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  Chapter 3

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Our story continues
The drive to the estate took something like three hours.  Thanks to weekend traffic, the first hour and a half was expended simply getting out of the city and away from the metropolitan area.  After that it was all small towns and farmland... then farmland... then farmland and woods... and finally, nothing but woods.

At last they came to a turnoff with a gravel turnaround.  There was also a mailbox, one of the armored kind designed to be impervious to rednecks with baseball bats.  An eight-foot chain-link fence with a motorized gate stretched in either direction.  Beverly hit the button of a remote clipped to the SUV's sun visor and the gate rolled open.  "This fence only extends along the road front," she explained, "to discourage trespassers."  She pointed to the prominent "PRIVATE PROPERTY" and "NO TRESPASSING" signs on either side of the gate.  "Farther along there's an inner fence, to keep the deer out of the gardens."

"They're a problem?" Erin asked.

"Not really," Beverly admitted, "but keeping them out lets me plant species they might find especially appetizing."

They pulled through the gate and it started rolling closed.  Erin looked back and watched the gate pause, then start opening, again.  The truck with Marta, Crystal, and the load of crated art had caught up.  Then, the road curved and the truck and gate were lost to view.  The tall trees of a mature forest extended in all directions.

The journey continued for about a minute.  Then, as promised, they came to the inner fence.  It was also chain-link, but was higher, twelve feet, in fact.  The posts and hardware were painted black and the linked wire was clad in black vinyl.  The fence was topped with strands of barbed wire and the rolling gate was of vertical iron bars topped with long, wavy spikes that tapered to what appeared to be sharp points.

"Just how persistent are these deer?" Madison inquired dryly.

Beverly smiled as she noticed Erin turn and give her roommate the evil eye.  "The inner fence has the added advantage of keeping out hunters," Beverly explained.  "All my land is posted and the local sheriff keeps an eye on the road, but I'd just as soon not be dodging stray bullets."

Madison shrugged, then favored Erin with an irritatingly sweet smile.

Erin continued to glare.  The silent message was clear: "Don't you dare piss off the nice gallery owner!"

They continued through more forest for a hundred more yards, possibly two.  Then, the road broke out of the trees and passed through a grassy meadow.  What could only be the main house of the estate came into view.

"Wow!" the roommates exclaimed in unison.

"Very nice," Erin gushed.

"And how," added Madison.

Beverly smiled.  "Thank you."

The architectural style was difficult to classify.  If forced, Erin would call it "Natural Modern."  She detected Bauhaus influences, and possibly Frank Lloyd Wright, but its cantilevered balconies, sloping metal roof, and mix of stone, cedar siding, and red brick didn't fall into any particular style.  One thing was for sure, the place was big!  It was a mansion.

"It was built by my grandfather," Beverly explained.  "My mother did a little remodeling, but I haven't changed anything in a significant way.  In addition to the main house, there are stables, a greenhouse, and a tea house pavilion out by the lake."

"You keep horses?" Madison asked.

Beverly shook her head.  "No, but some of my friends like to use the stables when they visit.  Lately I have been thinking about acquiring a pair of ponies."

Erin frowned.  "Ponies?  You mean Shetlands?"

Beverly shrugged.  "Something smaller than an actual horse that can pull a cart or sulky.  We'll see."

Aonja Sohn as
          AliAs they pulled up to the main entrance, a woman was waiting.  She was of African heritage, probably in her mid-thirties, and had very attractive, high-cheeked features.  She was dressed in jeans, a white cotton blouse, and a gray jacket. 

The new arrivals climbed out of the SUV and Erin and Madison watched as Beverly and the woman exchanged kisses on their cheeks.

Beverly made the introductions.  "Erin, Madison, this is Alison Devereaux, my resident manager and chef."

"Please, call me Ali," the woman said as she kissed first Madison, and then Erin.  "And let's not be pretentious.  I'm the housekeeper and cook."  Her alto voice was quite melodious.

"Pleased to meet you," the housemates responded, exchanging a smile.

"I'll get the bags," Ali said as she took Beverly's keys and triggered the remote to open the SUV's back hatch.

Just then, the truck rolled past, continuing around the side of the house.

"Hey, Ali!" Crystal called from the open window and Marta waved from the passenger's side.

