New Things    

Trying New Things

by Van ©2022

Chapter 10

 Dramatis Personæ 


Time passed in the close darkness of Coco's walk-in closet...  And then... even though she was naked, ball-gagged, redundantly (and unnecessarily) silenced by the active obedience-collar locked around her neck, and stringently hogtied on the carpeted floor of Coco's totally dark walk-in closet, Eliza became aware that the perpetrator of her current captivity had returned to the main bedroom, and her sister was with her.

She could hear Coco talking through the closed closet door, and she was reasonably sure she wasn't talking to herself.  Pepper, her younger sibling and accomplice, was with her.  Eliza was sure.  The Vespini Sisters' voices were similar, but not that similar.  They were chatting and occasionally laughing, but the door was too thick for Eliza to make out even a single word of their no doubt witty and/or clever confabulations.  She was pretty sure Tippi wasn't there, or if she was, she wasn't saying anything.  Or she was gagged.  Eliza considered squirming, slithering, and sliding across the carpet to get as close to the door as possible, but given the threat of carpet-burn, she decided it wasn't worth the effort.

Seconds turned into minutes... and eventually... the talking stopped.  Another minute passed.  And then, the closet door opened.

Eliza blinked her dark-adapted eyes several times, and was eventually able to make out the figure of Pepper standing in the threshold and semi-silhouetted against the now dim bedroom.  The main bedroom hadn't been dim before, when Coco closed the closet door, but it was now.  The only lights shining seemed to be the reading lights on the bedside tables, both of which were in nightlight-mode.  And oh-by-the-way, Pepper was still rocking the red cocktail dress she'd worn to dinner.  She was also barefoot (as always).

"My goodness," Pepper chuckled as she smiled (gloated) down at the captive on the carpet, who lifted her saliva-dripping chin and glared in return.  "Sis may regret having gone this crazy with the ropes.  Keeping you safe and out of the way while we made our preparations is one thing, but it looks to me like she got carried away.  Oh well.  She'll just have to suffer the consequences."  Pepper then knelt and set about the semi-involved task of releasing Eliza from her hogtie.  When she was finished and helped Eliza to her feet, the grumpy blonde's bonds had been reduced to her crossed and paracord-bound wrists, her ball-gag, and the still active and insidious obedience collar.

"Okay, sweetie," Pepper purred as she untied Eliza's wrists, "amble on over to the mirrors and place your hands on top of your head with your fingers interlaced.  Then, after I close the door, count to 100 and enter the bedroom."

Eliza didn't "amble" anywhere.  Instead, she rubbed her mildly offended wrists and stared daggers at her "rescuer."  Sharp daggers.  Lethal daggers.  Only they were as ineffective against Pepper as the daggers she habitually stared at Coco.

Her dimpled smile never wavering, Pepper reached down the front of her cleavage and produced the dreaded, latex-clad Remote of Zapping Doom that controlled the obedience-collar.  Either it had been loaned to her by her big sister, or they both had one.  "I'm going to turn off your collar, Eliza darling," Pepper purred, "but don't forget, the red button is still available for punishing disobedient tomboys."  She pressed one of the control's button (that was not red).  "You better test that for me, darling," she suggested (ordered).  "I think I pressed the right button, but this is Coco's toy and I don't use it much... other than wearing it now and then."

Eliza continued glowering at Pepper for a few seconds... then conducted the ordered test.  "Mrrmpfh."  Her neck wasn't zapped.

"Excellent!" Pepper beamed.  "I got it right.  You may remove that ball-gag, if you like, but I advise you to keep it handy.  You may decide you need it.  Now, young lady, chop-chop!"  She clapped her hands, twice—Clap-clap!—then spun her index finger in the air and pointed towards the triptych of full-length mirrors at the far end of the closet.  "Remember, all the way to 100... aloud."

In a feat of monumental self control, Eliza refrained from giving Pepper the pounding she so richly deserved.  Instead, she reached behind her head, unbuckled the ball-gag still plugging her scowling mouth, secured the strap on its first hole, and expelled the slimy sphere of black silicon-rubber from said scowling mouth.  She was now wearing the inert obedience-collar and the ball-gag, with the gag as a very ugly necklace.  And then, licking her lips and working her jaws, she spun on her bare heels, and stomped (padded) her bare-naked self to the mirrors.  She then spun on her heels again, to face the mirrors, interlaced her fingers, and settled her palms atop her tousled blond locks.  All that was left was to begin the ordered oral countdown, which she did.  "One, two, three, four..."

