What a nice place!

by Van © 2016

Chapter 7

Dramatis Personæ


THE SHOES were the worst part of the slow journey down the hallway and the glacial, step-by-step journey down the stairs.  Cat had already decided the stilleto-heels, with their point-shoe design and locking ankle cuffs, were precarious and uncomfortable, but now they were becoming actually painful.  The tight, narrow corset-strap between her legs and cleaving her pussy was next on her list, as was the corset itself, but the shoes were dominant.

Cat had just about decided to put her foot down (metaphorically) and demand a halt to the bizarre parade when Lady Caerwyn did it for her.

Her Ladyship paused halfway down the stairs, smiled, and shook her head.  "Such a slow coach," she chided, then gracefully knelt, lifted the train of Cat's borrowed gown, and unlocked the ankle straps, first on the left... and then on the right.  She then removed the shoes and set them side by side on the step, against the stone wall.  The tiny, open, heart-shaped padlocks dangled from the hasps in the ankle cuffs.

Cat sighed in relief, savoring the sensation of her toes not bearing her full weight in the stylish confines of the cruel shoes.  "Thank you."  The corset-strap and the corset, itself, were now her paramount restraint issues, but neither was that bad... for now.  Also, they were competing with the socially embarrassing issues of her naked butt in particular and her gowned, corseted, and expensively handcuffed self in general.

Meanwhile, still kneeling on the stairs, Jocelyn had lifted the train of Cat's gown, pulled a very thin ribbon in the same beige color as the gown from somewhere under the front of the skirt, and was using it to lash Cat's gloved thumbs together.  The ribbon served the function of lifting and holding the train off the floor, and also placed Cat's bare feet on display from toes to mid calves.  From the way the satin bunched and formed elegant pleats, Cat could tell the ribbon was a formerly hidden feature of the gown's design, not an improvisation.

Jocelyn then stood and smiled at her guest.  "There.  Now we'll reach the dining room before midnight."

Cat blushed and smiled in reply, but decided not to participate in Her Ladyship's teasing game (except with her captive presence).

The journey continued, now at a stately but much more rapid pace, and soon they entered the same "intimate" dining room where they'd eaten breakfast and lunch, as Cat had suspected (feared) would be the case.  She noted that only two places were set, confirming her added suspicion that Cecelia would be dining with the staff and/or helping serve the meal, not joining them for dinner.

Jocelyn pulled out the chair to the right of the head of the table and Cat settled her naked rump into the soft cushion.  She was now sitting with her diamond-handcuffed hands and ribbon-bound thumbs in her lap.  The train had lifted to expose her knees, but they were under the table, hidden by both the table and the tablecloth.  At least my naked butt isn't on display, Cat thought.  That was a good thing, but from a practical point of view, eating would be an issue.

Jocelyn removed Cat's leash, then settled into her slightly more throne-like chair.  "Comfy?" she inquired as she lifted and shook a small gold and crystal bell.

Cat considered responding with "Bite me," or words to that effect, but managed to maintain proper etiquette.  "Yes, thank you, Your Ladyship."

A side door opened, obviously in response to the musical, jingling summons, and Nora and her full staff entered.  The Staff Mistress was in the stylish, semi-formal, gray and white "uniform" she'd worn all day (as far as Cat knew), and the maids were in their same black and white uniforms, with steel collars and connecting chain accessories.  They formed a line and Nora bowed (slightly) while the maids curtsied.  Both Elyse's and Cecelia's hands were behind their backs, but their linked curtsy was nonetheless deep and graceful.  They've been practicing, Cat mused.

Jocelyn turned her smiling visage to Cat.  "Before we eat, I thought we might want to hear how Cecelia has enjoyed her day of domestic service."

All present focused on the smiling, blond maid-for-a-day.  However, Cecelia's eyes were on Cat's cleavage... her corset-enhanced, generously bulging cleavage.

Cat's blush deepened.

Jocelyn's smile widened.

Nora cleared her throat.  "Ahem."

Cecelia blinked, then managed a sheepish smile.  "Oh, sorry.  Uh...  Let's see...  Elyse has been great, a real sweetheart.  Nora has been cruel and mean, making us work hard all day and denying us lunch... although we did have a nice dinner.  Anyway..."  Her smile broadened.  "It's been a blast!"  She curtsied, again, focusing on the Lady of the Castle.  "Thanks!"

Nora rolled her eyes.  "Thank you, Your Ladyship," she whispered.