"Welcome back, Little One, Marta!" Ali shouted as the truck disappeared from view.

"They're taking the crates to the studio wing," Beverly explained, then turned to face her guests.  "You'll be sharing a room, if that's all right."

"Of course," Erin smiled.

Madison nodded towards her friend.  "She doesn't snore."

"Good," Beverly chuckled.  "I'll let Ali show you the way.  I want to supervise the unpacking."

"Can we help?" Erin offered.

"No, thank you," Beverly responded as she walked after the truck.  "I'll be in, shortly."  She smiled at Ali.  "What's for supper?"

"Almond and garlic-crusted chicken breasts and salmon with mint and mango salsa," Ali answered.

Beverly winked at Erin and Madison.  "I told you—chef!"

"Cook!" Ali called after her, then lifted the bags.  "This way, please," she said, and led Beverly's guests into the house.
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 Chapter 3
The next morning, after breakfast...

Madison tied the final bikini string, then regarded herself in the bedroom's full-length mirror.  "I suppose it's better than nothing," she drawled.

"A few strategically placed square inches better than nothing," Erin chuckled.  She was tying the sash of a light robe of natural cotton .  Both garments, bikini and robe, were borrowed from their hostess.  "Next time, bring your ugly Speedo training suit."

"How was I supposed to know Beverly Adair's palatial estate would have a lake suitable for swimming?" Madison huffed.  "I didn't bring my tennis racket, lacrosse stick, or bowling shoes, either."

"You don't own bowling shoes," Erin noted.

Madison was still frowning at herself in the mirror.  The burgundy bikini bottom's strings tied above either hip and the top's strings at the nape of her neck and behind her back.  The coverage was decidedly minimal.  "I like the color, anyway."

"You're a ginger goddess," Erin teased.  "At least you get something to wear."  Under the robe, Erin was nude.

"If you don't want to do it, just tell her," Madison said.

"I don't mind posing in the nude," Erin responded.  "I'm not a prude."


Erin sighed.  "Okay, I'm nervous about the damsel-in-distress stuff."

Madison turned and focused on her friend.  "Look, if she wants to do something you're not comfortable with, just tell her."

"Okay," Erin sighed

"Seriously," Madison continued, "it's just a gallery show."

"It's just my big break, you mean."  Erin shrugged.  "I don't even know what she has in mind."

Madison grinned.  "Maybe you'll like it."

Erin was not amused.  "You're the one who used to let your cousins tie you to trees when you were twelve."

"Touché."  Madison pulled on a borrowed robe identical to Erin's, then gestured towards the door.  "We better get down to the kitchen.  Crystal and Beverly are probably already waiting."

"To the kitchen," Erin agreed, and they left the bedroom.
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 Chapter 3
Madison swam with slow, even strokes, returning from the floating platform in the middle of the lake to the tea house.  She climbed the ladder at the end of the dock and walked the length of the pavilion's large, shaded deck to a grouping of lounge chairs.

Crystal was reclined on one of the chairs, her diminutive form clad in a black bikini as skimpy as Madison's.  The short-haired brunette had a tight little bod, in Madison's opinion.  Not as tight as Lyndal's, but she was decidedly fit, in a waifish, pixie-like fashion.  She smiled at Madison.  "The water's nice, isn't it?"

"Yeah," Madison agreed as she picked up a towel.  She nodded towards the water in question as she toweled her hair.  "How long is she going to keep that up?"  She was referring to Lyndal, who was swimming in their direction, returning from the latest of several full laps of the lake.  The blonde had appeared at breakfast, apparently having arrived at the estate sometime during the night.

"I don't think this is one of Lyn's training days," Crystal answered.  "She only swims a mile on her off days.  I think she's about done."

"Only a mile," Madison chuckled.  "I swam a mile... once."  She nodded at the canvas canopy shielding them from the sun.  "I'm grateful for the shade.  More than about fifteen minutes and I turn as red as a lobster."

"I know what you mean," Crystal agreed, executing a full-body stretch.  "Eeeyah!  I tan a little, but mostly I burn.  The Norse Goddess, on the other hand, tans like a beach bunny."  She was referring to Lyndal, of course.  "I have what Bev calls 'alabaster skin.'  She likes to paint me in even light against dark backgrounds."  She favored Madison with an appraising gaze.  "She'll probably call your skin 'peach-ivory,' and do the same."

