A Transdimensional
              Portal HUZZAH!

  by Van © 2021

Chapter 10



Una's scaly body shivered all over as she thumped her tail on the stone floor and emitted a warbling whine.  Thankfully, she was able to control the volume.  Dragons are capable of painfully loud vocalizations.  Mac erupted from her chair and hugged her Dragon Companion's head and cooed comforting words in Dearg.  The resonance crystal on the table stopped glowing and Mæn (Queen Epona's Companion and Una's mother) stretched out her giant neck and nuzzled both Mac and her daughter, nearly knocking Mac over in the process.

"When the crystals glow they generate a loud hum in dragons' minds, even though humans don't sense anything," Mac explained to Bonnie and George in Standard Britannic.  Then, she smiled and kissed Una's scaly cheek.  "She says it tickles her brain."

George raised an eyebrow.  "It tickles."

"It resonates telepathically?" Bonnie suggested.

"I suppose," Mac shrugged, then kissed Una's cheek again.  She remained at her Companion's side, stroking her head as Queen Epona gave a long, detailed explanation of the situation, with periodic input from the assembled Guild Leaders.  Mac translated for Bonnie and George.

As it turned out, the Dragons of the Dearg had been sensing a faint, very faint, barely perceptible but sometimes quite annoying telepathic buzz in the backs of their minds for the last two or three years.  It came and went, sometimes lasting for only a few seconds, but lately it had become even more irritating and had persisted for days at a time.

George made the leap almost immediately.  "Our crystals!  The crystals on Sky Woman!  We started experimenting with matrix resonance about three years ago!"

"And six months ago Sky Woman started her certification trials," Bonnie added with a nod.

Mac nodded.  "It would seem the dragons can sense vibrating crystals across the... Corollary Cosmic Boundary."  She paused to gaze at Mæn, then continued.  "I believe it's what we would call parallel universes."  She focused on George.  "As I recall, there are Scandish and Germanic physicists with theories about multiple universes existing side-by-side."

George nodded.  "And they aren't alone.  I've read papers on the topic in the Ashanti and Han literature."  She frowned in deep thought.  "But this is more than theoretical."

The bilingual telepathic and vocal discussion continued.

The dragons decided to investigate, hoping to find a way to make the buzzing go away.  It was suggested that if they all meditated on the "signal" at the same time, they might be able to pull it into sharper focus.  When they did so, they perceived that the source seemed to be moving, flying back and forth like a dragon, only there was no dragon in the skies over Dearg at the coordinates corresponding to the buzz.  The more they concentrated, as a group, the clearer the buzz became.  Then, they realized if they could make the buzz snap into sharp clarity, whatever was causing it might be pulled across the Corollary Boundary.

Mac confessed she very much feared her translation of the "technical" aspects of resonance-crystal and dragon interactions was woefully inadequate.  Even the Dearg language lacked the terms to fully describe "dragon physics", much less Standard Britannic.  George and Mac were understanding.

Continuing the explanation, the dragons solicited the aid of their human companions and a plan was developed.  The dragon population would collectively meditate and summon the source of the buzz, with several dragons hovering nearby loaded with teams drawn from the Elite Cohorts of the First and Third Legions.  They would deal with whatever appeared from the void.  The common consensus among the dragons was that they were "summoning" a large flying animal, possibly an alien dragon.  The second most popular prediction was some kind of floating plant would appear, possibly a grove of floating trees being driven by erratic winds.  (Hence the perceived movement of the source.)

The last thing they expected was a flying ship!  The Dearg and the other nations (the other non-ginger nations) had boats and ships, some of which are quite large.  But a flying ship?  Why even try and build such a thing?  Flying was what dragons were for.

"Anyway," Mac continued her translation, "our crystals freaked out, and—"

"Freaked out," George chuckled.

"Freaked out," Mac reiterated.  "You were there.  What would you prefer?  They sparkled like blue flowers made of lightning?  Anyway, Sky Woman appeared in Dearg skies, experiencing total resonance matrix overload."

"Freaked out will do just fine," Bonnie laughed, then smiled at George.  "Stop being such a meticulous twit," she suggested (ordered).

George responded with her best Self-righteous Pout, an expression she'd perfected quite early in her relationship with Bonnie.

