Oh My!

 by Van ©2018

Chapter 4



During the two weeks that passed before the scheduled "Painting Vacation" at the Price Family Farm, Robin learned many... interesting things.  And as Leda had revealed, the Prices did refer to their homestead as a farm, as opposed to a ranch or chateau or whatever.  Robin had visions of a quaint, rural, Victorian farmhouse with the traditional red barn, but Leda wouldn't answer any of her questions or provide any actual details, other than to say that the farm was "nice."  Robin knew her BFF was doing it just to get her goat, but refused to take the bait.  Was she curious?  Of course, but once they got there Robin would be able to see for herself, so why make a fuss?  Anyway...

Interesting things Robin learned:

(Thing 1.)  The box-tie. Apparently, the arms-folded-behind-the-back-with-upper-arms-pinned-to-upper-body thing is referred to as a "box-tie."  According to Leda the technique was Oriental in origin and had been a big hit in Medieval Japan, as seen in popular Japanese costume dramas, anyway.  Its main virtue, aside from being inescapable when the ropes and knots were properly positioned and tied, was its relative comfort.  Folding the arms behind the back, as opposed to pulling the arms behind the back and binding the wrists together, greatly mitigated shoulder strain.  Who knew?

(Thing 2.)  Our friend the hogtie.  The hogtie is an effective means of incapacitating a prisoner, and the basic form can be applied on a continuum from easy to severe.  Leda explained all this as she helped Robin continue her research with a demonstration.  Three days after Robin's introduction to the box-tie, Leda used several coils of cotton rope to bind her BFF in what she insisted was an "easy-with-a-dash-of-moderate" hogtie.  First off, Robins wrists were crossed and tied behind her back.  Next, her ankles were also crossed and tied.  And then, Leda tied a simple body harness that yoked Robin's shoulders, passed under her armpits and around her upper chest, and acted as an anchor for several parallel strands that linked Robin's wrists to her ankles and her ankles to the back of the harness.  There was a good six inches of tightly wrapped strands between Robin's wrists and and ankles, and another two feet between her ankles and the harness.  The key knot was up at the harness, near Robin's shoulder blades and well beyond the reach of her groping fingers.

Being in a Victorian mood, Robin accused Leda of being a "bounder" and a "cad."  Leda countered that her use of the appellations was both inaccurate and inappropriately gender specific.  Robin graciously conceded the point and changed her appraisal of her BFF's character to "hideous witch."  Leda considered this an affront to Wiccans everywhere and responded by delivering a resounding slap to Robin's right butt-cheek.  This was possible because Robin was naked, the new norm for all future research demonstrations.  Also, Leda applied a strip of Elastoplast tape to Robin's lips, limiting any future remarks on her part to mewling moans and variations on the word "Mmpfh."

(Thing 3.)  Elastoplast.  Robin came to agree that a wide, seven-inch strip of Elastoplast (and possibly all competing brands of microfoam tape) makes an outstanding tape-gag.

For purposes of contrast, Leda demonstrated the efficacy of what she called "high-quality duct-tape," the kind that's fabric-based with a strong adhesive, as opposed to the plastic kind with a weak adhesive.  First, she stuffed Robin's mouth with a pair of clean panties.  Then, she applied five tautly stretched, overlapping, smoothly applied layers of HQ duct-tape completely around Robin's head and over her mouth (with Robin's brown locks coiled and pinned atop her head to keep them out of the way).  The demonstration lasted for an hour, with Robin naked and tied to one of their kitchen chairs.

Robin glowered at her BFF, squirmed in her chair, and tested the effectiveness of the HQ-duct-tape-tape-gag with what Leda considered to be very cute little mewling complaints.  Then, Leda took out her iPhone and took several snapshots, explaining that the photos were "for reference purposes."  As Robin was bound and gagged, she could object (after a fashion), but couldn't prevent her BFF from documenting her helplessness.  After an hour of "research," Leda used a pair of bandage scissors to carefully snip through the duct-tape layers, peeled away the tape, then held a makeup mirror in front of Robin's glowering face so she could examine the aftermath.  "Note the adhesive residue," Leda lectured, smiling sweetly.

Robin spat the panties from her mouth and glared at her research assistant.  "Bite me," she huffed.

