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Chapter 4

Dramatis Personæ


Eventually, Jodi did take a nap, but first, she took several minutes to wallow in the depths of total despair and castigate herself for her gross stupidity.  A tad melodramatic?  Perhaps, but...

Jodi was naked, bound by inescapable steel collar, elbow-cuffs, wrist cuffs, and armbinder-rod thingie, with the unnecessary addition of steel ankle-fetters and hobbling chain.  And the hobble was unnecessary because she was locked in a cramped steel cage which in turn was inside an inescapable cell in an inescapable subterranean dungeon.  And nobody knew she was here but Mistress Eleanor, the tall, beautiful, sexy-hot dominatrix, wealthy widow, and longtime patron of Libby's leather boutique.  And even though Libby knew she was here, maybe she was in on it—whatever "it" actually was.  And her kid sister Candy was out of town!

And Jodi was gagged!  Ball-gagged!  Not that there was anybody present to hear whatever complaints she might wish to register concerning the appalling lack of service in her current accommodations.  Not that whatever she wanted to say—or SCREAM—would have penetrated the steel door of her cell... or the tons of concrete and earth overhead.

Yes, Jodi had ample reason to feel sorry for herself, and to regret having been so naive and trusting as to let herself be tricked into her current condition by Eleanor, a near total stranger—albeit an incredibly hot and experienced near total stranger.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Not counting the obvious, Jodi's problem was that this was... "The Game."

The whole point of the Hodges sisters tying each other up was so they could fantasize about being kidnapped by a sexy dominatrix, stripped naked, held prisoner, and have all sorts of kinky, erotic things done to them.  And whichever sister was playing the kidnap victim role always pretended she could do nothing to stop any of it from happening.  Technically, once the "victim" was bound and gagged, she actually couldn't stop anything from happening, but it was all pretend.  Anyway, in the context of the game, for the victim it was an actual kidnapping!  And no one was coming to rescue her!  And she was at the mercy of her kidnapper!  And...

Yes, it was the game, but for real!

Jodi still thought Eleanor was beautiful and sexy and hot, and she didn't really think Eleanor was gonna torture her—not really torture her—but how could she be sure?

Jodi couldn't be sure of anything.  This time, the game wasn't a game!

Naked, bound, gagged, locked in a cage, and locked in a dungeon, Jodi closed her eyes, squirmed to find as much comfort as the burlap-covered pad, her bonds, and the close confines of the cage would allow, felt sorry for herself... and drifted off to sleep.

 Chapter 4

Jodi squirmed in her bonds and opened her eyes—"Mrrk?—and mewled in alarm through her gag.  Eleanor had returned, and she was unlocking and unlatching the cage door.  But she wasn't Mistress Eleanor.  That is, Eleanor had changed out of her sexy dominatrix outfit and back into the sandals, jeans, and cotton blouse she'd worn when Jodi first arrived, before Jodi so stupidly allowed herself to be kidnapped.

"Out you come, my dear," Eleanor purred, helped Jodi crawl from the cage, and reattached the leash to her collar.

Ow, ow, ow...  Jodi's shoulder-joints were sore, as was her jaw, and her back, and she was thirsty and hungry and...  Ow.

"You didn't really think I was going to leave you in there all night, did you?" Eleanor continued.  "Let's get you out of that cage."  She emphasized her suggestion (command) with a tug on Jodi's leash.

Still not fully awake, Jodi found herself mincing down the corridor behind Eleanor.  Her hobble-chains clinked and clacked with each abbreviated step.

Suddenly, naked, gagged, bound, helpless, and sore, Jodi decided that she'd had enough!  She planted her feet, braced herself for the leash to pull on her collar, and announced her displeasure.  "Mrrrrpgh!"

Eleanor managed to stop without causing anything more than a token tug on Jodi's leash, then turned and smiled at her glaring captive.  "You adorable thing," she chuckled, lifted Jodi's chin in her left hand and smiled into her angry (and frightened) eyes.  "Don't worry, little nymph," she continued, "I'm taking you upstairs.  We're not continuing the tour today."

Jodi continued to stare, but a little more fear bubbled to the surface.  'Today?'  Does that mean there will be more tour tomorrow?

Still gently clutching Jodi's chin, Eleanor used her right hand to straighten the bangs of Jodi's unruly brown mop (with frosted highlights).  "Just follow me upstairs, like a good little tourist, and I'll get you out of all this nasty steel."  She released Jodi's chin, paused to wipe the saliva from her hand on her jeans, then turned and continued down the corridor.

