Taylor! Snoop

by Van ©2017

Chapter 6

Dramatis Personæ


Finally... the Evil Petting Zoo closed for the night (or more correctly, the early morning).  After hours of being groped, caressed, and occasionally diddled by formally dressed strangers, Bonnie, Jade, and the rest of the column- or pedestal-encased prisoners were released... so to speak.

Audrey Klein, the last to be installed in her full-body (minus head, arms, hands, lower legs, and feet) column, was released first.  Still tape-gagged and with her wrists still bound in front with leather cuffs, the Klein Studio CEO was hustled from the nightclub by a pair of handlers while Bonnie and Jade were still incarcerated in their pussy and butt exposing columns.

The kidnapped interns watched through the one-way glass of their respective vertical prisons as the rest of their fellow naked and well-groped captives were released.  A few required personal amazon handling.  They were clearly displeased with their current situations and had to be dragged, or at the very least, led away.  However, as they were released the majority of the tape-gagged or ball-gagged and naked women waited patiently in an informal, naked group.  None attempted to remove their gags, and there was a great deal of stretching and muffled groaning, especially among the captives who had spent the last few hours bent over in the pike position and encased in the pedestals.  When the last of the group was free, their wrists were cuffed behind their backs and they were led away, obedient to the commands of a pair of handlers, one at the front of the queue and the other bringing up the rear.

Finally, it was Bonnie and Jade's turns.  Apparently, it had been decided that they would require the attention of two handlers.  Jade was freed first, and somehow—Bonnie had no idea how—the dark-skinned captive still had the strength to put up a fight.  Not that it did her any good.  Soon, the between-the-legs straps of Jade's straitjacket were restored to their former pussy-framing tightness and her ankles bound together with rubber-padded steel cuffs.  She lay on the carpeted floor, staring daggers at her handlers and mewling complaints through the foam ball, tape, and leather muzzle filling her mouth, sealing her lips, and caging her head, respectively, while the amazons dealt with Bonnie in identical fashion.

Next, the straitjacketed, ankle-cuffed, and well-gagged interns were hoisted onto their handlers' shoulders and carried towards an elevator.  After a brief descent followed by a slightly longer twisting and turning journey through the halls of the tower, they arrived at a long, narrow room with a row of... Bonnie made a quick count... twenty circular, hatch-like doors set into the walls, ten on the left and ten on the right.

And then, Jade was deposited on the floor, apparently to await her turn, and the handlers removed Bonnie's straitjacket, followed by the muzzle and tape-gag.  Then, one of the amazons plucked the foam ball from Bonnie's mouth.  Her ankles remained cuffed together.  One of the round, thick hatches opened with a hiss, and before Bonnie could say "Thank you" or inquire as to meal arrangements, she was lifted off her cuffed feet and thrust through the opening beyond.  "Hey!"

Bonnie found herself in a cylindrical... room?  No, it was way too small to be called a room.  She was lying on a narrow mattress that ran the length of the chamber—Bonnie decided to go with "chamber"—which was about seven feet long with a three-and-a-half foot diameter.  A double row of dimly glowing LEDs mounted in the ceiling provided light, and on her left and right were a pair of long, oval-shaped windows of thick, clear glass.  Whatever was beyond the right window was cloaked in total darkness, but through the left window Bonnie beheld a naked woman lying on her side.  She had smooth, well-tanned skin, longish brown hair, and was in very good shape.  Like Bonnie, her ankles were cuffed together, but they were her only restraints.  Her face was turned away, but Bonnie was sure she wasn't Audrey Klein.

Meanwhile, the hatch closed with a solid thud and another hiss.  It's like one of those weird Tokyo 'hotels' where the guests sleep in their own personal tiny little cubbyholes, Bonnie mused.  Except for the thick mattress and the windows to either side, all other surfaces in Bonnie's tube-chamber were lightly padded, and she noted two additional features, both mounted in shallow niches at the far end of her accommodations.  The first was an honest-to-god life-sized rubber tit, complete with nipple.  A small plaque under the artificial boob read "WATER."  The second was some sort of padded funnel with a flexible rubber hose attached.  Its plaque read "URINAL," and in smaller print underneath, "PRESS BUTTON FOR SUCTION."  She could see that there was, indeed, a button on the side of the funnel.

