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Escape From PelluciGor


Chapter 1


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Sam rolled her shoulders to settle her equipment.  The SGC had finally managed to procure the vests and web-gear that went with the "digital tiger-stripe" camouflage of the new USAF utility uniforms.The new USAF utility uniform  She liked the cut of the new designs, uniforms and gear.  The fit was comfortable, and the placement of the pockets and pouches was a distinct improvement.  And so far, the new camouflage had proved effective in a variety of off-world settings.

Janet Fraiser rushed into the gate room, still adjusting her cap.  "Sorry," she muttered, and patted the M9 pistol holstered on her right hip.  "The armory couldn't find my signature card.  Apparently, they decided to re-file everything by department, and half the 'Medical' and 'Research' cards got scrambled in the process."

Sam smiled.  "No problem.  You aren't late.  Got your stuff transferred to the new gear, I see."

"Another time waster," Janet sighed.  "Remind me again why I'm going on this camping trip?"

Sam laughed.  "Because your brainstorm of forming a new SG team specializing in bio-medical research was approved, but General Landry won't put you in command 'til you have more off-world time in something other than the medical support role.  Remember?"

Janet had been joking, of course.  She knew full well why she'd volunteered.  "Just checking," she said, looking to the side.  She carefully suppressed her smile, then winked and nodded in the direction of the other members of the mission.

Sam turned her head and quickly suppressed her own smile.  Jennifer Hailey was doing her final inspection of the three SF's who would make up her security detail.  The Staff Sergeant she was currently giving the once over, Rasmussen, was a burly 6' 2", and looked like he could fit the 4' 9" Lieutenant in one of his pockets.

"It was nice of you to bring Jennifer along," Janet whispered, "before she leaves for Cal Tech."

Sam laughed.  "One last charity trip through the gate for poor, unfortunate Lieutenant Hailey, before she gets dragged out of the mountain, kicking and screaming, to start her Ph.D. program.  Am I that transparent?"

Janet's smile became rather wry.  "Are you kidding?  If you look up 'mentor' and 'protégé' in the dictionary you find your official photographs, under the appropriate entries of course."

"Jennifer Hailey's a fine officer," Sam responded, somewhat defensively.

"Of course she is."  Janet nodded at the SF's.  "You can phone in obedience, but you can't fake respect.  They know she's good.  It's obvious."

Sam felt a thrill of pride as she watched Hailey complete her inspection.  Gone was the brilliant, but angry and resentful, Cadet that Sam had met during a visit to the Air Force Academy.  In her place was a confident and professional (albeit still maturing) young leader.

"I'm gonna miss Hailey," Janet sighed.

"She'll be back," Sam responded, then broke into a mischievous grin.  "And look on the bright side: you're about to regain your title as 'Queen of the SGC Munchkins'."

Janet unleashed her patented "We are not amused" stare and raised herself to her full, 5' 2" height.  "Watch it," she growled, "or I'll bite you on the kneecap."

Sam laughed.  "If you can reach it," she responded, then dodged a good-natured punch.

"It's time, Colonel," CMSgt Harriman announced from the control room.

Sam waved up at the glass windows, then turned to Hailey.

"Ready, ma'am," the Lieutenant responded, then smiled at Janet.  "Doctor," she said in greeting.
Snookums Carter and her

"Lieutenant," Janet responded.  "Everybody," she added, and the SF's smiled and offered greetings of their own.

The gate alarm sounded and the inner ring began to turn.  Harriman made his customary announcement as each chevron locked, then the gate whooshed as the wormhole was established.

 Sam placed her thumb on the safety of her FN-P90 submachine gun and started up the ramp.  "Follow me, people," she ordered, and stepped through the event horizon.  The others were right behind her, and hard on their heels was a six-wheeled, remote-controlled, ATV tractor, burdened with Janet's carefully encased research equipment and the majority of their bivouac gear and food.
Escape From PelluciGor
Chapter 1

"Wow!" Janet exclaimed.  "This place is beautiful!  The briefing photos and video don't do it justice!"

Sam smiled.  "Welcome to P69-758."

Overhead, the sky was dominated by a huge orb banded with pastel clouds.   It was a gas giant, and in point of fact, P69-758 was one of its moons.  Making the heavens even more exotic, not one, but two suns were visible.  The pair of yellow stars were in close orbit, with the gas giant and its moons orbiting both.   It seemed unlikely that such an arrangement could be stable, but it was.  Sam had crunched the numbers on the system's orbital mechanics herself.

