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Chapter 11

Dramatis Personæ


Candy had to admit that sharing a shower with Libby Chao had been a lot of fun, even with her wrists and elbows plasti-cuffed behind her back.  Libby had been very thorough with her well-soaped washcloth, paying special attention to Candy's armpits, and all the while complaining that the bondage made it difficult to give them the attention they required and deserved.  This was hilarious and absurd, of course, as Libby was the one who had bound Candy's arms behind her back in the first place.

Also, it did nothing to explain why Candy's crotch required special attention.  Her legs weren't bound in any way.  However, Candy's upper thighs, pussy, and buttocks received extra-special attention, nonetheless.  Especially her pussy.  Libby had been very thorough scrubbing Candy's pussy.

The rest of Candy's body experienced a brisk, sudsy cleansing.  Her face, shoulders, arms, torso and tummy, legs, breasts—repeatedly her breasts and nipples—were vigorously scrubbed.  Her breasts didn't receive the soapy rubdown enjoyed by her crotch, but the pert pair did garner more attention than the other non-crotch parts of her body.  Candy's nipples were now clean... and tingly.

Yes, Candy had to admit, anxiety about her uncertain future as Mistress Eleanor's "house guest" aside, the shower had been fun.  The experience was dampened (pun intended) only by Candy's nagging worry that Eleanor might be doing something horrible (meaning erotic) to Jodi without Candy being there to help, by which she meant to help Jodi, of course, to help her big sister escape, not to help Mistress Eleanor do whatever it was she might be doing.

Shower over, their skin and hair toweled dry—more or less, at least with respect to their hair—Libby led Candy into the bedroom and back to the bed.  Candy offered no resistance as Libby eased her down onto the mattress, nor did she voice any objections.  She watched as Libby went to the chest of drawers, opened the bottom drawer, and returned to the bed with a long leather... thing?  Whatever it was, it was stiff and padded and had five transverse straps and buckles, transverse to the direction of the stiffness, that is.  Libby sat of the bed and began fitting the thing around Candy's right leg, and the captive realized it was a leather leg splint.  It covered her leg from her ankle to her upper thigh, and very nearly to her crotch.  Libby tightened the five straps, starting at the ankle, and the result for poor, pathetic Candy was a straight, rigidly encased, and totally immobilized leg.

Belatedly, it occurred to Candy that she could resist.  It was too late for her right leg, but Libby had returned to the bed with another leather splint.  "No!" Candy huffed, and kicked in Libby's direction with her left leg.

"Have you ever played with a violet wand, Candy?" Libby purred.

Candy froze in response.  "Huh?"

"I can tell you know what that is," Libby chuckled.  "You should see the array of electrical toys Mistress Eleanor has in her collection."  She sat on the bed, again.  "Or perhaps you'd rather not see that part of the collection today?  Straighten your leg, Candy."

Candy sighed and followed her beautiful, naked handler's order.  "You're a real meanie," she muttered as Libby fit the second splint around her left leg and buckled its five straps.  Now both of her legs were immobilized.  "They're like leg-corsets," she observed.

Libby smiled.  "Or posture-collars for giraffes."  She stood and returned to the chest of drawers.

"They have stays," Candy added.

Libby nodded in agreement.  She was returning to the bed with a tangle of black nylon straps with jingling steel clips.  Libby dropped the mass on the foot of the bed, pulled free a single strap, and clipped its terminal steel clip to the D-ring attached to the leather strap closest to the ankle on the right leg-splint.

Candy watched Libby loop the strap around the right lower bedpost, pulled out the slack, and engage a friction clamp.  She then clipped a second strap to the left leg-splint, pulled her immobilized legs apart, and secured her left leg to the lower left bedpost.  Candy realized she was half-spreadeagled, if there is such a thing, and Libby had two straps left.  She watched her naked, beautiful handler return to the chest of drawers, once again, and it occurred to Candy that maybe...

Uh oh!
  Candy's premonition was correct.  Libby was returning with two more splints.