Leda smiled but decided to forgo any actual biting, at least for the evening.  Instead, she used cotton balls, witch hazel, and a soapy washcloth to scrub away the residue in question.  Also, as Robin's face remained a little flushed and Leda herself was a considerate and caring villainess, she announced that she would put off her planned Elastoplast demonstration until the next evening.

Roughly 20 hours later, Robin was naked, box-tied, and ready for the Elastoplast demonstration in question.  (She was also pouting but resigned to her fate).  Robin opened her mouth and accepted another clean pair of her own panties as stuffing, then held her head steady as Leda applied a single strip of Elastoplast, sealing Robin's lips and covering most of her lower face.

"There," Leda purred, smiling as she smoothed the stretched tape with her fingers.  She then used her iPhone to take more photos—"Snnick-snnick-snnick."—then held the phone so Robin could see the screen as she swiped through the images.  "See what I mean about the 3D effect?  Aren't your bas relief lips pretty?"

Robin's only reply was a glowering pout, which the 3D effect did little to disguise.

"Into your bedroom," Leda chuckled.  "Tonight I'm showing you how to do a frog-tie."

She did, and Robin spent the night box-tied, frog-tied (each leg bent at the knee with its thigh lashed to its respective lower-leg), and Elastoplast-gagged (with cotton-polyester-blend-hipster-style-panties-stuffing).

(Thing 4.)  Tension (meaning horniness).  Robin discovered that it's somewhat frustrating to be naked, tied up or cuffed or otherwise restrained, your mouth stuffed and/or cleave-gagged and/or tape-gagged, and unable to... shall we say... indulge in relieving the day's tension.  Robin found it... inconvenient... to have to wait 'til her roomie left for work in the morning to pleasure herself, and she found she increasingly felt the need to pleasure herself.  Robin took to making sure the front door was locked, then removing her clothes, tying her own ankles and knees, wrapping rope around her arms and torso, gagging herself, and using her pink, torpedo-style, battery-powered friend "Roger" to accomplish the required task.

If Leda ever noticed that her rope collection was being repeatedly rearranged while she was at work, she didn't mention it.  Nor did she make any move to help Robin with her "problem" at night, when Robin was naked and truly helpless.  Clueless, Leda kept her hands to herself, and Roger remained safely sequestered in his regular abode: the back of the bottom drawer of Robin's bedside table.

One afternoon, after Robin had relieved her tension and was basking in the afterglow, she decided it wasn't fair to think of her BFF as clueless.  She'd just untied herself (or more precisely, disentangled herself), Roger was turned off to conserve his batteries, and Robin was reclined on her back and staring up at the bedroom ceiling.  How can Leda be clueless? she reasoned, when I haven't even hinted that it would be okay if she wanted to do things to me?  Which I'm not gonna do.  No way!  Not ever!  Robin would have to take care of her own pleasure... at least for the foreseeable future.

The trip to the Price Farm happened two days later, right on schedule.

Rigorous Research 
 Chapter 4

Leda put herself in charge of the logistics of the operation.  She reminded Robin (repeatedly and adamantly) to pack her oldest, rattiest, and most expendable jeans and blouse as a painting costume.  This made perfect sense, of course, so Robin complied.  Leda also insisted that Robin bring her laptop, charging cable, wireless mouse, and everything else she'd needed to continue her writing when she wasn't painting.  Again, Robin complied.  She was gonna do that anyway.  The roomies finished their packing and the result was one nylon duffel and one laptop messenger/shoulder bag for Robin, and one medium-sized, soft-sided suitcase for Leda.

There was an unexpected development, unexpected for Robin, anyway.  Instead of driving themselves to the Price Farm, Leda announced that Jordan Price would be their chauffeur.  Early in the morning of The Big Day, Jordan pulled into the parking lot of Robin and Leda's apartment complex in a black, four-door, 2015 Jeep JK (with tinted back windows).  She smiled and pumped Robin's hand while Leda made the introductions.

"Robin, Jordan," Leda said.  "Jordan, Robin."

"Pleased to meet you," Jordan said with her award-winning, dimpled smile.

