Janet (le Fey)
Sam has a new

There are fairies at the bottom of our
              astrophysics lab!


Chapter 19



Princess Zamantha"It's... me!" Sam gasped.

The newly-hatched fairy was, indeed, a copy of Samantha Carter—with the usual dragonfly wings and pointed ears.  She opened her eyes, wiped the egg goo from her face, then stretched, arching her back and fluttering her wings.  The Hailey and Keller-fairy attendants stepped forward and began washing the fluid from her smooth, tan body with damp towels.

"She hatched with a decent tan and a shag haircut?" Hailey demanded.

Keller shrugged.  "The magic of the Machine?"

"Look at her," Janet sighed, then focused on Samantha—the wingless, human Samantha.  "She's so young!  She looks like you must have looked as a teenager—as a high school senior, maybe."

"Nobody at my high school had wings like that," Hailey objected.

Sam shot her protege a scathing look, then her eyes returned to the Sam-fairy.

"Behold," the Machine of Life announced, "Princess Samantha of the Fey!"

The assembled fairies and trolls cheered, and the Princess smiled (with Sam's previously unique brat-smirk).  Her attendants had finished washing her hair and skin and were now toweling her dry.

"I take it everyone heard that?" Sam asked.  "The Machine, I mean."  The entire lounging group nodded.

"She's so brave," Markie whispered, "and beautiful."  The little blond fey's brown, worshipful eyes were glued to the form of the naked Princess.  "I was really scared when I hatched.  She's so brave."

"Don't be jealous," Janet whispered in Sam's ear, and received a scathing look of her own.

"Princess Zamantha!" the First Lightling sighed.  Her Darkling captive sighed through her gag, her violet eyes on the "Princess".  The Lightling's fingers, still delicately fiddling with her pussy were, for the moment, forgotten.

"I've been meaning to ask you," Sam whispered to Janet.  "The other Janets call me 'Zam', but you don't."

"Are you asking why they do, or why I don't?" Janet whispered back.


"Well," Janet answered, "this is only a guess, but I think the Lightlings and Darklings call you 'Zam' because they're incapable of saying your name without smiling.  Watch," she said, pointing to her jaw and smiling.  "Zam."  Her jaw relaxed.  "Sam.  You see?  I don't do it 'cause I know you better."

Sam rolled her eyes.  "Whatever."  She noticed her fairy copy's eyes were now on her.  "Excuse me," Sam said to the group as a whole.  "I need to go talk to... myself."  She filled her cup with juice, then stood and stepped forward.

The Princess watched her approach with a dimpled smile.  The Hailey and Keller fairy attendants had stepped back to their former positions and knelt with their basins and towels.  Their eyes were on Sam, as well.

"Hello," Sam said, smiling back at her youthful, fey self.

"Hello," the Princess answered, then cleared her throat.

"Here," Sam said, holding the cup to her fey copy's lips.

The Princess drained the cup.  "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Sam answered.  "How do you feel?"

"Uh, fine," the Princess answered.  "I feel fine."

Sam set the cup on the floor, then took the Princess by the hand.  "Can you stand?"

"I think so."

Sam helped the grinning fey to her feet.  "Easy, now."

The Princess turned in a slow pirouette, fluttering her wings.  A quiet but audible sigh from the watching crowd of fey echoed through the chamber.

"Do you know who I am?" Sam asked.

"You are the Queen," the Princess answered.

"And you're the Princess," Sam said, and pulled the fairy into a warm embrace.

"Awwwww..."  This time there was nothing quiet about the crowd's reaction.  Sam and the Princess ignored their audience.

"What do you remember about my life?" Sam asked.

The Princess' smile faded.  "I... I don't remember anything."  A look of panic flashed across her face.  "I..."

Sam embraced the Princess, again.  "It's okay," she whispered.  "Don't worry about it.  Are you hungry?"

The Princess nodded.  "Uh-huh."

"Come with me," Sam said, and led the Princess towards the table.