Libby dropped the splints on the upper bed, one on the left and one on the right, than sat at Candy's side.  "You aren't going to make me become the 'real meanie' you accused me of being earlier, are you?" she inquired.

"No," Candy huffed, "I've given it careful thought and I've decided I don't want to be tortured with electricity."

"Good girl," Libby chuckled, then lifted Candy's upper body until she was sitting upright on the bed, then released and removed her plastic elbow and wrist restraints

Candy sighed and gazed at her bare feet and rigidly-locked, leather-encased legs.  She'd always thought those plastic-cuff thingies had to be cut to be removed, but apparently Mistress Eleanor's cuffs were reusable.  Only the best toys for super-hot, super-rich, evil witch-lady widows, she fumed silently.

Libby eased Candy back down and she watched as an arm-splint was wrapped around her left arm and buckled tight.  Like the leg-splints, it had five straps.  Her right arm was next, then Libby used the two remaining nylon straps and the upper bedposts to turn her half spread-eagle into a full spread-eagle.  She pulled the slack from all four straps, and now Candy was in a taut full spread-eagle.

Libby opened the drawer of the bedside table and produced a roll of black tape and a pair of bandage scissors.

Candy bit her lower lip and watched Libby pull a seven-inch strip from the roll and snip it free.  "Do you have to gag me?" she sighed.

Libby smiled as she stretched the strip between her hands.  "Of course not," she chuckled.

Candy pursed her lips, allowing Libby to stretch the tape across her mouth, press it home, and smooth it with her strong fingers.

Her eyes locked with Candy's, Libby continued to smile.  "I'm gagging you because I want to gag you, Candy," she purred.  She sat back and let her gaze travel over Candy's helpless body, reached out and rested her hand on Candy's left breast, then returned her eyes to the diminutive captive's gagged face.  "Remember the evening at Leatherocity when you and your sister bought your harness-gag?  I watched as you took turns trying on everything in my inventory, giggling like a couple of schoolgirls."  She gently squeezed Candy's breast.  "All the time, I wanted nothing more than to bind you both, then take my time trying all the gags on you, Candy, one at a time, giving you lots and lots of time to evaluate each and every one."

Candy blinked in surprise.  Really?  Me?  Not Jodi?

Libby released Candy's breasts, stood, and gazed at her prisoner for several long seconds.  "I have to get dressed," she said, finally, then turned and sauntered towards the bedroom door.

Spreadeagled on the bed, Candy watched Libby's smooth, tan, supremely sexy form as she made her exit.  She closed the door behind her, and Libby was gone.

Candy sighed and let her head drop to the pillow her gorgeous captor had so thoughtfully arranged for her comfort.  Really? she mused.  Me?

 Chapter 11

In terms of being spreadeagled on a bed, this wasn't Candy's first rodeo.  Jodi had done it to her on several occasions, and she'd done it to Jodi, as well.  They'd used rope, of course, coffee-stained cotton clothesline, and had learned early on to take lots of turns around the wrists and ankles and to use non-compacting knots so the bindings wouldn't tighten and do damage as the Damsel in Distress struggled in the Cruel Bonds of her Evil Kidnapper.

This was Candy's first experience with arm and leg splints, and she was finding them to be both similar and different.  With rope, almost any amount of slack made it was possible to twist and tug and squirm on the bed, the more slack the merrier, but the splints drastically reduced her ability to writhe and roll around.  With her elbow and knee joints locked in place, she was really, really helpless.  It was terrifying (and arousing).

Candy craned her neck and examined the strap securing the left arm splint to the bedpost.  Her fingers couldn't possibly reach the clip that secured the nylon strap to the splint.  No way.  Wasn't gonna happen.  Also, the clip itself looked complicated, like it required the use of two hands to make it let go.  Adding insult to injury and gilding the lily, the friction-clamp securing the nylon strap to the post was not only even further out of reach for her fluttering fingers, but it had a visible keyhole.  The damn thing locked!

