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Escape From PelluciGor


Chapter 15


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It was a spectacular and somewhat rare event.  One sun was setting behind the neighboring mountains, while the other was passing behind the gas giant, illuminating the edge of the looming giant's atmosphere and flaring like a yellow diamond on a band of molten gold.

The dinner party was on the balcony of Saba's apartment suite, to take advantage of the view.  It was not the only such gathering in progress.  More than half the balconies on this side of the city were occupied by groups of revelers, as were the park lands on the mountain's lower levels.

The designated costume was loincloths-only.  Saba was wearing the bronze of a Pardesse engineer, and Honna and Kyna were in their usual white and jungle camouflage, respectively.  Sam and Janet were wearing new loincloths, gifts from Honna and Saba's friends in the Weaver's Guild, political allies in the Wise Council.  They had been made using what was left of Hailey's uniform as a pattern, and were perfect copies of the new USAF moss, olive, sand, and gray-green camouflage.  In token of her status as a healer, Janet's loincloth was piped in blood-red.

The meal was largely over, but Sam and Kyna were still reclined at the dining table, enjoying the last of a custard-like dessert.

"Are you looking forward to blue Jell-O?" Kyna asked.

Sam's lips curled in a rather shy smile.  "Yes," she answered, "but mostly I'm looking forward to seeing my friends again—my other friends," she added, quickly.

Kyna smiled.  "I understand."  She reached out with her right index finger, carefully removed a small, creamy glob from the corner of Sam's mouth, and popped it in the earthling's mouth.  "I'm going to miss those dimples, Straw-hair," she whispered.

Sam blushed.  "It's not like we'll never be back.  It may take months to finalize a draft treaty at our end, but we'll have to return for the final negotiations and signing."

Kyna leaned forward and kissed Sam's lips, then affected a sly smile.  "I've checked the brokers for available slave-wives," she announced.  "None of them have hair of gold and eyes like the sky..."  She caressed Sam's left breast.  "...nor do any have the mind of a great scholar."

Sam returned a teasing grin.  "But they're all fully trained slaves, and they can dance."

"Dancing has never done much for me," Kyna scoffed.

Just then, a squeal of girlish delight sounded from across the balcony.  It was Janet.  She was with Honna and Saba, where the railing of the balcony met an outcrop of natural rock.  That portion of the cliff face was sheltered by a neighbor's balcony, and the shallow cave underneath was home to a family of a nocturnal, predatory variety of the "dragon-birds" Sam and Janet had first seen in the crater.

The Pardesse called this particular species the "Umbravax".  About the size of terrestrial goshawks, the adults' plumage was a mottled mass of black, gray, and brown; their prehensile necks and tails were each about eighteen inches in length; and they had huge, cat-like, yellow eyes.  Several families roosted in various protected nooks and crannies around the city, and they were considered a sign of good luck by the Pardesse.

An adult had just returned with a rat-size lizard in its mouth, and its mate and three ash-gray, down-covered chicks were emerging from the back of the cave.

Janet was literally jumping with excitement.  "It's back with another one!" she called over her shoulder.

"We can see from here," Sam called back.

"The chicks are so cute," Janet said, grinning hugely, "like little baby dragons; like fluffy stuffed toys come to life!"

"Like fluffy stuffed toys," Sam muttered under her breath.  "At least I know what to get her next Christmas."  She noticed Kyna's raised eyebrow.  "A religious holiday," she explained.  "We exchange gifts."

Kyna nodded.  "I can see why you love her," she said, quietly.

Sam's eyes widened... then she regained control.  "She's a friend... a close friend."

Kyna took a sip of paga, then locked eyes with Sam.  "Life is too short, Straw-hair," she said, "even if Bashasti's Gift has given you both a few extra years."

Sam and Kyna turned their gaze to watch Janet.  The Umbravax mates had changed roles.  The former hunter was now guarding the "baby dragons", who were busy tearing apart the lizard and wolfing down its various parts.  The former guardian had soared into the gathering night, in search of their next meal.  Janet whispered something to Saba, who laughed.  The diminutive doctor hopped again, with enthusiasm.  The watchers at the table savored the bounce this imparted to her full, firm breasts, and the resulting oscillations as they came to rest.