Elyse managed not to giggle, but it was a near thing.

Cecelia blushed (like Cat).  "Oh, sorry."  She curtsied, again.  "Thank you, Your Ladyship."

"You're welcome, Cecelia," Jocelyn purred.  "Now, since you've already eaten with the staff, I assume you'd like to shower and change and resume being my guest?"

Cecelia blinked, again.  "Oh, do I have to?  I don't want to be any trouble, but—"

"Too late," Nora interrupted in a whisper.

This time, Elyse did giggle, but managed to rapidly regain her composure.  A sharp glance from Nora had helped.

Jocelyn shifted her smile to Cat, then back to Cecelia.  "Are you saying you'd like to remain in my service?"

Cecelia smiled and nodded.  "Until morning?  Please... Your Ladyship?"

Jocelyn turned to Cat.  "With your permission?"

Cat was still blushing (a little).  She gazed at her goddaughter.  Cecelia was an adult, of course, and Cat was no longer her guardian, but it was nice to be asked, and she considered it further confirmation that Jocelyn could be trusted.  Her Ladyship was a "player," but she could be trusted.

"It's what you want?" Cat asked Cecelia.

"Pleeease?" Cecelia begged, smiling and batting her eyes.

"Very well," Cat said gravely.

"Oh, goody, goody, goody!" Cecelia responded, literally jumping for joy.  Cat noticed that Elyse's gaze was following Cecelia's bouncing cleavage.  She suspected the ginger maid had a thing for her goddaughter, or rather, this confirmed that the ginger maid had a thing for her goddaughter, but the feelings were obviously mutual... and it was their business.

"Stop!" Nora barked in a whisper—and yes, the House Mistress had mastered the art of barking orders in a whisper.

"I may keep her forever," Jocelyn said to Cat with wink.  "She adds a most entertaining element to the castle routine."

"And makes my life miserable," Nora muttered under her breath.

"Oh, pooh!" Cecelia giggled, then stuck her tongue out at Nora... then realized what she'd done and turned instantly contrite.  "Sorry, Mistress," she whispered.

Nora glared at the blond maid (and managed not to smile).  "That does it!" she
growled.  "Disobedient, lazy, and insubordinate."  She turned to Jocelyn.  "With Her Ladyship's permission?"

Still smiling, Jocelyn nodded.

Cat watched as Nora pointed to the side door, and the pair of chain-linked maids curtsied, turned, and left.  Elyse was in the lead and managed to use one shoulder to open the door wide enough for them to pass.  This was necessary because, as their turned backs now revealed, both maids' wrists were crossed and tied with rope or cord.  Nora bowed to Jocelyn, favored Cat with a polite but disapproving stare, then followed her staff from the dining room.

"Don't worry, my dear," Jocelyn purred, addressing her remaining guest.  "Once Nora has finished instructing her staff, she'll return and serve us herself."

"Oh," Cat said in a near whisper, gazing at the still swinging door.  "'Cause that's what I was worried about... who was gonna serve us dinner."

Jocelyn smiled, poured ice water from a crystal pitcher into a stemmed, crystal water glass, and took a sip.

Cat eyed Her Ladyship's glass, the empty, matching glass at her place setting, then Jocelyn's smiling (beautiful!) face.  She hoped Nora would return quickly.  She'd just realized her mouth was a little dry, and with her cuffed hands and ribbon-bound thumbs in her lap, she was hardly in a position to pour herself any water, much less take a drink.
 Chapter 7
As soon as Elyse and Cecelia entered the kitchen, the ginger maid turned on her blond companion.  "You are going to get the both of us in real trouble if you don't start taking things seriously," she scolded.

"I am taking things seriously," Cecelia countered with a dimpled smile.  "This is serious fun!"

Nora entered the kitchen and pointed to the nearest corner.  "Face the wall and sing, Yank!" she ordered.

Cecelia blinked in confusion.  "Huh?"

Nora rolled her eyes and pointed more emphatically.  "Go to the corner, place your forehead against the stones, and sing God Save the Queen!"


"You heard me!"

Cecelia blinked in confusion.  "But... I don't know the words.  Not all of them, anyway."  She began singing.
"God save our gracious queen!
God save our noble queen!
God save the queen!
Cecelia shrugged as best she could with her hands tied behind her back.  "After that... not so much."

Nora sighed, again.  "Hopeless."

"I can sing My Country 'Tis of Thee," Cecelia suggested with helpful smile.  "Same tune."