Just then, the LED lights winked on in the chamber to her left and Bonnie watched Jade more-or-less fly into a tube-chamber identical to her own and land on its mattress in a naked sprawl.  She quickly scrambled around, encumbered only by her cuffed ankles, and pounded on the padded interior of the now closed hatch with clenched fists.  She was also shouting a series of no doubt very rude comments and/or suggestions, but all Bonnie could hear was a curious, low frequency noise.

Jade realized Bonnie was there and turned to face her.  Bonnie did the same and they were now kneeling on their respective mattresses with their palms pressed against the glass and face-to-face.

"Are you all right?" Bonnie shouted.

Jade frowned and said something in return, but all Bonnie heard was more of the same low-frequency noise.  She surmised there was some sort of sound-dampening system at play: white noise or their attempts at speech being simultaneously rebroadcast 180° out of phase... something like that.  Bonnie was familiar with all the technical aspects of production (at the intern level) but she wasn't a sound engineer.

Apparently, Jade had reached the same conclusion, or supposition, or... whatever, and had stopped trying to communicate.  Bonnie was tired.  She put her hands together palm to palm, then turned them to the right and rested the side of her face on them, miming the use of a pillow.

Jade sighed, then nodded, reclined on her oh-so-comfortable mattress, and closed her eyes.

Bonnie sighed and decided to follow suit, but first, she crawled to the rubber tit and took a refreshing (and humiliating) drink.  This required several iterations of sucking and swallowing, but the promised water was cool and, indeed, refreshing.  She then used the "URINAL."  The funnel was exactly the required shape—which Bonnie realized was no accident—and the urinal operated with perfect (and humiliating) efficiency.

Her evening toilette complete, Bonnie stretched out and did her best to relax.  Her stomach growled—she hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast, immediately before her arrest/kidnapping—but there was no mini-fridge well-stocked with yummy snacks to go with the drinking tit and sucking hand-urinal.

Despite her worries about the future (her own and Jade's), Bonnie's exhaustion returned.  She closed her eyes... and drifted off to sleep.

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 Chapter 6

The Big Board Meeting happened in a unique conference room on the 90th floor.  Payne Tower had its share of executive-grade spaces with large tables and comfortable chairs, but this particular venue was a combination meeting room and mini-theater with an unusually high ceiling.  Three of its four walls were giant projection screens.  The entertainment conglomerate's executive meetings often revolved around movie or television works-in-progress, even at the very highest level, so sophisticated viewing facilities were required.

In addition to Sorcha and Penelope Payne, a dozen smartly dressed men and women were present, ranging in age from their 40's to early 60's, all members of the Payne Entertainment board of directors.  Conspicuous in their absence were Dominique Payne and Audrey Klein, but they were expected shortly.

Coffee and tea was sipped, small talk happened, and then—finally—Dominique and Audrey arrived, accompanied by Xin.

"Good morning, everyone," Dominique purred as she settled into the throne-like chair at the head of the table.  She was wearing one of her trademark little-black-dresses.  Sorcha was seated on her right and Penelope on her left.  The younger sisters were also in black, Sorcha in a business suit and Penelope in a turtleneck, jacket, and skirt.

The other board members murmured greeting and watched as Xin escorted Audrey to the far end of the table and plunked her into the only remaining empty chair.

Xin was dressed for business in heels, hose, dark-gray skirt, matching jacket, and a white blouse.  Her long, straight, dark-brown hair was pulled back in a strict ponytail.

Audrey Klein was also dressed for business, but in a dark-brown skirt and jacket of unconventional design.  The skirt was a pencil skirt, but an excessively tight pencil skirt.  In fact, it was a knee-length hobble skirt.  It pressed Audrey's upper legs together as tightly as if they were wrapped in several yards of stretched and overlapping linen bandages.  She could still walk, but wouldn't be winning any footraces—especially against her handler, Xin.