"Me too," Robin responded and (for some reason) blushed.  Jordan's hand was strong, with the calluses expected of a metalworker and sculptor, and she was pretty.  In fact, in Robin's totally objective opinion, Jordan Price was beautiful, in a super-hot-tomboy sort of way.  Jordan was wearing hiking boots, stonewashed jeans, a t-shirt or tank-top, and a well-worn, brown leather jacket.  Her long brown hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail and her eyes were... Beautiful.

Robin was dressed in sneakers, jeans, a white cotton blouse, and a denim jacket.

Leda was in sneakers, cargo shorts, a faded blue work-shirt, and a fleece vest.

They loaded the luggage in the back of the Jeep, then Jordan opened the driver's-side back door, took a quick look around, reached into her jacket pocket, and handed something to Leda.  "Here ya go," she said, smiling at her Archer Metals coworker.  "Nobody can see us here, but make it quick."

"Okay," Leda chuckled.

Robin frowned.  Whatever Jordan had handed to her BFF was chrome steel and—  "Hey!  Leda!"  Leda had spun her around and was locking a pair of police-style handcuffs around her wrists!  Behind her back!  "What the hell do you think you're—"

"Hush," Leda interrupted.  "Jordan knows all about your research program."

Blushing furiously, Robin tugged on the cuffs and blinked her mortified eyes at Jordan.

"I don't mind if you two play," Jordan purred, "just don't make a fuss."

Still blushing, Robin turned back to her BFF.  "Leda!"

"I said hush," Leda chuckled as she took hold of Robin's arm and eased her onto the Jeep's back seat.  "Scoot over to the right."

Robin's record was still stuck.  "Leda!"

Leda climbed into the back, next to her handcuffed BFF.  "I figured that as long as we're driving you waaay out into the boonies," she explained, "we may as well make it an abduction."

"Abduction?" Robin whined.  She stared at her BFF/captor and resumed tugging on her cuffs—not that she'd ever actually stopped.

"The opportunity is too good to waste," Leda chuckled.

"The other stuff you asked for is in the net pocket behind the driver's seat," Jordan said, then closed Leda's door, climbed behind the wheel, buckled her lap-belt, and started the engine.

Leda reached into the net pocket in question and pulled out a roll of Elastoplast and a pair of bandage-scissors.

Robin watched with alarm as her alleged BFF prepared what she'd come to recognize as a standard tape-gag.  "This is stupid," she huffed, but didn't prevent Leda from pressing the strip in place and smoothing it with her fingers.  She did make the traditional post-gag complaint, of course.  "Mrrrf!"

"It's not stupid," Leda giggled, responding to her kidnap victim's last coherent statement.  "It's prudent.  And I know you don't get carsick, so it's perfectly safe.  Just grin and bear it."  She giggled with evil delight.  "Or, in this case, pout and keep quiet."

By this time the Jeep was moving, but that didn't keep Leda from pulling Robin's tape-gagged head and shoulders down onto her lap.  "Mrrrk?"  Leda reached back into the net-pocket and pulled out a black sleep-mask of soft, black pile with an elastic strap.  She placed it over Robin's incredulous eyes—"Mrrrf!"—and the abductee found herself effectively blindfolded!  Next, Robin felt something small and soft being stuffed into in her left ear.  She realized it was a foam-type earplug.

Leda leaned close and whispered in Robin's right ear.  "By the way, it's a three hour drive to Miriam's place, so feel free to take a nap."

"Mrrr!"  Robin felt her right ear being stuffed with a second foam plug... then, what she realized was a pair of "Mickey-Mouse-Ears" pressed against both ears.  As well as being cuffed, her lips sealed with Elastoplast, and blindfolded, she had OSHA-approved double hearing protection!  She could hear virtually nothing.  Robin could feel the vibration of the Jeep's engine, as well as her BFF's soft lap and right hand resting on her right shoulder, but that was it.  I really am being abducted! Robin realized.  Also... Three hours?  The drive is three hours?  She squirmed and tugged on her cuffs, again.  Leda responded by giving her shoulder a reassuring pat.  This sucks! Robin decided.

Robin heard the faint sound of what might have been Jordan speaking... followed by Leda giggling and squirming in place.  Robin was lifted off her Despicable Kidnapper's lap, and she realized Leda was securing her lap-belt.  She was then settled back down onto Leda's lap.  What about my lap-belt? Robin thought.  Between the Jeep's tinted back windows and her semi-reclined position, Robin knew that any passing motorists, no matter how curious, would have no idea that she was even there!  And that also went for passing cops and state troopers, as well as FBI agents, Federal Marshals, Jason Bourne, and Jack Reacher.

