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Chapter 7

Dramatis Personæ


Jodi slowly came awake.  She didn't open her eyes, but she became aware of her surroundings... like the soft, cuddly warmness of Eleanor's bed... and the way she was tied up.  She heaved a huge yawn, or rather, she would have heaved a yawn but for the fact that she was tape-gagged.  As usual, Jodi settled for a gagged sigh.  Finally, she opened an eye... then both eyes... and found herself staring at a pair of denim-clad thighs.  She slowly lifted her head to look upwards... and beheld a cotton blouse stretched over a really nice set of knockers... then Eleanor's smiling face.  Her Dastardly Kidnapper was gazing down at her, and Jodi suspected she'd been watching her for some time.

"Adorable," Eleanor sighed.  "You're such a pretty little thing when you're asleep."

Jodi felt a blush warm her cheeks.  From the light shining through the bedroom window Jodi could tell it was late in the day, and her grumbling stomach confirmed that estimate.

Eleanor untied the rope tethering Jodi's upper body to the bed, then walked to the foot of the bed and did the same with her ankle bonds; however, she left Jodi's crossed ankles tied together.  Eleanor then sat on the bed, and over the next few minutes she used the two tethering ropes to bind Jodi's legs.  She cinched the first coil around Jodi's waist, then worked her way down to her ankles, hitching and cinching it several times around her thighs and lower legs.  She then used the second coil to weave a diamond hitch pattern, and the result was a completely helpless and naked Jodi, with her arms and upper body box-tied and her legs pressed together along their entire length, with horizontal bands and lateral strands of conditioned flax dimpling her flesh from waist to ankles.

Jodi could attempt her party-pleasing Flopping Fish imitation, but that was about the extent of it.  Hopping away on her crossed and bound ankles would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.  She sighed through her tape-gag as Eleanor tied a final elegant rosette knot.  I guess I could also try my Escaping Caterpillar, she reasoned.  That's it!  I'll crawl back to town an inch at a time, assuming I can figure out a way to open the front door.  That'll keep me busy for the next... forever.  "Mrrrk!"

Eleanor had lifted Jodi into a fireman's carry, face down, with her tummy balanced on Eleanor's right shoulder, her legs to the front, and her tape-gagged head to the rear.  Mistress' right arm was across her thighs and her left hand on her butt.  Jodi was well balanced and wasn't squirming or wiggling, so no active control was actually required, but Eleanor probably thought bracing her legs with one arm and placing her other hand on the firm, warm globes was prudent.  Also, she probably thought it wasn't a bad place to rest her hand.  Jodi could feel her kidnapper's fingers brushing against the twin strands of conditioned flax anchoring her waist to her leg bondage, where they bisected her buttocks.

Jodi willed herself to remain limp across Eleanor's shoulder.  She felt like a rolled carpet bundled with rope, very well bundled with rope.  God, she's so strong.

Their destination was what was obviously Eleanor's home theater.  Comfortable seating in the form of a giant sofa and a pair of oversize easy chairs faced a giant flat-screen TV.

Wow, Jodi thought as Eleanor gently lifted her off her shoulder and settled her in one of the giant chairs.  And I thought the TV in the bedroom was big.

The TV in question covered most of an entire wall and was already on, displaying the DVR menu of saved episodes of various shows that were available for watching.  Jodi watched as Eleanor poured wine into a stemmed glass, then sat next to her in the same chair and snuggled close.  There was easily enough room for both of them.

The wine in one hand and a smile curling her lips, Eleanor slowly, carefully peeled the tape from Jodi's lips, then held the glass so she could drink.

Wisecracks and Brave Defiance could wait.  Jodi drank half the contents of the glass, then licked her lips and gazed into her kidnapper's eyes.

"I thought we'd watch some TV while we eat supper," Eleanor explained.

Jodi's eyes darted to a side-table and beheld a platter of tiny sandwiches, the kind served at a party.  There were many different varieties, and they all looked good.  Of course, at the moment a cold can of beans would have looked good.  Jodi was hungry.