Candy sighed through her gag.  It was all so colossally unfair—and unbelievably cool—except for the what's-happening-to-Jodi? part.  That wasn't cool.

Just then, the bedroom door opened and Candy froze in her bonds, not that she wasn't already more or less frozen.  Also, her eyes popped wide!

Mistress Eleanor had arrived!

The evil witch-lady was still in her Dominatrix outfit of thigh boots, smoky black pantyhose, thong-like bikini-bottom, strapless bustier-corset, and opera gloves, all in black leather—except the pantyhose, of course.  Her dark hair was up in a very tight bun and a wicked smile curled her full lips.  No doubt about it, she was menacing... and very beautiful.

Candy's heart was pounding and she panted through flaring nostrils as Eleanor approached the bed.  Also, her tummy was quivering and her breasts heaved... sort of.  They were pretty small to heave, but were doing their best.

Eleanor sat on the bed, reached out, and rested her right hand on Candy's stomach.  "Such a pretty little thing," she purred, and began moving her hand, slowly, gently caressing Candy's smooth, pale, flat abdomen.  "I'm sure you have many questions."  She started to say more, then frowned.  "Hold that thought," she sighed, then began unlacing her right boot.

Candy lifted her head and watched the witch-lady continue with the unlacing.  It took a while.  It was a thigh boot.  Eleanor was finally able to pull off the boot, heaved a contented sigh, then started on the left boot.  This also took time... but finally, Eleanor pulled it off, heaved yet another sigh, and smiled at Candy.

"I really do need to get those things stretched out or replaced," Eleanor purred.  She lifted her right foot onto the bed and began massaging her nylon-clad toes, foot, and leg with her gloved hands.  "Oh that feels good," she sighed, then winked at Candy.  "If only I had a maid to do this sort of thing for me."  She changed feet and gave her left foot a quick massage, then directed her smile at the captive on the bed, once again.

She has great legs, Candy thought.  Ya gotta give her that.

"Now," Eleanor said, "where were we?"  She placed her hand back on Candy's tummy.  "That's right.  Questions."

Candy gazed up at her beautiful captor.

Eleanor gazed down at her (she hoped) soon-to-be-maid.

"But first," Eleanor continued, "you should know that I've offered your sister the job of lady's companion, my lady's companion, and she's accepted."

Candy's eyes popped wide, again.  Huh?

"It's a live-in position," Eleanor explained.  "Jodi will help me with my shopping, food preparation—although I don't expect her to cook all our meals—and other household chores."  She slid her hand up Candy's body and gave her left breast a gentle squeeze.  "I have a housecleaning service that comes in once a month, so any sweeping, mopping, and dusting will be on an emergency basis."

Candy frowned in confusion.  Emergency dusting?

Eleanor glanced around the room before continuing.  "I'll give her her choice of the guest bedrooms, but you can have this one if you like."

Candy's eyes were wide, again.  Me?

"You don't think Jodi would leave you behind, do you?" Eleanor chuckled.  "You'll be my live-in maid."  She leaned close and gently peeled the tape from Candy's lips.

Candy licked her lips and swallowed before speaking.  "Fat chance," she muttered.

Eleanor's smile broadened and she gently squeezed Candy's breast, again.  "You refuse?"

"I'd make a lousy maid," Candy huffed.  "I hate cleaning."

"I told you, Tiny Damsel," Eleanor chuckled, "I have a service for the serious housecleaning."

"I don't wanna be a maid," Candy pouted.

"My brave Tiny Damsel," Eleanor purred.  "Your heart is going pitter-pat, you're worried about your big sister, and still you find the courage to be defiant."

"I'm not being defiant," Candy muttered.  "I'm trying to tell you I'd be a lousy maid."

Eleanor returned her hand to Candy's tummy.  "Are you familiar with the Sweet Gwendoline illustrated stories of John Coutts, aka John Willie?"

"Sweet Gwendoline?  Of course."

"Then you remember the characters of Zaza and Fifi?"