Three hours! Robin thought.  I wish I'd known this was gonna happen.  I would have fought back... and taken off the jacket.

Rigorous Research   Chapter 4

Robin spent only part of the trip lounging on Robin's lap.  Three times Leda eased her up into a sitting position.  Several long minutes would pass... then she would be eased back down.  Leda often rested a "friendly" and "reassuring" hand on Robin's shoulder... or hip... or waist.  And during one transition from sitting to lap-lounging, one of Leda's hands blatantly brushed against Robin's left breast.  It was over quickly and wasn't exactly a boob-grab, but it was cheeky.  And the time Leda briefly squeezed Robin's denim-clad rump was also cheeky.  Robin had been half-asleep at the time, but she was pretty sure it had happened.

The abductee couldn't swear the trip to the Price Farm actually took three hours... but it definitely felt like three hours.... three hours of twists and turns... highway travel... slowing down to pass through towns (maybe)... the bumpiness of at least three railroad crossings... and finally, several minutes of crunching gravel on an unpaved road.  Maybe it's crunching gravel.  It was difficult for Robin to be sure with her involuntary double hearing protection.

Finally, they arrived.  At least, Robin assumed they'd arrived.  The Jeep eased to a stop, doors opened, the earmuffs were removed, the foam plugs plucked from her ears, and Robin was dragged (meaning gently eased) from the backseat.  "Mrrrf!" she complained.  Then, her sleep-mask/blindfold was removed and she blinked in the sudden light.  Slowly, a charming rural scene came into focus.  The Jeep and its former occupants were in a gravel turnaround in front of a multi-storied ranch-style house with walls of rough-surfaced concrete blocks and a raised-seam metal roof.  Off to the side was a separate garage and what was either a barn or a workshop.  The complex was surrounded by a meadow-like lawn, which in turn was surrounded by mature cedars, which stretched into the distance to become rolling, forested hills.

"Hey, Mom!" Jordan said with a warm smile.
Mary Steenbergen
Robin turned around to find a smiling woman (obviously, the "Mom" in question) stepping around the side of the jeep.  She was mature, meaning probably in her sixties, had shoulder-length brown hair, and was wearing a pair of sandals and a pretty, stylish, printed dress that complemented her trim figure.  Oh-by-the-way, it was instantly clear exactly how Jordan had come by her stunning good looks.

Robin watched as Jordan and her mother exchanged the usual welcoming hugs and kisses.  And then, it was Leda's turn.

"Miriam!" Leda gushed as she rushed into Jordan's mother's open arms.

That's right, Robin remembered as she watched her BFF and Jordan's mom hug and kiss.  Her name is 'Miriam.'

After releasing Leda, Miriam turned to Robin.  "And you're Robin, of course," she said, then turned to her daughter and her smile faded.  "I suppose you think this is funny."

Jordan grinned and nodded at Leda.  "It was the Swan's idea."

Miriam rolled her eyes, then nodded back over her shoulder.  "Go let your brothers and sisters out of the run before they break down the gate."

"Yes, Mother," Jordan chuckled, then headed for the farmhouse.

Brothers and sisters? Robin thought as she watched Jordan depart.

Once again smiling, Miriam carefully teased back a corner of Robin's tape-gag, then slowly, gently peeled the milky white strip from her guest's lips.  As always, the adhesive surrendered its loving grip with great reluctance, stretching Robin's lips and lower face as it was pulled away.  "Unlock the cuffs," Miriam ordered as she folded and pocketed the Elastoplast and Robin worked her jaw and licked her lips.  Obviously, the order was for Leda.

"You daughter has the key," Leda responded.  Her smile was both innocent and infuriating, in Robin's opinion.

"Wicked girl," Miriam chuckled, then smiled at Robin.  "Welcome to Cedar Wind Farm," she said, then hugged the still handcuffed Robin and kissed her newly tape-free lips.

Robin blushed, tugged on her cuffs, managed not to respond with "Aw, shucks" or something equally inane, and instead said, "Thank you, Mrs. Price."

