Rook takes Rook

              RAPSCALLIONSby Van ©2013

 Chapter 12



Rook House
The next Friday, early evening, Rory's bedroom.

Rory's long, straight, ginger hair was plaited in a single tight braid trailing down her back and secured by an olive green ribbon.  She pulled down her panties and deposited them in her hamper.  Now completely naked, she turned and faced Clem and Gwen, gazing at her fellow Rapscallions with a demure smile.  The BFFs were waiting by her bed.  They were barefoot, but otherwise fully clothed in jeans and t-shirts.  A large cotton shopping bag rested on the floor, next to the bed.  Rory didn't know exactly what the bag contained, but she had her suspicions.

"Okay," Rory addressed Clem, "I'm ready to settle your stupid side bet."  She indicated Gwen with a slight nod.  "But why is she here?"

"To watch," Clem explained, "and to act as my beautiful assistant."

Gwen smiled and struck a theatrical pose.  "Tah-dah!  My fishnets and sequined one-piece are at the cleaners."

Rory sighed, smiled, and rolled her eyes, amused by Gwen's antics.  How could she not be?

"Gloves," Clem said, holding out her right hand.  Gwen reached into the bag and produced a pair of milky green latex gloves, which she slapped into her BFF's palm.  Clem, in turn, handed them to Rory.  "Put them on."

Rory pulled on the gloves, smoothing the latex until they were skintight, then watched as Gwen pulled a roll of decorative tape from the bag and handed it to Clem.  The tape was in pastel shades of green—from olive to sage to emerald—and printed with stylized shamrocks.  As such things went, it looked to be real duct tape, cloth or plastic fabric backed with a strong adhesive.  This impression was reinforced by the effort required for Clem to pull about five inches from the roll.

"Flippers," Clem ordered.

Rory was still gazing at the tape.  "Huh?"

"She's going to give you flippers," Gwen explained with a giggle.

"We did agree that anything goes," Clem reminded the naked ginger.  "Make your hands into flippers."

Rory sighed, again, then put the fingers and thumb of her right hand together, in the style of a military salute—or a flipper.  She watched as Rory wrapped said hand from wrist to fingertips in a neat, tight sheath of overlapping bands of tape.  Clem ripped the tape from the roll and smoothed the free end.  The "flipper" was now permanent and her fingers utterly useless as escape aids.  The underlying latex was completely hidden.

"Pretty tape," Rory said as Clem wrapped her left hand in similar fashion.

"I wanted her to buy 'Hello Kitty' tape," Gwen said, "but she decided to go ethnic."

Rory's cheeks dimpled.  "Always after me Lucky Charms," she purred.

Gwen giggled, as usual, and Clem smiled and pointed to the bag.  "Next."  Gwen reached into the bag, produced a large coil of white cotton clothesline, and handed it to her bespectacled girlfriend.

Over the next several minutes, Clem tied Rory's arms and tape encased hands behind her back.  She used the "ladder" technique, anchoring the bondage with a harness that yoked Rory's shoulders, pinned her upper arms to her sides, and passed across her chest above her breasts.  The ladder continued, binding and pulling Rory's arms together with hitch after interlaced hitch every few inches, all the way down to her wrists.  The bondage rolled Rory's shoulders back and was nearly as stringent as one of Siri's butternut leather, single-sleeve arm-binders.

Rory tested Clem's handiwork, rolling her shoulders and twisting her bound arms.  It was the required courtesy struggle, even thought she in no way believed her captor had finished crafting her bondage statement.

"Where do you keep your Royal Gifts?" Gwen asked.

Rory stopped struggling and frowned.  "Huh?"

"Your cute little green and butternut whiffle gag," Gwen explained.

"And your pale green rabbit," Clem added.

"Oh."  Rory blushed and nodded at her nightstand.  "Bottom drawer."  She watched as Gwen opened the drawer in question, handed the whiffle gag to Clem, and dropped the green, rabbit-style vibrator into the shopping bag.
"Open wide," Clem ordered, and held the gag before Rory's lips.

"Woe is me," Rory sighed, and followed her Dastardly Kidnapper's orders.

Clem buckled the strap at the nape of Rory's neck, under her braid, then picked up the still somewhat full bag and headed for the bedroom door.  Gwen followed.  The BFFs paused in the doorway, smiling at the bound, gagged, naked, and mildly confused Rory.  "Coming?" Clem asked.

Rory gazed at her neatly made bed, then at Clem and Gwen.  She'd expected to be rendered even more helpless, then lashed to said bed; but apparently Clem had other plans.  Rory shrugged, as best her bonds would allow, and padded to the door.

