by Van ©2014

Chapter 1

Dramatis Personæ


A job well done is its own reward, bringing a warm glow of satisfaction to the very soul.  Anyway, that's what Jodi Hodges had always believed, and she was feeling that glow right now.  She was in Candy's bedroom, as it was her kid sister's designated "night in," meaning her turn to be tied up.  Thus, it was Jodi's turn to tie said kid sister up.  They'd decided to go with a chair-tie, and Jodi had done an outstanding job, if she did say so herself.

"I did an outstanding job," Jodi stated, smiling her trademark dimpled smile.

Candy favored her big sister with her trademark Scathing Pout of Disdain, but she couldn't say the grinning dweeb was wrong.

The younger Hodges sister was seated in what is called a banquet chair.  Jodi had scored it at one of her waitress gigs when the restaurant decided to redecorate and allowed her to take it home.  The seat cushion had a barely noticeable stain, but that was the only defect and it was perfect for their needs.  The steel legs had no cross-bracing except for a pair of horizontal rods, one on either side up near the seat, and it was sturdy, stable, and not prone to tipping.  It had other useful features as well.  The chair's upper back was comfortably padded, but the lower half was open, perfect for passing lengths of rope from back to front or vice versa.  Also, there was a convenient handhold slot at the very top that made a good lashing point.

And speaking of lashing...

Candy's arms were behind the chair with her armpits snug against the top of the back, her feet were together and off the floor, and several tight, cinched lengths of cotton clothesline were making very sure she stayed that way.  She was in a sitting hogtie, with her wrists lashed together with her hands palm-to-palm and her wrist bindings linked to her ankle bindings.  In addition, her elbows were tied about three inches apart, and neat bands of rope lashed her knees together, her lap to the chair's seat, her waist to the chair's lower back, and her arms and chest to the upper back.  Finally, a length of rope was looped through the handhold in the chair back, passed over her shoulders to the front from either side, and hitched between Candy's breasts to tighten everything down.

And everything was tight, tight enough to press her body into the cushions and dimple her flesh.  The ropes weren't punishingly tight, of course, but tight.  Also the key knots were well out of the reach of Candy's fingers.  The sisters had been tying each other since early childhood and knew how to do it right.

And speaking of flesh...

Candy's only clothing—not counting rope—was a pair or skimpy, baby-blue panties.  They complimented her eyes, just as the mottled, coffee-stained cotton rope complimented her fair complexion.  White rope would have been just fine, but the sisters preferred the look of fine Japanese hemp, which they couldn't possibly afford.  Soaking any new rope they purchased in a little fabric softener and used coffee grounds was the next best affordable thing.

Jodi was fully clothed, of course, in sneakers, jeans, and a French cut t-shirt.

Candy squirmed and struggled for several seconds, then sighed.  "Okay, outstanding it is," she conceded.  "Do the hands thing."

"Only if I get to do the toe thing," Jodi countered.

"I hate the toe thing," Candice huffed.  Unfortunately, she wasn't in a good bargaining position.  "Okay... the toe thing."

"Goodie," Jodi chuckled, then went to the chest of drawers, gathered the required supplies, and set to work.  First came the shrink-wrap.  They'd taken a roll of clear, clingy, plastic kitchen-wrap and chopped the twelve-inch roll into three convenient four-inch rolls.  Candy interlaced her fingers to form a double fist, and Jodi used wrap to mummify her hands, rope bonds and all.  The hogtie ropes complicated things a little, but only a little.  Next came duct tape, and this was the good stuff, with fabric backing and a strong adhesive.  Given a decent degree of overlap, it stuck to itself like crazy.  None of that flimsy plastic tape for the Hodges sisters.  When Jodi was finished, Candy's hands were, indeed, mummified, transformed into a compact, silver-gray bundle.

Overkill?  Of course.  That was the point.

Next came "the toe thing."  Jodi used a length of stout kitchen cord to lash Candy's big toes together.  More overkill.

"That should do it," Jodi said, gazing down at her helpless kid sister.

Candy squirmed and struggled, again, with the same result.  She tried to think of something clever to say, but failed.  This was unfortunate, as she knew that because of what was coming next, this would be her last opportunity for snappy repartee until Jodi set her free.