"Things are... complicated," Sam muttered.

"I understand," Kyna responded—then laughed.  "Actually, I probably understand very little about life on your planet, but the politics of the heart are always complicated.  Even if the 'man-rules' of your world forbid a formal union, like a Slave-Bonding or a Declaration of Joined Holdings, you can still be friends... good friends, if you catch my meaning."

Sam blushed, and nodded.  "We'll see," she muttered.

Vanessa Marcil as Ildika, Saba's Slave-Wife.Just then, Saba's slave-wife, Ildika, arrived with a chilled pitcher.  "Paga, Mistresses?" she suggested.

"Of course," Kyna answered.  She held up her cup and Ildika filled it to the brim.  The slave then did the same for Sam.  Kyna smiled.  "I've been meaning to ask you what you did to deserve the belt," she purred.

Ildika was nude, but for the steel collar around her neck and a steel and leather chastity belt girding her loins.  "I did nothing," she answered, affecting the long-suffering pout of an innocent martyr.

"The use of a slave-belt during a social function is usually a sign of punishment," Kyna explained to Sam, "a not-so-subtle notice to guests that the wearer is not to receive pleasure.  Of course, the belt isn't always punishment.  It can just be a polite reminder that the slave in question is the property of a Prominent, like a ranked kajira of the PardaUbar's harem, for instance; but Saba is not known for putting on airs."  She took a sip of paga, studiously ignoring both Ildika's poorly suppressed scowl and Sam's dimpled smirk.  "This is punishment," she continued.  "Ildika has something of a reputation for bad manners and poor control of her tongue."

"I did nothing," Ildika repeated, in a huff.  The belt's wide, leather-lined waistband pinched her waist, and although the fit was somewhat looser through her crotch, its clever design cupped and covered her sex completely.  For additional security, a pair of steel bands encircled her thighs.  They were connected by light chains and prevented Ildika from spreading her legs more than the few inches required to walk about and serve her Mistress' guests.

"Hey-ya, Saba!" Kyna called to the group still watching the nest.

Sandy Bullock as Saba"What is it?" Saba answered, and walked towards the table.  Janet and Honna followed.

Kyna indicated Ildika's belt with a languid gesture.

"Why the steel caress?" Saba purred, and focused on her pouting slave-wife.  "Display!"

Ildika sighed (an impertinent act, given the circumstances), and carefully set the pitcher on the table.  She raised her hands, clasped her fingers behind her neck, and pulled her elbows back, thrusting out her breasts.

"I apologize for her slovenly demeanor," Saba said, still smiling, "but she gets that way when she pouts."

"I did nothing," Ildika muttered.

"She accused me of eating too many glock-berries," Saba explained, "and suggested I run a few extra stair circuits to compensate."  She raised her arms and turned in a slow, graceful pirouette.  "Do I look like I need to run extra stair circuits?"

Sam and Janet exchanged an amused glance and shook their heads.  Like all Pardesse, Saba's tan, toned body was athletic perfection personified.

"Glock-berries are only available for a short season," Saba added, for the benefit of her earthling guests, "and this year they're especially sweet."

"And fattening," Ildika whispered, through clenched teeth.  Saba gasped in mock outrage, and Ildika sighed, again.  "I'm sorry, Mistress," she said, this time with a modicum of sincerity.

Saba smiled and kissed Ildika's lips.  "There's no reason that belt has to stay on for the entire evening," she said, "if you start behaving yourself."

A mischievous twinkle in her doe eyes, Ildika was about to answer—when a melodious chime sounded from the main apartment.  "More guests, Mistress," the wayward slave noted, smiling sweetly.

"Go," Saba sighed—then slapped Ildika's buttocks.

"Ow!" Ildika complained, as she turned and scurried away.

"It's a mistake to indulge one's slave-wife," Kyna intoned, turning to Sam and Janet.  "Don't you agree, Straw-hair, Little Healer?"

Sam and Janet exchanged an amused grin. 

"Oh no you don't!" Sam answered, shaking her head.