Jodi sighed through her gag and followed.  She might as well... not that she had any real choice.

They continued down the corridor and up the stairs, the secret door opened, and Jodi found herself in the closet, but it wasn't the walk-in linen closet.  This closet was cluttered with various cardboard boxes, not folded sheets, towels, and blankets.  Eleanor opened the closet's other, not secret door, and Jodi found herself in a library.  A picture window looked out onto a stretch of forest, and it was a very wet stretch of forest.  Rain was still falling and the overall darkness suggested it was getting late in the day.

Eleanor led Jodi across the library, down a hallway, and into a large, open room.  The first thing Jodi noticed was that the carpet under her bare feet was unusually soft and thick.  It was more padding than carpet.  Second was the many fragrant candles flickering around the room, glowing from a side-table and several shelves and wall niches.

"My yoga studio," Eleanor explained, leading Jodi to what was obviously a massage table.  It was draped with a white cotton sheet and had one of those doughnut-shaped open headrests attached to one end.  It would cushion the back of Jodi's head if she was on her back, or her face if she was on her stomach.

"Hop up," Eleanor said, patting the table, "and I'll unlock your cuffs."

Jodi gazed at the table.  The padded surface and clean white sheet were inviting, and the prospect of finally getting out of her steel restraints was very inviting.  However, with her arms locked behind her back and her ankles hobbled, hopping up onto the table was an iffy proposition at best.  "Urrrk!"  Eleanor solved the problem by grabbing her by the waist and bodily lifting her onto her butt on the table.  Wow!  She's strong," Jodi thought.  And beautiful.

"There," Eleanor chuckled, then patted the table, again.  "On your tummy, dear."

Jodi glared at her hostess/captor in a dour manner, then sighed through her gag, lifted her shackled feet onto the table, rolled onto her stomach, and placed her gagged head in the open headrest.  Might as well.  She waited for Eleanor to start unlocking her cuffs, but instead, a leather strap settled across her upper arms and back and was buckled tight, squashing her tits into the table's padding!  "Mrrrf?"

"Just making sure you don't fall off the table, Jodi," Eleanor chuckled as she tightened a second strap across the backs of Jodi's thighs.

Jodi felt a key being fitted to her ankle-cuffs.  Finally!  The steel bands were removed... and immediately replaced by leather!  "Nrrr!"  First on the left and then on the right, padded cuffs closed around Jodi's ankles and were buckled tight.  She tried kicking, belatedly, but the ankle-cuffs were somehow tethered to the foot of the table.  Next, Jodi's wrist-cuffs were being unlocked, and this time she was prepared to fight!  Of course, as her upper arms were still locked in the elbow-cuffs, resistance was futile.  Jodi tugged on her wrists and found the padded restraints were also tethered to the table.  She was now pinned on her stomach with her arms at her sides and her feet about a foot apart.

"Almost finished," Eleanor said.  "Hang in there, Jodi."

Like I have a choice?  Jodi fumed as the elbow-cuffs, armbinder-rod, and collar were unlocked and removed.  Her restraints were now all leather.  Technically, Eleanor had kept her promise to free Jodi of all that "nasty steel."  Jodi felt the strap of her ball-gag being unbuckled.  She raised her head as the strap was released and Eleanor gently pulled the ball from her mouth.  Jodi turned her head to the side, licked her lips, and worked her jaw before speaking.  "Let me go!" she croaked.

"Quiet, darling," Eleanor chuckled.

Jodi tugged on her padded bonds and started to repeat her demand, then realized Eleanor was kneeling at the side of the table and holding a glass full of some sort of clear, fizzy liquid, several ice cubes, and a bent straw—and the end of the straw was less than an inch from her lips!  Jodi's righteous demands could wait.  She sucked on the straw and a cool, delicious drink flooded her mouth.  It was some sort of cocktail.  She wasn't sure what kind, but it had a slight kick.  Jodi sucked and sucked, then shifted the straw to the side of her mouth and glared into Eleanor's smiling face.  "Lemme go," she mumbled around the straw, then resumed sucking.

"The roads are still far too wet for travel by Vespa," Eleanor purred.  "Slowly, darling," she admonished.  "We wouldn't want you to get brain freeze."