As for Audrey's jacket, it had a V-shaped, plunging décolletage that provided a generous glimpse of its wearer's chest and side-boobs, all the way to her navel—or rather, it would have if Audrey's arms weren't folded across her midriff.  Yes, Audrey's stylish brown jacket was a stylish brown strait-jacket.  The ends of the sleeves were joined, enforcing Audrey's self-hug, but the technical details were hidden under a wide, taut panel of brown cloth zipped closed against the small of her back.

Audrey's brown locks were loose about her shoulders, framing her glowering face.  Also, a wide strip of nearly transparent tape covered her lower face and sealed her lips.  As a final humiliating detail, someone had painted a pair of bright red lips over her real lips.  Only at a distance of several yards would it be unclear as to whether or not Audrey was tape-gagged.  In the boardroom/theater, it was obvious to all present that the CEO of Klein Studios might be attending the meeting, but would be keeping her thoughts to herself.

As Xin planted Audrey in her chair, Dominique gazed down the length of the table, beaming an openly gloating smile at her traitorous associate.  Sorcha and Penelope's expressions were somewhat more sympathetic, as were those of the other board members; however, to some extent and to varying degrees, all were enjoying Audrey's predicament.  One didn't rise to the top of the Payne hierarchy without direct knowledge and appreciation of what happened on the non-vanilla side of Payne Tower.  In point of fact, all present were patrons of (or had been "involuntary" participants in) the various kinky games and diversions of the upper-level nightclubs and spas.

"We all know why we're here," Dominique purred.  "All those in favor of a very hostile takeover of Klein Studios by the Payne Entertainment Group signify by saying—"

Sorcha cleared her throat.  "Ahem."

Dominique turned and favored her younger sister with a tolerant smile.  "I know, I know.  We should stick to the rules of order."  She turned back to the waiting board members (and the glowering, tape-gagged Audrey Klein).  "I call this meeting of the Payne Entertainment Group's Board of Directors to order.  Let the system log all present and commence recording."

Text displaying the date, time, and list of attendees appeared on all three screens, products of the groupware software that would be documenting the event.

"Is there a motion to wave the reading of the minutes of the last meeting?" Dominique continued.  Voices muttered, right hands were raised (except for Audrey's), and the groupware noted that the motion was seconded and approved (with one abstention).  "Old business?" Dominique added, expecting the same response.

Instead, all present focused on Audrey, who stared daggers at Dominique and forced an angry "Mrrrpgh!" through her sealed lips.

"Yes, of course," Sorcha said—as if she'd understood what Audry was trying to say—then turned to her big sister.  "At our last meeting we agreed to postpone a vote on green-lighting the Girl Genius project until our next meeting, which would be this meeting."

Dominique rolled her eyes.  "Oh, very well.  I still think it's too early to make a commitment."

"Our exclusive television rights to Girl Genius expire in three months," Sorcha responded.  "Unless we commit to full production of the series very soon, meaning now, the opportunity will pass.  We have an excellent pilot script, two additional fully-scripted episodes, and outlines for seven more."

"And Molly Quinn for the title role," Penelope added, "if we'll give her a contract to sign.  We can't expect her to put her career on hold forever.  Rumor has it Disney wants her for the live-action Kim Possible: The College Years franchise they're developing."
Penelope tapped a button on her tablet and two images appeared on the three mega-screens next to the scrolling text of the minutes of the meeting.  One was art from the classic Phil and Kaga Foglio Girl Genius comics/graphic novels depicting the heroine, Agatha Heterodyne.  The other was a head-shot of Molly C. Quinn.

Dominique heaved an exasperated sigh.  "You really think there's a prime-time audience for this sort of... thing?"

Sorcha heaved a sigh of her own.  "An audience for a steampunk fantasy action-adventure series with airships, giant robots, mechanical castles, and bio-engineered monsters?  Yes!"

"Epic battles, romance, treacherous captures, and daring escapes?" Penelope added, "all served up with girl-power, an appreciation of science, a healthy dose of the damsel-in-distress, and inspired comedic writing?  Hell yes!"

Several of the board-members nodded.  It was clear that Dominique was in the minority.