"Please, call me Miriam," Mrs. Price said as she put an arm around Robin's waist and led her guests towards the house, leaving the Jeep behind on the gravel and stepping onto the mowed lawn.

"Thank you, Miriam," Robin amended.

Leda opened her grinning mouth, no doubt to say something clever and infuriating that would require Robin to plant a swift kick between her legs, but was interrupted by a chorus of whining canine yelps.  "Brace yourself," Leda giggled.Irish Wolfhounds

"Huh?" Robin inquired.

"My other children," Miriam chuckled.

Suddenly, Jordan jogged into view from around the house, and she was accompanied by four large—very large—lanky dogs with short, curly, gray fur.  The canine quartet thumped their tails, yipped and yelped, and made it abundantly clear that they were very happy to see Jordan.  They were also doing their best to jump up, lick her face and hands, and possibly knock her to the ground.

"Behave yourselves!" Miriam laughed as her five "children" drew near.

"Yeah, behave!" Jordan admonished her exuberant canine siblings.

"I was talking to you as well, young lady," Miriam clarified.

"Hey, you guys!" Leda giggled, addressing the bounding dogs.  "Hey!" she added, this time in alarm as she was knocked to the grass, held down by several large gray paws, and assaulted by four slobbering tongues and snuffling muzzles.  She did her best to ward off the canine greeting, but with very limited success.

Miriam laughed and shook her head, then pointed at Robin and addressed her daughter (her two-legged daughter).  "Cuffs," she ordered.

Jordan smiled, reached into her pocket and pulled out her key-ring, then spun Robin around, unlocked the cuffs, and pocketed the keys and cuffs.

"Thank you," Robin said quietly as she turned back around.  "Oh—Oh!"  Robin was now the center of canine attention.  The dogs weren't quite as exuberant as they'd been with Jordan and Leda in that they made no attempt to plant her on the lawn next to her giggling and dog-saliva streaked BFF, but there was still a lot of snuffling and sniffing and at least some licking, especially of Robin's hands.  She knew what was happening.  Miriam's children (not counting Jordan) were curious.  Obviously, they were satisfied that she wasn't a threat to the pack—which consisted of Miriam (the Alpha), Jordan (the Beta), and themselves—but she was novel, and therefore required investigation.  Her scent had to be carefully evaluated and cataloged.

Smiling broadly and resigned to letting herself get slobbered-upon, at least a little, Robin knelt and hugged each of the dogs, patted their heads, and scratched their furry backs.

This was a big hit with the canine quartet.  The rate of tail thrashing resumed its former frantic level.

Miriam intervened after several seconds.  "Enough," she chuckled, took Robin's hand, and helped her stand.

The dogs took this as their cue to put off additional licking and snuffling of the newcomer until later.  Also, the rate of their tail thrashing reduced by half.  Of course, there continued to be a great deal of panting and tongue lolling.

"Robin," Miriam said, "allow me to introduce Pooka, Bugbear, Fenrir, and Kelpie."

Robin smiled.  "They're Irish Wolfhounds, aren't they?"

"They are," Miriam confirmed, then addressed Jordan and Leda.  "Jeep in the garage and luggage in the house."  She turned back to Robin.  "Coffee or tea?"  She was still holding Robin's slightly slobbery hand.

"Uh, coffee, please," Robin answered.

"Coffee it is," Miriam smiled, then led Robin towards the house (with canine escort).

Rigorous Research   Chapter 4

Leda pulled the luggage out of the back of the Jeep, then trudged to the house.  Jordan then parked the Jeep in the garage, as per her mother's order.  Robin, Miriam, and the wolfhounds were already out of sight, having followed a path of irregular stone flags around the far side of the house.  Leda followed, passed the spacious dog run tucked against the house, with its chain-link fence and large doghouse, passed the row of bear-proof garbage and recycling cans, then passed through a side door into the kitchen.  There, she found Miriam preparing her single-cup coffeemaker for use and Robin smiling and looking around.

"Where should I put these?" Leda inquired, shrugging her shoulders to indicate the bags.

"You're in your usual room," Miriam answered as she filled a reusable plastic pod with ground coffee, "and Robin's in the tower."

Robin cocked a puzzled eyebrow.  "The tower?"