Pepper was now standing in the closet threshold.  Eliza could see her silhouetted reflection in the middle mirror.  "Such a good Tomboy," Pepper chuckled, then closed the door, returning Eliza and the closet to Stygian darkness, as before.

The countdown continued, and eventually reached its ordinal conclusion.

"...ninety-eight, ninety-nine... one-hundred."

Eliza lowered her arms, clenched her fists at her sides (just on general principles), and spun to face the closet door.  Anyway, she was pretty sure she was facing the closet door.  She was going to have to grope her way in the darkness to reach the exit.  The journey shouldn't be that treacherous.  Bumping into racked clothes wouldn't be much of a problem, but there were a few hard cabinets to contend with.  Also, the giant shoe rack.  It would be a crying shame if Coco's entire shoe collection wound up in a jumbled mess on the closet floor.  Then again, Coco might use the obedience collar to motivate/compel Eliza to clean up the mess, so she extended her arms and slowly, carefully padded forward, avoiding everything she could.

Eventually... she made it to the door without stubbing a toe, bruising anything, or causing a footwear avalanche.  Eliza groped until she found the doorknob, gave it a turn, and swung open the door.  The bedside reading lamps were still glowing on a low setting, and—What the bloody hell?—Eliza found she wasn't alone.

Pepper was absent, and so was Tippi.  Coco, however, was very much present, and...  she was lying on her back, on her bed (or more precisely, on the right half of her bed), and was completely naked!

She was also bound in place by the same sort of padded medical restraints with which Eliza had been strapped to her guest bed in the Patient Wing on her second night at the mansion!  Brown leather, off-white padding, and locking buckles!  And the cuffs were attached to horizontal straps of brown leather straps that crossed the bed at the head and foot, strapped tight enough to dimple the edges of the mattress.

Coco was in a... half-spreadeagle?  A semi-spreadeagle?  Whatever it was called, instead of her limbs being flung wide to form an "X," she formed an inverted "Y" with her legs splayed apart and her arms over her head and parallel, with her wrists less than a foot apart.  The separation was just enough to let her head rest on a small pillow between her upper arms.  This left her armpits very exposed... although why Eliza was noting the degree of vulnerability of her hostess' armpits she had no idea.  Also, Coco's hands were clenched in tight fists and tightly encased in overlapping layers of off-white medical tape.  Fist-mummies!  In any case, Mistress Coco's predicament was stringent, meaning she was stretched enough that her muscles were somewhat pronounced, her normally flat tummy was even flatter, and her normally modest-but-bouncy breasts were also flat (or maybe semi-flat).

"Mrrrf!" Coco mewled through her gag.  And yes, of course, She-Who-Under-Normal-Circumstances-Must-Be-Obeyed was gagged.  It was a single broad strip of milky, off-white Elastoplast tape, covering her entire lower face from just under her nostrils to just above her chin, and from ear-to-ear.  And it was unwrinkled and expertly applied.  The contours of Coco's lips and mouth stood out in perfect 3D detail.  There was even a hint of her dimples.  Eliza surmised the Evil Villainess must have been smiling and with her lips together when the tape was applied.

Eliza stared at her helpless hostess in naked wonder (literally, if you don't count the collar and dangling ball-gag)... then her lips curled into an evil smile.  What a delicious opportunity!  Of course, it was an entirely staged opportunity, but at this point in her Great Mansion Adventure, Eliza decided she'd take what she could get.  She also took a few seconds to think things through and came up with an impromptu Diabolical Plan.

Phase 1:  Make sure it wasn't a trap.  Well, of course it was a trap, but make sure it wasn't a bonehead-simple-trap, like once she was preoccupied gloating over Coco-the-Captive, Pepper would sneak up behind her and pounce.  That would be really stupid, both for her to fall for it and as a plan in general.  Eliza could take Pepper Vespini in a fight... probably... maybe.  Oh, she realized, the collar.  Nevermind, but that makes pouncing on me from behind an even stupider plan.

Anyway, while keeping an eye on the bedroom door, Eliza took a quick look in the bathroom to confirm Pepper wasn't lurking in the shower, waiting for her to let her guard down.  Then, Eliza picked up the padded bench in front of the dressing table, carried it to the bedroom door, and leaned it half against the frame and half against the door.  It wasn't wedged under the doorknob, but would fall to the floor if Pepper tried opening the door.  If that wasn't enough to get Eliza's attention, she deserved to be pounced upon.

