Oh My!

 by Van ©2018




Cedar Wind Farm
The Saturday after Robin, Leda,
& Jordan returned to town

Cody Archer tugged on the steel manacles imprisoning her wrists, with no result other than the clinking and rattling of the taut chains linking said manacles to a pair of heavy steel rings sunk just below ground level in Miriam's lawn.  She also kicked her feet against similar steel shackles imprisoning her ankles and linked by similar chains to similar rings.  The cuffs were heavy and wide with thick walls, but were smooth, with rounded edges, their contours fit her anatomy, and they were arguably "comfortable."  They were also inescapable.

The captive was spreadeagled reasonably close to the deck attached to the back of the farmhouse, and she wasn't going to escape whatever Sordid &/or Erotic Fate Miriam was in the process of perpetrating on her naked body.  Cody had had no choice but to acknowledge that it was, indeed, Miriam's turn to do something horrible to her (for their mutual edification and/or gratification), so she had had no choice but to let her do whatever it was Mistress Miriam intended to do to her.  Miriam was a wonderful person and friend, and Cody considered it a duty and privilege to help said wonderful person and friend satisfy her base needs and licentious urges (especially if Cody's base needs and licentious urges received equal treatment). That said, it was now abundantly clear that Cody's "hostess" was in "one of her moods."  She was horny, and this was gonna be baaad!

Upon arriving at Cedar Wind Farm, Cody had exchanged hugs and kisses with Miriam (her soon-to-be-erotic-torturer) and endured enthusiastic greetings by Miriam's Irish Wolfhounds.  Afterwards, Cody helped Miriam corral the hounds in their run.  Then, they relocated to the kitchen and enjoyed a welcoming cup of tea.

Niceties dealt with, Miriam then ordered Cody to strip, take a tinkle in the guest bathroom, and report to the backyard.  Once there, the deed was done and
now Cody was nude and lying on her back on the green grass with her limbs outstretched in a stringent spread-eagle enforced by the aforementioned steel cuffs and taut chains..
Cody might have shared a few negative comments regarding the standard of guest service at Cedar Wind Farm, but unfortunately, at the moment, an inch-and-a-half silicon-rubber ball was plugging her mouth.  It was attached to the inside of a rectangular black leather panel that pressed against her lips, and both the ball and panel were part of a harness of narrow, black leather straps that buckled tight at the nape of her neck, passed to either side of her nose and across the crown of her head, and crisscrossed under her chin.

Kneeling on the lawn with Cody's head comfortably cradled in her lap, the Mistress of Cedar Wind Farm had tightly and effectively caged her head, smiling and making sure all of Cody's reddish-brown locks were properly and evenly distributed between the various straps of the harness.  Apparently, Miriam considered it important that her beautiful (meaning gorgeous) slender, curvaceous, and exquisitely fit 50-something captive be as photogenic as possible (even thought she didn't intend to take any photos).

"There," Miriam purred, smiling and continuing to comb Cody's hair between her fingers.  Her brown eyes locked with Cody's pale-blue orbs and the longtime friends (and playmates) shared the moment.  Miriam's free hand reached down and gently squeezed Cody's left breast.

"I promised you something special before we get down to the serious business of you spending the rest of the weekend licking my toes, feet, nipples, breasts, and pussy," Miriam continued, "and I intend to keep my promise.  Unfortunately..."  She gently lifted Cody's gagged head off her lap and settled it on the grass, stood, and brushed the dirt and grass from her very pretty printed dress.  "I'm afraid that something is going to take a little more preparation, so you'll have to be patient."

"Mrrrf?" Cody inquired as Miriam turned and strolled to the stairs leading to her deck, climbed the stairs, crossed the deck, and disappeared into her kitchen.  Preparation?  Cody tugged on her inescapable and very restrictive bonds.  She had no more than two inches of freedom of motion in any given direction.

Cold steel
, Cody mused.  Rope and leather have their place, but there's something truly special about cold steel.  It makes me feel so... helpless.  This was far from the first time Cody had entertained such thoughts.  After all, she was a professional metalworker and sculptor.

A few minutes later Miriam emerged from the kitchen and retraced her steps to her naked, spreadeagled, and gagged prisoner.  From Cody's naked, spreadeagled, and gagged perspective, nothing was changed, other than the fact that Miriam had a quart-sized bowl in her hands and was stirring its contents with a one-inch, camel hair brush.  Smiling down at Cody, she lifted the brush and something thick, brown, and translucent dripped from the flat tip of the brush and back into the bowl.  Whatever the fluid was, it had the consistency of dark honey or syrup.