"Elementary," Jodi said.  Her eyes were still on the sandwiches.

"One of my favorites," Eleanor purred.  She lifted a touchscreen remote, made the appropriate menu selection, and the latest episode of the adventure of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson began to unfold.

Jodi settled back into the soft cushions, snuggled her naked and bound body against Eleanor's side, and allowed her kidnapper to feed her a miniscule roast beef on rye sandwich.  It included lettuce, tomato, and some sort of horseradish sauce with something else mixed in with it.  It was very yummy.

 Chapter 7

The episode of Elementary was good.  But then, Jodi had yet to see a bad episode of Elementary.  The sandwiches had also been good... and the wine.

Her tummy full and just a little tipsy, Jodi found herself back over Eleanor's shoulder and being carried back to the bedroom.  Her mouth wasn't taped, nor had Eleanor produced anything new from her extensive collection of leather and/or rubber gags to silence her captive house guest, but Jodi found she wasn't in a talkative mood.

Eleanor was also content to let the silence hang in the air, just as Jodi was hanging off her shoulder.  Her hand was once again resting on Jodi's butt.

They entered the bedroom, Eleanor eased Jodi onto the bed, then began untying her leg bondage.  Jodi watched as the flax strands melted away.  Then, Eleanor lifted her to her feet and gestured towards the bathroom.

"Time to get ready for bed," Eleanor said.

Jodi looked at the bathroom door, then her kidnapper/hostess, then the still open bedroom door.  She was still box-tied from the waist up, of course.

Eleanor's smile widened, then she strolled to the bedroom door, closed it, and engaged the lock.  "At the moment," she chuckled, "I don't feel like chasing you through the house.  We'll play fox and hound another time."  She nodded towards the bathroom, again.  "Go, Little Nymph."

Jodi sighed the obligatory sigh, then padded to the bathroom.  She hadn't seriously been considering making a break for it.  She knew she was still naked and box-tied and helpless.  'Fox and hound,' she mused, 'another time.'  A thrill rippled between her legs.  Eleanor was teasing her again, pretending she wasn't going to let her go.  That was ridiculous, of course... but a fun fantasy.

Whoa! Jodi thought.  Where did that come from?  Jodi had been kidnapped, and it was counterproductive to pretend that all of this was a game.

Okay, it was a game, but she had to escape and get back to Candy and the safety of their crappy apartment, where they could play games that weren't this game, which wasn't a game because she really was kidnapped.  I should have gone easier on the wine.  She also willed her pussy to get back in line (so to speak) and stop getting squishy about every little thing.

Then, just as Jodi was about to enter the bathroom, she noticed that Eleanor was undressing... again... and poor, pathetic kidnap victim that she was, Jodi reacted as might be expected.  That is, she froze in the bathroom doorway and watched as her kidnapper unbuttoned and removed her blouse, unzipped and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down her legs, then removed her bra and panties.  But Jodi didn't just watch, she stared in open-mouthed wonder.  There was no other way to describe it.  And her pussy was quivering again.  It was also a tad moist.

Meanwhile, Eleanor had folded her clothes, turned, and noticed Jodi's leering attention.  Her reaction was the last thing Jodi would have expected.  Eleanor de Vries—fifty-something gorgeous dominatrix, super-experienced bondage rigger, owner of a world-class collection of restraints and "entertainment devices," and with all of it down below in her very own personal subterranean dungeons—blushed like the proverbial schoolgirl.

"You rascal," Eleanor chuckled, "stop that."  She sauntered forward, placed her hands on Jodi's shoulders, turned her around, then gave her a gentle shove into the bathroom.  "Go.  Get ready for bed.  I'll help you."

Eleanor did help, cleaning up her prisoner after she relieved herself.  She also scrubbed Jodi's face and brushed her teeth, using her own toothbrush.