Phase 2:  Pad back into the bathroom and wash her face, brush her hair, take a tinkle (even though she didn't really need one), take a quick gulp of cold water, then smile at herself in the bathroom mirror.  All that was to give Coco time to stew in her own juices back in the bedroom and contemplate her impending doom... whatever it might be.  Eliza had yet to decide.

Phase 3:  Pad from the bedroom, stand beside the bed with her hands on her hips, smile, and... gloat like she'd never gloated before in her entire life!  Really turn it on!  The Vespini Sisters thought they could be Bond Villains?  Eliza would show them!  Coco, anyway.  Pepper wasn't here.  It would be a gloat-o-rama!

Eliza executed all three phases.

Truth be told, Eliza wasn't all sure her gloating was nearly as over the top as she intended.  She was distracted by Coco's naked, helplessly bound and gagged pulchritude.  The elder Vespini had an amazing body for an old lady that Eliza's own research had confirmed was actually over fifty!  And that went for her skin, hair, muscle tone, lack of sag (even when she wasn't stretched in a taut "Y"-shaped half-spreadeagle), and everything else about her.  Amazing.  And not that Eliza was usually all that obsessed with feminine comeliness.  However, given the circumstances and recent history, Eliza was more than willing to take advantage of the occasion... and Coco Vespini... in some manner.

The safe thing to do would be to settle for gloating for a few more minutes (no more than twenty), then turn all sympathetic and outraged at Pepper's preposterous perfidy and monstrous misuse of her poor, innocent elder sibling.  Otherwise, she might risk her chance at the proposed podcasts.  However, again, given recent history, Eliza found she wasn't in the mood to play it safe.  Careful?  Yes.  Safe?  Never!

Eliza bent over the bed (which caused her modest boobs to more-or-less dangle in Coco's face, and reached out to examine the prisoner-of-the-bed's medical-style wrist-cuffs.  They were locked, of course, and would require the services of one of the Vespini's infamous barrel-keys to unlock, but no such key was in evidence.  What a shame.  Of course, there was always the possibility that the restraint system was of the "magic" variety, "secured" by weak magnets or clips, waiting for Coco to miraculously break free and grab Poor Unsuspecting Eliza.  Not bloody likely, Eliza decided, but she  was ready to defend herself.  If Coco's predicament was an ambush, the pretend prisoner would be in for a wrestling match at the very least... a naked wrestling match... on the bed... with Eliza starting out on top.  Hmmm...  That would be... horrible.

Anyway, Eliza sat on the bed, scooted close to Coco's right hip, with her legs folded to the side, reached out with her right hand, and lightly rested her palm on Coco's flat tummy.

Eliza smiled down at Coco.

Coco smiled up at Eliza.  (Eliza could tell.  The Elastoplast more-or-less immobilized her lower face, but Coco's big brown eyes were clearly smiling.)

"You call this a demonstration?" Eliza purred.  "Pepper strapped you to your bed?  Why?  So I could see what it looks like?  I was strapped to or tied on my bed the first two nights.  Remember?"  Still smiling in what she hoped would come across as oily, malicious villainy, Eliza began moving her hand in slow circles, her palm gently gliding over Coco's taut abdomen.  "I guess it's true.  Your memory does fade when you start getting up in years."

Coco's brown eyes continued smiling.

Eliza stopped the tummy-rub, reached up and slowly, carefully teased back a corner of Coco's tape-gag, then peeled away the Elastoplast strip.  It didn't want to go, poor thing, and stretched Coco's lips and face as its adhesive reluctantly surrendered.  And who can blame it? Eliza thought.  Coco Vespini has luscious lips and smooth skin... if you're into that sort of thing.

"Thank you," Coco purred.  "This is a demonstration of the tableau that played out last night, only with different participants.  Last night I restrained Pepper on her bed and Tippi was the one presented with the opportunity to take advantage of the situation."  She cleared her throat and swallowed, then licked her lips.

Eliza's mind was still processing Coco's words, specifically, "opportunity" and "take advantage"—when she realized she was being a bad hostess.  "Would you like something to drink?" she offered.

Coco's smile widened (as did her dimples).  "Thank you."

Eliza stood and turned towards the bathroom, then noticed a crystal decanter and glasses on a tray on a cabinet across the bedroom.  Why not?  She padded to the cabinet, poured a generous portion of the amber liquid from the decanter and into one of the glasses... then took a sip.  Brandy.  She took another sip (just to be sure).  Very good brandy.  She spun on her heels and padded back to the bed lifted Coco's head and held the glass to her her lips so she could drink... and she did.