StargateThe stargate was in the middle of a flat, grassy clearing, about a hundred meters across, and was surrounded by a ring of twelve tall monoliths.  Sharing the clearing, forming an equilateral triangle with the stargate itself, were two circular, patio-like stone platforms.  Both were surrounded by waist-high walls, broken only by tall, semi-circular stone arches, one for each platform.  The distance between the stargate and each of the platforms was approximately twenty meters.

Beyond the clearing was tropical jungle, rising on all sides to forested, undulating hills.  Jagged mountain peaks were beyond.  SG-12, the first explorers from earth, had described P69-758 as "a slightly more tropical New Zealand", and "a slightly more temperate Hawaii".  In any case, the area surrounding the stargate was a visual paradise.  Disney "imagineers" couldn't have done a better job.

The stargate's rippling event horizon collapsed as the worm-hole connection to earth was severed.

Her eyes on the jungle tree line, Hailey gave a series of handsignals, and her SF's spread out, weapons at the ready, to begin a sweep of the perimeter.

Meanwhile, Janet walked to the ATV and snapped the hand-held remote from its housing.  "Should I get this thing started towards the camp site?" she asked.

Dial Home Device"Let's wait 'til Hailey gives the all clear," Sam responded, and strolled to the stargate's "Dial-Home-Device".  Even though earlier teams had used it during earlier missions, it was Sam's habit to inspect the DHD on a new world as soon as possible upon arrival.  A damaged DHD could mean a useless stargate and a stranded team.  "You can never be too..."  She was staring at the base of the DHD's pedestal.  "...careful."

Janet noticed Sam's expression.  "What is it?"

Sam's gaze had shifted to a nearby boulder, five meters from the DHD.  "I'm not sure.  There's a connection between the DHD and this rock."

Janet returned the ATV's remote to its housing and joined Sam at the DHD.  "Connection?"

Sam scuffed her boot across the grass.  "It's like the rock and the pedestal are one piece."

"You're right," Janet agreed  There was flat, unbroken ribbon of rock, just at ground level, traveling between the DHD and the boulder, and there was no sign of a joint or crack at either end.

Sam stepped to the boulder.  It was waist height, with a flat top.  "It looks like it's made of gate-stuff," she said.

"How'd SG-12 miss this?" Janet asked.

"It would have been easy," Sam answered.  "I think we're here in the local dry season.  From the briefing photos, when they were here the grass was greener and thicker.  Hmm...  What's this?"  She had noticed a horizontal, hairline crack, running the circumference of the boulder, and below it, a protruding bump.  She pressed the bump with her thumb— "Hello!" —and jumped back.

The top of the boulder had folded back, like an opening laptop computer, revealing a series of buttons.  They were similar in style to the button-panels on the sloping face of the DHD, but they were smaller, and rather than being marked with star-glyphs, they were embossed with unknown symbols.

In addition, the underside of the lid was covered with dozens of characters glowing against an inky black background.  It was more of the unknown writing; but in a prominent window, Sam recognized the seven glyphs of the gate address of earth.

"The writing looks a little like 'Ancient'," Janet said.  "Don't you think?"

Sam nodded.  "Where's Daniel when you need him," she muttered under her breath, referring to Daniel Jackson, SG-1's resident archeologist and expert in the Ancient language of the gatebuilders.  Sam pulled a digital camera from her vest and took several pictures.  "I've never seen anything like this," she told Janet.  "We better dial earth and have them send a team of—"

Zat'ni'katelSuddenly, a sharp, sizzling sound echoed across the clearing.  It was similar to the discharge of a zat'ni'katel, the Goa'uld hand weapon referred to as a "zat".  Sam and Janet looked up just in time to watch SSgt Rassmussen collapse to the ground, perhaps thirty meters distant.  More of the sizzling reports followed, this time accompanied by bursts of earthly gunfire.  Sam had already raised her P90 and thumbed off the safety and Janet had drawn her pistol—but they had no targets.

"This is bad," Sam said.  "Dial the gate," she ordered, and Janet rolled to the base of the DHD.

"Colonel," Hailey's voice crackled from the radio.  "It's an ambush.  Enemy unknown.  I have two down and—"

The radio had shrieked in mid-sentence, then gone silent.  Suddenly, all was quiet.

Sam thumbed her radio.  "Hailey, report."  No response.  "Any SF, report."  Still nothing.

Janet caught Sam's eye, and Sam nodded towards the DHD controls.  Janet rose to a crouch, and touched the first glyph of the gate address for earth.

Suddenly, more of the sizzling snaps sounded, and this time they could see beams of blue light lancing through the air.  The fire was coming from the tree line, from their left and right and from the area behind the gate.  Several beams came uncomfortably close to the DHD, and Janet dropped back to the ground.