It was gag time, and the sisters' damsel-silencer was their only extravagance, hobby-wise.  After considerable debate and extensive trials, they'd settled on a panel-gag harness with lockable buckles.  It had a medium-size rubber ball attached to a leather panel that covered the wearer's lower face from nose to chin and ear to ear.  It also had a horizontal forehead strap, a split vertical strap that buckled under the chin, passed to either side of the nose, and across the crown.  Additional, nonadjustable lateral straps helped link everything together.  The main roller buckle was at the nape of the wearer's neck, of course.

Jodi would have been satisfied by a "simple" ball-gag, but Candy wanted the harness.  Overkill was her middle name, so to speak.

They'd bought the thing at Leatherocity, their good friend Libby's boutique that specialized in leather clothing, leather accessories, and in the back room, leather "special" accessories, such as panel-gag harnesses.

With practiced fingers, Jodi eased the ball into her kid-sister's mouth and secured the buckles. As mentioned before, the buckles were lockable, but they didn't own any suitable locks.  A set of cute little heart-shaped padlocks at Leatherocity was on their wish list, but money was tight.

"Well," Jodi said, "I'm going out for a while, so... 'bye."  Then, her smile turned disgustingly coy (from Candy's point of view).  "I know I'm forgetting something, but what?"

Candy stared daggers at her big sister.  She did her forgetting schtick every time.

Jodi snapped her fingers.  "I forgot to give you your medicine!"

Candy's "medicine" took the form of a pill (or "bullet"-style) vibrator.  This particular model was silver, with an attached AC power cord that led to a digital, plug-in timer.  The timer was programmable to the minute and had a randomizing "vacation" setting, just to mix things up.  Truth be told, it was a pain to program, but the sisters had figured it out.  Fifteen minutes after being plugged in, it would turn the vibrator on and off every few minutes, and the pill was on its lowest power setting, of course.  It was a cruel, despicable frustration torture, and both sisters thoroughly enjoyed that sort of added spice when it was their turn to be on the receiving end of the recreational bondage.

Jodi tucked the bullet down the front of Candy's panties, making sure it nestled against her pussy.  Still leaning close, she smiled at her helpless sibling.  "Nipple clamps?" she suggested.  A set of vibrating nipple clamps was also on their wish list, but in the meantime, they made do with a pair of clover clamps, the spring-loaded kind that tightened themselves when you tugged on the connecting chain.

Candy's answer was another hostile stare.  Her fate was in Jodi's hands, and that included her nipples, if big sister decided to go that way.

"No, less is more," Jodi chuckled as she plugged in the timer.  The clock was now ticking, or in this case, the LCD numbers were now changing.  She smiled sweetly, again.  "Yes, less is more, but there is that one last thing that you know I simply can't resist."

Candy rolled her eyes and sighed as Jodi opened the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers, reached in, and produced something that tinkled musically as it dangled from her right hand.  It was a miniature set of wind chimes, miniscule bells that dangled from tiny chains attached to a two-inch crossbar.  Jodi returned to the chair, knelt, and slipped the tiny steel hook atop the crossbar through Candy's toe bondage.  Now, any and all efforts on Candy's part to wiggle and squirm would be accompanied by a mocking chorus of jingling bells.  And, of course, that would include any response to the vibrator she might be unable to suppress.


"Yes, yes, I'm a bitch," Jodi giggled as she strolled to the bedroom door.  "Don't wait up."  She waved, turned off the bedroom light, and closed the door.

Alone in the dark bedroom, Candy squirmed in her bonds—eliciting a brief soprano chorus of bells—then settled in to wait.  Yes, Jodi had done an outstanding job of tying her up, as usual.  She couldn't wait to return the favor.  But for now... it was just Candy and the chair... and the ropes... and the gag.  And soon... the vibrator.

"Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle."

And those damn bells.

