strip of flesh-colored tape with makeup and lip gloss applied to disguise the reason for her involuntary silence.  The makeup was an unnecessary precaution.  The side windows of the limo were silvered and no one could see into the back.  Hannah did notice a number of stares from passing motorists, but that was explained by their antique, steampunk embellished (and devastatingly cool) mode of transport.

While Hannah stewed in her bonds (and pretended not to listen), Jillian briefed Caroline on her final "adventure" at Silverberry.

"I can understand that you might find it amusing to hear my version of events," Jillian had said before starting, "but I wouldn't want to get Polly and Dakin in trouble."

"Not to worry," Caroline had chuckled.  "This is all in the spirit of professional exchange.  Besides... they were following my orders."

"What a startling revelation," Jillian purred (her voice dripping sarcasm).  She then told her story.  "Finally, they dressed me and we left.  Poor little Chloe remained behind, hogtied on your bed."

Caroline smiled.  "Right about now, Jaclyn will be catching Polly and Dakin in the act of 'abusing' poor Chloe.  By way of punishment, Chloe will be encouraged to take revenge on her fellow maids in one of the basement disciplinary chambers.  Under Jaclyn's supervision, of course."

Jillian smiled.  "Of course."

"Polly is an old hand in such things, but Dakin is something of a novice."

"I would never have guessed," Jillian chuckled.

Caroline smiled.  "I thought she was ready.  We'll see how she fares during phase-II."

Jillian more or less naked, bound, and gagged, Hannah mused, while a naked and bound Chloe licks her pussy...  That's hot.  I'd buy the blu-ray of that.  Arousing mental imagery aside, Hannah reminded herself she was busy being ticked off by her current treatment—specifically, being dressed in this humiliating schoolgirl costume and still being a prisoner, while Jillie-bean got to be an elegant lady and very much not a prisoner.  Still... Chloe doing stuff to Polly and the blonde...  That's hot, too.

"Would anyone care for some tea?" Caroline offered, pulling a thermos from a cabinet built into the partition between the driver and the passengers.

"Yes, thank you," Jillian answered, then began peeling the tape from Hannah's mouth.  It stretched the blonde's lips and face as the adhesive surrendered.  Jillian then plucked the foam ball from her employee's mouth.  "Spot of tea, Hannah?"

"If I was speaking to you," Hannah huffed, "I'd say yes."

"Hannah can share my cup." Jillian purred, then leaned close and kissed Hannah's pouting lips.  "Forgive me, Hannah.  You know I can't resist seeing you in situations like this."  Caroline handed Jillian a cup and saucer and she held it to Hannah's mouth.  "Forgive me?"

Hannah sipped the hot tea— Delicious! —and swallowed.  "I'll talk to you, but I don't forgive you."  The smile threatening to curl her lips somewhat nullified the later assertion.

"Good enough," Jillian chuckled, then sipped from the cup, herself.  "Just as well.  We've got a lot to talk about.  I've been on the phone with Kayley, and I intend to make some changes."  She smiled at Caroline.  "Useful things, telephones.  A pity we can't use them at Foxwood."

"You have phones," Caroline objected.  "Cell phones, anyway."

Jillian shrugged.  "I mean use them more openly, without fear of discovery by guests—guests paying for the illusion of medieval fantasy."

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall," Hannah whispered to herself, absently.

"What was that?" Jillian inquired.

Hannah smiled.  "I've got it!  If the elves can make magic light bulbs, why can't they make magic mirrors?"

"Oh, Hannah!" Jillian gasped, "that's brilliant!"

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I'd like to make a local call," Caroline laughed.  "Brilliant, indeed."

Both ladies leaned close and kissed Hannah's cheeks (causing her to blush).  "I bet Cricket could write an iPhone app to simulate a genie-of-the-mirror," she suggested.

"If one doesn't already exist," Jillian agreed, then kissed Hannah's cheek, again.  "You're getting a bonus for that, my Saxon Princess."