"This is my own special stock recipe," Miriam purred as she resumed stirring the bowl, "a special treat for my children.  Now and then I add a little to their food, like gravy.  They simply love the stuff!  Can't get enough."  She continued stirring the special stock.  "Vitamins, minerals, fish oil... it makes their coats nice and glossy."

Just then, from the direction of the dog run, Cody and Miriam heard a yodling yelp, which was joined by other canine voices and became a veritable chorus.

"Obviously," Miriam purred, "the wind is blowing in that direction.  Like I said... they love it."

Cody's pale-blue eyes frowned above her gag.  What does any of that have to do with...  No!  She wouldn't!  "MRRRK!"  Miriam!!

Miriam had knelt in the grass and was giving Cody's entire foot a through coating of the brown goop—including her heel, arch, pad, the top of the foot, and especially her wiggling toes.


"Hush, Blue-Eyes," Miriam purred.  The glistening stock went on thick, with minimal drip, and was warm.  Miriam had heated it in the microwave.

"Mrrrk!"  Cody continued struggling and squirming, but could do nothing to prevent Miriam from painting her left foot, followed by her thighs, pussy, breasts, and armpits.  Now, even she could smell the horrible stuff.  Actually, the meaty aroma wasn't all that bad.  It was the context of the stuff being slathered onto some of her most sensitive body parts that made it horrible.

Meanwhile, the hounds continued yelping and whining.

"Patience, my children," Miriam chuckled, used the brush to empty the remnants of the brown glaze on Cody's stretched, well-sculpted stomach, making sure it pooled in her navel and dripped onto her pubic bush.  She then used the brush to give Cody's tummy an even coat.  "Don't worry," Miriam said as she stood and smiled down at her spreadeagled, naked captive.  "They won't bite."

Cody stared daggers at her smiling tormentor.  "Mrrrpfh!"  The brush had tickled a little as it spread the warm "dog gravy" across strategic portions her stretched body.  How much worse would be the sensation of the Wolf Hounds' slobbering tongues?  She watched as Miriam turned and once again climbed the stairs to the deck, crossed the deck, and disappeared into the kitchen.  She tugged on her manacles and squirmed in her uncompromising steel bonds.  A disturbingly large fly buzzed across the lawn, settled on her left boob, and began lapping at the stock glazing her nipple.  "Mrrrf!"  Shoo fly!  The fly didn't shoo.

The kitchen door opened and Miriam emerged without the bowl and brush.  She crossed the deck, descended the stairs, and passed her naked, bound, gagged, and meat stock anointed guest, and strolled towards the dog run.

"Mrrrrrpfh!" Cody complained (meaning pathetically begged), but was ignored by both Miriam and the gravy-lapping fly.  Miriam disappeared around the side of the house—there was a pause during which the canine chorus rose in crescendo and urgency—was followed by silence—then was followed by the four Wolf Hounds rocketing around the side of the house and into view, making a beeline sprint for Cody!  "MRRRF!"

The hounds interpreted Cody's gagged scream as either a greeting, an invitation to dine, or both.


Tongues!  Big, wet, slobbering tongues!  Four of them!  They licked her breasts, thighs, armpits, tummy, feet, and toes!  Everywhere Miriam had painted on the apparently deliriously delicious stock glaze!


At some point in the disgusting ordeal Cody focused on the deck and found Miriam comfortably seated in a deck chair next to a cafe table, enjoying a nice cup of tea, and enjoying the show.  She was smiling.  She was infuriating!

The canine tongues tickled!  And they kept on tickling!  And it went on and on!  Obviously, the Wolf Hounds considered it a high priority that every trace of the delicious glaze be accounted for.  Lick followed lick followed lick!  On the bright side, Miriam assertion that her Wolf Hound children wouldn't bite Cody's glistening skin had been correct.

Revenge! Cody resolved as the dogs continued slobbering and Miriam continued smiling and sipping her tea.  Cody fully intended to live up to her obligation to lick Miriam's pussy on demand for the rest of the weekend, but the next time they played it would be Cody's turn, and Cody had both years of experience designing and fabricating erotic entertainment (torture) devices and a fully equipped workshop/studio.  Cody was confident she'd be able to think of something new, some Insidious Device she could use to "entertain" Miriam.  And not incidentally, she'd probably be able to sell it to Jillian Foxwood to use in one of her Stone Tower torture chambers... possibly with Miriam still installed within.