Madison reclined on the chair next to Crystal's.  "Uh, tell me about that.  The posing, I mean."

Crystal grinned.  "What's to tell?"

"Did she tie you up?"

"A little," Crystal purred.  "Why?  You scared of that sort of thing?"

Madison mustered a smile.  "No, I'm not scared... just curious."

"It's different, every time," Crystal shrugged.  "I think Lyn may know what She Who Must Be Obeyed has in mind."

Apparently, Lyndal had finished her swim, for she was climbing onto the dock.

"Hey Lyn!" Crystal shouted as the dripping blonde approached.  "After she's done painting the photographer—"  She nodded at Madison.  "—what does Bev have in store for the piano player?"

Lyndal shrugged.  "She doesn't tell me everything, you know.  Marta's her confidant."  She picked up a towel and began drying herself.  She was also wearing a string bikini, and its metallic gold, coarse-woven fabric (what there was of it) complemented her tan, incredibly well-toned body.

"Not even a hint?" Crystal persisted.

Lyndal smiled as she dried her long, golden locks.  "Well, she did mention that she's just about done with her 'Princess in Chains' period, and is thinking of something involving hemp."

"The long awaited Shibari series?" Crystal suggested.

"Maybe," Lyndal purred.

"What's Shibari?" Madison asked.

"Japanese rope-work," Crystal explained.  "You saw the room of Adams' sculptures at the show, right?  The amber maidens?"

Madison's eyes widened.  "Oh."

"Don't freak out," Crystal chuckled.  "That was all very advanced stuff."  She focused on Lyndal.  "Bev probably has something much simpler in mind."

Lyndal shrugged.  "She mentioned something about a box-tie."

"Which you still refuse to show me how to do," Crystal huffed.  She winked at  Madison.  "She's actually tied me in a box-tie, but all the action is behind your back and you can't really see what's happening."

"What do you expect me to do about it?" Lyndal grinned.  "Ask Marta to let me tie her up while you take notes?  Or maybe Ali?"

"Hah!" Crystal laughed.  "Ali would kick both our butts just for asking."  She smiled at Madison.  "Hmmm...  Come to think of it..."

"What?" Madison demanded.

"Two birds with one stone," Crystal grinned.  "You get a preview of what to expect from Bev and I finally get to learn how it's done."

"I don't know," Madison responded.

"C'mon," Crystal cajoled.  "You're gonna get tied up anyway, when you pose.  Lyn won't make it tight."

"A box-tie doesn't have to be tight to be inescapable," Lyndal said.  "Shibari can be very tight, punishingly tight, but Beverly's into the aesthetics of rope against skin.  Shibari is actually a western term for Kinbaku-bi, which evolved from Hojojutsu, and—"

"Yes, thank you, Professor," Crystal interrupted, then batted her big, brown eyes at Madison.  "Please?  I may not get a chance like this for who knows how long.  Beverly never lets us watch when she works."

"Well," Madison said with a wry grin, "it can't be any worse than the games I played with my cousins when I was a kid."

Lyndal smiled.  "Let me guess.  Cops and Robbers?"

"Cowboys and Indians," Crystal suggested.

"More like Robin Hood verses the Evil Sheriff of Nottingham," Madison drawled.

Crystal smiled.  "With you as Maid Marion."

"Every time," Madison huffed.  "And I always got tied to a tree for the entire afternoon while Robin and his Merry Men fenced with the Sheriff and his Men-at-Arms."

"A damsel's lot is not a happy one," Crystal sighed, then smiled at Lyndal.  "Got rope?"

Lyndal nodded at the pavilion.  "Be right back."

"I'm going to regret this," Madison sighed as she watched Lyndal stroll into the tea house.

Crystal shrugged.  "Probably."
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 Chapter 3
Madison was sitting cross-legged on what she'd been told was Lyndal's yoga mat.  She was facing the lake and Lyndal and Crystal were kneeling behind her.