Hannah blushed.  "That's two bonuses," she muttered.

Jillian raised an eyebrow.  "Two bonuses?"

"One for the idea," Hannah clarified, "and one for getting hauled along on this farce as your 'traveling companion'."

"May I remind you that your current circumstances are of Sydney's making, and not mine?" Jillian purred.  "In any case, as Baroness Foxwood, I have every right to punish rebellious subjects who conspire to usurp my lawful authority."

"Oh... I suppose so," Hannah conceded.  "Okay, one bonus... one big bonus."

Jillian winked at the much amused Caroline.  "Agreed.  One big bonus."  She held the cup for Hannah to drink, again.  "Now, things to talk about...  I assume you want to murder my little sister?"

"Not murder," Hannah smiled.  "Torture in a most cruel manner, perhaps, but not murder.  May I borrow one of the Stone Tower chambers?  The one with the Horse, if it's available."

"I'll check the schedule," Jillian chuckled.  "Seriously, you're okay?"

"With respect to Sydney?"  Hannah sighed.  "We'll talk things out."

"Excellent," Jillian purred, then kissed Hannah, again, this time on the lips.  "Now, about those changes I mentioned."

The limousine rolled along, eating the miles between Silverberry and Foxwood.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: AMoM
Chapter 9
They arrived at Foxwood around mid-afternoon.  The main gate was standing open, confirming for Hannah that their arrival was expected; however, no one was waiting to greet them.  Caroline's chauffeur opened the limo's back door and helped the passengers disembark.  She then opened the trunk and removed a large leather portmanteau.

"The Foxwood costumes you arrived in," Caroline explained, gesturing at the suitcase.

"You mean we were kidnapped in," Hannah huffed.

"Just so," Caroline smiled," then turned to the chauffeur.  "Place it..."  She gestured towards the Outer Mews.  "The Carriage House?"

"The Outer Mews," Jillian corrected.

"The Outer Mews," Caroline smiled.

"Anyplace out of the weather is fine," Jillian added.  "We'll take it from there."

The chauffeur placed the portmonteau under the overhang, then touched her cap.

"Thank you, Karen," Caroline said, planting a kiss on the chauffeur's cheek as she passed.

"Madam," the blushing chauffeur muttered, then returned to the limousine.

Hannah watched as the limo purred to life and pulled away, and not towards the gate.  "Isn't she going to park in one of the bays?"  No one answered.  Hannah turned back to the Mews to find Jillian and Caroline rounding the far corner.

"Aren't you coming, Hannah?" Jillian called.

Apparently (obviously) Mistress Caroline was going to be staying for a while.  "Nobody tells me anything," Hannah muttered to herself as she stomped after the two mistresses.  That wasn't true, of course, but it would be nice to be fully informed once in a while.  As she rounded the Mews and was catching up to the others, the main gate hummed to life and started sliding closed.  Somebody's in the Mews, she surmised.  Whoever they were, they remained hidden from view.

"We'll change in the Keep," Jillian said as they continued up the trail towards the Inner Gate.  "Kayley has the appropriate costumes ready and waiting in the Roman Bath changing room."

As they approached the Inner Gate, Hannah could see Kayley, Alice, and Connie waiting.  All three were on the far side of the symbolic barrier, broad smiles on their faces.  The lantern over the gate glowed amber.

Kayley was in her usual Prosperous Peasant/Mistress of the Kitchen outfit, complete with stained apron.

Constance was in her customary Shabby Scholar outfit: simple dress, faded academic robe, and gold-rimmed glasses.

Alice was a Princess, and not a kidnapped Princess-Thrall.  Her copper red hair was clean and brushed back in a loose French braid intertwined with a pair of narrow braids.  Her gown was in two shades of sage velvet, with a generous décolletage and a tightly laced bodice.  It was the exact opposite of tattered and soiled.  If Disney ever decided to add a Celtic Cutie to its pantheon of animated Princesses, Alice would be the perfect model.