To continue the narrative, Sky Woman dropped from the sky, but at the last minute settled (meaning crashed) into the tops of the giant redwoods.  The nearest dragon-load of amazons rappelled down and boarded, and it was all over but the naked bondage, followed by Mac's heroic journey to the mountain and rescue of Bonnie and George.  ("Rescue" was Mac's spin on what had happened, and she was sticking to it!) 

In short, the dragons had caused the transdimensional shift, but scientifically, they still couldn't explain exactly how and why the change had happened.

It was the opinion of the Artisan's Guild that Sky Woman was repairable, structurally; but, of course, they had no real understanding how the ship worked, and any help from the "aliens" would be greatly appreciated (and was requested by the queen).

"So," Bonnie said with her most winning smile, "now that you know we're not a threat... you're going to help us get back home?"

Queen Epona smiled a rather enigmatic smile, then turned and gazed at Mæn for several long seconds.  Obviously she was telepathically communing with her Companion.  Finally, she returned her gaze to Bonnie, as did Mæn.  "We shall see," Epona finally answered.

 Chapter 10

Over the course of the next month, Bonnie and George's mastery of the Dearg language grew by leaps and bounds... meaning in fits and starts... and eventually, their vocabularies grew to the point that they could focus on refining their grammar.  The Dearg themselves were very patient, and Mac was a valuable learning resource, being able to provide explanations and/or context for any linguistic stumbling blocks they encountered.  Anyway, the brunette adventurers were now reasonably fluent, and were adding to their Dearg word-lists every day.

George insisted that Bonnie and Mac join her in keeping daily journals, documenting events as they happened, everything they were learning about their hosts, as well as their personal thoughts.  "Remember," she explained, "we're all going to be writing books when we return to the Grand Alliance."  Bonnie and George refused to even consider the possibility that they wouldn't be able to get home... eventually.  (Mac was strangely silent on the topic.)  "Anyway," George added, "we should have more than our memories to rely on."

Bonnie and Mac agreed, and whenever possible, began recording their discoveries and thoughts every night before bed.  Among the facts they compiled about the Dearg realm were...

DRAGON SOCIETY.  Dragon females nest collectively in a protected place (like a mountain riddled with caverns) while the much smaller and less gregarious males disperse soon after they hatch and form small bachelor groups.  As they mature, most dragons of both sexes establish dragon/human business partnerships.  The dragons Mac had seen leaving and returning to the mountain while she answered Una's call had been females commuting to their day jobs.  When a female dragon feels the need to breed, she leaves the mountain and seeks out a suitable mate.

HUMAN SOCIETY.  At least among the Dearg (with their ginger hair, freckled skin, and green eyes), many women feel drawn to spend extended periods of their lives dwelling among the dragon females, and like their female dragon friends, these women leave the mountain only if they feel the call of motherhood.  At any given time, however, less that a quarter of the human female population resides with the female dragons, and Dragon-style sexual segregation is only weakly echoed among Dearg humans.  Also, human males are strictly forbidden from even visiting the she-dragons' mountain.  Anyway, humans establish farms and ranches, towns and villages, and live what would be called normal lives in Bonnie, George, and Mac's world, only with dragon neighbors and/or business partners.

HUMAN/DRAGON SYMBIOSIS.  Away from the mountain, male and female dragons interact freely with male and female humans.  Small dragons sometimes help ranchers manage their herds of aurochs, bison, and other livestock.  Large dragons partner with humans to run passenger and cargo-hauling businesses, as well as manufacturing and construction, with the dragons taking the role of intelligent cranes, bulldozers, and other heavy machinery.  This economic integration is made possible (some might say inevitable), by the ability of the dragons to telepathically communicate with human females and males; however, this symbiosis is exclusive.  Dearg dragons can communicate only with Dearg humans, and beyond the Dearg nation, "foreign" humans (with black, brown, or blond hair) mentally link with "foreign" dragon clans, but foreign dragons cannot communicate with Dearg humans.  However, all dragons can telepathically communicate, regardless of nation.  There are also "wild" solitary dragons found in remote wilderness areas not controlled by any dragon/human nation or tribe.  They either can't communicate with humans or choose not to, and they can be very dangerous.