"Your pointless delay of Girl Genius is what caused Audrey to act," Sorcha said quietly, nodding down the table at Audrey.  "Years ago you made us pass on the revival of the Wonder Woman series, then the proposed Danger Girls movie, then the Barbarella remake, and just last year, you let us get outbid for the new Nancy Drew series.  The last decade has been one lost opportunity after another."

Again, several board-members nodded.  Dominique could feel her control of the meeting slipping away.  "All right, all right.  We're taking over Klein Studios anyway, so we might as well green-light her precious Genius Girl series."  She glanced down the table and glared at Audrey Klein, who glared back.  "All those in favor?"

With a chorus of "Ayes" (and one "Mrrf!"), the project was unanimously approved.  Sorcha tapped a virtual button on her tablet and an addendum to the written record painted the giant screens, noting that by her command, draft contracts and memorandums of agreement were already flying from the offices below in response to the vote.

Dominique's smile returned.  "Now, I suppose we can move on to new business?"

There was a chorus of "Ayes."

"Very well, then."  Dominique's smile turned evil (or possibly more evil) and she started to speak—but wasn't quick enough.

"I call for an immediate vote of no confidence in the chairman of the board of directors," Penelope blurted.

"I second the motion!" Sorcha said quickly.

Dominique turned her head from side to side, staring at her sisters in shock.  "What?"

"I move we wave discussion of the motion," one of the board members stated.

"Seconded," another confirmed.

"Now wait just a minute!" Dominique growled as she rose from her chair.  There was another chorus of "ayes" and Dominique scowled at the members of the board.  "If you think you can—"  Unnoticed, Xin had traversed the room and was now directly behind Dominique's chair.  She placed her hands on Dominique's shoulders and forced her back down into her seat.  "Hey!"

"I call for the question," Penelope intoned.

"Seconded." Sorcha said.  "All those in favor?"


Dominique tried to rise, again, but Xin quickly placed her left arm around the former chairman's throat and held her left palm against her lips in a tight hand-gag.  Dominique clawed at Xin's arm without effect.  "Mrrrpfh!"

"That's what she said," one of the board members said, gesturing towards Audrey, and all present laughed except for Dominique (but including Audrey, based on the twinkle in her eyes).

Penelope smiled at Sorcha.  "I nominate my sister, Sorcha Payne, as the new chairman of the board of Payne Entertainment."

There was a chorus of "Second!" from the board members, followed by a call for the vote.

"Aye!"  The affirmative chorus was followed by a round of applause (except for Audrey and Dominique, but it was still clear that Audrey was very happy).

Sorcha rose to her feet.  "I'm honored by your trust."  She nodded to Xin and all present watched as the Security Supervisor dragged a kicking, mewling, and struggling Dominique Payne from the boardroom.  "I know we'll all be forever grateful for my sister's many years of dedicated leadership.  I assure you that Dominique's decision to retire won't mean her complete absence from Payne Tower.  She'll continue to reside in her apartments—after a little redecorating—and I'm sure you'll all see her on a regular basis at the various clubs and resort spas."

Penelope rose from her chair, strolled to the far end of the table, and carefully peeled the tape from Audrey's mouth.  It surrendered its adhesive grip with great reluctance, stretching the straitjacketed captive's lips and skin as it did so.

"Thank you," Audrey sighed, then her eyes popped wide when Penelope planted a deep, wet kiss on her startled lips.

Sorcha smiled.  "How many times do I have to remind the members," she purred, "no making out during board meetings!"

Penelope broke off the kiss (and blushed).  "Always a stickler for the rules," she complained as she returned to her seat.

"Speaking of which," Sorcha said, "I move we instruct the groupware's expert system to amend the minutes of this meeting to conform with the rules of order.  We don't want any question of the propriety of our..."

"Coup d'état?" a board member suggested, which was met with general laughter.

"I believe 'palace revolution' is a more accurate description," Sorcha purred.  "Now, I'd like to keep this meeting brief, but there is additional pressing business before the board, so... shall we proceed?"

"I second the motion," Penelope said.

"Aye!" the board chorused.