"Wait," the Princess said, and turned back to face the six Hailey and six Keller fey who had bathed her.  "Thank you!" she cried.

"We love you, Princess!" the attendant fairies answered, more or less in unison, then giggled and carried their basins and towels away.

As they approached the table, all present climbed to their feet (excepting the hogtied and gagged First Darkling, of course) and Sam made the introductions.

Several Felger-trolls ambled up with fresh bowls of food and pitchers of juice as the court resumed their seats.

"Perfect timing," Hailey observed, watching the grinning trolls depart.

"Markie," Sam said, "as the Princess eats, why don't you tell her about our adventure with Goldeneye?"

"My Queen?" Markie asked.

"We all want to hear it," Hailey said.

"But... the Queen already told you," Markie muttered.

"We want to hear your version," Keller said, with an an encouraging smile.

Janet leaned close and kissed Markie's cheek.  "Don't forget the part where Sam attacks me without provocation," she purred.

"Wise ass," Sam muttered, then leaned close and kissed Markie's other cheek.  "Don't be shy," she whispered, and handed the blushing blond fairy a cup of juice.

Markie gulped the drink, then sighed and smiled at the Princess.  "Well, my Sisters and I were entertaining the Queen in this very chamber..."

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 19

As Markie told her story (their story) Sam lounged on her side, nibbling tidbits of food and sipping her juice.  She kept stealing sidelong glances at Janet, who, like the others, was listening to Markie.  We'll get a chance to talk, eventually, she thought.  A flash of guilt knotted her stomach.  And I need to talk to the Machine about releasing the men.  She knew the male members of SG's One and Three were "being cared for" as the Machine had reassured her—she couldn't remember exactly when—but she needed to talk to the Colonel.  They had to talk the Machine into letting them go or figure out how to get back to Earth on their own.

Markie had reached the part of the story where they'd been captured by the Darklings and were "guests" at their feast, and the Princess was frowning at the captive First Darkling.

"Don't think too badly of my Dark Sisters," the First Lightling told the Princess.  "All of their games are in fun."

"Yeah, fun," Hailey muttered.

"They're a regular laugh riot," Keller agreed.

"They don't ever hurt their prisoners when they play," the First Lightling objected.  "You know that to be true."

"Those damn whips hurt a lot!" Keller objected.

"There's not a mark on you," Cadman observed.

"And I suppose you enjoyed whatever it was they did to you?" Keller huffed.

Cadman shrugged.  "Not especially, but as sadistic torturers go, the Goth-fairies are a pretty amiable bunch."

"Try SERE training sometime," Hailey huffed.

"Stop, my friends," the First Lightling pouted.  "You'll make the Princess think the Darklings don't love her."

The Princess leaned close and kissed the First Lightling's cheek.  "Don't fret.  I know you all love me."  She then kissed the First Darkling's forehead.

Apparently, this had been overheard by the closest of the watching Temple fey, for another quiet "awww" and much giggling and whispering rippled through the crowd.

Suddenly, the telepathic "voice" of the Machine echoed through the minds of all in the chamber. 
"My Daughters, my charge to you is to educate and train the Princess.  Firsts of the Light and Dark, relay my message to your Sisters of Kind and to all of your servants.  The Great Hunt will resume in the fullness of time, when the Princess is ready to take the role of the Royal Prey."

"Looks like you're off the hook," Janet whispered in Sam's ear.

"One can only hope," Sam whispered back.

"My Guests," the machine continued, "prepare yourselves to return to your world.  Your role in The Plan is now at an end."

"Wait!" Sam cried, then took Markie's hand and gave it a delicate kiss,  She then took the hand of the Princess and placed it in Markie's.  "Markie," she said, "I want you to take care of the Princess, the way you took care of me."

Markie's eyes were welling.  "M-my Queen?  You're going away?"

"I have to, Markie," Sam responded.  "Be brave, as brave as you were in the canyon.  I know you can do it."

"I... I'll try, my Queen," Markie sobbed.