"Okay," Lyndal ordered, "fold your arms behind your back and cup your elbows in your palms."  Madison complied as Lyndal pulled a coil of conditioned hemp rope from the canvas duffel she'd retrieved from the tea house.  "You start, like always," she explained to Crystal, "by doubling the rope, finding the center, and forming a loop."  She dropped the loop over Madison's head and shoulders and pulled out the slack, pinning her arms to her sides and passing above her bikini-clad breasts.  "Make it tight enough to remain in place, but not too tight."  She took another turn around Madison's arms and torso and passed the ends of the rope through the first loop in the back.  "Each time, pass through the previous loop and reverse direction."

"And make sure the ropes don't twist and are neatly stacked," Crystal said.

Lyndal nodded.  "And uniformly tight."  She took two more turns around Madison's torso and arms, this time passing below her breasts.  "Next, tie a lark's head to keep it all together."

"Lark's head?" Crystal inquired.  "That's just a half-hitch, isn't it?"

"I think it's both," Lyndal huffed.  "We can look it up in the library, later.  You want me to do this, or not?"

"Sorry," Crystal chuckled.

Madison's upper arms were now pinned by four neat, horizontal strands above her breasts and four below, all of which met behind her back, over her spine.  Several feet of rope remained.

"This is the tricky part," Crystal sighed, "the shoulder-yoke."

"It's simple," Lyndal corrected.  "Take the free ends to the left and under the four lower strands in front.  Pass it over and back, between her left arm and her body.  Don't cinch both halves of the lower binding, just the four strands in front.  If you cinched it in front and back, you might impair her circulation."

"I can see why this is confusing," Madison said.

"No, it is simple," Crystal countered, "now that I can actually see what's happening."

Crystal held Madison's hair out of the way as Lyndal passed the free ends up and across the top four upper strands, in front, to the left of her rope-framed breasts, then behind Madison's neck, back to the front, down and over the top four strands on the right, then between her arm and body.  She cinched the rope, then returned to behind Madison's back.  "If there is any trick to this," Lyndal told Crystal, "it's maintaining bilateral symmetry.  Whatever you did on the left, you have to repeat the mirror image on the right.  Otherwise, you lose style points."

"Wouldn't want to lose style points," Madison drawled.

"Hey, this is Art," Crystal giggled, "with a capital 'A'."

Meanwhile, Lyndal had tied another lark's head at the point of origin.  The nexus was rapidly becoming a complex nest of intertwined rope.

"You always tie it off at every step?" Crystal asked.

Lyndal shrugged.  "You don't have to, but it makes it easier if everything stays put 'til you're ready to tie the final knot."  She stretched the remaining rope up and under the pair of strands at the nape of Madison's neck, then back down to the nexus.  This was repeated, twice.  Then, another lark's head was tied at the nexus and the remaining rope was tightly wrapped around the vertical run.  The final knot was a square knot, tied nearly at the top.  "And now for rope two," Lyndal purred.

Madison felt a loop tighten around her forearms, followed by three more wrappings.

"Another lark's head, on top" Lyndal explained, "then up and around the chest harness, down and through the loop of the lark's head, then up and down, again.  The remaining rope is wrapped and tied off, as above."

"It's not as complicated as it seems when you're on the receiving end," Crystal said, grinning, ear to ear.  "Thanks for the demo, Lyn," she gushed, and kissed the blonde's right cheek.  She then stood and strolled around to Madison's front.  "See how it locks your elbows so you can't twist free?"

Madison gave a tentative struggle.  "Yeah.  My wrists aren't actually tied, but I can barely move my arms at all."  She struggled some more.  "It's tight, but not too tight."  Her fingers fluttered.  "And I sure as hell can't untie anything."

Crystal went to the canvas duffel and pulled out another neatly coiled hank of rope.  "Stretch out your legs," she said.

Madison frowned.  "Uh, why?"

"Bev will tie your ankles, too," Crystal explained.  "You might as well see how it feels.  And this I do know how to do."

"Do the ankle-foot tie," Lyndal suggested.

"You don't mind if I show off, do you?" Crystal asked Madison.

"Why not?" Madison sighed.

Crystal found the middle of the rope, formed a loop, then tightened the doubled rope around Madison's ankles.  She took three rather loose turns, then cinched the rope between the captive's ankles and pulled out the slack.  She passed the rope through the original loop and tied a lark's head, then stretched the doubled strands down and made a pass around Madison's insteps.  This was cinched, like the ankle ropes, and another lark's head was tied.  The remaining rope was looped around Madison's big toes and secured with a square knot.