TECHNOLOGY.  The Dearg economy is largely agrarian and runs on water and dragon-power.  There is little incentive to develop other sources of industrial power (like steam or oil).  The ready availability of dragon transport makes it practical to exploit natural waterfalls at almost any location and tap their potential energy with massive waterwheels.  The sites become manufacturing centers, with water-powered lathes, drills, saws, and other machine tools.  Dearg metalwork is quite advanced, including the manufacture of instruments and devices with close tolerances approaching Grand Alliance standards.  Dearg metallurgy is also advanced.  The mottled patina the adventurers had noticed on some Dearg steel is a product of human smiths using dragon saliva during both the billet welding and crucible forging processes.  (Collecting dragon spit is a minor industry.  The stuff is very mildly acidic, chemically complex, and quite disgusting, but it can be stored and transported easily.)

GEOGRAPHY.  From examining Dearg maps, Bonnie, George, and Mac quickly determined that the topography of the Dearg's world was quite different from their own.  Rather than one huge ocean and a single large landmass with many close island archipelagos, this new world had at least six continents and seven oceans!  Go figure!  There were rumors of a seventh continent at the southern pole, but exploration was limited to dragon/human flying expeditions based on large sailing ships, and winds and currents south of the known world were extreme, not to mention frigid.  The latest census set the population of the Dearg nation at close to two and a third million humans (all ginger) and forty-one thousand dragons.  The Dearg borders enclose an area roughly a third the size of the entire Grand Alliance, and includes mountain ranges, a large inland sea, vast areas of forest and grassland, and a modest coastline on one of the salty oceans.  Less than a quarter of arable land is developed, and expansion appears to be at a state of equilibrium.  There are countless human/dragon farms and tiny hamlets, many large towns, but only two large cities, (1) Sliabh Baile, (aka The Labyrinth, aka Home Mountain, and Bonnie, George, and Mac's current location), and (2) Sliabh Teorann or "Border Mountain," a tall peak in the jagged range between the Dearg and the Boghadubha.

FOREIGN RELATIONS.  And speaking of foreigners, the Boghadubha, Cudhaioin, and Lochlannach are the Dearg's closest neighbors and their traditional rivals.  Humans of the first two nations are brunettes with brown eyes, while the Lochlannach are blondes with blue eyes.  The Boghadubha have fair complexions, the Cudhaioin have dusky olive skin, and most Lochlannach tan easily.  Far and away, the Dearg are more technologically advanced than their neighbors, especially with respect to the Lochlannach.  At the moment, relations between all three neighbors are tense, but there's extensive trade across all borders—or, more precisely, to but not across all borders.  Dragons are disinclined to cross human frontiers and mix with foreign, "mind-deaf" humans.  Cargo is dropped at custom stations and reloaded onto foreign transport dragons.  There is a list of proscribed trade items (like weapons and certain forms of refined steel), but foodstuffs and most raw materials flow freely.

WARFARE.  Dragons refuse to engage in human-on-human combat.  They're happy to transport human soldiers/warriors to the scene of battle and provide logistical support, but they will not stain their talons or teeth with human blood, even foreign, mind-deaf human blood.  Consensus concerning draconic non-violence was reached among all civilized dragons many human generations ago, and the Dearg can only hope it will continue to apply when and if they make contact with other human/dragon nations.  Anyway, after countless conflicts with their neighbors, the Dearg have evolved a form of shield-wall close combat requiring a high degree of discipline and training.

Bonnie was the first to note the similarity of Dearg tactics to the legions of ancient Romia back home.  The Dearg's opponents also employ shield-wall tactics, but rely on individual skill and bravery to carry the day in a general melee.  In contrast, it might be said Dearg phalanxes are designed to prevent melees.  They rotate their fighters from the front to the back rank of the formation on a regular basis.  This keeps the entire force as fresh and rested as possible, while their Heroic enemies eventually exhaust themselves.  To date, the Boghadubha, Cudhaioin, and Lochlannach have been able to break the Dearg line only with overwhelming numbers. 

All nations employ archers and slingers, but Dearg armor and shield tactics keep missile-weapon casualties relatively low.  No nation employs cavalry, as training horses to ignore the proximity of dragons is about as effective as teaching them to sing.

The Boghadubha, Cudhaioin, and Lochlannach prefer round shields smaller than the large rectangular shields of the Dearg Legions.  Their swords are generally longer, and the use of axes is common.  And some Lochlannach "Heroes" or "Berserkers" use the formidable, long-handled battle-axe, which they wield with two hands beyond the protection of the friendly shield-wall.  (They seldom succeed in breaking the Dearg shield-wall, as the Legions have evolved squad tactics to counter the threat.) 