Sam focused on the Princess.  "I hope Markie will be your friend, and I think you're going to need a friend, a special friend."  She leaned close so only Markie and the Princess could hear.  "Take care of each another and help the other learn and grow.  Will you do that for me?"

"Yes, my Queen," they whispered in unison.  Their eyes were locked.

"Kiss," Sam ordered, and the Princess and Markie embraced and did just that.

"Awww..."  The fey crowd reacted, especially the Hailey-fairies.

Sam focused on the First Lightling and her prisoner.  "As for you two, be nice, okay?"

"Yes, my Queen," the First Lightling answered.

The First Darkling rolled her eyes, then yelped through her gag when her Light Sister gave her rump a loud smack.

"Acknowledge the Queen," the First Lightling ordered.

The First Darkling growled, then focused on Sam and nodded.

"And I want everyone to have a name," Sam added, "like Markie."

"My Queen?" the First Lightling asked.

"Everyone should be given a name, or you should let them chose a name," Sam clarified.  "It's important, so they can grow, as people."

"It's also practical." Janet added.  "Even better, encourage differences in hair style, fashion, and accessories.  And it's not like things aren't already drifting in that direction."

The First Lightling nodded.  "I see the wisdom in this advice."

Sam stood and faced the Machine.  "Okay," she said.  "We will all need to be returned to our proper size, and we'll need our uniforms and equipment—those of us who had uniforms to begin with, anyway. And then—"

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 19


The alarm klaxon sounded and the inner ring of the stargate began to turn.

Up in the control room, CMSgt Harriman grabbed the microphone and keyed the SGC intercom.  "Unscheduled off-world activation!" he announced.  "Security team to the Gateroom."stargate and iris

While several heavily armed SFs entered the gateroom and took up defensive positions, General Hammond hurried down the stairs from his office.  Standing behind Harriman, he watched as the gate turned and the chevrons locked, one by one.

Finally, the gate whooshed as a wormhole formed, then stabilized into a blue, rippling shield.

As per standard procedure, Harriman placed his right palm on a biometric reader and the blades of the trinium/titanium iris shield snicked closed across the gate.  Positioned three micrometers in front of the wormhole's event horizon, the barrier would prevent any incoming traveler (or threat, such as a bomb) from materializing.

Harriman and Hammond stared at the screen that would indicate any radio transmissions from incoming travelers, and waited.

Almost immediately a message popped on a screen announcing the receipt of Colonel O'Neill's "all clear" signal.

"Open the iris," Hammond ordered, "and activate the trans-phase illuminators."

Harriman's hand was already in motion.  He threw a switch with his left hand and palmed the reader with his right.  The iris opened.

Several seconds passed... then nine human figures stumbled across the event horizon and onto the ramp in front of the stargate.

"Oh my god!" Hammond gasped.  It was SG's One and Three, Doctor Keller, and Major Carter—but all of them were completely naked!  The General grabbed the microphone.  "Security team, stand down."  He punched a button and spoke, again.  "Medical team to the gateroom, and, uh—bring a lot of blankets."

Down in the gateroom the wormhole had collapsed and the returning travelers were carefully stepping down the expanded metal ramp to the concrete floor.  Keller was shielding her crotch with her right hand and her left arm was covering her breasts.  Cadman and Hailey were reacting like the men, doing their best to remain carefully casual.  The exceptions were Sam and Teal'c, who were pointing at the others and giggling.

Hammond entered the gateroom and approached the naked travelers.  "I see you were successful, Colonel," he said to O'Neill.

"Uh, actually, General," he answered rather sheepishly, "all we did was play chess."

"Chess is a good game," Teal'c giggled.

"The naquata effect," O'Neill sighed, "from the phase transition  The Big Guy will be hammered for the next couple of hours."

"I've only got a little buzz," Sam announced, grinning at Hammond.  "Hiya, General!"