"Welcome home, Lady Foxwood," Kayley said with a deep bow.  She focused on Hannah and her smile broadened.  "I see the Saxon didn't escape."

"Thank you," Jillian chuckled, then placed an arm on Hannah's shoulders and kissed her cheek.  "But why should my loyal retainer 'escape'?"  She gestured towards Caroline.  "May I present Lady Caroline Saunders, the Baroness Silverberry.  Baroness," she gestured towards Alice, "Princess Alice, Crown Princess of the Realm."

Caroline executed an appropriately deep curtsy, as if she were being introduced to Victoria Regina, Herself.

"Baroness," Alice responded, with a rank-appropriate curtsy.  She then rushed forward, went up on her toes, and kissed Jillian on the cheek.  "Welcome home, Auntie."  She then focused of Hannah.  "Welcome to you as well, Ha—"  Her hand shot up and covered her smiling mouth.  She cleared her throat and tried again.  "Welcome home, Hannah-he-he—m'mmfh!"  Her hand was back over her mouth, this time stifling a giggling fit.

Connie stepped forward, giving Alice a tap on the arm as she passed.  She embraced Hannah's glowering, blushing form.  "Welcome home, Hannah-bear," she sighed, but clearly, it was all she could do not to break down laughing, like Alice.

"Alice," Jillian chided her young cousin, "a Princess does not find the public humiliation of an innocent commoner amusing,"

"Sorry, Auntie," Alice giggled, "but apparently, a Baroness of the Royal Line thinks nothing of perpetrating the public humiliation of said innocent commoner."  She hugged Hannah, kissed her lips, as well, and lifted her Silverberry Academy cape.  "Release her," she ordered, and Connie hastened to obey.  "Sorry for laughing, Hannah," she whispered as Connie attacked the laces of Hannah's arm-binding sheath.

Just then, Cricket came scampering up the path from the Outer Mews.  She was dressed in a soiled, ragged shift of faux-burlap with a belt of ratty hemp rope.  Well-worn sandals were laced on her feet and calves and her pixie-cut hair was as much of a tousled mess as its length would allow.  Her skin was soiled with the grime of hard work (or a reasonable facsimile, thereof), and an iron thrall's collar was locked around her throat.  "The gate is closed and the alarm set," she announced, then hugged Jillian.  "Welcome home, Jillie-bean," she giggled.  She then turned her dimpled smile to Caroline.  "I take it you're the dastardly kidnapper?"

"Caroline Saunders," Caroline responded.

"Cricket Clarke," Jillian introduced the ragged newcomer, then gestured towards Connnie, "and her cousin, Scholar Constance Clarke."

Cricket and Connie curtsied, then Cricket turned to Hannah, put her hand over her mouth, and giggled.

But this time, Hannah was free of the binder.  She rolled her eyes, then took Connie by the shoulders and gently pushed her next to Alice.  "Get in line," she told Cricket, then unbuttoned her cape, pulled it off, and tossed it to Jillian.  She then turned in a slow pirouette.  "Okay," she huffed, hands on hips, "get it over with."

Jillian, Caroline, and Kayley watched (with involuntary smiles) as Alice, Connie, and Cricket doubled over with laughter.

"You should both be ashamed," Kayley muttered, directing her scorn at Jillian and Caroline.

"Oh, we are," Jillian responded, then smiled at Caroline, "aren't we?"

"Deeply ashamed," Caroline agreed, then, together with Jillian, joined the others in a giggling fit.

Only Kayley remained in control (just barely).  She locked eyes with Hannah and they both sighed and shook their heads.

"You have to admit," Kayley told the glowering blonde, "you are a pretty funny looking schoolgirl."

"Downright hilarious," Hannah huffed.  "I've also got clothes waiting in the Roman bath?"  Kayley nodded and Hannah pushed past the others and stomped up the trail, towards Foxwood.