Candy frowned.  "Uh...  Oh, the maids, right?"

"Yes, the maids," Eleanor nodded.  "Zaza was in the service of the Mysterious Countess.  Fifi, on the other hand, served Auntie, and by extension, U-89."  Her hand began a gentle massage, gliding from between Candy's breasts, down her stomach to the top margin of her pubic bush, and back.  "As you might also recall, neither maid seemed to spend a great deal of time doing housework, neither the diabolical Zaza nor the faithful Fifi."

Candy was still frowning.  It was true.  Zaza was a villainess, and was instrumental in making bad (fun) things happen to Gwendoline—the innocent, hot, and chronically under-dressed heroine of the tales.  On the other hand, Fifi was one of the good guys, and she...  Okay, she also did bad (fun) things to Gwendoline, but for Fifi it was a matter of discipline and following orders, not dastardly shenanigans, like with Zaza.  "Yeah," Candy admitted.  Then, her frown faded.  "Wait a minute," she muttered.

Eleanor smiled.  "Yes?"

"Are you hiring me to be your Zaza?" Candy asked, "with you as the Mysterious Countess and Jodi as... Gwendoline?"

"Sometimes," Eleanor purred.  "But most of the time, I would be Auntie and you would be my Fifi."

"I think I'd like that better," Candy sighed.  "Oh!"  She shivered in her bonds.  Eleanor's gloved hand was caressing her pussy... gently... very gently.

"As a matter of fact," Eleanor chuckled.  "I think for now we'll let you be Fifi full time.  Zaza and the Countess can come out and play at some point in the future."

"Y-yeah," Candy agreed, "I mean no, I mean...  Would you please stop doing that!  I'm trying to think."

"My Tiny Damsel," Eleanor chuckled.  She removed her hand from Candy's pussy, opened the bedside table drawer, and pulled out the black tape and scissors.  "You do need to think, 'Fifi,' so I'll give you some time before we finalize your employment."

Candy watched as Eleanor pulled a strip of tape from the roll and snipped it free, just as Libby had done.  Libby!  "Wait!" Candy blurted.

"Yes?"  Eleanor paused, the tape poised and ready to be pressed against her new maid's lips.

"Does that make Libby your U-89?" Candy inquired.  The very thought of Libby Chao in one of the slinky leather catsuits from her back room inventory and playing the part of a sexy secret agent sent a shiver through Candy's already primed pussy and up her spine.

"We'll see," Eleanor chuckled, then pressed the tape home, smoothing it with her gloved fingers so the adhesive had a good grip on Candy's lower face.  "Now, you relax and do your thinking, and I have just the thing to help you relax."

Candy watched Mistress Eleanor stroll to the chest of drawers.  I wonder what else is in that thing?  If I do move in here, will there be any room for my clothes? There was no way to find out while spreadeagled on the bed, of course.  Anyway, Eleanor was returning to the bed with—  "Nrrf?" —what was unmistakably a butterfly vibrator!  It was made of pink rubber, was vaguely shaped like an actual butterfly, and had long nylon cords dangling from its "wingtips," ready to lash the pink monstrosity against a helpless damsel's pussy.  And speaking of helpless damsels.  Candy tugged on her immobilized limbs.  Yep.  Helpless.  Also naked.  Also gagged.

Eleanor sat on the bed, placed the butterfly against Candy's pussy, wrapped the cords around her thighs and waist, and tied tight bows.  Candy's wiggling efforts to evade the intimate embrace of the butterfly were no impediment to the smiling Mistress Eleanor.  Next, she plugged a cable attached to some sort of electronic box into the base of the butterfly.  The box was something like an obese smart phone, in that it had a touchscreen but was about half the size of a brick.

"This is the rechargeable battery pack and programmer," Eleanor explained as she tapped the screen.  "Now..."  She placed the box on the bed between Candy's splayed legs, then smiled at her new maid.  "Your pink rubber friend will start buzzing in a few minutes.  I've set it for low-level stimulation, with random modulation of the intensity and interval timing."  She stood, leaned close, and planted a kiss on Candy's forehead.  "I'm afraid it won't be enough to make you cum, but I know you'll find it quite pleasant."