"Welcome home, Major," Hammond responded with a tolerant smile.  Just then, the white-clad medical team arrived, pushing a gurney laden with a dozen or more folded blankets.  "We'll debrief in three hours," Hammond ordered, "after you all are checked out in the clinic, get dressed, and have something to eat."

"Goody!" Sam giggled, then her eyes popped wide and she gasped, with a look of absolute astonishment.  "Oh!"

"Major?" the General asked with a worried frown.

"The Plan," Sam said.  "I just remembered The Plan!"

"The Plan?" Hammond asked.

"The Machine of Life's plan to repopulate the Fey World," Sam answered.  "The memory just... unlocked."

"Is there anything time sensitive?" O'Neill asked.

"Uh, no," Sam muttered.  "I don't think so."

Meanwhile, blankets were being distributed and draped over the travelers' shoulders.

"Major," Hailey said, arranging her dazed mentor's blanket, then taking her arm, "let's go to the clinic, okay?"  She stole a glance at the General, who smiled and nodded.

They all started to exit the gateroom, then Sam froze in place.  "No!" she shouted, and turned to face the gate.  "Janet!  Where are you?"

Hammond turned to O'Neill, who shrugged.

"The Janet-fairy," Hailey said, "the joined Lightling and Darkling."

"Oh," O'Neill said, then turned to his 2IC.  "I don't see any fairies, Sam."

"Janet!" Sam yelled, again.

"Major," Hammond said, "I ordered the installation of trans-phase illuminators in the gateroom as soon as the rescue mission left."  He pointed to fixtures mounted to either side of the control room window.  "They're flooding the stargate and ramp as we speak."

"Like the Tok'ra's T.E.R. scanning modules?" Daniel asked.

"That's correct, Doctor," Hammond confirmed.  "They should reveal anything cloaked by a trans-phase field."

Sam's eyes were welling.  "Janet," she whispered.

"C'mon," Hailey sighed, and urged Sam towards the corridor.  "Janet must have stayed behind."  The Lieutenant focused on Hammond and O'Neill.  "She's still inebriated," she said, "okay?"

Hammond smiled, kindly, and put an arm over Sam's shoulders.  "Come with me, Major," he said, and helped Hailey lead her away.

"Damn," O'Neill muttered.

"She lost her best friend," Daniel sighed, "and now she's lost her, again."

"Poor Samantha Carter," Teal'c mumbled, wiping tears from his eyes.  "That is most sad."

Jack and Daniel exchanged a brief look, then led the towering Jaffa after Hammond, Sam, Hailey, and Keller.  O'Neill turned back and focused on Major Warren.  "You and your Marines okay?" he asked.

"Oorah!" SG-3 responded in unison.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 19

General Hammond, SG-1 (including Lieutenant Hailey), SG-3, Doctor Keller, Doctor Felger, and Anise/Freya were seated around the conference table, and had been for more than two hours.  Sam and the returned members of the rescue mission had already briefed the General on what had occurred on the Fey World (in politely edited terms, of course).  Sam was finishing her summary of "The Plan".

"So," Sam said.  "After a few thousand female fairies of all the established 'Daughter' lines have hatched and had a chance to establish themselves, the Machine will start making male fairies, direct fairy copies of the rescue mission's male members and, uh, hybrids made by mixing the chromosomes of all the male and female templates.  Once enough male fairies have hatched, the Machine will let nature take its course."

"Sexual reproduction?" Keller suggested.

Sam nodded.  "That applies to the trolls, as well.  The Machine will eventually start making female trolls to mate with the, uh, Felger-trolls."

"That's good," Felger said, smiling happily, then he blushed when O'Neill glared at him.  "It's only fair."

"And the dragon?" Anise asked.  "What of the dragon?"

"The Machine will make more dragons," Sam confirmed, "male and female, and they'll spread over the planet."

"Top predators usually have low population densities," Freya observed.  "I assume this will be the same for the Dragons?"

"Yes," Sam nodded.  "I think the dragons will be highly territorial, more or less like hawks and eagles."  She focused on O'Neill.  "I think the next dragon the Machine hatches will be made using your DNA, Colonel."