"Aren't you going to wait for us?" Kayley called after her.

"Eat me!" Hannah called back over her shoulder.

Kayley smiled.  "Maybe later!" she shouted.

"She isn't really mad, is she?" Caroline asked.

Jillian and Kayley shook their heads, then Jillian gestured towards the path.  "Shall we?" she suggested, and they all followed in Hannah's wake.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: AMoM Chapter 9

Cricket sprinted forward and overtook Hannah.  "Sorry I laughed at you, Hannah-bear," she giggled, then continued running.  "Roman Bath!" she called back.

Hannah smiled.  She couldn't stay mad at Cricket... or the others.  It was good to be home.  As Foxwood came into view, she paused and stared at the Stone Tower.  Sydney!  It was there that her lover was waiting.  Hannah also noted the orange banner flying from the Paramount Tower, flapping in the gentle breeze.

Hannah continued up the path and entered the Keep through the kitchen, then made her way to the Roman Bath.  The tap of her patent leather pumps on the Foxwood floors was... strange.  It would be good to get out of her absurd outfit and back into one of her Saxon Thrall costumes.

Cricket was waiting in the changing room.  She opened one of the lockers and pointed inside.  "That's you, Hannah-bear," she said, then opened another locker and began laying out a dark-jade, velvet gown Hannah recognized as one of Her Ladyship's everyday costumes.

Hannah turned to the locker Cricket had indicated, and frowned.  "What's this?"

"Jillian was saving it for your birthday," Cricket explained, "but Kay-bear talked her into giving it to you now."

It was similar to other Saxon fantasy costumes in Hannah's closet in the Outer Mews, but was... finer.  The leather was a gleaming brown, and the belts and straps were of thin thongs braided in complex patterns.  The buckles and other fittings were polished brass, all crafted in the highly-stylized Saxon style.

By this time, Jillian, Caroline, and the others were entering the changing room.  Princess Alice found a comfortable bench, gracefully sat, crossed her dainty, slipper-clad feet, arranged the velvet skirt of her gown, and watched the others.

"Scholar Constance, Mistress Kayley, "Jillian ordered, "please assist our guest."

Connie and Kayley began helping "Lady Saunders" remove her Victorian garb.  Cricket assisted Jillian.

Hannah continued removing her Kinky Schoolgirl drag, ignoring the others amused glances as she stripped off the jacket, skirt, and blouse.

"Can you reach the laces of your corset?" Jillian asked.

"Not really," Hannah admitted as she unbuckled the chamois garment's many straps, "but I can still get the damn thing off."  The last buckle released, the corset dropped to the floor, and she started donning her new costume.  Sandals laced to her knees and a linen loincloth covered her loins.  There was a short kilt of tooled leather, a bra with brass cups and multiple straps covered her breasts, bracers for both wrists with brass decorations, and finally, a torc of hammered gold for her throat.  It was not a thrall's collar, but the badge of a high-ranking Saxon.  She admired herself in one of the changing room's full length mirrors.

"There's a matching weapons belt in the Armory," Jillian said.  By this time, Her Ladyship had stripped and donned loincloth, chemise, and slippers, and Cricket was buttoning up the back of her gown.

"It's... beautiful," Hannah sighed, admiring her reflection.  Her hands were busy unbraiding her pigtails.

"Not historically correct, of course," Connie noted, "but beautiful."

Hannah combed her fingers through her tousled hair and shook her head so her blond curls fell down her back.  She then went to Jillian and kissed her cheek.  "Thank you."

Jillian kissed her back.  "You're welcome, 'Hannah Blood Ax'," she purred, then handed her a key.  "The West Princess Suite in the Stone Tower," she whispered in Hannah's right ear.  "Go."

Hannah grinned.  "Try and stop me," she chuckled, and made her exit.