Tit-for-tat really was an important part of The Game.

Rigorous Research 

Cupcake & Swan's "Luxurious" Apartment
The evening of the Saturday during which Cody was visiting Cedar Wind Farm

"This is cruel and depraved and mean and sadistic and... mean!"  Robin muttered, then resumed struggling against the ropes comprising her current lesson in how-to-be-a-top.

Leda smiled and watched her student's ineffective squirming.  "You said 'mean' twice," she noted.

"That's 'cause you're a big fat double meanie!" Robin huffed.

Both student and teacher were naked and on the bed they now shared in what had formerly been Leda's Bedroom but was now re-designated as The Bedroom.  Robin's old Bedroom/Writing Room was now exclusively her Writing Room.  The fact that Leda's mattress was "Queen-size" and Robin's "Full-size" had had a lot to do with the decision.  At some point Robin intended to get rid of her old bed, which would give her room for a bigger desk.  Her clothes remained in her closet, so maybe her former Bedroom/Writing Room was best described as her Writing/Dressing Room, a giant walk-in closet where she also did her writing.  Anyway... both student and teacher were naked and on the large bed they now shared.

Leda was kneeling with her knees to either side of Robin's glowering head.  As Robin looked up at her roommate, Swan's impish, dimpled smile was both enchanting and annoying (in her rope-bound opinion).

Cupcake was on her back with her arms folded behind said back and her legs in a tight tuck with her knees squashing her boobs and her feet pointing at the ceiling.  Also, what Robin assumed was the majority of Leda's considerable collection of white, soft, well-conditioned cotton clothesline/rope was enforcing her peculiar posture.  Leda, the rigger responsible, had started with a "semi-sadistic" box-tie that left Robin's upper arms pinned against her torso with her wrists crossed and lashed against her spine and just below her shoulder blades.  Then, more ropes were deployed to craft what Leda explained was Robin's very first ball-tie, and it was a stringent ball-tie.  Her knees were lashed together, her ankles lashed together, and her heels pressed against her upper thighs.  An elaborate web of cinched ropes tightened and reinforced the crunch, linking the shoulder-yoking strands of the box-tie to her knee-bonds and encircling her folded legs and torso.

Leda had completed the ball-tie, planted a warm, wet kiss on her glowering student's lips, then sealed said lips with a taut, smoothly applied strip of Elastoplast tape.

"I love the way that stuff outlines the shape of your lips," Leda purred as she combed stray strands of her prisoner's brown locks from her pouting, tape-gagged face.

"Mm'rrf!" Robin had responded.  Bite me!

Grooming and rigging tasks complete, Leda climbed off the bed and smiled.  "You may commence your 'courtesy struggle.'  I'll be in the shower."  And with that, she blew her captive a final air-kiss and skipped from the bedroom.  Yes, that's right, she skipped!  It was as infuriating as her gloating smile.

Robin commenced squirming, struggling, flopping, and rolling on the bed.  None of the white cotton strands of her bondage shifted or loosened or gave her any hope whatsoever that she'd be able to exploit a weakness in Leda's handiwork, mount an effective assault on her bondage, and escape.  Eventually, she decided that with a great deal of concentrated effort she might be able to work her way to the edge of the mattress and roll off onto the floor—where she'd land with what would probably be a painful thud—and be no closer to wiggling out of Leda's ball-tie.  Acknowledging that she would remain a clothesline-bound bundle until Swan released her, Cupcake "relaxed" in her tight bonds, on her side with her tape-gagged head facing the bedroom door... and waited.

Leda took her time in the shower... and drying herself off afterwards... and completing the rest of her evening toilette.  (Robin had completed her own preparations for bed before the commencement of the evening's lesson.)  Finally, Leda returned to The Bedroom, smiling her maddening smile... and with a loose coil of white nylon paracord swinging in her left hand.  She held up and shook the coil for Robin's blinking, tape-gagged inspection.

"I bought this stuff on the way home last Thursday," Leda explained, then stood on the mattress, reached up, and passed one end of the cord through a steel eye-bolt screwed into the ceiling directly over the bed.  Some months in the past, Robin had noticed the eye-bolt and asked Leda about it.

"Don't worry," the Swan responded.  "I used a stud finder to make sure it's screwed into wood and not just drywall."

"But what's it for?" Robin demanded.

"I'm thinking of buying a mobile," Leda explained, "something pretty to hang over the bed.  Maybe some hummingbirds... or butterflies."