Chapter 12

Siri squirmed on her bed.  She was naked, her long, blond hair was plaited in a single braid secured with a pale blue ribbon, and she was tied up.  Specifically, her hands were individually encased in tight sheathes of sky blue duct tape decorated with yellow daisies, white cotton clothesline lashed her arms behind her back from shoulders to wrists, and her legs were lashed together from thighs to ankles.  The technique used was a series of running hitches that dimpled her flesh every few inches, something Siri believed was called a "ladder-tie."  The arm ladder was anchored with a simple chest harness and the leg ladder with a waist-encircling loop.  Her bonds were stringent, but Siri wasn't tied down.  She was "free" to squirm and flop around on the mattress, and to at least try and flex her legs.  Rolling off the bed and hopping around the bedroom was possible, but would be precarious at best.

Oh by the way, J-Lou's gifts, her pale blue and tan whiffle gag and pale blue rabbit vibrator, were plugging her mouth and incorporated in the leg ladder, respectively.  The vibrator's cartoon rabbit clit-stimulator was turned and tucked between her upper thighs and the tip of the phallic main shaft just parted and penetrated her labia, nudging her clitoris.  There was no way she'd be able to dislodge or even shift the position of the insidious (meaning delightful) device.

Clem had done the deed, expertly rigging Siri's condition while her twerp of a girlfriend watched.  Princess Four Eye's final words before exiting the bedroom were an admonition to "wait here," and the promise that she "wasn't done."  And with that, the BFFs left with Gwen giggling like the fool she so often pretended to be and Clem with a smug smile.  That had been at least a half hour ago, and all Siri could do was wait... and squirm... and fume.  The least Sally could do was use the rabbit to "torture" her via Wi-Fi, but so far the house avatar hadn't even bothered to chime in with her usual teasing, gloating remarks.  I guess I am being tortured, Siri mused, tortured with neglect.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened and Clem and Gwen returned.  "Mrrf?"  And with them came Rory—a naked, ball-gagged, and tied up Rory!

"We're back," Gwen announced, unnecessarily.

"On the bed," Clem ordered.  "Stretch out next to Stretch."  The instructions were for Rory, of course, and the captive ginger complied.

Without prompting, Gwen pulled a large coil of clothesline from the same shopping bag that had held the rope currently binding Siri, released the hitch securing the coil, and handed the rope to Clem.  The Evil Princess then proceeded to bind Rory's legs together, using the same ladder technique she'd used on Siri.  Also as with Siri, Rory's mint green rabbit vibrator was incorporated in the leg ladder.  After several minutes of slithering rope and tightening hitches, Clem tied a final knot and Siri and Rory were sisters in bondage, bound and gagged mirror images on Siri's bed.

Siri gazed into her girlfriend's green eyes, and the ginger beauty gazed back.  For an instant, Siri thought Sally had finally decided to test the vibrator lashed between her legs, but then she realized it was just a thrill of arousal—and dare she even think it—a surge of love.

"Okay," Clem said as she pulled yet another coil of rope from the now seriously depleted bag, "I need your help."  She was addressing Gwen, of course.  Rory and Siri weren't in a position to help anybody do anything.

"If I have to," Gwen sighed.

Over the next several minutes the BFFs positioned Rory and Siri together until they were face to face, boob to boob, tummy to tummy, thigh to thigh, and knee to knee, then tied them together.  Bands of rope tightened around their bodies and were periodically interlaced with their existing bonds.  And speaking of boobs, theirs were now squashed together and would remain that way until they were released from their bondage.  Also, their rabbit vibrators touched along much of their length.  This was probably going to be an interesting evening.

Siri was furious that Clem had decided to include forced intimacy in the settling of the side bet—absolutely furious!  Okay, their predicament was hot, and she wasn't really angry, but Siri's default role in such situations was Feisty Damsel, and outrage was the appropriate response.  "Mrrrf!"  Rory appeared to be going with amused resignation, but Siri was furious!

"Go get the thing," Clem said to Gwen.

Gwen was gazing at the weakly squirming captives.  "Huh?"

"The thing," Clem reiterated.

"Oh, the thing."  Gwen turned and hurried out the door.

Clem was also smiling down at her prisoners.  "Don't worry, she'll be right back."  She reached into her hip pocket and produced a pair of sneaker laces.  One was bright blue and the other emerald green.  She then proceeded to bind Siri's big toes together with the blue lace... and Rory's with the green.