"Even on Earth we know better than to meddle in a couple's relationship," Janet added, then went up on her toes and kissed Saba's lips.  "Especially in their presence."

All present laughed.  "So wise," Honna commented, and kissed Janet's forehead.

Suddenly, Sam gasped.  Janet followed her gaze, and gasped as well.

Jennifer Hailey had arrived!

Escape From PelluciGor
Chapter 15
Hailey was dressed in the boots, leather harness, loincloth, and bandeau of a Pardesse warrior; however, the linen elements of her uniform were in the same faux-USAF camouflage as Sam and Janet's loincloths.  Smiling brightly, the diminutive blonde strode towards Sam, Janet, and the others.  She came to attention and snapped a salute.  "Lieutenant Hailey reporting," she said, focusing on Sam.

Sam returned the salute.  "Welcome, Lieutenant.  You can make your report later."

"Make your report, indeed!" Janet sneered, and pulled Hailey into a tight hug.

"No respect for military protocol," Kyna noted, shaking her head and frowning at Janet.

"We tend to cut our medical types a little slack," Sam explained.

"Oh, shut up," Janet huffed, broke her embrace, and thrust Hailey towards Sam.

Formalities satisfied, Sam hugged Hailey just as tightly as had Janet, and the embrace was returned.  "We'll talk business later," Sam said.  "They're giving us our own apartment suite in the War Tower until we leave, as a sort of informal embassy."

Hailey gasped.  "We're leaving?"

Sam nodded.  "It will take several days of negotiation to work out the details of a treaty between PelluciGor and Earth, but then we're going home."

"Home," Hailey sighed.  Her expression was difficult to read.  There was excitement and relief, but there was something else, something that Sam and Janet suspected might be regret.  She turned her eyes towards the doorway.

Ildika was emerging onto the balcony, and in her wake was a second slave.  Like Ildika, the newcomer was naked, but for her collar and a steel chastity belt; however, in addition, she was bound with black rope and gagged with a pair of black silk scarves.  Ildika took a step to the side, giving the group a better view.  Honna, Kyna, and Saba gasped in surprise, and their smiles broadened.

The second slave was Charis!  She was bound in an elaborate box-tie with her arms folded behind her back and her upper arms pinned to her sides.  Several meters of rope had been used, and everything was linked together by hitches taken between her arms and torso, and by strands yoking her shoulders.  Also, horizontal and lateral bands had been woven together in running braids, adding to the decorative effect and further tightening the bondage.  She was wearing small nipple shields with multiple rings on swivel-mounts, and the ropes made use of the rings to squeeze the globes like a net brassiere.  The firm, smooth flesh of her arms and breasts bulged between the tight strands.

"Colonel Sam, Healer Janet," Saba said, "this is Charis, First Pleasure-slave of the PardaUbar's Court... and, apparently... Little Hay-Lee's boon-slave for the evening."

Smiling through her gag, Charis dropped to her knees, then bowed forward until her forehead touched the tiles.  Her long, glossy-brown hair spilled at Saba's feet, forming a perfect fan.  They could now see that her forearms, hands, and thumbs were included in the macramé-like complexity of her bondage.

Janet favored Hailey with a look that was at once amused and disapproving.  "You did this?" she demanded.

"No, no!" Hailey responded.  "The other slaves did it.  They said it was... necessary."

"The First Pleasure-Slave," Kyna said, shaking her head, "first-of-the-first of the Paramount Tower's grand-kennel, famous throughout Pan-PelluciGor as Zanta's favorite, being led through the public streets, tunnels, and stairs of the city by one of the straw-haired aliens, in festival-bonds.  The entire city will be abuzz."

"Which is exactly why Zanta ordered that it be done," Honna purred, then pulled Charis to her feet.

Saba stepped forward and began untying Charis' gag.  The cleaving portion was one very long ribbon, interwoven with a complexity complementing the rope bonds.  Unraveling the silk band would take some time.  "I am Saba," she said, smiling at Hailey.  "Be welcome in my holding."

"Thank you," Hailey answered, and bowed at the waist.  "Jennifer Hailey."

Sam made the rest of the introductions.