In addition to short-swords and spears, the Dearg employ javelins and crossbows, and the later are a relatively recent innovation.  The Dearg military staffs are still developing crossbow tactics compatible with their tried-and-true shield-wall doctrine.  The current iteration of the Dearg crossbow is powerful enough to punch through shields and armor, especially at close range, but requires an arduous effort to reload, and therefore has a low rate of fire.

The borders have been quiet for decades, with only the occasional small-scale, smash-and-grab Lochlannach raid disturbing the peace.  Rumor has it Epona, Caradoc, and the rest of the senior officers are contemplating a Legion-scale punitive raid across the Lochlannach border to put the "Blondies" in their place.  Bonnie, George, and Mac could only hope it didn't happen anytime soon.  None of them considered war a spectator sport.

Oh-by-the-way, the Dearg military is completely gender neutral.  Since their arrival and capture, Bonnie, George, and Mac had only seen female warriors because, as previously explained, only human women are allowed in the immediate area of The Labyrinth.  No human men or boys!  Not even male soldiers!  Dragon mothers are funny that way.

The "aliens" study of Dearg culture continued, as did their hosts' indirect study of the Grand Alliance.

Bonnie and George made several trips to and from the Sky Woman crash site via dragon, and when a harness was fitted to Una, Mac was able to make trips of her own.

Flight was invigorating, especially for Una.  The human dragon-creche-nannies had been of the opinion that Una was too young to exercise her wings, but now that Una had a Rider, they had no excuse.  All that flapping was tiring, of course, and Mac insisted Una start a regular exercise program to strengthen her flight-muscles.  In other words—daily joyrides!  Anyway...

Sky Woman was, indeed, repairable, and if all went well, the structural work would only take a couple of months.  Dearg carpenters and engineers were already hard at work.  Thoroughly testing the complex systems would take much longer.

Bonnie was concentrating on the structural repairs to Sky Woman, while Mac was, as Bonnie put it, busy playing with Una.  That wasn't entirely true.  Mac was also supervising the wiring and control system repairs.

George, on the other hand, was a member of a team of Artificers Guild humans and dragons investigating the nature of resonance crystals, and they'd achieved a major breakthrough!
As it turns out, while with respect to airship propulsion and drag reduction, all of the crystals were equally effective and interchangeable, the dragons could tell them apart and identify which crystals demonstrate a minimal effect on the dragon psyche when under power!  That meant that when Bonnie, George, and Mac got home, they could check their manufacturing records and probably determine the precise formula for "dragon friendly" crystals... once they got home.  Also, by shuffling the existing crystals to form a harmonic helix, they could lower Sky Woman's "buzz" from irritating to tolerable.

That same breakthrough led to the development of a "Transdimensional Ansible."  George discovered that by applying electric power to three crystals linked in a complicated manner, they could produce a unique "telepathically melodic pulse" clearly detectable by dragons.  Add a simple telegrapher's key, and the crystal triad became a communication device that should be able to send messages between the two worlds!  George tasked herself with developing a Morse-style code for the Dreag's rune-like alphabet, as well as a code-book of common and useful Dearg phrases represented by short code-blocks.

By the way, the dragons knew all about electricity and had shared that theoretical knowledge with their human partners.  However, the Dearg had never found any practical use for the phenomenon as anything other than an entertaining party trick.  The electro-mechanical control systems of Sky Woman had come as startling revelation, but they remained rather unenthusiastic about the implications for their own technological base.

Appalled by what she perceived as a "lack of imagination" on the part of her Dearg hosts, George had rolled her eyes and explained that for a modest investment and after only a little technical development, they could string wires across the entire nation and enjoy rapid communications both in the event of emergencies and for day-to-day purposes.  Surely they could understand the value of such a system.  Dierdre smiled and politely asked if the electrical communication network George was proposing might not be similar to their long-established and expansive network of dragons born with unusually clear telepathic "voices" who relayed private messages from station to station (dragon to dragon) across all of Dearg for a small fee.  George blushed, nodded to the affirmative, and dropped the subject.