"So," Hailey chuckled, "Goldeneye might not be lonely for much longer."

"Lieutenant," O'Neill muttered, "you're this close to running a dozen laps around sub-level twenty-six."

"Sorry, Colonel," Hailey responded, carefully suppressing a smile.

"Are you suggesting a dragon based on Colonel O'Neill will try mating with my dragon?" Anise demanded.

"Your dragon?" Daniel asked, suppressing a smile.  "How does Freya feel about it?"

"Freya is too embarrassed to assert herself," Anise muttered.

"In answer to your question," Sam said to Anise, "I'd say—yes, that is the Machine's intention.  In any case, additional dragons will be hatched in the Temple at infrequent intervals, at a rate well below that of the various kinds of fairies."

"So, the end result will be a planet populated by fairies, trolls, and dragons," General Hammond observed.

"Yes, sir," Sam responded.  "I suspect the original builders of the Great Temple were either Ancients or a very early colony of the Nox.  It's unclear what happened to them, or how the crystals we used in the astrophysics lab to construct our experimental prototype are related to the Machine.  I suppose it's possible they're from a remote part of the Machine of Life on some other world that somehow fell into the hands of the Goa'uld."

"Crystals are routinely scavenged and repurposed," Anise confirmed, "as well as being manufactured anew.  Sub-space resonance crystals are especially prized."

"In any case," Sam continued, "I believe if we replace the subspace resonance crystals in the prototype machine down in my lab, we shouldn't have any more fairy problems."

"I'll pull the primaries as soon as we're done here," Hailey volunteered.

Hammond nodded.  "Good, Lieutenant.  Then, call it a day, all of you.  I want you all to get a good night's sleep.  Tomorrow you can write up your reports."  He smiled at Sam.  "Again, welcome home, Major."

"Thank you, General," Sam replied, forcing a smile.  Janet! she thought.

"I'm still pissed that all the guys got to do was play chess," O'Neill muttered.

"I would have been more than happy to trade places with you," Keller mumbled, then blushed when everyone focused on her.

Hammond stood, and the others scrambled to their feet, as well.  "Get some rest, people," the General ordered, and headed for his office.

"Anyone feel like a steak and a few beers?" O'Neill offered, and there was a general murmur to the affirmative.

"I'll pass, Colonel," Sam answered.  "I feel like goin' home."

"You sure?" O'Neill asked, a concerned smile on his face.

"Yes, but thanks, anyway."  She smiled at all present.  "Thanks to all of you.  Thanks for coming after me."

"Like that was ever a question," Daniel chuckled.

"Indeed," Teal'c intoned.

"Save the planet a few times and you make some friends," Major Warren added.

"Please," Sam grinned, her cheeks burning.

"Go home and get some rest," O'Neill ordered with a smile, "you heard the General."

"I will, sir," Sam promised, then turned to Hailey.  "You need help with—"

"No, ma'am," Hailey interrupted.  "I can handle it.  It's just pulling the first tier crystals and putting them in a shielded case."

"Okay," Sam said.  "Good night, everyone."  The others responded in kind and waved.  Sam turned and headed for the corridor.  As soon as her back was turned, her smile faded.  Janet!

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 19


Sam was glad she'd ridden her bike to work the day she was fairy-napped.  Even wearing a full helmet, the ride helped clear her head.  The Machine wouldn't let her go, Sam decided.  That has to be it.  She pulled into her driveway, idled as the garage door opened, then pulled inside and parked the bike.  She'd stopped for Chinese on the way, not remembering anything in her refrigerator or freezer that sounded appetizing.

Tonight was a night to eat dinner, take a bath, and go to bed early.

She went through the side door and into the kitchen, dropped the "Panda Express" bag containing her dinner on the table, then went on into the living room, on her way to the bedroom to change.  Her gaze passed across the fireplace mantle—and she froze.