Robin noted the eye-bolt was rather hefty for supporting a simple mobile, but shrugged and let the topic drop.  Months had passed and apparently Leda hadn't found a mobile that met her aesthetic standards.  Go figure.  Anyway...

Leda dropped to her knees on the bed, rolled Robin onto her back and box-tied arms, then smiled (continued smiling) and used one end of the now dangling cord to tie Robin's big-toes together.

Robin mewled through her tape-gag—"Mrrrf!"—and wiggled the toes in question.  She succeeded in making them moving targets, but failed miserably in preventing Leda from completing her toe-binding task.

Leda leaned back and hauled on the cord, pulled out the slack until it was taut as the proverbial fiddle string, then looped the far end of the cord around the top of the headboard and tied a quick-release knot.

Robin continued complaining—"Mrrr!"—and squirming—Ow!—while Leda placed her knees to either side of Robin's glowering, tape-gagged head, settled back until her butt rested on her heels, smiled, and watched her BFF/lover's efforts.

After several seconds, Leda reached down and carefully, gently peeled the tape from Robin's lips.  "I can't make the toe-cord too tight," she purred, using her right index finger to tap the vertical white paracord linking Robin's big toes to the ceiling.  "As we shift our weights on the mattress we might find it... uncomfortable."

Yeah, uncomfortable for ME! Robin fumed as she licked her lips and swallowed.  Actually, she had to admit Leda seemed to have gotten the rigging right (as usual).  99% of Robin's weight was supported by her shoulders, back, arms, and butt, and the remaining one percent wasn't painful... not so far, anyway.  All the cord was doing was provide incentive to remain balanced on her back with her feet on pointe.

"This is cruel and depraved and mean and sadistic and... mean!"  Robin muttered, then resumed struggling.

"You said 'mean' twice," Leda noted.

"That's 'cause you're a big fat double meanie!" Robin huffed.

"So stipulated," Leda purred.  "Now... tonight's lesson is all about... how to lick pussy whilst ball-tied."  She frowned.  "Is 'whilst' the right word?"

"If you're British," Robin muttered, rolling her eyes.  "You're not, so... no.  Just say 'while,' and while we're at it... when do I get to actually use all this stuff you're teaching me?"

"Oh, Cupcake," Leda chuckled, "not anytime soon."  If ever.  "You have so much to learn.  This is gonna take months.  Maybe even years.  You should be grateful I'm so generous and patient."  Then, while Robin was digesting this information and trying to formulate a snappy comeback, Leda lifted herself off her heels and resettled her weight with her pussy hovering less than an inch above her student's indignant mouth.  "You may begin," she said, solemnly.

"Wicked Swan," Robin huffed, stirring Leda's pubic bush with her breath (and sending a shiver through her teacher's kneeling body), then extended her tongue and set to work on the cunnilingus portion of the evening's lesson plan.

Rigorous Research   Epilogue(s)

Archer Metals
About two months after Jordan, Leda, & Robin's week-long visit to Cedar Wind Farm

Robin swallowed nervously as she opened the front door and entered Archer Metals' main office.  A bell hanging overhead rung—Tinkle-tinkle-tinkle!—which did nothing to calm her nerves.  The front counter, Leda's usual work station (when not busy helping Jordan, Cody, or one of the artists "test" their latest creations) was empty.  This wasn't particularly surprising, as it was after hours and Archer Metals was technically closed for business.  Robin was expected, so she assumed the front door had been left unlocked for her use, and this was confirmed when Cody Archer ("The Big Kahuna," as Leda called her) immediately emerged from the back, smiled, and gave her a generic greeting and a kiss on the cheek (which Robin returned).  Cody then threw the deadbolt lock, tapped a keypad and armed the electronic alarm, then took Robin by the hand and led her around the counter and into her private office.

Cody was wearing her usual "work uniform" of boots, jeans, and a smudged tank-top (with no bra).  She released Robin's hand, took a step back, and smiled.  "What a pretty dress," she purred.

"Uh... thanks," Robin responded (still blushing).  The dress in question was actually one of Leda's.  Robin had borrowed it (without asking), and knowing what was coming (probably).  She had to admit it was, as Cody had said, "pretty."

"Take it off," Cody continued, still smiling.

"Now?" Robin demanded (whined).

"Now," Cody confirmed.

Robin heaved a Pathetically Tragic Sigh, then unbuttoned and unzipped her (Leda's) dress and pulled it over her head.  That left her in sandals, panties, and bra.

"Isn't that Leda's?" Cody asked (still smiling).  "I'm sure I've seen her wear it in the office."