"There," Crystal beamed.  "Almost finished."

"What else do you want to tie up?" Madison demanded.

"Just your knees," Lyndal answered.  She tossed a coil of hemp to Crystal.  "Beverly always ties the knees."

"Of course," Madison huffed.  She watched as Crystal looped rope around her legs, just above her knees, cinched it between her legs, and tied it off with a square knot.

Lyndal smiled.  "How does it all feel?"

"Tight, inescapable, and tight," Madison responded.

Crystal grinned.  "You're a really good sport to let us do this," she said, then leaned close, took Madison's head in her hands, and kissed her lips.

Madison blinked her eyes and blushed, in response.  She wasn't in a position to do much else.

"I'm going to sunbathe for a while," Lyndal announced, then returned the duffel to the tea house.

Crystal released Madison's head, stood, and strolled towards the dock.  "I'm taking another swim."

"Wait!" Madison objected.  "What about me?"

Crystal turned and smiled.  "You think Beverly is going to tie you up and then immediately un-tie you?  Take an hour and get used to the ropes."

"An hour?"

Crystal turned, sprinted the remaining yards to the end of the dock, and executed a simple overhand dive.

Lyndal had returned.  "Bev's sessions can last half a day," she said, then leaned close and kissed Madison's lips, just as Crystal had done.  "Try and escape.  If you do, I'll hold Crystal for you and you can tie her up."

"Fat chance," Madison huffed.

Lyndal strolled to a lounge chair out in the full sun, pulled the strings on her bikini and removed it, then reclined on the chair's soft cushions.

Madison gave her upper body another twist.  "Fat chance," she repeated, under her breath.  She noted that Lyndal had an all over tan.  They probably skinny-dip when guests aren't here, she surmised, then lay back on the mat and sighed.  I hope Erin's doing better than I am.  She squirmed in her rope bonds, again, then beamed her thoughts towards the main house and her absent roommate.  You owe me for this, Blue Eyes!
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 Chapter 3
Madison didn't actually spend the next hour trying to escape.  She squirmed every now and then, testing her bonds, but she knew she wasn't going to free herself.  She doubted if even a professional escapologist (or whatever they called themselves) would be able to get out of Lyndal's "box-tie"—not unless she'd had one of her fingernails surgically replaced with a switchblade knife.

Crystal had long since returned from her latest swim and had spent the time reading a paperback book.  Lyndal had moved out of the sun and back under the canopy after about a half hour.  She didn't re-don her bikini, but simply reclined on another of the lounge chairs.  She appeared to be taking a nap.

Madison noted that Lyndal had pierced nipples.  It hadn't been obvious before she'd taken off her bikini.  She'd assumed the bumps in the top had been "pokies," Lyndal's nipples showing through the fabric.  The rings were gold in color and surprisingly substantial—actual rings, rather than hoops of wire—and were something like half an inch in diameter and an eighth of an inch thick.  Also, the tan, incredibly fit blonde had a Brazilian.  Her pubic hair had been shaved and/or waxed, leaving only a narrow, vertical "landing strip" of neatly trimmed, dark blond curls.

Madison had to admit that Lyndal was one of the sexiest females she had ever seen—not that she swung that way, of course.  She could appreciate feminine pulchritude when she saw it, however.  Madison knew that she, herself was attractive, and Erin was certainly a beauty.  She glanced at Crystal.  The pale little brunette had it, as well, in a Mischievous Elf sort of way.

Crystal noticed her gaze.  "It's been more than an hour," she announced, favoring the languishing captive with a wry smile.  "I guess you aren't going to escape, are you?"

"I guess not," Madison agreed, mustering a smile of her own.

Lyndal opened her eyes and grinned.  "Pathetic, isn't she?  This is the least of what Beverly is gonna do to her."

"Pathetic," Crystal agreed.

"Hah!" Madison huffed.  "Not likely."

Still smiling, Crystal nodded towards the tea house.  Lyndal climbed to her feet, stretched, and sauntered in that direction.  Meanwhile, Crystal strolled to Madison's side, knelt on the mat, and began straightening the redhead's tousled curls.  "Not likely?" she chuckled.  "And how will you stop her from doing anything she wants, once she has you tied up?"