"Cross and enfilade fire," Sam said, then fired a blind burst towards their unknown attackers.  She was answered by more blue beams.  "I think those things are like zats, only more focused.  We can't stay here."

Janet raised her right arm and tried to reach the second glyph.  Three beams sizzled from the jungle and crossed directly over her hand, missing it by centimeters.  "Yow!" Janet squealed, and dropped prone.  She grimaced and shook her hand.  "Those things are like a zat, all right," she gasped, through clenched teeth.

"Can you move?" Sam asked.

"My arm's a little numb," Janet answered, "but my legs still work."

Sam pointed towards the stone platform to their left.  "That wall is better cover.  I'll cover you.  Stay low."

Sam fired intermittent short bursts as Janet crawled towards the archway of the platform.  The doctor took cover behind a low boulder, then nodded.  Sam crawled to join her as Janet fired several rounds from her pistol.

The distance to the arch was now only about six meters, and the platform's surrounding wall was already providing more cover than they'd had before.

"We go together," Sam said, "quick as we can."  Janet nodded, and they made a crouching dash for the arch, side by side.

At least a dozen blue beams lanced from the jungle.  All missed Sam and Janet, but several hit the arch itself.  The stones of the arch crackled with a blue aura, and just as the pair crossed the threshold there was a blinding white flash—
Escape From PelluciGor
Chapter 1
—and Sam and Janet were someplace else, falling through the air!  They had a quick impression of swampy terrain—and then they landed in something soft and semi-liquid.

They floundered briefly, then managed to plant their feet and stand.  They were immersed in brown mud.  Sam was up to her breasts, and the diminutive doctor was nearly up to her neck.  They coughed and spit and did their best to wipe the clinging brown sludge from their faces and eyes.  Both had swallowed more than a taste of the foul-smelling muck.

"Where the hell are we?" Janet gasped.

"I don't know," Sam answered, "other than half-buried in some swamp."

"Oh, thank you," Janet muttered, with good-natured sarcasm.  "I'd missed that part."

They were indeed in a swamp.  Standing water, floating plants, and huge gray tree trunks with buttressing roots stretched as far as they could see, which was not very far.  Overhead, the canopy was a dappled ceiling of fern-like fronds and twisted, intertwined branches.  Very large, iridescent blue flies buzzed around their dripping heads.

Suddenly, a dragonfly darted overhead, seized one of the flies in its jaws and forelegs, and buzzed away.  Sam and Janet stared at each other in disbelief.  The dragonfly had been huge, with a wingspan of at least a meter!

"I don't think we're in Kansas, anymore," Janet whispered.

"I just hope we're still on P69-758," Sam whispered back.

They heard a popping sound behind them, turned, and beheld a stone platform identical to the one back at the stargate clearing; only this platform was raised above the level of the swamp by several meters.  Also, its arch was a smoking ruin.  The tang of ozone hung in the air, and as they watched, more of the arch collapsed in a clatter of falling stone.

"The arches are a transport system of some sort," Sam surmised.  "We went in the arch at the clearing—"

"—and out the arch, here," Janet agreed, "but where is here?"

Sam combed her hands through her mud-drenched hair, her eyes on the broken arch.  "And how do we get back to the stargate—to help Hailey and the others?"

"Assuming they're still alive," Janet whispered.
Escape From PelluciGor
Chapter 1

A puff of white smoke rose from the platform ring through which Sam and Janet had disappeared.  It drifted in the breeze for several seconds, then dissipated and was gone.

A female figure emerged from the jungle,
moving in a crouch with the dangerous grace of a trained warrior.  She was wearing a loincloth and bandeau of coarse, mottled cloth, dyed in a blend of earth tones.  Over these minimal coverings was a body-harness of brown leather straps anchoring several large and small pockets and pouches.   Moccasin boots of the same finish and color were laced on her feet.  Her lithe, athletic form was painted with stripes, blotches, and spots in several earth tone colors.  Her high-cheeked, beautiful face was also painted, although the colors had been applied with greater care and symmetry.  The result was animalistic and decorative, as well as being excellent jungle camouflage.  Her dark brown hair was oiled, combed back, and plaited in a ponytail braid.

Zat-rifleA long-bladed knife was strapped to her right thigh, and she was carrying what was unmistakably a weapon.  It was a dull bronze in color, and roughly the size and shape of an earthly assault rifle, only more streamlined.  An observer from the SGC might have described it as the result of a mating between a zat and an M16.

The female scout made a quick circuit of the area around the stargate
then stood erect, raised her left hand, and made a sweeping hand signal.