By this time, Kayley and Constance had reduced Caroline's costume to bloomers, chemise, and corset, and the corset laces were finally loose enough for the row of clips to be released.  Apparently, Kayley and Connie were not experienced maids (or had been purposely taking their time).  The corset finally came free, Kayley pulled the loosened chemise over Caroline's raised arms, Connie pulled down her bloomers, and the Mistress of Silverberry was nude.

Lady Foxwood strolled over to the locker closest to Caroline and her helpers.  "Her Ladyship's costume is here?"  Kayley nodded and Jillian opened the locker.

Caroline's smile faded as she focused on the locker's contents.  She'd been expecting a velvet gown, similar to Jillian's.  Instead, steel cuffs and chains were hanging from the locker's wooden pegs.

Suddenly, Caroline was grabbed by her helpers and forced to her knees.  "Wha—M'mmpfh!"  Cricket had stuffed a faux-burlap rag in her mouth and was tying a narrowly folded burlap cloth as a cleave-gag.  Kayley was holding Caroline's arms behind her back, tight enough to press her elbows together.

Smiling sweetly, Jillian sat on a nearby bench as Cricket stepped behind her and began removing the pins of her Silverberry coiffure.  "Secure the Baroness," she ordered, "but try not to mark all that pretty, pale skin too badly.  I want to see how it marks under the lash, later."

"If she knows what's good for her," Kayley growled, maintaining her grip, "she'll accept her fate."

Cricket continued removing Jillian's hairpins, then began plaiting Her Ladyship's copper-red tresses in a loose French Braid.  They watched as Connie carried various fetters and chains from the locker and locked them around Caroline's ankles, wrists, and throat.  She then began removing the Mistress of Silverberry's hairpins.  Caroline's dark brown locks fell free, but were not plaited or arranged in any way.  Finally, Kayley hauled her to her bare feet.

Naked and gagged, her hair a tousled mass, Caroline was helpless.  Thick-walled shackles with a hobbling chain restrained her ankles.  Similar shackles bound her wrists behind her back and were linked by a connecting chain to the back of her thick, heavy collar.

Jillian reached into the locker and produced an iron chastity belt.  Like the other hardware, it had a hand-forged, medieval appearance.  With Kayley's assistance, Jillian fit the belt around Caroline's waist and through her crotch, then turned the key in the belt's lock, just below the prisoner's navel.  "I promised you a complete tour of Foxwood," she purred, locking eyes with Caroline, "and we'll start with one of my favorite venues."  She handed the key to Kayley, then took hold of the long chain dangling from the front ring of Caroline's collar, and stepped away.

The chain snapped taut and Caroline stumbled in Jillian's wake.  The others tried to follow, but Kayley stood in the doorway, blocking their exit.  "And where do you think you're going?" she inquired.

Alice, Cricket, and Connie blinked in surprise.  Then, Alice cleared her throat.  "Uh, we were going to watch."

Kayley shook her head and pointed to the clothing scattered about the benches and floor.  "No, Princess, you're going to supervise as all this gets cleaned up."  She focused on Cricket.  "Then, thrall, you're going to finish your chores and start prepping the Common Room for supper."  She shifted her gaze to Constance.  "And you're going to help."  She shook a warning finger.  "And if any of you go anywhere near the Stone Tower, you'll spend the next month as a drudge-thrall."  Cricket started to say something, but her mouth snapped shut under the gaze of Kayley's pale-blue eyes.  "Or, in your case, you'll spend an additional month as drudge-thrall.  I don't care if all three of you end up in rags and collars and sleeping in the dungeon at night.  Give Hannah and Sydney their privacy."

"Yes, Kay-bear," Alice, Cricket, and Connie droned in unison.

Kayley turned and left, hurrying to catch up with Lady Foxwood and her captive guest.

"Caroline is hot, don't you think?" Cricket said.

"Pretty skin," Constance agreed.

"And those eyes," Alice sighed.  "They're kinda like Kay-bear's."