 Chapter 1

Leatherocity wasn't the most expensive boutique in town, and it wasn't the only one that sold leather clothing, but it was indisputably the best.  That was true whether you were looking for a reasonably priced jacket, an expensive coat, or the perfect accessory, such as a belt or handbag.  The proprietor, Libby Chao, was both a fashion genius, in the opinion of her loyal customers, and had a gift for ferreting out the best deals from her suppliers.  Leatherocity thrived.

And then there was the "back room."  At the rear of the shop, past most of the racks and display cases, was a small area with long coats and accessories that were clearly intended for the Goth crowd.  This usually turned the "vanilla" customers away, but customers who ventured on might notice a curtained doorway in the back wall.  There was only a very discrete "Adults Only" sign to suggest what might lie beyond the curtain.  But if they parted that curtain, they would find a second, smaller showroom.  The merchandise on the clothing racks included leather catsuits, bustiers, corsets, and other garments of a decidedly kinky nature, and beyond were vertical racks and display cases of leather collars, cuffs, body-harnesses, armbinders, straitjackets, hoods, sleep-sacks—everything for the discriminating customer's bondage needs.  As with the merchandise in the front, the depth of inventory wasn't great, but the quality and selection were outstanding.

Jodi entered the shop and waved at Vicki, the clerk on duty.  The redhead was showing a jacket to a soccer mom-type customer, so Jodi left her alone to make the sale.   Libby was in the back with another customer, a brunette in a very nice leather coat.  Anyway, Jodi assumed the woman was a customer.  As she strolled in their direction, the woman turned—and Jodi found herself staring.  She was... beautiful, not drop-dead, movie star beautiful, but interesting beautiful, very interesting beautiful.  She had gorgeous brown eyes and full lips, and even in her long, saddle-brown leather coat, Jodi could tell the fifty-something woman had a killer figure.  Jodi considered herself to be "cute"—people told her she was cute, anyway— but the smiling stranger was an exotic bombshell.

And then, Jodi realized the stranger was smiling at her—and she was staring back, with her mouth open like a drooling idiot.  Oh god!  Jodi turned and directed her full attention to a very reasonably priced suede jacket in a deep desert-tan color with an intriguing cut that she had absolutely no interest in buying.  She also blushed, furiously.

"Hey, Jodi!" Libby called.

Jodi turned back to Libby and the customer.  "Hey, Libby," she managed to reply.  The stranger was still smiling, and Jodi was sure the tall, older, gorgeous woman knew why she was embarrassed.

"Come over here," Libby beckoned.  Jodi strolled over (casually, very casually), and Libby presented her to the presumed customer.  "This is Jodi Hodges," she said, then turned to Jodi.  "Jodi, meet Eleanor de Vries."

"Charmed," Eleanor said, and presented her hand.

Jodi shook her hand.  "Uh, likewise."  She was still blushing.

"You have the most adorable face, Jodi," Eleanor purred.

"Thanks," Jodi responded.  "You too.  Uh, I mean beautiful."  This was not helping her blushing problem.  "Your face is beautiful."

Libby, no slouch in the beauty department herself, was enjoying Jodi's predicament.  "Well," she chuckled, "now that that's settled, I assume you're here to window shop in the back?"

"Uh, yeah," Jodi admitted.  "And to ask about that clerk job?"

Libby sighed.  "Sorry, kiddo.  Vicki isn't moving to Portland after all.  But you're still first in line when a full time slot opens up."

"Okay."  Jodi wasn't all that surprised or disappointed, but she'd really like to work for Libby (and the employee discount on the stuff in the back would be a great perk).

Libby smiled at Eleanor and nodded towards the curtain to the back room.  "That new monoglove I wanted to show you is in."  She turned to Jodi.  "You come too.  I need your help."

"Uh, sure," Jodi shrugged.  Libby and Eleanor passed through the curtain and Jodi followed.  She was still blushing whenever Eleanor looked her way, and silently berated herself as she walked.  Dork!  Nerd!  Get it together!

The back room was the same as always, lots and lots of enticing stuff in a small space, but without being cluttered.  Jodi had no idea how Libby pulled it off.  She really was a genius at retail.  An open cardboard shipping carton was atop a display case of vibrators, strap-on harnesses, chastity-belts, nipple-clamps, suction devices, etc.  Libby reached inside and pulled out a monoglove armbinder, a conical sleeve of black leather.  It laced up the back and at the top was a Y-shaped harness to yoke the wearer's shoulders, cross over her chest and dive under her armpits, then buckle to the sides of the sleeve.  The binder also had integrated straps with double-tongued buckles at the wrist area and just above the elbows.