Siri and Rory watched Clem bind their toes.  Actually, Siri stared daggers and Rory smiled, her green eyes sparkling above her gag.

"Because they're there," Clem said, answering the unasked question.  She gave the soles of Siri's feet a few strokes with her right index finger as she finished, eliciting an angry complaint in response.


Just then, Gwen returned with a bundle of... something.  It was obviously the infamous "thing."

Working in concert, the BFFs unrolled what was revealed to be a rectangular net of thin bungee cords hemmed on all four sides with stout, braided nylon strapping that was festooned with narrow dangling straps with snap-buckles.

"It's a cargo net for the back of a pickup truck," Clem explained.  "It'll let you guys roll around on the bed without the danger of falling on the floor."

Clem and Gwen draped the net over the bed and its helpless occupants, then worked their way around the periphery of the bed, looping the straps through the side rails of the bed frame and snapping the buckles closed.

"I still think you should have tied them the other way, face to smelly feet," Gwen said, "with ring gags and their toes jammed in each other's mouths."

Clem sighed, shook her head, and favored her giggling girlfriend with an even stare.  "Way to give them ideas," she muttered.

Gwen's eyes widened.  "Oh."  She smiled at Siri and Rory.  "Never mind."

The deployment process had reached the prisoner's heads and shoulders.  Clem leaned low over the bed, released Rory and Siri's gags, then re-secured the buckles on the straps' first holes.  Clem and Gwen then secured the remaining net straps and worked their way back down the bed, pulling any remaining slack from the tie-down straps.  The elastic lattice was now stretched completely across Siri and Rory's squirming, bound forms and the blond and ginger would remain on the bed for the duration.

The captives spit the balls from their mouths, licked their lips, and worked their jaws.  "I'm going to get you for this!" Siri promised.  Obviously, she was addressing Clem.

"Bye," Clem said, smiling and waving as she strolled towards the bedroom door.

"Pleasant struggling," Gwen added, then followed her girlfriend.

The door closed and the captives were alone.

"Why do you suppose the Princess removed our gags?" Siri muttered.  Their gags weren't actually removed, of course, but dangled around their necks like decidedly ugly costume jewelry.

Rory's answer was a dimpled smile and a long, deep kiss planted on her fellow prisoner's lips, with tongue.

After several seconds of lip smacking and tongue sliding, Siri came up for air.  "Talk about your stupid questions," she chided herself, and the kiss resumed.

After several more seconds, Rory broke contact.  "Clem's very sweet to let us suck face like this," she sighed.

"In an unspeakably cruel and sadistic way," Siri muttered.  The kiss resumed, again.

"Ahem."  The interruption was Sally's disembodied voice.  "So... you girls have decided to retire for the evening.  Let's play a game, shall we?"

"Eeeek!"  Both prisoners had yelped and flinched in their bonds, simultaneously.  The rabbits were vibrating!

"Sally!" Rory complained.

"Bitch!" Siri accused.

"Inside voices, ladies," Sally purred.  The rabbits were alternating between low and medium power, between the shaft and rabbit motors, and between the individual vibrators themselves.

The captives shivered, squirmed, and gasped.  The feeling was indescribable, fueled by the proximity of their helpless bodies and their inescapable bondage.

"The name of the game is... Let's Cum Together," Sally purred.  "And that's cum with a 'U' and not an 'O' as in orgasm.  But there will be orgasms."

"Sally, please," Rory gasped.

"I love it when they beg," Sally said with a throaty chuckle.

Siri's response was less articulate.  "Eyaaaaah!"  The modulated buzzing continued, as did much mutual wiggling, gasping, and panting.

"You'll be allowed to rest between orgasms," Sally reassured the captives, "so you can suck face, but I doubt if you'll be getting much sleep tonight."

"I-I'll g-get you for this," Siri gasped through clenched teeth.

"What are you gonna do?" Rory demanded, "go to the basement and tickle the USB ports on the smart house server panel?"

"I'll take it out on Four Eyes and the twerp," Siri vowed.

Rory shivered in her bonds.  "Yeah, I bet they're not expecting that."

"Less talk and more squirming," Sally ordered.  "I'm trying to calibrate my biometric algorithms.  You think it's easy juggling two vibrators and two damsels?  Modeling the orbital dynamics of the moons of Jupiter is easier."

Pinned to the bed under a taut net of elastic cords, helpless in their tight rope bonds, Siri and Rory did, in fact, squirm.  For the moment, they were managing to remain silent and were resting their heads on each others shoulders.