"Just untie me, okay?" Madison muttered.

Lyndal returned with the canvas duffel, dropped it beside the mat, then knelt with her knees on either side of Madison's head.

"Enough is enough," Madison huffed.  "The joke's over."

"Yes," Crystal nodded, "it is."

"Hey!  M'mmrfh!"  Lyndal had grabbed Madison's hair with her left hand, clamped her knees closed against her ears, trapping her head, and had her right hand over the squirming redhead's lips in a tight hand-gag.  Simultaneously, Crystal had straddled Madison's body and settled her weight on the prisoner's chest, pinning her on her back.

"Now," Crystal purred, reaching into a side pocket of the duffel.  "Let's keep things pleasantly quiet, shall we?"  She pulled out a red sphere pierced by a black leather strap and held it before Madison's horrified eyes.  "This is a really nice ball-gag design Beverly discovered," she lectured, turning the strap for Madison's inspection.  "Overall, the ball is two inches in diameter, but the outer layer is medium density foam.  Only the inner core is solid rubber.  And as you can see, the buckle is lockable."  Her smile, which Madison had previously characterized as mischievous, was now absolutely evil.  "Let's check the fit, shall we?"

"Mmm—No—Nrrf!"  Working in concert, Lyndal and Crystal had pinched Madison's nose, grabbed her lower jaw, and forced the ball into her mouth.  Next, Lyndal continued holding the struggling captive's head by the hair while Crystal buckled the strap at the nape of her neck, tight enough to make Madison's flushed cheeks bulge.  Crystal then reached back into the duffel's side pocket and produced a very small padlock.  "Not one of your cheap, easily sprung luggage locks," she lectured, rotating the open lock for Madison's benefit.  "This way, you stay quiet even when you aren't tied up."

"M'mmmpfh!"  The ball filled Madison's mouth, nearly to capacity.  It didn't completely silence her, but articulate speech and screaming for help were both impossible.  "Nrrrrrf!"  Crystal leaned close and the padlock clicked closed through the tongue of the gag-strap's buckle.  "Mrrfh!"

"Hmm... not quiet enough," Crystal purred, then reached back into the side pocket.  This time, she produced a rectangular piece of some sort of thin, beige plastic film with a paper backing.  It was roughly nine by four inches with a rounded notch cut into one of its long sides.  "We call this gag-film," Crystal explained.  "It's more or less equivalent to Elastoplast medical tape, and the adhesive is super-strong and hypoallergenic."  Lyndal held Madison's head while Crystal peeled off the backing, stretched the plastic between her hands, and plastered the rectangle over Madison's ball-gagged mouth.  She smiled into Madison's frightened eyes as she smoothed the film with her fingers.  It covered Madison's lower face from chin to nose and from ear to ear.  "I just love the way this stuff clings to the skin," Crystal purred, "the way I can see the outline of your lips and the ball-gag.  Now..."

"Mfff!"  Madison complained, with reduced volume, as Crystal scooted down and settled her weight on Madison's waist, then reached behind her head and untied the upper strings of her bikini top.  Madison continued squirming and complaining as Lyndal lifted her upper body enough for Crystal to reach behind and untie the remaining strings.  Lyndal then slid several inches forward and settled Madison's shoulders against her thighs, raising the captive's head.  All the while, she maintained her grip on Madison's hair.

"Oh, very nice," Crystal said as she pulled the strings from under the hemp strands of Madison's bondage and tossed the top aside.  She cupped the prisoner's pale breasts and gently squeezed.  "Not especially big, but nice and firm, with a good shape."

"Mrrrrf!"  Madison's fear was turning into anger.

"Temper, temper, young lady," Crystal purred.  "Don't make me get out my pony prod."

"Don't be a little bitch," Lyndal chuckled.  "Let her enjoy her kidnapping.  Training can start later."

"Good point," Crystal giggled, then reached into the duffel and produced a coil of hemp cord.  It was half the diameter of the rope already binding Madison's struggling body, but looked just as strong.