It was during this process that Jodi realized she wasn't totally without power in this high level game she was playing with her gorgeous kidnapper.  She realized that Eleanor was falling in love with her, just as she'd already fallen in love with Eleanor.  She was sure of it.  Of course, "falling in love" could mean a lot of things.  There was a significant age difference and an even wider experience gap between the two.  And Jodi still wanted to escape and flee back to town... or something.  I can always come back.  She realized that last part had been her pussy talking, so to speak.

Eleanor completed her own evening toilette, then led Jodi back into the bedroom and to the bed.

Jodi watched as Eleanor folded back the covers, piled the pillows against the headboard, reclined on her back, stretched her hot, naked body full-length, and smiled.  "Well," she purred, "aren't you coming to bed?"

Jodi realized she was staring again.  Also, her heart was pounding.  She sat on the bed and rolled against Eleanor's side.

Instead of draping her arm over Jodi's shoulders and embracing her box-tied bed-mate as Jodi had expected, Eleanor indicated her crotch with a languid gesture.

"Down there, Little Nymph," she said.  "I told you to pay attention this afternoon.  Show me what you've learned."

Jodi gazed at Eleanor's strong thighs, pubic bush, and flat stomach, then lifted her gaze to Eleanor's smiling face.

"Just do your best," Eleanor said.  "If you get something wrong, I'll let you try again.  Practice makes perfect."

"Practice," Jodi huffed.  She continued staring at her target, between Eleanor's splayed legs.  "Well... if I have to."  She squirmed her way down the bed, Eleanor lifted a leg, helpfully, Jodi rolled onto her stomach, and resumed staring.  From her new position she had a much better and significantly more detailed closeup view of Eleanor's pussy.  Wow!  She remembered that Eleanor had started by giving her pussy a long, slow lick.  She remembered vividly.

Jodi wet her lips, extended her tongue, and set to work.

 Chapter 7

Leatherocity BOUTIQUE

The bell over the front door of Leatherocity chimed softly as Candy entered.  According to the posted hours, the shop had only been open fifteen minutes, and as far as Candy could tell, she was the only customer—not that she was going to buy anything.  That wasn't why she was here.

Libby appeared from somewhere in the back, the usual welcoming smile on her face.  "Hey, Candy," she said.

"Hey," Candy answered.  The younger Hodges sister was wearing her girl-about-town costume of sneakers, faded jeans, heather-gray tank-top, and sky-blue jacket.  Her long, dark brown curls were loose about her shoulders.

Libby, on the other hand, was dressed smartly in high-heeled shoes, stockings or pantyhose, a short, dark-jade leather skirt, and a sky-blue cotton blouse with long sleeves.  Her long, black hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail, and her glasses were around her neck, dangling from what Candy would call a rather dorky combination lanyard and beaded necklace.  On Libby, however, it looked good.  On Libby, everything looked good.

"Still no call from your wayward sister?" Libby inquired.

"No," Candy huffed, "and she's starting to piss me off.  I assume she's too busy partying with your mystery customer and her friends."

"I don't know about any partying friends," Libby chuckled, "but once we get out there I'm sure all will be explained."

The night before, Candy had returned home from her out of town gig with the band to find the apartment empty and no explanatory note.  And when she tried calling or texting her big sister, there was no response.  Candy knew about the planned armbinder delivery, of course, so she called Libby.  An hour passed and Libby called back, explaining that they were both invited out to "Eleanor's" place the next day, which was now today.  Libby had another delivery to make, and Candy would be able to confront (and publicly shame) her wayward sister, so everything was working out perfectly.

"There are times she can be so inconsiderate," Candy huffed.

Libby smiled.  Candy was talking about Jodi, of course, and she'd heard the older sister in question make much the same complaint about her kid sister on more than one occasion.  "Want some coffee?" she offered.

"We aren't leaving right away?"

Libby shook her head.  "Today was my turn to open the store and Vicki doesn't come in for another hour."  She motioned towards the back.  "C'mon.  I'll let you play in the back room while we wait."

Candy smiled.  "Will you show me that new armbinder Jodi was talkin' about?"