The lights in the bedroom dimmed and the vibrators continued buzzing.  The intensity of the multivariate stimulation slowly—ever so slowly—rose in crescendo towards the captives' first shared orgasm of the evening..

Chapter 12

The basement of Tori's Townhouse, at roughly the same time.

Tori clicked the final padlock closed and her wrist and ankle cuffs were now locked together.  She was now fully committed to her neoprene-lined leather strap and locking steel buckle combination frog-tie/hogtie restraint system.  The naked blond was kneeling on the concrete floor with her thighs strapped to her ankles.  The body harness anchored "Vorpal Bunny," her stainless steel, rubber gel coated, Wi-Fi controlled, rabbit-style vibrator, in her pussy.  Her upper arms were pinned to her sides and her boobs were squashed by the broad, tight strap threaded through a loop in the back of the harness.  And finally, the posture collar padlocked around her throat was, in turn, padlocked to the eight-foot chain locked to one of the basement's steel support columns.  It was self-bondage business as usual for Tori, with two exceptions.

(1)  The gag of Tori's system, with its rubber plug, leather panel, and lockable straps, was not in her mouth.  The two tiny padlocks required to secure the straps' buckles were open and next to the gag on the floor.

(2)  Tori had an audience!  J-Lou Goodwin was sitting on a folding step stool wearing black knee boots, a charcoal gray wool skirt, a dark burgundy sweater, and her usual dimpled smile.  Her long, silky brown tresses were loose about her shoulders.

"That's it?" J-Lou asked.

Tori shrugged, as best as her bonds would allow.  "Yeah."

"I see," J-Lou purred, then directed her gaze to Tori's timer.  "Ingenious, and I'm particularly impressed by the steel 'straws' you employ to keep the fishing line from tangling when the ice melts and the keys fall."

"Uh, thanks," Tori muttered.

Still smiling, J-Lou left the stool, strolled to Tori's side, and settled to the floor, her knees together and legs folded to one side.  "I can't tell you how much I appreciate your trusting me like this.  You're very brave to do this for me."

Tori blushed.  "You wanted to see my system in action, so here it is.  No big deal."

J-Lou picked up Tori's gag and turned it in her hands.  "Yes... your system."  She directed her smile to Tori.  "You know... if this was one of those dreadful self-bondage stories on the internet, this would be the moment when the damsel is 'discovered' by her roommate or next door neighbor and her self-bondage becomes... bondage."

Silence stretched for several seconds.  Both J-Lou and Tori were smiling, but Tori's smile was slightly nervous... maybe.

Finally, J-Lou broke the silence.  "So very brave."  She continued examining the gag.  "I know you like to play with Cynthia, Kim, and certain other professors.  It's a mutual game in which you're usually the top."

"Was finding Little Mouse tied up in her basement last Sunday your first clue?" Tori purred.

"Actually, no," J-Lou countered.  "The topic came up during my initial interview for the RA position.  Cynthia and Kim didn't go into detail, of course."

"Of course," Tori agreed.

"I also know you like to 'test' yourself," J-Lou continued.  "Self-bondage isn't a simple thing, is it?  I'm speaking psychologically, of course."

"I get it.  And no, it's not," Tori agreed.  "Nor is the line between top and bottom.  Power relationships between friends playing games are seldom entirely one way."

J-Lou's smile widened.  "Yes, a couple usually settle into roles, but more than one 'mistress' has found herself bound and gagged with her 'slave' having turned the tables, however briefly."  She lifted the gag and held it before Tori's lips.  Her intent was clear.

Tori gazed at the gag... then at J-Lou... then opened her mouth.

J-Lou gently thrust the egg-shaped rubber plug into Tori's mouth, buckled the main strap and crisscrossing chinstrap at the nape of her neck, under her hair, then secured the buckles with the padlocks.  She planted a kiss on the blond's forehead.  "As I told you, I appreciate your trust.  It is a priceless gift I will never betray.  That said..."  She climbed to her feet, walked to the folding stool, and carried it to the area under the timer.

Tori watched as J-Lou climbed onto the stool and unclipped the keyring from the timer.  The little Brit then reached into the pocket in her skirt and produced a brass bell, a small cowbell with an attached clip.  She smiled at Tori and gave the bell a shake.  It rang with a musical clang.  She then clipped the bell to the timer in place of the keyring, climbed down, folded the stool and leaned it against the wall several feet to one side, then strolled back to Tori.