Janet—Janet the fairy—was standing on the mantle with her back to Sam.  She was staring at a small photograph in an antique frame.  "This was taken the first time I invited you to go boating with Cassie and me," she said.

Sam's heart was pounding, but she managed to keep her voice steady.  "Chessman Reservoir."

"I remember the nice old guy that took the photo for us," Janet continued, "but I don't remember you having it here on your mantle."  She was wearing a sage-green bandeau and loincloth.  The ribbon-wide scraps minimally, but modestly, clothed her tiny body.

"I had it framed after... after you were killed," Sam explained.

"I see," Janet answered.

"How did you get here?" Sam demanded.

"It's not that far from Cheyenne Mountain," Janet answered, "as the fairy flies.  You have a loose screen on one of your back windows.  You really ought to fix it."

"No," Sam gasped, stepping close to the mantle.  "How did you get to Earth?"

"Through the stargate, silly," Janet said, smiling sweetly.

"The General installed trans-phase illuminators in the gateroom!"

"Yes, I heard him bragging," Janet grinned.  "I was cowering under the stargate ramp at the time."


"So I wouldn't get sent to Area 51, of course," Janet answered.

"General Hammond would never do that!" Sam objected.

Janet smiled.  "George is a sweetheart, but he's not king of the world."

"That's true," Sam sighed.  "I suppose it's just as well the Pentagon and the I.O.C. don't know there's a 'magic fairy' on Earth.  Anyway, no one saw you come through the gate?"

Janet's smile became very precious.  "I think all eyes were on the returning Biglings.  Understandable, don't you think?  I know I can't keep my eyes off you when you're naked."

"Hilarious," Sam huffed.  "So..."  Her heart was pounding, again.  "Are you planning on staying?"

"If you'll have me," Janet responded.  "I won't take up much space.  What's for dinner?"

"Chinese," Sam answered.  "Janet..."

"What?" Janet demanded, hands on hips.  "Can it wait 'til after we eat?  I'm starving."

"No," Sam said, shaking her head.  "I have something to tell you, and I want to get it out before the Machine of Life transports me to Mars, or a dragon rips off the roof, or centaurs kick in the front door."  She held out her hands and Janet stepped onto her cupped palms.  "I love you, Janet," she whispered, and delicately kissed the tiny fey's forehead.

Janet flung her hands wide, and Sam leaned close, again.  Janet put her hands on Sam's cheeks, and kissed her giant lips.  "I love you, too, Zam," she said, with a saucy smile.

Sam favored her tiny guest with her best brat-smirk.  "I'm serious, you little scamp."

"I know," Janet answered, then, her smile faded.  "I know."

Sam's eyes were welling, and Janet's were, too.

"Enough," Janet sighed, launched herself into the air, and hovered in front of Sam's face.  "I really am starving.  Let's have some Kung Pao chicken."

"How do you know I bought Kung Pao chicken?" Sam demanded.

Janet flew towards the kitchen.  "You always buy Kung Pao chicken."

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 19

Sam came out of the bathroom, her hair damp from the shower and a towel wrapped around her otherwise naked body.  Dinner was more than an hour in the past.  Sam had to smile.  Feeding Janet was going to be cheaper than feeding a cat, significantly cheaper.  Not only did Sam and her new housemate have similar tastes, but a couple of bites of Bigling Sam's dinner was a bountiful feast to Janet the tiny fairy.

A thrill of anticipation rippled up Sam's spine as she padded towards the bed.  She "casually" scanned the bedroom for Janet, but the fey was nowhere to be seen.  They'd discussed lovemaking arrangements over dinner—without actually discussing lovemaking arrangements, of course.