"Uh... yeah," Robin admitted.  "I didn't know where this was gonna happen, so I didn't want to get shop dirt on one of my dresses."  She unclasped and removed her bra, then thumbed the hips of her panties, slid them down her legs, and stepped free.  "We're the same size," she added.  "Leda and I."

"Quite sensible," Cody chuckled.

Without prompting, Robin folded her underwear and Leda's dress and placed everything in a neat stack on the seat of one of Cody's visitor chairs, then placed her sandals on top.  Now totally nude, she faced Leda (and Jordan's) 50-something, totally gorgeous boss, and blushed.  She'd been blushing before, but now her cheeks were crimson, her heart was pounding, and her boobs bobbing as she took deep, even breaths.  She considered folding her left arm across the boobs in question and shielding her crotch with her right hand, but that ship had sailed.  She tried for a brave smile, and may have succeeded.  She wasn't sure.

"Miriam is right," Cody purred.  "You really are a brave little Cupcake."

"Uh... thanks," Robin muttered, continuing to blush.

"Still, I'm a little surprised you're taking all of this so well," Cody added.

"Leda and I talked about it," Robin sighed, "meaning Jordan's eventual 'epic revenge.'  We agreed there's no point in tryin' to run and hide.  It would only make things worse when she found us... and she would find us."

"Brave, little, and wise," Cody chuckled.

"Besides," Robin continued, "when Tomboy called she made it very clear that I didn't have any choice.  'Get your scrawny little ass over here... or else.'  That's what she said."

"I see," Cody nodded.  "Jordan can be very persuasive."

Robin heaved another tragic sigh.  "Especially when she's holding your best friend hostage and threatening to do really horrible things to her."

"You don't think she's already doing horrible things to poor Leda?" Cody inquired.

"Well, yeah," Robin sighed, "but I said really horrible things."

"Indeed," Cody nodded (and smiled).  She then turned to a cardboard box resting on her desk.

Robin watched as Cody lifted a pair of chrome-plated, joined handcuffs from the box.  Without prompting, she turned 180° and allowed Cody to lock the cuffs around her wrists.

Click-click-click-click; click-click-click-click

The first pair of cuffs was followed by a second—Click-click-click-click; click-clcik-click-click—which tightened around Robin's upper arms, just above her elbows.  Luckily (and no doubt intentionally) the second pair were separated by a few links of nested chain, unlike the joined cuffs on her wrists.  And then, Robin felt something tightening around her thumbs!

Click-click-click; click-click-click.

"Really?" Robin whined.  "Thumbcuffs?"

"Thumbcuffs," Cody confirmed with a chuckle.  "Turn back around."

Robin shuffled in a half-circle and watched as Cody pulled a roll of Elastoplast and a pair of bandage scissors from the box, ripped a seven-inch free from the roll, snipped it free, and tacked it by one corner to the edge of her desk.  And then—Gulp!—Cody reached back into the box and produced a pair of pink and white panties (in a pretty daisy pattern).

"Can you guess?" Cody purred (with an evil smile).

"I don't have to," Robin muttered.  "They're Leda's.  I recognize them."  She heaved what she knew would be her final, un-muffled sigh for the immediate future and probably for some time.  She then opened her mouth and accepted the panties her BFF and lover had worn to work that morning.  They filled her oral cavity more-or-less to capacity, but she could and did manage to bite down and purse her lips in preparation for the arrival of Cody's strip of Elastoplast.

"So pretty," Cody sighed as she pressed the strip home, then used both hands to smooth Robin's new tape-gag.  "Big brown eyes... button nose... blushing, bulging cheeks... and pouting lips under a nice, taut layer of tape.  So pretty."

Yeah, whatever.  Oh!  Cody's hands were cupping her breasts!  "Mrrrk?"

"I'm sorely tempted to 'sample the merchandise,' as the saying goes," Cody purred.  "But your business is with 'Tomboy,' and not myself."

Her heart tripping like the proverbial hammer, Robin panted through flaring nostrils and stared up into Cody's remarkable pale-blue eyes and gorgeous, smiling face.  Cody's hands were strong and firm as she gently squeezed her breasts, and causing a shiver to ripple through Robin's pussy.

"You know the way to Jordan's workshop, don't you?" Cody inquired.

Robin nodded.  She did know the way.

"The compound is locked up tight for the evening and everyone else has gone home," Cody continued, "so you shouldn't run into any trouble, but watch your step."  She released Robin's breasts, stepped to a side door, and opened it wide.  "Just knock on Jordan's door when you get there."