J-Lou knelt and used the appropriate key to unlock the broad strap squashing Tori's boobs.  She then unbuckled the strap, pulled the strap free of the harness, and tossed it away.  "Don't use that thing again," she ordered.

Tori couldn't help but smile, despite the circumstances.  The smile was almost exclusively limited to her blue eyes, of course, but she was smiling.  The little pixie was giving her orders, and she was adorable.

"Sally," J-Lou said, "please have SIAS deliver a pair of narrow straps that will frame and reveal Tori's breasts, or possibly a bra of some sort with open cups.  But it has to be suitable for self-bondage."

"How about a cage bra?" Sally's disembodied voice suggested, "a pair of wire half-globes that can be adjusted to squeeze the entire breast, with clamps for the nipples?"

"Let's not get carried away," J-Lou purred, "but if you want to send over something in addition to the straps, I won't object.  Remember, everything must be suitable for self-bondage."

"Got it," Sally responded, "and I'll ensure everything is a stylistic match."

"Thank you."  J-Lou lifted the keyring and gave it a shake.  "I'm keeping these, of course.  I brought my iPad and have some reading to do."  She nodded at the ceiling.  "I'll be upstairs, and you don't mind if I sleep in your bed tonight, do you?"  She stood, pocketed the keys, leaned close, and kissed Tori's forehead, again.

Tori watched as J-Lou strolled towards the basement stairs.

J-Lou turned and smiled.  "When the bell drops and rings, that will signal the end of your self-bondage, and the beginning of your time as my prisoner."  She started up the stairs.  "Sally, count to forty-two trillion and she's all yours."

The door closed and Tori was alone, not counting Sally.  She heaved a gagged sigh, then leaned to the right and carefully eased herself to the floor.  Her nipples and breasts were now pressed against the cool concrete instead of being squashed under the broad strap J-Lou had removed, but her knees were thankful.

"Don't worry," Sally said.  "J-Lou and I talked about it, and the next time she's over, she's perfectly willing to let you practice your rigging skills on her.  Won't that be great?"

Tori squirmed in her bonds and rolled her eyes.

"By the way," Sally continued, "Miss Goodwin likes rope.  Well, 'likes' might not be correct.  Let's just say J-Lou has something of a fascination with rope.  Anyway, along with Her Majesty's strap and boob-cage bra delivery I'll include enough conditioned jute for you to show her the true meaning of the word hogtie.  And I'm talking about a heels in palms, hair tied to toes, chin raised, back arched, and balancing on one's tummy hogtie.  J-Lou 'hates' such things."

Tori yelped through her gag and flinched in her bonds.  Vorpal Bunny had started buzzing.

"It doesn't take me very long to count to forty-two trillion," Sally purred.  "Also, the bra I'll be sending over will be one-size-fits-all, or more precisely, one-size-squeezes-all.  I'm sure J-Lou won't mind if you mix things up a little and use rope and a leather and steel boob constrictor."

Tori squirmed in her bondage.  She had a lot to think about.  She truly didn't know why she'd agreed to demonstrate her self-bondage gear for J-Lou, or why she wasn't upset the little Brit had absconded with the keys to her freedom.  And it wasn't like this was a first date or anything.  That was for sure.

The problem was, at the moment Tori couldn't think about much of anything.  She could barely form a coherent thought.  Vorpal Bunny was buzzing away and what would no doubt be the first of many orgasms was fast approaching.

Chapter 12

Meanwhile, back at Rook House...

Clem was in bed, reading her iPad, dressed in her usual pajamas of tank-top and panties, and reclined on her back on pillows piled against the headboard.  An English major's reading is never done.

"You've been staring at the same page for the last seven minutes," Sally's disembodied voice stated.

"Who asked you?" Clem huffed.

"I just thought you might like to know Miss Percy has finished her reading for the evening," Sally continued, "and is currently relaxing in bed, watching the Aurora and Sigrid Suck Face show on television."

Clem smiled.  "Those two are still at it?"

"Indeed," Sally purred.  "I'm attempting to exhaust them with repeated multiple orgasms, but their stamina is remarkable."

"Indeed," Clem agreed.

"Anyway," Sally continued, "do you really think you want to read Thomas Hardy in a state of erotic distraction?"

"I'm not sure I want to read Jude the Obscure in the state of Washington," Clem sighed, "or anywhere else, for that matter."  She bookmarked her page, turned off the iPad and placed it on her nightstand, then climbed off the bed and pulled on her robe.  "Homework is homework."

"And in other tautologies, boinking is boinking."