"A conventional design," Libby said, "but very well made, and the fit is as good as any model I've ever seen."  She handed the armbinder to Eleanor.

Eleanor turned the sleeve in her hands, examining the stitching and the placement of the rivets at the strap attachment points.  "It is conventional," she agreed, "but the quality is excellent.  As for the fit..."

Libby turned to Jodi and smiled.  "Here's where you come in.  Lose the jacket and turn around."

Jodi looked from Libby, to the armbinder, to Eleanor (who had a gorgeous smile), and back to Libby.  Her eyes widened as the truth dawned.  "You want me to, uh, try it on?"

"Adorable," Eleanor whispered under her breath.  This brought the blush back to Jodi's cheeks, which had only just now returned to normal.

Libby was still smiling.  "Of course.  And please, don't even try and pretend you aren't curious."

Jodi knew she was being played, but she didn't really mind.  Libby was her friend.  As for Eleanor, they'd only just met, but she seemed like a nice lady.  What the heck.  Jodi peeled off her cotton jacket and tossed it next to the open carton, then turned her back to Libby and Eleanor and put her hands together behind her back, palm-to-palm.

Libby slid the armbinder up Jodi's arms, then dropped the shoulder straps over her shoulders.  "I really appreciate this," she said quietly, her lips inches from Jodi's ears as she started lacing up the sleeve.

"No problem," Jodi muttered.

"Do you need any help?" Eleanor offered.

"Not at the moment, but thank you," Libby responded.

The sleeve forced Jodi to roll back her shoulders, and as the sleeve tightened, to roll them even further.  She was limber and in good shape—both Hodges sisters exercised regularly and watched their diets—but she was glad this was just a demonstration.  Her elbows weren't touching, but she could tell that after an hour or two, the armbinder would get very old.  Such a period of wear was hypothetical, of course.  It wasn't like this was all a trick and Libby was planning on keeping her a prisoner in Leatherocity's basement (if Leatherocity had a basement), letting her out only to model leather bondage gear in the back room for her special customers... like Eleanor de Vries.

And there was no reason Jodi's nipples should be rock hard and doing their best to poke through the fabric of her t-shirt.  Jodi had breasts—bigger than Candy's, anyway—but she seldom wore a bra because she didn't really need one.  But she definitely had breasts now, thanks to the armbinder.  And she had pokies.  And her pulse was pounding.  And that blush was threatening to become a permanent condition.

Meanwhile, Libby was going back over the laces, removing slack... until there was no slack.  "As you can see," she said to Eleanor as she tied a neat bow and tucked the ends into the top of the sleeve, "the seam closes as the grommets meet without causing bunching or stretching anywhere along the length.  It really is an excellent design."

"I quite agree," Eleanor purred.

Libby turned Jodi around so they were face to face, then crisscrossed the shoulder straps, making sure they lay flat across her chest.

Eleanor took a step behind Jodi and began threading the straps through their respective buckles.  "Allow me," she said as she took in the slack—all the slack—and secured the buckles.  She then did the same for the wrist and elbow straps.  "There."  She joined Libby so they were both facing Jodi... and smiling.

Jodi began squirming and doing her best to escape from the armbinder, not vigorously, of course, but enough to put on the required show.  It was soon evident that while Wonder Woman or the She Hulk might have been able to bust out of the thing, Jodi Hodges could not.

"It really is an excellent fit," Eleanor said, then her smile faded.   "But I'm not quite sure about the finish."  She went to a nearby vertical rack of ball-gags, lifted one from its hook, and returned.  Smiling at Jodi, she held the gag's strap next to the armbinder straps crisscrossing above Jodi's breasts.  "What do you think?"