Hailey gave her mentor a sideways glance.  "Uh, did I mess up?" she whispered.  "...bringing Charis, I mean."

Sam laughed and shook her head.  "Not that I am aware, Lieutenant."  She turned to Honna.

"An open show of political support," Honna confirmed.  "She was careful to seem neutral during most of the Council debates.  Now, any remaining doubt concerning the Paramount Tower's sanction of the treaty is dispelled."

Janet whispered in Hailey's ear.  "You should lose the boots, harness, and top—to be polite."

"Huh?  Oh!"  Hailey started fumbling with the buckles of her harness.

"Ildika!" Saba called.  "Help my guest, then bring more food."

Ildika had been watching the arrival and greetings, and what she apparently considered the totally unnecessary fuss over Charis.  "Yes, Mistress," she sighed, with a poorly disguised scowl.  She helped Hailey remove her harness, boots, and bandeau, and carried them away.

The cleaving ribbon finally untied, Saba pulled the black silk wad from Charis' mouth and kissed her lips.  "Welcome to you as well, First Pleasure-Slave," she purred.

"Thank you, Mistress," Charis responded.

Honna filled a cup with paga and held it for Charis to drink.  "It would be a shame to remove such carefully and artistically applied ropes," she remarked.

"I agree," Saba said, with a huge grin.  "After Ildika brings food for our late arrivals..."  She focused on Kyna.  "...would you be so good as to bind her for me?"

"I hope you don't expect anything that elaborate," Kyna said, eyeing Charis' bonds.

"I was hoping for a nice squad-punishment tie," Saba explained, "something... interesting, to test her flexibility—but not to interfere with her ability to pleasure my guests, of course."

"Of course," Kyna agreed, then smiled at Honna.  "I believe I can come up with something appropriate."

Honna rolled her eyes.  "I believe she can write a twelve volume instruction manual on the subject that would become an instant classic."

All present laughed, except Hailey, who was still a little unsure of her surroundings.

Sam leaned close and whispered in her protégé's ear.  "Uh, I don't know what it was like in the Paramount Tower, but these dinner parties are... uh... informal."

Hailey blushed and gave Sam a shy smile.  "I know what you mean... I think," she whispered back.  "Things in the Tower are pretty much 'informal' all the time."

Janet had overheard.  She laughed and bumped Hailey's hip with her own.  "I'm sure you held up the honor of the team," she said, smiling sweetly.

Hailey's blush deepened.  "Major!" she complained.

Janet laughed, and kissed Hailey's cheek.

Hailey was still embarrassed, but she was also feeling the now all-too-familiar arousal of the Goddess's Gift.  Janet's musk filled the night air... as did Sam's... as did, to a lesser extent, the pheromonal secretions of all present.

Kyna cleared her throat and turned to Sam.  "The Tower has provided its finest slave," she noted.

"Please, War-Captain," Charis purred, smiling and batting her eyes.  "You flatter me."

"I'll gag you, if you interrupt me again," Kyna growled.

Charis dropped to her knees and lowered her head (but her smile didn't fade).

"As I was saying," Kyna continued, "the Tower has provided, and so has our hostess.  What does your party contribute to the evening's festivities, Colonel?"

Sam and Janet locked eyes, smiled, and turned to Hailey.

Hailey blinked in confusion.  "What...?"  The light dawned.  "Oh."  Still blushing, she smiled up at Sam.  "I suppose now is when you apply the time-honored military tradition of leadership by example?" she suggested.

Sam shook her head.  "No, Lieutenant.  Now is when I apply the time-honored military tradition of rank having its privileges."

Janet embraced Hailey, and kissed her forehead.  "Don't worry, Jennifer," she said.  "It'll be fun."

"Of course it'll be fun," Hailey groused, "but I just lost my collar, and now I have to be a slave—again."

Claris lifted her head and smiled at Saba.  "Permission, Mistress?" she asked, and Saba nodded.  Charis rose to her feet, took a step forward, and kissed Hailey's right nipple... then her lips... and then her left nipple.  "Never a slave, Little Flower.  Never a slave.  A night of fun, and nothing more."