"Thank you," Coco purred, once again.  She smiled and watched as Eliza savored a sip as well.  "I'd be careful, if I were you," the captive advised.

Eliza raised an eyebrow in question.

"Brandy was a contributing factor to Tippi's downfall," Coco explained.  "She got a little drunk, it lowered her inhibitions, and she took advantage of poor, helpless Pepper.  That was the transgression that earned her her pretty new haircut."

Eliza smiled, held the glass to Coco's lips for another sip, then set it on the bedside table, safely away from the edge.  "And by 'took advantage' you mean..."  She placed her right hand on Coco's tummy, once again, and resumed her slow, sensuous tummy-rub.

"Surely you can guess," Coco chuckled... then gasped when Eliza slid her hand down, through her pubic bush, and gave her labia a slow, gentle caress with her palm.

"Of course I can guess," Eliza responded, "and don't call me Shirley."  She continued her slow, gentle caress.

Coco tugged on her bonds, clenched her eyes tightly closed, bit her lower lip, shivered from head to toe, and pointed her toes for good measure.  "You wicked girl," she sighed.

"What else did Tippi do?" Eliza asked, continuing to slide her palm against Coco's now flushed labia.  Coco's immediate response was to continue shivering and squirming.  "Well..." Eliza continued.  "Nothing else?"  Just... this?"

"J-just this," Coco answered in a near whisper.

"Oh."  Eliza turned her hand and began fluttering her finger against Coco's pussy.  "No use of fingers?  Really?"

Coco didn't answer, other than to continue wiggling, tugging, kicking, and fighting her bonds.  Eliza's teasing fingers continued their titillating dance—"Ah!"—then were gone!  Coco opened her eyes to find Eliza climbing off the bed.  She watched with amused trepidation as the grinning blonde started rummaging through the drawers of her right bedside table... opening and closing drawer after drawer.

Eliza's smile faded.  So far, the contents of the drawers had been disappointing.  She padded around the bed to left side of the bed, then started rooting through the left side table.  Her smile returned almost immediately.  "Eureka."  She placed a plastic bottle of body lotion (BRAZILIAN NUDE™ CREME) on the table, then continued rummaging, this time tossing her findings on the bed.  They included:
     ☻  A Wartenberg wheel, more-or-less a pinwheel of steel, needle-sharp points spinning on a steel handle!

     ☻  A pair of clover-style nipple-clamps with a connecting chain of nested links!

     ☻  A cordless vibrator in latex-clad black with white accents and a bullet-shaped tip.
"That's enough for now," Eliza purred.  "If I need anything else I'll search the closet.  There's got to be more fun stuff in there."

Surprisingly, Coco didn't seem at all distressed or alarmed by Eliza's attitude.  And she certainly wasn't surprised by Eliza's findings.  After all, it was her stuff in her bedside table.

"The sense of power is exhilarating, isn't it Tomboy," Coco purred.

Eliza smiled, but didn't respond.  She didn't have to.

"Tippi found it exhilarating as well," Coco continued, "and it led to her downfall."

Eliza raised a skeptical eyebrow.  "Tippi really did, uh, take advantage of your sister?"

Coco squirmed in her bonds.  It may have been an attempt at a shrug.  "The brandy helped.  As I said, the little darling got a little soused."

"Tipsy Tippi," Eliza chuckled, retrieved the glass from the bedside table, then took another sip."  She offered the glass to Coco, who smiled and declined.  Eliza returned the glass to the table.  She then climbed all the way onto the bed, lifted a leg over Coco's body, and settled her weight (or part of it) on Coco's lower tummy, straddling the semi-spreadeagled prisoner.  Coco frowned, but didn't complain.

Eliza continued acting like she was a little skeptical.  "So... Pepper was strapped to her bed, like you are now, and Tippi got drunk and ravished her?  Is that what you're telling me?  That was her so-called transgression?"Wartenberg wheel

"Actually," Coco chuckled, "Pepper was in steel chains and a full spread eagle, but otherwise... yes."

"I see."  Still smiling (but no longer pretending to be skeptical), Eliza picked up the Wartenberg wheel and idly gave its needle-sharp spur a spin with her left hand.  Chiiing!  "Your armpits are very vulnerable with your arms raised like this," she noted.  "Is that why Pepper changed things up?"

Coco's smile took on a slightly nervous twist.  "Be careful with that thing.  You might hurt somebody."