"Ah, yes, I see," Libby nodded.  Both straps were black, but the leather of the ball-gag strap had a subtle distressed and slightly pebbled finish.  "I'm sure the manufacturer could whip something up, so to speak, but it will take a few days."  She took the ball-gag from Eleanor, and before Jodi realized her intentions, gently pushed its two-inch, red rubber ball between the volunteer model's lips and into her mouth.

Jodi's eyes were wide as she felt Eleanor thread the gag's buckle, tighten the strap until her cheeks bulged—"Mrrf!"—then finished securing the buckle.  Her eyes remained wide as she squirmed and tugged on the armbinder and did her best to expel the ball from her thoroughly plugged mouth.  Both efforts were wasted.

"Adorable," Eleanor sighed.

Meanwhile, Libby had lifted an inch-wide and yard-long leather strap with the same distressed finish from another rack.  She stooped down and tightened and secured it around Jodi's legs, just above her knees and the stylishly worn tears in her faded jeans.

Jodi was now strapped in an armbinder, gagged, and hobbled!  And she'd stood there and let it happen!  She was mortified... and a little aroused.  However, she wasn't scared, not even a little.  Jodi trusted Libby, and, as she'd already decided, Eleanor de Vries seemed like a nice lady.

Libby and Eleanor stood side by side, smiling at Jodi.  Jodi smiled back... grimaced, actually.  Her mouth was full of rubber.  Her eyes were still a little wide, her cheeks flushed, and her breasts were heaving... slightly.

"They also manufacture body harnesses," Libby said to Eleanor, "both upper body and full length, and can add optional reinforced slots to the sides of the armbinder so the harness straps pin it against the wearer's back."

"Lockable buckles?" Eleanor asked.

"Another option," Libby confirmed.

"Excellent," Eleanor purred.

Jodi looked from smiling face to smiling face... and did her best to ignore the tiny thrill shivering between her legs.

"Would you like me to get a quote for a rush order from the manufacturer?" Libby inquired.

Eleanor nodded.  "Just on the armbinder with a pebbled finish, but I'll keep the harness in mind."  She gestured towards the doorway to the main shop.  "Now, you were going to show me a black coat, I believe?"

Libby winked at Jodi, then led Eleanor towards the exit.  "Right this way."  They passed through the curtain... and were gone.

Jodi stared at the swaying curtain in dismay.  Oh, hilarious, she thought.  How clever.  A masterful prank.  A great gag... pun intended.  You got me good.  She rolled her shoulders and twisted her upper body, widening her stance for stability, as much as the knee strap would allow.  Har-har.

Jodi could still walk, of course, with pathetically limited steps, but she wasn't about to go barging through the curtain and into the main showroom.  Vicki's soccer mom customer might still be there, and other customers as well.  She didn't want to embarrass Libby.  She'd like to slap her face and/or give her a swift kick, but she didn't want her to lose any of her vanilla customers.

Seconds passed... and turned into a minute.

Well, Jodi thought, squirming weakly in her bonds.  I came here to window shop, so...  She stutter-stepped her way around the room, pausing to examine the rack of straitjackets.  Some of them were new, but she really wasn't in a position to give them a close look, not with them hanging together on the rack.  You really do need a model to appreciate the designs of this stuff, she mused.

Finally, the curtain parted and Libby returned, with a big (infuriating) grin on her beautiful face.  "Great news!" she gushed.  "I sold the coat and the armbinder."  She stepped behind Jodi—the glowering Jodi—and unbuckled her ball-gag.  "You're such a good sport."

"And such an easy mark," Jodi grumbled when the ball popped from her mouth.

"That too," Libby chuckled.  "Eleanor likes you," she added.

"Yeah," Jodi huffed.  "She thinks I'm an 'adorable' little thing."

"You are," Libby giggled.  "Also, when the custom armbinder arrives, she'd like you to deliver it to her house.  I'll give you the address, and pay you for your time, of course."

"She wants me to deliver it?"

"Like you said," Libby purred, "you're adorable."  She reached down and released the strap binding Jodi's knees.  "She has quite a collection of—"  She indicated the surrounding merchandise with a sweeping gesture.  "—interesting memorabilia, both accessories and furniture."

"Furniture?  Like what?"