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 Chapter 6

Dominique tugged on the padded leather cuffs restraining her wrists and tried to kick free of the matching cuffs binding her ankles.  There was also a matching belt buckled and locked around her waist, but she was no more successful twisting free of it than she was escaping from the cuffs.  She was flat on her bed with her arms stretched towards the headboard with her wrists about eighteen inches apart.  Her legs were stretched towards the foot, also about eighteen inches apart—and in both cases it was a significant stretch.  She might as well be on a rack.  This was possible only because of the colossal size of the bed in question.  It was custom made and huge, appropriate for the Empress of the Payne Empire (and suitable for orgies).

The cuffs and belts were secured to three wide leather straps stretched perpendicular to her stretched body and somehow secured to the side-rails of the bed-frame, taut enough to crease the edges of the mattress.  They were part of a system of belts, cuffs, and straps that could be used to bind one or more of Dominique's playmates-for-the evening to her bed in various positions convenient to her purposes.  However, this was the first time a part of the system was being used to restrain Dominique, herself.

Xin had done the deed, and without assistance.  She'd dragged Dominique to her apartment suite and into the bedroom—where Dominique was alarmed to see the bed restraints already deployed and waiting.  Xin then stripped her former boss naked and strapped her in place.  Dominique had struggled like the proverbial wildcat, of course, but Xin knew nerve-pinch techniques that were not only excruciatingly painful, but temporarily sapped the strength of the affected muscles.  Between the pain and the temporary weakness, they were more than enough to allow Xin to accomplish the task at hand.

Once her former boss was cuffed and belted to her bed, Xin silenced the tirade of protest and abuse Dominique had been heaping on her head with a ball-gag and a wide strip of off-white Elasoplast tape.  She smiled down at Dominique's stretched, naked, athletically fit, but totally helpless fifty-something body.  The ex-CEO's angry brown eyes stared daggers at her above the double gag.  Xin then spun on her heels, gracefully strolled through the bedroom door, and it whisked closed behind her.

Minutes passed as Dominique tested her bonds.  Her heart was hammering.  Traitors! she fumed silently.  After all I've done!

Suddenly, the door whisked open and a dozen uniformed maids entered the bedroom.  Most were pushing empty clothing racks or service and laundry carts.  Without even a glance at the stretched, bound, gagged, and naked, deposed CEO squirming on the bed, they set about removing the contents of the bedroom's walk-in closet and emptying the drawers of the furniture.  They also ignored Dominique's unintelligible orders that she should be released, immediately!  "Mrrrpfh!"

Only the maid performing the task of retrieving the scattered clothing Dominique had worn to the board meeting and that Xin had so casually stripped from her struggling body paused to briefly examine Dominique's predicament... then left the bed, dropped Dominique's clothes in a laundry cart, and helped her fellow maids remove what remained of Dominique's loose possessions.

"MRRRR!"  The smile curling the young maid's girlish lips had been infuriating!  Just you wait!  You're all going to be very sorry!

With so many hands sharing the task, the stripping of the bedroom, closet, and master bath took less than half-an-hour—and then they left and Dominique was alone.  Naked.  Helpless.  Alone.

Anger at her sisters' and the boards' treachery was beginning to turn to denial and despair—then anger came roaring back!  "Mrrrpfh!"

The door had whisked open and Sorcha and Penelope had entered the bedroom!

Both sisters were dressed as before, exactly as they'd been when they'd betrayed their older sister at the meeting.  However, Penelope was without her jacket and her hands were behind her back.  Dominique knew her kid sister often liked to walk around the tower in that manner by choice, but from the way her shoulders were rolled back and her breasts slightly more prominent under the stretched fabric of her turtleneck, the prisoner-of-the-bed could tell that this time there was probably a technological explanation.

Dominique's suspicion was confirmed as Penelope walked around the bed, kicked off her high heels, and climbed onto the giant mattress.  Her hand were palm-to-palm with joined steel cuffs binding her wrists, a second pair of cuffs bound her upper arms, just above the elbows, and a chain of nested links connected the wrist-cuffs, the elbow-cuffs, and what was probably a steel choker-collar.  Dominique could see a flash of steel peeking out from under the lower edge of the turtleneck's turned down collar.  Penelope's nipple-rings were hidden under the sweater, of course, but they announced their presence as a prominent pair of "pokies."