Anyway, everybody was making a lot of progress and getting along famously.  And more importantly (especially for George), there was no more of that ridiculous and disturbing naked bondage nonsense that had characterized early relations between the "alien invaders" and the Dearg.

 Chapter 10

Bonnie had been assigned comfortable but rather spartan visiting officer quarters with the First Legion and ate her evening meals at the Officer's Mess when she wasn't invited elsewhere.  Also, at the request of the Training Staff, on a rotating basis she exercised with the different Centuries of the Legion and had become their Nawajutsu instructor, demonstrating to the Legion techniques for taking prisoners using rope or cord.  However, like when an extended trip to Sky Woman or something else interrupted her routine, Bonnie used the Legion's exercise caves for solo workouts after duty hours.

One such evening, well after eating a light supper, Bonnie was alone in the cave, naked (the standard Dearg exercise costume), and practicing kung-fu forms when Princess Danu entered the space.  Bonnie pummeled and kicked her imaginary sparing partner while Danu stripped off her uniform, including her golden headband/crown.

Bonnie had interacted only a little with Queen Epona's daughter since what Bonnie considered the diplomatic debacle of the first time she was "invited" to exercise with the First Legion.  She'd seen Danu at various meetings and social events, but they'd only exchanged a few words.  Now, gloriously naked, Danu approached Bonnie and politely waited to be acknowledged.

Bonnie finished her current kata, smiled, and nodded to Danu.  "Princess."

"Bonnie," Danu responded. 

It might have been Bonnie's imagination, but the twenty-something officer and Royal might have been blushing, just a little.  The abundance of freckles on her face and the rest of her toned, svelte body made it difficult to be sure.

"Uh, Centurion Eithne tells me you're instructing the Legion on how you do your rope tricks," Danu continued.  "It's probably going to become approved for training all legionnaires, especially the scouting and elite cohorts.

"So I hear," Bonnie confirmed.

Danu nodded.  "I've been practicing, and I think I've mastered that first trick you, uh, showed me."  She briefly lowered her gaze, then blinked and renewed her smile.  "Would you mind if I show you?"

Bonnie could tell the princess was nervous, and was now sure that she was, in fact, blushing.  Also, apparently, she was offering Bonnie an olive branch for acting like such a spoiled brat during their earlier encounter.  It never hurt to allow someone to atone for a past mistake, so... why not?

Bonnie smiled, spun on her naked heels and strolled to the rope section of the equipment racks, selected a thin hemp coil of the appropriate length, and tossed it to Danu.  "Show me what you got."

Danu caught the coil, her green eyes flashed as her smiled broadened, and she prepared the rope for use.

"Should I attack?" Bonnie grinned, "or do you want me to be a bored sentry?"

"Oh, bored sentry, please," Danu chuckled.  "I need all the advantages I can get."  While talking, she tied a slip-knot in one end of the rope, loosely coiled the remainder, and dropped into ready stance.

"In that case," Bonnie said, "since I can't very well stand to the side and watch the action, let's do this at half-speed.  It will help me follow the sequence."


Bonnie turned her back (and thus missed the slightly sinister twist Danu's smile had taken).

Without further ado... Danu pounced!

Part of the training of Nawajutsu is to know and understand how a trained opponent would be expected to react to an attack, how they would attempt to counter the attacker's moves.  This allowed the attacker to use their opponents' moves against them.  Concomitantly, it also allowed for the development of an effective defense against specific Nawajutsu forms.  All of that said, in Bonnie's role as Danu's demonstration dummy, it was her job to react as expected and at half-speed, and she did so.

The end result was Bonnie face down on the sand with her left wrist bound tightly against her right upper arm—a bend of rope across her throat and yoking her shoulders—her right wrist tied against her left hip by a loop cinched around her waist—and her ankles crossed and her legs bent back in a stringent hogtie.

"That was perfect," Bonnie stated (grading generously to assuage what she suspected was Danu's wounded pride).  "Now, let's try it again at full speed.  Then, I can show you a couple of counter moves."

"I've got a better idea," Danu purred.  She released Bonnie's hogtie, but used the resulting free rope to take an additional turn around each of Bonnie's wrists, and this time she secured the ropes with well-compacted overhand knots!  Then, she looped the remaining free rope around Bonnie's right upper thigh, just below her crotch, and tied her final knot through the waist rope, just under Bonnie's navel and where she couldn't possibly reach it with either hand!