"Why not?" Libby chuckled.  "I have other new products you'll also find interesting."

They strolled to the back of the store, where Libby kept her pod-style single-cup coffee machine.

 Chapter 7

Candy held a leather catsuit by the hanger, holding it against her body and admiring herself in the back room's full-length mirror.  "So cool," she sighed, "and it looks like it would fit."  She took a quick glance at the price tag hanging from the left sleeve's zipper, then returned the catsuit to the rack.  "And I can afford it, too... if I don't eat for the next six or eight months."

Libby smiled.  She was standing in the doorway leading back into the main room, so she'd know if a customer entered the shop.  She nodded at an open cardboard shipping carton sitting on top of a display case.  "That's new.  You can't afford it either."

Candy smiled back.  "Nice.  Mock the poor girl why don't you?"  She walked to the carton, folded back the bubble-wrap, and found a black leather corset.  At least, she thought it was a corset.  She lifted it out of the box and her impression was confirmed,  It didn't have laces, but closed with a zipper and a large number of very narrow buckles and straps.

"Bring it over and I'll show you how it works," Libby offered.  "You'll have to lose the jacket."

"You want me to wear this thing?" Candy demanded.  She was already carrying the corset to the doorway.  She handed it to Libby, unzipped and removed her jacket, then lifted her arms.

"You want to wear this thing," Libby chuckled.  She fit the corset around Candy's narrow waist.  After zipping it closed, the black leather tube hugged Candy's waist from hips to just under her breasts.  There were gussets in the front, one on either side, and the many buckles and their corresponding straps alternated to either side.  That is, half the buckles were on the left gusset, and half on the right.  There were additional dangling straps sewn into the thing that didn't seem to be involved in squeezing the wearer's waist.

"It has stays," Candy noted as Libby started tightening the straps across her belly.

"Is the padding comfortable?" Libby inquired.  She had about half the buckles secured.

"Yeah," Candy confirmed.  The corset was tightening as Libby threaded and tightened the buckles, but it wasn't that tight, nothing like punishingly tight.  Candy noted, however, that it was tight enough to stretch the fabric of her tank-top and give her a pair of semi-prominent pokies.

Libby secured the last buckle, then smiled.  "Nice.  It looks good on you, kid."  She nodded at the carton.  "Go get the rest."

"There's more?"  Candy returned to the box and lifted the now empty layer of bubble-wrap.  Underneath was more bubble-wrap and what appeared to be a pair of leather mitts.  They were padded and had wide, bracer-like cuffs with three buckles each.  She carried the mitts to Libby.

Libby tucked one mitt under her right arm and held the other open for Candy to don.

Candy was dubious (and curious).  "You want me to put it on?"

Libby's smile was rather coy.  "Let's not play this game, Candy," she purred.  "I want to see how this thing looks on a customer, and you want to see how it feels.  You know you do."

Candy continued staring at the open mitt.  "I assume by 'it' you mean how the mitts and corset are one system."

Libby continued smiling, and holding the mitt ready for Candy.

Candy sighed, then thrust her hand into the mitt.  "There's a glove inside."

"Neoprene," Libby confirmed, "with the fingers joined all the way down their lengths."

Candy wiggled her fingers as the tips reached the ends of the glove.  "A rubber mitten with fingers inside a leather shell.  Now that's what I call overkill."

"Just the way you like it," Libby chuckled as she closed and started buckling the bracer-cuff.  She presented the second mitt, Candy inserted her hand, and she buckled it tight as well.

Candy gazed at her leather and rubber encased hands and tested the fit of the mitts.  Or rather, she tried testing their fit.  With the cuffs buckled closed, the hand encasements were tighter than before.  "Well... they work." The D-rings sewn into the tips of the mitts flopped as she turned her now utterly useless hands.

"Fold your arms behind your back," Libby suggested (ordered).

Candy did so, and turned her back to Libby.  "The ol' box-tie?"