"A night of orgy," Hailey sighed, "with me servicing everyone in sight."

"You'll have help," Charis reminded her.

Sam kissed Hailey's left cheek, and Janet kissed her right.  "You won't be servicing everyone," Sam said.  "That would be fraternization."

"We wouldn't want to violate regulations," Janet agreed, "would we?"

Sam was smiling at Charis.  "We'll have to find our fun elsewhere."  Her nostrils were flaring (and her need building).

Janet was eyeing Charis as well.  Her interest, like Sam's, was more than polite.  "Elsewhere," she agreed.

Just then, Ildika returned with a large tray laden with bowls of steaming food.  "Dinner is served for our late guest, Mistress..."  She favored Charis with a look of marginal concern.  "...and I suppose I'll have to feed the slave, since she's helpless... unless you want her to dine on the cold scraps?"

Saba stepped forward, put her arm around Hailey's shoulders, and led her towards the table.  "I'll care for our new guest, and I'm sure the others will see to the First Pleasure-Slave's needs.  Fetch two coils of rope... two large coils of rope... and bring them to the War-Captain."

"Two coils of rope."  Ildika rolled her eyes, spun on her heel and sauntered away.

Saba shook her head, then kissed Hailey's cheek.  "Be sure and try the glock-berries," she purred.

Escape From PelluciGor
Chapter 15

At precisely the agreed upon time, the stargate activated.  The control room monitor confirmed the receipt of Samantha Carter's SG-1 ID code.

"Open the iris," General Landry ordered.

"Yes, sir," CMSgt Harriman, responded, and palmed the iris' biometric control pad.  The titanium blades of the barrier opened with their characteristic metallic scrape, revealing the shimmering plane of the incoming wormhole's event horizon.

In the event of an SG team's capture and subsequent release or escape, normal protocol would be for them to return to the SGC via an off-world site under SGC control.  This made it more difficult for a potential enemy to use the return of prisoners as a ruse, as cover for an attack.  However, in this case, an exception had been made.  It wasn't really a lapse in security.  The scientists at Area 51 had made little progress developing a counter-measure for whatever the inhabitants of P69-758—the "Pardesse", as Colonel Carter had called them in her latest radio transmission—had done to defeat the iris, when the off-world team's captured SF's had been returned to Earth.

O'Neill, Landry, Harriman, others.General Jack O'Neill joined the others in the Control Room.  "Did I miss anything?" he asked Landry.

"Not yet," Landry said, dryly.

Carter's voice crackled over the Control Room speaker.  "We're coming through, now, General," she announced.

Landry thumbed the microphone.  "Come ahead, Colonel."

The event horizon rippled, and female figures appeared and started stepping down the ramp.

"Holy..." O'Neill swore under his breath.

"Indeed," Landry agreed.  "We'd better get down there."

O'Neill was already heading for the stairs, at a run.  Landry scrambled to follow.

Escape From PelluciGor
Chapter 15
Sam, Janet, Hailey, Laura Cadman, Galina Tolinev, and Vala had returned to Earth.

All but Vala were wearing camouflaged bandeaus and loincloths, as well as leather boots and harnesses.  The cloth (what there was of it) was in the new standard USAF camouflage, and all the leather was saddle-brown suede.  Bronze pistols of some sort were holstered on their hips.

Vala, on the other hand, was wearing nothing but steel.  Heavy shackles were locked around her ankles and manacles around her wrists.  A chastity belt, with thigh bands, was locked around her waist and through her crotch.  A collar was around her throat, and the narrow bands of a steel brank caged her head and covered her mouth.  Two steel cups covered her breasts.  Connecting chains lifted the hobbling chain of her shackles off the floor, and more chains connected her manacles, bra cups, and the back of her belt and collar.  They enforced a strict, behind-the-back, reverse-prayer bondage, and encircled her upper body several times, pinning her upper arms to her sides.  A chain leash ran from the ring on the front of the collar to Galina's hand.  Vala didn't appear to be in pain, but she was not happy.

"Stand down!" Landry ordered the surrounding security force.

The heavily-armed SF's lowered their weapons, but continued to stare at the returning party in slack-jawed amazement (and open, worshipful appreciation).