"Go!" Nora barked.

Cecelia shuffled to the corner with Elyse in tow.  Sing?  It didn't make sense, but orders were orders.  She planted her forehead against the cool stones and began.
"My country, 'tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing;"

Cecelia felt her collar's connecting chain go taut and sneaked a peek over her right shoulder.  Nora was whispering in Elyse's ear, but with her voice echoing off the walls and ringing in her ears, Cecelia could hear nothing else.
"Land where my fathers died,
Land of the pilgrims' pride,
From ev'ry mountainside,
Let freedom ring!"

Cecelia noted that Nora had noticed her inquisitive gaze.  The House Mistress favored the singing blonde with a warning glare, and Cecelia hurriedly turned back to face the corner.  Nora's intentions were clear.  She was giving Elyse secret orders and the song was auditory cover.
"My native country, thee,
Land of the noble free,
Thy name I love;

I love thy rocks and—"

A hand gripped Cecelia's shoulder and pulled her away from the corner.  The hand belonged to Nora.

"Enough caterwauling!" the Staff Mistress growled and pointed to the door opposite the door to the dining room.  "You have your orders," she said, addressing Elyse.

Elyse curtsied.  "Yes, Staff Mistress."

Cecelia curtsied as well.  What now? she wondered.  She noticed that Elyse's hands were no longer tied.  They were still chained collar to collar, but now Cecelia's wrists were the only ones bound.

Elyse turned and headed for the indicated door and Cecelia, of course, followed.

"Caterwauling," Cecelia huffed in a whisper.  "I have a good singing voice."

"For Heaven's sake," Elyse hissed.  "Shut!  Up!"  And then they were out the door.

Nora's hand flew up to cover her mouth as she stifled an explosive laugh.  It was growing increasingly difficult to maintain a proper mask of stern authority in the face of the blond Yank's antics.
 Chapter 7
"So," Cecelia said to her fellow domestic as they walked down the hall, "what now?"

"Now," Elyse said, "I execute the Staff Mistress' orders."

They proceeded for several steps before Cecelia spoke again.  "Which are?"

"We're going to shower and get ready for bed," Elyse said.

"So soon?"  It was only a little after sunset.

A coy smile curled the ginger maid's lips.  "Bad girls get sent to bed early."

Cecelia countered with a smile of her own.  "And if good girls are collared and chained to bad girls, they also get sent to bed early."

Elyse heaved a sad, theatrical sigh.  "Just so."

She paused to remove a key-ring from a wall-mounted cabinet and Cecelia realized where they were.  "Oh... the dungeons."

Elyse's coy smile was back.  "Just so."

"You guys have a shower in the dungeons?" Cecelia asked as Elyse unlocked the door leading below.

"Of course," Elyse responded, then led the way through the door.

Cecelia watched as Elyse closed and locked the door behind them.  "Again?"

"Excuse me?"

Cecelia nodded towards the now locked door.  "You're going to lock and re-lock each and every door and gate?  That's very inefficient."

"You're not in charge, Cecelia," Elyse said as she led the way forward, "something you seem to have a very difficult time understanding, even when your hands are tied behind your back and you're chained by the neck."

Cecelia shrugged.  "All I'm saying is, it's inefficient.  I'll put a note in the suggestion box."

Elyse rolled her eyes (and suppressed a smile).  "We don't have a suggestion box."

"Oh," Cecelia said.  "In that case, my first suggestion will be that we need a suggestion box.  Leaving the lower level doors and gates unlocked will be my second suggestion."

Elyse smiled, but managed not to giggle.

The ever-downwards journey continued.  Cecelia noted that crude iron lanterns were glowing and flickering in widely spaced niches set in the walls up near the ceiling.  The candelabra Elyse had used to light their way the night before wasn't needed.  Cecelia realized she wasn't at all sure where they were going, meaning she wasn't all sure they were retracing the precise path to the torture chamber.  Not surprising, she thought.  You've seen one creepy stone passage, you've seen them all.

More doors.  More gates.  More stairs.  More corridors.

"This place is a maze," Cecelia noted, "like you said."

"Indeed," Elyse agreed.  She paused and unlocked a door, selected at random as far as Cecelia could tell.  There were no markings or signs on anything.

The door opened, they crossed the threshold, and Cecelia found herself in a roughly thirty-foot by forty-foot chamber.  There was a drain in the floor near the far wall and mounted to the ceiling directly over the drain was a large shower head.  Near the door was a free-standing clothing rack and dangling from wooden pegs at one end were a pair of bath towels and several coils of hemp rope.  Gulp.