Still smiling, Eliza ran the wheel across the palm of her left hand, and winced.  "Ouch!"  She fluttered the offended hand as her smile returned.  "I can tell this thing requires a delicate touch."  Her smile took on a distinctly gloating, wicked aspect.  "There's probably going to be a learning curve, but I'm sure I'll find the line between torture and titillation... eventually."

"Careful, Tomboy," Coco purred.  "It's like a drug.  You can get addicted."

Eliza frowned.  "The Wartenberg wheel?"


Eliza's smile returned.  "Oh.  That.  It's what happened to you, isn't it.  You became addicted to power."

"At an early age," Coco confirmed.
"I see."  Eliza dropped the wheel and picked up the nipple-clamps by their connecting chain.  She held them up and gave them a shake.  The clips clattered together with a metallic tinkling noise.  "I've always been curious about these things," she confessed.  "They certainly seem like they'd hurt, but from the videos I've watched on the internet..."  She focused her smile on Coco.  "While preparing for your interviews, of course."

"Of course," Coco solemnly agreed.

"Anyway," Eliza continued, "after the initial squeeze, the victims, I mean actresses, seem to be able to more-or-less ignore them."  She took hold of one of the clamps with her right hand, squeezed the jaws open, pinched her left nipple between the fingers of her left hand, positioned the pads of the clamp over her nipple, and slowly released the clamp.  "Ow!" she winced, then blinked her blue eyes several times.  "It... burns," she said quietly.

"Yes, it does," Coco agreed, "but commercial models like that are designed to be tolerable."

"I see."  Eliza then gently squeezed Coco's right nipple and positioned the remaining clamp for use.  "Oh, good," Eliza purred.  "Your tits are flattened by the stretch, but it looks like this is gonna work."  She released the clamp and the pads closed on Coco's nipple.

Coco gasped, then frowned up at Eliza (who grinned in return).  "Wicked girl," she accused, but her residual smile took the sting from the rebuke.
Eliza then leaned forward and planted her palms on the mattress on either side of Coco's armpits, then arched her back until the connecting chain stretched taut, and the clamps tightened!  Eliza and Coco's left and right nipples (respectively) were at the mercy of unforgiving steel mechanisms!  Both squeezed their eyes shut and gasped at the sharp sting of the tightening clamps.  Both nipples and the immediate vicinities of their breasts stretched into pink cones in response.  That meant poor Coco's right tit was doubly stretched, by her semi-spreadeagled position and by her half of Eliza's clover-clamps experiment.

"Ow-ow-ow!" Eliza chanted, and released her half of the arrangement.

Coco managed to keep her composure (more-or-less).

"Well, that certainly hurt," Eliza said (stating the obvious).  "But I have to admit they don't really hurt that much when you're just wearing them."  She took the now empty clamp and delicately applied it to Coco's left nipple, which, of course, had formerly been unoccupied.  "Wearing them like that," Eliza purred, "like jewelry."

"Wicked girl." Coco reiterated, and this time she seemed to mean it.

"You know they're there," Eliza continued, but they don't really hurt all that much."  She hooked the index finger of her right hand under the connecting chain and lifted it until it was almost taut.  "Unless an unsympathetic person tugs on this thing."

"As I said, Coco said, "they're designed that way."

With the chain still poised to stretch and cause the clover-clamps to squeeze, Eliza blue eyes locked with Coco's brown.  "So... now that I have your full attention... are you going to let me do the bloody interviews, or not?"

Coco's smile widened.  "My brave Aussie Tomboy," she purred, "of course you get your precious interviews, and Tippi gets to be your sound engineer, and maybe take a few pictures.  Fortune favors the bold, Eliza darling.  I'm proud of you."

"Thank god," Eliza sighed, and let the nipple-clamp-chain drop back down onto Coco's chest and stretched boobs.  "Took ya long enough."

"My adorable, wicked Tomboy," Coco chuckled.

Eliza reached for the glass of brandy still waiting patiently on the bedside table, took a sip, then held Coco's smiling head so she could as well.  "It's a deal, then."  She returned the glass to the table, then picked up the black (with white accents) latex-clad vibrator and thumbed its latex-clad switch.  Buzzzzzzz...  "Let's seal the bargain."
"Tomboy!" Coco objected, her lips now curled in an accusatory smile.

"What?" Eliza demanded as she relocated herself until she was kneeling between Coco's splayed and immobilized legs.  "Only Tippi gets to transgress?  I want to transgress.  I want to transgress a lot."

"Wicked girl," Coco sighed.