Crystal shook out the coil, found the center, then slid the doubled loop under the rope strands below and above Madison's "very nice" breasts.  She pulled them together until they formed an "X" between the now slightly bulging breasts, then tied a lark's head.  She then separated the cord strands and began wrapping the left cord around the base of Madison's left breast.  She took four turns, then handed the end to Lyndal, who maintained the tension.  The process was repeated with the right cord around the right breast.  Then, the cords were crossed, just below Madison's collarbones, passed over her shoulders, and Lyndal tied then off to the top of the rope harness in back.  "You want to handle down below?" Crystal asked her fellow kidnapper.

"Why should you have all the fun?" Lyndal chuckled, then pulled a coil of hemp rope from the duffel.

They rolled Madison onto her stomach and shifted positions.  Lyndal straddled the prisoner's back, with her own back to Madison's mewling head, and Crystal straddling her thighs, facing her fellow kidnapper.  Lyndal centered a lark's head through the lower nexus of the chest harness, passed the doubled rope under Madison's forearm bonds, and took a turn around the narrowest part of the redhead's waist.  She reversed the rope's direction, as she had with the upper bondage, and took another turn.  She then tied a lark's head.

Madison could feel her fiddling with the remaining rope, but it wasn't passing around any part of her body.

"How many?" Lyndal asked.

"Umm... five," Crystal answered.  Then, the smiling brunette untied Madison's bikini bottom, first loosening the right strings, and then the left.

"M'mmpfh!" Madison complained, and was ignored.  She could do nothing to prevent the bottom from being removed, baring her bottom.  Nor could she prevent Lyndal and Crystal from rolling her onto her side.  The rope was passed between her thighs, and what had to be several tightly compacted knots slid against her crotch.  She was rolled onto her back, the rope was passed under the waist ropes and tugged taut—"Mmmmf!"—and a square knot was tied. She twisted her body, as best she could, and tugged against her bonds.  The knotted rope cleaved her butt cheeks and her labia, and one of the hemp knots slid against her clitoris as she squirmed.

"Hogtie?" Crystal suggested.

"No, let's let her roll around," Lyndal responded.  "It's entertaining."

The kidnappers climbed off Madison's body, stood, and took a step back.  Madison's response was to twist and roll her bound, nude body and scream through her gag.  "M'mmpfh!"

Crystal and Lyndal stood, hand in hand, and watched.  "Look at the pretty pink blush the ropes give her breasts," Crystal sighed.  "She's so beautiful."

"And she's ours," Lyndal said.  The tall blonde and tiny brunette embraced and kissed.

Madison was busy trying to get free.  It wasn't a game, anymore.  It wasn't even a matter of being nice to Beverly and her staff, for Erin's sake.  Now, it was a matter of escape, for real!  She had to get free!  She had to warn Erin!

The kiss ended, but Crystal and Lyndal maintained their embrace.  They watched Madison's desperate efforts to find some way out of their ropes.  "So beautiful," Crystal sighed, again.

"You want to make the call?" Lyndal asked.

"Yeah," Crystal responded.  She broke the embrace, strolled to the doorway of the tea house, reached inside, and produced the handset of a telephone.  She punched a button and paused, waiting for a connection.  "Mistress," she said, "Operation Fire is complete.  No, Mistress, there were no problems.  She let us capture her.  Force wasn't required."  She smiled at Madison as whoever was on the phone spoke.  "Yes, Mistress," she responded, finally.  "I understand, Mistress."  She hung up the phone and returned to Lyndal and the prisoner on the mat.  "She'll call when Operation Ice is over.  Meanwhile, we wait before putting this one away."

Lyndal nodded.  "I guess I'll take another nap," she announced, kissed Crystal's smiling lips, then headed for her lounge chair.

"And I'll go get our lunch from the kitchen," Crystal said, then stooped and picked up Madison's borrowed bikini.  "And take this to the laundry."  She smiled down at Madison.  "Ali makes the best sandwiches," she told the struggling captive, "but they'll be for Lyn and myself.  You're having rubber ball for lunch."

"Hilarious," Lyndal muttered, rolling her eyes as she reclined on the chair.  She then did a full body stretch, relaxed, and closed her eyes.

Madison watched as Crystal walked away, towards the main house.  She resumed fighting her bonds, but she knew it was hopeless.  She'd already learned that she wasn't going to squirm out of the ropes, but she had to try.  What the hell is going on! she thought.  And what is Beverly doing to Erin?

 Chapter 3
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