"What we want is for us to let me go," Jodi muttered.  She'd drained the glass, more or less, and Eleanor took it away.

"We haven't finished your tour," Eleanor purred as she stood and released the buckles of the straps across Jodi's thighs and back, then strolled to a side table.

Jodi tugged on her wrist cuffs and watched as Eleanor lifted a clear glass vessel in the shape of a futuristic teapot and poured a dollop of amber oil into her left palm.  It had been warming over a candle, but obviously the oil wasn't too warm.  Eleanor rubbed her hands together as she walked back to the table.

"You tricked me," Jodi pouted.  "Ow!  Stop!"  Eleanor was rubbing her oil-slick hands on Jodi's shoulders, then began kneading her muscles.  "Stop."  That last protest was decidedly unconvincing.

"You're very tense, my dear," Eleanor, continuing her massage of Jodi's shoulders and back. "Understandable, I suppose."

Jodi settled her face back in the padding and sighed in contentment... meaning Righteous Outrage.  "Let me go," she sighed.  Obviously, Eleanor knew what she was doing, massage-wise.  Her hands were magic.

Eleanor smiled as her hands slid across Jodi's smooth, oil-slick shoulders.  "I did trick you," she admitted.  "But you don't really mind, do you."  It wasn't a question.

"I... ahhh,"  Jodi shivered and weakly tugged on her wrist cuffs.  Eleanor was massaging her spine, and it felt good.  "You can't just kidnap people and drag them in chains through your underground dungeon," she muttered.

"Apparently," Eleanor purred, "I can."  She continued her massage, going to the side table to replenish the oil on her hands as needed.

Jodi's protests had stopped completely, and she actually sighed in contentment as Eleanor kneaded the small of her back... then shivered against the soft padding when Eleanor began massaging her buttocks and thighs.  Jodi's stomach growled.  She didn't know if Eleanor had had lunch, but she knew the noontime meal hadn't been served down below.  "What's for supper?" she muttered.

Eleanor's smile widened.  "I'll fix something in a while," she promised.  "Relax, Jodi.  Just relax."

"Yes... Mistress," Jodi whispered—and immediately, her eyes popped wide in alarm.  Her face was buried in the padded headrest, so Eleanor couldn't see her blush.  Where the hell did that come from? she wondered.

Eleanor continued the massage, saying nothing about Jodi's slip of the tongue.  It was too soon to take things for granted.  Physically, Eleanor was holding all aces.  Emotionally, she might overplay her hand.  In any case, there was no need to take chances.  Literally and figuratively, she had the situation—meaning Jodi—well in hand.

 Chapter 4

Once again, Jodi was naked, bound, and stumbling down a hallway behind Mistress Eleanor.  This time, however, her bonds were leather, the same padded cuffs Eleanor had used to keep her on the massage table, plus another pair of cuffs buckled around her upper arms, just above her elbows.  Her arms were folded behind her back and more leather, what amounted to a leather tube, was buckled around both forearms.  Locking clips of some sort joined each wrist-cuff to its opposite elbow-cuff.  In essence, Jodi was in a leather induced box-tie, but without ropes or straps encircling her torso, pinning her upper arms to her sides, or yoking her shoulders.  Finally, an eight-inch strap joined her ankle-cuffs in another humiliating hobble.  As far as she could tell, all of the restraints were a very pretty shade of brown with the same distressed, ever-so-slightly pebbled finish as the black armbinder the delivery of which had gotten her into this mess.  It would make a great jacket, but Jodi wasn't in the mood for thoughts about fashion.

There was no gag, so Jodi was free (so to speak) to share her thoughts.  "Thanks a lot for washing my feet," she huffed.

"It was my pleasure, darling," Eleanor chuckled.

Jodi's remark was sarcastic condemnation, not an expression of gratitude, as the cleansing of her soles and toes had tickled like crazy.  Eleanor had used warm, soapy water, her hands had been gentle, and she'd used a soft washcloth to remove the dungeon grime in what was as much a wet and slippery foot massage as a foot bath, but it had tickled, nonetheless.  On her tummy on the massage table with her face buried in the headrest-doughnut, Jodi had managed to stifle her giggles and keep herself from squirming, but towards the end she was very much afraid she might bite her tongue.  Thankfully, she survived the ordeal with tongue intact.

Jodi opened her mouth to explicitly complain about the tickling, but prudently stopped herself.  She might be stupid enough to be seduced into captivity by a supremely beautiful and hot dominatrix, but she was not stupid enough to tell her she was ticklish.