Candy pulled on her bonds.  Pleasant?  How 'bout frustrating??

Eleanor sauntered to the bedroom door, carrying her boots with her.  She crossed the threshold, smiled at her new maid, closed the door, and was gone.

Candy heaved a gagged sigh.  What a day!  Bondage, flogging—of Libby, not of Jodi or herself, thank god—more bondage, a shower with Libby, then a job offer, which she'd accepted... kinda.  And now... she was about to be vibrated to the point of distraction, but if her new boss was telling the truth, not enough of a distraction.  What a day!

 Chapter 11

Jodi was in a frazzle.

Naked, ball-gagged, laced and strapped in Eleanor's new designer armbinder, strapped inside the "damsel box" with only her head sticking out, the Friendly Banana vibrating against her pussy, and walled-up in a tiny cubbyhole in the back of Eleanor's bedroom closet—Jodi was in a frazzle.

Somehow, the vibrator knew when the scariest scenes of the Mystery of the Wax Museum were happening.  That is, when the action peaked and/or something spooky and/or horrific was happening on the tiny screen in front of her immobilized and gagged face, the banana would shift into high gear.  At the climax, with Fay Wray's character strapped to a gurney and about to be showered in hot wax, the vibrator had gone bonkers, and so had Jodi... almost.  She'd experienced more than one orgasm during the movie, but at the end...  Oh momma!  Anyway, Jodi had climaxed at the climax, and it was a good one.

The end credits rolled, Jodi panted and sweated, and then... she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Jodi awoke to the spinning, tumbling, multiply-colored random shapes of the tiny screen's screensaver, as well as the sound of heavy bolts disengaging.  The front wall of her tiny prison rumbled to the side, taking the now dark screen with it, and she beheld Mistress Eleanor's thighs, hips, pussy, and lower tummy.  Mistress' strong hands pulled her from the cubbyhole, box and all, and she could now see all of her beautiful, nude employer.

Jodi watched as Eleanor unlocked and opened the box, then released the buckles securing her now sweaty, funky body against the padded interior.  The final step was releasing the strap of the ball-gag, but Eleanor buckled the strap on its last hole and left it dangling around her neck.  Then, Eleanor helped her out of the box.

Jodi's joints were complaining like crazy about being crammed inside that tiny box for all that time, so she did too.  "Ow. Ow. Ow."

"Poor thing," Eleanor cooed as she led Jodi from the closet, into the bedroom, and towards the bed.  "Did you enjoy the movie?"

"Bite me," Jodi muttered.

"Maybe later," Eleanor chuckled, then lifted a small tumbler of ice water from the nightstand and held it so Jodi could drink.  "And don't be disrespectful."

Thirst quenched, Jodi sighed, licked her lips, and allowed herself to be eased onto the mattress before continuing.  "Why shouldn't I be disrespectful?  Because otherwise you might do something horrible to me?"

"Exactly," Eleanor purred, then climbed onto the bed next to her armbinder-restrained lady's companion and pulled Jodi's naked, sweaty body into a tight, warm embrace.  "You aren't really mad, are you, darling?"

Jodi's damp, much vibrated pussy gave a weak twinge.  She called me darling!  Seconds passed, then Jodi heaved the required dramatic sigh.  "No.  I'm not really mad.  But I am tired."

"I'm sure you are," Eleanor said, "but answer my question, my first question."

"Yes, I enjoyed the movie," Jodi huffed.  "It was a creaky antique, the acting was waaaaay over the top, but it was super-spooky. They don't make them like that anymore."

"I agree," Eleanor purred, then planted a kiss on Jodi's lips.  "And speaking of agreement, your sister has agreed to become my maid."

Jodi frowned and pulled away from her smiling, naked Mistress, as far as her reclined position, bondage, and Eleanor's strong arms would allow.  "What did you do to her?" she demanded.