Leda started across the kitchen.  "Didn't you notice the cute little square turret on the far side of the house as we drove up?"  She paused, smiling sweetly.  "Oh, that's right, for some reason you were wearing a blindfold."

Before Robin could reply, Miriam chastised Leda—"Be nice, young lady,"—then turned to Robin.  "The tower is our largest guestroom," she explained, hit the brew button on the coffeemaker, then directed a shooing motion at Leda.  "Go."

Leda giggled and followed her hostess' order (and ignored her BFF's rudely extended tongue).

Leda's usual Cedar Wind Farm guestroom was on the first floor.  It had a small window looking out on a side garden, a full-sized bed, a small chest of drawers, a small closet, an easy chair for reading, and was down the hall from a guest bathroom and the stairs leading up to "the tower."  She dropped her suitcase on the bed, then trekked down the hall to the stairs and up to Robin's room.

The tower was twice the size of Leda's guestroom and had expansive windows on three sides, a large closet, a queen-size bed, two chest of drawers, two easy chairs, and a writing desk.  Leda smiled.  She wasn't jealous.  The first time she'd been a guest at Cedar Wind Farm, Miriam had put her in the tower.  I wonder if Robin will notice the 'special features?' she mused.  Probably not.  They're pretty subtle, and I missed them when it was my first visit.  She dropped Robin's duffel on the bed, her laptop bag on the seat of the chair in front of the desk, then bounded back down the stairs and headed for the kitchen for her share of the coffee.

That evening, dinner was grilled burgers on the large deck off the great room.  The canine members of the family were confined to their run, and while they were none too happy to be excluded from the meal, they didn't make a fuss.  Obviously, humans dining separately was standard operating procedure at Cedar Wind Farm.

Leda could tell Robin was having a good time.  Miriam was her usual charming self and Jordan was being nice.  (Go figure!)  Yes, she decided, this is going well.

They all helped with the cleanup, then adjourned to the great room to continue getting acquainted.  Leda noted that no mention was made of either Robin's unusual mode of arrival or her ongoing research program, and Robin certainly didn't bring it up.

They agreed to start painting the garden shed after breakfast the next morning, then everyone retired to their respective rooms: Miriam to the master bedroom, Jordan to her childhood room, Robin to the tower, and Leda to her guestroom.  Leda partially disrobed to her usual sleeping costume of panties and a tank-top, then padded down the hall to the bathroom and conducted her evening toilette.  She emerged from the bathroom just in time to nearly collide with Robin in the hallway.  Her BFF was similarly semi-dressed in panties and a tank-top.

Leda reminded her BFF to wear her most disreputable and disposable jeans and blouse in the morning, in preparation for painting.  Robin responded that of course she'd wear her ratty jeans and torn t-shirt for purposes of painting and accused Leda of being a horrible person for her role in this morning's abduction.  Leda thanked her politely, they both agreed that Miriam was wonderful, the dogs were slobbery sweethearts, and Jordan was... nice.  Then, after exchanging goodnight wishes, Leda returned to her guestroom and Robin entered the bathroom.

Leda climbed into bed, turned off the light on the bedside table, closed her eyes, and quickly drifted off to sleep.


"Mrrrmf!"  Leda snapped awake to find a hand clamped over her mouth and the weight of a body straddling her body, pinning her on the mattress on her back, and trapping her under the covers!

"Quiet!" a voice whispered, then the hand was withdrawn and the bedside light snapped on.

"Jordan!" Leda complained, also in a whisper.  Of course it was Jordan.  Who else could it be?  Leda's Archer Metals coworker lifted herself just enough to pull the covers down and expose Leda's upper body—pulled Leda's tank-top up and behind her head, exposing her breasts—then settled back down, once again trapping Leda's arms against her sides and pinning her flat on her back.  Leda couldn't even kick, thanks to the covers.

Oh-by-the-way, Jordan was completely nude.  Her toned, tan, magnificent body, devilish grin, and mischievous brown eyes were on full display, thanks to the bedside light.  One additional detail: Jordan was now gripping and kneading Leda's breasts.

"Didn't I tell you to wear the rings I gave you last Christmas?" Jordan purred.  Her smiling gaze was on Leda's nipple-posts.