They passed another window and Jodi realized it was now very nearly nightfall.  Also, a light rain was still falling.

"According to the latest forecast," Eleanor said, as if reading Jodi's mind, "the front will pass during the night.  Tomorrow will be cloudy, with partial sun later in the day."

"Good," Jodi huffed.  "I can finally go home."

Eleanor smiled, but didn't otherwise respond.

They entered a kitchen that was decorated in "Luxury Ikea" fashion, like the rest of the house.  Over the next half-hour, Jodi sat in a kitchen chair and watched Eleanor caramelize some onions, then combine them with fennel, romaine lettuce, cucumber, scallions, a grapefruit, and some cold, shredded rotisserie chicken into a salad.  Fresh thyme, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, a dash of honey, and olive oil were also involved.  Paired with a white wine of some sort, the result was a light, delicious meal.

Jodi sat in her chair, helpless in her tight but comfortable leather bonds, and allowed herself to be fed.  That last bit was hardly a concession.  Jodi was starving, or at least ready to eat, and the salad was yummy.  Sharing a single large bowl, Eleanor alternately forked salad into Jodi's mouth and then her own, periodically holding a large goblet to her prisoner/dinner guest's pouting lips.

"Any thoughts about what you've seen so far on the tour?" Eleanor inquired at one point.

Jodi finished chewing and swallowing a mouthful of onions, fennel, and lettuce before answering.  "Why does your rack have two winches?" she demanded.

Eleanor smiled.  "Two winches?"

"Why is there a winch at each end of the rack?" Jodi clarified.  "You only need one."

Eleanor shrugged.  "Terry insisted.  He said two winches would allow fine adjustment of the damsel's position on the rack.  I thought it was nonsense.  One winch and a set of ankle stocks would have been more than sufficient, but I wasn't foolish enough to argue the point."  She held the wine glass to Jodi's lips and she drank.  "Anything else?"

Jodi swallowed, then paused a few seconds before answering.  "Nope."  Eleanor might be fishing for an excuse to "offer" her a physical demonstration of the finer points of rack, horse, or iron maiden operations, and she'd just as soon pass.

The salad consumed, as well as the entire bottle of wine, Jodi watched as her hostess/kidnapper cleaned up her kitchen.  The view out the kitchen windows was now that of complete darkness.  Night had fallen.

Eleanor washed her hands, then sat back down next to Jodi and smiled.  "So... want to watch a little TV?"

Jodi turned and stared out the kitchen window before answering.  She could see nothing; however, a gust of wind blew a scattering of rain drops against the dark glass.  "I guess," she sighed.

 Chapter 4

Jodi assumed watching TV would entail reclining on a sofa or easy chair in Eleanor's living room or home theater.  Release from her bonds and getting her clothes back would have been welcome bonuses, but were unlikely prospects.  Obviously, Eleanor liked her naked and bound.  In any case, she was right about the wardrobe and wrong about the location.

Eleanor led her to what was obviously the master bedroom, or in this case, the Mistress bedroom.  It was a large space, decorated like the rest of the house, with a pair of easy chairs and a loveseat off to one side, for conversation and reading, no doubt, but was dominated by the very large bed, a combination platform and four-poster.  Hefty, elegantly turned posts, each about eight feet tall, were at the four corners; but somehow, Jodi suspected they were there as a matter of style, not for structural support.

There was a quick side trip to the master (Mistress) bathroom for Jodi to take a tinkle—which was embarrassing but necessary—then back to the bedroom, where she watched Eleanor pile pillows against the head of the bed, turn, and smile.  "We should be comfortable here."

"On the bed?" Jodi asked.  The question emerged as something of a mouse-like squeak, which was not embarrassing or mortifying at all.  Jodi blushed, furiously.

"It's the best view of the screen, little nymph," Eleanor chuckled.  She lifted a remote control from the bedside stand and pressed its touchscreen.

Jodi heard a motor whine, turned, and watched what she had taken to be a large tapestry roll-up like a shade, revealing the biggest flat-screen TV she had ever seen.  "Wow."

Meanwhile, Eleanor had pulled back the bed's covers.  "On the bed, Jodi," she reiterated.