Cecelia was still staring at the rope when she realized Elyse's fingers were behind her back and fumbling with the buttons of her uniform.  She started to object, but instead bit her lower lip and continued staring at the hanging hemp coils.  After all, it would be silly to take a shower with their clothes on, and she'd taken showers in public before.  And now that she thought about it, how different was it, really, to take a shower in a high school gym with her classmates, something she'd done countless times, than taking a shower while the fellow prisoner of a really cute ginger maid in the dungeons of an authentic English castle?

Okay, totally different, but why make a fuss?

Eventually, Elyse finished stripping Cecelia completely naked, but she complicated the task for herself in two ways:  (1) Initially, she left Cecelia's wrists crossed and tied behind her back, causing her increasingly loose uniform and bra to accumulate as a rumpled mass half-hanging off her upper body; and, (2) she paused in mid-strip to take down one of the coils of rope and use it to tie an upper-body harness, pinning Cecelia's arms to her sides and yoking her shoulders.  Only then did she release Cecelia's wrist-bonds, finish removing her uniform and underwear, then re-tie Cecelia's wrists against her spine and to the harness ropes in a classic box-tie.

Cecelia twisted her upper body and tried flexing her arms.  "Let me guess," she huffed, "Mistress' orders."  She turned to face her fellow maid... and her complaining frown morphed into an open-mouthed, appreciative stare.

Elyse was removing her own uniform... all of it... underwear included... then hanging the garments from the rack next to Cecelia's uniform... and underwear.  The ginger Brit had an amazing body.  This wasn't exactly a stunning surprise.  Cecelia had formed that opinion the first time she'd laid eyes on the little redhead, but... in the dimly-lit dungeon chamber Elyse's peachy-pink skin was smooth and flawless, with just a hint of baby-fat.  Her breasts were pert and her nipples rose-pink.  Her tummy was flat and sculpted and her waist wasp-thin.  Her ginger bush matched her still tightly coiled hair.  Her thighs were sleek and strong, and her bare feet were simply perfect.  And now Elyse was releasing her hair, plucking the pins from the bun and letting the copper-red coils unravel.

Cecelia's cheeks blushed bright crimson.  Elyse was accumulating the pins between her teeth as she worked.  She was also smiling back at her with a knowing smile.  Cecelia realized she'd made no effort whatsoever to disguise her appreciation of her fellow-maid's hot little bod.  Oops.

Elyse stepped close to Cecelia's bound, naked form.  Standing front-to-front, close enough that their lips were inches apart and their nipples just touching, Elyse began releasing Cecelia's hair, plucking the pins from the blond coils and adding them to the pins already in her grinning mouth.  Finally, Cecelia's bun fell apart and Elyse transferred the pins to the pocket of her maid's apron hanging from the rack.

Cecelia realized her nipples were pointing... and tingling... and so was her pussy.  She watched as Elyse turned a small wheel extending from a vertical pipe, there was a hiss and a gurgling sound... and water began falling from the shower head in a steady stream.  Still aware of her blushing cheeks, Cecelia tried to think of something clever to say.  She failed, miserably.

"Brace yourself, darling," Elyse purred, then stepped under the shower, tugged on their connecting chain, and Cecelia had no choice but to join her.

Cecelia gasped, but managed not to squeal.  Truth be told, the water wasn't all that cold... and it may have been growing steadily warmer... either that or things were heating up in general.  Elyse had produced a bar of soap from a niche in the wall and was using it to thoroughly soap both their bodies... thoroughly... very thoroughly.

This did nothing to alleviate either Cecelia's blushing or her nipple and pussy tingling problems, especially when Elyse held her close and made sure her crotch was clean.  And due diligence couldn't began to describe how thoroughly Elyse made sure her fellow maid's thighs, labia, and butt-crack were clean.  Cecelia realized her heart was tripping like a hammer as their intimately entwined, wet, slick bodies and limbs slipped and slid together.

Cecelia realized the soap was back in the niche and they were in the rinsing phase.  Elyse was in no hurry to finish, which was just fine by Cecelia.  Also just fine, she was now engaged in a full blown bout of tonsil hockey with her fellow maid.  That is, the warm water continuing to pelt their naked bodies, their blond and ginger hair hanging in dripping curtains, Cecelia and Elyse were sucking face.  Obviously, as Cecelia was helplessly bound, Elyse was in control, but their enthusiasm was equal.