Robin eyed the open door, then Cody.

"Go, Cupcake," Cody purred, "before I change my mind."

Robin swallowed behind her tape-gag (and Leda's panties) then carefully padded through the door and into the darkening compound—"Mrrrk!"—and received a resounding slap on her left butt-cheek in the process.  Ow!  She turned to glare at Cody and share her feelings (somehow), but the door was already closing.  Thud.  Robin made do with a withering, tape-gagged glare that for some reason failed to peel the paint off the closed portal, then padded away from the office building and through the shop yard to meet her unknown fate.

Rigorous Research   Epilogue(s)

To Robin's surprise, the asphalt under her bare feet was reasonably clean.  There was grit and dirt, of course, but there was nothing she was afraid would damage her feet.  Obviously, one or more of Cody's employees pushed a broom on a regular basis, at least in the central area.  All around were workshops and sheds protecting racks of metal bar stock and sheets of steel from the rain, as well as stacks of wooden pallets.  She knew the entire Archer's Metal compound was surrounded by a twelve-foot chain link fence topped by concertina wire, but no part of the barrier was visible from her present position.  Industrial fixtures above the various buildings' conspicuously padlocked doors provided adequate light, but there were many ominous pools of darkness on all sides.

Spooky!  Gooseflesh dimpled Robin's arms and thighs and her nipples were pointing, all of which were simple physiological reactions to the cool night air—NOT!

Robin was nervous, apprehensive, and a little scared (see also petrified).  Fortunately (or not) Robin found the inner strength to continue padding forward.  After all... there was no way to escape.  The side door of Cody's office was closed and Robin was sure there wasn't any other way back to the parking lot or loading dock that wasn't blocked by a locked door or padlocked gate.  There was also the issue of what she hoped to accomplish by fleeing naked, bound, and gagged into the night.  Finally, Leda and Jordan were waiting.  She didn't want to be rude, and abandoning her BFF was out of the question.

Jordan's workshop was right where Robin remembered it to be.  Also, it was the only door in the area that wasn't padlocked and it was clearly labelled "JORDAN PRICE" with an elaborate and highly decorative steel sign.  There were similar but stylistically different signs on the other workshop doors.  Obviously, Cody allowed and probably encouraged an aesthetic competition among her resident workers/sculptors to mark their respective territories.

With Robin's thumbs, wrists, and elbows cuffed behind her back, turning the workshop's doorknob would be difficult at best and impossible at worst, and she doubted she could force an audible request for entry past Leda's panties and Cody's strip of tape.  That left her feet.  A shudder of apprehension (with the merest trace of anticipation) rippled up and down Robin's spine at the thought of what might wait within.  Finally, she lifted her right foot and carefully kicked the base of the steel door.  Thud, thud, thud.  Robin paused, waiting for a response... Nothing.  She tried again.  Thud, thud, thud.  She didn't want to kick any harder as that would probably be painful.  Robin wasn't sure exactly how she should proceed.

Suddenly, the door opened and Jordan was there, dressed in work boots, tattered and soiled jeans, and a smudged tank-top.  No bra, Robin noted.  Pokies... like Cody.

"Took your time, didn't you, Cupcake?" Jordan chuckled  The smile curling her lips was infuriating (and terrifying).  "I was afraid you were hiding somewhere and I was gonna have to hunt you down."  She stepped aside and made a sweeping gesture.

Robin tried to muster a gagged, defiant stare, but suspected she was failing, miserably.  Robin padded into the workshop—then flinched when the door slammed shut behind her and Jordan turned the deadbolt lock.  Click!  She quickly looked around the workshop—"Mrrrk?"—and immediately froze in place.  Robin's big brown eyes were at their widest, and her heart was pounding like a drum.

Leda was present.  She was also naked, with cuffs on her thumbs, wrists, and elbows and an Elastoplast tape-gag, all identical to Robin's.  That wasn't particularly surprising.  She could appreciate the aesthetic value of matching bondage.  She assumed Leda had someone's panties stuffed in her mouth to complete the picture, but they couldn't be her own, as they were currently packing Robin's mouth.  So... Jordan's panties?  Possibly.  Probably.  Anyway, making the roommates "bondage twins" had a certain elegance, was only slightly surprising, and was not what Robin found to be so shocking.

Front and center in the workshop was a low, rectangular platform of heavy steel.  It was something like two-feet by four-feet.  A narrow, two-foot long slot ran down the center of the platform, between the long sides of its top surface, and protruding from either end of the slot were a pair of vertical steel poles.