Cricket and Connie nodded, then all three sighed and set about picking up and sorting discarded clothing.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: AMoM Chapter 9 ---
Sydney turned towards the door of her cell.  A key was turning in the lock, but it was a little early for Kayley to deliver her supper tray.  The door opened—and Sydney gasped in surprise.

Hannah was standing in the threshold, resplendent in her new costume, her blond hair a tousled mass.

Sydney was standing beside her crude bed, chained by the neck to the wall of her cell.  Her red hair was in even greater disarray than Hannah's, and her gown was a tattered, soiled disgrace.

Sydney's heart was hammering.  "Are you mad at me?" she asked, softly.

Hannah strode across the cell, embraced Sydney, and their lips met in a savage kiss.  The kiss continued for several seconds.  Finally, Hannah came up for air.  "Furious," she gasped, and the kiss resumed.

Sydney turned her head and shivered as Hannah nuzzled her ear.  "I'm sorry," she sighed.

"No you're not," Hannah whispered, and the kissing continued.  "Besides," she said at the next break, "I'm going to mess with you, regardless."

"Mess with me?" Sydney sighed.  "I suppose it's only fair."

Hannah broke the embrace and walked out the door.  "Hold that thought," she called back over her shoulder, and was gone.

"Hannah?"  Sydney received no reply.  Seconds passed... turned into a minute... and then two.

Finally, Hannah returned,  She had a brush and comb in one hand.  "Strip," she ordered.


"Off with the clothes, Red!" Hannah barked, a smile curling her lips.

Sydney sighed and peeled off her ragged gown.  Nude but for her collar and chain—her copper-red tresses a dirty tangle—her smooth, freckled skin in need of more than the sponge baths she'd been allowed by Kayley, her jailer—Sydney awaited Hannah's next instruction.

Hannah stepped forward, handed Sydney the brush set, then sat on the bed.  "Saxon braids," she ordered.

"You want me to—"

"Give me a comb-out, part it down the middle, and give me Saxon braids."  Hannah held up some leather thongs.  "For the ends."

Sydney knelt on the bed behind Hannah and set to work.

"Kayley gave Jillian a glowing report about Alice," Hannah said.  "Apparently, the Princess did a bang-up job as Mistress of the Keep in Her Ladyship's absence."

"I wouldn't know," Sydney huffed.  "I've been stuck in this damn cell."

"Where you belong," Hannah chuckled.

"Anyway," Sydney sighed, "we only had two parties of green-banner guests, or so Kay-bear told me.  And all they wanted was to lounge around in medieval costumes and stuff their faces with Kayley's food.  How hard could it be to supervise that?"

"Still, Alice has been promoted to Jillian's second in command."

Sydney paused in the act of plaiting the first of Hannah's braids.  "That's my job."

"That was your job," Hannah purred.  "You're demoted from Evil Baroness to Princess."

Sydney frowned, and continued the task at hand.  "Princess?" she huffed.  "How is that a demotion?"  She finished the braid and began whipping the end with a thong.

"Allow me to clarify," Hannah chuckled.  "You've been recast as the lead in Connie's 'Rescue the Kidnapped Princess' scenarios."


"You're taking Alice's place," Hannah clarified.  "Also, Scarlet Sydney has been demoted to sidekick.  You're now second fiddle to 'Hannah Blood Axe'—Saxon Princess, Sword Maiden, fiercely loyal retainer of Lady Foxwood, and very much not a thrall.  Connie will have to rewrite our back-stories."

"You expect me to—"

"I expect you to take your punishment like a big girl," Hannah chuckled, then turned and kissed Sydney's pouting lips.  "Besides, Alice could use a little room to grow, don't you think?"

Sydney resumed plaiting the second braid.  "I suppose," she conceded, then accepted another thong and tied off the end.  "There," she sighed.  "Finished."

Hannah stood and turned.  A single thong remained in her hand.  She smiled at the naked, kneeling Sydney... then pounced.