Libby shrugged.  "I assume she'll give you a tour if you ask nicely.  I can tell you're curious."

"Like you said, an easy mark."  Jodi grew serious.  "You vouch for this lady?"

"I do," Libby nodded, then led the still armbinder-bound Jodi to the display cases holding her limited but excellent collection of miscellaneous bondage paraphernalia.  "And for being such a good sport—"

"And easy mark."

Libby smiled.  "You get to choose one item off your ever growing wishlist.  The armbinder was expensive, and the coat Eleanor purchased was very expensive."

Jodi gazed at the contents of the cases.  She wasn't about to go for anything extravagant.  She didn't want to be greedy and abuse Libby's friendship (or her future job prospects).  Her eyes settled on a clear plastic package, and she smiled.  She'd made her selection.  She turned to Libby and indicated the item with a nod.  "Half price?"

"Don't be silly," Libby chuckled.  "With the business you've brought me tonight, I'll even throw in the batteries."

 Chapter 1

Candy heard Jodi return to the apartment.  The front door opened and closed, she walked around, went into her room—meaning Jodi's room—but didn't disturb Candy's bound and gagged solitude.  Time passed... with more walking around in the apartment beyond the closed door of Candy's dark bedroom.  She was still bound to the chair, of course.  Big sister really did know what to do with rope.  Everything was still tight and secure.  Candy's most energetic struggles hadn't even caused the neatly cinched bands to shift, much less loosen.  And as for the gag, the harness still caged her head, the ball still plugged her mouth, and the front panel still pressed against her lips.

As for the pill vibrator tucked down the front of her panties, it was quiet at the moment, but it had been teasing her all night.  As intended, the timer turned the pill on and off at irregular and unpredictable intervals.  But the on periods were only two or three minutes in duration, the off periods fifteen to twenty minutes, and the pill was set on low.  Frustration was the order of the day—or the evening, in this case—and her tightly bound body and leather-caged face were shining with sweat.  This was thanks to the effects of the pill and the bedroom thermostat setting.  The sisters always turned up the heat in the "kidnap victim's" bedroom when they played this game.  They both agreed it was better to be too hot than take the chance of catching a cold.

Candy considered shaking her bound feet to make the wind chime bells tinkle continuously, as a sort of summons for her big sister.  Unfortunately, while the the bells could clearly and easily be heard inside the bedroom, they were musically obnoxious, not loud.

Finally, the bedroom door opened, Jodi entered, and she threw the light switch.  "Mrrpfh!" Candy complained as she blinked in the sudden brightness.  Jodi ignored her bound and gagged sister's distress.  "Libby has some great new stuff," she gushed as she flopped onto Candy's bed.  "And she let me try on this cool new armbinder."

Candy squirmed in her bonds and rolled her eyes.

"And I met this really beautiful lady," Jodi continued, "one of Libby's customers.  Apparently, she lives on this giant ranch outside of town, and is a wealthy widow.  She bought one of the new armbinders, but she's having it custom made with a really pretty distressed finish, and it won't be ready for a few days, and Libby's gonna let me deliver it, so I'll get to see her place, and guess what!"

Candy rolled her eyes, again.  The question was rhetorical, both in context and because of her gag.

"Libby says Eleanor—that's the lady's name—has been collecting bondage stuff for years, and has some really cool stuff."  Jodi rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling.  "I hope I can talk her into a tour.  She's really beautiful, with great big lips.  Not freakishly big, of course, but big... and beautiful."

Candy sighed through her gag.  Great.  Big sister is in love.

Jodi noticed Candy's expression.  She was expert in reading her kid sister's face, even when she was gagged.  "Don't look at me like that," she huffed, then her smile returned.  "And guess what else!"  She sat on the edge of the bed and reached into her jeans pocket.  She pulled something out, but kept it hidden in her closed hand.  "For helping her close the sale with Eleanor—her last name is de Vries—Libby gave me a gift, by which I mean she gave us a gift."  She opened her hand.

Candy's eyes widened.  "Mrrf?"  In her big sister's hand was a silver pill, roughly the same size as the pill tucked down her panties, and attached to the pill was a steel alligator-style clamp with plastic-coated jaws and a tiny screw to adjust the tightness.  It was a vibrating nipple clamp!  Candy stared at the clamp, then shifted her still wide-eyed gaze to Jodi's smiling face.