Leda shivered and squirmed as Jordan continued mauling her tits.  "Now that you mention it," she whispered, "you told me no such thing."

"Oh," Jordan grinned.  "My bad."  She reached to the bedside table, retrieved a three-inch ball of medium density pink foam, and popped it into Leda's mouth.

Leda's response was to roll her eyes, squirm, and complain as best she could.  "Mrrrf!"

"I told you to be quiet," Jordan reminded her coworker, then reached back to the bedside table and picked up a narrow, very long, silk hair ribbon in what Leda thought was a very pretty pastel shade of jade-green.  Jordan then proceeded to wrap the ribbon around Leda's head several times, cleaving her mouth and compressing the foam ball.  She freed Leda's tousled hair from under the ribbon, cinched the silky layers tight—eliciting another inarticulate, whimpering complaint from Leda—then tied a neat bow directly over Leda's stuffed and cleaved mouth.

"Now," Jordan said, smiling down at her neatly gagged coworker, "don't worry about the rings.  I have something better."

"Mrrk?"  Leda watched (and felt) Jordan deftly unscrew the removable ball of her left nipple-post, then pull the shaft free of the piercing.  She then screwed the ball back in place and deposited the post on the bedside table.  Her right nipple-post was next... and now Leda's nipples were post-free.

Jordan picked up a small jewelry box, opened its lid, and displayed the contents for Leda's benefit.  "For you," she announced.
Nipple Stirrups
Leda found herself staring (with dread and interest) at a pair of stainless steel nipple-stirrups.  In essence, they were identical to the dumbbell posts Jordan had just removed, but with slightly larger balls at the ends and the addition of "U"-shaped shackles.  With respect to rings and posts, they were the best of both worlds.  Each straight horizontal shaft would provide for even pressure across the entire nipple, and the shackle would act as excellent attachment point for... things.  In Leda's opinion, they were both exquisitely beautiful and absolutely evil, and she could do nothing but watch as Jordan unscrewed the end post from one of the stirrups, carefully positioned the shackle over her left nipple, threaded the shaft through the piercing and the shackle, then screwed on the ball.  Task accomplished, Jordan did the same with the second nipple-stirrup and Leda's right nipple.

"And that's that," Jordan purred.  Still pinning Leda on the bed, she leaned back and gave each of the stirrups a delicate flick.  First the left... then the right.

Leda glared at Jordan in gagged defiance, hoping she was effectively hiding the horror coursing through her helpless body (and trying her best to ignore the pure, unadulterated, horn-dog arousal quivering between her legs).

"Now," Jordan whispered, "your pretty new baubles are my toys, and I don't want you playing with them first, so..."  She reached back to the bedside table and picked up a second jade-green ribbon.

"Mrrrf!"  Jordan had lifted herself off Leda's body, pulled down the covers, and jerked the tank-top the rest of the way from Leda's squirming torso and flailing arms.  Then, she rolled Leda over 'til she was face down on the bed, pulled her hands behind her back, and used the ribbon to bind her wrists, hands (palm-to-palm), and thumbs.  "Mrrrf!"  Finally, Jordan pulled Leda's panties down her legs.  "Mrrrrrk!"

"I heard you the first time," Jordan chuckled, then pulled the covers up and over both their naked bodies.  "Remember," the grinning metalworker whispered as she hugged Leda's shivering body.  "They're my toys." 

They were face-to-face with their breasts squashed together, and Leda could feel her new gifts sliding against Jordan's nipples.  Jordan kissed the right side of her neck, slid her warm, wet tongue into her right ear, and kissed it as well.  Leda shivered and slid her right foot between Jordan's long, slender, strong legs.  She needs a shave, Leda noted.  As usual.  She heaved a gagged sigh, then did her best to relax in her captor's arms.

"I'm holding you to our wager," Jordan whispered.

Being gagged, Leda was unable to answer, but she could smile, at least with her eyes, and she did so.  Right back at you, Hairy Legs, Leda thought.  Wagers work both ways.

Leda's trips to Cedar Wind Farm were always a lot of fun, but this one was shaping up to be especially memorable.

Jordan paused to turn off the bedside light, then resumed kissing Leda's gagged face and caressing her squirming, writhing body.

Rigorous Research   Chapter 4


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