"Hey!"  Sydney fought (not really) but soon found herself on her stomach on the bed with Hannah straddling her body with her weight on her butt and binding her wrists behind her back.  "Bitch!" she complained.  "Get off!"

Hannah rolled the pouting redhead onto her back and bound hands, and settled her weight on Sydney's waist.

"Horse!" Sydney complained.  "Get off me!"

Hannah cupped Sydney's breasts and gently squeezed.  "Is that any way for a Lowly Sidekick to talk to a Mighty Hero?"

"Eat me!" Sydney huffed.

"All in good time," Hannah purred, then leaned close and kissed Sydney's lips.  "As I recall," she whispered, "the last thing you said to me before I was hauled away by my kidnappers was, 'Remember, I love you'."

"Or words to that effect," Sydney agreed.

Hannah continued kneading Sydney's firm, freckled breasts and kissed her lips, again.  "I'm no psychiatrist," Hannah said, "so I don't know if your ego has commitment issues, or your superego is a pathetic mess, or what; but know this..."  She kissed Sydney, again.  "If you want to get rid of me, you're going to have to try a lot harder."

Sydney shook her head.  "I don't want to—M'rrrf!"  She was interrupted by another kiss.  "Mwah—really.  I love you."

"You just have a funny way of showing it," Hannah chuckled.  "Now... where were we?"  She leaned close, again.

"Wait!" Sydney huffed.  "How long?"

"How long will you be my sidekick and Jillian's Princess-Thrall?"  Hannah smiled.  "I suppose that's up to Her Ladyship.  As for you and me... get used to being on the bottom, even if I am a 'horse'."

Sydney sighed, again.  "Okay."  A smile dimpled her freckled cheeks and her blue-green eyes sparkled.  "May this Lowly Sidekick kiss her Hero's sweet red lips?"

Hannah rolled her eyes.  "We'll work on the dialogue," she muttered, and they kissed.
--- Tales of the Foxwood B&B: AMoM Chapter 9
Jillian led Caroline down a passageway to a wooden door reinforced with ornate iron bands bent in a Celtic knot pattern.  Kayley stepped forward, pulled a key-chain from her apron pocket, unlocked the door, and pulled it open.

The space beyond wasn't particularly large, and about a quarter of it was occupied by a windlass system.  A shallow basket of iron bands was suspended from four chains, which in turn were suspended from a wooden yoke.  The yoke was attached to a heavy chain wrapped around a large drum mounted in the wooden ceiling.  A hatch was set in the timber floor, under the basket.  Flickering light was provided by a large globe in an iron cage suspended over a second, smaller hatch.  This hatch was open, its bolt thrown and the stout wooden square folded back on a heavy, hand-forged hinge.  This revealed a grid of thick iron bars, and below—inky darkness.

Kayley stooped and unlocked the large padlock securing the main hatch, threw back the bolt, and heaved the hatch open.  She then stepped to the large wheel that operated the winch and lowered the basket to the level of the floor.

"Our elevator," Jillian explained, gesturing towards the basket.

Caroline had been looking around the chamber, taking in the details of the mechanism.

"Alice's design," Jillian explained.  She stepped into the basket, then tugged on Caroline's chain.

Caroline sighed and "allowed" herself to be reeled in.  Kayley steadied the swaying basket as Jillian helped her hobbled prisoner step inside, then clutched one of the basket's chains with her left hand and put her right arm around Caroline's waist.

"Seeing as how your hands are full," Kayley purred, stepped forward, and tucked a large, open padlock into Jillian's décolletage, between her breasts.  She then returned to the wheel and began turning it, again.  The basket and its two passengers dropped into the darkness.

"There are counterweights in the space above," Jillian explained, nodding upwards, "so Kayley can easily turn the winch.  Again, Alice's design."