The pole on Robin's right was about two-feet in height and terminated in—"Gulp!"—a dildo!  It could be called nothing else.  It wasn't an anatomically correct replica of a male phallus rendered in latex-coated steel, but it was unmistakably a dildo!  Also, it was glistening and appeared to have been coated with some sort of lubricant!

As for whatever topped the left pole, Robin couldn't be sure as it was inside Leda!  That is, her naked, bound, and gagged BFF was straddling the pole and the steel shaft disappeared inside her pussy!  Robin wasn't stupid.  Obviously, the left pole terminated in a second latex-coated dildo.  Nothing else made sense—if one could apply the term "sense" to any aspect of the current situation.

Robin took an involuntary step back—"Mrrrk!"—and bumped into Jordan.  The grinning Vengeful Villainess took a firm grip on a handful of her hair—"Mrrrm!"—and dragged her reluctantly to the platform, "helped" her step up onto its surface, and positioned her with the right-hand post (and dildo!) between her legs!

"Stay," Jordan ordered, but maintained her grip on Robin's hair to enforce her command.  She then triggered a small pedal at the base of the platform with the toe of her right boot.

Fidgeting, squirming, and shuffling her bare feet on the cool steel, Robin heard and felt the vibrations of turning gears and a humming motor, and watched as the post began to telescope upwards and the dildo slowly approached its intended target.  "Mrrrrmpf!"

"Don't be a woosy," Jordan chuckled.  "Suck it up... so to speak."

"Mrrrf!"  The blunt, rounded tip of the dildo nudged her labia... they parted... and the shaft entered her pussy!  Thankfully, the latex member was lubricated, but its passage and continuing penetration was disturbing, to say the least.  Finally (also, thankfully) the shaft clicked and the motor stopped.

Robin shivered in her bonds and assessed the situation.  The thing was fully inside her (and filled her to what she was very much willing to stipulate as "capacity"), but her feet were flat on the floor... just barely.

"That's one advantage to having two damsels with the exact same minuscule height," Jordan said as she released Robin's hair.  "The Swan already went through all the height adjustments, so you don't have to, Cupcake.  Don't you feel lucky?"

'Lucky' isn't exactly the feeling, Robin silently fumed, carefully (very carefully) squirming and further exploring her situation.

"Welcome to my Double Damsel One Bar Prison," Jordan continued.

Robin blinked at Jordan.  Huh?

Jordan turned to Leda.  "She really is a novice, isn't she."  She shook her head.  "Doesn't even know what a 'one bar prison' is.  Geesh."

What the hell is she... oh.  The light had dawned.  Robin realized the vertical shaft between her legs was, effectively, a prison with a single bar.  Bound and/or unable to grab hold of anything and lift herself off the dildo, she was effectively incarcerated.  Very clever, she thought with a gagged sigh.  Also depraved and evil.  She gazed at her similarly impaled and pinioned prisoner, and noted that her BFF's skin was glistening with sweat and a few errant strands of hair were plastered across her shining and gagged face.  This was slightly puzzling.  The shop was well heated, but wasn't exactly stifling.

Robin turned her gagged face back to Jordan.  What have you been doing to her? she demanded... or would have demanded if it wasn't for Leda's panties and Cody's tape.

"On with the show," Jordan purred (ominously), and stomped on another pedal.

"Mrrk?" both damsels commented as the motor hummed to life and slowly... ever so slowly... both vertical posts began creeping together, sliding along the slot and taking the occupant of their respective dildos with them!  Robin and Leda stutter-stepped and scrambled as their feet slid on the platform's smooth steel top and their naked bodies drew closer and closer.  They didn't really try to resist.  The motor under their feet was obviously powerful and they were hardly in positions to exert any meaningful leverage.

The BFFs and lovers locked eyes as their nipples touched... then their tummies... their thighs... and their breasts began squeezing together.

Jordan lifted her boot tip from the pedal and the motor abruptly stopped.  She pressed a different pedal, and there was a loud click!  "There," she purred.  "Lock engaged."