Bonnie squirmed and struggled to her knees.  "What the hell?" she demanded.  Apparently, she'd misjudged the youngster.  Danu wasn't done being a brat.

Meanwhile, the brat in question was returning from the equipment rack with a second coil of rope and a long, narrow, folded cloth.

Bonnie watched with a scowl as Danu dropped the rope to the ground, then tied an overhand knot in the center of the cloth.  "I asked you—Mrrpfh!—MRRRF!"

Danu had thrust the knotted cloth in Bonnie's mouth, cinched it tight at the nape of her neck and under her tousled brown hair, then finished the knot, giving Bonnie a tight cleave-gag.  And then, she planted her right palm on Bonnie's back and gave her an immediate shove forward!  Bonnie landed on her breasts and stomach on the sand.  Next, Danu tied a loose noose around Bonnie's neck with a non-compacting knot, crossed her ankles together and restored her former hogtie!

Squirming and twisting on the ground, Bonnie stared daggers at the princess as the brat padded to the clothing rack and began to dress.  The hogtie was tight enough that eventually, perhaps after hours, her leg muscles would become exhausted and she'd slowly strangle herself on the noose, but she very much doubted Danu was going to leave her like this for her corpse to be discovered by tomorrow morning's first training group, and she was right.

Danu's boots, loincloth, tunic, belt, I'm-a-spoiled-princess-crown/headband back in place, and smiling broadly, she released Bonnie's ankles, pulled her to her feet, and brushed the sand from Bonnie's skin with brisk hands.

"There," the princess said once Bonnie was more-or-less clean, then took a firm hold on the leash and led her from the exercise cave.

Bonnie assumed she was being taken to the Legionary Bath so Danu could show off her prize to her friends (assuming the spoiled brat had any friends), but this time Bonnie was wrong.  Danu ducked into a small side-tunnel off the deserted public corridor, and her prisoner had no choice but to follow.  The only light was from widely separated oil lamps set in niches at head-height.  After several twists and turns, Danu pressed on a section of stone wall, and it pivoted open on a well-oiled hinge.

"Mother doesn't know that I know about the palace tunnels," Danu said quietly.  "I found them when I was only eight.  They're how I sneaked out of my room to get away from Nanny Cerridwen.  Now I use them to sneak my playmates in and out of my room."

This can't be good, Bonnie mentally sighed.  She wasn't frightened or particularly upset, but usually it was George who attracted this sort of attention when they were in the field... or back home, where the adorable little goody-goody had a habit of letting herself get snatched off the streets of Londinium by the usual villains.  This turn of events, however, with Bonfilia Plantuckett in the role of damsel-in-distress, was... vexing.

What followed was a series of left and right turns down more side-tunnels... until they emerged in what was clearly a public corridor.  It was wider, better lit, the air was moving, and Bonnie thought she might be hearing the sound of distant voices, but she didn't even consider trying to scream through her gag for help.  Bonnie had her pride.

Their final destination was a medium size chamber with a large, circular bed, a wooden wardrobe, a wooden trunk, and a rack holding Danu's armor and personal spear and sword.  There were a couple of woven tapestries on the wall and a rug underfoot.  Danu bolted the door, led Bonnie to the bed, then gave her another rude shove to land her bouncing on the mattress and pile of pillows.

Bonnie rolled over onto her side and glowered at her captor as Danu tied the far end of her leash to an iron ring hammered into the stone wall beside the headboard, then continued glowering as Danu removed her boots, tunic, loincloth, and crown, carefully putting the boots in what was obviously its proper place next to her armor, then dropped her clothes in what was probably a laundry basket.  Naked and smiling her incredibly beautiful (and irritating) smile, the princess padded to the bed, reclined on top of her "guest," and planted a passionate kiss on Bonnie's gagged lips.  Then, she set about kissing the rest of Bonnie's face while squeezing her breasts and generally caressing her bound body.

Danu was doing her best to be seductive and generous with her attentions, and Bonnie had to admit the kid wasn't half bad.  This wasn't Danu's first rodeo, but then, it wasn't Bonnie's first rodeo either.

As the saying goes, then life gives you lemons, you might as well make lemonade.  So, if a beautiful young ginger princess tricks you into naked bondage and insists on having her way with you, you might as well enjoy a few orgasms.

And so, Bonnie did.

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