Suddenly, the shower stopped.  It took a few seconds for the blonde and ginger to notice, but they broke their kiss, turned, and discovered the House Mistress standing next to the control wheel.

"Oh!" the dripping maids gasped, more or less in unison.

Nora's lips were set in a disapproving frown, something Cecelia hardly found surprising.  She watched as the Staff Mistress lifted a length of cord from the rack, stepped forward, spun Elyse around, and lashed her wrists together behind her back.

"I did not tell you to waste time with frivolous snogging," Nora huffed, "did I?"

"No, Staff Mistress," Elyse sighed.

"Snogging?" Cecelia inquired.  "I know the word 'snogging' from the Harry Potter movies, but... it's a real thing?  I mean, you guys really say 'snogging?'"

"Quiet!" Nora barked, then covered a cough with one hand.  Apparently, it was a serious cough.

"I'll add it to my list of Brit-speak," Cecelia said absently, shaking her head to try and clear the wet hair from her face.  "We were 'starkers,' in the 'all together,' and riding the 'lift' on our way to use the 'loo' when suddenly we decided to start 'snogging.'  Snogging.  Snogging.  I wonder where it comes from?  Mrrrpfh!"

Still struggling to control her cough, Nora had dragged the wet, naked, bound maids closer to the rack, lifted a pair of panties ('knickers') from a peg and stuffed them into Cecelia's mouth, and was using a narrowly folded scarf from her jacket pocket to give the squirming blond a tight cleave-gag.

Cecelia was still coming to terms with being wet, naked, stringently bound, and stringently gagged when Nora took a generous handhold of Elyse's ginger hair and led her from the shower room.  The collar chain snapped taut and Cecelia had no choice but to stumble in their wake.
 Chapter 7
More doors, more gates, more stairs, and more corridors, this time with the key-ring in Nora's hand and the glowering Staff Mistress doing the honors.

Finally—just when Cecelia was expecting to meet Chinese maids and Staff Mistresses coming the other way—a door was unlocked and the maids were dragged into a large chamber with a high, vaulted ceiling.  Dim, indirect, flickering light came from unseen sources behind grids of heavy iron bars from somewhere far overhead.  The floor was covered by a thick layer of dry straw.

Cecelia was still looking around, not that there was much to see, when the neck chain snapped taut and she followed in Elyse and Nora's wake to the far wall.  She watched as Nora lifted a heavy chain and a padlock from the straw, unlocked the padlock, and closed it around the chain linking their collars.  The hasp of the lock was generous enough to allow the links of the connecting chain to slide freely.  Cecelia could see that the far end of the new chain was solidly attached to the wall... so now the naked, rope-bound maids were, as well.

Nora stomped back through the straw to the door.  "Teach her well, Elyse," she huffed as she pulled the heavy portal closed.

Standing in the straw, Cecelia stared at the heavy timbers and iron bolt-heads of the closed door.  She heard the clicking sound of Nora turning the key and throwing the lock's bolt, then looked back in time to watch Elyse kneel in the straw, flop onto her back, and start squirming and rolling.  Cecelia continued watching Elyse for several seconds, then returned to examining the dungeon cell.  Only the flickering glows of the unseen light sources were visible.  The actual flames, or more probably electric bulbs, seemed to be at the far ends of narrow, sloping light-wells.

"There," Elyse muttered, and Cecelia turned back to find that her fellow maid had succeeded in passing her arms past her hips, freeing her legs, and was picking at the knot of her bound wrists with her teeth and lips.  The knot surrendered and the grinning ginger pulled her wrists free of the loose tangle of cord.

"Mrrrpfh?" Cecelia inquired.  Even she wasn't sure what she was asking.  Their fate was clear: to be locked in a dungeon cell for the night.  What was in question, however, other than when Nora would return and set them free, was what the Staff Mistress had meant by "Teach her well."  Cecelia was sure she'd find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, Elyse had combed her damp, tousled, ginger hair back with her fingers and was using her former wrist bonds to enforce a ponytail.  Improvised coif complete, she leaned back with her arms straight and her palms flat on the straw-covered floor and smiled up at Cecelia.

Cecelia shook her damp, blond hair from her face and stared down at her fellow prisoner.  Elyse was gorgeous... naked, chained by the neck, smiling up at her... gorgeous.