Jodi swallowed nervously, then shuffled forward and stared at the white sheets for a few seconds.  She then sat on the bed, lay back against the pillows, and lifted her feet onto the mattress.  Snuggling against the pillows, she found that she did, in fact, have a perfect view of the screen, which had begun to glow and was displaying a DVR menu.  A number of icons of various TV series were arranged in neat rows.

"Would you rather watch a movie?" Eleanor asked.

Jodi stared at the icons.  She'd filled in for a friend at a local restaurant several days last week and had missed the latest episode of Elementary, her current favorite show.  It was on the menu so—  "Oh."

Jodi's gaze had traveled back to Eleanor, and she was shocked (and very interested) to find that her kidnapper/hostess was undressing!  Eleanor had already unbuttoned her blouse and was now removing it and draping it over the back of a chair.  Her costume reduced to sandals, jeans, and a very pretty white bra, she lifted her right foot onto the chair and unbuckled her sandal.  Eleanor's back was smooth and strong and... Jodi liked what she saw.  Eleanor changed feet and removed her left sandal, then unzipped and unbuttoned her jeans, pulled them down her hips and legs, stepped free, and draped them on the chair next to her blouse.

Wow, Jodi thought.  She'd already seen the lioness' share of Eleanor's body when she was in dominatrix drag, but seeing her standing there in nothing but a bra and panties was... different.  Roiling emotions aside (including a reemerging arousal), Eleanor de Vries was hot with her clothes on, and even hotter in her underwear... and now she was removing her underwear!

"Oh.  My.  God," Jodi whispered under her breath.  She knew she was staring, and that she shouldn't, both as a matter of courtesy and especially because she didn't want her captor to read her like the proverbial open book, but...  "Wow."

Magnificent in her nudity, Eleanor strolled to the bed, her brown eyes sparkling and her full lips curled in a knowing smile.  Her breasts were large, and in perfect proportion to her wasp-thin waist and wide hips.  Her skin was tan, flawless, and smooth, and her pubic bush was dark and curly and thick, with the margins neatly defined... just like she'd said her late husband liked it.

"Well?" Eleanor asked.

"Huh?"  Jodi blinked in confusion.  "W-well what?"

Eleanor sat on the bed.  "Would you rather watch TV or a movie?"

"Oh."  Jodi couldn't help but stare at Eleanor's breasts.  Her kidnapper's nipples were a little erect, and were... right there.  "Uh, I don't care."

Eleanor's smile was disturbingly coy.  "Well then..."  She retrieved the remote control and tapped the touchscreen.  The TV went dark and the tapestry rolled back down, hiding the screen.  "Let's do something else to pass the time."  She reclined on the bed next to Jodi and pulled her prisoner into a strong embrace.

"Nooo," Jodi whined.  "Let me g—Mrrf."  Eleanor was kissing her!  Really kissing her!  With tongue!  Jodi's bound and helpless body shivered as she squirmed in Eleanor's firm but gentle grip.  Her pussy had changed sides, again, returning to the pro-Eleanor camp... not to mention being at least a little wet.

Eleanor's hands, thighs, stomach, and breasts slid against Jodi's trembling skin, and her tongue explored the inside of Jodi's mouth.

"Mrrrrpfh!"  Jodi's reaction—not counting the shuddering thrill rippling through her traitorous pussy—was as much a moaning sigh as a protest—"Mrrrrr"—and now was entirely a moaning sigh.  Despite herself, Jodi began returning the kiss, using her own tongue and sucking with her lips.

Finally, after several seconds, Eleanor broke the kiss and smiled.  She used her right hand to comb Jodi's bangs.  "Isn't this better than TV?" she purred.

Jodi stared at her hostess and kidnapper with wide eyes.  "No... I mean, yes... I mean...  I don't know."

Eleanor kissed Jodi again, and this time, she used her hands to tease Jodi's nipples and caress her crotch.  Jodi tugged on her bonds and squirmed, pressing her breasts and tummy against Eleanor's.

All this intimacy did not help Jodi's shivering problem.  Also, it burned all bridges for her pussy.  Jodi's brain might still have issues with being held as a bound prisoner, deprived of her clothes, and being involuntarily groped and kissed by a gorgeous, strong, hot older woman, but her pussy was now solidly in favor of being ravished by said woman.

"This is much, much better than TV," Eleanor chuckled, "don't you agree, little nymph?"  She didn't wait for an answer, but resumed the kiss, yet again, and her fingers continued stroking and exploring Jodi's pussy.


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