Caroline's eyes were adjusting to the darkness as they dropped ever lower.  They was descending into a deep shaft, almost a rectangular well.  The bars of the small hatch above cast sinister shadows on what appeared to be walls of rough-hewn stone blocks.  She looked down and watched a stone floor strewn with straw come into view.

The basket finally touched the straw and the winch stopped.  Jillian helped Caroline step out of the basket.

"Welcome to our oubliette," Jillian purred, then walked through the straw to the far wall and Caroline followed.  It was a short trip, less than ten feet.  Jillian plucked the open padlock from her cleavage and locked the terminal link of Caroline's leash chain to an iron ring set in the wall.  Click!  She turned and smiled at her naked, fettered, and gagged friend.  "Why don't you settle into the straw and enjoy a nice nap," she suggested.  "Meanwhile, I'm going to take a nice bath, maybe enjoy a goblet of chilled wine, and—"

Jillian's speech was interrupted by a loud, clattering noise from overhead.  Simultaneously, the basket jerked into the air and shot upwards.

"Hey!" Jillian shouted.  She hurried over and jumped for the basket, but was too late to catch it.  "Kayley?  What the hell?"

The rattling continued until the basket exited the hatch, twenty feet overhead, then stopped.  A few seconds later, Kayley appeared in the open hatch, hands on hips and gazing down at Jillian and Caroline.

"Sorry to ruin your grand gloating scene, Jill!" Kayley shouted, "but some of us have work to do!"
"This is mutiny!" Jillian yelled.

"Next time you feel like taking a holiday," Kayley's voice echoed, "and leaving me behind to pick up the pieces, tell me ahead of time!"

"You want me to schedule my next kidnapping?" Jillian demanded.

Kayley's answer was to close the hatch.  The distance was too great for the prisoners of the oubliette to hear the bolt slide closed and the padlock click, but they did hear the outer door slam shut.

Jillian sighed, walked over to Caroline, and untied her gag.

Caroline spat her rag stuffing into the straw, then licked her lips.  "You run a taut ship," she stated.

"Kayley will let us out of here in an hour or two," Jillian chuckled.  "She's not about to prepare a welcome home feast, then leave us locked in the oubliette where we can't compliment her cooking."

"But you were going to leave me down here," Caroline accused, "admit it."

Jillian shook her head.  "Only for a nap, Blue Eyes."  She embraced Caroline and planted a kiss on her lips.

"I don't suppose you have the key to these chains," Caroline purred.

"'Fraid not," Jillian answered, then piled the straw together, as best she could.  She then helped her fellow prisoner recline, lay next to her, and resumed their embrace.

"Not even the key to this belt?" Caroline asked.

"Especially not the key to that belt," Jillian chuckled.  "We'll have to content ourselves with sucking face."  Her eyes glinted in the dim light.  "Of course, I'm not wearing a belt."

"So, I can still do you," Caroline pouted, "even if you can't do me."

Jillian kissed Caroline, again.  "I'd hate to impose on a guest."

"A guest you stripped and locked in chains."

They kissed some more.

"We should have done this years ago," Jillian whispered.

"Have Kayley lock us in an oubliette?" Caroline whispered back.

"If that's what it would have taken for us to make up," Jillian sighed, kneading Caroline's breasts.  "Welcome to Foxwood, Caroline Saunders."

"Just wait 'til I get you back at Silverberry," Caroline huffed.  "Just wait 'til I get all of you back at Silverberry."

"What makes you think I'm ever letting you go, Baroness?" Jillian purred, and nuzzled her prisoner's neck.

"I still owe you a complete tour of Silverberry Manor," Caroline observed.

"And I owe you a tour of Foxwood Keep," Jillian countered.  "This is only the first stop."

"We'll work something out," Caroline sighed.  Jillian was sucking on her left nipple.

"Maybe regular staff exchanges?" Caroline suggested.

"To compare means and methods," Jillian agreed.  "We can discuss it later."

And the languishing in the oubliette continued.  Neither prisoner took a nap.
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