Libby secured a strap sewn into the back of the corset, trapping Candy's forearms together and pressing them against the small of her leather-covered back.  Other straps were threaded through the D-rings on the tips of the mitts, D-rings on the bracer-cuffs, and around Candy's upper-arms, just above her elbows.  The result was, indeed, a box-tie.

"Wow, this thing is something else," Candy sighed.  Then, her eyes widened.  "What are you doing?"

Libby was going back over the straps, tightening them one by one.  "Just adjusting the fit," she explained.  She turned Candy around so they were face to face and began tightening the corset's gusset straps.

"Do you have to do that?" Candy huffed.  She could try running away or kicking Libby between the legs, but either option would probably mean the end of her play-with-the-new-bondage-gear privileges at Leatherocity.

Libby finished tightening the last strap, took a step back, and smiled.

Candy executed the expected courtesy struggle.  The corset and mitts system was effective, that was for sure, and now the corset definitely felt like a corset, in that it was squeezing her waist significantly.  After several seconds, Candy blew an errant strand of hair from her face, and smiled at her Dastardly Captor.  "Ya got me," she sighed.

"I guess I do," Libby chuckled.

Just then, the bell over the front door chimed and Libby parted the back room curtains and looked.  "Vicki's here," she announced.  "I'll be right back."  She then ducked through the curtains and was gone.

"Libby!" Candy complained.  She was now alone in the back room, of course.  "Very funny," she muttered under her breath, and gave the corset and mitts another test.  She was totally helpless, albeit ambulatory, and now she'd been abandoned.  Candy looked around at the racks and display cases of leather gear and accessories.  Being box-tied in tight leather really put a crimp in her shopping style.

The curtains opened and Libby reappeared.  "Okay, Vicki has the con," she announced.  "We can go."

"That's so funny I forgot to laugh," Candy huffed.  "Get me out of this thing.  Hey!"

Libby had led Candy to a display case and was pulling out a pair of sunglasses, or what looked like a pair of sunglasses.  To be precise, they were wrap-around shades with reflective lenses.  "I've never had a chance to give these a real trial," Libby explained as she slipped the glasses' retaining lanyard over Candy's head.  She made sure the nose and ear pieces were properly positioned, pulled Candy's hair free, then snugged the spring-loaded clamp of the lanyard until it was good and tight.  The sunglasses were now on to stay, and were more goggles than glasses.  In fact, the glasses were a blindfold, and a pretty effective blindfold at that.  The lenses were opaque.

"I am not going out to this Eleanor lady's house as your helpless prisoner," Candy muttered.  Again, she didn't try to run or kick.  Of course, with the loss of her sight, either course of action was now even more problematic.  She felt something, probably a leather collar, tightening around her neck.  "Libby!  You can't do this!"

"My car is parked in the alley right behind the shop," Libby purred as she snapped a leash to the ring in the front of Candy's new collar.  "There will be no witnesses to your abduction."

Candy squirmed in her bonds.  The "sunglasses" were, indeed, totally effective.  She could see nothing other than a little light leaking around the edges of the frame.  "I can still scream," she noted.

"Oh, that's right," Libby chuckled.  "If only I had some means of keeping you quiet at my disposal."

They were standing next to an entire rack of gags of various designs, of course, and Candy knew that any one of them would have at least some efficacy as a damsel silencer.  "People would be able to see that I'm gagged," Candy noted.

"Not if you're in the trunk," Libby countered.

"True," Candy sighed, squirming in her bonds, again.  "Seriously, you're gonna drive me out there like this."

"Eleanor de Vries has forgotten more about bondage and bondage gear than I'll probably ever learn," Libby responded.  "This is your chance to make a big entrance."

Candy considered Libby's words for a few seconds before answering.  "Well... there is that... but if we're stopped by a cop I'm telling him you're kidnapping me."

"I am kidnapping you," Libby purred, took in the slack in Candy's leash, made a minor side trip to grab Candy's jacket, then led her towards the shop's delivery door.


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