"Nothing drastic," Eleanor promised.  "I made her an offer she could easily refuse, but she didn't."

Jodi was skeptical.  "You said—'Hey Candy, want to be my maid?'—and she said okay?  Not likely."

"Not in those exact words, Little Nymph," Eleanor chuckled, "but she did take the job."  She pulled Jodi close and kissed her, again.  "I can tell you still don't believe me.  No matter.  I'll let Candy tell you herself... eventually."


Jodi heaved another sigh.  Then, a ghost of a smile curled her lips.  "What now?  I suppose you expect me to climb between your legs and lick your pussy."

"You requested that I bite you, remember?"

Jodi's smile was now unmistakable.  "I was pissed off.  Angry.  Anyway, keep your tongue to yourself.  My pussy was vibrated to death in your box."

"It requires resuscitation?" Eleanor purred.

Jodi couldn't help but giggle.  "Stop it.  I'm tired."

Eleanor kissed Jodi's lips a third time.  "In that case, why don't we take a nap?"

Jodi sighed, yet again.  "You talked me into it."  She squirmed her naked, helpless body against her beautiful Mistress, and closed her eyes.

"If you try to escape," Eleanor said quietly, "I'll drag you down below and put you in my oubliette."

Jodi's eyes opened.  "You have an oubliette?  Like in an old castle?"

Eleanor smiled at her lady's companion.  "Actually, I have more than one.  Now, be a good little damsel and stay on the bed."

"Yes, Mistress," Jodi said gravely.  A real oubliette.  Wow.

Eleanor closed her eyes.  "After our nap, I'll show you the guest bedrooms and you can choose one for yourself."

"Then we can eat something?"

Eleanor smiled.  "You're hungry, Little Nymph?"

"Uh huh."

"Maybe we can grab a sandwich before you make your selection."

Jodi gazed at her Mistress' relaxed, incredibly beautiful face... and savored the feel of her smooth, naked, incredibly beautiful body pressed against her skin.  "She really said yes?  Candy really agreed to be your maid?"

Her eyes still closed, Eleanor's smile widened.  "Go to sleep, Little Nymph."

"Yes, Mistress," Jodi purred, then closed her eyes and snuggled her head against Eleanor's right breast.  Candy as a maid...  Wow.

 Chapter 11

Something roused Jodi from her much needed post-box, post-orgasmic slumber.  It was Eleanor trying to get out of bed without waking her, and her naked, incredibly hot Mistress had failed—not in extricating her limbs from around Jodi's bound body and easing herself off the mattress, but in letting Jodi sleep.  Jodi remained still and watched through one half-open eye as Eleanor tiptoed to the bedroom door.

A thrill rippled through Jodi's much put-upon pussy.  The sight of a totally nude Mistress Eleanor tiptoeing was... cute.

The door was already open a crack and Eleanor opened it wider so she could exit the bedroom.  In the process Jodi caught a glimpse of Libby Chao, fully clothed in the business attire she'd been wearing when she delivered Candy into the clutches of the Evil Dominatrix Mistress Eleanor.  Smiles were beaming from both faces and Jodi was sure they were about to embrace, but the door closed before it happened.

Jodi could hear Eleanor and Libby talking... quietly... but the closed door made it impossible for her to follow what they were saying.  Jodi eased herself from the bed, and as silently as she could, padded to the door.  She was almost there when—  "Oh, hi."

The door had opened and Eleanor had returned, still smiling.  "Eavesdropping on your Mistress, Little Nymph?" she purred.

Jodi managed a sheepish grin.  "Trying to, anyway."

Eleanor chuckled.  "That was just Libby saying goodbye.  She has to get back to her shop."

Jodi nodded.

"I thanked her for the armbinder," Eleanor continued, "and placed an order for the full set of accessories that go with it."

Jodi's response wasn't exactly profound.  "Huh?"

Eleanor grinned.  "The body and leg harnesses, remember?  We discussed it at the shop the night we met."