More female warriors, similarly dressed, equipped, armed, and painted, emerged from the jungle.  All had black or brown hair.  Soon, more than a dozen were milling around the clearing.  Some were inspecting the ATV, several were taking up guard positions around the stargate, some were examining the
platform arch, and the remainder were clustered around the DHD.

"The controls are damaged, War-Captain," a warrior shouted from the arch to the DHD.  "Half of the crystal array is fused."

A warrior at the DHD shouted back. 
"Extract the buffer crystals.  Perhaps the Wise-Council's artisans can recover the platform address to which the intruders fled."  She turned and looked at the display on the underside of the still open "boulder" near the DHD.  "I don't recognize that star-address," she remarked.

"Nor do I, Kyna," one of the other warriors answered, then touched the War-Captain's shoulder and pointed.  More of their companions had emerged from the jungle, carrying their defeated enemies.  The unconscious bodies of Hailey and two SF's were dangling from poles, their ankles bound to their wrists.  Two more warriors bound Rasmussen, then began dragging his limp body forward.

Soon, the four alien intruders
two large, one very large, and one smallwere on the ground at Kyna's feet.  One of the warriors unslung an HK-MP5 submachine gun from her shoulder and tossed it to the War-Captain.

Kyna caught the weapon and turned it in her hands.  "Strange," she mused.  "They're advanced in their skill with metals, yet they produce projectile weapons powered by..."  She sniffed the barrel of the weapon.  "...explosive admixtures."  She tossed the alien object to one of her companions, then gazed down at the prisoners, frowning with obvious disdain.  "Men," she sneered, "who think they can tread the soil of PelluciGor as they please."  Her eyes shifted to the limp, helpless form of Jennifer Hailey.  "And a boy."

"The boy seemed to be leading the others," one of the warriors said.

"It's true, War-Captain," another confirmed.  "We could see it from our positions.  He gave war-code signals, and they responded."

"Curious... to give battle command to one so young," Kyna remarked.  "He must be of high status."  Her frown deepened.  "Wait, can it be?"  She knelt over Hailey, drew her knife, and slashed Hailey's bonds.  She then rolled her onto her back, cut open her vest and the layers of clothing underneath, and jerked them apart, exposing her breasts.

The assembled warriors gasped.  "A woman?" one exclaimed.

Kyna fumbled with the catch of Hailey's web belt until it opened.  She then sliced through her belt, trousers, and panties, and jerked them down around her thighs.  "Yes, a woman," she confirmed.  "Small as a girl, but a woman, nonetheless.  A woman who leads men in war."

The warriors shook their heads in disbelief.

"Such pale skin," Kyna muttered, "and I've never seen such hair before
like dried grass."

"What are your orders, War-Captain?"

Kyna stood, and returned her knife to its sheath.  "The equipment, weapons, and all the rest go to the Wise Council, for examination."  She pointed at Hailey.  "Pris, Frey," she said, addressing two of the waiting warriors, "that one goes to the PardaUbar.  She is to be treated as a slave-of-war, at least until after her interrogation."  She turned to address the others.  "You know what to do with the men," she growled, then spun on her heels and returned to examining the DHD.

Several warriors lifted the poles and carried the bound and unconscious SF's towards the stargate.
Escape From PelluciGor
Chapter 1
Pris and Frey knelt and began divesting Hailey of her equipment, boots, and gaping clothing.  Even her watch and dog tags were removed.  When she was completely nude, they rolled her onto her stomach and produced coils of stout rope.  Her arms were folded across the small of her back and bound, forearm to forearm; then her wrists were lashed to their opposite elbows.  More rope was used to pin her arms to her sides, and hitches were added to yoke her shoulders and cinch the ropes between her arms and torso.  Then, they rolled her onto her back, stretched the remaining free ends of rope from either side, and tied the final, key knot between her breasts.   Finally, they tied her ankles together, looping bands of rope around the soles of her feet and binding her big toes as well.

Pris lifted the captive onto her left shoulder, carrying her stomach down, legs to the front, and head to the rear.  "She's so tiny," the warrior sighed, patting Hailey's bare bottom with her right hand.

"The PardaUbar likes exotic pets," Frey remarked.  "She'll probably make this one a pleasure-slave."

"Let's get her back to camp," said Pris.  "I'm hungry."

Frey was stuffing Hailey's clothing and equipment into a large sack.  "Always thinking with your stomach," she laughed.

Pris smiled.  "Among other things," she purred, resting her left cheek against Hailey's buttock.  She slid her hand between Hailey's butt cheeks and began slowly caressing the unconscious prisoner's sex.
Escape From PelluciGor
Chapter 1

Chapter 2