Clem smiled as she stepped into her slippers and adjusted her glasses.  "She's really ready for bed?"

"Most certainly," Sally replied, "in the sense of being horny, rather than being ready to sleep."

Clem left her room and walked down the hall to Gwen's bedroom.  She placed her hand on the doorknob, adjusted her glasses, again, then opened the door.

Gwen was indeed on her bed, as Sally had said.  In fact, she was exactly as Clem had left her more than an hour earlier.  To be precise, the redhead was naked and gagged with her white leather and pink rubber whiffle gag gift from the Queen of the Damsels.  Her hands were mummified, flipper-fashion, in decorative duct tape printed in pastel colors on the Disney Princess theme, and her upper body was bound in an elaborate box-tie using pink, quarter-inch nylon rope.  As usual, Clem had demonstrated her rigging expertise.  Gwen's bonds were tight without impeding her circulation and were manifestly inescapable.  In counterpoint, Gwen's legs were unbound... except for the narrow pink ribbon binding her big toes together.  It wouldn't do for Clem to allow her girlfriend to wander around her bedroom.  That sort of thing just isn't done.

Gwen favored Clem with her best gagged pout, blinking her big blue eyes and tossing her head to shake her long, tousled red curls from her sad, tragic face.

"Oh, the heart melts," Clem chuckled as she strolled to the bed.  She sat on the mattress, locked eyes with her BFF, reached out, and gave Gwen's breasts a gentle squeeze.  The redhead closed her eyes and delicately shivered in response.  Clem turned her girlfriend's head, parted her hair, unbuckled her gag, eased it from her lips, and tossed it aside.  She then drew her captive into a long, deep kiss.

After several seconds, Clem broke contact and nodded over her shoulder at the HDTV across the bedroom.  "You can really read on that thing?"

At the moment the TV in question was showing Siri and Rory under the taut net of bungee cords; naked, bound, and making out.  It was unclear whether or not the rabbit vibrators lashed to their thighs and nudging their pussies were active, but it was abundantly clear they were having a good time.

"It works," Gwen sighed.  "Sally can adjust the font size and contrast so it's just like a giant printed page, or rather, part of a printed page, enough to comfortably read.  It's easy, even from the bed, and even if you've been tied up and gagged by a Hideous Hag with eyeglasses.  I don't know how, but Sally can tell when you want her to turn the page."

Clem smiled.  "So, from now on you can do all your reading bound and gagged."

Gwen smiled in return.  "I think it would also work with strap-on prescription goggles, so..."

"Watch it," Clem warned, "or we'll see if you can read an iPad while hogtied in a box."

"Remember Dr. Pappas' warning," Gwen countered.  "If our 'hobby' starts interfering with our studies, she'll lower the boom."

"What's she gonna do?" Clem scoffed, "lock us in Siri's big cage with our iPads and not let us out 'til we finish our reading?"

"An excellent idea!" Sally's voice stated.  "I'll add it to the agenda of the next Rook House Faculty Advisers meeting."

"Don't you dare!" Clem and Gwen said in unison, then laughed.

"Go away, Sally," Clem chuckled.

"Well," Sally huffed.  "I know when I'm not welcome.  Vocal interface off!"

Clem and Gwen gazed into each others eyes.

"We have to get some sleep," Clem said.  "I have a paper to write this weekend."

Gwen smiled one of her dimpled smiles.  "I wonder if Sally could take your dictation if you were hogtied in a box."

"Shut up," Clem chuckled, then stood, removed her robe, kicked off her slippers, and peeled off her tank-top and panties.

Gwen watched this process with obvious interest.  "Okay, some sleep," she agreed.

Clem sat back down on the bed.  "Some sleep."  She reclined beside her BFF, pulled her into a decidedly onesided embrace, and the kiss resumed.

After something like half a minute, Gwen turned her head and broke the lip lock.  "When is J-Lou getting back from her date?  Assuming it is a date.  Sally won't tell me."

"Who cares?" Clem purred, then slid her right hand down Gwen's side, between her thighs, caressed her labia, then slid her fingertips between to tease her clitoris.

Gwen shivered in her bonds.  "Just wondering," she sighed.

"Well, stop it," Clem muttered, and the kiss continued.

All four Rapscallions did, in fact, manage to get some sleep that night.  In addition, they remained solidly on track to not let their "hobby" interfere with their schoolwork and to finish the quarter with top grades.  Also, Sally was managing to collect a great deal of invaluable biometric data.

Life at Rook House continued.

Chapter 12


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