"Uh, Carter," O'Neill said, eyeing every square-inch of his former SG-1 subordinate's tan, toned form, "you're looking... fit."

"Thank you, General," Carter answered, flashing her dimpled smile.  She turned to Landry.  "We made it back, General," she said.

"So I see," Landry muttered.  His eyes were on Vala.  "You're all... out of uniform."

"The Pardesse provided these outfits," Sam explained.  "They're standard military apparel on PelluciGor, except for the camouflage pattern."  She indicated the narrow band of cloth valiantly straining to contain her breasts.  The detailed outline of her nipples was clearly visible under the stretched fabric.  "Our original uniforms were ruined."

"Well," O'Neill said, "it was nice of them to give you a little something to wear.  Did I mention you're all looking fit?"

"The Pardesse believe in regular exercise," Janet explained.

"Do they ever!" O'Neill whispered, under his breath.

Landry cleared his throat and nodded at Vala.

"Vala was a bad girl," Sam explained.

"What else is new?" Landry sighed.

Vala stared daggers at the disapproving General and mumbled something inarticulate through the steel plate pressed against her lips.

"The restraints are electronic," Janet added, smiling at the glaring captive.  "They said the locks will automatically release when the capacitors discharge."

"And when would that be?" Landry inquired.

Janet's smile broadened.  "That they didn't say."

"A new toy?" O'Neill asked, nodding at Sam's holster.

Pardesse stun-pistol"Ah!"  Sam's smile broadened.  She released the flap, drew the bronze pistol, and handed it to O'Neill, butt first.  "The only weapons technology the Pardesse agreed to share.  It's functionally equivalent to a zat—the stun feature, anyway—but with three times the range.  It also has a dispersion setting, for short range, that makes it like a stun-shotgun."

"Sweet!" O'Neill said, and handed the weapon back.

"They gave us a data crystal with the complete design specs and details of the manufacturing process, including the power cells."

"Sweet!" O'Neill said, again.

"You mentioned other crystals?" Landry said.

"Lots of other crystals," Janet answered, patting the pouches attached to her harness.  "They gave me a complete set of their introductory bio-medical texts, as well as all their basic healing and diagnostic tools, including the design specs."

"Also mathematics, physics, and other basic scientific texts," Sam added.

"The Area 51 geek squad will have tizzies," O'Neill muttered.

"At least a ten year leap in technology, right off the bat," Sam said, "and after it ripples out to academia... a century of progress, maybe two.

"Get changed and we'll start the debriefing," Landry ordered.

"Oh, I don't know, Hank," O'Neill said.  "We should probably debrief immediately.  They can change... later."

"Jack," Landry sighed.

Suddenly, there was a metallic ping, followed by a cacophany of tinkling, clattering sound.  Vala's bondage had disintegrated!  The various chains, bands, cups, and plates fell from her body and rattled to the floor.  Only her collar remained intact.

Nude and smiling, Vala stretched, full-length, and turned in a slow pirouette.  "Much better," she purred, then turned to Sam and Janet.  "I don't think I like those Pardesse Cat Women very much," she said.  "Terrible hosts... except for the non-stop sex.  Wait a minute..."  Her fingers went to her collar.  "Those bitches!"

"I'm sure it'll come off, too," Cadman said with a smile, "eventually."

"It probably has a larger capacitor," Galina added.

"Probably," Hailey agreed.  "If you get tired of waiting, you can ask MSgt Siler to grind it off."

"Oh, that's so very funny," Vala huffed.

The two Generals, the security guards, and the technicians in the Control Room continued to stare.

Sam cleared her throat and turned to her team.  "Showers, proper uniforms, and grab some food.  Conference Room One in..."  She turned to General Landry.  " hour, sir?"

Landry nodded, his mouth still hanging open.

The women headed for the door, leaving the stunned Generals and security force in the Gate Room.

"What did she say?" Landry gasped.  "Non-stop sex?"

O'Neill grinned.  "Sweet!"
Escape From PelluciGor
Chapter 15
and THE END of all of  Escape From PelluciGor, except...

Chapter 14