"Well, I suppose if one is going to be punished for things one didn't actually do," Elyse giggled, "it could be worse."  She let the chain connecting their collars slide through her fingers... then took a firm grip and pulled Cecelia down with her onto the straw.

"Mrrrk!" Cecelia complained.  She squirmed and wiggled, but Elyse had her in a firm embrace from behind with her legs scissored around her waist.

"Stop that," Elyse giggled as she untied the knot of Cecelia's gag.

Cecelia stopped wiggling.  Elyse's breasts were squashed against her back, and she managed to grope with one of her box-tied hands, flutter her fingers and give one of the fleshy globes an awkward squeeze.

"Stop that, too," Elyse giggled as the knot finally surrendered and the cleave-gag slithered from Cecelia's mouth.

Cecelia spit the wadded panties from her mouth and worked her jaws and licked her lips, then held her head still as Elyse gently combed her tousled blond locks back and used the folded scarf of her former gag to give her a ponytail of her own.  "So... now you untie me, right?" Cecelia asked.

"Don't be a silly goose," Elyse chuckled.

"Let me guess," Cecelia huffed.  "Mistress' orders."

"Of course," Elyse confirmed, "but the real reason..."  She released her legs, rolled Cecelia to the side and onto her back and bound arms in the straw, then lifted a leg, straddled her fellow maid's body, and settled her weight atop Cecelia's tummy.  "The real reason has to do with control," she purred.

A shiver traveled up and down Cecelia's spine (and between her legs).  "Get off me," she muttered.  Actually, Elyse was as light as the proverbial feather, but complaining seemed to be the right thing to do.  Cecelia locked eyes with her fellow prisoner... and jailer.  "What did Nora mean my 'Teach her well?'"

Elyse smiled down at Cecelia for several seconds before answering.  Her response was twofold.  Firstly, she cupped Cecelia's rope-framed breasts and gave them a gentle squeeze.  Secondly, she leaned close and kissed Cecelia's lips... and the kiss lasted for a full minute.  So did the gentle squeezing of the wiggling, shivering blonde's breasts.

Finally, Elyse came up for air.  She also released Cecelia's breasts.

"So..." Cecelia inquired with a nervous smile.  "Snogging lessons?"

Elyse smiled back and slowly shook her head.  "Have you ever made love to a woman, Cecelia?"

"Huh?"  Cecelia blinked in surprised amazement
.  She also blushed.  "S-snogging doesn't count?"

Elyse shook her head, again.  "Maids in the service of Lady Caerwyn must master a wide range of skills.  Don't worry.  I'll teach you, just as I was taught."  She climbed off the flabbergasted blonde and, as before, pulled her into a tight embrace,
only this time she passed one leg between Cecelia's legs and braced the other around her waist.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Cecelia objected.  "Can we talk about this?  Mrrrpfh!"  The panties were back in her mouth, and Elyse left hand was keeping them there!  The ginger maid's right hand, however, was gently gliding between Cecelia's legs and against her labia!  "Mrrrpfh!"

"Now, pay close attention, Cecelia," Elyse whispered in the squirming blond's ear.  "This is called 'finger-frigging' or 'finger-fiddling.'  This first time I'll take it nice and slow... and don't cum until I tell you that you may cum.  Mistress Nora is a stickler for such things, and she won't let you anywhere near Her Ladyship's pussy until she's satisfied with both your personal control and skill level."

Needless to say, Cecelia had issues.  First and foremost, it was abundantly clear that Elyse had already achieved the skill level in question.  Her fingers were magic!  Add to that the fully realized fantasy of being incarcerated in a genuine dungeon, the ginger beauty's naked body embracing her naked body, and Cecelia was finding it very difficult not to cum like she had never cum before in her young life!

Oh-by-the-way... 'Her Ladyship's pussy?'  Castle Caerwyn maids were expected to entertain Her Ladyship's pussy?  Cecelia shivered and tugged on her inescapable bonds, the bonds tied by the ginger maid using her fingers to instruct her in the basic technique of bringing a fellow-maid to orgasm!

I'm going to have to lodge a firm complaint with the local tourist board, Cecelia thought as she continued wiggling and shivering and Elyse's talented and trained fingers continued stroking her pussy.  The least they could have done was put some sort of warning in the local guidebooks.

That was with a tiny portion of the back of her mind.  Cecelia's main thoughts were:
O My God!  O My God!  O My God!  Etc.
 Chapter 7
The End

Chapter 6
Chapter 8