Sorcha also kicked off her shoes and climbed onto the bed on the opposite side.  "Did you know Dr. Folkes tortured poor Penny's tits with some sort of peppery concoction last night?" she asked her older sister.  "That's why she's wearing the turtleneck.  Her girls look like they spent most of yesterday evening under a sunlamp."

Dominique had been wondering why her kid sister had decided to wear a turtleneck today.  She usually likes to show more skin, Dominique thought as she gazed at Penelope's black-clothed boobs.  She then shifted her gaze to Sorcha and allowed her anger to resurface.  "Mrrrf!"

Sorcha returned Dominique's glare with a serene smile.  "I've ordered the good doctor's assistant to take her in hand and use her own 'interrogation techniques' on her for the next week
.  It's important to keep one's subordinates in line, something on which I know we both agree."  She reached out and rested her right palm on Dominique's lower tummy, between the leather belt-restraint and her big sister's dark (and silver) pubic bush.  "Such things are especially important immediately after a change of leadership."

"Mrrrr!"  Dominique squirmed in her bonds and continued glaring at Sorcha.

"You brought this on yourself, you know," Sorcha sighed.

"It's true," Penelope added.

"No one begrudged the 'cruel dominance' of your personal foibles," Sorcha said, "but your refusal to take critical advice, even in the face of repeated failures and marginal successes that should have been much bigger successes?"  She shook her head.  "Too much."

"Too much," Penelope agreed."

Dominique continued staring daggers and tugging on her bonds.

"Your furniture will be removed and the doors of the built-in cabinets replaced over the course of the next week," Sorcha announced.

"Also," Penelope chimed in, "the security system is being revamped from top to bottom.  New passwords, new monitoring routines, new everything."

"Your 'retirement' will be under my control," Sorcha said.  "Xin is organizing a special cadre to make sure you get daily exercise, good nutrition, and regular medical care.  And as I told the board, you will be visiting the nightclubs on a regular basis... only not in the manner in which you're currently comfortable.  You'll finally get to experience how the other half lives, dear sister."

"The bottom half," Penelope purred.

"I'm sure it will take you a while to get used to your new situation," Sorcha added, "but we'll make sure you don't have any opportunity to become bored or sink into depression."  She leaned close and kissed Dominique's twice-gagged lips.  "Until later, darling."

"Nrrrmf!"  Dominique struggled and squirmed as Sorcha crawled off the bed, stood, and stepped into her high-heels.

"Rings," Penelope said quietly with a sigh.  She was smiling at Dominique's stretched and slightly flattened breasts.

Dominique turned her head to glare at her kid sister.

"I wonder how she'd look with rings?" the youngest Payne continued, "like mine."  Her mischievous brown eyes remained focused on Dominique's breasts... and nipples.

Dominique froze in her bonds and gaze became one of horror.  No!

"You know what we decided," Sorcha chuckled.  "Rings?  How many?  Where?  Whether or not Domie's pussy gets shaved as slick as a newborn baby's?  It all depends on whether she decides to be a good girl, or a bad girl."

"Domie," Penelope sighed as she crawled backwards off the bed, still smiling at her horrified big sister.  "I like that."

Dominique watched as Penelope stepped into her shoes.  Then, both sisters left the bedroom and the door whisked closed.

And thus, Dominique's "retirement" began.

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 Chapter 6

Bonnie came awake the instant the hatch of her "Damsel Tube" (as she'd decided to call the thing) hissed and popped open.  A strong pair of hands grabbed her cuffed ankles and dragged her from the tube.  They belonged to one of the giant, muscular, supremely trained, black cat-suited and masked amazon handlers.  Before Bonnie could react, she was spun around, her wrists cuffed behind her back, then a ball-gag was stuffed in her mouth and strapped tight.

Belatedly, Bonnie realized the same thing was happening to Jade.  That is, her fellow intern was being wrist-cuffed and ball-gagged.  Jade struggled and fought—She always struggles and fights, Bonnie thought—but to no avail.  I just had a nice nap, Bonnie realized.  Maybe I should start fighting.  She had no excuse not to... other than the fact that she was weak from hunger, the amazons were literal amazons and could handle pitiful, pathetic little Bonnie Schnupp with trivial ease no matter how much she resisted, and as usual, struggling and squirming wasn't doing Jade any good.  Anyway, it was already far too late.  She was already bound and gagged.