Sam had steered the small talk to the physics of phase transition, asking Janet what she did when she shrunk a human and pulled them "into the fey realm."  Janet explained she couldn't really say what was involved, she just did it.  Sam postulated that on the Fey World the Machine of Life altered the phase-state of anyone who came through the stargate, so that being fairy-size was "normal."  Janet agreed, revealing that on the Fey World the fairies had no phase-shifting ability.  It was only on Earth that they could shrink humans and make them invisible to other Biglings.  And, of course, on Earth a fairy could make herself invisible, if she so chose.  Sam related how she'd been stepped on by an SF while in the phase-shifted state, but she hadn't been squashed.  The SF's unshifted boot had passed right through Sam's shifted body, causing a tingling in both sets of nerve endings.  She suggested this had important ramifications for M-theory, especially with respect to the way the weak nuclear force related to super-symmetry.  Janet politely suggested that if Sam didn't stop talking about theoretical physics she'd start throwing things at her.

Anyway, Sam knew they'd both really been thinking about lovemaking, about how Janet could zap her so they'd be the same size and they could make hot-monkey-love 'til dawn.

Sam had a clean pair of panties and a tank-top waiting on the neatly made bed, her usual sleeping costume this time of year.  "Hey, Jan!" she called out, but Janet was still making herself scarce.  "I'm getting ready for bed, okay?  Janet?"

Sam shrugged, unwrapped her towel, tossed it on the chair next to the door to the bathroom, and reached for the panties.  There was a flutter of wings and a violet flash—

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 19

Sam opened her eyes—and found herself on her bed—on her giant bed.  All the lights in the bedroom were off.  The only illumination was the blue-green glow from the nightlight plugged into an outlet in the bathroom.

Sam knew instantly what had happened.  Janet had zapped her, as expected, making her fairy-sized.  She was naked, also as expected—but she was also bound hand and foot!  The bondage was something she had not expected.

Sam twisted and struggled, fighting her bonds.  Her upper body was bound in a box-tie, with her arms comfortably folded behind her back.  Tight, multiple bands of thick cord pinned her upper arms against her sides and yoked her shoulders.  Also, her legs were folded and her ankles tied to their respective thighs, something she believed was called a "frog-tie".  And oh-by-the-way, her boobs were trapped in multiple, tight loops of cord that were causing them to bulge like a pair of pink balloons.

"Dammit, Janet!" Sam shouted.  "I thought you were over this stuff!"

There was a fluttering sound... and Janet flew from the darkness and gracefully settled to the bed.  She was as naked as her captive.  "I am half Darkling, you know," she purred.  "I used some thread from your sewing kit.  I hope you don't mind."

"I do mind!" Sam huffed.  "Untie me."

Janet knelt, spread Sam's frog-tied legs, and settled her weight against Sam's body.  With Sam on her back (and her bound, folded arms) and Janet on her stomach, their breasts were now pressed together and their faces just inches apart.  Janet ran her fingers through Sam's short, still slightly damp, blond locks.  "Your skin is so soft," Janet whispered, "and your hair smells so nice."

"Untie me," Sam repeated.

"That's the worst pathetic pout I've ever seen," Janet chuckled.

Sam was trying to suppress the smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, but obviously it wasn't working.  She decided to change tactics.  "I can't run my fingers through your hair if you keep me tied up like this."

"A small sacrifice," Janet purred.  She rubbed her breasts against her captive's, and Sam gasped and shivered in her bonds.  "Yes," Janet sighed, "the cord makes your sweater puppies nice and sensitive, doesn't it?"

"You little monster!" Sam accused, squirming and tugging on her bonds as Janet continued her nipple-to-nipple massage.

"Now, Sam," Janet giggled, "be nice, or I'll have to gag you."  She held up a monkey-fist ball-gag, tied from more of the same thread that was doing such an excellent job of keeping Sam so very helpless.

"But then we can't do this," Sam said, arched her body, lunged forward, and kissed her captor's smiling lips.

Janet's hands were still in Sam's hair, and now she took her prisoner's head in a gentle grip and returned the kiss.  Their lips sucked and tongues slid and probed.  It was a very long, very wet kiss.

Finally, they came up for air.  Sam and Janet gazed into each others eyes.

"Your heart's pounding like you just jogged a mile," Janet observed.

"So is yours," Sam replied.  "I love you, Janet Fraiser."