"Actually—"  Jodi reached into her other pocket and produced a second clamp.  "Gifts, plural."  She squeezed the clamp of one of the vibrators and they watched the tiny serrated jaws open... and close.  "They're wireless.  I've got the remote control in my back pocket."  She smiled at Candy's clearly worried face.  "I tried them on, and they really hurt.  Actually, I tightened the little screws until they really hurt." She climbed to her sneaker-clad feet.  "Shall we?"

"Nrrrrf!"  Candy squirmed and fought her bonds, but they both knew she was up for it.  They'd talked about buying nipple-buzzers, and she knew Jodi would never really hurt her.  She whined through her gag as Jodi took hold of her right nipple... slowly, carefully, placed the open jaws around the base... then let her fingers relax.  "Nrrrf!"  Candy went rigid in her bonds, then shivered and glared at her "torturer."  The damn thing actually hurt!  It wasn't that bad, and as a few seconds passed, she got used to it, kinda.  But it was tight, and the attached, dangling silver pill had weight.

Candy glared at her big sister, then whined through her gag, again.  The second clamp was approaching her left nipple.  The jaws closed.  Candy couldn't help but wince, but this time she managed to glare at Jodi in Righteous Condemnation.

Jodi reached into her back pocket and produced a small remote with a sliding switch.  She smiled sweetly—Candy continued glaring—and she slowly slid the switch from off to full power.

Candy's glare turned to wide-eyed distress as the pills began to buzz... and rose in crescendo to a still surprisingly quiet but nonetheless highly stimulating buzz.  The dangling pills visibly quivered.  "M'mmpfh!"  Candy fought her bonds and shivered in distress.  She had to admit the nipple-buzz wasn't all that bad, but if she wasn't tied to the chair she probably would have snatched them off, carefully.  But she couldn't—which was the point of the ropes, after all.

Jodi watched her sister squirm and shiver.  "Don't be such a drama queen," she purred.  "I know what they feel like.  Do you really think I'd try them out without turning them on?"

Candy stopped struggling and stared at her big sister.  She was panting through her gag and her modest, rope-framed breasts were heaving, slightly—which was causing the buzzing pills to sway, just a little.  Also, the wind chime bells dangling from her toes were ringing in frantic chorus.  Suddenly, Candy's eyes popped wide, again.

Jodi glanced to the side and noted the LED light on the plug-in timer was glowing.  The pill down Candy's panties had chosen this moment to start buzzing, and apparently, the combination of the nipple and pussy pills was potent medicine, even with the pussy pill set on low.  Jodi gazed at her "suffering" sister with a dimpled grin, then slid the nipple-vibrators remote control to its lowest setting.

"Nrrrf!"  Candy complained, staring daggers at her sister.  The pump had already been well primed from hours of bondage in her dark bedroom with the pussy-pill teasing her at random intervals.  She'd almost managed to cum, but not quite.  Bitch!

"Well," Jodi said, "I guess I'll turn in."  She leaned close, took the nipple-pills in her hands to confirm that they were, in fact, vibrating; then kissed Candy's mouth, meaning she kissed the black leather band stretched across her sister's ball-stuffed mouth.  "See you in the morning."

Candy watched her big sister stroll to the bedroom door.  Jodi paused to smile and wave, then turned off the lights, stepped into the hallway, and closed the door.  Candy sighed through her gag and settled in to wait.  It was after midnight... which meant something like six hours remained before Jodi would return and release her from the chair.

This was turning into a horrible, horrible ordeal... one of their best games ever.  Candy couldn't wait to return the favor and do something equally cruel and unusual to Jodi.

Just then, the pussy-pill turned itself off... for now.  The nipple-pills remained buzzing, of course... just barely.  And Candy continued sweating and squirming.  One might say she was also turned on... but not enough.  The wind chimes stopped ringing as she managed to stop moving... but they were still there, and she couldn't do her statue imitation all night.



 Chapter 1

Chapter 2