"And keep the howling to a minimum."  She gave the ball-gag still dangling around her neck a shake.  "Otherwise, I'll stop yer gob with this plug."  She then set to work racking up her own record of punishable transgressions.


Trying New Things   Chapter 10

Tippi stared at the gigantic HDTV screen in shock and wonder!  Depicted in sharp, full-color detail via what Pepper had explained was one of any number of secret surveillance cameras hidden throughout the mansion "for security reasons," a naked Eliza Callahan with a ball-gag dangling around her neck was, uh, having her way with a naked Coco Vespini, who was bound to her own bed!  In her own bedroom!  With brown medical restraints!  And by "having her way," Tippi meant Eliza (or Eliza's heretofore unknown and unsuspected Evil Twin) was comfortably sprawled between Coco's splayed legs and diddling her pussy with a black (with white accents) vibrator!

Tippi was watching all this while comfortably reclined in the arms of Pepper Vespini on Pepper's bed, in Pepper's bedroom!  They both were naked, but Tippi was "accessorized" (as Pepper had put it) by the tight, elaborate, redundant, and arguably macramé-like web of white nylon rope (and white nylon toe-cord) Pepper had applied before binding her to the straight chair (now standing empty at the foot of the bed) so she'd be "safe" while Pepper dealt with her sister in her bedroom. 

Tippi wasn't gagged in any way (and neither was Pepper, of course), but the long strip of cloth with the fancy knot tied in the middle, her former cleave-gag, was resting nearby in a crumpled pile on the mattress and readily available.

"I ought to buy one of those little vibrators," Pepper said.  They were both watching the screen.  "I think it's called a 'Magic' something." she added, "but I don't know if that's a model or a brand name.  It's not a Hitachi.  I know that for sure."

"Y-you don't have a vibrator?" Tippi stammered (with relief).
"I didn't say that," Pepper said coyly, then rolled to the side, opened and reached into a bedside table drawer, and pulled out a rather large (and menacing) cordless, wand-style vibrator similar to the one Eliza was using on Coco, only this one was twice as big and was white (with light-blue accents).  "Meet 'Kaiju'," Pepper said, "my Hitachi Magic Wand.  It works just fine, but after an hour or so, it gets a little heavy.  However, it does run on full power for a very long time between charges."

Tippi lifted her head and stared at Kaiju-the-vibrator in frozen horror (or maybe nervous interest and trepidation).

"Oh, Tippi," Pepper sighed, "you look so pretty in your new coif with your brown eyes all wide and staring like that.  I may have to keep you."


"You just heard my sister finally agree to sit with Eliza for her precious interviews," Pepper explained, "but it will take them months and months to hammer out the details.  And by then, Coco will have the new installations she's working on ready for the galleries, and Eliza will probably want to do follow-on interviews after the showings.  It would be silly for you two to travel back and forth repeatedly from your apartments and the mansion.  You might as well move in... at least until Eliza and Coco have finished negotiating their recording and pod-casting and whatever."

"M-move in?"

"Don't worry," Pepper chuckled.  "We'll give you girls better accommodations than the Patient Wing cells you're supposedly sleeping in now.  Much better, with a view of the gardens, curtains, and real furniture.  However, you'll have to share a bathroom with Eliza.  The mansion only has two guest bedrooms with attached baths, and we have to keep them available for visiting gallery owners and rich customers."


"Coco has wealthy patrons that sometimes stay a few days at the mansion for... private exhibitions."

"Oh."  Tippi continued staring at the white Hitachi, and squirming in her inescapable bonds.  She was very much aware that while the rest of her bonds were ridiculously over-the-top secure, Pepper had neglected to include a crotch-rope in the ensemble.  Her private anatomy was just as vulnerable to vibratory stimulation as Coco's, and Eliza was in the act of proving that that meant entirely vulnerable.  Of course, Coco's legs were spread while Tippi's were lashed together, so...  Maybe if I clench my thighs all night," she posited.  Nah, that won't work.

"Uh... I'll have to talk it over with Eliza," Tippi finally responded.

Pepper smiled.  "When she's not busy diddling my big sister."

"Well, yeah," Tippi agreed.  "But anyway... okay... moving in makes sense... tentatively."

"Excellent!" Pepper beamed, "tentatively."  She thumbed Kaiju's light-blue on-button and the Hitachi began to hum.  "Let's seal the deal... tentatively.  And please, no screaming."

They did, and Tippi didn't scream, but it was a near thing.


Trying New Things 
 Chapter 10


Chapter 9