"I love you, too, Samantha Carter," the smiling fairy replied.

"You really are going to keep me tied up like this?"

"Well... yes," Janet nodded.  "I like being in charge.  This way we do the things I want, and when I want.  For example—"  She rubbed her breasts against Sam's, again.

"Monster!" Sam hissed as she shivered in her bonds.  "And I suppose you're going to tie me up like this every night?"

"Oh, not every night," Janet chuckled.  "I expect you'll still be following Jack through the stargate and doing off-world sleepovers now and then.  You know, the whole SG-1 save-the-galaxy thing?"

"But every night I'm home?" Sam asked, smiling at her captor.

"I'll mix things up," Janet responded.  "I know a lot of different positions and techniques."  She kissed Sam's neck.  "This is all that big-boobed Tok'ra's fault, you know."


"More like Freya," Janet answered.  "It was probably her decision to order all those Bondage Fairy comics.  If she'd ordered Tinkerbell comics, instead..."

"But then this would all be G-rated," Sam purred.  "Do I ever get to tie you up?"

"Don't be silly, silly," Janet chuckled.

Sam smiled and squirmed against Janet's body.  "Never say never, Jan."

"You'd have to catch me, first," Janet purred, and nuzzled Sam's neck.

"I am a trained warrior," Sam noted, "and—ahh!—M'mrpfh!"

Janet had one hand over Sam's mouth, and was using the other to stroke the captive's labia.

Sam struggled and shivered as the amorous fairy worked her magic.  "M'mmmf!"

"Hush, Sam," Janet whispered.  "I will gag you if you don't behave."  She took her hand away from Sam's lips.

"Monster!" Sam accused in a whisper.  "God, I love you."

"Quiet, Blue Eyes," Janet whispered.  "Now, I'm going to finger your pussy 'til you cum.  Then, I'm going to slide a little lower and tease your bound boobies with my finger nails and tongue, and then I'm going to slide even lower and suck and lick your pussy 'til you cum, again."  Her fingers continued teasing Sam's clitoris and nether lips, and the captive continued to squirm and fight her bonds.

"Dirty little fairy monster!" Sam hissed, shivering her body and tensing her thighs.

Janet stopped frigging her prisoner's pussy and frowned in disgust.  "I can tell it's going to take some training to make you behave."  She lifted herself off Sam's body, straddled her waist, and settled her weight back down.

"Oof!" Sam complained.  "How can you be so tiny and still weigh so much—M'mmpfh!"

"Make that a lot of training," Janet chuckled, "stern training."  She thrust the knotted ball of cord into Sam's mouth, then cinched the dangling cords behind the prisoner's head.  She then used the still abundant free ends to weave a veritable harness around Sam's head.  Cord was stretched and cinched across her forehead, over the crown of her head, and under her chin.  Sam held her head cooperatively still as the web tightened and the final knot was tied.

"There," Janet sighed, smiling down at her bound and now gagged lover.  "Where were we?"  She slid her fingernails across Sam's bulging, cord-bound breasts, and Sam squeezed her eyes closed, quivered in her bonds, and whined through her new gag.  "You're a very naughty girl to make me gag you like this," Janet purred, and continued teasing Sam's breasts.


Janet climbed off Sam's waist and resumed her former position.  "Naughty girl," she whispered, nuzzled Sam's neck, and resumed teasing her pussy with her right hand.

Sam knew she was going to cum, and probably very soon.  She continued struggling and mewling through her gag, and Janet continued kissing and licking her throat and teasing her pussy.  Obviously, it was going to be a long night.  The General had ordered her to get some rest, in preparation for a hard day of paperwork—"M'mmpfh!"—but obviously, that wasn't going to happen.

"Cum for me, my Queen," Janet whispered, smiling her dimpled smile.  "Cum for me, now!"

And Sam did cum, and she came many more times before dawn.

And during the night, after her gag was removed and her tongue finally allowed to probe Janet's pussy, Sam returned the favor.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 19


Chapter 18