"Oh, yeah," Jodi nodded, "the harness with the straps that slide through the slots in the sleeve."

Yes," Eleanor confirmed, "and additional straps can be added to enforce a ball-tie, frog-tie, or hogtie.  It's quite a versatile system.  I went with the locking buckles option, of course."

"Of course," Jodi sighed.

"Well, as long as we're up..."  She led Jodi to her chest of drawers, opened a drawer, and produced a pair of leather ankles cuffs with an eight-inch hobble-strap, as well as a leather collar and leash. 

In short order, Jodi found herself hobbled, collared, and hitched to a bedpost.  "Why are you—Mrrrfh!"  Eleanor had popped the ball-gag back in her mouth and was buckling it tight.

"Hush, Little Nymph," Eleanor chuckled, then strolled towards the bathroom.  "I need to splash my face and get dressed.  I'll be quick."

I need a shower, bad! Jodi silently fumed, but had no choice but to cool her heels.  She heard the water in the sink run, briefly, then Mistress emerged and strolled into the walk-in closet.  A couple of minutes passed... then Eleanor returned, clothed in the usual sandals, jeans, and cotton blouse.  This particular blouse was sleeveless, and was a very pretty shade of hunter-green.

"Now, let's take a look at those guest rooms," Eleanor said sweetly, "shall we?"

Jodi rolled her eyes.  Apparently, we shall.

Eleanor unhitched the leash and led Jodi on a mincing tour of the guest bedrooms.  There were a total of five, two on the same hallway as the master bedroom, one at the corner, and two more down another hallway.  She started at the end, but skipped the furthermost guest room, explaining with a smile and a single whispered word: "Candy."

Jodi wanted to check in on her little sister, but obviously Mistress did not.  The gag made a request impossible, of course, so Jodi graciously "allowed" herself to be dragged from room to room.

All of the remaining bedrooms were nice.  They varied in size and layout, but had the same "Luxury Ikea" decor as the rest of Chateau de Vries.  All had garden and/or forest views.  The corner bedroom was especially large, with windows on two of its four walls.  All of the bedrooms had attached bathrooms, and again, the corner room's bath was the largest.  The final bedroom was right next to Eleanor's, and was one of the smaller rooms.

Eleanor unbuckled and removed Jodi's ball-gag.  "Well?  Do you have a preference?"

Jodi worked her jaw and licked her lips before answering.  They were still in the fifth guestroom, and she gazed at the queen-size, four-poster bed—all the guestrooms had similar beds—as well as the rest of the furnishings.  She noticed a small steel-lined opening in the ceiling, and realized it was yet another clamp-on-a-steel-cable thingie, like the one in the living room, the one Eleanor had used to control Jodi and Candy during their captures.  Jodi lifted her chin and nodded at the opening.  "Does every room in the house have one of those things?" she asked.

"Not every room," Eleanor answered.

Jodi didn't see the switch that controlled the cable's winch, but she knew it had to be there somewhere.  "I guess this room will do," she said.

Eleanor smiled.  "You don't want the corner room?"

"This'll do," Jodi confirmed.  "You probably want the big room for real house guests, not staff."

"Any other reason?" Eleanor asked.

Jodi minced to the window and gazed out at the garden and the trees beyond.  It was much the same view as from the master bedroom.  There was no deck, but she could see most of the small deck off Eleanor's room, and had an excellent view of the pair of lounge chairs on the deck and the expanse of lawn beyond.  That's probably where Mistress does her yoga exercises and maintains her allover tan, she reasoned.  "No, no other reason," Jodi answered (lied).

Eleanor joined Jodi at the window, then spun her around and started the process of unlocking and unbuckling the armbinder.  "Welcome to your new room, Little Nymph," she purred.  "Take a shower and I'll bring you your clothes."

"Clothes?" Jodi sighed.  "Oh yeah, I remember clothes."

"Cheeky monkey," Eleanor chuckled, and continued releasing her new lady's companion from her leather bondage.


 Chapter 11

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