The naked and helplessly restrained captives were hoisted onto amazonian shoulders and carried from the "Tube Hotel."

After a short, bouncing journey that arrived at a large tiled chamber very much like the shower room of an executive gym—and as Bonnie was lowered to her cuffed feet and she had a better chance to look around—she decided the chamber was exactly like the shower room of an executive gym.  The tiles were three distinct shades of dove-gray marble and the fixtures brushed nickel.

Oh-by-the-way, there were attendants present, six of them, and they were all dressed in translucent latex uniforms.  All were slender, curvaceous, and quite obviously athletically fit, but while the amazon handlers were muscular giants, the attendants were more like dancers or acrobats.

And as for their uniforms, they were covered from head to toe, and their features were hidden behind mirrored masks.  They were faceless and anonymous, like the amazons, but while the She Hulks were uniformly black, each of the attendant was a different color, specifically: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

Once their cuffs and gags were removed, Bonnie and Jade were handed off to the rainbow of latex maidens.

Cleanliness ensued.

That is, the prisoners received hot showers.  Liquid soap and soft sponges were involved, as well as a great deal of intimate handling, and the attendants turned out to be just as competent in the art of damsel control as their giant, black-clad, fellow Payne employees.  And what they lacked in size they more than made up for in numbers.  Three attendants per reluctant bather turned out to be more than sufficient to keep Bonnie and Jade under control.

And speaking of reluctance...  For once, Jade decided to go with the flow—the gloriously hot, invigorating, pulse-massaging flow.  By her wet expression she wasn't happy, but she let herself be handled by her red, yellow, and green handlers.  Over on the blue, orange, and violet side, Bonnie was equally cooperative.  She even smiled a little.  The pair of black-clad amazons quite unnecessarily stood guard at the doorway, well away from the splashing water, ready to intercept any wet, slippery interns that wiggled free of their latex handlers.

Once they had been thoroughly (very thoroughly) bathed, the rainbow of attendants toweled Bonnie and Jade dry, then used brushes, combs, and hand-dryers to deal with their blond and black hair, respectively.  Again, Jade was compliant.  Bonnie assumed her friend had decided she might as well save her strength, a strategy Bonnie had independently settled upon some time ago.

And then, as soon as the interns were clean and groomed (but still naked), the attendants lined up against the wall (in the order of the colors of the rainbow) and the amazons took over.

As the black-clad giants approached, Jade dropped into fighting stance—but the amazons stopped when they were just out of punching range.

"At this point," one of the masked She Hulks announced, "we've been instructed to allow you cooperate, if you're so inclined.  Would you like to take a nice walk—"  She waved a pair of the rubber-clad cuffs.  "—or do you want to be carried?"

"Bite me," Jade huffed, her hands balled in tight fists.

Bonnie heaved a sigh, then forced a thin smile.  "Time and place?" she whispered in an aside to her fellow prisoner.

Jade seemed to mull over Bonnie's words for a few heartbeats... then relaxed and heaved a sigh of her own.

"Follow me, ladies," the other amazon said, then stepped off.  Bonnie and Jade trooped obediently behind, and the second amazon brought up the rear.

They passed down a hallway, through a door, and into a busy corridor (which Bonnie didn't find to be at all embarrassing—not!)  Executives and executive assistants, male and female, young and old, all dressed for business, passed the amazons and their two naked charges without so much as an appreciative glance.  All were chatting and/or receiving instructions and/or striding with obvious purpose towards some no doubt frightfully important meeting.  Naked, twenty-something interns being escorted down the hallway?  That was par for the course on this side of the Tower of Payne.

Their destination was a door that whisked open to reveal what was obviously an entryway.  A second door was straight ahead.  The lead amazon pointed to the second door, then joined her partner in the hallway and the door whisked closed.

Bonnie and Jade gazed uncertainly at the far door... sighed... then stepped forward.

The door whisked open, they entered the space beyond, the door whisked closed behind them, and they stared in wide-eyed wonder.

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