Robin and Leda were now pressed together about as tightly as if one had been lying directly on top of the other, only gravity wasn't the reason their boobs were squashed or their bellies and thighs in full contact.  The position wasn't all that uncomfortable, but it was undeniably... intimate.  Robin noted that she could feel Leda's nipple-stirrups and navel-piercing pressing into her nipples and navel, but her BFF's "jewelry" wasn't painful.  The stuff was just... there... as were the dildos.

pallet wrapper"Excellent," Jordan sighed (gloated), then stepped behind Leda, gathered her long, brown, tousled hair behind her head, coiled it into a bun, and snapped a rubber band around the base.  She then stepped behind Robin and did the same thing.  Next, she strolled to a nearby shelf and returned with what both captives recognized as a "pallet wrapper," a device with two handles used to hold a roll of clear plastic shrink-wrap so it could be used to bundle a stack of boxes on a pallet prior to shipping.

The prisoners locked eyes as their captor freed a length of wrap from the roll, plastered it to Leda's left side, then began slowly walking around the platform, clockwise, smoothly stretching and wrapping the 18-inch wide, transparent film around Leda and Jordan's naked and bound bodies until they were tightly packaged.  Now mummified under twenty or more tight, overlapping layers of plastic from their bare shoulders to their lower thighs, just above the knees, Robin and Leda heaved a mutual sigh, or would have if their plastic cocoon wasn't making it slightly difficult to breathe.

"A good start," Jordan announced as she ripped the plastic free and smoothed the free end to the other layers.  Then, smiling the same gloating, evil, gorgeous smile, she pulled fresh plastic from the roll, adhered it to the plastic already encasing the prisoners, and resumed walking around the platform, this time in a counter-clockwise direction.  That's right, she was adding additional layers!

Neither captive tried keeping count of the total number of layers.  It was well over fifty.  They had a greater concern: it was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe, and inside all that plastic, things were warm and rapidly approaching toasty, with stifling looming on the horizon.  Leda was already sweaty but now Robin was catching up.  Unfortunately the sweaty lubrication wasn't doing them any good.  Their shiny cocoon was too tight to allow anything beyond what could be called wriggling.

Jordan ripped the plastic free a second time, smoothed the final seam, then returned the pallet wrapper and its much depleted roll to the shelf.  She then returned to the scene of her plasticized crime, placed her hands on her hips, and somehow managed to make her smile even more gloating and evil.

"Swan already knows this, Cupcake," Jordan lectured, "but both of your 'new best friends' are vibrators, and a special program will be turning them on and off independently, at random intervals, and, of course, with randomly varying intensity."

Of course, Robin silently sighed.

"The Swan is already familiar with the technology," Jordan added.

That explains the sweat, Robin reasoned.

"And with you two little pipsqueaks squeezed together like toothpaste in a tube," Jordan continued.  "I'm betting that when one of your friends starts buzzing on 'high,' the other will be able to feel it as if their friend is buzzing on 'low,' or maybe even 'medium.'  An interesting experiment, don't you agree?"

The gagged and cocooned captives locked eyes, again, heaved another barely perceptible simultaneous sigh, then turned their gagged faces back to their tormentor.

"Well, you girls enjoy the rest of your weekend," she said, then spun on her heel and headed for the shop door.  "I reset the program, so the fun will begin after a thirty minute countdown."

Weekend?  "MRRRF!" Robin screamed through her gag as, with a final wave, Jordan turned off the overhead lights, stepped across the threshold, and pulled the door closed.

"Nrrr."  That was Leda.

There was enough light from the compound's security lights shining through the shop's frosted windows for Robin to see her fellow prisoner shaking her head.  Robin assumed that meant Leda was sure Jordan was lying about leaving them in the clutches of her insidious "Double Damsel One Bar Prison" until Monday morning.  The Evil Tomboy probably intended to go out for pizza, possibly with Cody, then come back afterwards to enjoy watching them squirm and sweat and cum like the proverbial bunnies... or maybe let them go... or maybe do something else cruel and unusual to them.

This new and wonderful game Robin found herself playing had rules, and number one was 'do no harm,' something it had in common with physicians' Hippocratic oath.  Robin and Leda had talked about it.  Exquisite erotic torture?  Yes?  Getting 'rode hard and put away wet?'  Yes.  A little carefully metered pain from riding crops, floggers, nipple-clamps, and the like?  Uh... maybe. Okay, yes.  But real, lasting physical and/or psychological harm?  Never!  Not ever!

Unfortunately, at the moment Leda, Robin's guide to this new, terrifying, and wonderful world was unable to continue their discussion, offer reassurances, and/or answer Robin's many questions.  They were both naked, bound, gagged and busy being erotically tortured.

Elucidation would have to wait.  In the meantime... The Game continued.

Rigorous Research   Epilogue(s)


Chapter 15
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